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Medical Imaging TIMELINE

Brief History of Medical Imaging

First X-ray picture

November 8, 1895

German physicist Wilhelm

Conrad Röntgen takes the
first x-ray picture, First Use of X-Rays
showing the skeletal
composition of his wife's January 1896
left hand
No longer a fad, doctors
begin using X-rays
Hot cathode x-ray tube
May 9, 1913
William Coolidge invents Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
hot cathode x-ray tube
which greatly improves 1946
on x-ray's visualization.
American physicists
Edward Purcell and Felix
Bloch independently
discover nuclear
magnetic resonance
Ultrasound for medical diagnosis (NMR)


Ian Donald, a Scottish First use of endoscope

physician, begins to
investigate the use of
ultrasound to diagnose
The endoscope, now in
gynecological patients.
commercial production,
is used to examine the
stomach of a patient

First prototype CT scanner

May 11, 1968
First MRI images produced
1973 Godfrey Hounsfield's
original CT project
American chemist Paul proposal
Lauterbur produces the
first magnetic resonance
image (MRI) using nuclear
magnetic resonance data
and computer calculations
of tomography

G.E. Walker, Inc. Founded


Providing X-ray Solutions to

companies throughout MRI in Hospitals
Southeast US
Early 1980’s

MRI scanners are

installed in hospitals
First human MRI body scan

July 3, 1977

The first MRI body

Prenatal ultrasound becomes routine
scan is performed on a
human using an MRI 1990’s
machine developed by
American doctors Ultrasound becomes a
Raymond Damadian, routine procedure in
Larry Minkoff and pregnancy to check the
Michael Goldsmith. baby’s development and
to pick up any

Over 2 Billion X-Rays Per Year


Number of Scans
increasing every year;
digital radiography


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