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Name: Steven P Sanderson II

Date: 9/26/06
Class: Introduction to Literature
Professor: M. R. Garcia

This is a compare and contrast paper on two short stories out of the Legacies text

book. The first short story entitled Once Upon A Time sounds like it will be a peaceful

fun loving story, yet the story that follows proves quite different. This story starts off

with who I believe to be the young boy in the bedtime story told by him self. The

bedtime story involves a residence in a suburban neighborhood where life for the most

part is very nice so to speak, people really don’t have too many cares to worry about.

The family in the story is warned by the wise grandmother that they should be wary about

the people that are starting to hang around the neighborhood. So the family decides to

get extra security for their home via an electronic gate. The people that the grandmother

warns about are vagrants and possibly black people that are moving in due to the fact that

this takes place around the late 50’s and 60’s I believe. I only say this due to the fact that

I have southern grandparents and that is exactly how they react, just how it was for them

brought up in the south. Ultimately at the end of the story their own insecurity with the

environment around them led to a major upset and hurt of their own child. The reason I

say I believe that the narrator is the child in the bedtime story is that, in the very

beginning of the story he is very alert to the sounds as if he is still afraid of something,

like he was brought up fearing everything to the point that he will no longer feel safe at

any point in his life.

In the short story The Company of Wolves the story also seems to deal with

humans being afraid of each other and acting like animals. I have a first hand experience

with people who do not act like “you and I” and I say it like this because they are sort of
like animals that you have to reason with, now I know this seems belittling or rude but it

is the truth, it may be the only way they know how to live because it is how they are

brought up, I don’t know. In the short story by Angela Carter she refers to people who

sort of regress from the point of society by having them transform into wolves by being

werewolves. This allows the illustration of showing people as they would be civilized

and as they regress back to acting like animals. Though in this story at the end the young

lady goes to see her grandmother (if this part did not remind me of little red riding hood

nothing would). As she is going to her grandma’s house she is met by someone else in

the woods. This person then proceeded to make a game out of going to her

grandmother’s house to see who would get there first. When he got there he of course

did away with the grandmother showing the animal in him. When the young lady arrived

at the house and saw that the man was there, she gave him the kiss that she promised.

Also instead of putting up more security in the way of him she seems to embrace him and

take him away from being an animal which led her to no trouble or harm or foul to