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Do you like computer games? Why (not)?

I like computer games because evreybody plays them and they are fun.
In my opinion, computer games are great for mastering your attention and you reactions and you
can have a lot of fun with your friends.
However, they are bad for your health if you play too much and don't go outside.
In conclusion, video games are awesome as long as they are played in moderation.

Computer games are nothing but a waste of time.

Video games are really popular and more and more people are playing them. Some people say that
they are a waste of time and bad for your health. However, I disagree with this point of view and I
will try to prove the opposite.
First of all, you can spend some quality time with your friends. Nowadays you can interact with
your peers more easily while playing video games, you can talk to them and see them in real time.
Contrary to many people's belief, when you are logged in a game you aren't logged out from your
social life, in fact you socialize more than ever.
Second of all, it is thought that video games promote bad things in real life. Yes, you do bad things
in games but that doesn't mean you'll act the same way. For example, if you play FIFA you won't
turn into a soccer star or if you play COD you won't become an elite solider. Gamers are able to
make the distinction between what's real and what's fantasy.
However, they are bad for your health if you play too much. They can put a lot of strain on your
eyes and can make your lifestyle sedentary. More often than not, they can cause back pain and the
wrong position when playing can lead to spine problems.
All in all, video games are great for having fun but only if played in moderation.

Should families with children have pets?

More and more people are adopting pets. Children especially are the ones that really want them.
However some parents believe owning a pet isn't the best idea when having children.
In my opinion, families should have pets as they benefit their children on many levels.
Firstly, pets shoud be like a responsibility for children. They'll have to feed them, to take them out
for a walk, wash them, just like parents did with them.
Secondly, parents are worried that pets might trigger alergies. Nevertheless, studies have shown the
However, it is not advisable to have pets in small houses because they shed fur and they don't feel
In conclusion, pets are great for teaching children how to take responsibility as long as the location
is adequate.

Is money necessary for a good holiday?

Should pupils wear uniforms at school?
Wooden scaffolds
the foundation

11. Date: 15th May

Subject: Funding Self-Study Centre

The purpose of this report is to make a clear assessment of the services provided by the Self-Study
centre, to underline the problems it is now facing and the need for more improvements and funding.

Self-Study Centre
The Self-Study centre is a facility offered by our institution aiming to encourage students to study
on their own or to engage in team-work with their peers

Among the problems we are now facing are the following: internet connection has been cut, three
computers have broken down and the number of books that students need is too low.
Moreover, there are not enough chairs and tables to assist the students' number.
Finally, students have expressed their wish to have a photocopier available.

In order to address this problems we recommend being given sufficient funding to help us improve
the services offered to our students.
The extra money would help us purchase the necessary books and the photocopier, pay the Internet
subscription and buy the needed number of chairs and tables.

Additional funding is mandatory for the well-functioning of the Self-Study Centre.

12. A teacher is a very important figure in a student's life and more often than not a teacher has
the power to impact the life of a child in many ways. This is why it is very important for a
teacher to have certain qualities.

Firstly, an important quality is good teaching. Good teaching is when students are not given
irrelevant details and they learn only what they need in life and for exams in a simple and accessible

Secondly, a good teacher should be open to the needs and problems of the students. For example,
when a student has a personal problem but does not have any friends or anyone in the family to talk
to, they should feel comfortable to share it with their teacher.

Last but not least, a teacher should be patient and kind. When teachers show agressivity or
impatience, they make their students inhibited and more introvert.

All in all, teachers play an important part in their students' development because they offer moral
support and knowledge. That is why they should have a lot of qualities meant to encourage and
inspire students.

13. Internet is the most well-known platform of the 21st century. With the development of the
Internet, there emerged a lot of new ways of learning. In my opinion, students can benefit
from this as long as they know how to use these tools properly.

Firstly, they can learn a lot of new things from videos, audios and webinars. All of these address a
great number of topics and there is nothing which cannot be found online.
Possibility/ Impossibility/ Probability



My mother COULD/ MAY/ MIGHT be home.

= E posibil ca mama sa fie casa.


Marius might be sleeping.
E posibil ca Marius sa doarma.


I may have lost my umbrella.
E posibil sa-mi fi pierdut umbrela.

I might have lost my umbrella

As fi putut sa-mi pierd umbrela, dar n-am pierdut-o



She makes a lot of mistakes. She must be tired.

Ea face multe greseli. Probabil ca e obosita.

It smells good. Cornelusa must be cooking.

Miroase. Bine. Probabil ca Cornelusa gateste.

I can't find my umbrella. I must have forgotten it at work.

Nu-mi gasesc umbrela. Probabil ca am uitat-o la munca.


He can't be at school. I saw him at the pool.

(= e imposibil sa fie la scoala. L-am vazut la piscina)

She can't be reading. She can't see well.

E imposbil ca ea sa citeasca. Nu vede bine.

He can't have been at home. He has been in Tokyo for 4 months.

E imposibil ca el sa fi fost acasa. El este la Tokyo de 4 luni.

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