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General English Examination

Elementary level

Speaking part 3

Discussion on a Topic Stimulated by Photos

You are going to be given two different photographs and I’d like you to describe them on your
own. When you have finished I will ask you to answer some questions so that you can
broaden the topic introduced in the pictures.

Topic: Sports

Ide jönnek a képek

General English Examination
Elementary level

Speaking Part 3


Entering a famous football stadium

Candidate sheet

You are a committed supporter of your football team which is playing the greatest derby of
the season in a couple of minutes. You have arrived late to the stadium and realized you didn’t
have any chance to buy any tickets, but you desperately want to see the match. You want to
enter the stadium by bribing the security man.

Examiner sheet

You are the security man standing at the gates of the stadium. A huge crowd is entering the
stadium a few minutes before the beginning of the match. Suddenly somebody shows up and
asks you to let him in:

 Ask him why he doesn’t possess a ticket.

 Tell him this is not possible, because the stadium is overcrowded
 Ask him why it is so important for him watching the match?
 Why didn’t he come earlier?
 Where he would go, in case you let him in
 Refuse the money
 Send him to another gate
General English Examination
Elementary level

Speaking Part 3


In a pub

Candidate sheet

You are in a pub watching a great match of the world championship together with your friend.
You are a supporter of Germany but he likes the other team. Your team is leading but the
match is very exciting. Try to convince your friend about the superiority of you team, that
there are better players in your team, and they will win the match.

Examiner sheet

You are sitting in a pub with your friend watching a football match of Argentina against
Germany. You are a supporter of Argentina, but your team is about to loose. Your friend is
trying to tell you that his team is the favourite and it is better than yours.

 Ask him why he thinks so

 What his reasons for claiming that are
 Do not accept his opinion
 Ask him to tell you previous results, achievements of his team
 Tell him to give reasons why Germany is leading the match
General English Examination
Elementary level

Speaking Part 3


Preparing for a trip

Candidate sheet

You and your friend are planning to go on holiday. You want to go to the Croatian seaside but
he prefers the French Alps. Convince him about your choice, telling him issues of price,
weather, length of travel, accommodation, things you should take with you.

Examiner sheet

You and your friend are planning to go on holiday. He wants to go to the Croatian seaside, but
you would rather go to the French Alps.

 Ask him to give reasons why to go to his destination

 Argue with him over the beauty of the places
 Ask him to tell you the way, and means of transportation you can get there by
 Tell him that the Croatian seaside is always crowded
 You cannot swim
General English Examination
Elementary level

Writing Part 1

Complete the next below by writing a suitable word from the list in each space provided.
There are 15 gaps but 20 words are given. Use each word once only.
There is an example. ( 0 ) for you.

Stimulants and high-quality football

I think up until now soccer players have been under the radar for a couple years.
We have some big names …………. (1) for illegal stimulants. I think if
somebody like Real Ferdinand gets a suspension of 8 months for failing to show
up for a drug test the people in charge of soccer are very serious about making
………… (2) the game doesn’t become a race for people who are ………. (3)
enhancing their performance. There are probably players around the world
experimenting. This is very unfortunate. But that is the general feeling
nowadays, do anything to catch that extra yard of speed …………. (4) thinking
about what it ……….. (5) do to them down the road. Mostly I blame those in
charge of the various leagues for not stamping out the use of these ………….
(6). I am not saying I know anyone using them. But if you are involved in a
league or team, most people think that league are very aware of the situations
that ……………. (7) within certain clubhouses. I really think authorities
…………. (8) to do a much better job in stamping out what looks to be a big
problem. I hope they won’t escape with a clean sheet, but by sending the
message of suspending Ferdinand, they’ve started in the …………… (9)

seen may
need right
sure develop
Without suspended
substances illegally
General English Examination
Elementary level

Reading Part 1

Read the text and answer the questions.

Totti takes the forward like close galactic

The leaders of Real Madrid are very attentive to all the movements that are taking place in the
Rome. The delicate economic situation for which it crosses the Italian club, it can force its
owners to sell its principal soccer assets. And Real Madrid does not lose detail of what
happens with Francesco Totti and in minor measurement with the central Samuel and with the
mid-field player Emerson.
It marks already it advanced last February, seven the interest of Real Madrid to register the
captain of the Rome. The executives of the white club, in a beginning, saw the Italian as the
ideal like close galactic refill in case of trumping the first two options, which always have
been Nistelrooy and Thierry Henry. The hope to be able to register the forward of the
Manchester United continues its live, but the sum of 6 million Euros that he asks as deposit
stops for the present time the possibility of his transfer. In case of the Frenchman of the
Arsenal, his manager Florentino Perez has denied the interest of the player in registering for
the Spanish club and the forward himself has denied too that he wants to go out of the London
Before such a situation, the Italian has turned into the first option. Technical personnel like
Totti’s game very much.
The player’s last declaration has been a big pleasure for the president of Real Madrid for the
player indicated that only it would leave the Rome to dress of white strip of Real Madrid
Football Club. His price might be about the 25 million Euros, attainable quantity for the white
economy, if we have a look at their book-keeping. They’ve recently made serious amounts of
money by the acquisition of Beckham from Manchester and using his fame on commercial
purpose. Besides, players like Flavio and enclosed Morientes might enter the purchase
operation of the Italian.

1) What does the Italian club have to do because of the financial difficulties?
2) Who is the Real Madrid watching?
3) What happened on February, 7?
4) Who did the Spanish club want to bring to the team first?
5) Why couldn’t they transfer the first two players?
6) Which city does Thierry Henry play?
7) Which club(s) does Totti want to leave Rome for?
8) Why was the president of Real Madrid happy?
9) What does Real Madrid think about Totti’s price?
10) What was the club’s last biggest income?
General English Examination
Elementary level

Writing Part 2

Informal letter writing

Write a letter to your friend about the local football match you saw at the weekend in which

 Tell him where and when it took place

 Give a brief introduction of the two most popular players of your favourite team
 Relate about the turns, changes and excitement of the match
 Tell him the result
 Form an opinion about how satisfied you are about your team

Formal letter writing

Write a formal letter to the principal of your child’s Primary School, in which you:

 Express your dissatisfaction about your child’s facilities of doing sports

 Recommend the renovation of the school’s gym and sports ground
 Want a more intensive participation of the pupils of the school in the local sport
 Tell him why these requests are important for you
 Express your hope about solving these situations properly
General English Examination
Elementary level

Reading Part 2

Read the text and answer the questions.

Around the League – by David Aldridge

The Nuggets have some work to do this offseason. They’re letting their coach go lead another
team, and now I hear that a Western Conference team has its sights set on Kiki Vandeweghe
despite he has two more years on his current contract. Stan Kroenke, the president of the club
should step in and make sure both problems are going to be solved. It would be a shame if the
team’s rebuilding plan was sentenced to death so soon after it began.
The management of the team invested a lot in making the supporters happier after the big
disappointment when their favourite team hadn’t qualified into the playoffs of the NBA 2
years ago.
The city itself has given a substantial support for the acquisition of fit-for-action players so it
has been waiting for a time for the results to come.
Unfortunately the performance of the team hasn’t given them real reasons for calmness so far.
The supporters want their team a stable position among the top 10, and they want proof that
they will be able to watch play-off games in their own city.
Stan Kroenke said: “This is not an impossible target to achieve and as regards me, I’ll get
involved personally to have this pressure taken off my shoulders and dissolve the tension of
the changing- room.”


1. What are the 2 main problems of the team?

2. When is Kiki Vandeweghe soonest allowed to leave the team?
3. Who are the biggest financial supporters of the ream?
4. What did the city give money for?
5. What are the expectations of the supporters?
General English Examination
Elementary level

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