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Listening Comprehension

e (C)
-7 1. (D) 2 . (B) i l l •(C)
||§j§ WQ:¡¡¡¡J (D) ■(B) 1 3 (D) J j 9 (D) (B)
(B) 12. (A) jell ^•(B) 1 1 (C) ¡ ¡j § (Q 16 (A) 17 •(C) 18 (B) 19; (A) 20. (A)
I 21 (B) 22: to 23 (B) j j l j (C) 25. (A) 26 (A) 27 • (C) - 28 . (A) 29. (B) 30. (B) ¡ f t p
p 31. (A) 32. (C) o: 34. (B) 35 (B)_ 36 (A) 37 -(C) i n i (C) 30 IB) 4Q. (A)
¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ I (B) 42. (C) 43 •(D) ¡¡¡¡S (D) 45. (B) 46 (C) 47 (C) 48. (C) 49 (A) 50 (A)
(B) 52. (D) 51 (B) ¡¡§m (C) 55. (0) 56 (D) 5 ’ ■(D) (B) 59; (C) CO (D)
¡¡¡a lii (C) 62. (C) M • (B) ' 64; (A) j p j (D) 66 (C) 67 (D) 66 (D) 69 (A) 70. (O)
71. 10) i72. (B) 73 .(A) 74. (C) “ 'i (B) 76 (B) ; ' 77 • (A) H (D) 79. mm SO. (B)
81 . (B) {UJ
(D) 3; •(B) 84. (B) as 8 j (C) " 37 88. 89.m 90. (A) #
(C) 92. (B) 93 (B) 94 (A) 95 . (A) 96 (A) 97 ■(C) 98. (A) 99. (C) 100. (C) j

7. (A) The carpet is being vacuumed.

(B) There is a cabinet near the wall.
(C) Some seats are taken.
1. A) He is wearing a leather jacket.
(D) Some stools are stacked up.
B) He Is writing a letter.
C) He is wiping the floor.
8. (A) The room is neatly organized.
D) He is standing on a ladder.
(B) A woman is taping the box.
(C) A woman is counting some bottles.
A) She is bending over.
(D) Some boxes are piled up.
B) She is using a vending machine.
C) She is leaning against the wall.
9. (A) A housewife is doing some chores.
D) She is receiving some change.
(B) A customer is picking out dishes.
(C) The dishwasher is being operated.
3. A) They are exiting the elevator.
(D) Some bowls are lying on the table.
B) They are raising cotton.
C) They are pushing a button.
10. (A) The centerpiece is being placed on the
D) They are calling for a cab.
(B) There is a plant behind the furniture.
4. A) The man is painting a roof.
(C) The rug is being cleaned.
B) The man is sketching on a canvas.
(D) The picture frame is being hung.
C) The man is facing the wall.
D) The man is looking around the house.

5. A) The picnic table is being set.

B) Some people are sitting on the grass.
C) The chairs are all occupied.
D) Some people are relaxing outside.

6. A) One woman is taking off her glasses.

3) One woman is clearing the desk.
C) One woman is holding a document.
D) One woman is wrapping an item.

02 TNT TOEIC Actual tests

Esau m m
U 19. Where should I place this vase?
(A) Near the window.
11. When are you having your job interview? (B) All over the place.
(C) To the mountains.
(A) Until Saturday.
(B) Next Monday.
20. Isn’t the advertising company planning to
(C) At the company headquarters.
recruit some new employees?

12. Did you apply for the position I mentioned (A) Yes, it intends to hire at least five people.
before? (B) Workers of Ms. Han’s ability.
(C) Headhunting is one of his most important
(A) I need more information before applying.
(B) For several reasons.
(C) I have had enough. 21. What does he have to do with this matter?
(A) Take care of the budget report.
13. Why is Robert looking for last month’s
(B) He embezzled public funds.
sales figures?
(C) What’s the matter?
(A) Since he left the office early.
(B) He has a meeting with the accounting 22. Didn’t you say that you reserved a table at
manager. the Chinese restaurant?
(C) He is an important figure in this town.
(A) This was the form to sign in with.
14. How long will you stay in Shanghai? (B) Can I have your order?
(C) I tried, but they’re fully booked.
(A) Down here on the right.
(B) At 9 a.m.
23. How would you like your steak?
(C) A couple of weeks.
(A) Money is at stake.
(B) Medium rare, please.
15. Can I open the window to ventilate the
(C) I’ll call Stacy for a ride.
(A) Turn down the heat.
24. We should try to get there before our
(B) Near the door.
clients arrive.
(C) Sure, it’s quite stuffy in here.
(A) To make an appointment.
16. Do you know a lady by the name of Julie? (B) He was one of the VIPs in the audience.
(C) That’s what I’m saying.
(A) She is my friend from high school.
(B) Yes, I’ve already done it.
25. You’re going to turn this room into a study,
(C) Get to the bottom of it.
aren’t you?

17. How long is your commute? (A) Yes, because it’s been empty for about
half a year.
(A) Because of a traffic jam.
(B) I’m going to the movies tonight.
(B) I usually use public transportation.
(C) He changed it completely.
(C) Five minutes on foot.

26. Can you hold this paper for me while I tie

18. I couldn’t watch the basketball game last
my shoes?
night because my electricity went out.
(A) Sure, why not?
(A) At the electronics store down the street.
(B) What Is the title of this book?
(B) That’s too bad. It was really exciting.
(C) I didn’t think so.
(C) I was caught in traffic.

27. W hat tim e did you take a message from 35. Do you know Mr. Gilman’s extension?
Mr. Hoben? (A) Yes, he expanded his business.
(A) I’m planning to do it tomorrow. (B) Sorry, I cannot remember it right now.
(B) 4:30 p.m. is better. (C) I left my coat in the meeting room.
(C) At five in the afternoon.
36. W ho is going to attend th e financial
28. What’s all the fuss about? meeting instead of me?
(A) The vice president will arrive soon to (A) Mr. Porter said he was available.
inspect the factory. (B) Concerning advertising campaigns.
(B) No, I’m not responsible for the failure. (C) On the tenth floor.
(C) There’s no doubt about that.
37. Let’s ta lk about whom w e should invite
29. You’d better turn your cell phone off during to be a guest s p eaker a t th e annual
the performance. conference.
(A) It starts in ten minutes. (A) I’ve already sent him an email.
(B) I already turned it off. (B) No, it only takes a few minutes.
(C) No, in the community center. (C) I think Or. Rodriguez would be ideal.

30. Would you prefer a round-trip or a one­ 38. Why can’t you come over right now?
way ticket? (A) Because he had an appointment.
(A) Sure, I’ll buy you a ticket. (B) I’ll be right back.
(B) A return ticket, please. (C) One of my clients will visit me soon.
(C) I prefer a single room.
39. Would you like me to cancel your reservation?
31. My design for a new city hall was finally (A) Yes, it’s going to be tough.
accepted by the officials. (B) Would it be possible for you to do that
(A) I heard that. Congratulations! for me?
(B) They’re holding a reception. (C) I reserved it online.
(C) The legislation was passed by Congress.
40. Could you give me directions to David’s
32. Shouldn’t we change to a new materials Store?
supplier? (A) Sorry, I’m new to this area.
(A) It is one of our materials providers. (B) Let’s wait for further directions.
(B) We have to meet the deadline. (C) Sure, I’m accustomed to using this
(C) Yes, w e have so many problems with gadget.
our current one.

33. I’m really disappointed to hear that I have

to work this weekend.
(A) Has something urgent come up?
(B) I was appointed to be his secretary.
(C) No, I haven’t heard the news.

34. We cannot choose a building design until

Mr. Dunn reviews the proposals, can we?
(A) Even so, it was criticized harshly.
(B) No, but he asked us to give him another
(C) I’m not sure whether he likes it or not.

104 TNT TOEIC Actual tests

HB3MÊÊÊKËÊÊÈÈÊÊÈ1 So does that mean the tables are on the
way here?
Questions 41-43 refer to the following conversation l49! Mr. Robert Spencer is the head of
shipping. Let me speak to him and
' W;; It's freezing in here. I’d better turn up the phone you back by 1:30.

■M..V Don’t bother. The thermostat's not working.

~ '. J 49 I contacted our maintenance man Questions 50 -52 refer to the following conversation.
about it, but he’s extremely busy and
Why haven’t you signed up for o u r<50)
can’t be here before 2:00. Apparently,
annual company bowling tournament
' :\(f1) a lot of other offices in the building
on Saturday? This year, we're raising
have the same problem.
money for the Elm Street Children’s
;\Afc; 2 o’clock? Well, it’s only 10:30 now, (43;
but, fortunately, 1 keep an electric
Since O’Connor Bowling is closed for
heater behind the filing cabinet for
renovations, I just assumed that the event
this type of emergency.
will be called off. After all, O’Connor is
the only bowling facility in town.
Questions 44-46 refer to the following conversation But I called my friend Mark Smith, the
owner of Smith’s Lanes, and he’s agreed
I heard you’re presenting at the software to h o s t:SQI our charity tournament.(5?r
developm ent conference in Trenton Plus, Shawn Dewitt, a national pro,
tomorrow; I’m speaking as well, so (44>I will be there. 6,11 know that Smith’s is
was wondering if I could get a lift. well over an hour away, but it’s worth
I’ve opted for the commuter train this
time. But let’s go together anyway.(46) We
can share our presentation ideas on
the way.
M; Okay. But since when did you decide to Hi, I’m opening a used bookstore in
stop driving? my home just down the street, and ;
Vjtiy Since I spoke to Susan, my neighbor; I’d like to speak to someone about
last week. Susan went to Trenton daily opening a checking account here.
for work only by car for many years. Two (M> Ms. Susan Riley handles small
months ago, however, she switched to business accounts, but she’s currently
: the commuter train and claims th a t(46! away at a meeting in our main branch
her travel time has been cut in half. and isn’t expected back till 3:30.
Would you like to meet with her then?
No, that won’t work. I have some
painters coming over between 3:00 and
Hello, W this is Lisa Rogers at Top
Investors calling about order number Well, Ms. Riley is available first thing
C58-7492. tomorrow morning when the bank opens
C58-7492? Just a minute, please, Ms. at 9:30. 165> I’d be happy to schedule an
Rogers. Yes, here it is. !48|We received an appointment for you.
order late Friday afternoon for seven
conference-style tables. According to
our records, it was processed Monday
morning and forwarded to our Shipping
Department that afternoon.

Questions 56-58 refer to the following conversation. Thank you, but is it not possible to
Ted, tw o a p p lic a n ts fo r o u r sum m er submit an application online?
p o sitio n o f o ffice a ssista n t have w I’m sorry, but loan applications are not
interviews at 3:00 and 3:15, but ^ I can’t included in our company’s online service.
find their resumes anywhere. I’m sure I
left that folder right here.
Questions 65-67 refer to the following conversation.
I think Mr. Murphy has it. He interviewed l. ..............»«Si —-:2V

someone for the same position this m How are the preparations fo r the
morning. call center coming along?
I know. I phoned his office, and they Excellent. The renovations are complete,
said (57) he went across town to meet a all the computers and telephone
client. headsets have been installed, and we’ve
Well, i'm sure personnel keeps all hired 120 operators and 10 supervisors.
information related to our summer Fantastic. |66) Now w e can open a
employment programs. Just give me the month earlier than w e had originally
applicants’ n a m e s.(58) I’ll go get their planned, and this facility will really help
files for you. us manage the high volume of incoming
(67) But we still have to organize a two-
uestions 59-61 refer to the following conversation. w eek training orientation for the call
Beverly? I wasn’t expecting you to come center employees before the official
in today. f59> Did you move into your opening.
new house all right?
(59 ) (60 ) No, my c o n tra c to r phoned
Questions 68-70 refer to the following conversation.
last night to inform me of a problem.
A pparently, the building supplier sent <68) The sign-up deadline fo r the m arket
the wrong type of paneling, so they were re s e a rc h w o rk s h o p w a s y e s te rd a y .
unable to finish the basement yesterday. How many are attending?
Well, it’s ju st another day. You can move Let’s see. 78 people have signed up. I
in tomorrow morning. didn’t anticipate that many. We only have
F o rtu n a te ly , no. (61) The contractor tables and chairs to accommodate 65 at
assured m e th a t everything w ill be the most.
done by 1:00 P.M. today at the latest, (69) W h y don’t you try Wilson’s Rentals?
so I’ll be leaving the office at noon. W e’ve rented from them before, and
Jerry Wilson, the owner, always gives
us a good deal. Plus, they’re not too far
Questions 62-64 refer to the following conversation.
: ..-• " ’ • ••• ' from here.
H e llo . *62’ ¿I;would like to ta lk to Okay. I’ll drop by on my way back from
someone a bo u t taking out a loan for a lunch.1701Can you give me the address?
new house in the downtown area.
I’m sorry, s ir , i62) but none of our
mortgage professionals are available
at the moment. (63) You’re welcom e to
take this application form and (64) mail
it later. After we review your application,
we will contact you about setting up an

106 TNT TOEIC Actual tests

offe rin g a reduced fee fo r new com ers. (94i
Good afternoon, everyone. (86) I would like How ever, th is offer is only good till the
to begin by welcoming you to the historic end of this week, so please return my call
Hamilton Residence. (87) I’m Martin Drake, without delay. My number is 504-3246. Again,
your guide. Please feel free to ask questions my name is Anita Masterson, and my number
durin g the tour. This m a g n ifice n t b u ild in g is 504-3246. Thank you, and I hope to hear
was the home of William Hamilton, who from you soon.
accumulated great wealth in shipping from
1886 until his death in 1931. H is eldest son
continued to reside here for an additional 20
years before the house was officially named a Thank you fo r coming on such short notice.
tourist attraction. In each room, you will notice <95> Since a few of you are heading to the
eye-catching pieces of furniture and art from regional convention in the morning, I wanted
every corner of the w o rld .(88) As president of to talk briefly with everyone in sales about the
quarterly report that I ju st received. Thanks
the Great Shipping Company, Mr. Hamilton
to your extra effort this year, (96) sales have
frequently traveled abroad, w hich is how he
increased by 11%. This is good news, but we
came to acquire these items.
really need to strive for 17%. Otherwise, we
will fall short o f our yearly g o a ls .(97) We need
to rethink o ur strateg ies to boost sales
next quarter. L et’s m eet in tw o w eeks to
<891 Before conducting th e interview s, we discuss this matter in detail. Until that time,
need to have a quick meeting. One candidate everyone please come up w ith suggestions
is Julie Park, who, according to her resume, to bring to that meeting.
has been the assistant marketing director in
our Cheju office since 2002. All of you most
likely know the other candidate, Peter Mason,
because he is our own assistant director of Good afternoon, everyone. A few of you are
sales. Peter has held that position since 2003. already aware th a t,m despite our best efforts,
The five inte rvie w q u e stio n s are liste d on we have not been able to find a sponsor
your evaluation sheet. (90) As each applicant for our new project of (99) designing a more
replies, please write down your impressions e ffic ie n t signaling system fo r m otorists
in the appropriate spaces, and don’t forget and pedestrians. However, (99> this sizeable
to write a score from one to five in the rating grant for advances in technology from the
box. |pf A fter comparing notes tom orrow Birch City Developm ent Foundation may
m o rning, w e m ust reach an ag re e m e n t be the answer w e’ve been looking for. This
and select our new senior policy advisor of new grant will go to projects designed to raise
investor relations. If you have any questions, the quality o f com m unication system s right
please ask them now. here in Birch City. This is precisely the aim of
our project. We must subm it our application
immediately. I’ve downloaded all the details,
in c lu d in g th e a p p lic a tio n fo rm , fro m th e
website and made copies for everyone. (,00>I’ll
Hello, I’m calling fo r Ms. Sandra Brennan. give you a few minutes to look through the
(92) This is Anita Masterson at Masterson’s information. A fter that, we will talk about
H ealth Club phoning in response to your our next course of action.
online query about membership. If possible,(93!
may I please talk to you directly about the
benefits that our members enjoy? Now is an
excellent time to join because we are currently

108 TNT TOEIC Actual tests

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