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Lahore University of Management Sciences


Fall 2018
Instructor Safee Ullah Chaudhary
Room No. 9-314
Office Hours Friday 2:30pm-3:30pm
Telephone 8352
Secretary/TA TBA
TA Office Hours
Course URL (if any)

Course Basics
Credit Hours Three (3)
Lecture(s) Nbr of Lec(s) Per Week 2 Duration 75 minutes each
Recitation (per week) Nbr of Rec (s) Per none Duration
Lab /Problem based Nbr of Session(s) Per none Duration
discussion (per week) Week
Tutorial/Presentation (per Nbr of Tut(s) Per none Duration
week) Week

Course Distribution
Elective Elective
Open for Student Category Biology major/minor
Closed for Student Category None

This course will provide multi-modality training of research methods to the students. There will be equal emphasis on biostatistics, research
methods, data-mining skills, and literature review.



The main object of this course is to furnish the students with strong fundamentals of statistics and its application in research.
The course is designed to encompass all the relevant research basics such as data acquisition, literature review, and statistical

Learning Outcomes
Lahore University of Management Sciences
After taking this course students should:
Be able to independently perform univariate data analysis
Be able to perform multivariate data analysis with some support
Be able to understand the statistical analysis presented in scientific articles

Grading Breakup and Policy

Assignment(s): 20%
Home Work:
Quiz(s): 20%
Attendance / Class Participation: 5%
Midterm Examination: 20%
Project: 15%
Final Examination: 20%

Examination Detail

Yes/No: Yes
Midterm Combine/Separate: Separate
Exam Duration: 90-120 minutes
Exam Specifications: Written

Yes/No: Yes
Combine/Separate: Combined
Final Exam
Duration: 120 minutes
Exam Specifications: Written

Recommended Objectives/
Module Topics
Readings Application
1 Introduction, [1] Pgs 115-162 Understand Central
[5] Ch 24 Tendencies, Data
Variability in the life sciences, Dispersion
Descriptive statistics,
Dependent and independent variables,
Standard deviations and Standard error means
Confidence intervals
2 Inferential statistics, [1] Pgs 162-182
[5] Ch 24
Combinations and probabilities,
Bayesian methods,
Conditional probabilities,
Bernoulli process,
Binomial distribution,
Poisson distribution,
Normal distribution, Z-score,
Central Limit Theorem,
Standard Error of Means,
Confidence interval of the mean
3 Univariate analysis of Continuous variables, [4] pg. 249-253
Lahore University of Management Sciences
Significance Testing/Hypothesis Testing,
T-Score vs Z-Score,
T-Tests (1 sample, paired, unpaired)
Mid Term
ANOVA special cases- Two-way ANOVA & Repeated
measures ANOVA
5 Univariate analysis of categorical variables,
Fisher’s exact test,
Chi-square test
6 Correlation,
7 Software for Statistical Analysis
9 Two sample inferences,
Interpretation of p-values,
multiple comparisons ,
Multivariate Linear/Logistic Regression
12 Building Data Analysis Pipelines for Clinical trials;
13 odds ratio; case control studies
14 Literature – Discussion on selected papers
15 Project Presentations
Textbook(s)/Supplementary Readings
1. Biochemical Calculations and Biostatistics by E. Padmini
2. Basic Biostatistics by Burt Gerstman
3. Introduction to Biostatistics Larry Winner
4. Introductory Biostats by Chap
5. Engineering Mathematics by Kreyszig, 9th Edition