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It’s not always easy to know whether it’s time to divorce, specifically because, it can be hard to

tell whether the problems in your marriage can be resolved. Or if the issues are too big to

Whether saving your marriage is the priority or divorce is seeming as though it could be
imminent, there are always divorce pros and cons to consider which can be useful in helping you
to make an informed decision about your marriage, or divorce.

Recognising your biases

Before you start to consider the divorce pros and cons, it’s important to recognize any biases you
might have concerning your marriage or possible divorce.

If you are experiencing a tough time in your marriage and are particularly discontent with your
spouse, you might consider divorce to be a positive solution to your marital problems. The state
that you are currently in within your marriage could cause you to focus more on pros of
separation and ignore the cons.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to divorce but are in a position where you have to consider
it, you might turn your biases toward the disadvantages of divorce.

Whatever your inclination and regardless of the state of your marriage, it’s important to consider
both sides of the coin so that you can make informed decisions about your marriage that you
won’t regret in the future.

The Pros of divorce

1. Escape a violent situation

Domestic abuse is one divorce pro that has no cons. Your safety and wellbeing should be a
priority, and you are not safe in a violent situation. Get out and get safe. There is no better choice
than to divorce.
2. Attaining the respect and commitment, you deserve
If you are considering divorce due to cheating or pushy and oppressive behavior from your
spouse (which they won’t acknowledge or change) divorce or separation will help you to regain
your self-respect. It will also open up space for you to find a new and more deserving partner in
3. Freedom to live the life that you want
Marriage is all about working together, not just in day to day life but also in working towards
shared goals, communication and compromise. However, sometimes it can become impossible
(in some marriages) to comfortably attain these commitments to each other without having to
give up something that might be extremely important to you individually. This is one divorce pro
that will open up possibilities for you to live life exactly as you want it without compromise.

4. Experience being alone

Having to make all decisions based on you and your spouse as a couple can create many
limitations, and in some situations diminished opportunities. There are some wonderful
experiences that you can enjoy when you live your life independently. It can be more relaxing,
freeing, and fun.

5. Improve your child’s wellbeing

Divorce, amicable or not will affect your children, but so does arguing, or other experiences
within a rocky marriage that your children will have to live amongst. Even if you think that the
children don’t know what is going on, be assured that they do know.

They may not process what is happening in an adult way, but they know when things are right or
not. Divorce might have a positive impact on your children especially if they no longer have to
experience arguing at home. Although amicable divorces will always be much easier on your
children – so if you are divorcing, for this reason, it’s worth considering working hard to make
your divorce amicable.

6. Improve your relationship with your spouse

When you take away all of the pressure and obligations that occur within your marriage. It will
give you a sense of relief and space to build a better relationship with your spouse. Divorce
doesn’t mean you have to remove your spouse from your life, it can mean turning your
relationship into a friendship.

The cons of divorce

1.The negative impact of divorce on your children

The implication of divorce on children is an example of a divorce pro and con that can create a
challenging situation. On the one hand, your children will be better off without growing in an
unhealthy environment, but on the other, they will experience loss, fear and a sense of instability
during the process.

Make it easier on them by working with your spouse amicably, explaining what is happening and
maintaining a routine, security, and reassurance from both spouses as a matter of priority.
2. Divorce is expensive and financially challenging
Splitting up the marital home and living separately will cost more than it is likely to cost when
you are living together as a couple and a family. Also, your standard of living may be reduced.

If you have children, they need to be accommodated physically, and financially, and you’ll
probably both want to enjoy holidays with the children independently (great for the children but
not so great on the pocket!).

There will also be the cost of divorce settlements, and even in dividing up or replacing the basics
needed for a home. One of the cons of divorce is that it will hit your pocket.

3. Emotional implications of divorce are tough

You didn’t marry for your marriage to end up in divorce. You might be devastated at the thought
of separating from your spouse. The idea of spending time alone, or starting over might be
challenging. Everything that you have worked for so far in your life has broken down, and if you
have children, you’ll be likely to experience worry and guilt about how your divorce has
impacted their lives.

You might have less time for the children than you had before because of the increased financial
strain that divorce brings.

Final thought
Divorce, whether welcomed or not, is heartbreaking. The emotional implications will remain
with you for a long time, and while they will dissolve in the future, it can be very challenging in
the short to medium term. The challenges that this divorce con will bring can be tough, but they
will resolve over time.

While divorce pros and cons are all relevant, it’s important not to avoid a necessary divorce that
because of the disadvantages and vice versa. Taking time to assess divorce pros and cons can
help you gain perspective and realize the road that you might be on if you divorce, they can also
help you to take the time and effort to really consider whether divorce is the right move for you
or not.