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Volume 7 / Issue 04 April 2019

Romancing the Source

Silence not of Death
but of roaring life
Silence not of suppression
but of profound submission
Submission not to the senses
or the senselessness of the society
Submission to the source
that is within and without
Consummating with the
Silence of the Source

Grace & Blessings



Dear Readers,
In the past weeks, Sadhguru’s travels University. He addressed the youth
took him across the globe and across in India as well, attending the Under
the nation, addressing matters of 25 Summit and visiting Bennett
spirituality, politics, economics, University and Christ University.
and more. Also, he met with farmers and school
principals. Read about these and
In this issue’s In Conversation with
more in the News and Events section.
the Mystic, Prasoon Joshi, during the
Rising India Summit, asks Sadhguru Sadhguru initiated a “Fashion for
and Baba Ramdev about the Peace” event at this year’s New York
connection between yoga and bhoga, Fashion Week. Read the interview
i.e., spirituality and the world, as well where Imran Amed, founder and CEO
as the scope for spirituality across of the Business of Fashion, interviews
class lines. Sadhguru about his motivation for
the revival of natural fibers.
During the recent Samyama program
in English, Sadhguru was asked how We are launching a new series called
his energies and body are affected by On the Path of the Divine, where
the initiations and consecrations he every issue, you will learn about
performs. You can read his answer in the background and experiences
our Lead Article, and then follow on to of one of our Isha Brahmacharis or
the next installment of Mahabharat. Sanyasis. The first part of this series
This time, in “The Ugly Aftermath of introduces Swami Nirvichara, who
War,” Duryodhana and the Pandava speaks about his spiritual path and
children are dead, women are wailing, recalls the early days of Isha. And if
and Ashwatthama loses his mind, yet all this reading makes you hungry, this
the vengefulness of the war continues. month’s recipe for a savory, spinach
and millet chapati will surely satisfy
Sadhguru’s schedule found him
your cravings.
anywhere from global summits to
fashion week, and, of course, presiding We hope you enjoy!
over the festivities of Mahashivaratri. The Editorial Team
For the first time, Sadhguru brought
the Youth & Truth movement to the
United States, making stops at The
University of Michigan and Harvard

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Prasoon Joshi in Conversation with Life and Education
Sadhguru and Baba Ramdev 4 ET Global Business Summit 15
Sadhguru Delivers Powerful Message about
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How Do Initiations Affect Sadhguru? Yaksha 2019 15
In Sadhguru’s Words 6 Isha’s Annual 3-Day Festival of Music and Dance
Mahashivaratri 2019 16
MAHABHARAT Isha Yoga Center Celebrates its 25th Mahashivaratri
Part 53: The Ugly Aftermath of War 8
FEATURED INTERVIEW Swami Nirvichara 17
Beyond Reason or Logic
Why Fashion for Peace 9
Imran Amed Interviews Sadhguru in New York
Isha – Program & Event Highlights 20
Under 25 Summit 11
Sadhguru Captivates Audience at
Largest Youth Festival of India Spinach Millet Chapati 21
Isha Agro Forestry Workshop 11
Sadhguru Promotes Education and ZEN SPEAKS
Economic Empowerment for Farmers Mountain Flowers Blossom Like Brocade 23
National Level KVS Principals’ Conference 11
Sadhguru Set to Inspire a Shift in Education
Youth and Truth, Bennett University 12
Sadhguru Tackles Hot Topics for Students
Fashion for Peace 12
Sadhguru Initiates a Show during
New York Fashion Week
Michigan India Conference 13
A Packed Audience Greets Sadhguru in Michigan
Harvard India Conference 13
Sadhguru Takes Youth & Truth to the Ivy League
WION Global Summit 14
Sadhguru and Other Global Leaders Convene in Dubai


Prasoon Joshi in Conversation with
Sadhguru and Baba Ramdev

Is there a contradiction between yoga and bhoga? Is it okay for a yogi to do business? Is spirituality for the
privileged and dharma for the masses? These are some of the topics Prasoon Joshi seeks to explore with
Sadhguru and Baba Ramdev here. The following excerpt is taken from a session titled “New Mantras for India”
at the NEWS18 Rising India Summit 2019 on 25 February in New Delhi.

Yoga and Bhoga – Conflict or If we first establish ourselves in yoga and then do
bhoga, and if it is rightly utilized, it will contribute
Synergy? towards the development of the nation. That’s
Prasoon Joshi: Sadhguru, and specially Babaji, yoga when a Rising India will happen.
and bhoga are understood as two different things.
Prasoon Joshi: Absolutely. You have explained
In common understanding, when we talk about
this nicely. But there is a contradiction in people’s
yog, it seems as if there is an inward journey. You
minds… When we look at Sadhguru, riding a bike,
are lonely, there is sadhana there; there’s a certain
flying a plane, playing golf, mentoring CEOs or
concept of yog.
collaborating with CEOs of the companies… they
Baba Ramdev: Very few people know the right don’t think these things could be a part of yoga. On
definition of yoga and bhoga. Whatever resources the other hand, when they see Baba Ramdev… He
one has in life, whatever kind of prosperity is there, is discussed as someone who has a strategic mind
our body, mind, sense organs – what is visible in the of how marketing should be done in today’s India,
universe, this is called bhoga. Soul, Supreme Soul, and he’s found an innovative way of doing it. And
peace, happiness – that which is not visible is called of course his company is a case study. Is there a
yoga. So yoga and bhoga are not in conflict at all. contradiction between yoga and bhog?


Spirituality Is No Disability is religion. That is not the nature of our nation. This
Sadhguru: Well, certain people think, yoga, the nation is a land of seekers.
spiritual process, or spirituality is some kind of Even when so-called divine entities came, they
disability. That’s their understanding, unfortunately. could not give us commandments of any kind. All
If spirituality was a disability, we should ban it they got was questions. Shiva opened his mouth
immediately. Why practice a disability? Spirituality to his beloved wife, she freaks him with questions.
is a way of empowering yourself in such a way that Krishna, after many years of waiting with someone
we can enhance life to a point where other people who is a very intimate friend [referring to Arjuna], at
will think it’s superhuman. Because as life, we have the edge of a battlefield, he tries to say something –
only two ingredients – there is time and there is that guy has a hundred questions. Who has been
energy. Time is rolling away for all of us at the same able to give a commandment and say, “This is it.”
pace. It is only the energy we can manage. That is not our nation.
Yoga is a way of mastering your energy in such a way Ignorance as a Possibility
that if you live for ten years, it looks like you have
been here for hundred years – that’s the amount of Sadhguru: Here, we are a land of seekers. We
work and activity you did. If someone is not in yoga, understand the intelligence of ignorance. We
in my understanding, they are not interested in life. understand “I do not know” is the greatest possibility
They are waiting for death. They may not realize in our lives. The moment we see “I do not know,”
that consciously, but that’s exactly the situation, the longing to know, the seeking to know, and the
because they are letting time go by without possibility of knowing becomes a living reality in our
enhancing their energies. By accumulations, your lives. But if you destroy “I do not know” with a set of
life is not enhanced. Maybe in other people’s eyes, belief systems, that is what you call religion.
you are enhanced. But as a life, you are in no way You’re talking about the rural areas or under-
enhanced. Only by enhancing your energy, only by privileged people. If I go to remote villages, people
having mastery over your own system, do you have don’t ask, “Give me a golden horse or something.”
access and a purchase into this life. First thing they say is, “I want liberation.” Is this
Wherever I go, people are asking this question: spiritual or religious? Just go to any village and talk
“A yogi is doing business – is it alright?” Well, this is to people. If someone looks like me, people will
a rags to riches story [referring to Baba Ramdev], say, “We want mukti.” They want freedom from
but still consciously remains in rags. How many everything. They don’t want a ticket to heaven. They
people can do this? We’re missing the whole point. don’t want to go and sit in God’s lap. They don’t
Sanyas means indiscriminate passion towards want pleasures up there. They want liberation. This
everything, but dispassion towards yourself. If you is the spiritual process. The entire country is soaked
have dispassion towards everyone else, I think in it. Now we are systematically trying to destroy
that’s a crime. this, unfortunately.
But the real ethos of this nation is we are a land
Spirituality – Only for a of seekers. We must keep it that way, because in
Privileged Few? seeking, there is no conflict. Only in believing, there
Prasoon Joshi: Another question which comes up is conflict. The moment you believe one thing and
is, is spirituality for the privileged class and dharm I believe something else, we have already started
for masses? Do you think yoga should be linked the conflict.
with a religion, or should it be agnostic? Baba Ramdev: See, in India, spirituality and religion
Sadhguru: This idea of a sectarian religion is an are treated as one. The highest way to conduct one’s
imported idea for us. In this culture, we had no life is called dharma. In India, principles, highest
religion, and we still do not have; we are only ideals, and the highest values of life are looked upon
trying to pretend we have, but we are struggling as religion as well as spirituality. In other countries,
with it. Because the fundamental definition and when they translated it to English, they called it
the requirement for you to be religious is, you must religion and spirituality and it got distorted.
have a set of beliefs. Spiritual process means you’re
a seeker. The fundamental qualification to be a
seeker is you have realized that you do not know a
whole lot of things about life. If for whatever you do
not know, you make up a story and believe in it, that



How Do Initiations Affect Sadhguru?

Sadhguru differentiates between consecrations that he performs and the initiations that he transmits.
He explains how if a space is not conducive or if people do not have the necessary discipline during certain
consecration processes, it can have negative impact on him, on the energy and physiological levels.
Shambhavi Mahamudra - you seem to be somewhere; it is very experiential.
Some kept it like that for a few days, weeks, months,
A Consecration or years. For some, the moment they got out of
Sadhguru: There are various types of initiations. the hall, they picked up the phone and started to
And though we call some of them initiations, not all blabber. Talking on the phone is not a wrong thing,
of them are really initiations. The first process like but there are many ways to do everything. You can
that that we offer, Shambhavi Mahamudra, is not eat. Eating is not a bad thing. Eating is needed for
really an initiation – it is more like a consecration. this body. If you eat like a pig, that is different. Like
We are consecrating people. By any standards, this, every activity can be done in different ways.
consecrating a living human being is the easiest
Shambhavi Mahamudra is a powerful consecration
thing to do, compared to consecrating a form like
process. All you have to do is make yourself available.
this Adiyogi linga1. This needs enormous work,
This is a consecration – the job has already been
because you are making an inanimate object into
done. It is like the temple has been built, it is just
almost like an animate life, a living discerning form.
that you have to go and sit there. You just have to
He [referring to the Adiyogi linga] knows everything
benefit on a daily basis, that’s all.
about you.
This takes lots of work. But consecrating a living Initiation – A Seed to Be Nurtured
human being is easy. The only problem with living But Shoonya meditation, Shakti Chalana Kriya,
human beings is they are experts in taking U-turns. Samyama – these are actual initiations. They are
The very first day we initiated you into Shambhavi, of a certain kind. Earlier, the introductory program
used to be Shoonya meditation. Shoonya is a proper
1 linga/energy form at the Adiyogi Alayam, Isha Yoga initiation. An initiation is like a seed. You have to
Center, Coimbatore nurture it – only then will it grow. Many people


have realized this. When they were initiated into Damage That Can Happen during
Shoonya meditation, they were so fantastic.
They went home, they did it for two months and
Where damage can happen is when consecrations
their life changed. Their metabolism changed, they
are being done like when we did the Adiyogi
slept less, ate less and everything was fantastic.
consecration [referring to Adiyogi linga]. All the
But then they got caught up with something. They
fourteen thousand participants sat like one person.
gave it up for a couple of weeks. And again they
Even today, I bow to those people, the most
remembered Shoonya. Then, nothing. It’s gone.
amazing and fantastic crowd we have seen so far –
Because it is a seed. It has to be nurtured. If you do
particularly because I had planned to do a large part
not water it, it will die. If you do not take care of it,
of the consecration in private with a few people, but
it is gone.
I could not do that because of my schedule. I landed
So we shifted to Shambhavi, which is a consecration. up here just a few days before the consecration, and
It will not go – it will stay. Your business is only to it was a real concern how to do the consecration in
clean the space and keep it. It creates a certain front of this huge gathering. But it was not like a
space and instant experience. And if you keep it public space. It was almost like I was being with one
really nice, it enhances itself. But it does not grow person – fourteen thousand people. If people are
like Shoonya. Shoonya can grow. like that, we can do tremendous things.
How can emptiness grow? Only because emptiness
We did the Devi1 consecration largely with a
has grown, the cosmos is so spread out. If emptiness
handful of people, but somehow we could not get
had not grown, the cosmos would not be so big.
the necessary discipline that we wanted. I am all
A hundred billion stars or galaxies would not
out, and people around me are playing little tricks
have made it so big. It is the growth of emptiness
here and there. I lost my sense of taste and smell for
which has made it so big. So it grows. And it can
a year and a half. I’m extremely sensitive to every
grow limitlessly.
kind of smell, and my sense of taste is very keen.
Disturbances during Programs But for over eighteen months, it was like I just ate
Because Shambhavi is a consecration, if at the time tasteless plastic kind of food. I didn’t even know
of initiation, there are disturbances, yes, it does what I was eating. Simply, just for nourishment,I
affect me. I initiate ten thousand people at a time ate something.
these days. If they are all like one person, it is no And many other things happened. Almost three
problem. But if there are fifteen or twenty people times, I fell on my left side – one time with some
who are doing some nonsense, it hits me so badly. reasonable injury, rest of them I escaped. But now
People around me see this. One initiation I go and that’s kind of reasonably fixed.
boom I come back. Another one I go and it just
So it depends on what we are doing. Like someone
knocks me down. But later on how you take care of
asked me recently, “Why these yoga packages2?”
it doesn’t affect me so much. Because we have just
Packages are for safety, both for those who receive
invested. We may lose the investment, but the basic
and those who give. If you give out a package, they
structure of my energy is not damaged that way.
can use it in a wonderful way, or they can destroy
We are now doing Bhava Spandanas only in it – it is up to them. But instead of a package, if
consecrated spaces that are built for this purpose. you are doing a free-flowing process, then you
There was a time when we were doing Bhava need absolute trust. Otherwise, their stupidity can
Spandanas in all kinds of choultries, marriage and destroy you also – very much possible. Well, here
function places around Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and and there, we have paid that kind of price. But
Andhra Pradesh. The day before, they were having generally, for the kind of results we have produced,
a wedding or some other party. In the morning, it has been an okay kind of a price to pay.
our volunteers cleaned and set up everything.
Excerpted from a Q & A session with Sadhguru during
In the evening, we started a Bhava Spandana. In
the Samyama program on 14 March 2019
these places, we used to suffer a lot. Conducting
Bhava Spandana, sometimes lemon-sized lumps
would come up on my spine. It would take days
sometimes to get rid of it. But now since we are
doing Bhava Spandana in the safety of consecrated
spaces, it is all going like a play. But if it is done in 1   Linga Bhairavi
spaces which are not prepared for that purpose, it’s 2   Referring to the Isha Yoga / Inner Engineering program
a different game. offered in various formats and durations.



The Ugly Aftermath
of War

What happened so far: In their final duel, Bhima deals his arch enemy Duryodhana a blow below the belt,
upon Krishna’s instruction. Fatally wounded, they leave him to die a slow death on the battlefield. On the
Kaurava side, Ashwatthama plans to take revenge by killing the Pandava brothers in their sleep. After
cutting off the five heads and placing them at Duryodhana’s feet, he realizes in horror he actually killed
the Pandava’s children.
No End to Revenge has happened. But now her own five sons were
dead. She screamed in rage once again, “I want
When they realized it was the children they had Ashwatthama’s head.” Arjuna vowed to take his
killed, Duryodhana died, and Ashwatthama leaves, head, and they went for him.
kind of loses his mind, goes and stays in some
ashram. Cutting off Ashwatthama’s Gem
Kripacharya had said to Ashwatthama, “A warrior Arjuna went looking for Ashwatthama and found
must be brave, but he must also be virtuous. You him. Ashwatthama always wore a magic jewel on
must remember Duryodhana was no king of dharma his forehead. That was his power. When Arjuna and
himself. He was greedy and ruthless. He humiliated the other Pandavas went there to kill Ashwatthama,
the Pandavas; he cheated them out of everything a rishi stepped in and said, “There is no need to kill a
they owned and banished them for thirteen years. brahmana. This is not a battlefield. Killing a brahmana
Still they sued for peace until the last moment, but here will not be good for you.” Arjuna decided it was
Duryodhana was unrelenting. We must not take his better to cut the jewel off Ashwatthama’s forehead,
death out of its context or forget everything he did because without the jewel, Ashwatthama would be
to the sons of Pandu. As for the manner in which powerless, and he would lose his mind completely.
Bhima struck him down, it was only as he swore They forcefully plucked the jewel off his forehead,
he would. Perhaps you are right that the gadha brought it as an offering to Draupadi, and went
yuddha1 was not the occasion to do it. But that isn’t back to Hastinapur.
cause enough for us to commit the crime you want
What happens after the war, usually, in most places,
to.” Kripacharya tried to stop Ashwatthama but
is worse than the war itself. And that is what started
eventually still participated in it.
The Pandavas hear the wailing of the women in To be continued.
the early morning. Not knowing what happened,
they come running to their camp to find all the five The Mahabharat series is based on Sadhguru’s talks
children had been killed in their sleep. No one had during the one-time Mahabharat program that took
gone this far before. You do not kill a sleeping man, place in February 2012 at the Isha Yoga Center.
Through the lives and stories of the varied characters,
let alone children. For Draupadi, having won the
Sadhguru takes us on a mystical exploration into the
war, having all her enemies killed, all she wanted
wisdom of this immortal saga.
1   Mace fight



Why Fashion for Peace

Imran Amed Interviews Sadhguru in New York

Imran Amed, founder and CEO of the Business of Fashion, interviews Sadhguru about his motivation to
initiate the “Fashion for Peace” event at the New York Fashion Week in February 2019.
What Drives Sadhguru destroying the world. Textile has become the third
largest polluter on the planet. Microfiber is in your
Imran Amed: This week, on Inside Fashion, I speak body, it’s in the food that we eat, it’s in the water
to a very different kind of influencer. Yes, he may that we drink, it’s everywhere. One important
have millions of followers on social media, a global thing that needs to happen is that we shift back
reputation, and has influence around the world. to natural fiber as much as possible in the coming
But he is not your everyday fashion influencer. For few decades.
those people who aren’t familiar with you and your
work, and your story, if you could just introduce us Shifting back to natural fiber as much as possible is
a little bit as to who you are and how you’ve ended an important thing. This will also handle a variety of
up becoming the person you are. What is it that other aspects for nations which grow natural fiber
drives you? and have the capacity and the talent to produce
yarn, and then to weave it in many different ways –
Sadhguru: I’m self-driven, not driven by anything. which is a skill that human beings developed over
There’re many areas of work. People are always thousands of years. It took millennia to develop
trying to define themselves by what they do. This is these skills, but we are killing it in one or two
what I’m trying to change in the world. What you do generations, simply because we got machine-made
should not define who you are – who you are should cloth and synthetic fiber.
define what you do. Who I am is really nothing, so
I do whatever is needed. That got me involved in a Overall well-being of the human being involves
variety of things. One thing is fundamental: human clothing also, so here I am.
well-being. Major Pollution from Synthetic Fiber
I’m just interested in life. Wherever I see things are Imran Amed: Right, and it’s New York Fashion
not functioning well, inevitably I get involved. So Week. What is your goal with the event that
education, health, nourishment, ecology, and now you’re holding this week in New York, with all of
fashion, because the way we dress [right now] is these designers?
Sadhguru: We have brought in about a hundred committee chaired by the Prime Minister for this.
and twenty distinct weaves from India. We want So as a part of this, we are doing a threefold focus of
to expose this material to the designers here, and activity. One thing is, we are setting up large-scale
to those who consume fashion products. The farmer producer organizations, and we’re setting up
important thing is to move them towards natural a few model villages. It was very dear to Mahatma
fiber, both for health and ecological purposes. There Gandhi that village life should be sustainable and
are substantial studies which show that wearing economically dignified for the rural population.
synthetic fiber causes immense damage to the
The next thing is textile, because when you think
system, and could be the source of various diseases,
of Mahatma Gandhi, you’re always thinking of a
unexplained levels of cancer, skin allergies, and
spinning wheel, the charkha. So we are into textiles –
other things.
in America it is named as “Fashion for Peace”; in India
These things need to be reversed now, because it is it goes by the umbrella brand “Save the Weave.”
estimated on an average that every human being Many things are being done. We are identifying
on the planet has five times more clothing today all those type of weaves which will die out in the
than what their grandparents had. next ten to twenty years’ time. And we are seeing
how to involve young people who are interested in
Imran Amed: That number even sounds low to me,
learning and propagating them, and taking it up as
when I see people’s closets...
a business. For all this, market is important.
Sadhguru: On an average, I’m saying. But by 2025,
they say that’s going to double – that means we’ll Weaving In Peace
have ten times more. When this kind of phenomenal The third thing is – there is no culture of peace in
increase in textile consumption is on the threshold, the world. In the sense, whenever there is war or
it’s very important we bring back natural fiber. conflict, we have conflict resolutions, but we have
We recommend that at least fifty percent of the not focused on developing a culture of peace. There
well-to-do should turn to natural fiber. This will are communities in the world who have developed
also create a market. There are over one hundred a culture of peace among themselves. In every
distinct weaves in India. These are skills which transaction, there could be conflict. This is the
evolved over millennia. For them to survive, there nature of human transaction. But if you evolve a
must be a market. culture of peace within yourself, in your community,
in your nation, among nations, then there is a way
These skills are things that we must be proud of,
of resolving potential conflicts in a peaceful manner.
because it is incredible in how many ways human
beings learn to do things with their hands. We’re looking at conversations with celebrities who
will turn everyone’s heads in the world. One we will
Ways to Shift Back to Natural Fiber do either in New York or Washington, another one
Imran Amed: Right. So what will it take, Sadhguru, in London, one in Berlin, and one in Moscow, and
to shift people back to the natural...? then we are closing with Porbandar or Ahmedabad,
Sabarmati, where Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram is.
Sadhguru: A demanding live market. That’s why we
are in America. Because on an average, an American Imran Amed: Well, thank you very much for taking
person dumps about twenty-eight kilograms of time to chat with me. That was very illuminating.
clothing every year. In India, the average is about There was a lot to learn about the textile industry
1.5 kilograms. So the highest consumption of and sustainability, and also a bit of advice to help
clothing is happening here [in America]. And above manage ourselves.
all, what happens here will naturally happen in the Sadhguru: You must develop the market for natural
rest of the world. In that context, creating a market fiber. This is not just about fashion – this is going to
in America is very important for natural fiber. make millions of people’s lives.
A Threefold Homage to Gandhi
Imran Amed: This is true. The other interesting
connection to Indian textiles happens to be a timely
one, because this is the 150th anniversary of the
birth of Gandhi.
Sadhguru: Yes. That is why we’ve call this “Fashion
for Peace.” I’m part of the twenty-member

10 | ISHA FOREST FLOWER April 2019

Under 25 Summit NEWS AND EVENTS

Sadhguru Captivates Audience at passion for adventure, biking, the

Largest Youth Festival of India responsibility of today’s entertainers,
Bengaluru, 2 Feb 2019: Sadhguru intoxication, and drug abuse. Having
addressed over 4000 young people interviewed Sadhguru for a Y&T
as part of a Youth and Truth event event in September, Prajakta opened
at the Under 25 Summit, the largest the session reminiscing her first
youth-centric festival in India. The impression: “I have had this pleasure
panel of questioners consisted of before, and I remember the one hour
young YouTubers Prajakta Kohli that I spent talking to Sadhguru was
(MostlySane), Nikhil Sharma the calmest hour I have had in the
(Mumbiker Nikhil), and Nikunj Lotia longest time. And I just didn’t know
(Be YouNick). The questions asked that you could feel like that when
by the panel and audience were you’re talking to somebody.”
around today’s youth, Sadhguru’s

Isha Agro Forestry Workshop

Sadhguru Promotes Education This initiative addresses the viability
and Economic Empowerment for and sustainability of farming as
Farmers a livelihood in the years to come.
Trichy, 3 Feb 2019: Sadhguru spoke Sadhguru warns “There is a danger
at the inauguration ceremony of a looming large if we don’t make
nine-day natural farming training agriculture a profitable business. If
workshop for farmers of Tamil a survey is taken up, it will come to
Nadu. 3120 farmers participated in light that only 2–3% of youth will
this training led by eminent farmer be inclined to take agriculture up
Subhash Palekar, known for his zero as their profession. If we don’t learn
budget natural farming. The Isha agriculture from the farmers now,
Agro Movement has been training there will be no one doing cultivation
farmers in natural farming every in the country in the next 10 years.”
month for the past three years.
To date, over 7000 farmers have
benefitted from the training.

National Level KVS Principals’ Conference

Sadhguru Set to Inspire a Shift in Education
Delhi, 6 Feb 2019: At the invitation of the Education
Minister, Sadhguru addressed 2000 heads of
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) schools across
India who had gathered to participate in a national
level Principals’ Conference. Sadhguru said, “All of
you as educationists, you are at a point where the
sooner we transform our education system, the
better edge our children will have for the future in
the world. How quickly we shift to machine learning
will determine where India will be in another thirty
to forty years’ time.” Members of the KVS schools
have been trained to impart Upa-Yoga since the
last International Day of Yoga.
April 2019 ISHA FOREST FLOWER | 11
Youth and Truth, Bennett University
Sadhguru Tackles Hot Topics for Students

Delhi, 6 Feb 2019: The Youth & Truth

movement travelled to Greater Noida to visit
Bennett University where the campus body
enthusiastically engaged with Sadhguru in a Q&A
about subjects students may normally be shy to
ask. When asked about the taboo of tattoos,
Sadhguru said, “If you want to live a simplistic
life, it’s okay. If you are looking for more complex
involvement in life, it is better that people are not
able to mark you in any particular way.” About
violent video games and addiction, Sadhguru
said, “Playing a game for some time is fine. But if
you are playing only a game all through your life,
I think you are trying to find some substance that
you don’t have. You want to be a warrior without
having to shed your own blood.” These answers
and more marked yet another successful stop on
the Y&T tour.

Fashion for Peace

Sadhguru Initiates a Show during New York Fashion Week

New York, 13 Feb 2019: In a standing room only presented their creations in traditional Indian
session, with a line out the door to see Sadhguru, fabrics. Sadhguru says that more than the plastic
New York’s finest listened to Sadhguru speak about bag, “the real plastic problem is in the microfiber
a return to clothing made of natural fibers instead that comes out of fabric which has gotten into our
of synthetic fiber. The unique initiative attracted soil, which has gotten into our water systems, into
notable personalities such as UN Representative our food chain, and it is living in our bodies.” The
Inga Rhonda King and fashion designer Donna fashion show featured live weavers, and the models
Karan, as well as supermodel Christy Turlington. cheered for Sadhguru when he said consumers
Fashion designers Norma Kamali, Mara Hoffman, must make the right choices to leave the world not
Mimi Prober, and India’s own Sabyasachi Mukherjee only more beautiful but also cooler.
12 | ISHA FOREST FLOWER April 2019
Michigan India Conference
A Packed Audience Greets Sadhguru in Michigan

USA, 15 Feb 2019: Sadhguru arrived at University of Michigan’s

Business School to a sold-out crowd for the first ever Youth
& Truth event in the United States. The campus body as well
as meditators from the state enjoyed the evening of Q&As.
Sadhguru addressed the idea of nation and nationalism as one
attendee inquired about the Pulwama terror attack that had
occurred just the day before in Kashmir. Sadhguru said, “The
nation exists only because of its borders… For me, a nation is
not a political entity; the nation is not my nationalism. For me, a
nation is the largest amount of population you can address right
now.” On a humorous note, a young boy asked in earnest, “Why
do people lie all the time?” Sadhguru replied, “Don’t concern
yourself about what is truth, what is a lie. Just concern yourself
about this one thing: ‘Every word I utter, every action that I take
in my life, is it for everybody’s well-being, or is it just about me?’
… Am I telling a lie? Am I telling the truth? This is not the point.
The point is your existence, your action, your word, everything
– is it inclusive or exclusive? Just fix that one thing.”

Harvard India Conference

Sadhguru Takes Youth & Truth to the Ivy League

USA, 16-17 Feb 2019: Sadhguru spoke at the Harvard-

India conference, organized by the Harvard Kennedy
School. A few hundred attendees sat in utter silence,
hanging on Sadhguru’s every word. He urged them
towards social consciousness, saying that “You must
think of solving world’s problems rather than just
thinking of some fanciful ambition…. Young people
who are going into business, you must think on these
terms, how to impact maximum number of lives
and where can we do it? When one student asked
how to make a contribution to society, Sadhguru’s
answer had to do with sustainable businesses and the
problem of migration.
Sadhguru said, “It’s estimated nearly 1.5 billion people will
migrate in the next five to ten years’ time … This problem
is just this – right now, nearly eighty percent of the world’s
investment is in approximately twenty-five to thirty cities
on the planet … If we don’t spread the world’s investment
into various areas, you will see when one segment of
population is living with so much comfort and well-
being, another segment has nothing, you cannot control
it.” When no one wanted the session to end, Sadhguru
made a final appeal to all of the students, saying that they
were privileged to be one in several million to have found
themselves at the top university in the country, and that
they had the power and capability to transform the world
for the better.
April 2019 ISHA FOREST FLOWER | 13
WION Global Summit
Sadhguru and Other Global Leaders Convene in Dubai

Dubai, 20 Feb 2019: Riz Khan moderated this

year’s WION Global Summit, an annual event
that brings together global leaders and is
organized by WION TV. At a panel entitled, “A
Possibility Beyond Present Realities,” Sadhguru
addressed the escalated conflict between India
and Pakistan after the recent terror attacks in
Pulwama where over 40 CRPF jawans lost
their lives. While totally empathizing with the
grieving families, he emphasized the long-
term solution lies in economic prosperity of
both the countries. “I feel the region has to
make efforts to bring economic prosperity.
If the rest of the countries show economic
prosperity … I’m sure people in Pakistan don’t
aspire for anything else – they also aspire for
their well-being. It is just that certain forces in
every nation behave like they represent every
human being in that country, but it is not true.
You should see the bonhomie that Indians and
Pakistanis have outside the country. When
they’re outside that region, they do very well
with each other.”

Youth and Truth, Christ University

Sadhguru Offers Students Enlightened Views on Life and Education

Bengaluru, 21 Feb 2019: Sadhguru was invited to Christ

University for another jam-packed Youth & Truth event.
During the talk, Sadhguru dismantled many long-held
beliefs that the students had about life. Before he took
on a volley of questions from the keen students, he also
spoke about the importance of learning to use the mind
at an early age so as to bring much-needed balance and
clarity into these dynamic years of one’s youth. One
student asked about feeling trapped in the classroom and
wanting to be active in the world. Sadhguru answered
in part that “Education is not just about learning. All this
learning business will be useless and meaningless in the
next five to ten years once the machine learning comes.
Everything that you can learn in twenty years, one little
gadget will know. Your phone can do ten PhDs a day.
That’s what is going to happen in the next five to ten
years because we have been misunderstanding memory
as intelligence. Everything that you can do with your
memory, a machine will be able to do better than you. So
education is not just about learning – education is about
learning to use yourself. Learning to use your body, your
mind, your emotion everything in a certain way.”

14 | ISHA FOREST FLOWER April 2019

ET Global Business Summit
Sadhguru Delivers Powerful Message about India’s Future as a Nation

Delhi, 22-23 Feb 2019: Sponsored by the Economic

Times, the Global Business Summit’s theme was
“Social, Scalable, Sustainable.” Prime Minister
Narendra Modi delivered the keynote address. In his
talk, Sadhguru addressed some key factors that will
help determine India’s future success as a nation. He
said, “There are many challenges ... but the possibility
is so big that these problems look small in terms of
what is possible for this nation. India as a nation
has a great future because as I said earlier, without
evolving great human beings, there is no great
nation. This has been our strength – we have never
been a very organized process, but individual genius
always unfolded in this country because we did not
believe anything. We were always seekers. This is not
a religion, this is understanding the intelligence of
ignorance, understanding that the phenomenon of life
is always on full fire if you’re in a seeking mode. If you
come to a believing mode, you settle down but when
you’re in a seeking mode, you’re continuously on fire.
So this fire we have exhibited for thousands of years,
we should not lose this fire because this is where our
growth is, this is where our future is.”

Yaksha 2019
Isha’s Annual 3-Day Festival of Music and Dance

Isha Yoga Center, 1-3 March delight with compositions by time. Yaksha 2019 culminated on
2019: Yaksha, named after her legendary father Kumar the third day with a mesmerizing
celestial beings in Indian Gandharva and other gems of choreography by Leela Samson,
mythology, is an enchanting and Hindustani classical music. On thewho presented Nadi with the
vibrant three-day festival hosted second day, the Carnatic singer Spanda Dance Company. While
annually at Isha Yoga Center in sister duo Ranjani and Gayatri the dance recital was fascinating
the days before Mahashivaratri. left a lasting impression with in all respects, many in attendance
Yaksha is an endeavor to their perfect renditions of South were particularly eager to see our
preserve and promote the Indian classics. very own Radhe dance. Other
uniqueness, purity and diversity highlights included a workshop
The requests by the audience
of the country’s performing arts. with over a hundred ways to tie a
were so many and their own joy
Accomplished vocalist Kalapini saree, craft stalls, and delicacies at
of singing in this atmosphere so
Komkali transported the audience the Isha Life pop-up restaurant.
great that they extended their
to celestial heights of musical
concert well beyond the scheduled

April 2019 ISHA FOREST FLOWER | 15

Mahashivaratri 2019
Isha Yoga Center Celebrates its 25th Mahashivaratri

Adiyogi Divya Darshanam

Isha Yoga Center, 4 March 2019: This year marked the 25th
Mahashivaratri at Isha Yoga Center. The darkest night of the
year was this time illuminated by the innovative Adiyogi Divya
Darshanam. The spectacular laser display was inaugurated
by the honorable guest, President of India, Shri Ram Nath
Kovind. In his speech, the President of India congratulated
Sadhguru and all the volunteers for making the celebrations
so grand, because of all of India’s festivals, “Mahashivaratri is
one of the most endearing, enduring, and significant.”
A spectacular light show superimposed over the majestic
face of Adiyogi kicked off a night of entertainment, spirituality
and celebration of Shiva, presided over by Sadhguru. The
Divya Darshanam narrated the story of Adiyogi as the first
yogi and his seven disciples, the Saptarishis, who were sent
by Shiva to seven parts of the world to impart the science of
yoga in its full depth and dimension. The music performances
electrified the crowds and included such diverse artists as
Isha Sharvani and Daksha Sheth Dance Company, Fakira
Kheta Khan and Group, Karthik, Isha Samskriti, Hariharan,
Natig Rhythm Group from Azerbaijan, Amit Trivedi, Ghatam
Karthick and Friends, and Sounds of Isha. Sadhguru offered
the traditional midnight Maha Mantra and meditation.
In one message, Sadhguru suggested that “Maybe it's food,
maybe it's sleep, maybe it's clothing, maybe it's sexuality,
maybe anything. Whatever you are compulsive about, just
pick one thing and see if you can just keep it aside. If you just
do something as simple as that, you will notice stillness will
begin to happen to you by its own nature. Shi-va means ‘that
which is not.’ If you have to have a taste of that which is not,
you have to keep aside that which is, which is you. Or, to put
it in more practicable terms, you have to become still.”
16 | ISHA FOREST FLOWER April 2019
Swami Nirvichara ON THE PATH
Beyond Reason or Logic OF THE DIVINE

came to volunteer for the 90-day Wholeness

program with the intention of staying for a week –
however, I stayed on for nearly the entire program.
During that time, the revelation of Sadhguru’s
spiritual dimensions, seeing an ordinary person
attain Nirvikalpa Samadhi (the highest state
of Samadhi before one attains Mahasamadhi),
intense meditations and equally intense moments
of solitude in the ashram, are still among the best
memories of my life.
After the Wholeness was over, I left the ashram
with the burning desire to be near Sadhguru. In
December 1994, I heard that Sadhguru invited
applications for people to receive Brahmacharya.
I didn’t know anything about this path then, but
I applied for it so I could be near Sadhguru. On
27 February 1995, on Mahashivaratri, I was initiated
along with seven others – the great tradition of the
Brahmacharya order began in lsha.

Fun Days with Hard Work

We are excited to launch a new series in Isha Forest It wasn’t difficult at all for me to come to terms
Flower! Each month, one of our Isha Brahmacharis with the change of lifestyle in the ashram – no
or Sanyasis shares their very own background, matter how meagerly we lived, those were utterly
motivation, and experience of what it means for enjoyable days. Just a handful of us, Patti’s wonderful
them to walk this sacred “Path of the Divine.” Here, cooking, no scheduled work, daily mud bath in the
Swami Nirvichara, who has been with Sadhguru stream, forest walk, swimming in the water tank,
since 1994, offers some precious glimpses of the Sunday cricket, watering the flowering plants and
early days in Isha and his own path, including trees, constructing the “Igloo” (a place made for
a whole year wandering the subcontinent as sadhana) with the others, sadhana, and occasional
a mendicant. ashram visitors – life was wonderful and easygoing.

Again, it was Monday, my day off. Again, I sat for Then the first-ever Samyama program happened
hours weaving through my thoughts and emotions in the ashram in May 1995, and subsequently,
to understand where my life was taking me. Again, Dhyanalinga consecration work picked up some
I got no answers. I still remember, it was way back speed. Slowly, the ashram started to get a bit
in the 1990s and life was otherwise good – food, more organized – though absolutely nothing like
movies, and adventure – but I had an overbearing what we see today, either in scale or scope. My
discontent within me, and I would try doing odd work responsibilities included taking care of the
things to fulfill myself. One day, I simply resigned production of Sathumavu (Sanjeevini) Kanji for 3
from my job without any reason. But dropping the months, as well as handling the electrical, plumbing,
job didn’t change anything for me either. It took and flooring work during programs, of course
another two more jobs, some rather bad fights with without any training or prior experience.
my father, and a lot of emotional upheaval within Cracking the Linga
me before my mother compelled me to do the lsha
Yoga class in April 1994. And from then on, it all It was around June 1996 when the Dhyanalinga
settled for good – or unsettled for good. stone arrived in the ashram. Then after 1–2 months,
all the residents were called one night to gather
Soon after the class was over, I began volunteering around the Linga for a process with Sadhguru. The
on every Sunday for the lsha classes that were Linga was laid horizontally on a sand bed with the
happening in Tamil Nadu in those days. I also top portion of Sahasrar facing south. Sadhguru

April 2019 ISHA FOREST FLOWER | 17

applied vibhuti to the Linga, and made a big circle back without completing the sadhana. So without
with the vibhuti around the Sahasrar. We were any purpose, I roamed the length and breadth of
chanting Aum Namah Shivaya with closed eyes. At the country. I walked through all kinds of terrains,
some point Sadhguru clapped, as he normally does came across all sorts of people, ate whatever was
to raise our energy. given, and went through varieties of problems and
sufferings. Even after I came back to the ashram, life
was never the same again.

The next morning, when I went near the Linga, I

noticed a line cutting across the vibhuti circle that
Sadhguru had made the previous night. It was only
two years after the consecration of Dhyanalinga,
in a satsang, that Sadhguru spoke about the crack.
He said that to avoid the linga cracking at the time
of consecration, he cracked the Linga in the initial I first went to Varanasi, and then visited the Bhojpur
stage itself just with a clap during a process. When Linga near Bhopal. Then I went from one Jyotirlinga
the Linga was erected later, the cracked portion to another, and to Kedar in summer. I even went
was at the back of the Linga. This is where it is to Agra to fulfill my childhood wish of seeing the
even now. Taj Mahal. I truly tasted what it was like to be
a wandering Sadhu. There are a few incidents I
The Wandering particularly remember...
It was September 24, 2001, 7 p.m., and I was asked
to meet Sadhguru in the Shrine. I knew what it
When the Guru Pooja Did Not Flow
could mean, and yes, as soon as I entered, Sadhguru One morning in the Himalayas while I was walking,
gave me one of his used long shawls and a note that I couldn’t chant the entire Guru Pooja for some
said, “One year. Varanasi and Kedar.” The next day I reason. No matter with what determination I tried
left the Triangle Block at 5:40 a.m. and found Maa each time, I would stop after a few verses. “The
Gambhiri and Swami Nisarga standing there with a day Guru Pooja cannot flow within me, it’s better
bag for me. The bag had a woolen shawl, a begging I jump off into the valley,” I decided and started
bowl and the first Biksha – my next meal. I tore the to walk towards the edge of the road to jump off.
shawl that Sadhguru gave into three – I used one Immediately, I was filled with the verses of Guru
part as a towel, one as a dhoti, and another as a Pooja, and it happened effortlessly within me. This
loincloth. I was going for the Parivrajaka sadhana was the first time I realized that Sadhguru was
yet again. The previous year in December, Sadhguru always within and around me in that one year.
had sent me on this sadhana for one month.
When the Agony of Hunger Strikes
After having darshan of Dhyanalinga, I left. For one
moment, I experienced the agony of leaving the In that entire year, it was only on three days that I
ashram for one long year, and I gasped for breath did not get food. Whenever I needed it, somebody
as soon as I stepped outside the ashram. However, gave me a shawl or sweater or blanket. Muslims
this emotion left me immediately to be replaced were particularly generous in giving me food
with questions – What will I do? What will I eat? whenever they saw me hungry.
Where to sleep? Where do I go? All these thoughts One time, I witnessed the torment of hunger, but
rankled me just for one day. I knew I could never go it was not mine. I think it happened in Rajasthan.
18 | ISHA FOREST FLOWER April 2019
There was a person walking in my direction on the Conducting Kalabhairava Karma
road. He seemed to be searching for food. About
50 meters away from me, I saw him kneeling down I feared anything and everything as a child. It is ironic
to pick up something to eat. I went closer to see, that now I am always at funerals and with burning
and what I saw shook my insides. It was dried bodies. In 2011, I was the first brahmachari to get
vomit, and he was picking up chunks of it to eat. In trained in a simple method called Kalabhairava
that moment, I felt like the sky was falling on me. Karma by Sadhguru. Now there are many other
Somehow, I composed myself and called him to brahmacharis who have been inducted into doing
give him my biscuits. He started eating the biscuits this process. I don’t really perceive what happens
with both his hands. during this process, but I just follow the instructions
as given by Sadhguru. However, being a part of this
A few times in that year, I had also picked up food process on a daily basis has made death a very close
from the roadside. The Parivrajaka sadhana didn’t part of my life. I feel one day I will really experience
leave me in ecstasy, neither did I experience any the play of beings beyond the five senses.
spiritual outpourings in that one year. But the fact
is that it got me to come to terms with hunger. I will
not die of hunger, for sure.

When I Saw the Master Again

From the Himalayas, I travelled to Amarnath, then
to Pashupatinath in Kathmandu, Nepal. From there,
I headed to the northeastern states and visited
the Kamakhya Devi temple in Assam, and back to
Kolkata. Then Sambalpur, Kadapa, and finally my
heart filled with joy as I entered back into Tamil
I happened to be in Salem, my home town, on the
day of the Salem Mahasatsang. This was after eleven
months of wandering. I stayed on the grounds,
watching the preparations. No brahmachari or
volunteer could recognize me, except for one. I left
the grounds, but came back for the satsang in the
evening. I went close to Sadhguru briefly and then
immediately slipped off into the crowd. However, a
volunteer came behind me and gave me a packaged
dinner. Just a few years previous to that, I had lived
in that town in the comfort of my home. That night, I Want to Live as Long as Sadhguru IS
in the same town, I slept on the steps of a shop. And Enlightenment is not my goal. My attainment is
I slept well. Sadhguru’s goal and he won’t fail on this, I am 500%
sure. I don’t have to worry on this account. I wish
The Bonus after Twelve Years this is not my last birth and I come back just to be
of Sadhana around Dhyanalinga. When my Guru has chosen to
A few brahmacharis were initiated into Sanyas in be here for another 80 years in his subtle body, how
January 2003; however, I was not one of them. can I miss the opportunity to be with him and have
Though it upset me for some time, I then realized him use me for work?
that Sadhguru knows best. I got initiated into This is an excerpt of Swami’s sharing. Read the full
Sanyas in December 2006, almost 12 years after article on the Isha Blog.
my Brahmacharya initiation. In our tradition, 12
years of sadhana is usually the waiting period
before the next initiation. After the initiation, many
of my bondages and compulsions fell off. Slowly,
I understood that this was not a promotion but
a process of dissolution. I realized I have reached
a point in my spiritual life from where there is no
turning back.

April 2019 ISHA FOREST FLOWER | 19


Date Program Place Contact

Isha Yoga Center,

83000 93555
5–8 Apr 2019 Shoonya Intensive Velliangiri Foothills,
Coimbatore – India

Isha Yoga Center,

83000 93555
16–19 Apr 2019 Guru Pooja Training Velliangiri Foothills,
Coimbatore – India

Isha Yoga Center,

19 Apr 2019
Shivanga Sadhana Velliangiri Foothills, 83000 83111
Initiation (Gents) Coimbatore
1 Jun 2019)
& local centers – India

Inner Engineering London – United +44 203 137 8860

20–21 Apr 2019
with Sadhguru Kingdom

Inner Engineering
Philadelphia – United +1 931 488 8448
27–28 Apr 2019 Completion with

Isha Yoga Center,

27–30 Apr 83000 93555
Shoonya Intensive Velliangiri Foothills,
Coimbatore – India

Isha Yoga Center,

In the Lap of the 83000 93555
14–15 Jul 2019 Velliangiri Foothills,
Coimbatore – India

Isha Yoga Center,

16 Jul 2019 Guru Purnima Velliangiri Foothills, 83000 83111
Coimbatore – India

Nanmai Uruvam Isha Yoga Center,

84484 47707
16 Jul 2019 Ceremony with Velliangiri Foothills,
Sadhguru (Ishanga 7%) Coimbatore – India

Sannidhi Yantra Isha Yoga Center,

94890 00333
16 Jul 2019 Ceremony with Velliangiri Foothills,
Sadhguru Coimbatore – India

Isha Yoga Center,

Yantra Ceremony 84484 47708
31 Jul 2019 Velliangiri Foothills,
with Sadhguru
Coimbatore – India

Kailash-Manasarovar 8144 123 123

4–20 Aug 2019 Nepal/China
Sacred Walks

Current at the time of print, however subject to change. For full program schedules and updates, please visit

20 | ISHA FOREST FLOWER April 2019

Spinach Millet Chapati


1 cup Pearl millet (bajra) flour 1. Cook the spinach leaves till soft (but not
mushy). Drain.
1 cup Wheat flour
2. Mix the boiled spinach with mint leaves, ginger,
2 Tbsps. Soya bean flour yogurt, ajwain, and cumin seeds in a mixer.
1 cup Spinach 3. Mix in bajra flour, wheat flour, soya bean flour,
1 handful Mint leaves and salt to taste, adding oil or warm water as
needed to form a semi-soft dough.
1 tsp. Ginger paste
4. Divide the dough in equal portions. Use a little
2 Tbsps. Curd/yogurt flour to roll out the chapattis.
1 tsp. Ajwain/bishop’s weed/carom seeds 5. Heat a non-stick tawa (heavy pan). With a
1 tsp. Cumin seeds little oil, cook each chapatti on both sides until
golden brown.
Salt to taste
6. Serve hot. (Tip: Tastes great with butter, yogurt,
chutney, or vegetable curry.)

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