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About the Author

George Rockefeller is President of Rockefeller Associates, Inc. He has a BS in EE from Lehigh University,
a MS from New Jersey Institute of Technology, and a MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson
University. Mr. Rockefeller is a Fellow of IEEE and Past Chairman of IEEE Power Systems Relaying
Committee. He holds nine U.S. Patents and is co-author of Applied Protective Relaying (1st Edition).

Mr. Rockefeller worked for Westinghouse Electric Corporation for twenty-one years in application and
system design of protective relaying systems. He worked for Consolidated Edison Company for ten years
as a System Engineer. He has also served as a private consultant since 1982.

About the Guide

This guide contains a summary of information for the protection of various types of electrical equipment.
Neither Basler Electric Company nor anyone acting on its behalf makes any warranty or representation,
express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein, nor assumes
any responsibility or liability for the use or consequences of use of any of this information.

Original issue date 05/96

Revised 05/99, John Boyle; small updates
Revised 08/03, Larry Lawhead; small updates
Revised 04/07, John Horak; extensive rewrite
Revised 06/07, John Horak; minor typographical and editorial corrections