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General English Examination

Elementary level

Speaking part 2

Discussion on a Topic Stimulated by Photos

You are going to be given two different photographs and I’d like you to describe them on
your own. When you have finished I will ask you to answer some questions so that you
can broaden the topic introduced in the pictures.

Topic: Holidays
General English Examination
Elementary level

Speaking Part 3

Situation 1

Candidate sheet:
You want to organize a birthday party. You call a party service company.

 tell why you called

 ask what they can offer
 order the things you need
 ask about the price
 arrange the time and the place

Examiner sheet:

Somebody calls you about a party he/she wants to organize. Answer his/her questions.
General English Examination
Elementary level

Speaking Part 3

Situation 2

Candidate sheet:
You are organizing a New Year’s Eve party. You meet one of your friends you haven’t
seen for a long time. Ask him/her how he/she is and invite him/her to the party.

Examiner sheet:

You meet a friend you haven’t seen for a long time. Ask him/her

 how he/she is
 where he’s going to have the party
 when he’s going to have the party
 who will be there
 what you should bring
General English Examination
Elementary level

Speaking Part 3

Situation 3

Candidate sheet:

You spent your honeymoon on an exotic island. After the honeymoon you speak to your
colleague who asks you about the honeymoon.

Examiner sheet:
After two weeks your colleague returns back from his/her honeymoon.
Ask him/her

 where they went

 accomodation
 weather
 what they did
 journey
General English Examination
Elementary level

Writing Part 1

Complete the text below by writing a suitable word from the list in each space
provided. There are 15 gaps but 20 words given. Use each word once only.
There is an example (0) for you. Indicate your answer on the separate answer sheet.

Sean Connery’s 65th birthday

The veteran Bond star celebrates with his ....close...... (0) friends in Marbella
Actor Sean Connery celebrated ................(1) 65th birthday with a discreet all-male
party in Marbella, together ............... (2) some of his closest friends on the Costa del Sol.
The lunch-time birthday has ............... (3) something of an annual fixture for the
famous 007 who lives part-time ................... (4) Marbella with his painter wife
This year, though, the mega-star, ............... (5) birthday falls on August 25, had to
bring forward the celebratory party so that it would not clash with his current promotional
work on his ....................(6) film, First Knight, which premieres ............... (7) Europe this
But that did not stop Sean and his ............... (8) from enjoying the occasion to the
full with a game of golf on the ............... (9) course.
Sean, a golf fanatic, often refers to Marbella as the ............... (10) place in Europe
to play the game ............... (11) of the excellent weather, and recently he vehemently
denied rumours that he planned to ............... (12) his sea-front home.
...................(13) promoting First Knight, Sean plans to finish shooting ...............
(14) film entitled The Rock ............... (15) is being shot in Alcatraz prison, situated on an
island in San Francisco Bay.
(HELLO! magazine)

another in
after latest
because nearby
become other
becoming sell
best throughout
buy what
close which
friends whose
good with
General English Examination
Elementary level

Reading part 1

Read the text and answer the questions.

A church wedding
Adrian and Caroline were married recently. ’Our wedding was a pretty typical
one, really. Caroline and I met about three years ago, and we got engaged last summer.
We both wanted a traditional wedding. I suppose it’s expensive, and some people say it is
a waste of money, but it is a day to remember all your life. Anyway, we wanted to please
our parents, and we both wanted to get married in church. Caroline’s father hired a white
Rolls-Royce to bring her to the church, we wanted the whole works! You know, top hat,
tails, champagne – the full treatment. The men rented their morning suits for the day.
Caroline had three bridesmaids – her sister and two of her cousins, and a page. The page
was her nephew. He’s only three and he made a lot of noise during the ceremony. I didn’t
feel my best that day because my stag party went on until five o’clock in the morning. I
do remember the photographs, though. We seemed to be waiting around for ages.
Although it was a very sunny Saturday – it was in May – there was a pretty cold wind.
The reception was at the Carlton Hotel, it must have cost Caroline’s dad a packet. The
speeches went on a bit too long, I think ... and of course some of them were a bit vulgar,
but I suppose that’s a tradition. It took twenty minutes just to read out all the telegrams. I
had been very careful, and I’d parked my car round the corner, but of course they
somehow managed to find out where it was. You should have seen what They’d done to
it! It was covered with lipstick, and they tied cans to the bumper. But anyway, they didn’t
find out where we were having our honeymoon. We went to Scotland.’

A registry office wedding

Stuart and Ann were married in a registry office. ’Stuart and I met last year. We
were both working in Birmingham, although Stuart comes from Leeds and I’m from
London. We didn’t want an elaborate wedding and neither of us are particularly religious,
so we got married in the registry office. Another thing is that neither of our families are
very well off, and it seemed silly to go to all the expense, when you need the money to set
up a new home. We just invited our parents and a couple of friends, who were the
witnesses. It was all very simple. We didn’t have a reception or anything. We just had a
few drinks round at our place. We didn’t even bother with a cake. We didn’t have a
honeymoon, because Stuart’s just started his own business and we couldn’t afford the

(Streamline English)
General English Examination
Elementary level

Reading part 1


1. Who wanted a traditional wedding? (a, b,)

2. What finished at 5 o’clock in the morning?
3. What was the weather like on Adrian and Caroline’s wedding? (a, b,)
4. What took twenty minutes?
5. What happened to Adrian’s car? (a, b,)
6. Where did Stuart and Ann meet?
7. Where does Ann come from?
8. Why did Stuart and Ann get married in a registry office? (a, b, c,)
9. What do they need the money for?
10. What happened after Stuart and Ann’s wedding?
General English Examination
Elementary level

Writing Part 2

Formal letter

You celebrated your 20th wedding anniversary in a hotel and you left a valuable thing in
your hotel room. Write a letter of about 100 words to the hotel.

 Tell them when you stayed at the hotel

 what you left there.
 what it looks like and where you left it.
 Ask them to send you back.

Informal letter

You had a birthday party. Write a letter of about 100 words to your friend (who couldn’t
come) and tell him/her about a party.

 the presents you got

 what you ate and drank at the party
 what you did
 why you enjoyed the party
General English Examination
Elementary level

Reading Part 2

Valentine’s Day

February 14 is Valentine’s day. This is the big day for romantic people to
exchange tokens of love. The token is usually a card, often sent anonymously. Nowdays,
shops stock a wide range of cards. If you are the sentimental type, there are plenty of
traditional ’hearts and flowers’ designs. For less sensitive souls, there is a wide selection
of humorous cards. There are even musical cards.
For those who want to make their declaration of love more public, newspapers
print special small ads on valentine’s day, often enclosed in a heart-shape. It’s funny to
read the large number of silly pet names people call their loved ones.
You may think that Valentine’s day just another modern, commercial idea. In fact, the
tradition goes back to the third century. St Valentine, an early Christian martyr, was in
prison awaiting execution. The blind daughter of his warden was kind to him, and just
before he died, Valentine sent a loving message of thanks to her, signing it ’from your
The earliest known Valentine card is in the British Museum in London. It was sent
from the Duke of Orleans to his wife when he was imprisoned in the Tower of London in
1415 after the battle of Agincourt.
(Érettségi szöveggyűjtemény angol nyelvből)

Válaszoljon a következő kérdésekre magyarul a szöveg alapján!

1. Milyen aláírással szokták elküldeni a Valentin napi lapokat?

2. Milyen féle valentin napi kártyákat lehet venni a boltokban? (a, b, c)
3. Mikorra tehető a valentin napi üdvözlés eredete?
4. Kinek küldte St Valentine az üzenetét?
5. Mi található a British Museum-ban?
General English Examination
Elementary level

Vocabulary list

festival carol-singer
celebrate decorate
birthday decoration
birthday card holly
candle Christmas tree
birthday cake Christmas card
to make a wish coloured lights
to blow out the candles wrap
surprise wrapping paper
family reunion/ gathering Christmas Eve (24th December)
family Father Christmas
present turkey
wedding anniversary fish
wedding Christmas pudding
ceremony cracker
bunch of flowers pull a cracker
Easter Christmas cake
easter egg hot mince pie
easter Sunday Boxing Day (26th December)
Good Friday public holiday
Easter Monday New Year’s Eve
Christmas party
Christmas Day (25th December) champagne
the birth of Christ invite
traditional midnight
church new year’s resolution
carol service