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Jovel Caburog Cantal, 20 years old I was born

in Ligao City, Albay on November 10,1998.

From Brgy. Plaridel Lipa City Batangas. A third
year student of Kolehiyo Ng Lungsod Ng Lipa
taking up bachelor of secondary education,
Major in Music, arts, physical educational and
health (MAPEH). A varsity player and a team
captain of sepak takraw. A license coach of
arnis. Graduated from Murcia National High
School, Murcia Negros Occidental. My
ambition in life is to be a professional coach
and to be a National player of our country,
also I want to be a license teacher because I
want to help my family someday.

Jovel Caburog Cantal

Brgy. Plaridel, Lipa City Batangas
Contact No. 0935-910-5230


To obtain a position in which my teaching skills, typing, costume service, clerical, and general office
skills will contribute to greater office efficiency and productive.


College Education : Kolehiyo ng Lungsod ng Lipa

Tertiary: Course : Bachelor of Secondary Education
Year Graduated : Sy 2019-2020

School :Murcia National High School : :

Secondary: :2011-2015
Address :Murcia, Negros Occidental

School :Gov.V. Gatuslao Elemantary School

Elementary :Year : 2004-2011
Address :Hda. San Enrique Brgy blumintritt Murcia Negros Occidental


Name Address Contact # Occupation Where

Marck Borja. Sabang, Lipa City 09258967541 manager malvar, batangas
Mark Emjay Felix Marawoy, Lipa City 09327895842 assistance manager Malvar, batangas
Perla Magcawas Marawoy, Lipa Cit 09268528842 Teacher. Inusloban marawoy
E/S elementary school
Inosluban Marawoy Integrated
National High School

Inosloban-Marawoy Barrio High School was established in 1968

under the support of two Barangay Captains, Fidel Pernez Sr. of
Inosloban and Brigido Bernardo D. Olan of Marawoy and a
community resident and educator, Mr. Justino Viñas. The high
school then was under the supervision of the elementary
school principal in the person of Mr. Clemente Bautista. The
pioneer teachers were Mr. Justino Viñas, Mr. Eduardo Burgos,
Mr. Laudelino Marasigan, Ms. Thelma Villanueva, Ms. Belen
Guib, Ms. Lucy Baroja, Mrs. Lourdes Marasigan, and Ms.
Merlita Lina. At the start of the first school year, there was only
small number of enrolment since education was not given
importance. Time was allotted in order to recruit more
students. And, it was noticeable that the students were above
their school age. The first graduates were declared in 1972. As
years passed by, school population increased as well as its
faculty members. The first school head, Mrs. Lourdes Marasign
was designated as Head Teacher III. In 1986 under the
leadership of President Corazon Aquino, all Barangay High
Schools nationwide were nationalized. All public high schools
became free of tuition fee in conjunction with the
constitutional mandate of free secondary education. In 1995,
the first batch of Principal position was given to qualified
nationalized high schools and Mrs. L. Marasigan took over the
position in now Inosloban-Marawoy National High School.
During the reign of OIC Mrs. Milagros Bautista, principal Mrs.
Gloria Ramos, OIC Dr. Ernesto Badillo, numerous developments
in terms of physical facilities have been noticed as the school
grows older. It was also noted how the constituents trust the
quality of learning that the school offers when the number of
students grows bigger. From 2004-2006, a change of school
heads occurred, Mrs. Crispina Pesigan and Dr. Edilberto
Mercado took their post for few months and by more than a
year respectively. Their leadership guided the teachers to boost
their confidence to work cooperatively, competently and
sincerely with the parents. Ms. Milagros M. Saludo had
transferred in this school in 2006. Under her administration,
the school was moving ahead though slowly, was continuously
keeping at the right track. Student development towards good
performance is the most important concern; teachers’ welfare
is effortly gained; school environment is on its process of
improvement along with the harmonious relationship among
barangay leaders, PTA officials, parents and community. Being
a three-time representative of the Division of Lipa in the
Regional Contest of Brigada Eskwela is undoubtedly an
evidence of the fruits of hardwork exerted by both the school’s
internal and external stakeholders. At present, the IMNHS is
under the leadership of Dr. Felipa A. Morada after the
promotion of Ms. Saludo in 2011. Dr. Morada focuses on
leaving a mark on the continuous holistic development of the
school for the benefit of the economically under privileged
youth in the desire to alleviate mediocrity and raise the
standard of their living

We dream of Filipinos
who passionately love their country
and whose values and competencies
enable them to realize their full potential
and contribute meaningfully to building the

As a learner-centered public institution,

the Department of Education
continuously improves itself
to better serve its stakeholders.

To protect and promote the right of every
Filipino to quality, equitable, culture-based,
and complete basic education where:

- Students learn in a child-friendly,

gender-sensitive, safe, and motivating
- Teachers facilitate learning and constantly
nurture every learner
- Administrators and staff, as stewards of the
institution, ensure an enabling and supportive
environment for effective learning to happen
- Family, community, and other stakeholders
are actively engaged and share responsibility
for developing life-long learners

Core Values
 Maka-Diyos
 Maka-tao
 Makalikasan
 Makabansa