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Journal of Marketing and Sales Management

Volume 2 Issue 1
ISSN No: 2457-0095 (Online)

Anti-Graft Policy & Its Impetus Excursion

Priyabrata Dash1, Dr. Akankshya Patnaik2

Student1, Assistant Professor2
Department of Management Studies
National Institute of Science & Technology, Berhampur, Odisha, India
Corresponding Authors’ email id:

The article is all about anti-graft policy and its effect on India. The study
provides useful inside regarding anti-graft policy in an important context. It
suggest many possibilities for improve endeavors. In this study used only
theoretical data and could possible, have added a few more such as personal
need for structure, personal, fear of invalidity and need to evaluate future
research in this direction could possible include, additional variable and
could also asses moderating effects of related issues. When and how did
corruption become the most urgent crises facing the nation? This question is
yet to be addressed adequately in the ongoing data base on corruption in

Keywords: Corruption, Anti-graft policy, Anti-graft policy in India, Anti-graft

policy in Odisha, Effect on organizational culture

I. INTRODUCTION and using influence for self interest with

The anti-graft policy is a policy or law to the trunk, wealth, power of the people.
keep every agency and every office or our The anti-graft law is aimed at curbing
government faithful otherwise we can also corruption bribe taking at different levels
say it is aland keep fit in policy and of government and bureaucracy. The bill
principal. “A public office is a public also envisages the creation of similar anti-
trust.” It is a law to suppress, remove, bind graft institutions at the state level
or be changing the staff or our behaviors that leads to graft includes
governmental officers who abuse, stealing bribery and dishonest dealing in the

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Journal of Marketing and Sales Management
Volume 2 Issue 1
ISSN No: 2457-0095 (Online)

performance of public or official act.The corruption in public life. The legislation,

law creates an ombudsman that has the however, demonstrates the intent of the
authority to investigate and prosecute people to deal with the debilitating
politicians and civil servants for influence of graft in the growth of the
corruption. The Prime Minister‟s office country.
also comes under its purview,a major
change over the 2011 draft which kept the STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES
PM out of the purview of any watchdog. 1) To create a strong anti-corruption
The anti-graft law is aimed at curbing culture that permeates throughout
corruption and bribe taking at different the whole society.
levels of government and bureaucracy.
The bill also envisages the creation of 2) To create an awareness among the
similar anti-graft institutions at the state people about the anti-graft policy.
level. One significant achievement of the
new constitutional structure is the 3) It gives the idea about anti-graft
inclusion of the main investigating policy how it implemented in
agency, Central Bureau of Investigation India.
(CBI), under the supervision of the
ombudsman. 4) It represents the political leaders
view about the anti-graft policy in
The new authority has the power to India.
monitor all cases referred by it to the CBI.
Those who finance election campaigns ANTI-GRAFT LAW AND ITS
expect some their monies to win them IMPLEMENTATION
leeway and favor, which leads to wheeling The first direct and consolidated law on
and dealing and lays the groundwork for corruption was the prevention of
scandals and graft. Unless there is public corruption act (PCA), 1947, enacted to
funding for election campaigns, corruption supplement the Indian penal code (IPC)
will remain an inbuilt problem in the 1988; a new PCA was passed repealing
system. the 1947 act and criminal law
Amendenent act 1952. As per section (7),a
Only time will tell how effective the anti- “public servant taking gratification other
graft bill is going to be in curbing then legal remuneration in respect of an

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Journal of Marketing and Sales Management
Volume 2 Issue 1
ISSN No: 2457-0095 (Online)

official act.”Section (8) is about  Section 13: Suspension and loss of

“takinggratification in order by corrupt or benefits.
illegalmeans, to influence public  Section 14: Exception.
servent.”Section (9) “taking gratification  Section 15: Sperability clause.
for exercise as personal influence with  Section 16: Affectivity.
public servant.”section (11) “obtaining
valuable things , without considering from ANTI-GRAFT POLICY IN INDIA
person concerned on proceeding or A Lokpal bill was first introduced in the
business transacted by such public LokSabha in 1968. And the subsequently
servant.” May attract up to seven years in nine other attempts at passes where made
jail and fine. before its successful adoption in 2013.
The legislation seeks to establish the
The policy under anti-graft:- Lokpal with state law on the subject to be
 Section 1: statement of policy. enacted by the respective state legislation
 Section 2: Definition and term. with one year of the act‟s entry in to the
 Section 3: corrupt parities of force. Congress party leading member
public officers. Rahul Gandhi has urged the Loksabha “to
 Section 4: Prohibition on private consider and enact all six pending anti-
individual. corruption bills before its term expires.”
 Section 5: Prohibition on certain
relatives. Right of citizens for time bound delivery
 Section 6: Prohibition on member of goods and services of the grievance bill
of congress. 2011, whistle blowers protection bill
 Section 7: Statement of assets and 2010, and prevention of corruption bill
motilities. 2013.According to 2016 results of

 Section 8: Dismissal due to corruption perception index of

unexplained wealth. transparence international, India ranks

 Section 9: Penalties for violations. 76th place out of 176 countries.

 Section 10: Competent court.

 Section 11: Prescription of
 Section 12: Termination of office.

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Journal of Marketing and Sales Management
Volume 2 Issue 1
ISSN No: 2457-0095 (Online)

Figure: 1
(Source-| Transparency International)

If we just glare Rank in India is expected to be 79.00 by

attradingeconomics.comTransparency the end of this quarter, according to
Internationalreport we will be surprised to Trading Economics global macro models
note that corruption in India is just bantam and analysts expectations. In the long-
in 2006, but slowly with the passage of term, the India Corruption Rank is
time it became massivein 2011-2012. No projected to trend around 72.00 in 2020,
doubt it was at snob after 2014but it was according to our econometric models.
found it again raise it‟s Beelzebub in
2016. So it‟s the right time for us to grab ANTI-GRAFT POLICY IN ODISHA
its neck else it can grasp the whole Supreme Court declares two lawspassed
country & common man with our any by odisha legislature to tackle corruption
clemency. Very interestingly according to as constitutional the Odisha law with
the 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index offence under section-1(C) of the
reported by Transparency International prevention corruption act 1988.In this case
India is the 79 least corrupt nations out of Anil R.Deva and Dipak Mishra dismissed
175 countries. Corruption Rank in India appeals against the high court
averaged 75.32 from 1995 until 2016, orders.Odisha CM Mr. Naven Patnaik
reaching an all time high of 95 in 2011 directed the administration to implement
and a record low of 35 in 1995.Corruption “zero tolerance policy” in true letter
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Journal of Marketing and Sales Management
Volume 2 Issue 1
ISSN No: 2457-0095 (Online)

andspiritagainst corruption in different AamAaadmi Party (AAP), is in trouble,

social welfare scheme of state.Mr. Naven meanwhile, after a sacked minister, Kapil
Patnaik also asked the official to focus Mishra, alleged he saw Kejriwal accepting
onvarious rural housing schemes, Rs20 million in cash from another
NirmayaYojanaandJananiSurakashyYojan minister. AAP members think the BJP is
a. Govt. has decided to from committees using Mishra to destroy the party, which
at block-district, state level where local was founded in 2012 to fight corruption.
vigilance official will be the member of
the committee. Source said the vigilance West Bengal chief minister Mamata
department has already receive 560 Banerjee, who is chief of the Trinamool
complains against corruption in rural Congress (TMC) party and another vocal
housing scheme.Honorable CM suggested opponent of Modi, is likewise on the back
better administrationto ensure poor people foot after a news portal, Narada News,
not to be deprived of their right due to released video of sting operations in which
corruption. they snared a TMC lawmaker into
accepting a bribe and caught a former
After verifying the reports of the vigilance party general secretary asking reporters
department will submit the report to the for a stake in the firm they were posing as
concerned department CM directed representatives of.Jitendra Singh, minister
constitute on over right committee headed of state for personnel, said that the
by chief secretly in start to anti-graft purpose behind mandating prosecution
program. sanction for government officers under the
anti-graft law was to protect honest
HOW DOES THE POLITICAL officers and to ensure that bureaucracy,
LEADERSHIP VIEW THE ACT? “an essential tool of good governance,”
PrimeMinister Narendra Modi recently continued to work without any fear or
said that effort were on to ensure officer favor.“We have decided to introduce the
are free to make objective, anti-corruption amendment Bill in the
honestdecision.Finance minister said to a winter session of parliament starting on
CBI program, that we need to revisit November 16. A provision for
provisions of prevention of corruption safeguarding all categories of government
act.The Chief Minister of Delhi, employees is being offered in the Bill. The
ArvindKejriwal, who leads the

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Journal of Marketing and Sales Management
Volume 2 Issue 1
ISSN No: 2457-0095 (Online)

changes are to ensure that honest don‟t fear the cat.”In India, there has been
employees are not harassed,” he said. a substantial increase in penal actions
against corrupt officials since Modi took
CONCLUSION office in 2014. However, besides such
Only time will tell how effective the anti- moves, Modi is also harnessing
graft bills is going to be in curbing technology to make the governance
corruption in public life. The legislation system less corrupt. An example is
however demonstrates the intent of the railway tickets and the issuing of
people to deal with the debilitating passports.Now that such items are
influence of graft in the growth of the dispensed online,corruption has been
country.In my opinion all law and policies reduced. The more processes go online
which under anti-graft, it is not and become transparent; the greater will
implemented properly. be the degree of honesty in the
implementation of policies.The very fact
The main reason is: that the BJP could not secure a majority in
 Lack of information the Delhi Assembly elections, despite
 Coordination gap having predominant support among urban
 Illiterate constituencies and the middle class, is a

 Unemployment matter of concern for the right-wing

opposition group. People‟s trust in the

The most important factor is lack of party is low despite being in opposition

information, variousact, and law are made formore than a decade. The party also

by government under anti-graft policy has hopes to derive some moral advantage by

16 section but 80% of people do not have supporting the anti-corruption

clear knowledge about these policy.The law.Corruption is one of the biggestglobal

actual reason is lack of education, issues, ahead of extreme poverty,

illiteracy rate is growing high. So most of unemployment, the rising cost of food and

people are not getting sufficient energy, climate change, and terrorism. It is

information about anti-graft policy as thought to be one of the principal causes

many people could not properly read of poverty around the globe. Its

&others lack understanding.If I comment significance in the contemporary world

on govt. of India, the situation is like “The cannot be overestimated.

cat doesn‟t mind the snake and the mouse

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Journal of Marketing and Sales Management
Volume 2 Issue 1
ISSN No: 2457-0095 (Online)

It explores the phenomenon from several required for them to make them
different perspectives, from the cultural understand about the policy, its
differences affecting how corruption is norms, usage and implications.
defined, its impact, its various causes, and
the possible remedies. outlines the key  Need for strict intendance by the
role the state has to play in managing trusted government officials.
corruption, using „stick‟ (disincentive),
„carrot‟ (incentive), „administrative and  Some promotional programs may
technical‟, and „other‟ methods. The most be suggested by NGO and
obvious „stick‟ states can use to reduce government for increasing proper
corruption is the legal system with high communication & education in
prosecution and conviction rates and rural segment related to these
severe penalties. Carrot measures include policies.
improving employees‟ working conditions
and raising their salaries. Administrative REFERENCES
methods include rotating officials from I. Baysinger, B. (1984) „Domain
one office to another, better auditing, and maintenance as an objective of
norm setting. Increasing trust in society, business political activity: an
gender balancing, and granting amnesties expanded typology‟, Academy of
can also beuseful methods. Management Review 9 (2): 248–
258.Google Scholar Campos, J.E.,
SUGGESTIONS Lien, D. and Pradhan, S. (1999)
 Need of Proper communication of „the impact of corruption on
this policy within various levels of investment: predictability matters‟,
organization, various types of World Development 27 (6): 1059–
occupation covering almost all 1067.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
areas of India.
II. Husted, B. (1999) „Wealth, culture
 Need of sufficient education and corruption‟, Journal of
because just making them know International Business Studies 30
about the anti-graft policy will not (2): 339–360.CrossRefGoogle
solve the problem as most of them Scholar
lack basic education its highly
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Journal of Marketing and Sales Management
Volume 2 Issue 1
ISSN No: 2457-0095 (Online)

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VII. Centre Approves Changes in Anti-

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