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General English Examination

Elementary level

Speaking part 3

Discussion on a Topic Stimulated by Photos

You are going to be given two different photographs and I’d like you to describe them on your
own. When you have finished I will ask you to answer some questions so that you can
broaden the topic introduced in the pictures.

Topic: Free time activities

Ide jönnek a képek

General English Examination
Elementary level

Speaking Part 3



Candidate sheet

You are going to the theatre to see an opera with your friend. He / She wants to wear casual
clothes. Give Him / Her advice.

Examiner sheet

You are going to the theatre with your friend but you do not want to wear elegant clothes. He /
She is giving you advice. Ask Him / Her.

 why people wear smart clothes

 how you are going there, because it is raining
 where you can put your coat and umbrella
 where you are going to sit
 what you can do in the break
General English Examination
Elementary level

Speaking Part 3



Candidate sheet

You are on a holiday in a big city and you are lost. You cannot find a post office. You stop
somebody on the street to ask the way.

Examiner sheet

He / She is a tourist in a big city and cannot find the way to a post office. Help Him / Her.

 why he is looking for a post office

 what he is doing in the city
 where he is staying and for how long
 what he visited in the city
 if he can find the way back
General English Examination
Elementary level

Speaking Part 3



Candidate sheet

It is Friday night. Your friend is bored and wants to go out somewhere. You haven’t got a lot
of money. Suggest Him / Her to go to the cinema.

Examiner sheet

You are bored at home. You want to go out because it is Friday night. But your friend hasn’t
got too much money. Ask him / Her.

 what film is on tonight

 how much the ticket is
 what you can eat and drink there
 how long the film is and what time it will finish
 if you can go somewhere else after
General English Examination
Elementary level

Writing Part 1

Complete the next below by writing a suitable word from the list in each space provided.
There are 15 gaps but 20 words are given. Use each word once only.
There is an example. ( 0 ) for you.

I don’t have much spare time – one or two hours a day. That is not ENOUGH
(0) for anything. I’m ………….. (1) busy at school and too busy at home, as
well. My mum works ………….. (2) late in the evening and by the time she
comes home, I ………….. (3) usually done most of the housework. I watch
………….. (4) favourite tv programmes - cartoons, quiz – games, series – or
read a book. ………….. (5) I don’t like reading very much. Books bore
………….. (6) I don’t read newspapers, either – you know, politics and
………….. (7) that rubbish. I usually go ………….. (8) at the week – ends. I
like movie- films very much. I always see the latest hits. I saw The Titanic not
………….. (9) ago. It was very exciting. I cried. I saw it three times. I’m
………….. (10) of action films, too. I like Bruce Willis, Pierce Brosman and
some other tough guys. Although the language of ………….. (11) films is
sometimes rude. And I also like discos, or parties. I have ………….. (12) friends
who I often go out ………….. (13). We dance or just sit at a table and talk. We
sometimes go for trips. Then my mum always worries. She ………….. (14)
considers me a little girl. You know, this is my greatest problem these days. We
quite ………….. (15) have a row over these matters.

many too
my long
these never
should with
enough have
but to
still until
them fond
out often
all though
General English Examination
Elementary level

Reading Part 1

Read the text and answer the questions.

The Fellowship of the Ring

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy of fantasy novels are about to come to the big
screen. The Fellowship of the Ring, the first of three movies made in one shoot in New
Zealand, is scheduled to open on December 19 in the United States ( for the Christmas season
). The second film of the series, The Two Towers, opens in 2002; the third, The Return of the
King, in 2003. Each film promises to be a hit.
Animated films based on the books were released in the 1970’s, but they were
considered to not fully capture the feel of the books. Of course, for a long time, animation was
more or less the only way film-makers could have told this story. But now technology has
advanced to the point where this grand epic can be filmed in live-action.

The Essential Plot of the Fellowship of the Ring

This is the story of the flight of Frodo and his companions from their home. Of course, there’s
much more to it. But if you want more, you should read the book – or wait a bit more and see
the movie. In the film, many of the characters, such as the Hobbits and the Dwarves, are not
of full stature. The film uses computer effects to shrink tall actors rather than using a full cast
of dwarves.

Filming three films at once has never been done before…

New Line Cinema expanded the budget for Lord of the Rings to a total of $190 million
dollars, making it one of the most expensive film projects ever. However, this sum of money
will produce three films, making the average cost for each film $63 million, which is not
really that much for films of this scale. All three films were made at the same time, over the
course of roughly one year in New Zealand.
Director Peter Jackson says, „ My team and I have poured our hearts into this project
for the past three years…. Filming three films at once has never been done before; also, the
project features state-of-the art special effects, so it was essential to plan everything down to
the last detail.”
The three novels that make up Lord of the Rings have sold more than 50 million
copies world-wide in 25 different languages. The trilogy is among the greatest adventures
ever written, and fans are eagerly anticipating the films. One Tolkien web site showed over
2000 comments posted from fans about the film’s casting alone. There will be many Rings
products on the market too when the film opens : book publisher Houghton Mifflin has
already published a one-time-only millennium boxed set edition of seven hard-cover volumes
of the Rings saga.
General English Examination
Elementary level

Reading Part 1


1. What makes up the trilogy ?

2. Before the new trilogy why were only animated films released ?
3. What is the plot of the first film ?
4. What can you do if you want to know more about the story ?
5. Why does the film use computer effects ?
6. Why is the average cost $63 million per film ?
7. How much time did they need to make the film ?
8. Why was it important to plan evetything ?
9. What can you read on a web site ?
10. What are the new products on the market ?
General English Examination
Elementary level

Writing Part 2

Informal letter writting

Your favourite band is giving a concert in Budapest. Tell your friend the news and invite
Him / Her to the concert. Write a letter of about 100 words.

 tell Him / Her why you would like to go

 give the date and the place of the concert
 how much the ticket costs
 where you can meet before the concert

Formal letter writing

You visited Legoland and have lost your purse with all your documents there. Write a letter of
about 100 words to Legoland.

 give the date and the places you visited

 tell them what was in your purse
 tell them what you would like them to do
 leave your address and telephone number to cantact with you
General English Examination
Elementary level

Reading Part 2

Read the text and answer the questions.


Meeting points – It is a good idea to set a meeting point with your family or group in case
you split up. We suggest the Dinosaurs at The Beginning or T-Rex in the Imagination Centre.

Re-Entering the park – If you wish to re-enter the Park on the same day please obtain a
handstamp from our Admissions Staff at the turnstiles.

Baby care centre – This area offers a private place for mothers to breast or bottle feed their
babies and change nappies.

Kennels –Pets are not permitted within the Park grounds ( with the exception of trained
Guide Dogs ). Kennels are provided free of charge on a first come, first served basis. Please
check with Guest Services.

Lost parents – If you lose your adult or are an adult who has lost their child, please look for
any member of Legoland Windsor’s staff who will direct you to Guest Services.

Food and drink – Legoland offers a range of freshly prepared hot and cold meals and snacks.
A choice of children’s meals and half portions are available at all of our restaurants. We also
provide microwave and bottle warming facilities and we sell Organix baby food. We are
passionate about quality and freshness.

Legolandben szeretne eltölteni egy napot. Válaszoljon a következő kérdésekre magyarul!

1. Miért jó, ha megbeszélünk egy találkozóhelyet ?

2. Mit tegyünk, ha elveszítünk valakit ?

3. Milyen állatok léphetnek be Legolandbe ?

4. Mire használható a babarészleg ?

5. Mire van szükség, ha elhagyjuk Legoland területét, de szeretnénk még aznap

visszatérni ?
General English Examination
Elementary level

Vocabulary List

theatre fan
to dress-up
variety show
musical instrument
sound film
to dub-bed
adventure film
to broadcast
weather forecast
commercial radio
second-hand bookshop
spy story
to dig, dug, dug