ROME PLANTED SONIA IN INDIA India is run by Christians and Muslims.

A child prostitute from Italy was presented in front of an impressionable young Rajiv Gandhi by a combination of ISI/CIA/OPUS DEI. What we see today is the Christian manipulation to defame and convert Hindus. First Sonia has removed the Ramanavami holiday. Ram’s birthplace is made in to a disputed issue. Now the arrogant Christian Sonia and her Christian ministers are saying that there was no Ram. Her assistant the CM of AP is trying to put pillars in Tiruppati, that is looking like the cross of Christianity. If one looks at history there were no Mohammad or Jesus Christ, both of them were the creation of imagination and planted personalities. In Christ’s case it was done after four centuries. In the case of Mohd it was done after two centuries. With life span of around 30 years, these fictitious characters were given more than double that life span and those who wrote the Bible or Koran never seen these characters. There is no historical evidence for the existence of Mohd or Christ. But will the present Christian-MuslimSikh UPA govt will dare to say that. If Sonia said that Mohd’s existence or Christ’s existence there is no proof she would have been killed by this time by muslims and Christians. In the case of Rama there are historical geographical and literature evidence exists. The UPA minority christian muslim govt is a curse on India and Indians should remove them. Christians in India are invading the privacy of our home on a daily basis with conversion literature. Christians condemn Hindu practices in the Christian mafia school they run, to our children. Christianity is terrorism of the worst kind. Christian missionaries attack other cultures at home and once a thresh hold level of conversion is reached; further conversion is done on a militant level. Young kids are donated to the church from poor christian families, as future slaves of Christianity and is known as Nuns and Priests. These humans are not allowed to marry and are used for conversion. This is a form of religious slavery. With this conversion, economic exploitation of the worst kind occurs. All converted christian nations serve the purpose of the West that looted and enslaved us for centuries. American continent, Australia etc were occupied by a group of Christian nations from Europe. Christianity is nothing by an economic organization that feeds on weaker nations. In Christianity divinity was bestowed by a Roman committee on an unknown fellow who lived four centuries earlier and called him Christ. The Arabs understood it and they created Islam in the same fashion of Christianity. A bunch of pagan Arab traders copied various texts with the help of some christians and planted the divinity on an unknown pagan Arab who lived some 200 years earlier. . Both religions claim that they are loving human kind and are for the humanity. Terrorism by Christians in the NE is a daily affair and yet it is covered up by the Christian controlled media of India. In 1857 the people’s reaction in Delhi, should be remembered by the Christians where every Christians was slaughtered in 1857. We don’t want this to

happen in India. Christians have killed some half a billion human beings in the name of religion and surpasses the Muslims who have killed around 75 million so far. Christian domination of the government should be limited for their own safety. Christians like Pranab Mukerjee, Ambika Soni, Sonia Gandhi, Y Samuel Rajesekhar Reddy, Oommen Chandy, Mundakkal Mathew Jacob Governer of Meghalaya, Ramesh Chennithala, A.K.Anthony, Vylar Ravi(half Christian as his wife is Christian),Oscar Fernadez, etc which is a never ending list. Also many top government officials like many IGPs, judges etc are handpicked Christians of Sonia. On 10-3-2005 some 30 Christian MPs have met the NE terrorist set up NSCN leaders and this should be seen in the light of the calls by ex President Carter for independence for the NE states. Even to get admission in schools and colleges, Hindu children have to convert to Christianity as the Christian church mafia is running the educational institutions with the slave labor of Nuns and Priests control our educational institutions. The nuns and priests are donated to the church while they are kids violating the human norms on slavery and child labor. During British time Christians were British spies. Presently Christians in India are enemies of Hindus. Only time can tell what will happen to the Christians living in India.