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Introduction: Ian Banks Director of Atoll Ltd is registered with Architects Registration Board (ARB); is a Royal
Institute of Architects (RIBA) chartered architect; and is also registered as a Member of the Association of
Consultant Architects (ACA). As such, he seeks to abide morally and ethically with their relative codes of conduct,
as well comply with their recommended methods for clients or others making complaints. It is a requirement of all
architects to have a formal policy for clients or others making a complaint against them. As such, Atoll Director Ian
Banks’s formal policy in the first instance, is to suggest that any aggrieved parties submit first a verbal, emailed or
otherwise written confirmation of dissatisfaction, and that matter can then be resolved mutually via amicable
discussion or alternatively if desired via some other form of independent alternative dispute resolution method for
professional services - such as adjudication. If sadly beyond this, Ian Banks’s advice is to then refer parties to ARB
and/or RIBA for advice on pursuing formal professional complaints.

Architects Registration Board: ARB are the organisation set up by Parliament under the Architects Act 1997 to
regulate architects in the UK. One of its duties is to deal with complaints about an architect’s conduct or their ability
to do their job – their competence. The ARB website explains how its complaints procedure works. Note however
it does not have any legal powers to help a client settle their complaint, or to help them recover money from their
architect. The ARB publishes the Architects Code which has 10 standards dealing with conduct and competence,
and two standards relating to client service and complaints. Note that according to the Architects Act, an architect’s
failure to comply with the provisions of the Code does not necessarily constitute unacceptable professional conduct
or serious professional incompetence but may be taken into consideration in disciplinary proceedings.
• Download the ARB Architects Code on:
• Download the document ARB Making a Complaint on:
• Ian Andrew Banks’s ARB Registration can be searched on: http://architects-

Royal Institute of Architects: RIBA advises that anyone can make a complaint against an architect, you do not
need to be a client. But please bear in mind that a complaint against an architect in a ‘civilian’ capacity (e.g. which
has nothing to do with his or her professional practice) is unlikely to be accepted for investigation, unless the
personal behaviour is having, or had, a direct impact on the architect’s professional work.
• Download the 2019 RIBA Professional Code of Conduct and Guidance Notes on:
professional-conduct--may-2019pdf.pdf ; and
• Download the document RIBA Making a Formal Complaint:
• Ian Andrew Banks’s RIBA membership can be searched on:

Association of Consultant Architects: ACA is the national professional body representing architects in private
practice. Membership is open to Registered Architects practicing on their own account either alone or in partnership
or as a Director of a company whose business consists wholly or mainly of an Architects’ practice or an allied field.
• Download the ACA Mission Statement
• Directory listing for ‘Atoll’ search in ACA membership

Complaints to both ARB and RIBA: Note if you submit your complaint to both ARB and the RIBA at the same
time, then ARB’s investigation will take precedence. The RIBA will require the member to respond to a ‘letter of
inquiry’ in order to procure evidence from both sides for later reference. But it will then suspend any further
investigation until the ARB reaches a decision.

Atoll Practice Insurances: 2018/2019

• Professional Indemnity: £1,000,000 – Aqueous Underwriting (Policy Number 18*WAE355E17ZA)

Expires 06.11.19.

73 Manchester Road – Knutsford – Cheshire - WA16 0LX - M 07717 710014 - E info @

Registered Number 06132826 (Registered in England and Wales) - VAT Number 884 5313 04

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