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FALL 2019

A celebration of a 7,000-year-old
building tradition written by a
renowned contemporary craftsman

••Highlights the unique elegance of timber-frame

structures, which exhibit the natural beauty of
wood combined with refined architectural design

••An inspiring appreciation of timber-frame construction

throughout history from the perspective of a master
who has played a pivotal role in the revival of the craft

••Stunning photography makes this book appealing

for everyone from fans of timber framing and
woodworking to those interested in home design
and traditional arts

240 pages; 9 x 11½
Hardcover with jacket;
$35.00 US / $53.00 CAD / £27.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-000-9; No. 626000

Hand Hewn
Jack A. Sobon
Hand Hewn is a gorgeous celebration of the traditions and artistry of timber-frame
building, a 7,000-year-old craft that holds an enduring attraction for its simple
elegance, resilience, and the warmth of the wood.
Internationally renowned timber-frame architect and craftsman Jack A. Sobon
offers a fascinating look at how the natural, organic forms of trees become the
framework for a home, with profiles of the classic tools he uses to hand hew and
shape each timber and explanations of the clever engineering of the wooden
joinery connecting the timbers, without a single nail.
Inspiring photos of Sobon’s original interior home designs, as well as historical
examples of long-lived structures in Europe and North America, make this a compelling
tribute to the lasting value of artisanal craftsmanship and a thoughtful, deliberate
approach to designing buildings.

Jack A. Sobon is an architect and builder specializing in timber-frame structures.

A founding director of the Timber Framer’s Guild of North America, Sobon has
Learn to Timber Frame devoted his 38-year career to understanding the craft. He is the author of
ISBN 978-61212-668-5; No. 622668 Build a Classic Timber-Framed House and coauthor of Timber Frame Construction.
See page 114
FALL 2019

An art-filled exploration of animal

symbolism, with oracle cards,
rituals, and guided reflections

••Author Maia Toll’s follow-up to the best-selling

The Illustrated Herbiary, with 43,000 copies in print

••Winning format featuring a metallic cover

and lush art by illustrator Kate O’Hara with
tarot-style oracle cards for furthering meditation

••Profiles reveal the personalities and symbolic

meanings of 36 mammals, insects, birds, and
fish, and deepen the power of animals to guide
and enchant

176 pages; 6 x 8
Hardcover with 9 cardstock sheets in a bound-in
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £15.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-212-6; No. 626212

The Illustrated Bestiary

Maia Toll
People across cultures and through the centuries have felt a spiritual, symbolic
connection to animals. In The Illustrated Bestiary, author and spiritual wellness guide
Maia Toll turns the insight and wisdom that birthed The Illustrated Herbiary — her
best-selling volume on the mystical power of plants — to the animal kingdom.
Through profiles highlighting 36 animals’ most meaningful traits, Toll explores how
those qualities can illuminate our habits, guide our intentions, and inform our actions.
Spring Peeper’s ability to reemerge from frozen hibernation can inspire us to reinvent
ourselves. Katydid’s five eyes can lend clarity of vision when we need to see the bigger
picture. Rituals and reflections guide readers in cultivating each animal’s energy, while
5-copy counter display 36 oracle cards featuring art by Kate O’Hara further shape readers’ meditations.
$99.75 US / $149.75 CAD
ISBN 978-1-63586-254-6; From the humble House Mouse to the magnificent Elephant, this beautifully illustrated
No. 626254 guide to animal spirits provides new ways of connecting with the creatures that walk,
crawl, slither, swim, and fly.

Maia Toll is the author of the bestseller The Illustrated Herbiary. She helps women
BACKLIST HIGHLIGHT cultivate personal spirituality through her online programs, The Medicine Keepers
The Illustrated Herbiary Collective and Witch Camp. She is the founder and owner of Herbiary, a natural
ISBN 978-1-61212-968-6; No. 622968 products store with locations in Asheville, North Carolina, and Philadelphia,
See page 45 Pennsylvania.
FALL 2019

A special box set featuring the book,

a deluxe oracle card deck, and a
carrying pouch

Align Your Inner Compass

Common Raven
168 pages; 6 x 8
Hardcover with deluxe card set and carrying pouch;
Corvus corax
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £22.99 UK
Deep in Raven’s heart is an ancient secret, a memory as ISBN 978-1-63586-246-1; No. 626246
tattered as his feathers are after harrying hawks. Few alive
remember that Raven used to be as white as freshly fallen
snow. Having himself been through the subtle shifting of
transformation and rebirth, Raven knows that the world is
often not quite what it seems. In the blink of an eye, light
becomes shadow and shadow shifts to light. And so Raven is
not one for rules or morality. Raven knows that sometimes
the only way to course-correct is to step
out of the boxes culture creates and
align instead with your inner compass.
What’s the highest good? asks this winged with
the C
trickster, and what are you willing to sacrifice ycles
to bring it into the light?

27 Appr
the P

Appreciate the Pro
Sync with the Cycles The Illustrated Herbiary
Collectible Box Set
Maia Toll
This collectible box set combines Maia Toll’s
Grow R
best-selling book, The Illustrated Herbiary, with a
Truth freestanding deck of 36 large gilt-edged oracle
C OW along with a velvet carrying pouch so
Navig readersB Ucan L L always have plant wisdom on hand.
ate L
Forife wdevotees
ith D of tarot, witchcraft, mysticism,
i n
botanicals, andonbeautiful art, this special edition
a t i
ecomi makes a truly distinctive gift.
Next B CO W & BU LL
e into
Navigate Life with D
Grow Your Truth



PEE Includes the full-size book, plus 36 gilt-edged
ast deluxe-size oracle cards (3⅝ x 4¾ with
st Y our P
Dige SA LM ON rounded corners) and velvet carrying pouch
FALL 2019

Fifty beautiful hand-lettered

gratitude quotations with
a stand-up frame for display



••Fresh, innovative format includes pull-out cardstock

pages and a sturdy frame for displaying the desired Includes 50 pull-out cardstock pages to choose from
quote on a desk, table, or nightstand

••Builds on the track of the best-selling Everyday

Gratitude (50,000 copies in print)

••Features 10 new inspirational quotes curated by

A Network for Grateful Living, along with 40
favorites from Everyday Gratitude

100 pages; 7½ x 7
Paper with stand-up cardstock easel;
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £11.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-242-3; No. 626242


Everyday Gratitude Frame-Ups

A Network for Grateful Living
( BACK )
From the creators of and the best-selling book Everyday Gratitude
comes a unique new format — Everyday Gratitude Frame-Ups — that offers a special
( F RO N T ) way to display and cherish a curated collection of 50 inspiring quotes.
The stand-up cardstock easel frame is included and makes it The cleverly designed package includes a decorative stand-up frame that detaches
easy to display and swap the quote cards to suit the mood
from the inside front cover. Each quote, hand-lettered on a colorful background,
and the moment.
appears on its own pull-out card that can be swapped for others in the collection
as often as desired. The contents include 40 favorite quotes from Everyday Gratitude,
plus 10 new ones.
With an appealing home dec look and a beautiful gift package, Everyday Gratitude
BACKLIST HIGHLIGHT Frame-Ups is perfect for desktop, bedside table, kitchen counter, or wherever a little
Everyday Gratitude reminder to appreciate every moment is welcome.
ISBN 978-1-63586-046-7; No. 626046
See page 46 A Network for Grateful Living is the global organization behind the best-selling book Everyday Gratitude.
They offer online and community-based educational programs and practices that inspire and guide a
commitment to grateful living and catalyze the transformative power of personal and societal responsibility.
They can be found online at
FALL 2019

Life-changing wisdom from a cherished


I am willing to let go of
Buddhist teacher, with original
illustrations by 39 international artists
any thoughts of negativity.

••Keen insights from the life and spiritual practice

of beloved Buddhist teacher Ani Trime culminate
Illustration by Federica Bordoni
in this enlightening collection of guiding principles
for cultivating peace and positivity in daily life

••Suffused with humor and the no-nonsense,

27 down-to-earth approach to spirituality she was
I release the desire for control;
I accept things as they are.
known for, Ani Trime’s teachings are accessible to all

••Thirty-nine notable artists contribute illustrations

evoked by each affirmation in this visually engaging
and highly browsable gift package

Illustration by Andrea Mongia

136 pages; 3⅝ x 4¾
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £9.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-184-6; No. 626184

Ani Trime’s Little Book of Affirmations

“Every thought I think is creating my future.” So begin the 52 affirmations of Ani
Trime, a beloved teacher in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition who began her own life
as a gruff, plainspoken West Virginian. Noted for her humor and no-nonsense
approach to spiritual practice, Trime offers wise uplifting affirmations that will
resonate with everyone. 5-copy counter display
$64.75 US / $99.75 CAD
Collected in an appealing, pocket-size volume, Ani Trime’s Little Book of Affirmations ISBN 978-1-63586-255-3;
features original illustrations created by 39 well-known contemporary No. 626255

commercial artists.

Ani Trime was a beloved American meditation teacher in the Tibetan Buddhist BACKLIST HIGHLIGHT
tradition. The spiritual director of the Princeton Buddhist Meditation Group for Joy in Every Moment
more than two decades, she also practiced, taught, and led retreats throughout
ISBN 978-1-61212-511-4; No. 622511
the U.S. and Canada. She died in 2016 at the age of 88.
See page 46
FALL 2019

A complete, creative guide

to turning a school bus into
a tiny house

••How-to conversion instructions including original

photography showing every step of the process,
from seat removal to the installation of flooring
and furnishings

••A cost-effective and practical way to achieve

the tiny-house dream, and safer to drive than
a traditional RV

••Allows for the freedom to travel and explore, with all

the pleasures of a customized, downsized living space

208 pages; 10⅞ x 8
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-072-6; No. 626072

Will Sutherland
School buses that have been converted into mobile living spaces — known as
skoolies — are a natural extension of the tiny house craze. Buses are not only easier
and safer to drive than an RV, they provide a jump-start on the conversion process
with frame, roof, and floor already in place.
Experienced builder Will Sutherland, whose creative school bus conversions have
been featured in Road and Track and Popular Mechanics, is behind the wheel of
this alluring look at life on the road. In addition to profiles of eight fellow skoolie
fans and stunning photos of bus interiors designed for simple living, Skoolie! does
what no other book on the subject has — it offers a complete, step-by-step guide
to the conversion process, from seat removal to planning layout and installing
insulation, flooring, and furnishings that meet your needs.

BACKLIST HIGHLIGHT Will Sutherland is a school bus converter whose skoolies have been featured in
Micro Living Road and Track and Popular Mechanics. He documents his adventures through
ISBN 978-1-61212-876-4; No. 622876 his popular Willbillys Facebook page and Instagram accounts, and he lives and
works in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.
See page 112
Finding Adventure and Comfort in the Back of a Bus!
Skoolie! is the complete guidebook for creating an affordable, comfortable tiny home on wheels. With step-by-step photos and a contagious
enthusiasm, author Will Sutherland shows how to fully convert and outfit a bus and embrace the skoolie life.
FALL 2019

Recipes for making delicious

slow cooker meals with a
contemporary twist

••Powerhouse author of Build-a-Bowl (12,000 copies

in print) and well-known food blogger delivers an
updated approach to cooking with a popular appliance

••Inventive recipes with an emphasis on fresh ingredients

include sides, salads, and toppings to make slow
cooker dishes into well-rounded meals

••Features bold flavor combinations and globally inspired

dishes, from Fajita Stuffed Sweet Potatoes and
Guacamole to Chicken Tikka Masala and Garlic Naan,
that enliven and expand the slow cooker possibilities

208 pages; 8 x 9
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-123-5; No. 626123

Fresh Flavors
for the Slow Cooker
Nicki Sizemore
Countless home cooks remain loyal users of their slow cookers for preparing satisfying,
low-maintenance meals. But the tried-and-true slow cooker recipe repertoire is
about to change, with author Nicki Sizemore’s fresh spin on slow-cooked meals.
Fresh Flavors for the Slow Cooker is filled with slow-simmered main dishes, plus 35
recipes for sauces and sides, that replace canned ingredients with fresh vegetables,
boost flavor with aromatic herbs and spices, and feature a tantalizing array of global
tastes in dishes that span the menu. Overnight Pumpkin-Brown Rice Pudding with
crunchy pecans is a wholesome, hands-off breakfast treat, Thai Curried Chicken
with Rice Noodles gets a spicy kick from curry broth, and Shredded Mole Beef Tacos
are accented with the sweet heat of Quick Pickled Jalapeños.
For a simple weeknight lasagna, layer uncooked noodles with Whether you’re feeding a family or entertaining a crowd, each recipe highlights prep
fresh mozzarella, creamy herb-flecked ricotta, and greens
right in the slow cooker.
work that can be knocked out days in advance, making serving meals worthy of
every occasion easy and delicious.

BACKLIST HIGHLIGHT Nicki Sizemore is the author of Build-a-Bowl and the creator of
She develops recipes for Fine Cooking, Parents, and All Recipes Magazine. Sizemore
has a Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts from the International Culinary Center and
ISBN 978-1-61212-990-7; No. 622990
lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband and two daughters.
See page 50
FALL 2019

Contemporary herbalists share fire

cider recipes in a celebration of this
immune-supportive tonic

••When infused with immune-boosting herbs, apple

cider vinegar — long touted as an effective health
tonic for treating everything from muscle cramps
to heartburn — becomes a powerful home remedy
known as fire cider

••A collection of fire cider recipes contributed by

contemporary herbalists and curated by best-selling
author Rosemary Gladstar that reflects the tonic’s
infinitely adaptable ingredients and versatile uses

••As the traditional remedy garners new attention

over efforts to trademark the fire cider name, this
book emerges as a testament to the tonic’s long-
established and enduring place in folk medicine

176 pages; 7 x 9
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-180-8; No. 626180

Fire Cider!
Rosemary Gladstar
For more than 30 years, best-selling author and popular herbalist Rosemary Gladstar
has been touting the health benefits of fire cider — a spicy blend of apple cider
vinegar, onion, ginger, horseradish, garlic, and other immune-boosting herbs. Her
original recipe, inspired by traditional cider vinegar remedies, has given rise to
dozens of fire cider formulations created by fans of the tonic who use it to address
everyday ills, from colds and flu to leg cramps and hangovers.
Fire Cider! is a lively collection of 101 recipes contributed by more than 70 herbal
enthusiasts, with energizing versions ranging from Black Currant Fire Cider to Triple
Goddess Vinegar, Fire Cider Dark Moonshine, and Bloody Mary Fire Cider. Colorful
asides, including tribute songs and amusing anecdotes, capture Gladstar’s
passionate desire to pass along the fire cider tradition. Fire cider combines ginger, horseradish, garlic, onions,
cayenne, and honey with apple cider vinegar for a potent
home remedy.

Rosemary Gladstar is the best-selling author of Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs:

A Beginner’s Guide and Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health. A
world-renowned educator, activist, and entrepreneur, she is the founding director Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs:
A Beginner's Guide
of Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center, the International Herb Symposium, and
the New England Women’s Herbal Conference. ISBN 978-1-61212-005-8; No. 622005
See page 44
FALL 2019

A vibrant, flavorful recipe

collection inspired by a noted
chef’s unique food history

••James Beard-nominated chef and restaurateur

Unmi Abkin shares recipes infused with the distinctive
flavors of her Korean-Mexican-American heritage

••Restaurant-quality dishes emphasize bold and

balanced flavors and use techniques practical for
the home kitchen

••Stunning photography captures the freshness of

ingredients, richness of spices, and marries the
simplicity and satisfaction of home cooking with
elegance and style of the restaurant atmosphere

176 pages; 8 x 8
$22.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £17.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-158-7; No. 626158

Curry & Kimchi

Unmi Abkin & Roger Taylor
In their western Massachusetts-based restaurant Coco and The Cellar Bar, chefs
Unmi Abkin and Roger Taylor create well-balanced, boldly flavored signature dishes
shaped by Abkin’s Korean and Mexican-American upbringing. In Curry & Kimchi,
they open their kitchen secrets up to the home cook, sharing their foundational
dressings, salsas, broths, and infused oils and the dishes that feature them, through
recipes that are delightfully simple to execute and beautifully complex in flavor.
Honey Miso Dressing lends full-bodied taste to Honey Miso Noodle Salad, while
Shoyu Ramen Broth (made in an Instant Pot) is the key ingredient in Coco Shoyu
Ramen. Other favorites include a Korean-inspired take on Bolognese sauce for
Korean Spaghetti and Korean Sloppy Joes, Chow Fun Sauce (for Coriander Shrimp
Chow Fun), Scallion Ginger Jam (for Clay Pot Miso Chicken), and Ponzu Sauce (for
Miso-Glazed Cod Rice Bowl).

Plating photos provide visual guidance for stunning meal Together with vivid restaurant photography that shows elegant plating suggestions,
presentation at home. Abkin and Taylor’s recipes will inspire readers to prepare home-cooked meals with
remarkable clarity of flavor.

BACKLIST HIGHLIGHT Unmi Abkin and Roger Taylor are the co-owners and chefs of the popular restaurant
Miso, Tempeh, Natto & Coco and The Cellar Bar in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Abkin is a four-time
Other Tasty Ferments semifinalist for the James Beard Award for Best Chef in the Northeast.
ISBN 978-1-61212-988-4; No. 622988
See page 26

Jalapeño Lime Dressing Pickled Japanese Turnips Togarashi Dressing

Shiitake Mushroom and Tofu Phad Thai

FALL 2019

A kid-friendly cookbook that

introduces young chefs to foods
from around the world

••Expansion of the best-selling series of kids’

cookbooks that includes Cooking Class and
Baking Class, with a combined total of 362,000
copies in print

••Cooking is an irresistible way to celebrate diversity,

inviting kids to prepare and taste flavors and dishes
that make up the unique heritage found in home
kitchens everywhere

••An excellent resource for educators and families

teaching children about global culinary and cultural

144 pages; 9 x 9½
Paper w/concealed wire-o and bound-in cards and
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAN / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-126-6; No. 626126

Library edition; $28.95 US / $42.95 CAD / £22.99 UK

ISBN 978-1-63586-230-0; No. 626230

Cooking Class Global Feast!

Deanna F. Cook
Food is a fun way to celebrate diversity, and in her new kids’ cookbook, best-selling
author Deanna F. Cook leads young chefs on a tasty tour of global cultures and
cuisines. Kids gain practical kitchen skills through preparing breakfasts, drinks,
Best-selling snacks, dinners, and desserts from around the world.
kids cookbook Alongside recipes for foods such as Irish soda bread, ANZAC biscuits, ramen noodle
series soup, and mango lassi, step-by-step photography and profiles feature children
from a wide range of backgrounds honoring their heritage and preparing dishes
that reflect their unique food traditions. A pop-out food passport, world language
flash cards, and flag stickers provide additional fun on their global food journey,
while infographics encourage taste-test explorations of fruits, drinks, breads,
Cooking Class vegetables, and ice creams from around the world.
ISBN 978-1-61212-400-1; No. 622400
See page 58
Kids will be inspired to expand their palates as they cook, discovering new flavors
while developing pride and appreciation for the foods they’ve grown up with.

Deanna F. Cook is the author of several award-winning kids’ books, including the
Baking Class best-selling Cooking Class and Baking Class. She has been the creative development
ISBN 978-1-61212-855-9; No. 622855 director at FamilyFun and an editor at Scholastic, Disney, and She
lives in western Massachusetts and can be found online at
See page 58
go Lassi
Bannock M
Bread Nepal

diverse flavors for today's kids!

Ba ndw
nh i ch

M i es

Rice Pud

FALL 2019

A compendium of fun projects

to spark the imagination, curated
by kid-savvy art educators

••The appeal of hands-on, screen-free creative time

is important for kids and their parents, with spending
on children’s arts and crafts supplies reaching $7.1
billion annually

••Arts and crafts projects engage children’s inner

artist, providing an accessible avenue for nurturing
the imagination, building confidence, and teaching
skills from problem-solving to communication

••Selected by educators with decades of experience,

each project is thoroughly kid-tested and approved,
and can be made without a big investment in time
or costly materials

176 pages; 8 x 10
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAN / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-118-1; No. 626118

Hardcover; $26.95 US / $39.95 CAD / £20.99 UK

ISBN 978-1-63586-211-9; No. 626211

Art Sparks
Marion Abrams & Hilary Emerson Lay
Kids love arts and crafts and every kid can be an artist with this book as their guide.
Working with basic art supplies — from paint, markers, paper, and glue to
household finds like cardboard boxes and fabric scraps — children learn that as
long as they can imagine it, they can create it!
This rich collection of 53 inspiring art projects for kids aged 6 and up is curated by
two art educators with decades of experience, and offers up a ton of freeform fun.
From Doodlemonsters and Painted Animal Rocks to Paper Bead Jewelry and
Nature Weaving, projects vary in difficulty to engage a wide range of ages and
abilities, and many can be made in under an hour. Every project featured in the
From papier-mâché critters to felt monster stuffies, these
engaging projects use readily available materials and are book has been kid-made (and kid-approved!), and photos of the finished pieces
guaranteed to kindle every kid’s creative fire. serve as inspiration for kids everywhere to use art to express their imagination,
humor, creativity, and individuality.

BACKLIST HIGHLIGHT Marion Abrams began her career as a school art teacher and, in 1989, founded
Journal Sparks the Summer Art Barn in Hatfield, Massachusetts, to teach the joys of arts and crafts
ISBN 978-1-61212-652-4; No. 622652 to children. Hilary Emerson Lay is a working artist and former bookstore manager
who joined Abrams in codirecting the Summer Art Barn in 2013.
See page 67
FALL 2019

Creepy, Crawly Tattoo Bugs

Artemis Roehrig & Jillian Ditner
Kids who are crazy for bugs will love sporting insect tattoos! Creepy,
Crawly Tattoo Bugs features 60 frighteningly realistic temporary
tattoos, from the Cobalt Blue Tarantula to the Deathstalker
Scorpion, Flesh Fly, Hickory Horned Devil, and the Two-Spotted
Assassin Bug, along with cool facts about each one. Easy to apply
with a damp cloth, these tattoos promise lots of frightening fun
— and learning — for bug lovers!

JULY 2019
14 pages; 5⅞ x 10
Notebook binding
with backing board;
$7.95 US / $11.95 CAD / £6.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-196-9; No. 626196

10-copy counter display

$79.50 US / $119.50 CAD
ISBN 978-1-63586-256-0; No. 626256

Fluttery, Friendly Tattoo

Butterflies and Other Insects
Artemis Roehrig & Jillian Ditner
Kids will love adorning themselves with the stunning specimens
in Fluttery, Friendly Tattoo Butterflies and Other Insects. Eighty-one
illustrated temporary tattoos introduce creatures with amazing
colors and realistic features, from the brilliant blue Cypris Morpho
Butterfly to the Garden Tiger Moth, the Jewel Beetle, and the Peacock
Pansy Butterfly. Accompanied by fascinating facts about each
insect, the tattoos come in sheets and are ready to be applied
with a damp cloth, offering bright, bold body art.

JULY 2019
14 pages; 5⅞ x 10
Notebook binding
with backing board;
$7.95 US / $11.95 CAD / £6.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-202-7; No. 626202

10-copy counter display

$79.50 US / $119.50 CAD
ISBN 978-1-63586-257-7; No. 626257
FALL 2019

A hands-on kids’ guide to

creating a backyard sanctuary
for local wildlife

••Empowers kids to become engaged citizen

scientists by teaching hands-on ways to
create and conserve wildlife habitat
••Includes projects and activities for providing
wildlife with food, water, nesting space,
and shelter, as well as prompts for
observation and tracking
••Contains field guides for identifying birds,
mammals, insects, and more, with information
on range, diet, and behaviors

MARCH 2020
176 pages; 8 x 10
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAN / £15.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-106-8; No. 626106

Hardcover; $28.95 US / $42.95 CAD / £22.99 UK

ISBN 978-1-63586-107-5; No. 626107

Wildlife Ranger Action Guide

Mary Kay Carson
As concern for the welfare of species like honey bees and monarch butterflies
grows alongside awareness of the impact of climate change, inspiring the next
generation of citizen scientists is more important than ever. With Wildlife Ranger
Action Guide, kids can make the world better for the animals and insects they love,
starting right in their own backyards.
Dozens of hands-on activities and habitat creation projects, such as making a
frog pond from a kiddie pool, planting a pollinator garden for bees, painting a bat
house, and building a lodge for lizards, encourage children to learn about and take
an active role in protecting local wildlife. Lively photographic field guides covering
With projects for attracting, observing, and creating habitat 78 North American wildlife species teach kids about the habits and habitats of
for a variety of local wildlife, kids experience first-hand the
each and include tips for providing the plants and food needed for their survival.
excitement of taking action to protect the natural world.

BACKLIST HIGHLIGHT Mary Kay Carson has written more than 50 books for young people about wildlife,
The Nature Connection space, weather, nature, and history, including six titles in the acclaimed Science
ISBN 978-1-60342-531-5; No. 62531 in the Field series. She has served as associate editor of Scholastic Super Science
magazine and developed student and teacher guides for Audubon Adventures.
See page 69
FALL 2019

The home grower’s guide

to restoring soil health for
a more bountiful garden

••Provides important organic guidelines from

a certified permaculture designer

••Features advice accessible to beginner

and intermediate gardeners, written in an
engaging voice

••Healthy soil’s benefits in the garden and for the

environment is a topic of broad and current interest

192 pages; 6 x 9
Illustrations throughout
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-207-2; No. 626207

Grow Your Soil!

Diane Miessler
Growing awareness of the importance of soil health means that microbes are on
the minds of even the most casual gardeners. After all, anyone who has ever
attempted to plant a thriving patch of flowers or vegetables knows that what
you grow is only as good as the soil you grow it in.
It is possible to create and maintain rich, dark, crumbly soil that’s teeming with life,
using very few inputs and a no-till, no-fertilizer approach. Certified permaculture
designer and lifelong gardener Diane Miessler presents the science of soil health
in an engaging, entertaining voice geared for the backyard grower. She shares the
techniques she has used — including cover crops, constant mulching, and a
simple-but-supercharged recipe for compost tea — to transform her own
landscape from a roadside dump for broken asphalt to a garden that stops traffic,
starting from the ground up.

Diane Miessler is a certified permaculture designer, a soil science enthusiast, BACKLIST HIGHLIGHT
and a gardener with more than 50 years’ experience. She writes a monthly Let It Rot!
column in The Union, a newspaper that serves Nevada County, California. ISBN 978-1-58017-023-9; No. 67023
See page 37
FALL 2019



A thought-provoking examination

of quilting’s continued relevance

and power in the modern age

••Awe-inspiring collection of contemporary

works conveys the wide range of creativity
and motivations to quilt
••Voices from every corner of the modern
quilting world go beyond a shared love of
craft to explore how a traditional craft
endures as a medium for expression and
••Stunning photographic gallery of creators’
work and beautiful packaging make this a
treasured gift for quilters, quilt collectors,
and appreciators of craft and design

224 pages; 8 x 8
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £22.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-033-7; No. 626033

Why We Quilt
Thomas Knauer
In this tribute to today’s vibrant quilting community, prize-winning quilter and
teacher Thomas Knauer showcases a stunning collection of quilts from a wide range
of contemporary makers, accompanied by their testimonials about what inspires
and imbues their craft with meaning.
From temperance quilts to the AIDS quilt, there’s a rich history of individuals and
communities using fabric and thread to connect with others and express themselves,
both personally and politically. Why We Quilt blends bits of this history with the
stories and work of today’s leading quilters, highlighting themes of tradition, community,
Earamichia “Encyclopedia” Brown’s fabric depiction of a black consumerism, change, and creativity. With a unique die-cut cover and a richly layered
woman’s hair as a bounty of blooms is a striking example of the
ways that quilts are much more than just fabric and thread. design, this book will enthrall designers, quilters, and all types of handcraft enthusiasts.

BACKLIST HIGHLIGHT Thomas Knauer is the author of The Quilt Design Coloring Workbook. A popular
and inspiring teacher, he began his career teaching design at Drake University
Quilting with a Modern Slant
before turning to quilting. He has designed fabrics for several leading manufacturers
ISBN 978-1-61212-063-8; No. 622063
and his prize-winning quilts have been exhibited across the country.
See page 82
FALL 2019

Weaving with innovative methods

and materials expands the
possibilities of this popular craft

••Holds cross-over appeal for craft and home dec

audiences, with handwoven décor often featured on
design sites, as well as in stores, from Anthropologie
to Urban Outfitters

••Weaving has become the star of the fiber crafts

category, as seen from the sales of Storey’s Inventive
Weaving on a Little Loom (39,000 copies in print)

••Showcases a range of creative techniques and

materials, with projects that are simple enough
for beginners and imaginative methods that will
engage experienced weavers

320 pages; 8 x 10
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £22.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-028-3; No. 626028

The Weaving Explorer

Deborah Jarchow & Gwen W. Steege
Weaving is a highly accessible craft — over, under is the basic technique — but the
stumbling block for many would-be weavers has been the high cost of a commercial
loom. The Weaving Explorer removes that barrier, inviting crafters and artists to try
out an amazing range of techniques and creative projects that are achievable with
a simple homemade loom, or no loom at all!
Weavers Deborah Jarchow and Gwen W. Steege take inspiration from the world
of folk weaving traditions, adding a contemporary spin by introducing an
unexpected range of materials and home dec projects. From sturdy rag fabric
grocery bags to freeform wire baskets, delicately woven thread bracelets to colorful Weavers of all stripes and levels of experience will find projects
woven rugs, crafters will delight in exploring the opportunities to make their that stretch the boundaries of a beloved traditional craft.
own personal variations on these beautiful — and functional — creations.

Deborah Jarchow is a full-time weaver and artist who teaches and

lectures on fiber arts and exhibits her work at galleries and museums BACKLIST HIGHLIGHT
nationwide. Gwen W. Steege was the long-time fiber crafts book editor Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom
for Storey Publishing. She has been weaving for nearly 35 years and ISBN 978-1-60342-972-6; No. 62972
exhibits her work in western Massachusetts, where she lives. See page 81
FALL 2019

A roadmap for operating a

successful farm business for
aspiring and beginner farmers

••Based on the successful training workshops

developed and taught for over a decade by the Small
Farms Program at Oregon State University

••Teaches the basic principles of starting, growing,

and maintaining a farm or ranch with a holistic
approach that considers the relationships among all
components of the farm system

••Includes in-depth profiles of nine farms to provide

real-life examples of management practices in use

312 pages; 8 x 10
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAN / £18.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-074-0; No. 626074

Hardcover; $34.95 US / $52.95 CAD / £27.99 UK

ISBN 978-1-63586-076-4; No. 626076

Whole Farm Management

Edited by Garry Stephenson
Farming is a business, as well as a way of life. Whole Farm Management is a
comprehensive guide developed by the Small Farms Program at Oregon State
University to help aspiring and beginner farmers make smart, strategic business
decisions to ensure lasting success.

In clear, accessible language, readers are led through every essential step, from
developing a strategic plan to acquiring equipment, establishing infrastructure,
finding markets, budgeting, managing day-to-day operations, and selecting a
business structure for long-term viability. The emphasis throughout is on using
sustainable agricultural systems and managing the whole farm, whether raising
grass-based livestock, perennial food crops, or annual crops such as flowers. Case
studies of successful farms, along with guidance and solutions to common
problems from long-time farmers, round out this essential handbook.

Garry Stephenson, PhD, is the director of the Center for Small Farms & Community
BACKLIST HIGHLIGHT Food Systems, an alternative agriculture program at Oregon State University that
Compact Farms focuses on small-scale organic/sustainable agriculture. The editor of Oregon
ISBN 978-1-61212-594-7; No. 622594 Small Farm News, he has 30 years’ experience working in extension education
See page 107 and research with farmers.
FALL 2019

A chicken-keeper’s guide
to identifying predators for
better poultry protection

••Written by expert author Gail Damerow, one of

the most trusted authorities on chickens in the U.S.

••A friendly, detective manual format teaches

readers to assess clues left behind for accurate
predator identification, allowing for more effective
deterrence of future attacks

••Predators are a perennial problem for chicken

keepers, who often aren’t aware of the specific
threats to their flock until after an attack

272 pages; 7 x 9¼
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £15.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-909-9; No. 622909

What’s Killing My Chickens?

Gail Damerow
For backyard chicken keepers and large-scale farmers alike, the single greatest
challenge is protecting poultry from predators. What’s Killing My Chickens? is the
essential guide to identifying the culprit and ensuring safety for the flock.
Often, by the time an attack is discovered, the predator has already left the scene.
Best-selling author and chicken expert Gail Damerow uses the style of a detective
manual to teach readers how to follow clues such as tracks, trails, scat, and other
signs to identify the attacker. Predator profiles describe key habits of each one and
best techniques for blocking their access to the coop and yard, including removing
attractants, using poultry guardians and lighting, and installing the most effective
type of fencing. This empowering book offers essential knowledge, and peace of
mind, for every chicken keeper.

Gail Damerow has written extensively on raising chickens and other livestock in BACKLIST HIGHLIGHT
several books including Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens, The Chicken Encyclopedia, Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens
The Chicken Health Handbook, and Hatching & Brooding Your Own Chicks. She lives ISBN 978-1-61212-930-3; No. 622930
and operates a small family farm with her husband in Tennessee.
See page 97


and educational.
A great read for
bee lovers and
new-bees alike!”
— Melissa Hayes,

Nature Anatomy Notebook QueenSpotting Sweet Remedies

Julia Rothman Hilary Kearney Dawn Combs
A book for recording daily nature observations A compelling introduction to the queen bee Recipes for delicious remedies that combine
with calendar pages and drawing lessons from with 48 fold-out photographic challenges the healing powers of honey and herbs
illustrator Julia Rothman Beekeeper and swarm catcher Hilary Kearney brings The synergy between raw honey and medicinal
With this illustrated companion notebook to Julia the marvels and mysteries of honey bees to life, herbs amplifies the healing properties of both,
Rothman’s best-selling Nature Anatomy, nature exploring happenings within the hive and creating making this distinctive collection of recipes for
lovers and art enthusiasts will learn to sketch an evocative portrait of the queen at the center of herbal honeys a must-have for the home apo-
observations following Rothman’s step-by-step it all. Forty-eight photographic challenges invite thecary. Formulations for honey spreads (called
“how to draw” lessons. Calendar pages for a year readers to spot the queen among hundreds of bees, electuaries), simple honey infusions, and oxymels
of tracking daily sightings alongside sketchbook and accounts of Kearney’s adventures rescuing address common ailments, from heart health to
pages allow nature appreciators of all ages to create wandering swarms will educate and captivate. colds and allergies, and support overall wellness
a unique visual volume of flora and fauna. Hardcover; 128 pages plus 48 fold-out photo puzzles; 7 x 8; for people of all ages.
Paper with exposed stitched spine and removable belly band; Photographs and illustrations throughout Paper; 224 pages; 6½ x 8½; Photographs throughout
176 pages; 6½ x 9; Illustrations throughout $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK ISBN 978-1-63586-037-5; No. 626037 ISBN 978-1-61212-992-1; No. 622992
ISBN 978-1-63586-178-5; No. 626178

5-copy counter display; $94.75 US / $144.75 CAD

ISBN 978-1-63586-201-0; No. 626201
“This beautifully
illustrated book gives
meaningful ways
that each of us can
make our world a
happier place and
prove that KIND-
— Jill McManigal,
cofounder and executive
director of Kids for Peace,
home to The Great
Kindness Challenge
Put On Your Owl Eyes Be Kind Make Music!
Devin Franklin Naomi Shulman Norma Jean Haynes, Ann Sayre
Mapping, tracking, and journaling activities An illustrated idea book for kids that offers daily Wiseman & John Langstaff
that teach kids to notice nature in a whole acts of kindness and compassion A joyful introduction to unlocking the magic
new way From saying good morning to a neighbor to sharing of music for kids — no experience required
In this highly interactive nature education guide, a pencil with a friend, or even complimenting a Music is inside everyone, and making it doesn’t
kids aged 8 to 13 discover how much they can cat on his nice tail, children aged 5 and up will be require lessons or special talents. This playful guide
learn about a place when they stop, look, and listen. inspired by this joyfully illustrated book of 100 encourages kids aged 5 and up to tap out their
Beginning with finding a “Sit Spot” — an outdoor simple, actionable things they can do to bring more own rhythms, compose, perform, and record their
space they can visit regularly — and progressing thoughtfulness and consideration for others own melodies, and even craft their own instruments
through 15 guided explorations, children hone into everyday life. with step-by-step instructions for 35 projects
their senses and observation skills to become for everything from flowerpot chimes to a milk
Hardcover; 80 pages; 6 x 9; Illustrations throughout
nature detectives. $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £9.99 UK carton guitar.
Paper; 160 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼; Photographs and illustrations throughout ISBN 978-1-63586-154-9; No. 626154
Paper; 144 pages; 8 x 10; Photographs throughout
$16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK $16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-022-1; No. 626022 6-copy counter display; $77.70 US / $119.70 CAD
ISBN 978-1-63586-035-1; No. 626035
ISBN 978-1-63586-198-3; No. 626198
Library edition; $26.95 US / $39.95 CAD Hardcover; $26.95 US / $39.95 CAD / £19.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-219-5; No. 626219 ISBN 978-1-63586-171-6; No. 626171

Backpack Explorer: Beach Walk Sewing School® Backyard Adventure

Editors of Storey Publishing Fashion Design Amanda Thomsen
An interactive book that turns a day at the beach Amie Petronis Plumley & Andria Lisle Dozens of ideas for turning the backyard into a
into a learning adventure Introduces young sewers to the thrill of free-play adventure zone
With this highly visual, take-along field guide, little designing and making their own wardrobe Parents can give kids the space to make their own
beachcombers aged 4 to 8 will learn about the From the authors of the best-selling Sewing School® fun with 51 kid-tested outdoor projects for open-
wondrous worlds of oceans and lakes. Interactive series comes a comprehensive kids’ course in ended play. Using found and repurposed materials
challenges, games, puzzles, and on-the-beach making clothing, complete with patterns for sizes and their own wild imaginations, kids aged 6
science and craft projects, along with a real XS–XL. Sewers aged 8 to 12 master the fundamen- and up will build an adventure course, weave a
magnifying glass, stickers, and a beach log for tals of making three basic garments — tops, shorts, secret hideaway with a loom of twine and twigs,
recording discoveries, make for hours of educa- and a skirt — and then add their favorite design launch marshmallows from a homemade catapult,
tional outdoor fun. elements to create wearables that reflect their and more.
Hardcover with 3 sticker sheets, magnifying glass, and pull-out personal style. Paper; 160 pages; 8 x 10; Photographs throughout
observation tracker; 48 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼; $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
Paper with concealed wire-o and patterns; 160 pages; 9 x 9½;
Photographs and illustrations throughout ISBN 978-1-61212-920-4; No. 622920
Photographs throughout
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £9.99 UK
$22.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £17.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-902-0; No. 622902
ISBN 978-1-61212-860-3; No. 622860
5-copy counter display; $64.75 US / $99.75 CAD
ISBN 978-1-63586-204-1; No. 626204
26 “Jake Levin is the
“Opens the door to prime minister of
amazing culinary smoke, and this
adventures and book will show you
incomparable why — it is equal
umami flavors.” parts function,
— Sandor Ellix Katz, fire, and flavor.”
author of Wild — Dan Barber,
Fermentation and Blue Hill and Blue
The Art of Fermentation Hill at Stone Barns

Miso, Tempeh, Natto & Mini Meadows Smokehouse Handbook

Other Tasty Ferments Mike Lizotte Jake Levin
Kirsten K. Shockey & An inexpensive, low-maintenance approach The ultimate DIY guide to mastering the art of
Christopher Shockey to creating a stunning flower-filled plot in smoking meat
The most comprehensive, accessible guide to any size space This one-stop reference for making mouthwatering
creative ways of fermenting beans and grains Meadows don’t have to be big to be beautiful and smoked meats demystifies the process for the
Home cooks can make the flavor-packed, probiotic- beneficial. This inspiring handbook guides gardeners home cook. From choosing the right variables for
rich foods that have long been staples in Asian of all levels in creating an informal patch of colorful superior flavor and texture to smoking techniques,
cooking right in their own kitchens. Step-by-step flowers suited to their climate, soil, space, and growing equipment overviews, and building plans for a
photography and instructions cover techniques goals. Suggested seeds, maintenance tips, and soil multipurpose smokehouse, this guide equips fans
using traditional ingredients, such as soybeans and evaluation strategies ensure success, whether of grilling and live-fire cooking with everything
rice, before inviting readers to expand their repertoire enhancing a hellstrip, filling a boggy spot, or estab- they need to achieve flawless smoked meat, poultry,
with chickpeas, lentils, quinoa, and other legume lishing a haven for pollinators. seafood, and more.
and grain ferments, plus additional recipes for using Paper; 152 pages; 8 x 8½; Photographs throughout Hardcover; 200 pages; 8 x 10; Photographs and illustrations
ferments in cooking. $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK throughout
ISBN 978-1-61212-835-1; No. 622835 $24.95 US / $35.00 CAD / £18.99 UK
Paper; 408 pages; 8 x 10; Photographs throughout ISBN 978-1-63586-011-5; No. 626011
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £22.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-988-4; No. 622988 4-copy counter display; $99.80 US / $140.00 CAD
ISBN 978-1-63586-199-0; No. 626199

Vegetable Gardening Wisdom Milk Soaps Managing Pasture

Kelly Smith Trimble Anne-Marie Faiola Dale Strickler
Insider tips and clever tricks for getting more The Soap Queen’s 35 specialty recipes for An essential guide to creating sustainable,
from the vegetable garden making soaps with plant and animal milks profitable grass-based livestock operations
Master Gardener Kelly Smith Trimble delivers For beginners and experts alike, this focused guide through earth-friendly strategies
bite-size wisdom and insider tips for finding suc- to making soaps enriched with animal and plant The health and profitability of grass-based livestock
cess and enjoyment in every aspect of vegetable milks takes soapmaking skills in new and exciting begin with the food they eat. With rancher and
gardening, from composting to starting peas and directions. Best-selling author Anne-Marie Faiola agronomist Dale Strickler’s approachable guide
whipping up a delicious carrot pesto. Peppered illuminates the process for making milk-based to creating healthy pastures, farmers and ranchers
with beautiful illustrations and inspiring quotes soaps with step-by-step techniques and 35 recipes will learn to implement grazing and land man-
from fellow growers, this browsable guide is a for creating bars that are beautiful to look at and agement practices that go beyond better meat
perfect gift for the gardener. beneficial for the skin. and dairy to increase profits, provide environ-
Paper; 288 pages; 5¼ x 7; Illustrations throughout Hardcover with concealed wire-o; 272 pages; 7 x 9; mental benefits, and lead to long-term grassland
Photographs throughout
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
$21.95 US / $32.95 CAD / £16.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-141-9; No. 626141
ISBN 978-1-63586-048-1; No. 626048 Hardcover; 288 pages; 8 x 10; Photographs and illustrations throughout
5-copy counter display; $84.75 US / $129.75 CAD $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £19.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-200-3; No. 626200 ISBN 978-1-63586-070-2; No. 626070


Basic Welding for Farm Storey’s Guide to Training Storey’s Guide to Raising
and Ranch Horses, 3rd Edition Sheep, 5th Edition
William Galvery Heather Smith Thomas Paula Simmons & Carol Ekarius
A step-by-step guide to the basics of welding An indispensable manual for training working The most trusted reference for anyone raising
for the farm horses and show horses alike sheep for meat, wool, or milk
For farmers, ranchers, and homesteaders, knowing In her fully updated, full-color, one-stop reference No matter the size of their flock, novice and seasoned
how to weld can prolong the life of essential on horse training, best-selling author Heather shepherds alike will find detailed guidance, up-to-
equipment and save both time and money. From Smith Thomas features a complete program for date information, and full-color photos that lead
detailed coverage of the welding methods most turning a shy, gangly foal into a calm, coordinated, them through the essentials of keeping sheep
commonly required on the farm to repair instructions and skillful equine partner, with a thorough ground- healthy and productive, from selecting breeds for
and fabrication projects geared toward farm-related ing in both Western and English saddle work, meat and fiber to shearing and breeding, building
needs and scenarios, this guide provides self-suf- driving, trailer training, and more. a lambing shed, butchering, and marketing.
ficient readers with the fundamentals they need. Paper; 448 pages; 7 x 9¼; Photographs and illustrations throughout Paper; 368 pages; 7 x 9¼; Photographs and illustrations throughout
Paper; 256 pages; 8½ x 10⅞; Photographs and illustrations throughout $24.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £18.99 UK $24.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £18.99 UK
$24.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £18.99 UK ISBN 978-1-63586-120-4; No. 626120 ISBN 978-1-61212-980-8; No. 622980
ISBN 978-1-61212-878-8; No. 622878 Hardcover; $34.95 US / $48.95 CAD / £25.00 UK Hardcover; $34.95 US / $48.95 CAD / £25.00 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-121-1; No. 626121 ISBN 978-1-61212-984-6; No. 622984

Discover go-to guides by expert authors
on every aspect of hands-on living



Week-by-Week Vertical Vegetables

Vegetable Gardener’s & Fruit
Handbook rhonda massingham hart
• 20 • ron kujawski & For anyone who wants to grow
YEARS jennifer kujawski
in print food in small spaces, this book
These detailed weekly to-do has the solution: grow up!
lists help readers learn exactly With teepees, trellises, cages,
hanging baskets, wall pockets,
The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible The Vegetable Gardener’s what to do in the garden —
whether it’s planting straw- stacking pots, and multilevel
This invaluable resource helps gardeners grow Container Bible berries or checking for tomato raised beds, gardeners can reap
an abundance of vegetables and herbs following hornworm — and exactly when bountiful harvests from the
Anyone can grow tomatoes on a patio or broccoli
Ed Smith’s time-tested system for high-yield to do it. Packed with valuable tiniest areas — even alleys, bal-
on a balcony with this comprehensive guide to
harvests. Home food gardeners will find vegetable- tips and information, this guide conies, rooftops, or windowsills.
selecting the right plants and containers, con-
specific information, an unwavering commitment can be used in any gardening
trolling pests without chemicals, planning small- Paper; 176 pages; 7½ x 9¾
to organic methods, solutions for small spaces, zone and includes space for
space container gardens perfect for urban and Full-color
and tips for extending the season. customized record-keeping. $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK
suburban settings, and much more.
■■ 591,000 COPIES IN PRINT ISBN 978-1-60342-998-6; No. 62998
■■ 125,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 91,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Paper; 352 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
Paper; 264 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
Full-color Paper with partially concealed wire-o;
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA 200 pages; 7 x 9
ISBN 978-1-60342-475-2; No. 62475
ISBN 978-1-60342-975-7; No. 62975 Illustrations throughout
Hardcover; $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
$34.95 US / $52.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-60342-694-7; No. 62694
ISBN 978-1-60342-476-9; No. 62476

“Revel in the amazing

variety of tomato
colors, tastes, and
textures. LeHoullier’s
book is a treat for
the senses.”
High-Yield The Gardener’s A–Z Joy of Gardening
Vegetable Gardening Guide to Growing dick raymond
Colin McCrate & Brad Halm Organic Food This is the classic compendium
Practical advice and handy tanya l. k. denckla of vegetable gardening wisdom.
tables guide gardeners through Illustrations, at-a-glance charts,
With information on growing,
Epic Tomatoes preparing the soil, selecting the harvesting, and storing 765
and full-color photographs
crops, and mapping out a plan bring to life proven methods
craig lehoullier varieties of vegetables, fruits,
for the most plentiful harvest for raised beds, wide rows, and
Every tomato gardener can now grow the best harvest ever! herbs, and nuts — plus formulas other techniques to yield a
ever. The authors founded the and techniques for organically
From sowing seeds and transplanting to cultivating and bigger harvest with less work.
Seattle Urban Farm Company controlling 201 pests and
collecting seeds at the end of the season, this practical and 788,000 COPIES IN PRINT
and now share the innovative diseases — this is the one-
engaging guide offers everything tomato enthusiasts need
methods they developed as volume resource every organic Paper; 384 pages; 8⅜ x 10
to know about more than 200 varieties. A comprehensive section
CSA farmers to show home gardener needs. Full-color
on pests and diseases also details how to keep tomatoes
gardeners how to produce the $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA
healthy and beautiful. ■■ 62,000 COPIES IN PRINT ISBN 978-0-88266-319-7; No. 66319
desired amounts of all their
■■ Garden Writers Association Silver Award of Achievement favorite crops. Paper; 496 pages; 7⅜ x 9⅛
■■ 61,000 COPIES IN PRINT Two-color
Paper with partially concealed wire-o; $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper; 256 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ Hardcover; 320 pages; 7 x 9 ISBN 978-1-58017-370-4; No. 67370
Full-color $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA Two-color
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-464-3; No. 622464 $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-208-3; No. 622208 ISBN 978-1-61212-396-7; No. 622396



“Emma Biggs inspires

kids of all ages to get
their hands dirty, their
feet muddy, and their
thumbs green!”
— Richard Louv, author of
Last Child in the Woods,
Growing Vegetables Starter The Veggie Gardener’s The Nature Principle, and
Vitamin N
in Straw Bales Vegetable Gardens Answer Book
Craig LeHoullier barbara pleasant barbara w. ellis
This innovative growing
technique will appeal to any-
These step-by-step instructions
take the guesswork and anxiety
This handy reference includes
helpful, uncomplicated answers
Gardening with Emma
one seeking a low-cost, out of growing food. Readers to questions on planning and emma biggs, with steven biggs
low-maintenance way to grow learn how to start, maintain, and planting a vegetable garden, Written for kids by a kid, this guide by 13-year-old Emma Biggs
a bounty of food in a small expand an organic vegetable improving soil, caring for crops, shows young gardeners how to grow healthy food, raise the
space. With just a bale of straw, garden, even in the smallest and organically controlling pests coolest plants, and cultivate fun! With tips for how to grow a
some fertilizer, and a selection spaces. In addition to plans for and diseases. flower stand garden, suggestions for veggies from tiny to
of favorite vegetable seeds, 24 no-fail gardens, this guide ■■ 67,000 COPIES IN PRINT colossal, and ways to make play spaces among the plants,
readers will learn how to set up, covers everything from soil Biggs offers a range of original, practical, and entertaining
Flexibind with paper spine;
plant, and maintain healthy, quality and fertilizers to planting 432 pages; 4½ x 6⅜
advice and inspiration. Her useful know-how about soil, sowing,
hardy crops. schedules and harvesting. Two-color and tending a garden throughout the seasons is accompanied
Paper; 96 pages; 5 x 7 ■■ 52,000 COPIES IN PRINT $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA by lively photography that will ignite a passion for gardening
Illustrations throughout ISBN 978-1-60342-024-2; No. 62024 in every kid who loves to be outdoors, digging in the dirt.
Paper; 180 pages; 9⅜ x 12
$8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK Full-color ■■ For ages 8–12
ISBN 978-1-61212-614-2; No. 622614 $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £12.99 UK Paper; 144 pages; 8 x 10
ISBN 978-1-60342-529-2; No. 62529 Full-color
$18.95 US / $26.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-925-9; No. 622925

“Grow your way to

ribbon-worthy edibles in
your own home garden.”
— Joe Lamp’l, creator and
BEST host of Growing a Greener
SELLER World on national PBS

The Wildlife-Friendly Carrots Love Tomatoes Roses Love Garlic

Vegetable Gardener louise riotte louise riotte
tammi hartung Plant parsley and asparagus Companion planting makes
Vegetable gardeners learn how together to have more of each. use of the natural friendships Blue Ribbon Vegetable Gardening
to build positive relationships But keep broccoli and tomatoes between plants and has been jodi torpey
with wildlife through strategic apart or they won’t thrive. This practiced throughout most of
This guide will spark good-natured rivalries between gardeners
plant selection and placement. classic companion-gardening agricultural history. This unique
who want to grow vegetables for competition. Plant-by-plant
With additional help from ben- guide shows how to use the and amusing book provides
profiles feature prizewinning varieties, insider growing tips, and
eficial insects and predators native attributes of plants to cre- information about dozens of
the best harvesting and storage practices.
such as birds, bats, and toads, ate a naturally bountiful garden. flowering plants, including
their companion-planting ■■ Garden Writers Association Silver Award of Achievement
growers will enjoy a bountiful ■■ 789,000 COPIES IN PRINT
harvest and peace of mind. Paper; 224 pages; 6 x 9
properties, medicinal uses, Paper; 224 pages; 7 x 9 8-copy counter display
Illustrations throughout history, folklore, and more. Full-color $135.60 US / $207.60 CAD
Paper; 144 pages; 7½ x 9¾ $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-724-8; No. 622724
Full-color $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £9.99 UK ■■ 211,000 COPIES IN PRINT
ISBN 978-1-61212-394-3; No. 622394
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK ISBN 978-1-58017-027-7; No. 67027
Paper; 256 pages; 6 x 9
ISBN 978-1-61212-055-3; No. 622055 Illustrations throughout
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £9.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-58017-028-4; No. 67028



“A global romp filled with

peculiar, fun, and delicious
vegetable varieties.”
— Jessica Walliser, horticulturist The Essential Guide to The Homebrewer’s Homegrown
and author of Container
Gardening Complete and
Cultivating Mushrooms Garden, 2nd Edition Whole Grains
Attracting Beneficial Bugs stephen russell joe fisher & dennis fisher sara pitzer
to Your Garden
Anyone who wants a steady For homebrewers who take In 1,000 square feet, anyone can
supply of such favorites as great pride in every aspect of grow enough wheat to harvest
shiitake or lion’s mane can now their brew, including growing 50 pounds in an afternoon —
cultivate mushrooms at home. their own ingredients, this is the enough for 50 loaves of fresh
Niki Jabbour’s Step-by-step photographs go-to reference for gardening bread. Instructions are included
Veggie Garden Remix offer detailed guidance for guidance. This second and for how to grow, harvest, store,
With her lively “Like this? Then try this!” approach, Niki growers of all levels, whether expanded edition includes 29 grind, and prepare wheat, corn,
Jabbour encourages gardeners to start from what they know using a mushroom kit or specialty homebrew recipes barley, millet, oats, rice, rye,
and expand their repertoire by trying related plants, many of working with bulk substrates and grower/brewer profiles. spelt, and quinoa. Dozens of
which are delicacies in other cultures. Detailed growing to produce larger quantities ■■ 69,000 COPIES IN PRINT recipes let these grains shine.
information about 224 plants from around the world will help of mushrooms. Paper; 168 pages; 7 x 9
Paper; 216 pages; 6 x 9
gardeners everywhere shake up their vegetable patches. Paper; 232 pages; 7 x 9 One-color with 8-page full-color insert Illustrations throughout
Full-color $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £11.99 UK
Paper; 240 pages; 7½ x 9¾
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £17.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-686-9; No. 622686 ISBN 978-1-60342-153-9; No. 62153
ISBN 978-1-61212-146-8; No. 622146
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-670-8; No. 622670

Groundbreaking The Year-Round

Food Gardens Vegetable Gardener Growing Chinese The Perfect Pumpkin Landscaping with Fruit
Food garden plans from horti- The growing season doesn’t Vegetables in Your gail damerow lee reich
culturists, garden writers, have to end with the first frost. Own Backyard Detailed instructions on how Advice on choosing the perfect
and professional growers Real-life examples from far- to grow and harvest more than spots to plant fruit trees accom-
offer specific themes, ranging northern locales show simple, geri harrington
95 varieties of pumpkin show panies detailed profiles of 39
from simple to quirky. Each proven techniques for harvesting Chinese vegetables may seem that this native American gourd eye- and palate-pleasing spe-
plan comes with a complete fresh veggies in every month exotic, but they’re as easy to grow has great potential beyond cies that grow well in temperate
illustration, a profile of the of the year. as any other popular garden jack-o’-lanterns and pie. The zones and are well suited to
contributor, an explanation ■■ American Horticultural vegetable. Gardeners looking pumpkin’s versatility shines home landscapes. The result is
of the design, and a plant list. Society Book Award for new foods to try will find through with fun carving and an invaluable guide to bringing
Paper; 272 pages; 8 x 10 ■■ 97,000 COPIES IN PRINT thorough plant-by-plant advice craft projects, plus more than year-round beauty to the yard
Full-color on choosing, planting, growing, 30 recipes. and luscious fruit to the kitchen.
Paper; 256 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK Full-color
harvesting, and cooking more
Paper; 224 pages; 6 x 9 Paper; 192 pages; 9¼ x 10
ISBN 978-1-61212-061-4; No. 622061 $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK than 40 Chinese vegetables
Illustrations throughout Full-color
ISBN 978-1-60342-568-1; No. 62568 and herbs. $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper; 232 pages; 7⅜ x 9⅛ ISBN 978-0-88266-993-9; No. 66993 ISBN 978-1-60342-091-4; No. 62091
One-color with 8-page full-color insert
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-60342-140-9; No. 62140



“Makes the science of

biochar accessible and
downright compelling.
Whether you buy it or
BEST make it . . . you will be
SELLER using biochar in your
gardens after this read.”
How Carrots Won Backyard Foraging Homegrown Pantry — Jeff Lowenfels, author
the Trojan War ellen zachos barbara pleasant of Teaming with Microbes,
Teaming with Nutrients,
rebecca rupp Many edible plants can be In this one-of-a-kind resource and Teaming with Fungi
This delightful collection of found in backyards, lawns, and for food gardeners, seasoned
behind-the-scenes tales of the parks. Vacant lots host edibles grower and author Barbara
world’s most popular vegetables such as sumac, purslane, and
Japanese knotweed. Urban
Pleasant identifies the 55 most
popular crops — including
Gardening with Biochar
is the perfect gift for garden- jeff cox
ers, foodies, history buffs, and parks may offer up garlic mus- beans, beets, squash, tomatoes,
anyone who wants to know tard and ginkgo nuts. And lawns and more — and how much of Organic gardeners have embraced bioactivated charcoal —
the secret stories concealed can be full of sheep sorrel, chick- each to grow to keep the pantry called biochar — for its outstanding abilities to enrich soil and
in a salad. weed, dandelion, and pineapple stocked throughout the year. improve plant growth, and its capacity to sequester carbon in
weed. Invaluable safety tips and In-depth vegetable profiles the ground. Gardening with Biochar is the first comprehensive
■■ Garden Writers Association
Gold Book Award harvesting etiquette accompany highlight the best preserving guide to understanding, making, and using it effectively in the
these profiles of 65 edible methods for specific varieties. home garden. In this highly accessible handbook, long-time
Paper; 384 pages; 5 x 8
weeds and ornamental plants, ■■ Garden Writers Association garden writer Jeff Cox provides detailed instructions for making
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA as well as a few mushrooms. Silver Award of Achievement biochar from wood or other kinds of plant material, along with
ISBN 978-1-60342-968-9; No. 62968 ■■ 43,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ Silver Foreword INDIES Award specific guidelines for using it to enrich soil, prevent erosion,
and enhance plant growth.
Paper; 240 pages; 7 x 9 Paper; 328 pages; 8 x 10
Full-color Full-color Paper; 128 pages; 7 x 9
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK $22.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £17.99 UK Full-color
ISBN 978-1-61212-009-6; No. 622009 ISBN 978-1-61212-578-7; No. 622578 $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ALSO AVAILABLE: ISBN 978-1-61212-955-6; No. 622955
The Wildcrafted Cocktail, page 62

A homemade
biochar cooker
crafted from
steel barrels

Growing Tasty The Fruit Grow a Little Fruit Tree

Tropical Plants in Any Gardener’s Bible ann ralph
Home, Anywhere lewis hill & leonard perry With this radical yet simple
laurelynn g. martin This complete resource covers pruning technique and easy
& byron e. martin everything backyard gardeners maintenance plan, any full-
need to know to succesfully size variety of fruit tree can be
Now anyone can enjoy fresh
grow fruit and nuts at home, kept small while still producing
coffee brewed from beans grown
from choosing the best varieties full-size fruit in abundance! The
in the kitchen or juice from an
to planting, pruning, protecting book examines how to select
orange picked in the living room.
from wildlife, and harvesting. and plant the best varieties of
This book, from the co-owners
apples, apricots, cherries, figs,
of Logee’s Tropical Plants, shows ■■ 68,000 COPIES IN PRINT
nectarines, peaches, pears,
how to successfully plant, grow, Paper; 320 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ persimmons, plums, and pome-
and harvest 47 varieties of Full-color
granates for climate and taste.
tropical fruiting plants — in $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA
With small trees, every task is
any climate. ISBN 978-1-60342-567-4; No. 62567
easier, from pruning and care
Paper; 160 pages; 9½ x 9½ Hardcover; to harvesting the fruit.
Full-color $34.95 US / $52.95 CAD / UK: NA
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £13.99 UK ISBN 978-1-60342-984-9; No. 62984 Paper; 168 pages; 7 x 9
ISBN 978-1-60342-577-3; No. 62577 Full-color
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-054-6; No. 622054 Biochar supercharges the soil.


Interactive Kit and Guidebook Puts Countless Design

Options at Every Gardener ’s Fingertips

Design-Your-Garden Toolkit
michelle gervais
Before picking up the trowel, pick up the stickers! This inter-
active package includes 150 reusable stickers that feature plant 80-page book
varieties with visual appeal, a fold-out design board, and expert
guidance to creating an eye-catching garden layout. Experi-
enced growers and aspiring green thumbs alike will find all the
tools they need to execute their vision for the perfect garden —
before they plant.
Paper with 150 reusable vinyl stickers 3-copy counter display
and laminated fold-out design board; $59.85 US / $86.85 CAD
80 pages; 8 x 10 ISBN 978-1-63586-058-0; No. 626058
$19.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK 150 reusable stickers Fold-out design board
ISBN 978-1-61212-922-8; No. 622922

The Flower The Ever-Blooming Right Rose, Right Place Caring for Perennials The Gardener’s
Gardener’s Bible Flower Garden peter schneider janet macunovich A–Z Guide to Growing
lewis & nancy hill lee schneller Choosing appropriate cultivars By prioritizing, planning, and Flowers from Seed
photography by for specific conditions and keeping good records, gardeners
joseph de sciose Measure and draw, set height
locations makes growing roses
to Bloom
proportions, calculate plant can have spectacular perennial
This comprehensive guide simple. These 359 in-depth beds and borders with an eileen powell
numbers, begin the blueprint,
includes plans for 25 beautiful and choose the plant. Following profiles feature planting, pruning, average of one hour of work This encyclopedia of 576
theme gardens and a photo- these five simple steps, garden- and maintenance essentials for per month per 100 square annuals, perennials, and bulbs —
graphic encyclopedia with ers of any skill level can plan a miniature, climbing, and tree feet. Organization is the key, with information on sowing,
specific advice on growing more foolproof season of nonstop roses. Additional chapters cover and this book details what transplanting, bloom time,
than 400 species of flowers. colorful blooms. growing roses in containers, gardeners need to do — and propagation, and general care —
■■ 84,000 COPIES IN PRINT handling pests and diseases, when they need to do it. features a full-color flower
Paper; 224 pages; 8 x 9
and preparing roses for winter. ■■ 48,000 COPIES IN PRINT gallery and a design planner.
Paper; 384 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ Full-color
Full-color $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA Hardcover with jacket; Paper; 200 pages; 8½ x 11 Paper; 528 pages; 7⅜ x 9⅛
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-60342-139-3; No. 62139 272 pages; 9¼ x 10 Full-color Two-color with 64-page full-color plant
ISBN 978-1-58017-462-6; No. 67462 Full-color $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA guide
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-0-88266-957-1; No. 66957 $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-60342-438-7; No. 62438 ISBN 978-1-58017-517-3; No. 67517




Designer The Perennial The Perennial Five-Plant Gardens 100 Plants to Feed
Plant Combinations Care Manual Gardener’s nancy j. ondra the Bees
photography by rob cardillo
scott calhoun nancy j. ondra Design Primer the xerces society
More than 100 creative photography by rob cardillo stephanie cohen & By starting with one of these This user-friendly field guide
Thorough instructions on how nancy j. ondra five-plant plans for growing in
combinations, planted by top offers concise profiles of 100
to care for more than 125 pop- photography by rob cardillo sun, partial shade, or full shade,
garden designers, inspire common flowers, herbs, shrubs,
ular perennials ensure a healthy gardeners of all levels will find
home gardeners to put plants This primer explains how to and trees that attract and
garden for all growers. designing a perennial garden
together in unexpected but choose perennials that suit a nourish bees, butterflies,
manageable. Each of the plans
stunning groupings. Each ■■ 38,000 COPIES IN PRINT specific site and combine well moths, and hummingbirds.
includes an illustrated planting
garden composition uses six Paper; 384 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ with each other while offering ■■ Garden Writers Association
guide, season-by-season high-
plants or fewer — perfect for Full-color down-to-earth design solutions Silver Award of Achievement
lights, a shopping list, tips on
every small space. $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA for 20 specific types of gardens, ■■ 36,000 COPIES IN PRINT
customizing the planting for
Paper; 240 pages; 8 x 8½ ISBN 978-1-60342-150-8; No. 62150 including a low-maintenance different sites, climates, or Paper; 240 pages; 6 x 8
Full-color Hardcover with jacket; garden, a more complex con- Full-color
themes, and much more.
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK $34.95 US / $52.95 CAD / UK: £22.99 tainer garden, a formal border, $16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-077-8; No. 62077 ISBN 978-1-60342-151-5; No. 62151 and a cottage garden. Paper; 184 pages; 9¼ x 10⅞ ISBN 978-1-61212-701-9; No. 622701
■■ Garden Writers Association $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA Hardcover;
Silver Award of Achievement ISBN 978-1-61212-004-1; No. 622004 $26.95 US / $39.95 CAD / UK: NA
■■ 74,000 COPIES IN PRINT ISBN 978-1-61212-886-3; No. 622886
Paper; 320 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ ALSO AVAILABLE:
Full-color Farming with Native Beneficial
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA Insects, page 109
ISBN 978-1-58017-543-2; No. 67543

Designing Your Gardens Fallscaping Seascape Gardening Poolscaping Deckscaping

and Landscapes nancy j. ondra anne halpin catriona tudor erler barbara w. ellis
janet macunovich & stephanie cohen photography by roger foley Inspiring design ideas and With trellises, lighting, and plants,
photography by rob cardillo Flowers, grasses, and shrubs
Appropriate for any region,
­­­ this practical advice will help a deck can be transformed from
This comprehensive guide to that thrive in coastal gardens readers turn their pool into a an overexposed flat space to a
practical 12-step approach to the best late-blooming plants from New England to the unique garden oasis. This cool, private living area. This
home landscape design focuses includes 10 complete garden Carolinas are featured in this detailed handbook guides book offers dozens of creative
on the individual preferences, plans combining flowers, shrubs, guide, with garden designs readers through each step of ideas and fail-proof techniques
natural restrictions, and climatic ground covers, and grasses that offering ideas on how to make the process, from choosing to make these outdoor spaces
concerns of the landscaper. thrive in the cool, golden days the most of challenging coastal lighting and selecting plants both beautiful and welcoming.
■■ 76,000 COPIES IN PRINT of early fall. conditions. to adding waterfalls, fountains, ■■ 63,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Paper with comb binding; Paper with flaps; 240 pages; 9¼ x 10 ■■  arden Writers Association
G and other exotic elements.
176 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ Paper with flaps; 176 pages; 9¼ x 10
Full-color Silver Award of Achievement ■■ 57,000 COPIES IN PRINT Full-color
Illustrations throughout $22.95 US / $34.95 CAD / UK: NA
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA Paper; 224 pages; 9½ x 9½ Paper with flaps; 208 pages; 9¼ x 10 $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-680-4; No. 67680 Full-color ISBN 978-1-58017-408-4; No. 67408
ISBN 978-1-58017-315-5; No. 67315 Full-color
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-531-9; No. 67531 ISBN 978-1-58017-385-8; No. 67385



House Jungle The Complete Growing Bonsai Window Boxes

annie dornan-smith Houseplant Healthy Houseplants Survival Manual james cramer & dean johnson
Presented with a decorator’s Survival Manual ellen zachos colin lewis Container gardening combines
eye, this joyful, illustrated barbara pleasant Beginner houseplant owners This excellent beginner’s guide with flower arranging to result
introduction to houseplants who want to keep their plants is a one-stop source for vital in stunning visual treasures for
shows how to prepare the This guide shows readers how every season. More than 150
to care for exciting imports, thriving will learn what plants information on how to buy and
perfect container and select need in terms of location, grow attractive bonsai and keep full-color photographs, step-
plants based on their needs dozens of long-flowering vari- by-step instructions, and useful
eties, and hardier cultivars of sunlight, water, and fertilizer; them thriving, featuring profiles
and their looks. Whether the when plants should be repot- of 50 popular species. plant-care tips accompany 100
home style calls for large old favorites. Profiles of 160 projects and quick design ideas
flowering and foliage house- ted; how to prune; how to keep ■■ 59,000 COPIES IN PRINT
architectural plants, hanging plants clean and free of pests; for year-round window boxes.
baskets, or cacti and succu- plants cover troubleshooting, Paper; 160 pages; 7½ x 9¾
care, pruning, repotting, and and basic propagation. Full-color
Paper; 176 pages; 9 x 10
lents, readers will find tried- Full-color
and-true options to ensure propagating, and the A-to-Z Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7 $22.95 US / $34.95 CAD / UK: NA
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
primer on houseplant health Illustrations throughout ISBN 978-0-88266-853-6; No. 66853
success. No gardening experi- $8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-518-0; No. 67518
ence necessary! is an invaluable resource.
ISBN 978-1-61212-440-7; No. 622440
Paper with flaps; 104 pages; 6½ x 6½
Full-color Flexibind; 384 pages; 7½ x 10⅝
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £9.99 UK Full-color
ISBN 978-1-61212-944-0; No. 622944 $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-569-2; No. 67569
8-copy counter display
$103.60 US / $159.60 CAD
ISBN 978-1-63586-006-1; No. 626006

Container Continuous The Practical Guide to Saving Tabletop Gardens

Theme Gardens Container Gardens Container Gardening Container Plants rosemary mccreary
nancy j. ondra sara begg townsend susan berry & steve bradley alice & brian mcgowan These 40 indoor garden designs
photography by rob cardillo & roanne robbins Along with comprehensive With this guide, readers will offer many ideas for choosing
Create gorgeous containers Container gardens can go information on planting tech- learn how to use overwintering a personal style and getting
with 42 combinations, each beyond the summer. With this niques, care, and maintenance, techniques to save container started — growing plants under
using five perfectly matched innovative system, readers learn this book includes a fully illus- plants such as fuchsia and gera- glass, in bowls and trays, and
plants. There are themes for how to create stylish container trated A-to-Z directory of more niums beyond the first year. By even in water environments.
every taste and setting, from a gardens that change with the than 100 plant species. understanding the dormancy Each project includes complete
mini meadow to a humming- seasons and look attractive conditions their plants need to advice on the materials needed
Paper; 160 pages; 8¼ x 10⅞
bird haven. Popular container year-round. The book features survive, container gardeners and step-by-step information
styles are represented, such as designs for 12 containers, each $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA can enjoy the same plants for on how to create the garden.
classic clay, wood, glazed, metal, with a unique plan for swapping ISBN 978-1-58017-329-2; No. 67329 many seasons. The book Paper; 168 pages; 8⅜ x 10
and cement, and all the featured plants every season, for a total includes a plant-by-plant Full-color
plants are commonly available of 48 exciting looks. guide for quick reference. $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
in nurseries and big box stores. ISBN 978-1-58017-837-2; No. 67837
Paper; 272 pages; 9 x 8¾ Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7
Paper; 272 pages; 8 x 9½ Full-color Illustrations throughout
Full-color $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / £5.99 UK
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK ISBN 978-1-60342-702-9; No. 62702 ISBN 978-1-61212-361-5; No. 622361
ISBN 978-1-61212-398-1; No. 622398



Covering Ground Hardy Succulents Foliage Grasses Deerproofing Your

barbara w. ellis gwen moore kelaidis nancy j. ondra nancy j. ondra Yard & Garden
Ground covers are a beautiful photography by saxon holt photography by rob cardillo photography by saxon holt rhonda massingham hart
way to bring variety, texture, From agaves to ice plants, Leaves give gardens texture Ornamental grasses provide Plants can be protected from
and durability to open sweeps hardy succulents add a touch and season-extending color diversity in garden designs, deer damage with innovative
of lawn. A vibrant new palette of the unexpected to nondesert uncommon with flowers and stabilize soil, and conserve fencing, homemade or com-
of unexpected plant choices, gardens. This resource shows grasses. Beautiful photographs water. These illustrated plans mercial repellents, or simply
along with hardworking design readers how to grow succulents show the array of possibilities, for 24 gardens show how plants that deer hate, as this
and planting advice, give in any North American hardi- while in-depth yet accessible to use dozens of stunning classic volume on deerproofing
gardeners the know-how to ness zone. text illustrates the features grass varieties. explains.
create striking, low-maintenance ■■ American Horticultural and requirements of dozens of ■■ 115,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 127,000 COPIES IN PRINT
alternatives to traditional lawns. Society Book Award plants, all chosen for the unique Paper with flaps; 144 pages; 9½ x 9½
Paper; 224 pages; 9¼ x 10 Paper with flaps; 160 pages; 9½ x 9½ appeal of their leaves. Full-color
Paper; 208 pages; 6 x 9
Illustrations throughout
Full-color Full-color ■■ American Horticultural $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK Society Book Award ISBN 978-1-58017-423-7; No. 67423
ISBN 978-1-58017-585-2; No. 67585
ISBN 978-1-58017-665-1; No. 67665 ISBN 978-1-58017-700-9; No. 67700 Paper with flaps; 304 pages; 9½ x 9½
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-648-4; No. 67648

The Gardener’s The Gardener’s The Gardener’s Guide The Lawn & Garden The Organic Lawn
Bug Book Weed Book to Plant Diseases Owner’s Manual Care Manual
barbara pleasant barbara pleasant barbara pleasant lewis & nancy hill paul tukey
Gardeners can deter problem With profiles of 80 weeds Once they strike, plant dis- Maintenance charts and Growing a healthy, organic
pests without sacrificing the most commonly found in eases can be hard to eradicate schedules (customized by lawn begins with well-treated
quality of the food they grow. North American gardens, this if not handled properly. This climate), paired with trouble- soil and planting cultivars
Using these gentle, earth-safe easy-to-use reference covers guide is the antidote for the 50 shooting advice for problem suited for the region’s climate.
methods of insect control, plant identification through the most common plant pathologies, areas, help homeowners keep This guide shows how easy
including tips for distinguishing seasons and offers expert tips covering disease identification, every part of the garden fresh and economical it can be to
the beneficial bugs from the bad for organic control strategies, impact, and workable earth- and lively. maintain a beautiful chemical-
and recipes for natural pest- from plant-specific methods to friendly solutions for growers Paper; 192 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ free yard.
control formulas, growers will large-scale measures such as with home-size garden plots. Full-color ■■ 46,000 COPIES IN PRINT
produce bountiful, chemical- cover cropping and mulching. Paper; 192 pages; 6 x 9 $21.95 US / $32.95 CAD / UK: NA Paper; 272 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
free harvests. Paper; 208 pages; 6 x 9 Illustrations throughout ISBN 978-1-58017-214-1; No. 67214 Full-color
Paper; 144 pages; 6 x 9 Illustrations throughout $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
Illustrations throughout $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-0-88266-274-9; No. 66274 ISBN 978-1-58017-649-1; No. 67649
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-0-88266-921-2; No. 66921
ISBN 978-0-88266-609-9; No. 66609


“Whether you are just

starting an herb garden
or you’ve been at it for
years, this is the book to
inspire and inform you
along the way.”
— Rosalee de la Forêt, author
of Alchemy of Herbs The Beginner’s Guide The Herb Gardener Growing & Using
to Edible Herbs susan mcclure Herbs Successfully
charles w. g. smith An herb garden adds grace betty e. m. jacobs
Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies Simple instructions, tempting and style to the home land- With helpful and easy-to-
recipes, and beautiful photo- scape and exciting flavor to understand language, this
maria noël groves
graphs will inspire readers to the kitchen. Here are tips for illustrated guide teaches readers
Expert herbalist Maria Noël Groves shows gardeners how to finding the best spot to plant
grow, harvest, preserve, and how to plant, propagate, harvest,
grow the right herbs for their bodies’ needs. Twenty-three herbs; designing formal and
cook with 26 of the most pop- dry, freeze, store, and sell (both
garden plans specially tailored to address the most common informal herb gardens; plant-
ular kitchen herbs, including wholesale and retail) 64 of the
health considerations are accompanied by simple recipes for ing and caring for more than
basil, cilantro, dill, fennel, garlic, most popular herbs.
using each group of herbs. Whether seeking headache relief, 75 herbs; controlling diseases
lavender, oregano, parsley, sage, 181,000 COPIES IN PRINT
immune support, stress relief, or a daily tonic, readers will and pests; and harvesting and

tarragon, and more. This is a

learn the three to six herbs that offer the most effective treat- preserving herbs for cooking Paper; 240 pages; 6 x 9
great gift for any herb lover!
ment for their condition and how to plant, harvest, and preserve and crafts. Illustrations throughout
each herb. In all of Groves’s plant suggestions, the emphasis Paper; 152 pages; 7 x 9 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
■■ 56,000 COPIES IN PRINT ISBN 978-0-88266-249-7; No. 66249
is on safe, effective, easy-to-grow herbs that provide abundant
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA Paper; 240 pages; 8⅜ x 10
harvests and can be grown in containers or garden beds.
ISBN 978-1-60342-528-5; No. 62528 Full-color
Paper; 336 pages; 8 x 10 $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA
Full-color ISBN 978-0-88266-873-4; No. 66873
$24.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £17.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-013-9; No. 626013
Body into Balance, page 41

Customized Remedy Gardens

st & r

Holy Basil
Skull Cap
Lemon Balm

Growing, Harvesting, and Preserving

Homegrown Herbs Herbal Tea Gardens Growing Your
tammi hartung marietta marshall marcin Herb Business
This primer shows gardeners A gardening bible for the tea bertha reppert
how to plant, grow, harvest, and lover, this book contains full Packed with practical advice on
use more than 100 popular instructions for growing herbs for budgets, locations, business
herbs. It covers everything tea and includes 22 illustrated plans, bookkeeping, staffing,
from seed selection to drying, plans for customized tea gardens. inventory, and pricing, this is
plus uses in the kitchen and More than 100 recipes for the book that will transform an
home pharmacy, crafting, blending and brewing the herbs herb hobby into a profitable
and body care. Whether they in healthful and delicious com- business. Profiles of 50 success-
Mastering Basic Remedies want to grow a few herbs in binations ensure that readers ful herb business owners detail
containers or have an extensive will keep turning to this book their paths to success and
herb garden, readers will see long after the harvest is in. provide plenty of insider tips.
how easy it is to bring more Paper; 192 pages; 8 x 8 ■■ 37,000 COPIES IN PRINT
beauty, flavor, and health to Illustrations throughout
everyday life. $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA Paper; 192 pages; 6 x 9
ISBN 978-1-58017-106-9; No. 67106 Illustrations throughout
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper; 256 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ ISBN 978-0-88266-612-9; No. 66612
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-60342-703-6; No. 62703



“For worm pioneers, this

is the classic work on
the subject.”
SELLER — Anne Raver, New York Times

Secrets to Great Soil Let It Rot! The Complete Compost

elizabeth p. stell stu campbell Gardening Guide
More than 300 detailed Generations of gardeners barbara pleasant &
illustrations and dozens of have learned how to recycle deborah l. martin
at-a-glance charts show waste to create soil-nourishing
gardeners how to solve all compost using this classic
Keeping nourishing compost Worms Eat My Garbage,
heaps right in the garden means
their soil problems and build guide, with its friendly advice less digging, weeding, and 35th Anniversary Edition
fertile, productive soil through- for starting a composting mulching — plus no more mary appelhof & joanne olszewski
out the year. Readers learn the system, building bins, main- backbreaking slogs from the The best-selling guide to the practice of vermicomposting —
basics of soil pH and nutrients, taining a healthy heap, and compost bin. The authors using worms to recycle food waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer
quick composting methods, putting finished compost to use. identify the plants that benefit for houseplants or gardens — is now fully updated and rede-
and tips for customizing soil for 384,000 COPIES IN PRINT most from compost and explain
signed. From building or purchasing a bin (readily available at
a variety of vegetables, flow- how the elements of a com-
Paper; 160 pages; 6 x 9 garden supply stores) to maintaining the worms and harvest-
ers, fruits, trees, and shrubs. posted garden work together.
Illustrations throughout ing finished compost, the new edition features the same
■■ 43,000 COPIES IN PRINT $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £8.99 UK ■■ 90,000 COPIES IN PRINT friendly tone of the original, with up-to-date information on
Paper; 224 pages; 8½ x 11 ISBN 978-1-58017-023-9; No. 67023 the entire process.
Paper; 320 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
Illustrations throughout Full-color Paper; 192 pages; 6 x 9
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK Illustrations throughout
ISBN 978-1-58017-008-6; No. 67008 ISBN 978-1-58017-702-3; No. 67702 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
Hardcover; ISBN 978-1-61212-947-1; No. 622947
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-703-0; No. 67703

“This clever little book

offers up suggestions
for sprouting not just
avocados, but just
about any kind of
BEST grocery store produce.”
— Garden Rant BEST
Cold-Climate Gardening with Greywater, Green
Gardening Less Water Landscape
lewis hill david a. bainbridge laura allen Don’t Throw It, Grow It!
Here is invaluable information From terra-cotta pots to This must-have manual guides deborah peterson & millicent selsam
for northern gardeners on how recycled plastic bottles, these homeowners and gardeners Pits, nuts, beans, seeds, and tubers can be coaxed into lush,
to grow food, landscape, protect low-tech, low-cost, water- through planning and installing vibrant houseplants that are both attractive and fascinating.
vulnerable plantings, warm up saving irrigation systems are a variety of greywater systems, Plant charts, step-by-step instructions, and illustrations show
the soil earlier, and choose easily installed in gardens and including laundry-to-landscape, readers the path from kitchen scrap to beautiful plant.
appropriate species. This book containers and are up to 10 to capture and recycle waste- ■■ 42,000 COPIES IN PRINT
will also be useful to gardeners times more efficient than other water from sinks, showers, and Paper; 160 pages; 6½ x 7½ 8-copy counter display
in microclimates (such as deep irrigation methods. Full-color washing machines. Readers will Two-color $103.60 US / $159.60 CAD
valleys) or those who want to photographs and illustrated learn to estimate flow rate and $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £9.99 UK ISBN 978-1-60342-094-5; No. 62094
extend the gardening season in step-by-step instructions show pinpoint the areas or specific ISBN 978-1-60342-064-8; No. 62064
any climate. how to assemble and use these plants in their landscape that
■■ 44,000 COPIES IN PRINT systems in the home landscape. will reap the greatest benefit
Paper; 320 pages; 6 x 9 ■■ Silver Nautilus Book Award from redirected wastewater.
Photographs and illustrations Paper; 128 pages; 6 x 8 Paper; 200 pages; 7 x 9
throughout Full-color Full-color
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK $16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-0-88266-441-5; No. 66441 ISBN 978-1-61212-582-4; No. 622582 ISBN 978-1-61212-839-9; No. 622839


The Complete Guide to Secrets of Plant Starting Seeds Saving Seeds Saving
Saving Seeds Propagation barbara ellis marc rogers Vegetable Seeds
robert gough lewis hill Gardeners of any experience Saving seeds is an economical fern marshall bradley
& cheryl moore-gough Readers can grow plants from level can get a jump on the and time-tested way for garden- Once gardeners learn to start
This comprehensive guide seed and learn how to start shrubs growing season with this ers to grow their favorite plants their plants from seeds,
shows exactly how to collect, and trees with these clearly concise, straightforward guide. again and again. Accessible they’ll want to know how to
save, and cultivate the seeds explained grafting techniques. Practical advice teaches readers information provides all the harvest and save seeds to
from more than 300 vegetables, The results will be bountiful, foolproof starting techniques necessary details to learn how use the following season.
herbs, fruits, flowers, trees, healthy plants and great-­ for a variety of vegetables, to select, harvest, and store Helpful illustrations and tips
and shrubs. Easy-to-follow tasting fruits and vegetables. herbs, and flowers. seeds from more than 100 flowers guide readers through seed
instructions take gardeners Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7
and vegetables commonly grown saving for 20 of the most
■■ 134,000 COPIES IN PRINT
through every step of the Illustrations throughout in home gardens. common vegetables gardeners
Paper; 176 pages; 8½ x 11
process. $8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK ■■ 72,000 COPIES IN PRINT grow, including beans, carrots,
Illustrations throughout
ISBN 978-1-61212-105-5; No. 622105 peppers, and tomatoes.
Paper; 320 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA Paper; 192 pages; 6 x 9
Full-color ISBN 978-0-88266-370-8; No. 66370 Illustrations throughout Paper; 96 pages; 5 x 7
8-copy counter display
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £16.99 UK $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA Illustrations throughout
$71.60 US / $111.60 CAD
ISBN 978-1-60342-574-2; No. 62574 ISBN 978-0-88266-634-1; No. 66634 $8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-163-5; No. 622163
ISBN 978-1-61212-363-9; No. 622363

Seed Sowing How to Mulch The Dirt-Cheap Down & Dirty! Kiss My Aster
and Saving stu campbell Green Thumb ellen zachos amanda thomsen
carole b. turner & jennifer kujawski rhonda massingham hart Fun outdoor projects cover Who cares what the neighbors
Each situation benefits from a everything from attracting think? This hilarious, irreverent,
In-depth explanations teach The cost of tools, plants, seeds,
different kind of mulch, and birds to preparing treats with interactive guide helps readers
readers when to harvest the fertilizer, and water can strain
this guide introduces readers homegrown strawberries. Each design an outdoor space that’s
seeds of more than 100 vege- budgets, but these tips and
to all the basic types, including project includes clear and exactly what they want. A
tables, herbs, and flowers, as tricks — for everything from
sheet mulching, feeding accessible information to get combination of entertaining
well as how to dry, store, and starting seeds to preserving
mulches, and living mulches. novice gardeners started while illustrations and laugh-out-loud
test them for viability for the produce — will help pennywise
Readers will find maintaining also building their confidence. text lays out the many options
next growing season. gardeners control expenses.
their yards and gardens much Paper; 256 pages; 9¼ x 10 for home landscaping and
■■ 48,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 288 pages; 5 x 7
easier with these detailed Full-color invites gardeners to make their
Paper; 224 pages; 8½ x 11 illustrations and a section on Two-color
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA own choices.
Illustrations throughout $10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / UK: NA
mulching for specific vegetables. ISBN 978-1-58017-641-5; No. 67641 Paper; 160 pages; 9⅝ x 7½
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-60342-441-7; No. 62441
ISBN 978-1-58017-001-7; No. 67001
■■ 58,000 COPIES IN PRINT Full-color
Paper; 96 pages; 5 x 7 8-copy counter display $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
Illustrations throughout $87.60 US / $135.60 CAD ISBN 978-1-60342-986-3; No. 62986
$8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK ISBN 978-1-60342-499-8; No. 62499
ISBN 978-1-61212-444-5; No. 622444



The City Gardener’s How to Prune The Pruning Pruning Made Easy The Homeowner’s
Handbook Trees & Shrubs Answer Book lewis hill Complete Tree &
linda yang barbara ellis lewis hill & Good pruning practices begin Shrub Handbook
Urban greenthumbs can turn The when, how, and why of penelope o’sullivan with understanding its bene- penelope o’sullivan
any small and dismal space pruning common plants can be Clear instructions, expert advice, fits. This engaging expert guide photography by
into a lush and abundant oasis. confounding. With this simple, and detailed illustrations answer outlines the many reasons for karen bussolini
With illustrated garden plans straightforward handbook, even gardeners’ every question about pruning and offers more than This comprehensive guide
and in-depth information on novices will learn how to make pruning, from equipment essen- 300 step-by-step illustrations explains how to incorporate
unique small-space consider- the right cuts with confidence, tials and optimal timing to that demonstrate the proper the right trees and shrubs into
ations for soil, water, containers, using leaves, plant shape, and shaping and artistic pruning times, equipment, and tech- every landscape, and more than
plant selection, and more, this other key indicators as a guide techniques. niques for pruning trees, 350 plant profiles feature grow-
definitive guide explains how. to proper trimming. shrubs, hedges, vines, and
Flexibind with paper spine; ing tips and maintenance advice.
384 pages; 4½ x 6⅜
Paper; 336 pages; 7 x 9 Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7 Paper; 416 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
Full-color Illustrations throughout Two-color ■■ 193,000 COPIES IN PRINT
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA $8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA Paper; 224 pages; 8½ x 11 $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-449-7; No. 67449 ISBN 978-1-61212-580-0; No. 622580 ISBN 978-1-60342-710-4; No. 62710 Illustrations throughout ISBN 978-1-58017-570-8; No. 67570
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-006-2; No. 67006 Hardcover with jacket;
$39.95 US / $59.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-571-5; No. 67571

“This DIY compendium

delivers great step-by-
step instructions and
graphics from the simple
to the advanced.”
— Chicago Tribune

Outdoor Stonework Natural Stonescapes Building Raised Beds

alan & gill bridgewater richard l. dubé fern marshall bradley
This complete primer on work- & frederick c. campbell Beginning gardeners and
ing with stone covers material Relying on principles of design homeowners will enjoy this The Vegetable Gardener’s Book of
inspired by the natural world,
selection, tools, safety consid-
erations, and cutting and fitting this book offers over 20 plans
easy-access handbook on
how to plan, build, and plant a
Building Projects
techniques. The 16 original for stone groupings appropri- simple raised bed. In just a editors of storey publishing
projects include flagstone steps, ate for all types of sites, show- weekend, using basic materials Simple-to-make projects include cold frames, compost bins,
retaining walls, a cantilevered ing readers how to create and minimal building skills, lawn chairs, and more. Each one features step-by-step
seat-shelf, a potting table, a beautiful stonescapes that add readers can set up a complete instructions, detailed illustrations, a complete materials list,
traditional Japanese rock garden, contrast, depth, and balance to garden bed adapted for vege- and a color photograph of the finished item.
a sundial, planters, and more. gardens and landscapes. tables, flowers, or herbs. ■■ 49,000 COPIES IN PRINT
■■ 73,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 176 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ Paper; 96 pages; 5 x 7 Paper; 152 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
Paper; 128 pages; 8½ x 11 Full-color Illustrations throughout Full-color
Full-color $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA $8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA
$17.95 US / $26.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-58017-092-5; No. 67092 ISBN 978-1-61212-616-6; No. 622616 ISBN 978-1-60342-526-1; No. 62526
ISBN 978-1-58017-333-9; No. 67333


“Insightful and educational . . .

proof that there are viable
options for the countless
people suffering from opioid
dependence. Dr. Browne is
truly a pioneer in the fight
against our country’s opioid
— William C. VanNess III, MD,
FAAPMR, The Pain & Healthy Bones & Joints ADHD Alternatives Herbs for Hepatitis C
Rehab Institute david hoffmann aviva & tracy romm and the Liver
A healthy musculoskeletal Many parents and educators stephen harrod buhner
system is crucial to well-
Natural Therapies for Overcoming being, and this introductory
want to take a holistic, natural,
and effective approach to the
After an in-depth overview of
liver-related diseases, this
Opioid Dependency guide shows how to use easy problems of attention, impul- helpful reference offers practical
catherine browne, daom herbal remedies and simple sivity, and hyperactivity. This advice for protecting the liver
lifestyle changes to prevent and thoughtful and inspiring book and strengthening the immune
Catherine Browne, a doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine,
fight bone and joint diseases offers advice on addressing a system with medicinal herbal
provides an accessible and practical guide to the effective use of
such as arthritis, osteoporosis, child’s unique needs through formulas plus lifestyle and
natural therapies in helping people wean off opioids, ease with-
and more. nutrition, herbal medicine, and diet changes.
drawal symptoms, and discover non-opioid pain management
solutions. Drawing on her extensive clinical experience, Dr. Paper; 128 pages; 5½ x 8½ understanding parenting.
Paper; 160 pages; 5½ x 8½
Photographs and illustrations Paper; 160 pages; 5½ x 8½
Browne explains how Chinese medicine, acupuncture and acu- Photographs and illustrations
throughout Photographs and illustrations
pressure, herbs, essential oils, nutritional supplements, meditation, $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / UK: NA
and exercise can be used to address addiction and restore the ISBN 978-1-58017-253-0; No. 67253
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / UK: NA
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-58017-255-4; No. 67255
body to optimal functioning. ISBN 978-1-58017-248-6; No. 67248
Paper; 240 pages; 6 x 9
Illustrations throughout
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £15.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-115-0; No. 626115


“Buhner has arrived at “A practical,
the frightening truth accessible,
that you won’t find in urgently valuable
the Journal of the guide to using
American Medical
herbs as remedies
Association: We are
for viral
running out of weapons
in the war on germs.”
— Kristen Eaton,
— James A. Duke, PhD, Phoenix Books,
author of The Green
stephen harrod buhner is an Pharmacy

herbalist and author who speaks

internationally on herbal medi- Herbal Antibiotics, 2nd Edition Herbal Antivirals
cine, emerging diseases, and As antibiotic-resistant infections become increasingly
common, this bestseller has become an indispensable
With new strains of viruses emerging and vaccines
becoming less effective, more people are looking
complex interrelationships in reference for sound information on herbal alternatives for alternative ways to boost immunity and fight
to standard antibiotics. In-depth profiles of 30 valuable infection. This comprehensive manual addresses
ecosystems. He is a tireless herbs examine their antibiotic properties, methods for the best herbal protocols for strengthening the
advocate for the citizen scien- collection and preparation, dosages, contraindications,
and potential side effects.
immune system and treating flu, encephalitis,
SARS, Ebola, dengue fever, and more.
tist, the amateur naturalist, and ■■ 122,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 42,000 COPIES IN PRINT

community herbalists every- Paper; 480 pages; 6 x 9

Paper; 424 pages; 6 x 9
where. He lives in New Mexico. $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-987-0; No. 62987
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-160-4; No. 622160




BEST “One of the best DIY

herb books ever. I highly
Recipes from the recommend it for everyone
The Natural First Aid Healing Herbal Teas
interested in medicinal
Handbook, 2nd Edition sarah farr Herbalist’s Kitchen
plants and herb gardening.”
brigitte mars Master herbalist Sarah Farr brittany wood nickerson
shares 101 original recipes for — Rosemary Gladstar,
From how to perform basic Food is medicine, and this herbalist and author
CPR and the Heimlich maneu- delicious herbal teas that benefit unique cookbook reveals the
ver to safe, effective responses whole-body and seasonal health healing properties of favorite
to a wide range of ailments — needs, along with guidance on culinary herbs — including dill,
such as bee stings, snakebites, the art of tea blending for read- sage, basil, and mint — along
ers seeking to develop their own with insightful plant profiles and
poisoning, and nosebleeds —
hundreds of lifesaving tech- signature mixtures. irresistible recipes for snacks,
Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies
niques, common sense tips, Paper; 272 pages; 7½ x 7½ entrées, drinks, and desserts Expert herbalist Maria Noël Groves offers 23 herb garden
and time-tested herbal reme- Full-color that meet the body’s needs for plans specially tailored for addressing people’s most common
dies fill this quick-reference $16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK comfort, nourishment, energy, health concerns. Each plan suggests three to six safe, effective,
guide. Readers will also learn ISBN 978-1-61212-574-9; No. 622574 and support through seasonal easy-to-grow herbs that provide abundant harvests and can
when to seek professional changes. be planted in containers or garden beds. Accompanied by
8-copy counter display simple recipes for using each plant group, this guide teaches
medical help and what to do $135.60 US / $199.60 CAD
■■ IACP Award Finalist
while awaiting the arrival of ISBN 978-1-61212-862-7; No. 622862 ■■ Gold Foreword INDIES Award readers to cultivate the medicine their bodies need, whether
emergency personnel. ■■ Silver Nautilus Award they’re seeking headache relief, immune support, stress relief,
or treatment for chronic stomach problems.
Hardcover; 312 pages; 8 x 10
Paper; 192 pages; 5 x 7 Full-color Paper; 336 pages; 8 x 10
Illustrations throughout $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK Full-color
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £9.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-690-6; No. 622690 $24.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £17.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-857-3; No. 622857 ISBN 978-1-63586-013-9; No. 626013

“A solid introduction
BEST to herbal medicine.”
SELLER — Library Journal

Creating an Herbal Herbal Goddess The Ayurveda Way

Bodycare Business amy jirsa ananta ripa ajmera
sandy maine Nature’s restorative powers The ancient Indian medical
This accessible guide explains come to life by fully embracing tradition of Ayurveda — yoga’s
how to start and run a business the distinctive qualities of 12 sister science — comes alive for
that is environmentally friendly, versatile herbs. Each chapter contemporary holistic health Body into Balance
socially responsible, and finan- explores one herb in depth, with enthusiasts in this inspiring
This comprehensive home health guide examines how each
cially successful. Readers learn recipes for food, drink, and body introductory guide. The 108
body system — including respiratory, digestive, immune,
to create a sound business plan, care, as well as suggestions for self-care exercises and short
nervous, and reproductive — optimally functions and how
analyze the market and price incorporating that herb’s prop- essays make traditional Ayurvedic
to naturally restore lost vitality. While emphasizing the use
products, and more. Inspiring erties into meditation and yoga. approaches to promoting opti-
of herbal medicine as part of a holistic preventive self-care
profiles of thriving businesses Paper; 256 pages; 6½ x 8½ mal digestion, better sleep, less
program, in-depth instructions explain how to select and use
show that entrepreneurial Full-color stress, and a more balanced life
herbs and commercially available preparations most effectively.
dreams really can come true. $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK accessible even to beginners.
ISBN 978-1-61212-412-4; No. 622412
■■ Silver Nautilus Book Award
■■ Gold Foreword INDIES Award
Paper; 160 pages; 6 x 9
■■ Silver Nautilus Award Paper; 336 pages; 8 x 10 Hardcover;
Illustrations throughout 6-copy counter display Full-color $34.95 US / $52.95 CAD / UK: NA
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA $119.70 US / $179.70 CAD Hardcover; 256 pages; 6½ x 7½ $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-807-8; No. 622807
ISBN 978-1-58017-094-9; No. 67094 ISBN 978-1-61212-634-0; No. 622634 Full-color ISBN 978-1-61212-535-0; No. 622535
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £13.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-818-4; No. 622818



“Well-researched advice and “I am grateful for a book like this

effective recipes align with an one that connects us back to the
earth-based, holistic approach benefits of essential oils to prompt
to natural beauty.” well-being and health.”
— Hannah Kincaid, Mother Earth — Shiva Rose, author of Whole Beauty
Living magazine

Pure Skin Care Stephanie Tourles’s Essential Oils:

Consumers seeking nontoxic, all-natural skin care products can now make their A Beginner’s Guide
own at home. Stephanie L. Tourles shares her 78 all-time favorite recipes
In this friendly, accessible introduction, herbalist Stephanie L. Tourles highlights
for facial cleansers and scrubs, masks, moisturizers, and steams, along with
the key characteristics of the 25 most versatile and popular essential oils, including
creams, balms, and exfoliants for the entire body. Readers will find specialized
lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, and tea tree.
formulas for feet, hands, and sun protection, along with instructions for
Readers will learn how to blend and apply these highly concentrated aromatherapy
customizing recipes for particular skin types and easy-to-make treatments
oils safely and effectively in 100 recipes that enhance well-being and promote healing.
for common skin conditions like rosacea, acne, and wrinkles.
Paper; 248 pages; 7 x 9
Hardcover with concealed wire-o;
256 pages; 7 x 9
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-874-0; No. 622874
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £15.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-050-4; No. 626050


Organic Body Hands-On Naturally Bug-Free Making Naturally Healthy Skin

Care Recipes Healing Remedies Nontoxic alternatives to Love Potions Dozens of recipes, techniques,
Recipes for luscious lotions, Treat a wide range of conditions — chemical-laden insecticides These 64 easy recipes for herbal and treatments will get the skin
scrubs, toners, masks, and more from headaches and arthritis to are easy to make, and these body oils, balms, tonics, bath glowing, and practical advice for
make it easy for home crafters tendinitis, fungal infections, 75 all-natural recipes are safe blends, and sweet treats to share different skin types and man-
of every skin type to personalize anxiety, and cracked skin — with and effective. This collection with that special someone will aging common skin problems
their beauty regimen while these 150 all-natural recipes for includes sprays, balms, body arouse all the senses. will help maintain radiant beauty.
maintaining radiantly healthy herbal balms, oils, salves, liniments, oils, and tinctures for protec- Paper; 208 pages; 6 x 9
Paper with flaps; 192 pages; 7 x 7
skin, hair, feet, hands, and nails. and other topical ointments. tion from mosquitos, ticks, and Illustrations throughout
other biting insects, as well $16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
■■ 143,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 320 pages; 8 x 8½
as herbal pet shampoos, flea ISBN 978-1-61212-572-5; No. 622572 ISBN 978-1-58017-130-4; No. 67130
Paper; 384 pages; 8 x 8½
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA
collars, and powders.
ISBN 978-1-61212-006-5; No. 622006 Paper; 176 pages; 5 x 7 8-copy counter display
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
Two-color $135.60 US / $199.60 CAD
ISBN 978-1-58017-676-7; No. 67676
$10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / £8.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-865-8; No. 622865
ISBN 978-1-61212-596-1; No. 622596

8-copy counter display

$87.60 US / $135.60 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-720-0; No. 622720



“Ditch the harmful

chemicals found in
conventional beauty
products and set the
girl s up with a fun
spa night featuring
all-natural DIY
Happy Baby, Happy You Natural Hair Coloring Make Your Own Pure — Kiwi Magazine
karyn siegel-maier christine shahin Mineral Makeup
Both baby and parents can have Rich, natural-looking hair color heather anderson
a joyful, rewarding, and low- is attainable and afforable with With 79 formulas for eye
stress first year with the help all-natural plant pigments. shadow, foundation, concealer, Girls’ Home Spa Lab
of these 500 delightful tips Henna, indigo, amla, and cassia blush, bronzer, and more, read- maya pagán
for bonding, playing, learning, make it possible to achieve ers will learn the easy and Packed with all-natural recipes, activities, and tips for relax-
and nurturing. stunning shades of brown, inexpensive process of making ation, this fun guide gives active, plugged-in tween girls
■■ 71,000 COPIES IN PRINT black, red, and even blond their own naturally derived healthy ways to de-stress and build essential self-care
that effectively cover gray hair. cosmetics. Not only do these
Paper; 304 pages; 5 x 7 routines into daily life. From homemade facial steams and
Two-color Paper; 184 pages; 7 x 9 mineral-based powders protect hair masks to foot soaks, tub teas, and body balms, these 50
$10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / UK: NA Full-color and promote healthy skin, the head-to-toe formulas can easily be made from ingredients
ISBN 978-1-60342-141-6; No. 62141 $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK recipes also detail how to cus-
ISBN 978-1-61212-598-5; No. 622598
found in the kitchen cupboard. Girls will also learn how
tomize for skin type and color. to unwind with easy yoga poses, sleep tea recipes, and
Paper; 256 pages; 7 x 9 natural remedies.
Full-color ■■ Gold Mom's Choice Award
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK ■■ For ages 9–13
ISBN 978-1-61212-752-1; No. 622752
Paper; 160 pages; 8 x 10 5-copy counter display
Full-color $84.70 US / $129.75 CAD
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK ISBN 978-1-63586-147-1; No. 626147
ISBN 978-1-61212-964-8; No. 622964

Natural Baby Care The Essential The Herbal Home Spa The Herbal Home The Aromatherapy
colleen k. dodt Oils Book greta breedlove Remedy Book Companion
Using easy-to-follow instructions, colleen k. dodt Anyone can create sumptuous joyce a. wardwell victoria h. edwards
parents can make natural lotions, Whether soothing or invigorating, personal-care products to These simple recipes provide Hundreds of soothing and healing
bath oils, creams, powders, and aromatic essential oils can be pamper every part of the body. complete instructions for recipes for beauty, good health,
shampoos that will ensure glow- used in air fresheners, home- These easy-to-follow recipes gathering, drying, storing, and and physical and emotional well-
ing health and enhance the bond cleaning products, bath soaks, yield gentle shampoos and blending 25 common herbs to being teach readers to use essen-
between parent and child. and, of course, perfumes. This conditioners; refreshing facial improve overall health and to tial and carrier oils in creating
Information is included on self- practical guide shows readers scrubs, masks, and steams; stock the home medicine cabinet bath, massage, and aphrodisiac
care during pregnancy, infant how to use essential oils safely invigorating massage oils and with all-natural salves, tinctures, blends. While some special
massage, and gift ideas. and effectively, with profiles of body wraps; soothing treatments syrups, and lozenges. recipes are inspired by mythol-
Paper; 160 pages; 6 x 9 33 common essential oils, plus for tired eyes and crow’s feet; ogy, astrology, and Ayurvedic
Illustrations throughout dozens of recipes and tips. and more. The results will rival medicine, this comprehensive
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA the best offerings at spas and Paper; 176 pages; 6 x 9
■■ 94,000 COPIES IN PRINT Two-color volume also guides readers in
ISBN 978-0-88266-953-3; No. 66953 specialty shops. creating custom mixtures.
Paper; 160 pages; 6 x 9 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £9.99 UK
■■ 46,000 COPIES IN PRINT ISBN 978-1-58017-016-1; No. 67016 ■■ 45,000 COPIES IN PRINT
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £9.99 UK Paper; 208 pages; 6 x 9
Paper; 288 pages; 8 x 8
ISBN 978-0-88266-913-7; No. 66913 Illustrations throughout
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-005-5; No. 67005
ISBN 978-1-58017-150-2; No. 67150




Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Rosemary Gladstar’s

Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide Recipes for Vibrant Health Herbal Healing for Men
For a new generation of gardeners and natural health This comprehensive collection of homemade herbal Treating men’s wellness issues — such as sexual vitality,
enthusiasts, here is a fresh introduction to growing and recipes offers a potent prescription for energy and prostate health, and heart strength — is easy with this
using 33 healing herbs, including aloe vera, chamomile, good health at every stage of life. An A-to-Z guide inviting introduction, which features dozens of deli-
lavender, and turmeric. More than 100 easy-to-follow to more than 90 common plants is accompanied by cious and simple herbal formulas. In-depth profiles
and effective recipes for teas, salves, tinctures, oils, 175 simple, safe, and effective herbal formulas for of 30 herbs explain how men will benefit from each
syrups, and pills help naturally fortify against common treating everyday ailments and boosting beauty and provide a variety of suggested uses and acces-
upsets and ailments. and vitality. sible preparation tips.
■■ 279,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 204,000 COPIES IN PRINT Silver Nautilus Award

Paper; 224 pages; 7 x 9 Paper; 408 pages; 7¼ x 7¼ Paper; 224 pages; 7 x 9

Full-color Full-color Full-color
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-005-8; No. 622005 ISBN 978-1-60342-078-5; No. 62078 ISBN 978-1-61212-477-3; No. 622477

Herbs for Herbs for Herbs for Herbs for Herbs for
Stress & Anxiety Natural Beauty Long-Lasting Health Common Ailments Children’s Health
This accessible guide profiles From face creams to body With a focus on 22 herbs Here is the perfect basic An inviting introduction to
the most effective herbs for scrubs, massage oils, and that enhance vitality and guide to the effective herbal making and using herbal
addressing common stress shampoos, these recipes well-being, this useful remedies that everyone preparations, this guide
symptoms, from panic attacks use herbs, essential oils, and primer includes 15 recipes should have in their medicine profiles 24 safe and common
and depression to migraines other common ingredients for making effective tinctures, chest, along with recipes herbs and includes recipes
and insomnia, and includes as the foundation for gentle, teas, tonics, and more, includ- for easing common ailments for teas, salves, tablets, food,
simple techniques for making effective, all-natural body ing Longevity Tonic, 7-Herb such as colds, bruises, and and herbal remedies for colic,
herbal remedies to soothe care treatments that are Long-Life Soup, and Brain muscle aches and pains. teething, diaper rash, and more.
nervous system issues. easy to make. Tonic Tincture. Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7 Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7
Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7 Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7 Illustrations throughout Illustrations throughout
Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7
Illustrations throughout Illustrations throughout $8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK $8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK
Illustrations throughout
$8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK $8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-431-5; No. 622431 ISBN 978-1-61212-475-9; No. 622475
$8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-429-2; No. 622429 ISBN 978-1-61212-473-5; No. 622473
ISBN 978-1-61212-471-1; No. 622471



Creating Fairy Making Herbal

Garden Fragrances Dream Pillows BEST Includes
linda gannon jim long SELLER 36 Stunning Oracle Cards
Enchanting garden aromas Step-by-step instructions and
come to life inside the house lavish illustrations show how
thanks to this delightful guide to create and fill pillows with 17 The Illustrated Herbiary
to gathering and drying herbs herbal dream blends that draw maia toll
and flowers and then blending on the healing aromas of herbs
them with essential oils. The and flowers to help reduce stress, The symbolism of plants has fascinated people for centuries. In this beautifully illustrated,
results are so fragrant and nurture creativity, inspire roman- contemporary spin on the tradition of turning to plants for meaning and messages,
stimulating they can only be tic thoughts, increase mental herbalist Maia Toll profiles the unique and mysterious personalities of 36 herbs, fruits,
described as magical. clarity, and more. and flowers, offering reflections and rituals to tap into each plant’s power for healing
and everyday guidance. Thirty-six cards featuring artwork from the book help guide
Hardcover with jacket; Hardcover with jacket; readers’ meditations.
64 pages; 7¾ x 7¾ 64 pages; 7¾ x 7¾
Full-color Full-color
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK Hardcover with 9 cardstock sheets in a bound-in envelope;
ISBN 978-1-58017-076-5; No. 67076 ISBN 978-1-58017-075-8; No. 67075 168 pages; 6 x 8
$19.95 US / $26.95 CAD / £14.99 UK The Illustrated Herbiary Collectable
ISBN 978-1-61212-968-6; No. 622968 Box Set, page 5

Raising a Team Player The Soul Support Book Naturally Healthy Hair Perfumes, Splashes Making Aromatherapy
harry sheehy with deb koffman mary beth janssen & Colognes Creams & Lotions
danny peary Wise, witty, and unconventional, Every day can be a good hair day nancy m. booth donna maria
High-pressure situations every page in this collection of with these tips for maintaining A quick scent profile quiz helps Here is the guide to creating
inherent to sports can teach cartoons is a mini-meditation radiant tresses and recipes for readers pinpoint their fragrance personalized facial creams, body
kids valuable lessons about that puts a fresh spin on uni- customized plant-based sham- preferences before creating rubs, lip balms, and more using
resiliency, determination, versal truths derived from ancient poos and conditioners. In addition, customized perfumes, splashes, a simple five-step method, all-
pride, humility, and more wisdom. The soul-soothing readers will learn about foods, and colognes using herbs, natural ingredients, and the power
that will serve them well off observations are encouraging, vitamins, and minerals for healthy essential oils, fragrance oils, of aromatherapy. It includes an
the court for years to come. eye-opening, and so darn true locks; Ayurvedic practices that and alcohol. Readers will also overview of aromatherapy, tech-
A longtime college athletic that readers will want to carry can invigorate hair; and health- learn to re-create their favorite niques for extracting aromatic
director encourages parents this pocket-size volume with ful approaches to cutting, coloring, commercial perfumes at a frac- plant materials, and 101 recipes.
to get involved and offers them everywhere. and styling. tion of the price; properly care ■■ 58,000 COPIES IN PRINT
advice on effective ways to Paper with flaps; 112 pages; 5¼ x 7 Paper; 192 pages; 6 x 9 for and store their homemade
praise, temper, support, and Paper; 168 pages; 6 x 8⅞
Full-color Illustrations throughout fragrances; and attractively Two-color
teach young team players. $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA package their creations. $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
Hardcover with jacket; ISBN 978-1-58017-286-8; No. 67286 ISBN 978-1-58017-129-8; No. 67129
■■ 37,000 COPIES IN PRINT ISBN 978-1-58017-241-7; No. 67241
176 pages; 5½ x 8¼
Two-color Paper; 176 pages; 6 x 9
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA Two-color
ISBN 978-1-58017-447-3; No. 67447 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
ISBN 978-0-88266-985-4; No. 66985


“Any book that

reminds us that life
is a gift, is a gift in
itself. This book is
a true gift.”
— Jack Kornfield, best-
selling author of No
Time like the Present
BEST and A Path with Heart
The Mindful Way to a How to Sleep
Good Night’s Sleep Soundly Tonight
Everyday Gratitude tzivia gover barbara l. heller
a network for grateful living This encouraging self-help These 250 tips for improved
This collection of hand-lettered quotes and reflections curated by A Network for Grateful guide combines mindfulness and sleep are natural and easy to
Living calls attention to the abundance of things to be grateful for in ordinary daily life. dreamwork to present accessible, implement, and they will help
Inspiration from well-known minds such as Maya Angelou, Confucius, and Anne Frank effective techniques for achiev- change the habits that hinder
combines with practices that will help readers recognize everyday opportunities for gratitude ing peaceful, restful sleep — sound sleep. Techniques include
and joy. naturally — using simple yoga lifestyle and nutritional changes;
■■ 50,000 COPIES IN PRINT poses, 10-minute meditations, exercises; recipes for sleep-
easy breathing exercises, and inducing foods, herbal baths,
Paper with flaps and ribbon bookmark; 4-copy counter display
tips for cultivating dream recall. and room sprays; and more.
304 pages; 6 x 6 $51.80 US / $79.80 CAD
Full-color ISBN 978-1-63586-057-3; No. 626057 Paper; 184 pages; 6 x 8 Paper; 192 pages; 5¼ x 7¼
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £9.99 UK Two-color Two-color
ISBN 978-1-63586-046-7; No. 626046 $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK $8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-61212-882-5; No. 622882 ISBN 978-1-58017-314-8; No. 67314

Each of the mini-books in this collection offers
soothing nuggets of time-tested wisdom and
“Our lives are the sum trusted advice. Available in a range of wellness
total of the moments topics, these make perfect small gifts or alterna-
we spend and savor. tives to a greeting card.
Tzivia Gover offers Paper; 64 pages; 41/4 x 5 A Spa of Your Own
$3.95 US / $5.95 CAD / UK: NA
multiple ways to make Books are not prepriced
stephanie tourles
ISBN 978-1-58017-888-4; No. 67888
the most of each
moment and, conse-
quently, of our lives.”
— Tal Ben-Shahar, author
BEST of Being Happy

Joy in Every Moment

tzivia gover
This inspirational book offers creative ways to uncover bits Simple Ways to Incense How to Keep a
of joy every day, whether working at the office, making a Energize diana rosen Dream Journal
to-do list, or stopping at a tollbooth. Short essays accompanied ISBN 978-1-58017-567-8; No. 67567
stephanie tourles diana rosen
by practical exercises and the art of internationally noted ISBN 978-1-58017-887-7; No. 67887 ISBN 978-1-58017-890-7 ; No. 67890
illustrator Olaf Hajek make this the perfect gift for those
looking to increase their daily joy quotient.
Paper with flaps; 220 pages; 6 x 7 5-copy counter display
Two-color with 10 full-color illustrated $64.75 US / $99.75 CAD
inserts ISBN 978-1-61212-718-7; No. 622718
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £8.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-511-4; No. 622511

Taking Time for Friends By Candlelight A Celebration of

dale evva gelfand diana rosen Motherhood
ISBN 978-1-58017-546-3; No. 67546 ISBN 978-1-58017-566-1; No. 67566
michelle gillett
ISBN 978-1-58017-384-1; No. 67384



“Fries invites a
deeper connection to
the natural world.”
— From the foreword by
Robin Wall Kimmerer,
author of Braiding Sweetgrass
Tag, Toss & Run The Kayak Companion The Hiking Companion
paul tukey & victoria rowell joe glickman michael w. robbins
From old-time favorites such This kayaking primer is full of From forests to fields and lake
as bocce and Red Rover to expert advice and plenty of edges to mountains, readers
lesser-known games like encouragement. Beginners will learn what to expect when
Forest Bathing Retreat
Cherokee marbles, cornhole, benefit from the clear descrip- hiking in various terrains. hannah fries
and kubb, this book features tions of the basic techniques of Informative and fun tips for trip In this distinctive gift book inspired by the Japanese concept
40 exciting games, with a quick sea, touring, and recreational planning, equipment, navigation, of shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, poet Hannah Fries
overview of the basic sequence kayaking, while experienced and safety join exciting firsthand encourages readers to slow down and experience the
and strategies for each. kayakers will find insightful tips stories of once-in-a-lifetime benefits of quiet time spent in the company of trees.
Paper; 208 pages; 6½ x 7½ on navigation, troubleshooting, adventures, making this inspiring Accompanied by stunning nature photography, Fries’s own
Two-color and boat assessment. and practical guide a must-have reflections and guided mindfulness exercises comingle with
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA Paper; 136 pages; 6 x 9 for outdoor trekkers. a curated selection of writing from poets, naturalists, artists,
ISBN 978-1-60342-560-5; No. 62560 Illustrations throughout Paper; 136 pages; 6 x 9 scientists, and thinkers across cultures, including Japanese
$10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / UK: NA Illustrations throughout haiku masters, nineteenth century European Romantics,
ISBN 978-1-58017-485-5; No. 67485 $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA American Transcendentalists, and contemporary environ-
ISBN 978-1-58017-429-9; No. 67429 mentalists, inviting frequent revisiting for fresh insights
and inspiration.

Paper with flaps; 192 pages; 6 x 6 5-copy counter display

Full-color $74.75 US / $114.75 CAD
$14.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £11.99 UK ISBN 978-1-63586-145-7; No. 626145
ISBN 978-1-63586-094-8; No. 626094

Bird Brainteasers The Backyard The Bird Watching Into the Nest Owling
patrick merrell Bird-Lover’s Guide Answer Book laura erickson & marie read mark wilson
Bird-watchers and puzzle fans jan mahnken laura erickson This beautifully photographed Wildlife photojournalist and owl
alike will delight in this fresh This colorful, information- In this handy, pocket-size book portrays the lesser known rehabilitator Mark Wilson invites
collection of games and puzzles. packed reference on attracting, volume, the Cornell Lab of courting and family lives of young readers into the world
Packed with bird-themed cross- feeding, and watching a wide Ornithology answers hundreds familiar birds, showing the entire of real-life owls for an up-close
words, visual puzzles, and the variety of birds introduces 135 of birders’ in-the-field ques- life cycle in intimate detail. For look at their lives, behavior, and
first-ever Birdoku challenges, North American species. tions — including “How do birds each species group there are abilities. Kids will learn about
this book also features avian Beautiful, detailed paintings prepare for long migrations?” photographs of the male and the birds’ silent flight, remark-
facts, trivia, and lore. accompany comprehensive “How well do birds hear?” and female, courtship, nest construc- able eyes and ears, haunting
Paper; 324 pages; 4 x 6 profiles that highlight each “Do birds play?” tion, eggs, parents on the nest, calls, and fascinating night life
Two-color bird’s territory and its court- nestlings, feeding time, and while seeing owls in action
Flexibind with paper spine; the flight of fledglings. through dramatic photographs
$9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA ship, nesting, and parenting 400 pages; 4½ x 6⅜
ISBN 978-1-60342-080-8; No. 62080
characteristics. Two-color Paper; 208 pages; 9¾ x 8½ of 19 North American species.
■■ 119,000 COPIES IN PRINT $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA Full-color ■■ For ages 8–12
ISBN 978-1-60342-452-3; No. 62452 $17.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK
Paper; 320 pages; 7 x 10 ISBN 978-1-61212-229-8; No. 622229 Hardcover with glow-in-the-dark ink
Full-color on cover; 120 pages; 11 x 11
8-copy counter display
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA Full-color
$119.60 US / $183.60 CAD
ISBN 978-0-88266-927-4; No. 66927 $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-503-2; No. 62503
ISBN 978-1-61212-962-4; No. 622962



The Life Cycles The Secret Lives of

of Butterflies Backyard Bugs
judy burris & wayne richards judy burris & wayne richards
More than 400 stunning up- This is an up-close-and-personal
close photographs, all taken in tour of the hidden lives of spi-
live garden settings, show the ders, beetles, butterflies, moths,
life cycles of 23 common back- crickets, dragonflies, damsel-
yard butterflies. Each butterfly flies, grasshoppers, aphids, and
Nature Anatomy Farm Anatomy is shown from start to maturity, other backyard residents. Each
From botany and geology to astronomy, weather, zoology, A perfect gift for gardeners, with sequential photographs of creature is shown in its natural
and more, every frame-worthy page of this delightful visual homesteaders, and country- the egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and setting, and many are shown
compendium gives readers of all ages insight into a particular living enthusiasts, this emerging butterfly — a richly progressing through the stages
aspect of the great outdoors. Never has it been so much fun entertaining farm tour includes visual guide to one of nature’s of their life cycles.
to learn about the life cycle of mushrooms, how mountains a knot-tying guide, a primer most wondrous creations. ■■ National Outdoor Book Award
are formed, and the anatomy of a jellyfish! on dry-curing ham, recipes for ■■ Teachers’ Choice Children’s
dandelion wine and freezer Paper; 136 pages; 8 x 10
■■ Gold Nautilus Award Book Award Full-color
■■ Sigurd F. Olson Young Adult Notable Book pickles, and so much more! ■■ 62,000 COPIES IN PRINT $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
■■ 132,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 102,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 160 pages; 9¾ x 7½ ISBN 978-1-60342-563-6; No. 62563
Paper with flaps; 224 pages; 6½ x 9 6-copy counter display Paper with flaps; 224 pages; 6½ x 9 Full-color
Full-color $101.70 US / $155.70 CAD Full-color $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-772-9; No. 622772 $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK ISBN 978-1-58017-617-0; No. 67617
ISBN 978-1-61212-231-1; No. 622231 ISBN 978-1-60342-981-8; No. 62981

6-copy counter display

$101.70 US / $155.70 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-033-1; No. 622033

Cattail Moonshine & Birdfeeders,

Milkweed Medicine Shelters & Baths
Food Anatomy tammi hartung edward a. baldwin
Includes Readers who crave an For millennia, humans have Readers will find more than
10 framable prints imaginative interpretation of turned to plants for nourishment, 25 creative designs for bird-
the world will find their recom- shelter, healing, clothing, and feeders, birdbaths, and other
mended daily allowance of entertainment. These illustrated structures, along with tips for
profiles of 43 native North Amer- controlling squirrels and other
The Julia Rothman Collection facts and fun, starting with an
ican flowers, herbs, and trees predators while attracting
illustrated history of food and
This boxed gift set features the charming visual guides explore the deeply rooted rela- birds to the backyard. Step-
ending with a tasting of global
Farm Anatomy, Nature Anatomy, and Food Anatomy — plus 10 tionship between people and by-step illustrations make
street food.
framable prints from the books — in a specially designed slipcase. plants, with little-known stories these unique projects accessi-
■■ 34,000 COPIES IN PRINT and fascinating facts that will ble to all bird lovers.
Paper with flaps; 224 pages; 6½ x 9 captivate readers.
3 paperbacks and 10 framable prints in ■■ 144,000 COPIES IN PRINT
a slipcase, shrink-wrapped; 672 pages; ■■Thomas DeBaggio Book
$16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK Paper; 128 pages; 8½ x 11
Full-color Award
ISBN 978-1-61212-339-4; No. 622339 One-color with 8-page color
$50.00 US / $75.00 CAD / £35.00 UK ■■Silver Nautilus Award
photographic insert
ISBN 978-1-61212-852-8; No. 622852
6-copy counter display Hardcover; 256 pages; 7 x 7½ $15.95 US / $23.95 CAD / UK: NA
$101.70 US / $149.70 CAD Full-color ISBN 978-0-88266-623-5; No. 66623
ALSO AVAILABLE: ISBN 978-1-61212-861-0; No. 622861 $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
Nature Anatomy Notebook, page 24 ISBN 978-1-61212-660-9; No. 622660



“A marvelous guide to
curiosity and wonder,
full of brilliant and
inspiring advice from
BEST BEST two of our genera-
tion’s most accom-
The Encyclopedia of 100 Plants to Feed Attracting Native plished naturalists.”
Animal Predators the Bees Pollinators –David George Haskell,
Pulitzer Prize–nomi-
janet vorwald dohner the xerces society the xerces society nated author of The
Forest Unseen and The
In-depth profiles of more than This user-friendly field guide This essential reference provides Songs of Trees
30 predatory mammals, birds, offers concise profiles of 100 comprehensive information
and reptiles teach farmers, common flowers, herbs, shrubs, on every kind of pollinator and
ranchers, and backyard-animal and trees that attract and nour- shows how to encourage activity
The Naturalist’s Notebook
raisers how to prevent their ish bees, butterflies, moths, and from bees, wasps, butterflies, nathaniel t. wheelwright & bernd heinrich
livestock, poultry, and pets from hummingbirds. moths, and flies by creating The unique five-year format of this nature journal helps readers
becoming prey. Readers learn ■■ Garden Writers Association flowering habitats and inviting create a long-term record and point of comparison for memorable
to identify the tracks, scat, and Silver Award of Achievement nesting sites. Anyone can do events, such as spring’s first robin, summer’s first monarch
type of damage left behind by ■■ 36,000 COPIES IN PRINT it! Instructions for building nest- butterfly, and winter’s first frost. Beautifully rendered illustra-
threatening species while gain- Paper; 240 pages; 6 x 8 ing structures and an extensive tions and insightful text teach nature lovers of all ages what to
ing an understanding of how Full-color resource list are included. look for, no matter where they live.
predators think and behave. $16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK ■■ 48,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ Gold Nautilus Award
Paper; 288 pages; 8 x 10 ISBN 978-1-61212-701-9; No. 622701
Paper; 384 pages; 7 x 10 Hardcover with ribbon bookmark;
Full-color Hardcover; Full-color 208 pages; 8 x 8½
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK $26.95 US / $39.95 CAD / UK: NA $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA Full-color
ISBN 978-1-61212-699-9; No. 622699 ISBN 978-1-61212-886-3; No. 622886 ISBN 978-1-60342-695-4; No. 62695 $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
Hardcover; ALSO AVAILABLE: ISBN 978-1-61212-889-4; No. 622889
$34.95 US / $52.95 CAD / UK: NA Farming with Native Beneficial
ISBN 978-1-61212-705-7; No. 622705 Insects, page 109


“A remarkable book
for solitary reading
or sharing with
— Library Journal

Nature Journal Drawn to Nature Keeping a

More than a blank book, but Endearing sketches and Nature Journal
with ample room to record thought-provoking observa-
reflections on nature, here is a tions serve as an invitation to
clare walker leslie
& charles e. roth
The Curious Nature Guide
unique guided journal with just readers to slow down and With the help of simple prompts, intriguing facts, charming
Readers of all ages will reconnect
the right balance of inspiration wake up to what’s happening sketches, and stunning photos, every page of this unique trea-
with nature through sketching
and information. Instructions in the natural world all around. sure map invites the reader to focus on a particular aspect of
and writing with these simple
for identifying and drawing Signs of nature are everywhere, the natural world that can be seen right beyond any doorstep,
methods for capturing the living
birds, trees, insects, plants, and and this inspirational guide rural or urban.
beauty of each season.
other natural objects will help helps readers see with renewed ■■ Silver Nautilus Award
readers see and understand appreciation and joy. ■■ John Burroughs Young
Readers Nature Book Award Paper with flaps; 144 pages; 6½ x 8½
the natural world in new ways. Paper with flaps; 176 pages; 6½ x 8 Full-color
■■ 126,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Hardcover with jacket; Full-color $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
176 pages; 7½ x 10 $15.00 US / $23.00 CAD / UK: NA Paper with flaps; 224 pages; 9¼ x 10 ISBN 978-1-61212-509-1; No. 622509
Full-color ISBN 978-1-58017-614-9; No. 67614 Full-color
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-296-7; No. 67296 ISBN 978-1-58017-493-0; No. 67493


“Offers modern, healthy,

and delicious ideas
that will change the
way you think about BEST BEST BEST
feeding yourself and SELLER SELLER SELLER
your family.”
— Corky, Lori, Dana, and Recipes from the Raw Energy Raw Energy in a Glass
Tracy Pollan, coauthors Herbalist’s Kitchen stephanie tourles stephanie tourles
of The Pollan Family Table
brittany wood nickerson These 124 nutrition-packed More than 120 super-nutritious,
This unique cookbook reveals recipes for trail mixes, soups, super-delicious recipes for
food as a powerful source of chips, dips, cookies, and more smoothies, shakes, green drinks,
Build-a-Bowl medicine, with detailed profiles of are all made with unprocessed power shots, mocktails, longevity
nicki sizemore favorite culinary herbs. Generous whole foods such as nuts, seeds, elixirs, and fermented beverages
portions of these herbs are fruits, vegetables, carob, cocoa, are all designed to boost health
Food writer Nicki Sizemore’s fuss-free formula for creating
then used in the 110 recipes for and fresh juices. and energy.
delicious, satisfying grain bowls begins with a grain base followed
by fresh vegetables and herbs, a lean protein, and a flavorful snacks, entrées, drinks, and ■■ 64,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 288 pages; 6½ x 7½
sauce. With 77 creative combinations — from the Chicken desserts that meet the body’s Paper; 272 pages; 6½ x 7½ Full-color
needs for comfort, nourishment, $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK
Sausage Meatballs Bowl or the Crispy Fish Taco Bowl to the Full-color
ISBN 978-1-61212-248-9; No. 622248
vegan-friendly Double Broccoli Power Bowl — as well as countless energy, and support through $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK
seasonal changes. ISBN 978-1-60342-467-7; No. 62467
options for customizing each bowl to suit individual preferences, 8-copy mixed counter display
these nutrition-packed meals work for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. ■■ IACP Award Finalist (4 copies Raw Energy, 4 copies Raw
8-copy mixed counter display
■■ Gold Foreword INDIES Award Energy in a Glass)
Paper; 192 pages; 8 x 9 5-copy counter display (4 copies Raw Energy, 4 copies Raw
■■Silver Nautilus Award $135.60 US / $207.60 CAD
Full-color $94.75 US / $144.75 CAD Energy in a Glass)
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK ISBN 978-1-63586-146-4; No. 626146 $135.60 US / $207.60 CAD ISBN 978-1-61212-549-7; No. 622549
ISBN 978-1-61212-990-7; No. 622990 Hardcover; 312 pages; 8 x 10 ISBN 978-1-61212-549-7; No. 622549
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-690-6; No. 622690

“Full of fun and relaxed —

yet inspired — recipes, this
book is a must-have for pros
and home cooks alike!”
— Rich Rosendale, certified master
chef, cohost of CBS’s Recipe Rehab,
and co-owner of Roots 657 in
Leesburg, Virginia

The Fresh The Fresh Fresh Made Simple

The Pesto Cookbook Egg Cookbook Honey Cookbook lauren k. stein
olwen woodier jennifer trainer thompson laurey masterton Novice and seasoned cooks
Fresh eggs shine in such classic In a seasonal calendar show- alike will find kitchen inspira-
Pesto doesn’t have to stop at basil! Cooks, gardeners, and food
dishes as Caesar salad, spaghetti casing what’s fresh each month, tion in this collection of 75
lovers will unlock the full potential of this classic sauce with
carbonara, and deviled eggs — the subtle flavors of 12 honey all-illustrated recipes for
recipes that introduce a variety of herbs, vegetables, and nuts
and in innovative recipes for varietals are celebrated in 84 simple-to-make meals, snacks,
into the mix. Some pestos call for garden favorites like rose-
smoothies, appetizers, casse- recipes, from Pork Tenderloin beverages, and sweets built
mary, mint, parsley, and cilantro, and others draw inspiration
roles, and stews. with Orange Blossom Honey from ingredients at the peak
from cultures around the world, with delicious results ranging
Mustard to Pears and Pecorino of freshness and flavor.
from Moroccan Chermoula and Peanut-Cilantro Pesto to com- ■■ 36,000 COPIES IN PRINT
binations like Poblano and Fresh Oregano Purée. An additional with Chestnut Honey. Hardcover; 200 pages; 8 x 8
Paper; 192 pages; 7 x 9 Full-color
67 creative recipes for cooking with pesto show off how versatile Full-color Paper; 208 pages; 7 x 9 $18.00 US / $27.00 CAD / UK: NA
these simple sauces can be. $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £9.99 UK Full-color ISBN 978-1-61212-608-1; No. 622608
ISBN 978-1-60342-978-8; No. 62978 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
Paper; 224 pages; 6½ x 8½
ISBN 978-1-61212-051-5; No. 622051
Full-color 5-copy counter display
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK 6-copy counter display $90.00 US / $135.00 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-765-1; No. 622765 $89.70 US / $137.70 CAD 6-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-61212-714-9; No. 622714
ISBN 978-1-61212-106-2; No. 622106 $89.70 US / $137.70 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-636-4; No. 622636



“Finally, an easy,
approachable answer
to solving the age-old
What’s for dinner?
— Jennifer Perillo,
Picnic Fresh Fish Cooking with Coconut In Jennie’s Kitchen
deedee stovel jennifer trainer thompson ramin ganeshram
These 125 recipes for packable, Seafood preparation becomes Health-conscious eaters will
portable fare are for anyone who accessible with instructions for find new ways to incorporate The Make-Ahead Sauce Solution
finds that food tastes better in mastering basic cooking meth- coconut into their diets with elisabeth bailey
the great outdoors. Menus ods, including baking, pan frying, 125 recipes that use this super-
themed by season and occasion poaching, roasting, and grill- food in all its forms, from Transform plain dinner staples into delicious weeknight meals
cover all picnicking possibilities, ing — plus tips on finding and coconut milk and oil to dried with recipes for 61 flavor-packed sauces that can be made in
from informal to elegant. cleaning fresh seafood. These and powdered coconut. Options advance and stored in the freezer. Bland chicken breast, plain
■■ 162,000 COPIES IN PRINT 175 original recipes bring out span the menu, from breakfast pasta, or a simple baked potato take on new creative possibilities
the best flavors in seafood and dishes like Savory Coconut when topped with a mouthwatering sauce such as traditional
Paper; 192 pages; 8 x 8 sausage ragu, Thai peanut, Gorgonzola chive butter, all-American
side dishes alongside seafaring Crêpes to dinner and dessert
and coastal living lore. dishes like Coconut Pork Kabobs, barbecue, coconut lemon, Parmesan leek, or cheesy cashew
$10.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-377-3; No. 67377 ■■ IACP Award Finalist Asparagus with Shallots and garlic. Every sauce recipe is accompanied by a quick-reference
Shredded Coconut, and Coco- chart showing a range of satisfying meal options.
Paper with flaps; 352 pages; 8 x 10
8-copy counter display Full-color nut Rum Crème Brulée. Paper; 200 pages; 7 x 9
$87.60 US / $119.60 CAD $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK Paper; 288 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼ Full-color
ISBN 978-1-58017-396-4; No. 67396 ISBN 978-1-61212-337-0; No. 622337 Full-color $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
$18.95 US / $26.95 CAD / £13.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-959-4; No. 622959
ISBN 978-1-61212-646-3; No. 622646

5-copy counter display

$94.75 US / $134.75 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-863-4; No. 622863

“It’s the perfect blend of

inspiring and practical.”
— Leanne Brown, author of
Good and Cheap

Peaches and Other The Classic Tomato: A Fresh-from-

Juicy Fruits Zucchini Cookbook the-Vine Cookbook Fix, Freeze, Feast, 2nd Edition
olwen woodier nancy c. ralston, marynor lawrence davis-hollander kati neville and lindsay ahrens
Dozens of recipes capture the jordan & andrea chesman The flavor and versatility of For busy, thrifty home cooks, filling the freezer with healthy,
exceptional flavors of peaches, Taking zucchini beyond bread heirloom tomatoes, from ripe ready-to-cook meals is more delicious than ever. Using the
plums, apricots, and nectarines is a breeze with 225 recipes for red to tart green, shines in 150 winning formula of preparing dishes in bulk quantities and
in sweet and savory foods, using summer and sweet winter sweet and savory recipes that freezing them for future use, the second edition of this best-
including salsas, salads, stuffing, squash varieties in everything will delight home cooks and selling book includes 150 recipes updated to incorporate even
sorbet, and more. from soups and salads to satis- gardeners who have a bounty more plant-based meals; fresh, seasonal produce; and healthy
fying mains and decadent to use up. grains and beans. Options span the menu with breakfast offerings
Paper; 192 pages; 8 x 8
Two-color desserts. such as Asparagus and Potato Frittata to lunch and dinner
Paper; 288 pages; 8 x 9⅛
$10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / UK: NA ■■ 496,000 COPIES IN PRINT Two-color with 16-page color insert
dishes like Tomato Basil Soup and Berry-Roasted Chicken.
ISBN 978-1-58017-499-2; No. 67499 $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA ■■ 90,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Paper; 320 pages; 8 x 8½
ISBN 978-1-60342-478-3; No. 62478 Paper; 256 pages; 7 x 9 6-copy counter display
8-copy counter display Full-color $113.70 US / $173.70 CAD
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA
$87.60 US / $135.60 CAD 5-copy counter display $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK ISBN 978-1-63586-061-0; No. 626061
ISBN 978-1-58017-453-4; No. 67453
ISBN 978-1-58017-831-0; No. 67831 $84.75 US / $129.75 CAD ISBN 978-1-61212-928-0; No. 622928
ISBN 978-1-60342-509-4; No. 62509
5-copy counter display
$94.75 US / $144.75 CAD
ISBN 978-1-58017-921-8; No. 67921


“From the folks who

make the delicious
Carr’s Ciderhouse
products, this book
pays tribute to apples BEST BEST
and cider in a
beautiful way.”
The Apple Cookbook, The Pumpkin Maple Syrup
— Kathy Gunst, resident
chef for NPR’s Here and 3rd Edition Cookbook, 2nd Edition Cookbook, 3rd Edition
Now and cookbook author olwen woodier deedee stovel ken haedrich
From sweet to savory, apples These 139 recipes — including This sweet classic features
take top billing in more than Currant-Pumpkin-Oat Scones, abundant breakfast and dessert
Ciderhouse Cookbook 125 recipes — 30 of them new Chicken-Pumpkin Tacos, and, recipes, while savory lunch
jonathan carr, nicole blum & andrea blum to this edition. Apples enhance of course, pies— span the menu and dinner entrées offer unex-
In this lushly photographed cookbook, artisanal cider makers everything from soups and and the globe, showing off pected uses for pure maple
Jonathan Carr and Nicole Blum of Carr’s Ciderhouse teach home salads to entrées and desserts, pumpkin’s year-round versatility syrup. Tidbits on maple sugaring
cooks to make a full array of traditional apple cider products, including Apple, Sausage, and and highlighting options for traditions, preparation tips, and
including cider syrups, molasses, vinegars, shrubs, switchels, and Cheese Strata; Ground Lamb substituting other winter squash, profiles of farmers capture
apple preserves. The 127 cider-enriched recipes that follow are Kebabs with Apple Mint Raita; from butternut to kabocha. the country romance of the
simple yet elegant, ranging from Oven-Roasted Asparagus with and Almond Apple Streusel. ■■ 56,000 COPIES IN PRINT syrup-making process.
Garlicky Apple Vinaigrette to Braised Lamb Stew with Apples, ■■ 197,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 248 pages; 7 x 9
■■ 130,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Switchel, and Yogurt Mint Sauce; Cider Mimosas; and Crêpes Paper; 240 pages; 7 x 9 Full-color Paper; 192 pages; 7 x 9
with Fried Apples and Cider Caramel Sauce. Full-color $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK Full-color
Paper with flaps; 232 pages; 8 x 10 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-833-7; No. 622833 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
Full-color ISBN 978-1-61212-518-3; No. 622518 ISBN 978-1-61212-664-7; No. 622664
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £15.99 UK 6-copy counter display
ISBN 978-1-61212-940-2; No. 622940 6-copy counter display $101.70 US / $155.70 CAD 6-copy counter display
$89.70 US / $137.70 CAD ISBN 978-1-63586-020-7; No. 626020 $89.70 US / $137.70 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-630-2; No. 622630 ISBN 978-1-61212-726-2; No. 622726

“Essential, timely,
and chock-full of
practical advice and
plenty of wisdom.”
— Beth Dooley, author of
In Winter’s Kitchen BEST BEST

Cast-Iron Cooking Cooking with Fire Hot Sauce!

rachael narins paula marcoux jennifer trainer thompson
The Beginner’s Guide to Affordable, long-lasting, and
incredibly versatile, cast iron is
Roma-style bacon on a green-
wood stick, roasted pork loin
Here are 32 recipes for signature
sauces, from the sweet-tart
Dehydrating Food, 2nd Edition a cooking method unto itself, on a spit, seared scallops on a Pomegranate Narsharab to the
teresa marrone as well as a great alternative griddle, Plymouth fish chowder super-spicy She Simmers, plus
Stocking the pantry with dried foods for year-round enjoyment to pans with chemical nonstick in a cast-iron pot, turkey in a 60 recipes for using them in
is easy and economical. With instructions for using a tabletop coatings. This easy-to-use smoker, and baguettes in a everything from barbecue to
food dehydrator or convection oven, or even harnessing the cookbook features 40 recipes, wood-fired oven are just a few bouillabaisse.
power of the sun, this friendly, full-color reference makes it a from classic cornbread to of the dishes that can be made ■■ 55,000 COPIES IN PRINT
breeze to create apple rings, kale chips, soup beans, and even blueberry coffee cake, skillet with live-fire cooking.
Paper; 192 pages; 6½ x 8½
specialty items like meat jerky, fruit leather, herb and spice catfish, pan pizza, and the Paper with flaps; 320 pages; 8 x 10 Full-color
mixtures, and baby food in the home kitchen. perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Full-color $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
Paper with flaps; 96 pages; 7 x 9 $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £13.99 UK ISBN 978-1-60342-816-3; No. 62816
■■ 91,000 COPIES IN PRINT ISBN 978-1-61212-158-1; No. 622158
Paper; 320 pages; 8 x 9 6-copy counter display $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £9.99 UK 8-copy counter display
Full-color $149.70 US / $227.70 CAD ISBN 978-1-61212-676-0; No. 622676 $119.60 US / $183.60 CAD
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK ISBN 978-1-63586-062-7; No. 626062 ISBN 978-1-61212-093-5; No. 622093
ISBN 978-1-63586-024-5; No. 626024 8-copy counter display
$103.60 US / $159.60 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-796-5; No. 622796




“Eat healthy animal

fats Andrea Chesman’s
way and you will
never feel hungry or
unsatisfied again!”
Maple Sugar — Sally Fallon Morell,
tim herd president, The Weston
Readers will savor the history A. Price Foundation
of maple sugaring, learn to
The Backyard 101 One-Dish Dinners
identify various kinds of maple Homestead Book of Serving up a balanced meal
trees, discover how to tap trees Kitchen Know-How doesn’t need to be complicated!
and make syrup, and indulge in In this collection of 101 recipes, The Fat Kitchen
From milling flour to curing classic baked fare like chicken
tempting recipes for such treats From the flakiest lard piecrust to the crispiest fried chicken,
sausage, and from freezing or potpie and vegetable lasagna
as maple bread and pecan pie. animal fats create amazing texture and flavor. With this
drying vegetables to preserving share the table with diverse
Paper; 144 pages; 6½ x 7½ fruits, this go-to handbook comprehensive guide to rendering and cooking with whole
Full-color stovetop suppers like jamba- animal fats, including lard, tallow, and poultry fat, cooks will
teaches everything farm-fresh laya and pa d Thai, plus
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / UK: NA
food enthusiasts need to know. discover each fat’s qualities and best uses along with methods
ISBN 978-1-60342-735-7; No. 62735 plenty of meal-in-a-bowl for curing and storage. In addition, 100 recipes highlight tra-
Paper; 368 pages; 7 x 9 salads and timeless soups. ditional cultural favorites like matzoh ball soup, pork tamales,
8-copy counter display Two-color Southern-style collards, New England baked beans, jelly
Paper; 192 pages; 7 x 9
$103.60 US / $159.60 CAD $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-204-5; No. 622204
Full-color doughnuts, and more.
ISBN 978-1-60342-954-2; No. 62954 $16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
Paper; 304 pages; 8 x 9 5-copy counter display
ISBN 978-1-61212-841-2; No. 622841
5-copy counter display Full-color $124.75 US / $189.75 CAD
$99.75 US / $149.75 CAD $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK ISBN 978-1-63586-144-0; No. 626144
ISBN 978-1-61212-637-1; No. 622637 ISBN 978-1-61212-913-6; No. 622913

Root Cellaring Mom’s Best Recipes from the The Pickled Pantry Serving Up
mike & nancy bubel Crowd-Pleasers Root Cellar This fresh, contemporary guide the Harvest
The earth’s naturally cool, stable Feeding casual gatherings large Sweet winter squashes, hardy to pickling provides a whopping This collection of 175 recipes
temperature is an energy-saving and small is a breeze with these greens, jewel-toned root vege- 150 recipes for putting up every- helps garden-fresh vegetables
way to store nearly 100 varieties 101 no-fuss recipes and tips for tables, and potatoes of every thing from apples to zucchini, shine. Fourteen additional master
of fruits and vegetables all year every meal and occasion. From kind are just some of the sat- plus 36 recipes for cooking with recipes show readers how to
long. The authors include specific finger foods and salads to cas- ples of delicious cold weather pickled foods. It includes tech- easily accommodate whatever
storage requirements for each seroles, pastas, burgers, and fare. This collection of more niques for making fermented is especially bountiful in their
crop and building instructions cookies, these easy and delicious than 250 recipes brings local pickles, salsas, relishes, and produce basket.
for big and small root cellars. dishes never fail to satisfy! produce to the winter table. chutneys.
Paper; 512 pages; 8 x 9
■■ 197,000 COPIES IN PRINT
■■ 145,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Paper; 208 pages; 8 x 8 Paper; 400 pages; 8 x 9 Two-color
Paper; 320 pages; 6 x 9 Two-color Two-color Paper; 304 pages; 8 x 9 $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA
Photographs and illustrations $10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / UK: NA $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA Full-color ISBN 978-1-58017-663-7; No. 67663
throughout ISBN 978-1-58017-629-3; No. 67629 ISBN 978-1-60342-545-2; No. 62545 $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £9.99 UK ISBN 978-1-60342-562-9; No. 62562 4-copy counter display
ISBN 978-0-88266-703-4; No. 66703 8-copy counter display $75.80 US / $115.80 CAD
$87.60 US / $135.60 CAD ISBN 978-1-60342-510-0; No. 62510
ISBN 978-1-58017-752-8; No. 67752


“A deep dive into the

world of food preser-
vation and a call to
infuse joy and new
flavors into age-old
— Jeffrey Yoskowitz,
coauthor of The
Gefilte Manifesto: Chowderland Lobster! Soup Night
New Recipes for Old
World Jewish Foods
brooke dojny brooke dojny maggie stuckey
From Boston-Style Creamy Prized for its delicate flavor Organized by season, here are
Clam Chowder to Portuguese and satisfying, meaty texture, cooking tips and recipes for
Caldo Verde Chowder, all good lobster is also a surprisingly more than 90 soups — plus
Cured Meat, Smoked Fish & Pickled Eggs chowders have this in common: affordable luxury. From lobster- breads, salads, and desserts.
karen solomon they taste amazing! Here are based appetizers, stews, and Profiles of soup nights that
50 recipes for the classic one- mains to tasty accompanying take place in neighborhoods,
Teacher and cook Karen Solomon brings her food preservation
pot dish that everyone loves side dishes and desserts, lobster- urban centers, churches, and
expertise to this accessible guide to smoking, pickling, salt-
to eat, plus accompanying side loving home cooks will find community centers will
curing, oil-curing, and dehydrating meats, dairy, fish, eggs, and
dishes, salads, and desserts. everything they need in these inspire readers to join the
other proteins. Creative recipes highlight the range of specialty
Hardcover with jacket; 55 recipes. growing tradition of gathering
foods that can be made at home with these techniques,
144 pages; 6½ x 8 Hardcover with jacket; for a communal meal.
including smoked salmon, pickled beans, brined cheese, duck
Full-color 144 pages; 6½ x 8
breast prosciutto, and, of course, beef jerky (eight varieties!). $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper; 304 pages; 8 x 9
Full-color Full-color
Paper; 200 pages; 7 x 9 6-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-61212-375-2; No. 622375 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
Full-color $119.70 US / $173.70 CAD ISBN 978-1-60342-962-7; No. 62962 ISBN 978-1-61212-099-7; No. 622099
$19.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK ISBN 978-1-63586-059-7; No. 626059 8-copy counter display
ISBN 978-1-61212-903-7; No. 622903 $119.60 US / $183.60 CAD 6-copy counter display
ISBN 978-1-61212-626-5; No. 622626 $89.70 US / $137.70 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-092-8; No. 622092

“An impressive
addition to the
growing literature of
fermentation, with a
thorough review of
basic concepts and a Woodstove Cookery Bread Making: A
great recipe section.” jane cooper Home Course
— Sandor Ellix Katz,
author of The Art of
Offering advice on everything lauren chattman
Fermentation from cleaning to cooking on and Even beginners can successfully
in woodstoves, this book dem- bake their own bread with this
onstrates how to get more use in-depth course in core bread-
Fermented Vegetables Fiery Ferments out of this versatile heat source. making techniques. From
Descriptions of the necessary choosing flour to measuring,
Prized for their health benefits and powerful flavor punch, Fans of fermentation can expand their
techniques and recommended kneading, proofing, shaping,
fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, repertoire with more than 70 recipes
cookware accompany time- storing, and slicing, here is
chutneys, and pastes are enjoyed worldwide. This compre- for gut-healthy hot sauces, mustards,
tested recipes for every meal. everything home bakers need to
hensive guide includes 140 unique recipes for fermenting pickles, chutneys, relishes, and kimchis
more than 80 vegetables, as well as 84 recipes for using from around the globe. An additional
■■ 99,000 COPIES IN PRINT know to make artisanal loaves
them in meals and snacks. 40 recipes highlight many uses for the Paper; 208 pages; 6 x 9 of every style.
■■ 115,000 COPIES IN PRINT hot ferments. Illustrations throughout Paper; 296 pages; 7 x 9
Paper; 272 pages; 8 x 9 $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / UK: NA Two-color
Paper; 376 pages; 8 x 9 ISBN 978-0-88266-108-7; No. 66108
Full-color $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK ISBN 978-1-60342-791-3; No. 62791
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £17.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-425-4; No. 622425 ISBN 978-1-61212-728-6; No. 622728

ALSO AVAILABLE: Miso, Tempeh, Natto & Other Tasty Ferments, page 26



“This is the one go-

to resource for all
things kombucha.”
— Andrew Zimmern,
James Beard Award–
winning author and
host of Travel Chan-
The Big Book of The Beginner’s Keeping the Harvest nel’s Bizarre Foods
Preserving the Harvest Guide to Preserving nancy chioffi SELLER
& gretchen mead
carol w. costenbader Food at Home
janet chadwick This classic guide presents
This classic primer on drying,
simple yet satisfying home
freezing, canning, and pickling
includes more than 150 simple
Discover the best and quickest preserving techniques — The Big Book of Kombucha
methods for preserving every including brining, canning, curing,
recipes. hannah crum & alex lagory
common vegetable and fruit, drying, freezing, pickling, and
■■ 178,000 COPIES IN PRINT arranged in a friendly food- more — so that readers can enjoy Kombucha is taking the healthy beverage market by storm.
Paper; 352 pages; 8 x 9 by-food format. Readers will their freshly harvested fruits and Unlike any other book on the topic, this one-stop reference
Two-color find thorough instructions for vegetables all year long. features dozens of step-by-step photographs, recipes for more
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £15.99 UK freezing, drying, canning, than 200 flavor combinations, and an extensive trouble-
■■ 216,000 COPIES IN PRINT
ISBN 978-1-58017-458-9; No. 67458 brining, and storage. shooting guide for successful home brewing.
Paper; 208 pages; 8½ x 11 Silver Nautilus Book Award
■■ 157,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■
5-copy counter display Illustrations throughout ■■ 141,000 COPIES IN PRINT
$99.75 US / $149.75 CAD Paper; 240 pages; 7 x 9 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-58017-923-2; No. 67923 Two-color ISBN 978-0-88266-650-1; No. 66650 Paper; 400 pages; 8 x 9 Hardcover;
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £9.99 UK Full-color $34.95 US / $52.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-60342-145-4; No. 62145 $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £17.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-434-6; No. 622434
ISBN 978-1-61212-433-9; No. 622433

“Finally! Easy-to-follow
home winemaking
recipes that combine
common sense and fun.”
— Laurie Neverman,
BEST Common Sense
SELLER Homesteading

Preserving Wild Foods Fish Grilled & Smoked A Guide to Canning,

matthew weingarten john manikowski Freezing, Curing &
& raquel pelzel This tasty collection for fishing Smoking Meat, Fish & Wild Winemaking
Dozens of inspired recipes show enthusiasts, home cooks, and richard w. bender
how to preserve a wide range Game
campers features 150 recipes Making wine at home just got more fun, and easier! Accessible
of wild ingredients foraged for grilled and smoked fresh- wilbur f. eastman jr.
for first-timers and intriguing for seasoned winemakers, this
from the sea, fields, forests, and saltwater fish. Foolproof With dozens of recipes for bacon, intoxicating guide focuses on small batches that require
and fresh water and use them methods for smoking fish on corned beef, jerky, pepperoni, minimal equipment and use an unexpected range of readily
to make such delicacies as the backyard grill — plus and more, this no-nonsense available fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. How about
salt cod fritters, rose-hip building plans for three guide is an excellent resource banana or dark chocolate peach wine? Plum champagne or
jam, black walnut liqueur, smoker models — round out for preserving and storing meat. sweet potato saké? Wines containing chamomile, sweet
and duck prosciutto. this invaluable resource. 227,000 COPIES IN PRINT
basil, blood orange, kumquat, and even cannabis have earned
Paper with flaps; 256 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼ Paper; 264 pages; 7 x 9 Paper; 240 pages; 6 x 9 a place in this flavorful collection.
Full-color Two-color Illustrations throughout
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA Paper; 272 pages; 7 x 9
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-727-2; No. 62727 Full-color
ISBN 978-1-58017-502-9; No. 67502 ISBN 978-1-58017-457-2; No. 67457 $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-789-7; No. 622789


“These recipes give you

gorgeous, clever, and
time-tested ways to
include the garden in
your baking. And
they promise to be
delicious, too!”
— Deborah Madison,
author of Vegetable
Literacy and In
How to Make 500 Treasured The Good-to-Go
My Kitchen Maple Syrup Country Recipes Cookbook
alison & steven anderson martha storey & friends kathleen cannata hanna
Whether using containers or This heirloom cookbook is a Busy families will stay well fed
The Harvest Baker a tree-friendly tubing system, treasure trove of simple recipes with more than 300 quick and
readers learn how to tap maple with old-fashioned heart, with easy recipes, from on-the-run
ken haedrich
trees, collect and boil the sap, family favorites that never go breakfasts and snacks to week-
Award-winning author Ken Haedrich puts a fresh spin on bak- and bottle the finished syrup. out of style, from classic bread- night dinners that take just 15
ing, with 150 creative and delicious ways to use garden-fresh For those interested in making and-butter pickles to hand- minutes of preparation, relaxed
fruits, veggies, and herbs in baked goods that go far beyond syrup for fun or as a business, churned ice cream. weekend feasts, and simple
zucchini bread and carrot cake. Dishes range from savory this handy resource includes ■■ 90,000 COPIES IN PRINT sweets.
quiches, tarts, and pot pies to pizza, calzones, hearty yeast everything needed to under-
Paper; 544 pages; 8 x 9⅛ Paper; 336 pages; 8 x 8½
breads and buns, muffins, and scones. And don’t forget the stand the production process. Two-color
sweet cakes, pies, cookies, and bars! All of these scrump- $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7
tious recipes add both nutrition and amazing flavor to every Illustrations throughout ISBN 978-1-58017-291-2; No. 67291 ISBN 978-1-60342-076-1; No. 62076
meal of the day. $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper with flaps; 304 pages; 8 x 10½ 6-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-61212-171-0; No. 622171
Full-color $119.70 US / $179.70 CAD
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-927-3; No. 622927
ISBN 978-1-61212-767-5; No. 622767


Food Swap
emily paster
Part recipe book, part how-to
handbook, this accessible guide
to participating in popular gourmet
Put ’em Up! Put ’em Up! Fruit The Put ’em Up! Preserving food-bartering events features
These simple instructions and delicious Making jams, jellies, chutneys, and more Answer Book more than 80 recipes for the
recipes for everything from applesauce is a practical way to enjoy seasonal fruits most coveted items. Pop-out
The must-have companion to every preserv-
to zucchini pickles cover refrigerating, year-round. Instructions for preserving gift tags will help readers gussy
ing book, this comprehensive reference
freezing, drying, canning, and pickling. delicious fruit products and 80 fruit-centric up their edible exchanges.
answers all the questions that arise in
■■ 103,000 COPIES IN PRINT recipes capture the flavors of summer. the fruit or vegetable preserver’s kitchen. Paper with flaps and 4 sheets of
Paper; 288 pages; 7⅜ x 9⅛ cardstock labels; 248 pages; 7½ x 10
Paper; 304 pages; 7⅜ x 9⅛ Paper with partially concealed wire-o;
Full-color Full-color
Full-color 256 pages; 6 x 8
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK Two-color
ISBN 978-1-61212-024-9; No. 622024 ISBN 978-1-61212-563-3; No. 622563
ISBN 978-1-60342-546-9; No. 62546 $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-61212-010-2; No. 622010
6-copy counter display 6-copy counter display
$119.70 US / $179.70 CAD $119.70 US / $179.70 CAD
ISBN 978-1-60342-936-8; No. 62936 ISBN 978-1-61212-287-8; No. 622287



“The homemade cheese

resource I recommend
the most.”
— Jill Winger, author of
The Prairie Homestead
Handbook BEST
Making & The Home Creamery Say Cheese!
Using Vinegar kathy farrell-kingsley ricki carroll & sarah carroll
bill collins Step-by-step instructions guide Making cheese at home is Home Cheese Making, 4th Edition
Readers will not only learn readers through recipes for more easy, and this fun guide shows ricki carroll
how to make basic vinegars — than a dozen fresh and cultured families how. Step-by-step
dairy products, and 75 cooking photos take kids through the This completely updated fourth edition of “Cheese Queen”
including wine, apple cider, Ricki Carroll’s handbook for the home cheese maker features
malt, white, and rice — but will and baking recipes showcase cheese making process and
homemade dairy items. teach them how to make 10 of 35 new cheese recipes, color photography of step-by-step
also gain an understanding of techniques, and new profiles of contemporary cheese makers.
the versatility of this essential Paper; 220 pages; 7 x 9 their favorites, including moz-
zarella, feta, ricotta, and The additions to this comprehensive volume reflect the
kitchen ingredient with instruc- Two-color
broader selection of cheeses available in specialty food stores
tions for cooking with it and for $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK cream cheese.
ISBN 978-1-60342-031-0; No. 62031 and groceries, including Taleggio, triple crème, goat’s milk
flavoring it with herbs. ■■ For ages 8–12
tomme, and more. Companion recipes are included for cheese
Paper; 96 pages; 5 x 7 6-copy counter display Paper with concealed wire-o and 4 plate condiments and classic cheese dishes.
Illustrations throughout $101.70 US / $155.70 CAD sticker sheets; 136 pages; 9 x 9½
■■ 419,000 COPIES IN PRINT
$9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / £5.99 UK ISBN 978-1-60342-066-2; No. 62066 Full-color
ISBN 978-1-61212-381-3; No. 622381 $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK Paper; 384 pages; 8 x 9 5-copy counter display
ISBN 978-1-61212-823-8; No. 622823 Full-color $124.75 US / $189.75 CAD
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK ISBN 978-1-58017-903-4; No. 67903
5-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-61212-867-2; No. 622867
$94.75 US / $144.75 CAD
ISBN 978-1-63586-008-5; No. 626008
$34.95 US / $52.95 CAD / £26.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-078-8; No. 626078

“Nothing compares to
the self-satisfaction
of making one’s own
encased meats at home.”
— Booklist

Knife Skills Herbal Vinegar Herb Mixtures SELLER
bill collins maggie oster & Spicy Blends
Good knife skills are the key Recipes for making dozens of maggie oster
to feeling comfortable in the vinegars feature various herbs,
Home Sausage Making, 4th Edition
Gathered from herb shops and charles g. reavis & evelyn battaglia with mary reilly
kitchen. Readers learn how to spices, vegetables, and flowers. herb farms across North America,
pick out knives that fit the hand Also included are recipes for The most comprehensive go-to reference on the subject of
here are more than 100 recipes
and how to slice, chop, peel, using flavored vinegars in basic sausage making is now better than ever, with color photog-
for making and using spice rubs
bone, and dice with ease. vinaigrettes, fruit and vegetable raphy, new and updated recipes, and guidelines for popular
and herb blends to flavor foods
Step-by-step instructions and salsas, flavorful and tenderizing charcuterie techniques such as dry curing and smoking. Step-
without adding fat or calories.
illustrations also show how to marinades, spicy dessert sauces, by-step photos make the process accessible for cooks of all
cut and carve seafood, poultry,
and more. levels, and 100 recipes range from breakfast sausage to
meats, fruits, and vegetables. ■■ 160,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Paper; 160 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼ global favorites like mortadella, liverwurst, chorizo, salami,
Illustrations throughout
Paper; 112 pages; 5 x 7 Paper; 176 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼
kielbasa, and bratwurst.
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
Illustrations throughout Illustrations throughout ■■ 308,000 COPIES IN PRINT
ISBN 978-0-88266-918-2; No. 66918
$9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / £5.99 UK $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-61212-379-0; No. 622379 Paper; 376 pages; 8 x 9 6-copy counter display
ISBN 978-0-88266-843-7; No. 66843 Full-color $149.70 US / $209.70 CAD
$24.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £19.99 UK ISBN 978-1-63586-021-4; No. 626021
ISBN 978-1-61212-869-6; No. 622869
$34.95 US / $49.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-61212-985-3; No. 622985



Includes Includes Includes

bonus materials bonus materials cutting board

Cooking Class Baking Class Cooking &

deanna f. cook deanna f. cook Baking Class Box Set
Kids learn basic cooking techniques and simple recipes for This delightful baking guide for kids features 50 easy-to-follow deanna f. cook
favorite foods like French toast, applesauce, and buffalo chicken recipes for all their favorites, from muffins and cookies to breads This slipcase set features the
fingers with the help of stickers, recipe cards, and fun and pizza. Lively step-by-step photos teach bakers-in-training best-selling combo of Cooking
conversation starters. how to knead dough, make biscuits, decorate cookies, and produce Class and the IACP Award–
■■ For ages 6–12 ■■ Silver Parents’ Choice Award a perfect pie, along with essential skills like following directions winning Baking Class, along with
■■ National Parenting ■■ IACP Award Finalist and accurately measuring ingredients. a bonus food-grade plastic
Product Award 248,000 COPIES IN PRINT For ages 8–12 Gold Mom’s Choice Award
■■ ■■ ■■
cutting board.
■■ Gold Mom’s Choice Award ■■ National Parenting ■■ 92,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ For ages 8–12
Paper with concealed wire-o and bound-in cards and stickers; Product Award
144 pages; 9 x 9½ ■■ IACP Award Winner Two paperbacks with concealed wire-o
Full-color and a food-grade cutting board in a
Paper with concealed wire-o, 4 sticker sheets, and 5 perforated cardstock sheets; slipcase, shrink-wrapped; 288 pages
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK 144 pages; 9 x 9½
ISBN 978-1-61212-400-1; No. 622400 $40.00 US / $59.95 CAD / £30.00 UK
Full-color ISBN 978-1-63586-079-5; No. 626079
ALSO AVAILABLE: Cooking $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
Class Global Feast!, page 14 ISBN 978-1-61212-855-9; No. 622855


The Healthy The College Cookbook Ultimate Dining The Lake Michigan The New England
College Cookbook geri harrington Hall Hacks Cottage Cookbook Clam Shack Cookbook,
alexandra nimetz, jason College students are busy and priya krishna amelia levin 2nd Edition
stanley & emeline starr often broke, but they can still eat Using 100 basic items found This collection of 118 evocative brooke dojny
with rachel holcomb healthy food! These 200 orig- in virtually every college dining recipes features favorite dishes Taste the pride of New England
Busy students will love these inal recipes from 55 colleges hall, students learn how to from around the shores of Lake
and universities across North with traditional coastal fare
tasty, nutritious recipes for quick- combine ingredients from the Michigan, including Helen
America will fuel dorm-room from 25 clam shacks, lobster
to-prepare soups, sandwiches, à la carte menu, salad bar, Suchy’s Apple Cake from Door
bull sessions, all-night cram- pounds, and chowder houses.
salads, and eat-on-the-go breakfast bar, and deli station County, Homemade Sheboygan-
ming, and everything in between. Nearly 100 mouthwatering
breakfasts — including dozens to create 75 tasty dishes, Style Bratwurst, The Cook’s
Substitution tips and advice for recipes include lobster rolls,
of vegetarian and vegan options. including Spinach-Artichoke House Crispy Skinned Kale Trout
first-time cooks make this a fried clams, savory chowders,
■■ 208,000 COPIES IN PRINT Melt, BLT Chopped Salad, and from Traverse City, and more. and more. Traditional side dishes
must-have alternative to the Peach Cobbler.
Paper; 304 pages; 8 x 8
meal plan.
Paper; 288 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼ and classic Yankee desserts
Two-color Paper; 128 pages; 6½ x 7½ Full-color round out this collection.
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA ■■ 67,000 COPIES IN PRINT $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
Full-color ■■ 90,000 COPIES IN PRINT
ISBN 978-1-60342-030-3; No. 62030 Paper; 160 pages; 8 x 7¼ $10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-61212-732-3; No. 622732
Illustrations throughout ISBN 978-1-61212-450-6; No. 622450 Paper; 256 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼
8-copy counter display $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / UK: NA 6-copy counter display Full-color
$119.60 US / $183.60 CAD ISBN 978-0-88266-497-2; No. 66497 8-copy counter display $119.70 US / $179.70 CAD $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-60342-115-7; No. 62115 $87.60 US / $135.60 CAD ISBN 978-1-63586-060-3; No. 626060 ISBN 978-1-60342-026-6; No. 62026
ISBN 978-1-61212-505-3; No. 622505





Dishing Up® Dishing Up® Dishing Up® Oregon

Minnesota New Jersey ashley gartland
teresa marrone john holl From morels to truffles, farm-
These recipes highlight the The Garden State’s diversity fresh pork to sweet oysters,
best of Minnesota’s culinary shines through in these recipes, fine wines to craft beers, this Dishing Up® Maine
traditions and fresh ingredients, which feature the bounty of collection of 145 recipes takes Brooke Dojny
including wild rice, freshwater tomatoes, corn, and cranberries home cooks on a culinary tour
of Oregon’s bounty and signa- This collection of recipes from Maine’s chefs, farmers, fishermen,
fish, pure maple syrup, rich the state produces, along with and artisan producers serves up a heaping plate of classic and
cheeses, and wild game — boardwalk treats and late-night ture tastes.
contemporary fare, from winter squash tacos to wild blueberry
plus some timeless staples diner bites. Paper; 288 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼ preserves, venison medallions to lobster pie.
from the state fair! Paper; 288 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼ Full-color
Full-color $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper; 288 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼ ISBN 978-1-60342-566-7; No. 62566 Paper; 288 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA 8-copy counter display
Full-color Full-color
ISBN 978-1-61212-666-1; No. 622666 $159.60 US / $239.60 CAD
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA 8-copy counter display $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-58017-758-0; No. 67758
ISBN 978-1-61212-584-8; No. 622584 $159.60 US / $239.60 CAD ISBN 978-1-58017-841-9; No. 67841
8-copy counter display
ISBN 978-1-61212-035-5; No. 622035
8-copy counter display $159.60 US / $239.60 CAD
$159.60 US / $239.60 CAD ISBN 978-1-61212-791-0; No. 622791
ISBN 978-1-61212-792-7; No. 622792

Dishing Up® New Mexico Dishing Up® Virginia Dishing Up® Dishing Up® Maryland Dishing Up® Vermont
dave dewitt patrick evans-hylton Washington lucie l. snodgrass tracey medeiros
New Mexico’s unique food Virginia is for food lovers, and jess thomson In Maryland cuisine, the crab Vermont’s fields, farms, and
culture takes center stage in the commonwealth’s rich From Pacific salmon and Dunge- reigns supreme, fritters and mountains yield some of the
recipes that feature the signa- culinary legacy comes to life ness crab to wild mushrooms, pies feature farm-fresh produce, country’s finest, freshest foods,
ture chile pepper, along with in recipes for everything from cherries, apples, saffron, and and the towering Smith Island and the state’s signature flavors
wild game and farm-raised boiled peanuts and colonial crab much more, these delectable Cake looms large when it comes take center stage in recipes
meats, cheeses, nuts, and cakes to country ham and pan- recipes feature the bounty of to dessert — and home cooks featuring creamy goat cheese,
farm-fresh vegetables that fried trout. fresh ingredients and vibrant everywhere can enjoy it all. golden honey, sweet squash,
highlight the Land of Enchant- Paper; 288 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼ flavors of the Evergreen State. ■■ 40,000 COPIES IN PRINT maple, and more.
ment’s thriving agricultural Full-color Paper; 288 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼
Paper; 288 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼ Paper; 288 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼
tradition. $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA Full-color Full-color
Paper; 288 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼ ISBN 978-1-61212-002-7; No. 622002 $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
Full-color ISBN 978-1-61212-028-7; No. 622028 ISBN 978-1-60342-527-8; No. 62527 ISBN 978-1-60342-025-9; No. 62025
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA 8-copy counter display
ISBN 978-1-61212-250-2; No. 622250 $159.60 US / $239.60 CAD 8-copy counter display 8-copy counter display
8-copy counter display
ISBN 978-1-61212-286-1; No. 622286 $159.60 US / $239.60 CAD $159.60 US / $239.60 CAD
$159.60 US / $239.60 CAD
8-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-60342-554-4; No. 62554 ISBN 978-1-60342-048-8; No. 62048
ISBN 978-1-61212-161-1; No. 622161
$159.60 US / $239.60 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-503-9; No. 622503

“A culinary who’s who

that visually deciphers
everything from exotic
fruits to short-order
— Family Circle

SELLER Cookie Classics Cookie Craft Cookie Craft Christmas
Made Easy valerie peterson & valerie peterson &
brandi scalise janice fryer janice fryer
Food Anatomy Turn plain cookies into special- Colorfully decorated cookies
julia rothman Making cookies has never
occasion treats with foolproof make every Christmas occasion
been so easy! These 41 no-
With an illustrated history of food, a hilarious primer on foundational dough recipes, tips special. From a simple tree
fuss, one-bowl recipes include
diner slang, a mouthwatering menu of how people around for mastering decorating tech- dressed up with sparkly icing
favorites like chewy chocolate
the planet serve fried potatoes — and what they dip them niques, advice for creating icing ornaments to shimmering
chip, shortbread, and ginger
in — and much more, readers get their recommended daily color palettes, and tricks for lights strung together on a lic-
molasses, plus soon-to-be
allowance of food facts and fun. freezing and shipping flawless orice cord, here are dozens of
classics like vanilla walnut
cookie creations. designs to challenge and delight
■■ 45,000 COPIES IN PRINT pear and rum raisin.
■■ 73,000 COPIES IN PRINT every cookie crafter.
Paper with flaps; 224 pages; 6½ x 9 6-copy counter display Paper with flaps; 96 pages; 6½ x 7½
Full-color $101.70 US / $149.70 CAD Full-color Paper; 168 pages; 7½ x 9 ■■ 36,000 COPIES IN PRINT
$16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-861-0; No. 622861 $10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / £7.99 UK Full-color Hardcover with jacket;
ISBN 978-1-61212-339-4; No. 622339 ISBN 978-1-61212-688-3; No. 622688 $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £8.99 UK 176 pages; 5½ x 6½
ISBN 978-1-61212-559-6; No. 622559 Full-color
Farm Anatomy, page 48 8-copy counter display Hardcover; 168 pages; 7½ x 9 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
Nature Anatomy, page 48 $87.60 US / $135.60 CAD Full-color ISBN 978-1-60342-440-0; No. 62440
ISBN 978-1-61212-795-8; No. 622795 $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-58017-694-1; No. 67694 8-copy counter display
$119.60 US / $183.60 CAD
8-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-60342-501-8; No. 62501
$103.60 US / $159.60 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-624-1; No. 622624

“Megan Giller takes us

behind the scenes with
our favorite chocolate
makers and invites us
to explore hands-on
with delicious recipes
and tastings.”
— Pam Williams, founder,
Ecole Chocolat
Professional School of
Chocolate Arts

250 Treasured 101 Perfect Chocolate Ghoulish Goodies

Country Desserts Chip Cookies sharon bowers
Bean-to-Bar Chocolate andrea chesman & gwen steege From Spiderweb Sugar Cookies
megan giller fran raboff to Cheddar Eyeballs, these 70
With 101 variations to choose
Chocoholics are invited on a fascinating journey from the Make sweets to suit any from, this curated collection of recipes for spooky sweets and
source — direct-trade, single-origin cacao beans — to the occasion, from cookies for after- recipes covers all the chocolate scary savories pack plenty of
complex flavors achieved by today’s makers, ranging from school snacks and ice creams chip cookie bases, from crispy visual punch and are perfect
fruity and floral to savory and smoky. Along with tasting for summer weekends to pies and chewy to healthful and the for Halloween events, kids’
guidelines, readers learn the nuances of pairing chocolate that celebrate fall’s sweetest thoroughly unconventional — birthdays, movie nights, costume
with coffee, beer, spirits, cheese, and bread. fruit with this collection of plus tips for baking and storage. parties, and more.
■■ The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards U.S. winner, 250 classic recipes. ■■ 94,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Chocolate category Paper; 416 pages; 8 x 9⅛ Paper; 160 pages; 7 x 8
Paper; 144 pages; 8 x 8
Paper over board; 240 pages; 6½ x 8 5-copy counter display Two-color Two-color Full-color
Full-color $99.75 US / $149.75 CAD $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA $10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / UK: NA $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £15.99 UK ISBN 978-1-63586-005-4; No. 626005 ISBN 978-1-60342-152-2; No. 62152 ISBN 978-1-58017-312-4; No. 67312 ISBN 978-1-60342-146-1; No. 62146
ISBN 978-1-61212-821-4; No. 622821
8-copy counter display
$87.60 US / $135.60 CAD
ISBN 978-1-58017-399-5; No. 67399



“Such fun flavors,

easy-to-follow recipes,
and ‘whim-sicle’
ideas! I can’t wait to
try every recipe!”
How to Make How to Make How to Make — Gale Gand, James
Beard Award–winning
Chocolate Candies Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream pastry chef, author, for-
bill collins nicole weston nicole weston mer host of Food Net-
work’s Sweet Dreams
Aspiring confectioners will Using Nicole Weston’s special From Rocky Road to Roasted
learn easy techniques for tem- meringue technique, anyone Fig and Honey, ice cream lovers
pering chocolate, working with
thickeners, boiling sugar, using
with an ice cream maker can
churn up smooth and delicious
will delight in creating classic
and contemporary flavors at
Perfectly Creamy Frozen Yogurt
piping bags, and filling molded frozen yogurt in mouthwatering home, with 51 recipes for both nicole weston
chocolates to make truffles, nut flavors from Classic Vanilla custard-based ice creams and Creamy, tangy, tasty, and — best of all — lower in sugar,
barks, shaped candies, chocolate- Bean to Toasted Coconut and lighter eggless options. frozen yogurt rivals ice cream as a favorite dessert. Using
covered fruits, and fudge. Browned Butter Pecan. Paper; 96 pages; 5 x 7
Greek yogurt and a basic home ice cream maker, it’s easy and
Paper; 96 pages; 5 x 7 Paper; 112 pages; 5 x 7 Illustrations throughout inexpensive to recreate this light and smooth confection. Fol-
Illustrations throughout Illustrations throughout $8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK lowing simple step-by-step instructions and 56 yogurt
$8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-61212-388-2; No. 622388 recipes, fans of this frozen treat can make flavors that range
ISBN 978-1-61212-357-8; No. 622357 ISBN 978-1-61212-377-6; No. 622377 from traditional to artisanal, and an additional 50 recipes
offer sweet ideas for using homemade frozen yogurt in cakes,
cookie sandwiches, frozen pops, and more.
Paper; 176 pages; 7 x 9
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-880-1; No. 622880

“One deliciously
engaging nostalgic
trip — a sweet treat
for doughnut devotees
— 944 San Francisco

Making Vegan Making & Using Candy Construction

Frozen Treats Caramel sharon bowers
nicole weston bill collins Store-bought candy and cookies
become the building blocks
The Donut Book
Nondairy dessert offerings For home bakers, cooks, and sally levitt steinberg
are richer than ever, with anyone fascinated by the for creating whimsical, edible
these 50 recipes for soy, alchemy of transforming sugar cake toppers, holiday scenes, Whether basic or sophisticated, Beignet or churro, breakfast
almond, or coconut milk ice into caramel, this is the perfect jewelry, games, and more — food or symbol of the universe, the donut comes in many styles,
creams, refreshing sorbets introduction to the basic tech- confectionery fun for kids and each with its own sweet story. This pop culture–filled tribute
and granitas, fruity frozen niques for making caramel grownups alike! to America’s favorite coffee companion explores the donut’s
pops, sweet sauces, and more. candies, cookies, and puddings. ■■ 53,000 COPIES IN PRINT rich history, lore, mythology, and philosophy, from the origins
Paper; 144 pages; 7 x 8 of the donut hole and the invention of the donut machine to
Paper; 96 pages; 5 x 7 Paper; 88 pages; 5 x 7
Illustrations throughout Full-color profiles of mom-and-pop donut shops and the global ascent
Illustrations throughout
$8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK $8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA of Krispy Kreme. Included are 28 recipes for flavors from classic
ISBN 978-1-61212-390-5; No. 622390 ISBN 978-1-61212-642-5; No. 622642 ISBN 978-1-60342-548-3; No. 62548 chocolate to green tea.
Paper; 192 pages; 8 x 8½
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £9.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-58017-548-7; No. 67548


“Ellen Zachos is a
pioneer with a flair
for combining the
right foraged
ingredients with
the best spirits.The
result is a balanced
and delicious
foraged cocktail Country Tea Parties Taking Time for Tea Herbal Teas
every time!” maggie stuckey diana rosen kathleen brown
— Judd Zusel, vice presi-
Steeped in British teatime There’s a tea for every mood This guide to blending and
dent of marketing at traditions with a sprinkling of and occasion, and with this brewing healthful herbal teas
Remy Cointreau USA American flavors, this month- inspired guide, readers can includes easy-to-make recipes
by-month collection offers round out the teatime ritual and profiles of renowned herb-
creative, seasonal ideas and with themed menus, recipes, alists who share their favorite
The Wildcrafted Cocktail complete plans for 12 special decorations, and meditations blends. Readers will find teas
ellen zachos tea parties, from June’s Bridal for enjoying life’s moments for the digestive, respiratory,
Creating delicious, unique mixed drinks with common flowers, Shower to a September over the perfect cup. and nervous systems, skin,
berries, and roots is simple! Getting the party started are more Hiker’s Tea. Hardcover with jacket; bones, joints, and more.
than 50 recipes for garnishes, syrups, juices, and bitters that use ■■ 49,000 COPIES IN PRINT 80 pages; 7½ x 7½ Paper; 160 pages; 7½ x 7½
easily foraged ingredients. Readers then learn to incorporate Full-color Two-color
Hardcover with jacket; $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
their handcrafted components into 45 cocktails, such as $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
64 pages; 7½ x 7½ ISBN 978-1-58017-245-5; No. 67245 ISBN 978-1-58017-099-4; No. 67099
Stinger in the Rye, Don’t Sass Me, and Tree-tini. Full-color
Hardcover; 240 pages; 6½ x 8½ $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
Full-color ISBN 978-0-88266-935-9; No. 66935
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £13.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-742-2; No. 622742
Backyard Foraging, page 31

Syrup made with fresh bee balm leaves adds mellow flavor
Drink the Harvest Healing Herbal Teas Coffee Time
to the Bee Balm Cobbler. nan k. chase & sarah farr patrick merrell
deneice c. guest Master herbalist Sarah Farr & helene hovanec
Preserving enthusiasts, gar- shares 101 original recipes for Here is the perfect gift for the
deners, and anyone seeking delicious herbal teas that ben- latté-obsessed and the espresso-
alternatives to sugary store- efit whole-body and seasonal addicted, with a challenging
bought drinks can turn to these health needs, along with guid- collection of crossword puzzles,
techniques and recipes for ance on the art of tea blending word searches, graphic mazes,
making fresh fruits, vegetables, for readers seeking to develop and sudoku, plus quirky trivia,
and herbs into delicious and their own signature mixtures. fun factoids, and caffeinated
nutritious homemade juices, quotations.
Paper; 272 pages; 7½ x 7½
syrups, and fermented bever- Full-color ■■ 49,000 COPIES IN PRINT
ages to enjoy year-round. $16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK Paper; 320 pages; 4¼ x 4¼
Paper; 232 pages; 7 x 9 ISBN 978-1-61212-574-9; No. 622574 Two-color
Full-color $8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / UK: NA
$19.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK 8-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-58017-683-5; No. 67683
ISBN 978-1-61212-159-8; No. 622159 $135.60 US / $199.60 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-862-7; No. 622862
4-copy counter display
$79.80 US / $115.80 CAD
’Round the Mulberry Bush gets layers of sweetness from
ISBN 978-1-61212-590-9; No. 622590
mulberry liqueur and bourbon.



“A new perspective
on the versatility
of enjoying hard
BEST ciders.”
SELLER — Booklist

Cordials from Homemade Liqueurs Tasting Whiskey

Your Kitchen and Infused Spirits lew bryson
pattie vargas & rich gulling andrew schloss Whiskey lovers will devour this
Home-crafted versions of These 157 liqueur and spirit fresh and comprehensive guide
popular favorites and delicious recipes include 21 name-brand to everything there is to know Tasting Cider
original concoctions are easy clones, such as Chambord about the world’s whiskeys — erin james & cidercraft® magazine
to make with more than 100 and Baileys. With another 80 from the distilling traditions of
the regions where different This inspiring guide to hard cider’s rich history and its modern
recipes for cordials to suit recipes for cocktails that use makers features flavor profiles and tasting guidelines for 100
every occasion, including fruit-, liqueurs, this is the one-stop types are made to how to
serve, taste, collect, and age selections of cider — including single varietal, dessert, hopped,
nut-, herb-, and cream-based shop for creating fantastically and barrel-aged — plus perry, cider’s pear-based cousin. A
liqueurs, coffee liqueurs, and flavored drinks. whiskey. There are even recipes
for cocktails and suggestions perfect part of any meal, cider pairings are featured with 30
flavored brandies, vodkas, Paper; 272 pages; 7 x 9¼ food recipes, and an additional 30 cocktail recipes include
and rums. for food pairings. This is the
guide no whiskey drinker will creative combinations such as Maple Basil Ciderita and Pear-
■■ 50,000 COPIES IN PRINT $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK fect Rye Fizz.
ISBN 978-1-61212-098-0; No. 622098 want to be without!
Paper; 176 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼ ■■ IACP Award Finalist Paper; 288 pages; 7 x 9¼
Two-color Full-color
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-0-88266-986-1; No. 66986 Paper; 256 pages; 7 x 9¼ ISBN 978-1-61212-837-5; No. 622837
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £13.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-301-1; No. 622301

cider tasting guide and cocktail recipes

Making Wild Homemade Root Beer, Cider

Wines & Meads Soda & Pop annie proulx & lew nichols
pattie vargas & rich gulling stephen cresswell The ultimate handbook for
Herbs, fruits, and flowers Tastier, healthier, and cheaper the cider maker, this guide
take center stage in these 125 than store-bought sodas, covers everything from choos-
unique recipes for exquisite this collection of 60 recipes ing and planting the best apple
elixirs. Simple step-by-step includes traditional favorites varieties to building an apple pairing guide and recipes for cider-infused dishes
instructions guide adventurous like Root Beer, Birch Beer, and press and crafting sweet and
brewers through the process Ginger Beer, and new flavor hard ciders, including blended
of making extraordinary wines combinations like Coffee and sparkling varieties.
from ingredients found in the Whizzer, Mint-Lime Cooler, and ■■ 120,000 COPIES IN PRINT
backyard or local market. Wintertime Cinnamon Shrub. Paper; 224 pages; 6 x 9
■■ 54,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 58,000 COPIES IN PRINT Illustrations throughout
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
Paper; 176 pages; 6 x 9 Paper; 128 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼
ISBN 978-1-58017-520-3; No. 67520
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK Two-color
ISBN 978-1-58017-182-3; No. 67182 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-052-9; No. 67052

profiles of craft producers


“Randy Mosher is a true beer

evangelist . . . he is saving souls
one pint at a time.”
— Sam Calagione, owner of Dogfish Head
BEST Craft Brewery

Beer for All Seasons Sustainable

Tasting Beer, 2nd Edition randy mosher Homebrewing
randy mosher This book highlights the best amelia slayton loftus
This completely updated go-to beer resource features the most current information on beer brew fests and seasonal beer In this guide to brewing all-
styles, flavor profiles, sensory evaluation guidelines, craft beer trends, food and beer pairings, releases and describes the beers organic beer, Amelia Slayton
and draft beer systems, reflecting the Beer Judge Certification Program’s latest style guidelines. that will perfectly complement Loftus leads readers through
Spirited drinkers will also enjoy the new section on beer cocktails. warm spring afternoons, bar- every step of the process, from
■■ 223,000 COPIES SOLD becues with friends, traditional sourcing and growing organic
Thanksgiving dinners, and icy ingredients and following eco-
Paper; 376 pages; 7 x 9¼ Hardcover; 4-copy counter display
winter nights. friendly practices to creating
Full-color $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA $79.80 US / $119.80 CAD
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-781-1; No. 622781 ISBN 978-1-60342-945-0; No. 62945 Paper; 200 pages; 6½ x 8½ all-grain beers while reducing
ISBN 978-1-61212-777-4; No. 622777 Full-color the eco-impact of brewing.
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-347-9; No. 622347 Paper; 368 pages; 6½ x 9
Illustrations throughout
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
8-copy counter display
ISBN 978-1-61212-123-9; No. 622123
Tasting Types and Techniques $119.60 US / $183.60 CAD
Different aromatic chemicals in beer ISBN 978-1-61212-604-3; No. 622604
respond to different techniques. Be
aware of these, and add them to the
techniques in your tasting skill set.

swirl short sniff the taste retronasal

The Secrets of Vintage Beer Dave Miller’s Homebrew Favorites More Homebrew
Master Brewers patrick dawson Homebrewing Guide karl f. lutzen Favorites
jeff alworth Identify a cellar-worthy beer dave miller & mark stevens karl f. lutzen
From how the Irish make by learning what to look for Clear enough for the novice but For homebrewers anxious to & mark stevens
when tasting vintage beers and expand their recipe repertoire Experienced homebrewers,
stout to the secrets of tradi- thorough enough to earn a home
the fascinating science behind comes a collection of favorite brewing suppliers, and home-
tional Czech pilsner, readers in the library of brewmasters,
the aging process. This book formulas for creating unusual brew clubs contribute their very
learn about the techniques, this comprehensive guide takes
also includes a guide to select- ales, lagers, lambics, and more, best recipes for making extract
equipment, and geographies homebrewers step by step
ing already-aged beers and from brewing suppliers, home- and all-grain beers, exotic brews,
that shape 26 of the world’s through the best techniques
tips on setting up a beer cellar. brew clubs, and individual and spiced and fruity meads,
classic beer styles. Major for brewing great-tasting beer.
artisans across North America. each with straightforward direc-
brewers share original recipes Paper; 160 pages; 6 x 8 ■■ 96,000 COPIES IN PRINT
to guide experienced home- Full-color ■■ 88,000 COPIES IN PRINT tions and insider tips.
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK Paper; 368 pages; 6 x 9
brewers in making their own Illustrations throughout Paper; 256 pages; 6 x 9 Paper; 320 pages; 6 x 9
ISBN 978-1-61212-156-7; No. 622156
versions of each style. $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-0-88266-905-2; No. 66905 ISBN 978-0-88266-613-6; No. 66613 ISBN 978-0-88266-968-7; No. 66968
Paper; 304 pages; 6 x 9
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-654-8; No. 622654



“Finally, a cookbook
made for beer geeks!”

The Homebuilt Winery The Beer The Secret Life of Beer! SELLER
steve hughes Geek Handbook alan d. eames
Home winemakers get all the
know-how they need to set up
patrick dawson Untold stories, unusual history,
and references to beer in global
The American Craft Beer Cookbook
To a beer geek, beer isn’t john holl
their own winery and build simply a drink, but a lifestyle. poetry, song, and literature will
the basic equipment for just a With guidance for pulling off fascinate readers and provide The profiles and recipes in this engaging cookbook represent the
fraction of the cost of store- a beer tasting, tips on gracefully a steady source of beer trivia. best from brewpubs, breweries, and brewers around the world.
bought. This helpful guide has correcting an uninformed ■■ 85,000 COPIES IN PRINT From Free-Range Super Pancakes to Barley-Crusted Tuna Sand-
building plans and step-by- bartender, the Ten Beer Geek wiches, these 150 recipes fan the craft beer fire with flavors that
Paper; 384 pages; 4¼ x 4¼
step instructions for more Commandments, and much Two-color
enhance the taste of a good cold one.
than 30 winemaking essen- more, this handbook offers $8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / UK: NA ■■ 51,000 COPIES IN PRINT
tials — including a crusher, a humor and savvy about what’s ISBN 978-1-58017-601-9; No. 67601 Paper; 352 pages; 8 x 9 5-copy counter display
destemmer, presses, pumps, cool and what’s not in beer, Full-color $114.75 US / $174.75 CAD
and a bottle filler. breweries, personalities, 8-copy counter display $22.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £17.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-355-4; No. 622355
$71.60 US / $111.60 CAD ISBN 978-1-61212-090-4; No. 622090
Paper; 208 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ and behavior. ISBN 978-1-58017-794-8; No. 67794
Photographs and illustrations
Paper; 192 pages; 6 x 8
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-990-0; No. 62990
ISBN 978-1-61212-531-2; No. 622531

5-copy counter display

$74.75 US / $114.75 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-793-4; No. 622793

“An indispensable resource

for anyone interested in
small-scale winemaking
in North America.”
— Library Journal

Cellaring Wine The Winemaker’s The Home Winemaker’s
jeff cox Answer Book Companion From Vines to Wines, 5th Edition
This complete sourcebook for alison crowe gene spaziani & ed halloran jeff cox
enjoying perfectly matured wine In a friendly Q&A format, this Here are 115 delectable recipes From breaking ground to savoring the finished product, this
includes building instructions reassuring reference explains the to guide home winemakers classic guide covers every aspect of growing flawless grapes
for various types of storage. entire winemaking process — through everything from making and making extraordinary wine. Illustrated instructions explain
Readers learn how to select from choosing grapes to sani- their first wine from a kit to how to choose and prepare a vineyard site; build effective trel-
wines that will age well, lay them tizing bottles — and offers proven mastering advanced techniques lising; select, prune, and harvest grapes based on climate; press,
down properly, and determine solutions for fixing problems. for making wine from grapes. ferment, age, and bottle wine; and more!
when the wines are at their peak ■■ 39,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 56,000 COPIES IN PRINT 209,000 COPIES IN PRINT
for drinking. ■■

Flexibind; 384 pages; 4½ x 6⅜ Paper; 272 pages; 8 x 8 Paper; 264 pages; 6 x 9

Paper; 272 pages; 6 x 9
Two-color Two-color Illustrations throughout
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-656-9; No. 67656 ISBN 978-1-58017-209-7; No. 67209 ISBN 978-1-61212-438-4; No. 622438
ISBN 978-1-58017-474-9; No. 67474


“This book will become as

essential to your library as
Noonan’s New Brewing
Lager Beer or Daniels’s
Designing Great Beers.”
— The Ale Street News

Brewing Made The Homebrewer’s The Homebrewer’s

Easy, 2nd Edition Answer Book Garden, 2nd Edition
joe fisher & dennis fisher ashton lewis joe fisher & dennis fisher
Brew Like a Pro This foolproof beginner’s From choosing equipment and For homebrewers who take
guide strips away the mys- ingredients to kegging and great pride in every aspect of
dave miller teries of brewing and ensures carbonation, this essential their brew, including growing
Making refreshing, consistently enjoyable draft beer at home is success with detailed instruc- reference will help readers fix their own ingredients, this is
possible with a professional as a guide. This manual for building a tions for a basic malt-extract the problems, understand the the go-to reference for garden-
home brewery that captures the efficiency of a pro set-up taps into beer and brewing with grain, chemistry, and achieve flavor ing guidance. This second and
pub brewer Dave Miller’s own experience and expert techniques, along with 25 recipes for a and balance in their home- expanded edition includes 29
with complete plans for designing a high-quality all-grain system on a variety of beer styles. brewed beers. specialty homebrew recipes
budget, tips for mistake-free installation, and recipes for small- Paper; 104 pages; 6½ x 7½ ■■ 39,000 COPIES IN PRINT and grower/brewer profiles.
batch classic styles that stay fresh in kegs for months. Illustrations throughout ■■ 69,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Flexibind; 432 pages; 4½ x 6⅜
Paper; 272 pages; 6½ x 9 $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £9.99 UK
Two-color Paper; 216 pages; 6 x 9
Two-color ISBN 978-1-61212-138-3; No. 622138
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £9.99 UK One-color with 8-page full-color insert
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £13.99 UK ISBN 978-1-58017-675-0; No. 67675 $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-050-8; No. 622050 6-copy counter display
ISBN 978-1-61212-686-9; No. 622686
$77.70 US / $119.70 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-165-9; No. 622165

“This is the most

complete selection of
classic recipes I’ve
seen. The toughest
part is deciding what
to brew first.”
— Craig Bystrynski, Brew
Your Own magazine
North American Brew Chem 101 Brew Ware
CloneBrews lee w. janson, phd karl f. lutzen
scott r. russell Now homebrewers can make & mark stevens
better beer with this thoroughly This is the complete guide to
Homebrewers of all levels will
CloneBrews, 2nd Edition learn to re-create the best 150 readable primer on the basic choosing or making the right
tess & mark szamatulski science behind every step of the equipment for any homebrewing
beers in North America. Orga-
brewing process, from the life endeavor, with step-by-step
Revised, updated, and expanded, this second edition guide to nized by the breweries’ locations,
of yeast to avoiding off-flavors projects for ingredient processing
making commercial-style beers at home contains 50 brand- each recipe comes complete
and tasting finished brews. and storage, chilling and aerating
new recipes, fully updated mashing guidelines, and a food-pairing with partial-mash, all-extract,
36,000 COPIES IN PRINT wort, fermenting, measuring,
feature that recommends the best foods for every beer. and all-grain instructions. ■■
bottling, kegging, and mashing.
Paper; 176 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼ Paper; 128 pages; 6 x 9
■■ 132,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 47,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Two-color $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper; 440 pages; 7 x 9 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-0-88266-940-3; No. 66940 Paper; 272 pages; 6 x 9
Two-color ISBN 978-1-58017-246-2; No. 67246 Illustrations throughout
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-60342-539-1; No. 62539 ISBN 978-0-88266-926-7; No. 66926




Includes Includes Includes

cutting board bonus materials bonus materials

Cooking & Baking Class Cooking Class

Baking Class Box Set deanna f. cook deanna f. cook
deanna f. cook This delightful baking guide for kids features 50 easy-to-follow Kids learn basic cooking techniques and simple recipes for
recipes for all their favorites, from muffins and cookies to breads favorite foods like French toast, applesauce, and buffalo chicken
This slipcase set features the
and pizza. Lively step-by-step photos teach bakers-in- fingers with the help of stickers, recipe cards, and fun conver-
best-selling combo of Cooking
training how to knead dough, make biscuits, decorate cookies, sation starters.
Class and the IACP Award–
winning Baking Class, along with and produce a perfect pie, along with essential skills like ■■ For ages 6–12 ■■ Silver Parents' Choice Award
a bonus food-grade plastic following directions and accurately measuring ingredients. ■■ National Parenting ■■ IACP Award Finalist
For ages 8–12 Gold Mom's Choice Award Product Award 248,000 COPIES IN PRINT
cutting board. ■■ ■■ ■■

■■ National Parenting ■■ 113,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ Gold Mom’s Choice Award

■■ For ages 8–12
Product Award Paper with concealed wire-o and bound-in cards and stickers;
Two paperbacks with concealed wire-o ■■ IACP Award Winner 144 pages; 9 x 9½
and a food-grade cutting board in a Full-color
slipcase, shrink-wrapped; 288 pages Paper with concealed wire-o, 4 sticker sheets, and 5 perforated cardstock sheets;
144 pages; 9 x 9½ $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
$40.00 US / $59.95 CAD / £30.00 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-400-1; No. 622400
ISBN 978-1-63586-079-5; No. 626079 Full-color
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-855-9; No. 622855 ALSO AVAILABLE: Cooking Class Global Feast!, page 14

“Ditch the harmful

chemicals found in
conventional beauty
products and set the
girls up with a fun spa
night featuring all-
SELLER natural DIY recipes.”
— Kiwi Magazine
Show Me a Story Journal Sparks Say Cheese!
emily k. neuburger emily k. neuburger ricki carroll & sarah carroll
These 40 inventive craft These 60 interactive prompts, Making cheese at home is
projects and activities spark
creativity and encourage chil-
activities, and art how-tos
provide endless inspiration for
easy, and this fun guide shows
families how. Step-by-step
Girls’ Home Spa Lab
dren to let their imaginations filling the blank page in fresh, photos take kids aged 8 to 12 maya pagán
run wild as they write and tell inviting ways. through the cheese making Packed with all-natural recipes, activities, and tips for relaxation,
original stories. ■■ For ages 10–100 process and teach them how this fun guide gives active, plugged-in tween girls healthy ways
■■ For ages 5–12 ■■ Gold Mom's Choice Award to make 10 of their favorites, to de-stress and build essential self-care routines into daily
■■ Family Choice Award ■■ Teachers' Choice Award for including mozzarella, feta, life. From homemade facial steams and hair masks to foot
■■ Dr. Toy’s Best Picks Award the Classroom ricotta, and cream cheese. soaks, tub teas, and body balms, these 50 head-to-toe for-
■■ National Parenting ■■ Dr. Toy Award ■■ For ages 8–12 mulas can easily be made from ingredients found in the
Product Award ■■ National Parenting kitchen cupboard. Girls will also learn how to unwind with
Paper with concealed wire-o and 4
Paper; 144 pages; 8 x 10
Product Award
sticker sheets; 136 pages; 9 x 9½
easy yoga poses, sleep tea recipes, and natural remedies.
■■ Gold Foreword INDIES Winner
Full-color Full-color ■■ For ages 9–13
■■35,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ Gold Mom's Choice Award
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-988-7; No. 62988 Paper with 2 sticker sheets, 3 sheets ISBN 978-1-61212-823-8; No. 622823 Paper; 160 pages; 8 x 10 5-copy counter display
Hardcover; of paper punch-outs, and 10 sheets of Full-color $84.70 US / $129.75 CAD
$26.95 US / $39.95 CAD / UK: NA decorative collage paper; 5-copy counter display $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK ISBN 978-1-63586-147-1; No. 626147
ISBN 978-1-61212-148-2; No. 622148 164 pages; 7½ x 9½ $94.75 US / $144.75 CAD ISBN 978-1-61212-964-8; No. 622964
Full-color ISBN 978-1-63586-008-5; No. 626008
$16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-652-4; No. 622652


fabric labels
Sewing School® Quilts Sewing School® Sewing School® 2 Sewing
amie petronis plumley & andria lisle amie petronis plumley & andria lisle amie petronis plumley & andria lisle School® Box Set
The creativity and timeless appeal of quilting With 21 inspired projects, kids can learn Kid-friendly step-by-step text and photo- amie petronis plumley &
reaches a new generation. Young sewists how to sew — no sewing machine needed. graphs teach children the skills and andria lisle
learn hand- and machine-sewing techniques Step-by-step photography and full-size cut- techniques they need to master machine
This special box set features the
and create projects both decorative and out patterns guide children through making sewing. Reusable full-size pattern pieces
bestsellers Sewing School® and
practical, including a patchwork pet bed, pillows, dolls, blankets, totes, and more. are included in a bound-in envelope.
Sewing School® 2, plus bonus
a crazy-quilt journal cover, and a recycled For ages 5–10 For ages 8–12
■■ ■■
“Made By” iron-on fabric labels
T-shirt quilt. 194,000 COPIES IN PRINT 63,000 COPIES IN PRINT
■■ ■■
for personalizing kids’ creations.
■■ For ages 8–12 Paper with concealed wire-o and patterns; Paper with concealed wire-o and patterns; ■■ For ages 8–12
Paper with concealed wire-o and 144 pages; 9 x 9½ 160 pages; 9 x 9½
Full-color Full-color Two paperbacks with concealed wire-o
patterns; 160 pages; 9 x 9½
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK and a set of iron-on fabric labels in a
ISBN 978-1-60342-578-0; No. 62578 ISBN 978-1-61212-049-2; No. 622049 slipcase, shrink-wrapped; 304 pages;
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-859-7; No. 622859
$40.00 US / $59.95 CAD / £30.00 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-117-4; No. 626117
ALSO AVAILABLE: Sewing School® Fashion Design, page 25

“The delight with

which the authors
encourage readers to
upcycle, improvise,
and break the rules is
utterly contagious.”
— Margaret Bloom, author
of Making Peg Dolls
and More
Excavate! Dinosaurs Build! A Knight’s Castle The Barnyard
BEST jonathan tennant annalie seaman Read-and-Play
This papercraft book for kids Kids learn to think like an Sticker Book
features information on 12 archaeologist by interpreting illustrations by
dinosaurs from the Cretaceous, clues excavated at a castle site. christina wald
Stitch Camp Jurassic, and Triassic periods. They’ll discover how castle
A world of full-color reusable
nicole blum & catherine newman Kids then use their newfound walls fit together and what
was located inside the court- animal stickers brings barnyard
Today’s thriving maker culture is rubbing off on kids, who are knowledge to create 12 stand-up
yard. Pop-out cardstock pieces activities to life. Kids will create
hungry to create or hack stylish wearables, toys, and gifts. This dinosaur skeletons from pop-out
even let them reconstruct a their own animal dramas on
lively guide teaches kids how to sew, knit, crochet, felt, embroi- bones printed on cardstock.
battle scene. backgrounds that include a
der, and weave. Eighteen original projects give them plenty of ■■ For ages 8–12
full farm, a barn interior, a barn-
opportunities to practice, improvise, and make. ■■ For ages 8–12
Paper with punch-out pages; yard, an animal pen, and a
82 pages; 8¼ x 11¾ ■■ Teachers' Choice Award for
■■ For ages 9–14
the Family
chicken coop.
Paper with flaps and 2 sheets of ■■ For ages 4–8
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / UK: NA Paper with punch-out pages;
punch-out gift tags; 208 pages; 8 x 10 ISBN 978-1-61212-520-6; No. 622520
80 pages; 8¼ x 11¾
Full-color Paper with 4 pages of full-color
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
8-copy counter display $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / UK: NA reusable vinyl stickers and fold-out
ISBN 978-1-61212-750-7; No. 622750
$103.60 US / $159.60 CAD ISBN 978-1-61212-651-7; No. 622651 laminated front and back covers;
ISBN 978-1-61212-545-9; No. 622545 12 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
$7.95 US / $11.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-640-8; No. 67640



“This fun and informa-

tive book guarantees
dozens of interactive
encounters with every-
thing from birds and
bugs to clouds and
— Foreword Reviews SELLER
Teddy Bear Doctor: A Weather! Gardening with Emma
Let’s Make & Play Book rebecca rupp emma biggs,
steven biggs
deanna f. cook Packed with facts, statistics,
and explanations for under- Written for kids by a kid, this
Backpack Explorer: On the Nature Trail
Hours of fun are in store, with editors of storey publishing
standing all sorts of weather, guide by 13-year-old Emma
colorful stickers, pop-out
this book includes 22 hands- Biggs shows young gardeners In this take-along field guide for kids, seek-and-find lists,
waiting room props, illustrated
on science experiments. how to grow healthy food, on-the-trail art projects, games, and a real pull-out mag-
prescription forms, and 15 DIY
raise the coolest plants, and nifying glass help young explorers to engage in hands-on
projects for kids to outfit their ■■ For ages 8–12
40,000 COPIES IN PRINT cultivate fun! With tips for how learning about nature right where they are — whether in
stuffed animal care clinic. ■■
to grow a flower stand garden, an urban park, a suburban backyard, or a rural nature center.
■■ For ages 4–8 Paper; 144 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼
suggestions for veggies from ■■ For ages 4–8
■■ National Parenting Full-color
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
tiny to colossal, and ways to
Product Award
ISBN 978-1-58017-420-6; No. 67420 make play spaces among the
Hardcover with 3 sticker sheets, 5-copy counter display
Paper with punch-out cards, craft plants, Biggs offers a range of magnifying glass, and pull-out map; $64.75 US / $99.75 CAD
templates, and stickers; 72 pages; original, practical, and enter-
9¼ x 12 48 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼ ISBN 978-1-63586-205-8; No. 626205
taining advice and inspiration. Full-color
$10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / £7.99 UK ■■ For ages 8–12 $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £9.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-402-5; No. 622402 ISBN 978-1-63586-197-6; No. 626197
Paper; 144 pages; 8 x 10
$18.95 US / $26.95 CAD / £14.99 UK COLORFUL FIELD GUIDES
ISBN 978-1-61212-925-9; No. 622925

Pine seeds

rs e
e st




The Horse Farm Farmers Market The Nature Connection

Read-and-Play Create-and-Play clare walker leslie
Sticker Book Activity Book Dozens of interactive projects
illustrations by deanna f. cook keep kids engaged and learning
lindsay graham in every season, with prompts
This creative kit-in-a-book to write a poem, record daily
This is Twiggy!
Five full-color laminated horse features more than 100 stickers, sunrise and sunset times, draw
environments invite young horse punch-out cardstock props, a local map, keep a moon journal,
lovers to pose horses, riders, templates for making felt fruits DISCOVERY GAMES
and collect leaves to identify.
and tack all around the farm. and vegetables, games, puzzles, ■■ For ages 8–12
The 80 reusable vinyl stickers coloring pages, and more. Can You...
■■ Teachers’ Choice Award for
will keep children busy creating ■■ For ages 4–8 the Family
equine dramas about every ■■ Dr. Toy 100 Best Toys of 2016 FLUTTER like
kind of horse situation. a butterfly?
Paper with concealed wire-o and Paper; 304 pages; 7⅜ x 9¼
■■ For ages 4–8 punch-out cards, stencils, and stickers; Two-color
■■ 104,000 COPIES IN PRINT 96 pages; 8½ x 11¾ $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK DIG like
Paper with 4 pages of full-color, Full-color ISBN 978-1-60342-531-5; No. 62531 a mole?
reusable vinyl stickers and fold-out $14.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-650-0; No. 622650
HOP like
laminated front and back covers; a frog?
12 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
Full-color 8-copy counter display
$7.95 US / $11.95 CAD / UK: NA $119.60 US / $159.60 CAD
ISBN 978-1-58017-583-8; No. 67583 ISBN 978-1-61212-866-5; No. 622866


“A thoroughly
appealing and
empowering starter
course in wood-
working skills.”
— School Library Journal

Recycled Crafts Box Nature’s Art Box The Kids’

laura c. martin laura c. martin Building Workshop
Wood Shop With materials found in a Kids can make these 65 projects j. craig & barbara
margaret larson typical recycling bin, kids can using materials found just about robertson
This kid-friendly woodworking book is the perfect gift for tinkerers make 40 great craft projects. anywhere. Directions show how Boys and girls love wood-
and young makers. With step-by-step photographs and clear Children will also have fun to make paints and inks from working projects! But most
instructions, aspiring woodworkers learn essential skills such reading about the history of flowers and other plants; use kids (and many parents) lack
as how to drive a nail, use a power drill, and “measure twice, rubbish and learning what they shells, moss, and cones to embel- woodworking skills. In this
cut once.” Then kids can build 17 cool and creative projects to can do to make a difference lish large objects; and make lively, fully photographed and
furnish the wood shop, decorate their bedrooms and homes, by recycling. natural dyes to color T-shirts. illustrated book, fun projects
and create their own play equipment. Favorite projects include ■■ For ages 8–12 ■■ For ages 8–12 teach what every woodworker
Tic-Tac-Toe — To Go!, One-Board Birdhouse, a Tool Tote, and ■■ Parents’ Choice ■■ Parents’ Choice needs to know.
Approved Award Approved Award
a Hanging Twinkle Light. ■■ For ages 8–12
■■ For ages 8–12 Paper; 144 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
Paper; 96 pages; 8½ x 10⅜ Paper; 224 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
Paper; 216 pages; 9 x 9½ Two-color
Full-color Full-color
Full-color $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
$10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / £7.99 UK $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK ISBN 978-1-58017-488-6; No. 67488
ISBN 978-1-58017-522-7; No. 67522 ISBN 978-1-58017-490-9; No. 67490
ISBN 978-1-61212-942-6; No. 622942
Keep Out!, page 113

“Grab your mason jars,

ask questions, and
make a mess! Science
is awesome.”
— Lynn Brunelle, author
of Pop Bottle Science BEST
and Big Science for SELLER
Little People

Horse Play! Horse Crazy! Cherry Hill’s Horse

deanna f. cook & katie craig jessie haas Care for Kids
Horse-loving kids will treasure All horse-crazy kids want cherry hill
this kit-in-a-book, with stickers, more info on their favorite These equine care essentials
pop-out pieces, colorful illus- subject — horses! This trea- will groom kids into responsible
Mason Jar Science trations, fascinating insights into sure chest of a book will keep and successful horse or pony
jonathan adolph horse behavior, and creative craft horse-obsessed kids busy for owners. Beginning with how to
and decorating projects for hours. Nearly 400 pages are match the right horse to the
Heatproof, transparent, durable, and plentiful in many turning a bedroom into a horsey filled with breed IDs, crafts to
kitchens, the mason jar is a science lab waiting to be dis- rider and progressing through
haven, planning a horse-themed make for friends (equine and safe handling, grooming, feed-
covered. This book offers dozens of small-scale ways to slumber party, and more! human), horse word roots, mov-
illustrate the big-picture principles of chemistry, botany, ing, stabling, and much more,
■■ For ages 8–12 ies to see, and books to read. this is the comprehensive
biology, physics, and more in 40 dynamic experiments
that budding scientists aged 8 to 12 can conduct with a
■■ Gold Mom’s Choice Award ■■ For ages 8–12 horse-care book every young
jar and a few ordinary household items.
■■ National Parenting ■■ Teachers’ Choice Award equestrian will use for years.
Product Award for the Family
For ages 8–12 ■■ For ages 8–14
■■ ■■ 63,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 36,000 COPIES IN PRINT
■■ Gold Mom's Choice Award Paper with partially concealed wire-o, ■■ The ASPCA Henry Bergh
punch-out cards, stencil, stickers, and Paper; 376 pages; 8 x 8 Children’s Book Honor
pull-out poster; 68 pages; 7 x 9 Two-color ■■ 135,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Hardcover; 136 pages; 7 x 10 5-copy counter display
Full-color $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
Full-color $74.75 US / $114.75 CAD Paper; 128 pages; 7½ x 9¾
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £8.99 UK ISBN 978-1-60342-154-6; No. 62154
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £11.99 UK ISBN 978-1-63586-067-2; No. 626067 Full-color
ISBN 978-1-61212-759-0; No. 622759
ISBN 978-1-61212-986-0; No. 622986 $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-407-7; No. 67407



“Mark Wilson’s book

does a wonderful job
introducing these
fascinating creatures
to the next generation.”
— David Mizejewski,
naturalist and TV host,
National Wildlife
The Family What’s That Bird? Raptor!
Butterfly Book joseph choiniere & claire christyna m. laubach, rené
rick mikula mowbray golding laubach & charles w. g. smith
The perfect tool for beginning This guide shows kids how to
These projects, activities, and
bird enthusiasts of all ages, this locate raptors in the wild and
profiles celebrate 40 favorite mark wilson
easy-to-use guide offers basic explores the mysteries of rap-
North American species, with
bird literacy while teaching tor flight, hunting strategies, Wildlife photojournalist and owl rehabilitator Mark Wilson
guidance for identifying, caring
the best ways to observe and and behavior. invites young readers into the world of real-life owls for an
for, and raising butterflies in
identify 30 common feathered For ages 8–12 up-close look at their lives, behavior, and abilities. Kids will
the backyard. ■■

friends. Additional fun facts ■■ 69,000 COPIES IN PRINT learn about the birds’ silent flight, remarkable eyes and ears,
■■ For ages 8–12
identify more than 20 incredible Paper with flaps; 128 pages; 7½ x 11
haunting calls, and fascinating night life while seeing owls in
■■ The Garden Writers Asso-
birds, including the fastest Full-color action through dramatic photographs of 19 North American
ciation of America’s Quill &
Trowel Award for the Art of runner (wild turkey) and highest $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA species nesting, flying, hunting, and catching prey. They’ll
Garden Communication flier (bar-headed goose). ISBN 978-1-58017-445-9; No. 67445 learn tips for spotting owls and identifying owl calls, plumage,
■■ 64,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ For ages 8–12 pellets, and more.
Paper; 176 pages; 8½ x 11 Paper; 128 pages; 7½ x 11 ■■ For ages 8–12
Full-color Full-color Hardcover with glow-in-the-dark ink on cover;
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA 120 pages; 11 x 11
ISBN 978-1-58017-292-9; No. 67292 ISBN 978-1-58017-554-8; No. 67554 Full-color
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-962-4; No. 622962

“Packed with learning and

fun activities!”
— Hank Green, cocreator of
SciShow and CrashCourse

Riding for Kids Jumping for Kids Horse Showing

judy richter lesley ward for Kids
The perfect companion to Jumping is a thrilling accom- cheryl kimball
lessons in the ring, here is the plishment for young riders. This interactive handbook Howl like a Wolf!
learn-to-ride program every Covering all the fundamentals includes checklists to help kathleen yale
young equestrian will refer to of jumping safely and correctly, young riders prepare for a show,
again and again. Step-by-step this complete learn-to-jump Filled with lively illustrations, this fun and interactive book
plus a fill-in show diary. With takes children on a journey into the animal kingdom that fos-
instructions and photos guide program features photos, dia- detailed explanations of how
kids on everything from proper grams, charts, and plenty of ters imagination, curiosity, empathy, and creative play. Fif-
to do everything from loading teen different birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects intro-
riding attire and tacking up the friendly, encouraging advice. a horse into a trailer to catching
horse to jumping and showing. It is the ideal companion to duce themselves by describing their species’ amazing
the judge’s eye, plus handy tips abilities and fascinating facts, then invite kids to enter their
■■ For ages 9–12 lessons learned in the ring. from the pros, this book has all
world by mimicking each animal’s movements, sounds, and
■■ ■■ For ages 10–14 kids need to know about horse behaviors.
Paper; 144 pages; 7½ x 9¾ Paper; 144 pages; 7½ x 9¾ show events.
Full-color Full-color
■■ For ages 6–9
■■ For ages 10–14
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA ■■ Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year Award
ISBN 978-1-58017-510-4; No. 67510 ISBN 978-1-58017-672-9; No. 67672 Paper; 160 pages; 9¾ x 7½ ■■ Gold Mom's Choice Award
Full-color ■■ Honor book for the 2018 Montana Book Award
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-501-2; No. 67501 Hardcover; 80 pages; 8 x 10
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-905-1; No. 622905



Each Games & Puzzles book is filled with 100 brainteasers, picture puzzles, word searches, mazes, and riddles that
keep kids playing and laughing for hours! Educational as well as fun, these books help kids develop problem-
solving skills while uncovering fascinating facts about their favorite animals.

Horse Games & Puzzles Barnyard Games & Puzzles Pony Play Games & Puzzles The Great Outdoors
cindy a. littlefield helene hovanec & patrick merrell patrick merrell & helene hovanec Games & Puzzles
■■ For ages 8–12 ■■ For ages 6–10 ■■ For ages 6–10 helene hovanec & patrick merrell
■■ 193,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 35,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 37,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ For ages 8–12
Paper; 144 pages; 8 x 10¾ Paper; 144 pages; 8 x 10¾ Paper; 144 pages; 8 x 10¾ ■■ 58,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Illustrations throughout Illustrations throughout Illustrations throughout Paper; 144 pages; 8 x 10¾
$9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / £8.99 UK $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA Illustrations throughout
ISBN 978-1-58017-538-8; No. 67538 ISBN 978-1-58017-630-9; No. 67630 ISBN 978-1-60342-063-1; No. 62063 $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-679-8; No. 67679

Chicken Games & Puzzles Sea Life Games & Puzzles

patrick merrell & helene hovanec cindy a. littlefield
■■ For ages 6–10 ■■ For ages 8–12
■■ 55,000 COPIES IN PRINT 16-copy mixed counter display
Paper; 144 pages; 8 x 10¾
Paper; 144 pages; 8 x 10¾ (4 copies each of Barnyard Games & Puzzles, Chicken Games & Puzzles, Horse Games & Puzzles, and Pony
Illustrations throughout
Illustrations throughout Play Games & Puzzles)
$9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA
$9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA $159.20 US / $239.20 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-087-4; No. 622087
ISBN 978-1-58017-624-8; No. 67624 ISBN 978-1-61212-167-3; No. 622167




Pop-Out & Paint Wild Animals Dream Horses The Horse Breeds Wild for Horses
Horse Breeds of North America photography by Poster Book This exquisite gift package
bob langrish photography by features 24 full-color posters
cindy a. littlefield karl meyer
Horses have inhabited our bob langrish that show off the noble beauty
Using the step-by-step instruc- From coast to coast and from dreams, mythology, and art of horses, and kids can show
tions and some basic craft sup- Canada to Mexico, North Suitable for hanging on bed-
through the ages. These 30 them off, too: the pullout pages
plies, kids apply authentic paint America is home to many room walls, in school lockers,
pullout posters celebrate the are ready to hang on a bed-
markings and mane and tail truly amazing creatures. Here or even in barns, these 30
majestic beauty and spirit of room wall. Two dozen punch-out
features to 10 pop-out horse are 30 engaging, action- posters show horses in a
horses while offering a sam- flash cards — complete with
breeds. When complete, each packed pullout posters cap- range of colors and sizes, at
pling of horse myths from stunning photos and fun facts
durable model is painted on turing the lives and habitats of work and in competition.
around the world. — add an interactive element,
both sides and can stand up for birds, mammals, and reptiles Facts about the pictured
and two 12 x 30 pullout pan-
play or display. across the wilds of the North
■■ For ages 7–12 horse breeds are included on
76,000 COPIES IN PRINT oramic posters help illustrate
American continent.
the back of each poster. 
■■ For ages 8–12 the grandeur of horses.
■■ For ages 7–12 Paper; 64 pages; 9⅜ x 12 ■■ For ages 7–12
Paper; 48 pages plus 20 die-cut cards; Full-color
■■ For ages 7–12
■■ Teachers’ Choice Children’s
■■ 290,000 COPIES IN PRINT
8½ x 10⅞ $10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / UK: NA
Book Award Paper with 2 sheets of flash cards and 2
Full-color ISBN 978-1-58017-574-6; No. 67574 Paper; 64 pages; 9⅜ x 12
gatefold posters; 50 pages; 10 x 12
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £8.99 UK Paper; 64 pages; 9⅜ x 12 Full-color
ISBN 978-1-60342-963-4; No. 62963 Full-color $10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / UK: NA
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £9.99 UK
$9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-58017-507-4; No. 67507
ISBN 978-1-61212-888-7; No. 622888
ISBN 978-1-58017-643-9; No. 67643

Pop-Out & Paint Under the Sea Dog Heroes The Petting Farm Eye See You
Farm Animals Poster Book karl meyer Poster Book The animal kingdom comes
cindy a. littlefield Children can bring home the When things go wrong, it’s These adorable baby farm alive in these 30 remarkable
magical experience of their dogs to the rescue! These 30 animals — sometimes found close-up photos of mammals,
With some basic supplies —
first trip to the aquarium, with pullout posters show extraor- in surprising pairs — take birds, amphibians, and rep-
acrylic paints, craft glue,
its scary sharks, touchable tide dinary pooches in acts of her- center stage in 30 full-color tiles. Each pullout poster fea-
embroidery floss, and yarn —
pools, and brightly colored oism and friendship. The posters. The back of each tures fascinating science and
and step-by-step photographic
marine life. Thirty full-color poster backs feature true sto- poster highlights the history of fun facts about these animals’
instructions, kids will have
pullout portraits of fantastic ries about rescuing drowning and fun facts about each animal. eyes and how they use their
hours of fun creating sturdy
sea creatures feature the ocean sailors, saving a family from a vision in daily life.
die-cut figures of barnyard ■■ For ages 7–12
favorites, including cows, sheep, residents kids love, plus all fire, delivering medicine in a ■■ 133,000 COPIES IN PRINT
■■ For ages 7–12
pigs, goats, ducks, a barn cat, the fun facts that make each blizzard, and much more. ■■ 208,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Paper; 64 pages; 9⅜ x 12
and more. creature unique and exciting. ■■ For ages 7–12 Full-color Paper; 64 pages; 9⅜ x 12
■■ For ages 7–12 ■■ 258,000 COPIES IN PRINT $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA Full-color
■■ For ages 8–12
■■ 50,000 COPIES IN PRINT ISBN 978-1-58017-597-5; No. 67597 $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper; 64 pages; 9⅜ x 12 ISBN 978-1-58017-848-8; No. 67848
Paper; 48 plus 20 die-cut cards; Full-color
Paper; 64 pages; 9⅜ x 12
8½ x 10⅞ $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA
Full-color ISBN 978-1-60342-116-4; No. 62116
$9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £8.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-58017-623-1; No. 67623
ISBN 978-1-61212-139-0; No. 622139


“Melissa Leapman
combines the plug-and-
play ease she has brought
to sweaters with an
endlessly creative stitch
selection to create the BEST
perfect book for every
shawl knitter.”
The Knitting Answer How to Knit Kristin Knits
— Patty Lyons, knitwear
designer and teacher Book, 2nd Edition leslie ann bestor kristin nicholas
margaret radcliffe With this clearly illustrated guide, Color choice can be confound-
This pocket reference offers novice knitters will cast on with ing for even the most technically
Knitting Modular Shawls, Wraps, tips for measuring gauge on confidence and master the basics accomplished knitters. Here,
of knitting, from foundational Kristin Nicholas applies her
and Stoles tricky fabrics, details how to
stitches and shaping work to magical way with color to 27
melissa leapman adjust patterns to fit, guides
readers on the best cast ons troubleshooting, casting off, patterns for wearables and
Practical and versatile, shawls are an ever-popular knitting project. and bind offs for specific situ- and finishing. accessories and encourages
With noted designer Melissa Leapman’s innovative technique, ations, and more! Paper; 112 pages; 5 x 7 knitters to develop inspiring
knitters can join together multiple knit triangles to create fash- Illustrations throughout fiber palettes for every project.
■■ 232,000 COPIES IN PRINT
ionable wraps in square, rectangular, trapezoidal, and semicircular $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / £5.99 UK Hardcover with jacket;
shapes. This easy and customizable approach offers knitters Flexibind with cloth spine; ISBN 978-1-61212-359-2; No. 622359 208 pages; 8½ x 10
endless flexibility in design and yarn choice, and charted patterns 440 pages; 4½ x 6⅜
for 185 different stitches provide readers with the tools to select $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £11.99 UK
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA
their favorite motif for the main fabric of their shawl. ISBN 978-1-61212-404-9; No. 622404
ISBN 978-1-58017-678-1; No. 67678

Hardcover; 288 pages; 8½ x 10⅞

Full-color 8-copy mixed counter display
$32.00 US / $46.95 CAD / £23.99 UK (4 copies each of The Crochet Answer
ISBN 978-1-61212-996-9; No. 622996 Book and The Knitting Answer Book)
$119.60 US / $183.60 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-553-4; No. 622553

Knitting Fabric Rugs Knit Scarves! The Knitter’s Life List Knit the Sky Knit Christmas
karen tiede candi jensen gwen w. steege lea redmond Stockings, 2nd Edition
Creating designer-style rag Nothing is simpler for a Unusual yarns, time-honored Knitters, crafters, and journal edited by gwen w. steege
rugs is fun and easy with these beginner than knitting a patterns, innovative designers, keepers are invited to join this Even beginning knitters can
28 patterns that use an inno- colorful, cozy scarf, and these and more: this illustrated adventurous journey, with create treasured and timeless
vative technique with large 15 patterns for fun and pretty compilation highlights more knitting creativity prompts that holiday items. This book explains
knitting needles and new or scarves are accompanied by than 1,000 experiences knitters could translate into projects like techniques for felting and block-
recycled fabric. They require advice for everything from won’t want to miss. a scarf with stripes recalling the ing and offers basic knitting
just a basic knowledge of the choosing the proper needles colors of the sky and a pencil instructions along with 19 project
Paper with flaps; 320 pages; 8 x 9¼
knit stitch and are worked in to finding the perfect yarn. Full-color skirt knit with actual pencils! patterns for festive stockings,
modular sections that are later ■■ 70,000 COPIES IN PRINT $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA Hardcover; 168 pages; 7 x 8 ornaments, and decorations.
sewn together, making the craft ISBN 978-1-60342-996-2; No. 62996 Full-color
Die-cut hardcover; 96 pages; 7 x 9½ Paper; 136 pages; 6 x 9
portable and easy to handle. Full-color
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-333-2; No. 622333 Full-color
Paper; 184 pages; 8 x 9 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA 5-copy counter display
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / UK: NA
Full-color ISBN 978-1-58017-577-7; No. 67577 $124.75 US / $189.75 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-252-6; No. 622252
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-109-3; No. 622109 5-copy counter display
ISBN 978-1-61212-448-3; No. 622448 $99.75 US / $149.75 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-722-4; No. 622722




“A must-have for
“An amazing knitters of all “Like having the
book on knitting levels who want wisest, least judgey
with various to understand how knitting teacher
colors of yarn.” to alter, control, right in your
— The Detroit News and personalize project bag.”
their work.” — Vogue Knitting
— Publishers Weekly

The Essential Guide to Color The Knowledgeable Knitter Circular Knitting Workshop
Knitting Techniques This definitive reference helps knitters of all levels Fair Isle, twined, helix, tubular, double knitting, and
produce better-fitting garments and more professional- other classic circular knitting techniques are detailed in
Here is the go-to reference for knitters looking to expand
looking projects, with in-depth instruction on all the step-by-step photographic sequences, in addition to
their colorwork skills or polish their techniques, from
essential techniques. instructions for converting any straight-needle pattern
selecting harmonious colors to managing multiple
31,000 COPIES IN PRINT for use with circular needles. This is a complete course
balls of yarn or changing colors mid-row. ■■

in one book, suitable even for beginners.

■■ 48,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 296 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
Full-color ■■ 57,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Paper; 320 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK
Full-color Paper; 320 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
ISBN 978-1-61212-040-9; No. 622040 Full-color
$22.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £16.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-662-3; No. 622662 Hardcover; $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £17.99 UK
$34.95 US / $52.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-60342-999-3; No. 62999
ISBN 978-1-61212-414-8; No. 622414

How to Knit Knit Socks! Knit Your Socks 2-at-a-Time Socks Toe-Up
Socks That Fit betsy lee mccarthy on Straight melissa morgan-oakes 2-at-a-Time Socks
donna druchunas With these cozy, colorful sock alice curtis Knitting one sock is fun and melissa morgan-oakes
Small and portable, sock projects patterns and simple instructions, Finally, here is a way to knit rewarding, but finishing the Toe-up knitting allows the knitter
are a perennial favorite of knitters even beginners can make great socks on straight needles! With second one can be boring. to try on the socks along the
of all levels, but the results are socks on the first try. Friendly step-by-step visual instructions This easy-to-learn technique way and avoid using Kitchener
too often disappointing. This advice such as choosing yarn for this groundbreaking tech- lets stitchers work on two stitch to finish off the toes. This
book reveals foolproof tech- and adapting patterns to any nique, along with 20 unique socks at one time. Step-by-step book includes 15 original sock
niques for knitting socks that type of needle gives knitters patterns that creatively incor- photographs illustrate the designs for men, women, chil-
look great and fit well, including the confidence to get started porate the seam into the design, method of casting on and dren, and babies.
both toe-up and cuff-down and the skills to tackle more this book features a variety of knitting two socks together on ■■ 95,000 COPIES IN PRINT
approaches and three different challenging projects. yarn weights and motifs, plus one long circular needle.
84,000 COPIES IN PRINT 134,000 COPIES IN PRINT Hardcover with concealed wire-o;
heel styles. ■■
instructions for a wide range ■■
176 pages; 7 x 9
Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7 Paper; 176 pages; 6 x 9 of sizes. Hardcover with concealed wire-o; Full-color
Illustrations throughout Full-color Hardcover with concealed wire-o; 144 pages; 7 x 9 $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK
$8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK 144 pages; 7 x 9 Full-color ISBN 978-1-60342-533-9; No. 62533
ISBN 978-1-61212-541-1; No. 622541 ISBN 978-1-60342-549-0; No. 62549 Full-color $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK ISBN 978-1-58017-691-0; No. 67691
ISBN 978-1-61212-008-9; No. 622008



It takes so little yarn to make something wonderful. Each One-Skein Wonders book has 101 projects
that celebrate a variety of yarns and techniques for making beautiful creations — all with a single skein.

One-Skein Wonders® 101 Designer Sock Yarn Luxury Yarn

edited by judith durant One-Skein Wonders® One-Skein Wonders® One-Skein Wonders®
Every knitter’s closet has skeins of edited by judith durant edited by judith durant edited by judith durant
orphan yarn that never seem to get For every lonely skein of yarn there is Sock yarn isn’t just for socks anymore! High-end yarns are luxurious to the
used. Now those skeins have a purpose, a perfect small project. Here, knitwear Knitters can use this colorful, sturdy touch, and with these patterns, all
with 101 patterns for hats, mittens, designers offer their favorite one-skein yarn to new ends, with original patterns knitters need is a single luscious skein
scarves, bags, socks, baby sweaters, patterns for hats, scarves, bags, shawls, for baby clothes, warm mittens and to make everything from cuddly baby
and more. pillows, and other fun items that knit hats, beautiful scarves, jewelry, bags, blankets and fancy wraps to personal
■■ 123,000 COPIES IN PRINT up in no time. cozies, and items for the home. accessories and plush toys.
Paper; 240 pages; 8 x 8½ ■■ 105,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 84,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 85,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Two-color with 24-page full-color insert Paper; 272 pages; 8 x 8½
Paper; 256 pages; 8 x 8½ Paper; 288 pages; 8 x 8½
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA Two-color with 48-page full-color insert
Two-color with 32-page full-color insert Full-color
ISBN 978-1-58017-645-3; No. 67645 $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £13.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-58017-688-0; No. 67688 ISBN 978-1-60342-579-7; No. 62579 ISBN 978-1-60342-079-2; No. 62079
8-copy counter display
$151.60 US / $231.60 CAD 8-copy counter display
8-copy counter display 8-copy counter display
ISBN 978-1-58017-728-3; No. 67728 $151.60 US / $231.60 CAD
$151.60 US / $231.60 CAD $151.60 US / $231.60 CAD
ISBN 978-1-58017-708-5; No. 67708 ISBN 978-1-60342-758-6; No. 62758 ISBN 978-1-60342-111-9; No. 62111



One-Skein Wonders® Series

16-copy floor display
4 copies each of Crochet One-Skein Wonders®,
Lace One-Skein Wonders®, One-Skein Wonders®,
and Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders®
$303.20 US / $463.20 CAN
ISBN 978-1-60342-771-5; No. 62771

Lace One-Skein Wonders® One-Skein Wonders® Crochet One-Skein Wonders® Crochet One-Skein
edited by judith durant for Babies for Babies Wonders®
Lace adds delicate beauty to knitted edited by judith durant edited by judith durant edited by judith durant
items and is an addictive technique for From soft, cozy hats to sure-to-become & edie eckman & edie eckman
knitters. This book includes 101 lace heirloom blankets, knitters of every This collection of irresistibly cute Organized by yarn weight, this stunning
projects for single skeins of yarn, along level will find something adorable to projects for dressing and accessorizing collection of projects makes it easy for
with tips to help knitters expand their make in this collection of original patterns infants and toddlers features original crocheters to put single skeins to use,
lace repertoire. for new arrivals and active toddlers. patterns for everything from hats and making jewelry, gloves, hats, home décor,
Paper; 288 pages; 8 x 8½ caps to socks and bootees, tops and baby clothes, stuffed toys, and more!
Paper; 304 pages; 8 x 8½ Full-color dresses, blankets, wraps, and soft toys. ■■ 106,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Full-color $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK Paper; 288 pages; 8 x 8½ Paper; 288 pages; 8 x 8½
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £13.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-480-3; No. 622480 Full-color Full-color
ISBN 978-1-61212-058-4; No. 622058 $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
8-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-61212-576-3; No. 622576 ISBN 978-1-61212-042-3; No. 622042
8-copy counter display $151.60 US / $231.60 CAD
$151.60 US / $231.60 CAD ISBN 978-1-61212-787-3; No. 622787 8-copy counter display 8-copy counter display
ISBN 978-1-61212-403-2; No. 622403 $151.60 US / $231.60 CAD $151.60 US / $231.60 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-802-3; No. 622802 ISBN 978-1-61212-288-5; No. 622288



At Knit’s End Knitting Rules! Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Things I Learned

This humorous book will have obses- The Yarn Harlot is at her hilarious best Casts Off from Knitting
sive knitters — defined as anyone who in this celebration of knitting, offering From timeless advice for the knitting . . . whether I wanted to or not
has snuck new yarn purchases into simple instructions for making hats, newbie to 10 commandments for the
the house, uttered the words “just one socks, and scarves, side by side with Age-old aphorisms like “Patience is a
traveling knitter, Pearl-McPhee’s witty virtue“ and “There’s no accounting for
more row,” or planned a vacation tongue-in-cheek warnings, realities, commentary on the language, beliefs,
around yarn store locations — laughing and fantasies about knitting and the taste“ take on new, fresh, and funny mean-
etiquette, and cultural customs of the ing when the best-selling Yarn Harlot
in relieved recognition. people who do it. world of knitters will have readers in applies them to the knitting universe.
■■ 126,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 97,000 COPIES IN PRINT stitches. ■■ 51,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Paper; 320 pages; 4 x 6 Paper; 224 pages; 6 x 8 ■■ 51,000 COPIES IN PRINT
$10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / £7.99 UK Illustrations throughout Hardcover with jacket; 160 pages;
Paper; 224 pages; 6 x 8 4¼ x 6¼
ISBN 978-1-58017-589-0; No. 67589 $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £9.99 UK
Two-color Two-color
ISBN 978-1-58017-834-1; No. 67834
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £9.99 UK $10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / £8.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-58017-658-3; No. 67658 ISBN 978-1-60342-062-4; No. 62062

“This is a great reference

for the knitter looking
to customize her own
projects, and is an ideal
companion for anyone
who dares to try her own
hand at design.”
— The Oregonian

Increase, Decrease Cable Left, Cable Right Knit One, Bead Too
SELLER judith durant judith durant judith durant
The key to creating any beauti- Knitted cables are an iconic part Knitters can add shine and
fully finished project is in knowing of many knitting traditions as sparkle to any pattern by knitting
how to use the right increase well as a popular contemporary with beads. This book teaches
Cast On, Bind Off or decrease technique to shape design element for commer- five beaded knitting techniques
leslie ann bestor the knitting. This valuable tool cially manufactured garments with step-by-step illustrations
This one-of-a-kind reference presents more than 50 ways to kit includes 99 methods for and home décor items. Dozens and includes 16 projects from
cast on and bind off. Detailed instructions for each technique increasing and decreasing of up-close photos and in-depth wraps to evening bags, pillows,
are combined with step-by-step photography so that nothing is knitting stitches. Each method instructions for creating 94 and more.
left to chance. At-a-glance charts identify the right cast on or features step-by-step how-to cables demystify the technique Hardcover with concealed wire-o;
bind off for various types of knitting, as well as cast on/bind photographs, swatches showing and offer design ideas for braids, 160 pages; 7 x 9
off pairs that work well together. the effect of the featured stitch, diamonds, pretzels, and revers- Full-color
and a list of recommended uses. ible cables. This is a true stitch $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
■■ 112,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Paper with partially concealed wire-o; dictionary for cable lovers. ISBN 978-1-60342-149-2; No. 62149
Paper with partially concealed wire-o; 256 pages; 5½ x 7 Paper with partially concealed wire-o;
216 pages; 5½ x 7 Full-color 216 pages; 5½ x 7
Full-color $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK Full-color
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-331-8; No. 622331 $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-724-1; No. 62724 ISBN 978-1-61212-516-9; No. 622516



Hooked on Crochet The Crocheter’s Top-Down

candi jensen Skill-Building Workshop Crochet Sweaters
After an introduction to crochet dora ohrenstein dora ohrenstein
stitches, techniques, and termi- Includes
This surprising range of stitch Making garments from the bonus online tool
nology, step-by-step instructions patterns and shapes shows top down is a favorite knitting
for 20 sassy projects — including off the fresh, fashionable face technique that allows knitters
a bikini! — will get novice cro- of crochet. The book features to test and adjust the fit as they
Design Your Own Crochet Projects
cheters hooked. From wearable 75 stitch-along swatches, go. Now, the first pattern book sara delaney
accessories like the Little Black plus projects for using the of its kind lets crocheters use Today’s avid crocheters are eager to move beyond the granny
Wrap and Mohair Flapper Hat swatch techniques to make a the same approach. These 14 square. With author Sara Delaney’s unique, flexible formulas,
to home décor items such as a hat, shawl, neck warmer, bag, sophisticated designs are sure crocheters of all levels learn how easy it is to design scarves,
hammock, these projects abound and scarf. to flatter bodies of all shapes cowls, fingerless mitts, mittens, gloves, hats, and socks using
with fun and flair. and sizes, and instructions on their favorite yarn and stitch pattern. The fill-in-the-blank
Paper; 256 pages; 8¼ x 10
Paper; 144 pages; 8½ x 10 Full-color how and why to adjust the pat- templates and stitch dictionary make it possible to create
Full-color $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK terns will ensure an exquisite one-of-a-kind accessories that fit perfectly.
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-61212-246-5; No. 622246 customized fit.
ISBN 978-1-58017-547-0; No. 67547 Hardcover with concealed wire-o;
Paper; 176 pages; 8¼ x 10 256 pages; 7 x 9
Full-color Full-color
$18.95 US / $26.95 CAD / £14.99 UK $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-610-4; No. 622610 ISBN 978-1-61212-658-6; No. 622658


Christmas Crochet for Connect the Shapes Around the Corner Beyond the Square Every Which Way
Hearth, Home & Tree Crochet Motifs Crochet Borders Crochet Motifs Crochet Borders
Readers can crochet contem- Many crocheters love to A crochet border is the perfect Crochet motifs can be circles, Step-by-step instructions and
porary stockings, adorable stitch motifs but dread the finishing touch, but the stars, triangles, hexagons, and symbol charts make these 139
and festive ornaments, a tree process of joining them. technique is rarely simple, and more. Here are 144 designs to original designs accessible to
skirt, and other seasonal Detailed instructions for most patterns don’t include keep crocheters happy as they all crocheters. In addition to
decorations for the home creative joining techniques specific instructions. This experiment with color combi- plenty of practical design advice
using these 18 easy patterns. show how to combine mul- must-have reference explains nations, sizes, and endless uses for those ready to chart their
Paper; 184 pages; 6 x 9 tiples of a motif to form a 150 colorful crochet frames. for the finished motifs. Sixty own course, each pattern is
Full-color whole new pattern. ■■ 128,000 COPIES IN PRINT clever projects show readers how diagrammed to approach in
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK ■■ 42,000 COPIES IN PRINT to create wearables, acces- rounds or rows, making this
Paper; 320 pages; 8½ x 6
ISBN 978-1-61212-329-5; No. 622329
Hardcover with concealed wire-o; Full-color sories, and soft home goods. an inventive and invaluable
272 pages; 7 x 10 $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK ■■ 163,000 COPIES IN PRINT resource for fiber enthusiasts.
Full-color ISBN 978-1-60342-538-4; No. 62538 Hardcover with concealed wire-o; Hardcover with concealed wire-o;
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £15.99 UK 208 pages; 7 x 9 224 pages; 7 x 9
ISBN 978-1-60342-973-3; No. 62973 Full-color Full-color
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK $18.95 US / $26.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-039-6; No. 62039 ISBN 978-1-61212-740-8; No. 622740


“Turn pretty dyed fibers

into beautiful finished
yarns and achieve the
results you dream of.”
— Amy Singer, founder
and editor,

BEST Uniquely Felt Making Felted Friends Felt It!

SELLER christine white sue pearl maggie pace
Suitable for all skill levels, this A felted menagerie of fleecy Fans of felting will learn the
Yarnitecture is the essential resource on animals is fun and easy for all fundamentals of the craft,
feltmaking — a complete ages and levels of crafters to from choosing the best wools
jillian moreno
primer on felting equipment make. With these 25 irresist- to properly washing a project
More and more knitters are discovering the pleasures of and techniques, including tra- ible projects, readers will learn to achieve a desired effect.
designing and building their own perfect yarn by taking to the ditional, needle, and nuno, with wet- and needle-felting tech- These 20 projects include
spinning wheel. This beautiful volume leads knitters through step-by-step instructions for niques to create colorful critters, hats, bags, belts, wraps, and
every phase of yarn construction, with step-by-step photos 46 projects and profiles of from penguins to dinosaurs. items for the home.
showing how to select the fiber, establish a foundation, and professional feltmakers. Paper; 128 pages; 8¼ x 10¼ Paper; 152 pages; 9 x 8¾
achieve the desired structure, texture, and color patterning. ■■ 42,000 COPIES IN PRINT Full-color Full-color
In addition, 12 original patterns from leading knitwear design- $17.95 US / $26.95 CAD / UK: NA $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA
ers showcase handspun yarns. Paper; 320 pages; 8¼ x 10
ISBN 978-1-58017-685-9; No. 67685 ISBN 978-1-58017-635-4; No. 67635
Hardcover; 240 pages; 8¼ x 10 $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £16.99 UK
Full-color ISBN 978-1-58017-673-6; No. 67673
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £20.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-521-3; No. 622521

“A definitively revised
guide that reflects the
latest trends.”
— Booklist

How to Crochet Crochet Taxidermy Knit One, Felt Too
sara delaney taylor hart kathleen taylor
The Crochet Answer Book, 2nd Edition From choosing yarn and working Amigurumi — a Japanese Felted knitting is simple —
edie eckman single chain to swatching for method of creating cute stuffed projects are knit large and loose,
Hundreds of crochet conundrums are solved in a friendly Q&A gauge and reading patterns, animals with oversized heads — then washed in hot water to
format. There’s information for every skill level, including beginner crocheters will find is a crochet favorite. Here, heads transform them into soft, thick,
illustrations for left-handed crocheters, and explanations of success from the start with of animals from farm and forest, cozy garments or accessories.
unusual techniques, including Tunisian crochet. the expert instructions in this sea and safari come to life with Included here are 25 projects
■■ 218,000 COPIES IN PRINT
introductory guide to crochet irresistible details like the for mittens, socks, bags, toys,
fundamentals. drowsy eye (for the shy deer and home accessories.
Flexibind with cloth spine; 408 pages; and sleepy octopus) and fuzzy
4½ x 6⅜
fur (for the skittery skunk’s Paper; 176 pages; 9 x 8¾
Two-color Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £11.99 UK Illustrations throughout
stripe and lazy lion’s mane). Full-color
ISBN 978-1-61212-406-3; No. 622406 $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / £5.99 UK Step-by-step instructions put $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-61212-392-9; No. 622392 this gaggle of fun gift ideas ISBN 978-1-58017-497-8; No. 67497
8-copy mixed counter display within reach for crocheters of
(4 copies each of The Crochet Answer all skill levels and ages.
Book and The Knitting Answer Book)
Paper; 208 pages; 6½ x 7½
$119.60 US / $183.60 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-553-4; No. 622553
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-736-1; No. 622736



The Field Guide The Spinner’s How to Spin The Fleece & The Spinner’s
to Fleece Book of Fleece beth smith Fiber Sourcebook Book of Yarn Designs
deborah robson beth smith Spinning yarn from raw fiber deborah robson sarah anderson
& carol ekarius Demonstrated here are specific is gaining followers, especially & carol ekarius Lush photographs illustrate the
This pocket-size reference covers methods for working with fiber among knitters. This book This one-of-a-kind photographic process of turning fleece into
100 sheep breeds, the charac- from 21 different breeds to offers a succinct introduction encyclopedia features more yarn, reveal the unique archi-
teristics of their fleece, and the achieve the best results, no for anyone new to the craft, than 200 animals and the tecture of 80 distinctive yarns,
kinds of projects for which their matter what the project. Each beginning with selecting a fibers they produce. Each and show exactly how to manip-
fleece is most suited. Each chapter covers a group of sheep spinning wheel and guiding entry includes photographs of ulate and combine fibers to get
breed profile includes a photo- with similar characteristics: fine readers through every stage the featured animal; samples the desired results. A must-have
graph of the animal and details wool, longwool, down, and mul- of preparing the fiber, plying, of its raw fleece, its cleaned reference for every spinner!
about its origin and conservation ticoat. Profiles include photos of winding off, and finishing. fleece, and yarn spun from the Hardcover with 32 technique cards in
status, as well as the weight, the sheep and its locks, as well Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7 fleece; and samples of the an envelope; 256 pages; 8 x 9
staple length, fiber diameter, as a brief history of the breed. Illustrations throughout yarn knit and woven. Full-color
and natural colors of its fleece. $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / £5.99 UK $27.50 US / $41.50 CAD / £17.99 UK
Hardcover; 256 pages; 8 x 9 ■■ 39,000 COPIES IN PRINT
ISBN 978-1-61212-612-8; No. 622612 ISBN 978-1-60342-738-8; No. 62738
Paper; 232 pages; 5 x 7 Full-color Hardcover with jacket;
Full-color $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £23.99 UK 448 pages; 8¼ x 10
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-039-3; No. 622039 Full-color
ISBN 978-1-61212-178-9; No. 622178 $35.00 US / $53.00 CAD / £27.00 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-711-1; No. 62711

“Notable for its full

coverage of rigid-
heddle weaving,
one of the most
accessible pathways
into this ancient art,
this is an essential
Grow Your addition to weavers’
The Handmade Hand Dyeing Yarn
bookshelves.” BEST
Handmade Business Marketplace, and Fleece SELLER
— Library Journal
kari chapin 2nd Edition gail callahan
With supportive “you-can-do- kari chapin With just some yarn, dye, and
it” coaching, this book covers This completely updated second heat, fiber enthusiasts can satisfy Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom
all of the issues involved in edition of the best-selling crash every color craving without leav- syne mitchell
turning a creative hobby into a course in DIY entrepreneurship ing their home kitchens. This This complete guide to rigid-heddle looms explores their full
successful business. Sprinkled includes online resources, such accessible reference includes potential with a surprisingly broad array of techniques and
throughout are words of wisdom as Pinterest and Instagram, and advice on color theory and projects. Step-by-step photography leads readers through the
from business-savvy creatives addresses recent trends in craft types of dyes, as well as eight warping and setup process. Projects range from pillows and
who share their advice on how marketing. It features wisdom projects using colorful yarns. curtains to bags, shawls, and even jewelry, showcasing a range
to achieve profitability. and insider advice from a col- ■■ 36,000 COPIES IN PRINT of textural effects and materials, including silky threads, rayon
Paper; 272 pages; 6½ x 7½ lection of successful crafters Hardcover with concealed wire-o; chenille, and wire.
Two-color and artists. 168 pages; 7 x 9 ■■ 39,000 COPIES IN PRINT
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK Full-color
■■ 108,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 296 pages; 8¼ x 10
ISBN 978-1-60342-989-4; No. 62989 $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £15.99 UK
Paper; 256 pages; 6½ x 7½ ISBN 978-1-60342-468-4; No. 62468 Full-color
Two-color $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £22.00 UK
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK ISBN 978-1-60342-972-6; No. 62972
ISBN 978-1-61212-335-6; No. 622335


“An essential
reference for
quilters inter-
ested in EPP.”
— Library Journal,
starred review

The Quilt Design The Quilting How to Make a Quilt

BEST Coloring Workbook Answer Book barbara weiland talbert
SELLER thomas knauer barbara weiland talbert With basic sewing skills and
To help quilters find new sources This handy pocket reference step-by-step instructions, any
sewer can make a patchwork
All Points Patchwork of inspiration, designer Thomas
Knauer calls on an unlikely muse:
solves more than 275 quilting
quandaries related to cutting, quilt. The complete process is
diane gilleland modern art. Ninety-one design piecing, appliqué, borders, bind- outlined, from selecting a
This is a complete course in English paper piecing techniques: prompts and full-page coloring ing, and more. Readers also get design and fabric to cutting
cut the desired shapes from paper, baste the paper to the back templates invite quilters to try helpful advice on materials, pieces, assembling blocks and
of the fabric, then hand-sew the pieces together. This ingenious new color combos and pattern equipment, and storage. the quilt top, and finishing.
method ensures perfectly matched points every time. Step- experiments. This innovative ■■ 73,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7
by-step photos illustrate how to connect triangles, octagons, reimagining of quilt design Illustrations throughout
Flexibind with paper spine;
diamonds, and other shapes. highlights the very principles 432 pages; 4½ x 6⅜
$9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / £5.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-408-7; No. 622408
Paper; 224 pages; 9 x 9½ that threw the traditional Two-color
Full-color art world into upheaval 100 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £15.99 UK years ago, such as prioritizing ISBN 978-1-60342-144-7; No. 62144
ISBN 978-1-61212-420-9; No. 622420 balance over symmetry and
simplicity over realism. 8-copy counter display
$119.60 US / $183.60 CAD
Paper; 144 pages; 9 x 10 ISBN 978-1-60342-161-4; No. 62161
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £13.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-785-9; No. 622785

“Quilters and
novices alike will
enjoy this book for
the inspiration
that can come
from trying
something new.” Improv Sewing Skirt-a-Day Sewing The Sewing
— Los Angeles Times
nicole blum nicole smith Answer Book
& debra immergut Step-by-step instructions show barbara weiland talbert
Each of these 101 creative how to draft custom-fit patterns Perfect for everyone from
sewing projects can be com- for four classic silhouettes — beginners to experienced sewers,
pleted in less than a day. Playful wrap, straight, flared, and high- this friendly, reassuring resource
and inventive, they include
Quilting with a Modern Slant clothing accessories, home
waisted — and seven variations
of each, for 28 skirts in all!
with its question-and-answer
rachel may format is easy to use and offers
décor items, and furnishings, Paper; 240 pages; 8 x 8½ information for both machine
Modern quilting allows artists the freedom to play with with easy instructions for Full-color and hand sewing as well as tips
traditions and take liberties with fabrics and patterns. This book techniques such as appliqué $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £13.99 UK on specific techniques.
is chock-full of ideas to inspire quilters of every level, offering and doodle-stitching. ISBN 978-1-60342-974-0; No. 62974
a glimpse into more than 70 unique visions, with profiles of Flexibind with cloth spine;
Paper with flaps; 320 pages; 8 x 8½
432 pages; 4½ x 6⅜
quilters and artists who have developed their own aesthetic. Full-color
Paper; 224 pages; 9 x 9½ $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
Full-color ISBN 978-1-60342-740-1; No. 62740
ISBN 978-1-60342-543-8; No. 62543
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £15.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-063-8; No. 622063 Craft Answer Book Collection Prepack
(3 each of Crochet, Knitting, Quilting,
and Sewing Answer Books)
$179.40 US / $275.40 CAD
ISBN 978-1-60342-675-6; No. 62675



“This is a bible, a
catalog, a wish
SELLER book, and an
excellent library
Little One-Yard Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders reference source.”
Wonders One-Yard Wonders rebecca yaker & patricia — Booklist
rebecca yaker & patricia rebecca yaker & patricia hoskins
hoskins hoskins A single yard of gorgeous fab- BEST
ric holds endless possibilities, SELLER
Single yards of adorable fabric From lightweight cottons to
are the main ingredient in these cozy flannels and durable including a sturdy shopping
tote, a cuddly stuffed animal,
101 patterns for toys, wearables, coated fabrics, sewers will
and a cheery curtain for a Spruce: A Step-by-Step Guide to
and furnishings designed with find the perfect pattern for
wee ones in mind. Pattern every fabric in this collection kitchen window — these and Upholstery and Design
pieces, step-by-step illustrated of 101 projects, complete with 98 other projects are easy amanda brown
instructions, and photographs of illustrated instructions, cutting enough to complete in a few
hours. Simple instructions, These 900 step-by-step photographs from projects in the
finished projects are included. layouts, and pattern pieces. author’s own house illustrate the stunning effect upholstery
templates, and patterns guide
crafters from cutting the fab- can have on an interior space. Through the six featured projects,
Paper with concealed wire-o and Hardcover with concealed wire-o and ric through sewing on buttons. readers learn the skills to create one-of-a-kind pieces. There
patterns; 360 pages; 8 x 8½ patterns; 416 pages; 8 x 8½ are also chapters on interior design principles and how to sew
■■ 216,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Full-color Full-color throw pillows to accent reupholstered furnishings.
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £21.99 UK $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA Hardcover with concealed wire-o and
ISBN 978-1-61212-124-6; No. 622124 ISBN 978-1-60342-586-5; No. 62586 Hardcover; 400 pages; 8 x 10
patterns; 304 pages; 8 x 8½
$35.00 US / $53.00 CAD / £27.00 UK
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-61212-137-6; No. 622137
ISBN 978-1-60342-449-3; No. 62449

“Looking for inspiration

for your next sewing
project? Whether you’re
a beginner or a master
stitcher, there’s some-
thing for you in the new
— Star-Banner
Sew What! Bags Sew What! Fleece Sew What! Skirts
lexie barnes carol jessop & chaila sekora francesca denhartog
These 19 projects use bold, Fleece is warm, comfortable, & carole ann camp
contemporary fabrics to make durable, and intuitively easy to Body measurements, a machine, Sew & Stow
totes, messenger bags, draw- sew. This book features 35 great fabric, fun embellishments, betty oppenheimer
string sacks, and handbags cozy pattern-free projects that and sewing fundamentals are From a reusable shopping bag and a waterproof lunch sack
that are fully customizable for use basic sewing skills and all sewers need to make these to a tool caddy and a log tote, here are fuss-free patterns for
size, feel, the perfect number offer endless possibilities for easy skirt designs. 31 practical and easy-to-sew projects for home and garden.
of pockets, and personal style. adding personal touches. ■■ 7 1,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 67,000 COPIES IN PRINT
■■ 37,000 COPIES IN PRINT Hardcover with concealed wire-o; Hardcover with concealed wire-o; Paper; 192 pages; 8 x 8½
Hardcover with concealed wire-o; 160 pages; 7 x 9 128 pages; 7 x 9 Two-color with 32-page full-color insert
152 pages; 7 x 9 Full-color Full-color $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
Full-color $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £10.99 UK $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-60342-027-3; No. 62027
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK ISBN 978-1-58017-626-2; No. 67626 ISBN 978-1-58017-625-5; No. 67625
ISBN 978-1-60342-092-1; No. 62092



fabric labels
Sewing School® Quilts Sewing School® Sewing School® 2 Sewing
amie petronis plumley & andria lisle amie petronis plumley & andria lisle amie petronis plumley & andria lisle School® Box Set
The creativity and timeless appeal of quilting With 21 inspired projects, kids can learn Kid-friendly step-by-step text and photo- amie petronis plumley &
reaches a new generation. Young sewists how to sew — no sewing machine needed. graphs teach children the skills and andria lisle
learn hand- and machine-sewing techniques Step-by-step photography and full-size cut- techniques they need to master machine
This special box set features
and create projects both decorative and out patterns guide children through making sewing. Reusable full-size pattern pieces
the bestsellers Sewing School®
practical, including a patchwork pet bed, pillows, dolls, blankets, totes, and more. are included in a bound-in envelope.
and Sewing School® 2, plus bonus
a crazy-quilt journal cover, and a recycled For ages 5–10 For ages 8–12
■■ ■■
“Made By” iron-on fabric labels
T-shirt quilt. 194,000 COPIES IN PRINT 63,000 COPIES IN PRINT
■■ ■■
for personalizing kids’ creations.
■■ For ages 8–12 Paper with concealed wire-o and patterns; Paper with concealed wire-o and patterns; ■■ For ages 8–12
Paper with concealed wire-o and patterns; 144 pages; 9 x 9½ 160 pages; 9 x 9½
Full-color Full-color Two paperbacks with concealed wire-o
160 pages; 9 x 9½
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK and a set of iron-on fabric labels in a
ISBN 978-1-60342-578-0; No. 62578 ISBN 978-1-61212-049-2; No. 622049 slipcase, shrink-wrapped; 304 pages;
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-859-7; No. 622859
$40.00 US / $59.95 CAD / £30.00 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-117-4; No. 626117
ALSO AVAILABLE: Sewing School® Fashion Design, page 25


Stitch Camp Sew Up a How to How to Make Curtains Fabric Surface Design
nicole blum & catherine Home Makeover Make Slipcovers rebecca yaker cheryl rezendes
newman lexie barnes This is a complete introduction Sensational sewing projects
patricia hoskins
Today’s thriving maker culture It’s easy to transform any room to making curtains, from mea- demand fabulous fabrics! Fiber
Tired furniture gets a new
is rubbing off on kids, who are in the house, from entryway suring to calculating yardage enthusiasts learn how to create
lease on life with step-by-step
hungry to create or hack styl- to office, with these 50 fresh, and selecting the appropriate an astonishing array of surface
instructions for making slip-
ish wearables, toys, and gifts. fun, pattern-free sewing proj- fixtures and hardware for designs, simply and safely, using
covers. This book tackles
This lively guide teaches kids ects for the home, all of which hanging. Included are step-by- textile paints and printing ink.
everything from selecting
how to sew, knit, crochet, felt, can be customized to suit step instructions for making Step-by-step photos illustrate
fabric to perfecting curved
embroider, and weave. Eigh- individual tastes and needs. five curtain styles. a wide variety of techniques,
seams, applying trims, and
teen original projects give them Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7 including stenciling, silk screen-
Paper; 160 pages; 8 x 9 finishing with zippers, enve-
plenty of opportunity to prac- Illustrations throughout ing, working with wax resists,
Full-color lope backs, or ties.
tice, improvise, and make. $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA $8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / UK: NA transferring images, marbling,
■■ For ages 9–14 Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7 ISBN 978-1-61212-539-8; No. 622539 and more.
ISBN 978-1-60342-797-5; No. 62797
Illustrations throughout
$8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK Paper; 320 pages; 8¼ x 10
Paper with flaps and 2 sheets of ISBN 978-1-61212-525-1; No. 622525 Full-color
punch-out gift tags; 208 pages; 8 x 10 $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £21.99 UK
Full-color ISBN 978-1-60342-811-8; No. 62811
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-750-7; No. 622750



“This encouraging
guide gives readers
the inspiration and
go-ahead to forge their
own creative paths.”
— Publishers Weekly

Country Life Color-Your-Own Create-Your-Own

Coloring Book Greeting Cards Handmade BEST
caitlin keegan caitlin keegan Christmas Cards
Featuring delightful rural images Coloring enthusiasts can custom- caitlin keegan
and timeless country sayings, ize celebrations big and small — A special holiday treat awaits Journal Sparks
this is the quintessential Storey including birthdays, weddings, the recipients of these cards: emily k. neuburger
take on adult coloring books. anniversaries, welcoming a new five include a punch-out For those seeking to expand their imaginative voice and
These 45 ready-to-color pages baby, and offering congratulations Christmas ornament as part journaling skills, these 60 interactive prompts, activities, and
include a mixture of hand- and thanks — with these 30 of the card design. All of the art how-tos — including how to handcraft a one-of-a-kind
lettered phrases and charming distinctive images and hand- 30 cards feature hand-lettered journal — provide endless inspiration for filling the blank
country characters and scenes — lettered messages. An envelope holiday greetings and iconic page in fresh and inviting ways.
including chickens, cows, and to match each card means scenes — including Santa ■■ For ages 10–100
wildflowers with bees. coloring aficionados can create Claus and a peace dove — ■■ Gold Mom's Choice Award
Paper; 90 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ complete packages that are sure to brighten the season ■■ Teachers' Choice Award for the Classroom
Illustrations throughout truly one-of-a-kind. for fans of handcrafted gifts. ■■ Dr. Toy Award
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £9.99 UK 30 cards with envelopes; 5¼ x 7¼
ISBN 978-1-61212-884-9; No. 622884 30 cards with envelopes; 5¼ x 7¼ ■■ National Parenting Product Award
Illustrations throughout Illustrations throughout ■■ Gold Foreword INDIES Winner
$16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £11.99 UK $16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK ■■ Gold Nautilus Award
ISBN 978-1-61212-885-6; No. 622885 ISBN 978-1-61212-915-0; No. 622915 ■■ 35,000 COPIES IN PRINT
6-copy counter display 6-copy counter display Paper with 2 sticker sheets, 3 sheets of paper punch-outs,
$101.70 US / $149.70 CAD $101.70 US / $149.70 CAD and 10 sheets of decorative collage paper;
ISBN 978-1-61212-952-5; No. 622952 ISBN 978-1-63586-004-7; No. 626004 164 pages; 7½ x 9½
$16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-652-4; No. 622652

“Everybody has a
hidden genius, and
this book is a way
to find it.”
— Amy Maclin,
executive editor,
Papermaking with The Papermaker’s Hand Printing O Magazine
Garden Plants Companion from Nature
& Common Weeds helen hiebert laura bethmann Your Idea Starts Here
helen hiebert Clear, easy-to-follow instructions Natural and found materials carolyn eckert
With these illustrated, step- and step-by-step illustrations can create unique prints on
make this the ultimate guide fabric, paper, and other surfaces In a fast-paced world, everyone from students to executives
by-step instructions, readers needs to think creatively and quickly, whether working collab-
can make exquisite decorative to making paper with a variety of following simple techniques
easy-to-obtain materials — and with a few inexpensive oratively or alone. This cleverly illustrated guide to expanding
papers in their home kitchens and improving on any idea shows that creativity is a learnable
from the fibers of weeds and from harvested plants to junk supplies. Step-by-step instruc-
mail — and then using it cre- tions for more than 50 projects skill and inspires everyone to try, with original graphics and
common backyard plants like simple text prompts that offer quick, outside-the-box approaches
birch, cattail, daffodil, holly- atively to craft lanterns, decorative help readers turn plain pillows,
boxes, and much more. chairs, draperies, and ceramics to cultivating innovative thinking and creative problem solving.
hock, and milkweed. Additional
into works of art. ■■ Silver Nautilus Award
directions show how to use the Paper; 224 pages; 8 x 8
handcrafted papers to create Illustrations throughout Hardcover with concealed wire-o; Paper-over-board; 224 pages; 7 x 5
one-of-a-kind envelopes, $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA 192 pages; 8 x 8½ Full-color
lampshades, specialty books, ISBN 978-1-58017-200-4; No. 67200 Full-color $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-779-8; No. 622779
and more. $20.95 US / $31.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-559-9; No. 62559
Paper with flaps; 112 pages; 9¼ x 10
$16.95 US /$25.95 CAN/ £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-58017-622-4; No. 67622



The Soapmaker’s The Candlemaker’s

Companion Companion
susan miller cavitch betty oppenheimer
Readers learn every step of the The illustrated, step-by-step
soapmaking process — from instructions and detailed source
Pure Soapmaking Soap Crafting basic skills to special techniques
for marbling and stained glass
list will inspire and instruct
crafters of all skill levels on
These 32 original recipes for cold-process Making soap is easy with these 31 recipes, effects — with these clear, easy- how to roll, pour, dip, and mold
soaps, scented with all-natural essential oils, full-color photographs, and step-by-step to-follow instructions. Detailed candles for every occasion.
feature a surprising range of organic ingredi- instructions. With chapters on using unusual recipes for 40 specialty soaps ■■ 74,000 COPIES IN PRINT
ents. Step-by-step photography guides the colors, molds, and molding techniques, this will get readers crafting exotic
reader through creating different soap styles, is the one-stop resource for soapmakers of and practical soaps in no time.
Paper; 208 pages; 8 x 8
from simple castile bars to disks and bricks any skill level. Illustrations throughout
■■ 155,000 COPIES IN PRINT $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
with swirls, embeds, and layers. ■■ 47,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Paper; 288 pages; 8 x 8 ISBN 978-1-58017-366-7; No. 67366
■■ 78,000 COPIES IN PRINT Hardcover with concealed wire-o; Two-color
Hardcover with concealed wire-o; 240 pages; 7 x 9 $19.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £13.99 UK
240 pages; 7 x 9 Full-color ISBN 978-0-88266-965-6; No. 66965
Full-color $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £13.99 UK
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £15.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-089-8; No. 622089
ISBN 978-1-61212-533-6; No. 622533

ALSO AVAILABLE: Milk Soaps, page 26

The Natural Soap Book Milk-Based Soaps Making Natural Making Melt & Mold
susan miller cavitch casey makela Liquid Soaps Transparent Soap Soap Crafting
This book takes the mystery It’s easy to blend moisturizing, catherine failor catherine failor c. kaila westerman
out of soapmaking with illus- skin-nourishing, milk-based All-natural, inexpensive hand Cook colorful, whimsical, and
With common ingredients
trations and clear directions for soaps using these specialized soaps, shampoos, shower gels, eye-catching soaps in the
and easy-to-follow, step-by-
creating high-quality vegetable- yet simple techniques. Recipes bubble baths, and much more microwave! More than 30
step directions, crafters can
based soaps that are good for for soaps, baths, and creams can be created using a simple projects using a meltable glycerin
produce transparent soaps
the skin and free of synthetic use common ingredients and double-boiler technique. Read- soap base and readily available
that are milder, richer, and
additives. equipment. ers learn to blend oils, additives, colorants and fragrances allow
creamier than any commercial
■■ 180,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 38,000 COPIES IN PRINT color, and scent to develop soap on the market. crafters to custom-design
Paper; 192 pages; 6 x 9 Paper; 112 pages; 6 x 9 one-of-a-kind liquid soaps. their own works of soap art.
Paper; 144 pages; 7 x 10
Two-color Two-color ■■ 75,000 COPIES IN PRINT Full-color ■■ 41,000 COPIES IN PRINT
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £12.99 UK $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / £9.99 UK $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £13.99 UK
ISBN 978-0-88266-888-8; No. 66888 ISBN 978-0-88266-984-7; No. 66984 Paper; 144 pages; 7 x 10 Paper; 144 pages; 7 x 10
Full-color ISBN 978-1-58017-244-8; No. 67244 Full-color
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £13.99 UK $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £13.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-58017-243-1; No. 67243 ISBN 978-1-58017-293-6; No. 67293



“Learn new ways to

display summer’s
curvaceous souvenirs.”
— Coastal Living

Making Bent Making Bentwood Woodland Style

Willow Furniture Trellises, Arbors, marlene hurley marshall
photography by sabine
brenda & brian cameron Gates & Fences vollmer von falken
This age-old craft results in jim long
homemade furniture that is
Any house can be beautified Shell Chic
Limbs from native trees are with decorative pieces crafted
both functional and beautiful. marlene hurley marshall
transformed into graceful and from found bits of the woodland photography by sabine vollmer von falken
Detailed illustrated instructions practical arbors, gates, fences, landscape. This book explains
guide readers through making and trellises in this illustrated how to use responsibly collected Create works of art from nature’s architectural wonders —
a range of home décor items, how-to book. Profiles of 30 seashells. From shell-encrusted furnishings and fixtures,
materials to create stylish wreaths,
from a small hanging basket common trees and vines provide intricate shadow boxes, and shell mosaics to kid-friendly
frames, furniture, birdhouses,
to a bed headboard. tips for finding and collecting shell projects including masks and holiday decorations, this
and more.
Paper; 144 pages; 8 x 9 those limbs and describe the craft book’s gorgeous photography, design ideas, and practical
Paper with flaps; 160 pages; 9½ x 11½ instructions offer ample inspiration for bringing the beauty
Full-color advantages and disadvantages to Full-color
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA building with each kind of wood. of shells into the home.
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-048-2; No. 67048
■■ 62,000 COPIES IN PRINT ISBN 978-1-60342-552-0; No. 62552 Hardcover with jacket; 160 pages; 9½ x 11½
Paper; 160 pages; 8 x 9 $35.00 US / $53.00 CAD / UK: NA
Full-color ISBN 978-1-58017-440-4; No. 67440
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-58017-051-2; No. 67051

Beaded Jewelry: Beaded Jewelry: Beaded Jewelry: The Beading Simple Fountains
Knotting Techniques Wirework Techniques Stringing Techniques Answer Book dorcas adkins
carson eddy, rachael evans carson eddy, rachael evans carson eddy, rachael evans karen morris Gently bubbling fountains help
& kate feld & kate feld & kate feld Here are solutions to beading wash away stress. These 20
Working with pearls, gemstones, This highly illustrated, step- From choosing the right string problems big and small, from projects — from a small tabletop
and other precious beads requires by-step guide demystifies the for a project to finishing options organizing tips to stringing fountain to a dramatic outdoor
mastering the classic method tools and techniques needed with clasps and hooks, this techniques, weaving with beads, sprouting wall fountain — give
of knotting between each bead. for crafting handmade beaded guide introduces crafters to the and repairs. This indispensable readers creative inspiration and
This illustrated guide leads jewelry with wire. Crafters will tools and techniques needed to reference is filled with illustrated simple but detailed building
crafters step-by-step through learn how to select the right make beautiful beaded necklaces instructions and insightful instructions.
every aspect of the technique. size wire for any project and how and bracelets with clear instruc- advice to help every beader ■■ 67,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Paper; 88 pages; 5 x 7 to bend it to create hanging tions and helpful illustrations. solve the most vexing dilemmas. Paper; 160 pages; 9¼ x 10
Illustrations throughout earrings or beaded necklaces. Paper; 88 pages; 5 x 7 Flexibind with cloth spine; Full-color
$8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK Paper; 88 pages; 5 x 7 Illustrations throughout 432 pages; 4½ x 6⅜ $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-61212-486-5; No. 622486 Illustrations throughout $8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK Two-color ISBN 978-1-58017-506-7; No. 67506
$8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-482-7; No. 622482 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £9.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-484-1; No. 622484 ISBN 978-1-60342-034-1; No. 62034


“Bob Langrish’s
gorgeous equine
imagery has raised
the standards for
equine photography
to new levels.” Horse Breeds of Storey’s Illustrated Among Wild Horses
— Elizabeth Moyer, editor, North America Guide to 96 Horse lynne pomeranz
Horse Illustrated judith dutson Breeds of North In this gorgeous photographic
journal, photographer Lynne
Collected in a perfect pocket America
guide no horse lover will be Pomeranz documents two
judith dutson years in the lives of the Pryor
able to resist, here are images
of 96 horse breeds galloping, The spirit of these noble Mountain Mustangs of the
playing, grazing, working, or animals shines through in this American West, capturing the
Bob Langrish’s World of Horses simply striking a pose. At-a- book, which provides a wealth enduring courage, resilience,
glance conformation, historical of information about each of and freedom of these wild
bob langrish & jane holderness-roddam
facts, and usage notes accom- North America’s diverse breeds. descendants of equine royalty.
This stunning volume is the culminating collection of a 56,000 COPIES IN PRINT
pany a full-page photograph ■■
Hardcover with jacket;
master photographer who has traveled six continents in
for each breed. Paper; 416 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ 144 pages; 9 x 6⅜
search of the most compelling horses in their native habitats. Full-color Full-color
■■ 121,000 COPIES IN PRINT
From the Mongolian steppe to the South African desert, barrier $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper; 208 pages; 6 x 4¼ ISBN 978-1-58017-612-5; No. 67612 ISBN 978-1-58017-633-0; No. 67633
islands to city streets, Langrish has recorded the lives and Full-color
activities of these majestic and beloved animals. His images $10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / UK: NA
capture the grace and soul of horses in all shapes and sizes. ISBN 978-1-58017-650-7; No. 67650
Brisk, lively text by Olympic gold medalist Jane Holderness-
Roddam accompanies each photo, relating the story of how 8-copy counter display
horse behaviors and traits vary by habitat, as well as the behind- $87.60 US / $135.60 CAD
the-scenes details of Langrish’s adventures. Dramatic, poignant, ISBN 978-1-58017-734-4; No. 67734
and personal, Langrish’s photos are a testament to the ancient
and abiding horse-human relationship.
Hardcover with jacket; 208 pages; 9⅛ x 12¼
$40.00 US / $60.00 CAD / £30.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-125-9; No. 626125

The Horse Your Horse Horse Sense

Conformation Handbook judy chapple john j. mettler jr., dvm
Arabian horses’ tough feet allow them to cope with stony heather smith thomas This book takes the mystery Written by a country veterinarian
desert landscapes. This comprehensive volume out of horse ownership for with 40 years of experience,
examines the critical compo- prospective horse owners, this indispensable handbook for
nents of horse evaluation — covering everything from buying, the new or prospective horse
including body proportion and housing, and feeding that first owner provides invaluable
balance, body and leg angles, horse to training the horse advice on preventive health
and height — and discusses and learning to ride. care, breeding, foaling, putting
how variations will affect a ■■ For ages 8–12
a horse down when necessary,
horse’s performance and suit- ■■ 85,000 COPIES IN PRINT
and more.
ability for particular functions. ■■ 68,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Paper; 144 pages; 8½ x 11
■■ 42,000 COPIES IN PRINT Photographs and illustrations Paper; 160 pages; 8½ x 11
throughout Photographs and illustrations
Paper; 400 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA throughout
Illustrations throughout
ISBN 978-0-88266-353-1; No. 66353 $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-0-88266-545-0; No. 66545
ISBN 978-1-58017-558-6; No. 67558
Langrish captures the expression and movement of his
equine subjects.




“These reflective,
“Hamilton’s ideas insightful
will resonate with meditations will
anyone who has encourage
ever formed a close readers . . . while
relationship with probing a higher
a horse.” consciousness.”
— Library Journal
— Shelf Awareness
for Readers

allan j. hamilton, md, is a Zen Mind, Zen Horse Lead with Your Heart . . .
Harvard-trained brain surgeon, Being quietly present and receptive to a horse’s Lessons from a Life with Horses
chi, or energy, can serve as an approach to horse
a renowned horse trainer, a training that offers a better understanding of how
In this wise and important collection of 112 reflective
essays, celebrated neurosurgeon Allan J. Hamilton
developer of equine-assisted humans interact with horses and how doing so can
lead to spiritual awakening.
combines his understanding of the human brain with
his experience training horses to offer insight on such
learning programs, and an author. ■■ Gold Nautilus Award universal themes as leadership, motivation, ambition,
A professor of neurosurgery Paper; 320 pages; 7 x 10
and humility.
Gold Nautilus Award
at the University of Arizona,
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £16.99 UK ■■Silver IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award
ISBN 978-1-60342-565-0; No. 62565
he raises Lipizzan horses on a ■■Silver Independent Publisher Book Award

Hardcover; 232 pages; 6 x 7

small ranch on the outskirts Two-color with 12 full-color illustrated inserts

of Tucson, Arizona.
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £13.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-734-7; No. 622734

“Filled with beautiful

photos and packed
with practical
diagrams, this
extensively researched
reference is essential
for any horse-lover’s
— Allan J. Hamilton,
author, Zen Mind,
The Horse Doctor Is In Stable Smarts Starting & Running Zen Horse
brent kelley, dvm heather smith thomas Your Own Horse
In a warm, conversational Old cowboy tricks, quick Business, 2nd Edition
style, experienced homemade fixes, hard-earned mary ashby mcdonald, dvm
veterinarian Brent Kelley lessons, and tried-and-true
This handbook for launching a
The Horse-Lover’s Encyclopedia,
writes about horse health horsekeeping wisdom contribute
care, using real-life stories to the treasure trove of equine successful horse business, 2nd Edition
from his 30 years of seeing know-how assembled in this whether a riding school or a edited by jessie haas
equine patients to answer book for anyone who rides, tack shop, guides readers Bridging gaps in the equestrian universe between English and
questions about everything owns, or dreams of spending through the ins and outs of Western styles, this completely revised second edition features
from fertility to fractures to time with horses. business plans, marketing, more than 1,700 entries on wide-ranging topics such as breeds,
foot care. safety issues, insurance, taxes, tack, facilities, equine care and management, health and safety
Paper; 320 pages; 6 x 8
legal considerations, good issues, riding styles and disciplines, shows, and much more.
Paper; 416 pages; 6 x 9
Illustrations throughout $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA horse management, and veteri- ■■ 91,000 COPIES IN PRINT
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-58017-610-1; No. 67610 nary costs.
ISBN 978-1-58017-460-2; No. 67460 Paper; 432 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ Hardcover;
Full-color $39.95 US / $59.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper; 224 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £21.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-682-1; No. 622682
Illustrations throughout ISBN 978-1-61212-678-4; No. 622678
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-60342-483-7; No. 62483



“Will intrigue
“An excellent look anyone seeking to
at an extraordinary enrich and
animal.” strengthen the
— Bristol Herald Courier horse-human
— Northwest Rider

cherry hill is an internationally

How to Think Like a Horse What Every Horse Should Know known horse trainer and instruc-
Here is a unique in-depth discussion of how horses Every horse needs a basic education to live among
think, learn, respond to stimuli, and interpret human humans safely and confidently. Readers will come to tor and was a judge for several
behavior. By understanding what causes a horse to
feel happy or distressed, and by communicating with
understand how horses learn, how to handle a horse
without fear, how to teach respect and patience,
national horse breed organizations
a horse in language it can understand, a human can and how to help the horse master the actual “work” for more than 25 years. She has
make training much easier and more rewarding. it needs to do.
■■ 224,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 192 pages; 7½ x 10
taught university-level courses in
Paper; 192 pages; 7½ x 10 Full-color
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
horse management and training
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £16.99 UK ISBN 978-1-60342-713-5; No. 62713 in the United States and Canada
and is an award-winning writer
ISBN 978-1-58017-835-8; No. 67835 Hardcover;
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-60342-716-6; No. 62716
for many horse publications.

Horsekeeping on Horse Handling Horse Hoof Care Stablekeeping Horse Health Care
a Small Acreage & Grooming cherry hill From design to management to Packed with useful advice on
& richard klimesh maintenance, good stablekeep- mastering dozens of essential
Provide the best equine care Award-winning horse handler
while maintaining responsible Cherry Hill offers a wealth of Good hoof care is key to every ing minimizes repair expenses, health-care skills and illustrated
land practices with this thor- practical advice on mastering horse’s health and performance. reduces feed and veterinary bills, with step-by-step photographs,
oughly updated, full-color edition essential skills for maintaining This complete guide explains keeps horses safe and content, this volume covers wound
of the best-selling classic on consistent equine well-being. hoof anatomy, the farrier’s role, and provides a pleasant work- care, leg wrapping, injections,
horsekeeping. Equine expert More than 350 photographs and the importance of daily place for owners and riders. dental exams, basic restraint,
Cherry Hill explains how careful show techniques for grooming, routines and consistent care. If ■■ 40,000 COPIES IN PRINT and more.
planning and diligent routines clipping, bathing, braiding, it affects horse foot health, it’s Paper; 160 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
result in efficient operations and more. explained in this book. Photographs and illustrations Paper; 160 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
and happy horses. ■■ 125,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 160 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ throughout Photographs and illustrations
■■ 235,000 COPIES IN PRINT Photographs and illustrations $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA throughout
Paper; 160 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ ISBN 978-1-58017-175-5; No. 67175
throughout $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper; 320 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ Photographs and illustrations
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-0-88266-955-7; No. 66955
Full-color throughout
ISBN 978-1-60342-088-4; No. 62088
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-535-7; No. 67535 ISBN 978-0-88266-956-4; No. 66956



“Thomas is truly
comprehensive in her
approach, drawing
from the very best
aspects of various
training methods.”
— Equine Journal
Ride the Right Horse The Rider’s Fitness Storey’s Guide NEW
yvonne barteau Program to Raising Horses,
With this guide to understanding dianna robin dennis, john 2nd Edition
horse temperament, riders and j. mccully & paul m. juris heather smith thomas Storey’s Guide to Training Horses,
trainers will learn about the four More than 85 exercises, 3rd Edition
basic equine personality types For everyone from experienced
illustrated with step-by-step handlers to first-time buyers, heather smith thomas
and, following training tips and instructional photography,
strategies designed to suit each this complete guide to horse In her fully updated, full-color, one-stop reference on
improve balance, flexibility, raising covers all aspects of
type, gain the skills needed to and coordination. New and horse training, best-selling author Heather Smith
work effectively with individual keeping a horse fit and healthy.
experienced riders will gain Thomas features a complete program for turning a shy,
horses. strength, resulting in fewer ■■ 96,000 COPIES IN PRINT
gangly foal into a calm, coordinated, and skillful equine
Hardcover with jacket; 312 pages; 6 x 9 aches and pains. Paper; 528 pages; 6 x 9
Photographs and illustrations ■■ 39,000 COPIES IN PRINT Photographs and illustrations partner, with a thorough grounding in both Western and
throughout throughout English saddle work, driving, trailer training, and more.
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA Paper; 224 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
Photographs and illustrations ■■ 144,000 COPIES IN PRINT
ISBN 978-1-58017-662-0; No. 67662 ISBN 978-1-60342-471-4; No. 62471
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £17.99 UK Hardcover; Paper; 448 pages; 7 x 9¼ Hardcover;
ISBN 978-1-58017-542-5; No. 67542 $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA Full-color $34.95 US / $48.95 CAD / £25.00 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-472-1; No. 62472 $24.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £18.99 UK ISBN 978-1-63586-121-1; No. 626121
ISBN 978-1-63586-120-4; No. 626120

“From racing and

showing to health
and fitness and breeds,
Knowing Horses
answers a wide
range of questions
about horses and
their history.”
— Lancaster Farming
The Rider’s The Horse Training The Horse Behavior
Problem Solver Problem Solver Problem Solver
jessica jahiel jessica jahiel jessica jahiel Knowing Horses
Riders of all levels have similar Training a horse brings an array Through a friendly Q&A format, les sellnow & carol a. butler
questions about their sport, from of vexing challenges. In an acces- readers will come to under-
the physical skills required to sible Q&A format, this book of- stand how a horse thinks and New and experienced horse lovers alike will get to know their
emotional concerns, comfort fers sensible answers to com- learns, why it acts the way it companions better with this informative compendium of all
with equipment, and improve- mon training problems. The does, and how one should things equine. It answers hundreds of questions about behav-
ment in the saddle. Addressing combination of basic theory, respond. Real-life case studies ior, physiology, breed characteristics, training, sporting events,
real-life situations in compre- effective solutions, and handy provide workable answers to and the long-standing relationship between humans and horses.
hensive detail, this valuable tips and strategies will ensure a common problems. Paper; 256 pages; 5½ x 8
volume offers proven solutions more satisfying experience for Two-color
to common problems. both horse and rider. $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
Paper; 352 pages; 6 x 9 ISBN 978-1-60342-798-2; No. 62798
Paper; 384 pages; 6 x 9 Paper; 416 pages; 6 x 9 Illustrations throughout
Illustrations throughout Illustrations throughout $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-58017-524-1; No. 67524
ISBN 978-1-58017-838-9; No. 67838 ISBN 978-1-58017-686-6; No. 67686


“This fantastic
guide will be a
treasured work
for students of
— The American
Quarter Horse
Western Practice Easy-Gaited Horses Trail Riding
Lessons lee ziegler rhonda hart poe
charlene strickland A horse that is calm, obedient, From selecting an appropriate
Whether used in conjunction relaxed, and sure-footed is a horse to proper conditioning
The USDF Guide to Dressage with instructor training or pleasure to ride. With this and training for every kind of
jennifer o. bryant all on its own, this complete comprehensive guide, riders trail situation, this book covers
course in Western riding will learn humane methods all aspects of trail riding and is
Easy-to-follow photographic sequences demystify basic for training a variety of horses essential reading for everyone
dressage techniques for riders of all disciplines. This thor- offers 35 lessons and detailed
instructions for mastering to specific gait, with emphasis who rides anywhere other than
ough handbook also covers the history of dressage, terms on equine anatomy and good the ring.
and equipment, management of the dressage horse, and core skills in a way that
benefits horse and rider. horsemanship. Paper; 336 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
much more. Illustrations throughout
■■ 39,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 256 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
Hardcover with jacket; 352 pages; 9 x 10 Illustrations throughout $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
Full-color Paper; 160 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-58017-560-9; No. 67560
$39.95 US / $59.95 CAD / UK: NA Full-color ISBN 978-1-58017-562-3; No. 67562
ISBN 978-1-58017-529-6; No. 67529 $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-107-6; No. 67107

“Clear, step-by-step
instructions make
this sometimes
task seem a little
less scary.”
— Horsemen’s
Yankee Pedlar
BEST Competing in Western The Basics of Games on Horseback
Shows & Events Western Riding betty bennett-talbot
charlene strickland charlene strickland & steve bennett
Riders of all levels will improve
A must-have reference for In this introduction to West-
their equestrian skills and
Braiding Manes and Tails riders and rodeo enthusiasts, ern riding, clear photographs
have fun with friends using
charni lewis this book teaches riders the and illustrations accompany
this collection of more than
rules of competition and step-by-step instructions for
Next to riding, there is nothing horse people love more than 50 safe, exciting, and chal-
how to prepare themselves safe horse handling proce-
pampering and grooming their horses, and braiding manes and lenging games for horse and
and their horses for show, dures, basic riding techniques
tails is particularly enjoyable for horse and rider alike. Here are rider.
including proper tack, basic including trail riding funda-
30 mane and tail braids for every occasion — from casual rides show riding techniques, and mentals, and a complete guide ■■ 44,000 COPIES IN PRINT
to blue-ribbon events — described with step-by-step illustra- etiquette. to Western tack. Paper; 144 pages; 8½ x 11
tions and color photographs. Full-color
Paper; 144 pages; 8½ x 11 ■■ 60,000 COPIES IN PRINT
■■ 68,000 COPIES IN PRINT Photographs and illustrations $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper; 144 pages; 8½ x 11 ISBN 978-1-58017-134-2; No. 67134
Hardcover with concealed wire-o; throughout Photographs and illustrations
152 pages; 9 x 9 $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA throughout
Full-color ISBN 978-1-58017-031-4; No. 67031 $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
$22.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £15.99 UK ISBN 978-1-58017-030-7; No. 67030
ISBN 978-1-58017-699-6; No. 67699



“The ultimate
resource for riders
of every level.”
— Today's Equestrian

A Parent’s Guide Getting the Most Equine Fitness

to Riding Lessons from Riding Lessons jec aristotle ballou
elise gaston chand mike smith These 50 conditioning exercises
For every parent whose child This reassuring companion are designed to enhance a
has begged for riding lessons, guide to riding lessons helps horse’s soundness, stamina,
quality of motion, longevity,
Peter Leone’s Show Jumping Clinic
here is a reassuring introduction novice equestrians maximize peter leone & kimberly s. jaussi
to the world of riding gear, the lesson experience, with strength, and agility, with varia-
ringside etiquette, and equine information about safety, horse tions for horses of different Riders get help mastering the elements of first-rate horsemanship
terminology, with safety advice behavior, basic riding exercises, ages and abilities. Individual and the foundations of competitive show jumping from Olympic
and tips for finding instructors field and trail riding, and pre- and group exercise routines are silver medalist Peter Leone, who shares his philosophy for build-
plus situations that will suit paring for the first show. described in detail, then con- ing mental strength and focus and improving the relationship
each child’s individual needs. densed onto pullout cards to between horse and rider.
which riders can refer through- Hardcover with jacket; 224 pages; 7 x 9
Paper; 192 pages; 5½ x 8½ Paper; 160 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ out the exercise. Full-color
Illustrations throughout Photographs and illustrations
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA Paper with 48 pullout cards; $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-60342-447-9; No. 62447 168 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ ISBN 978-1-60342-717-3; No. 62717
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-58017-082-6; No. 67082 Illustrations throughout
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £15.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-463-9; No. 62463

“On every page

you’ll find detailed
information on
how to keep your
horse happy and
— Equine Journal
Teaching Safe The Foaling Primer Storey’s Barn Guide
Horsemanship cynthia mcfarland to Horse Health Care +
jan dawson Chronicling the first year of a First Aid
Equestrian accidents can happen, horse’s life in amazing, up-close When a horse isn’t well, every
but knowledge and foresight can photographs, this introductory owner wants quick solutions.
prevent or minimize potentially handbook guides the reader With a nail hole at the top of The Horse Nutrition Handbook
serious events. This book teaches through this critical period. each page spread, this book melyni worth
both English and Western rid- Detailed descriptions and can be hung on a barn wall as a A balanced, nutritious diet is key to horse well-being. This hand-
ing instructors how to create instruction on birth, care, han- hands-free visual guide. Step- book covers every element of horse nutrition, including the specific
a safe riding environment. dling, training, and weaning, by-step illustrations and simple needs of brood mares, performance horses, and other working
plus a month-by-month guide,
Paper; 160 pages; 8½ x 11 text guide readers through animals; the benefits of additives and herbal supplements; and
offer everything needed to
Photographs and illustrations every health situation likely dietary solutions to common health problems.
raise a healthy foal.
throughout to occur.
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA Paper; 160 pages; 8 x 10 Paper; 256 pages; 6 x 9
ISBN 978-1-58017-515-9; No. 67515 Full-color Paper with concealed wire-o; Photographs and illustrations throughout
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA 128 pages; 12 x 9 $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £13.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-58017-608-8; No. 67608 Full-color ISBN 978-1-60342-541-4; No. 62541
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-639-2; No. 67639



“Comprehensive and
easy to follow.”
— Equine Journal

bonus DVD
101 Ground Training Exercises 101 Arena Exercises for
40 Fundamentals of for Every Horse & Handler Horse & Rider
English Riding cherry hill cherry hill
hollie h. mcneil Ground training is the key to safe, successful riding and creates This illustrated guide presents recognized classic exercises
a strong bond between horse and rider. These 101 exercises for both English and Western riders, plus original patterns
Master the 40 basic elements
cover everything from haltering to driving and transitions. and maneuvers, useful for improving the skills of horses and
essential to riders in dressage,
Paper with comb-binding; 256 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ riders alike.
jumping, and eventing. The book
comes with a 90-minute DVD Photographs and illustrations throughout ■■ 174,000 COPIES IN PRINT
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £22.99 UK
showing action sequences for ISBN 978-1-61212-052-2; No. 622052
Paper with comb-binding; 224 pages; 11 x 8½
each fundamental. Illustrations throughout
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA
Hardcover with jacket and DVD; ISBN 978-0-88266-316-6; No. 66316
192 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
$35.00 US / $53.00 CAD / £25.00 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-789-0; No. 62789

“McNeil’s . . . book and

DVD bring us the top
techniques that can help
you reach your own
riding goals by gaining
a thorough understanding
of the basics of classical
— Horsemen’s Yankee Pedlar

101 Jumping Exercises for 101 Dressage Exercises for 101 Western Dressage
Horse & Rider Horse & Rider Exercises for Horse & Rider
linda l. allen with jec aristotle ballou jec aristotle ballou
dianna r. dennis Moving from basic techniques to & stephanie boyles
Here is a must-have workbook that pro- advanced maneuvers, the exercises here Applying the principles of dressage to
vides a logical and consistent series of provide hours of satisfying dressage the training of Western horses, these
exercises with easy-to-follow maps and work for riders of all levels. exercises help riders take their horses
instructions for all riding abilities. ■■ 67,000 COPIES IN PRINT to the next level.
■■ 84,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper with comb-binding; 240 pages; 8½ x 11 Paper with comb-binding; 240 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
Paper with comb-binding; 240 pages; 8½ x 11 Illustrations throughout Photographs and illustrations throughout
Illustrations throughout $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £22.99 UK $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £22.99 UK
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-58017-595-1; No. 67595 ISBN 978-1-61212-170-3; No. 622170
ISBN 978-1-58017-465-7; No. 67465



“Beginners, dreamers,
families, and
educators will find
an indispensable
guide to becoming a
confident, happy
Beekeeping Hive Management Build Your Own
— American Bee Journal
richard e. bonney richard e. bonney Beekeeping Equipment BEST
This comprehensive guide, For the practicing beekeeper tony pisano SELLER
perfect for novice beekeepers, or the serious novice, this is an Illustrated with step-by-step
describes how to acquire bees, integrated year-round program instructions, these 35 building
choose equipment and supplies, of hive management season
install a colony, manage a hive, by season, explaining what to
projects cover everything from Homegrown Honey Bees
hive components and frames alethea morrison
harvest a crop of honey, and do and why. Beekeepers will to swarm catchers and even
prevent and treat diseases. get the knowledge and under- photography by mars vilaubi
bear fences. All can be made
■■ 42,000 COPIES IN PRINT standing they need to maintain using recycled materials and This beginner’s guide clearly explains everything needed to keep
Paper; 192 pages; 6 x 9 a thriving hive. simple hand tools. bees successfully. Spectacular photography brings the inner
Illustrations throughout ■■ 44,000 COPIES IN PRINT workings of the hive to life, while the playful text provides the
Paper; 160 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ information necessary to make it through the first year.
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA Paper; 160 pages; 6 x 9 One-color with 8-page color insert
ISBN 978-0-88266-861-1; No. 66861 Photographs and illustrations ■■ 56,000 COPIES IN PRINT
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
throughout ISBN 978-1-61212-059-1; No. 622059 Paper; 160 pages; 7 x 9
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA Full-color
ISBN 978-0-88266-637-2; No. 66637 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-60342-994-8; No. 62994

“The author’s challenge

of choosing just 100
plants is well met . . .
Gardeners concerned
about their pollinator
friends will be as
enthused, as well as
beginner apiarists.”
— Library Journal SELLER
The Rabbit-Raising Rabbit Housing Rabbit Breeds
Problem Solver bob bennett lynn m. stone
karen patry Here are plans for designing This pocket-size reference
Rabbit fanciers will find solutions and building efficient facilities spotlights all 49 breeds recog- 100 Plants to Feed the Bees
to all the problems they’re likely that shelter 2 to 100 backyard nized by the American Rabbit the xerces society
to face with this accessible guide rabbits in safety and comfort. Breeders Association with
Concise profiles identify 100 common flowers, herbs, shrubs,
in Q&A format, offering expert The book also guides readers engaging descriptions and fun
and trees that attract and nourish bees, butterflies, moths, and
advice on housing, feeding, through options for feeders, facts. Beautiful original photo-
hummingbirds. This colorful and user-friendly field guide will
breeding, kindling, and health. watering systems, nest boxes, graphs anchor each profile,
empower anyone with a scrap of yard or a window box to pro-
Specific sections address rabbit and sheltering structures. while a playful history of rabbit
tect pollinators.
basics, pet rabbit care, and the Paper; 144 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ domestication and glossaries
■■ Garden Writers Association Silver Award of Achievement
business of raising meat rabbits. One-color with 8-page color insert of rabbit terminology and col-
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA ors round out the collection. Paper; 240 pages; 6 x 8 Hardcover;
Paper; 328 pages; 6 x 9 ISBN 978-1-60342-966-5; No. 62966 Full-color $26.95 US / $39.95 CAD / UK: NA
Illustrations throughout Paper; 256 pages; 6 x 4¼
$16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-886-3; No. 622886
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA Full-color
ISBN 978-1-61212-701-9; No. 622701
ISBN 978-1-61212-142-0; No. 622142 $10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / £7.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-602-9; No. 622602
8-copy counter display
$87.60 US / $135.60 CAD
ISBN 978-1-61212-871-9; No. 622871




Storey’s Guide to Raising Storey’s Guide to Raising Storey’s Guide to Raising Storey’s Guide to Raising
Sheep, 5th Edition Pigs, 4th Edition Beef Cattle, 4th Edition Rabbits, 5th Edition
paula simmons & carol ekarius kelly klober heather smith thomas bob bennett
With expert coverage of everything This trusted resource provides author- Every cattle rancher needs this compre- This guide to raising rabbits for meat
from shearing a sheep to building a itative advice on every aspect of raising hensive, expert advice, which includes or fiber or as pets offers full-color breed
lambing shed, assisting with lambing, pigs, with sections covering green farm- essential information on health care, photos and up-to-date information on
and much more, this is the essential ing methods and rare and heritage breeds. raising grass-fed animals, toxic pasture preventive health care, treating diseases,
bible for the shepherd. plants, and much more. marketing, and showing.
■■ 118,000 COPIES IN PRINT
■■ 285,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■
Paper; 344 pages; 7 x 9¼
Paper; 368 pages; 7 x 9¼ Paper; 320 pages; 7 x 9¼ Paper; 240 pages; 7 x 9¼
Full-color Full-color Full-color
$24.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £18.99 UK
$24.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £18.99 UK $24.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £18.99 UK $24.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £18.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-042-9; No. 626042
ISBN 978-1-61212-980-8; No. 622980 ISBN 978-1-63586-039-9; No. 626039 ISBN 978-1-61212-976-1; No. 622976
Hardcover; Hardcover; Hardcover;
$34.95 US / $48.95 CAD / £26.99 UK
$34.95 US / $48.95 CAD / £25.00 UK $34.95 US / $48.95 CAD / £26.99 UK $34.95 US / $48.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-63586-043-6; No. 626043
ISBN 978-1-61212-984-6; No. 622984 ISBN 978-1-63586-040-5; No. 626040 ISBN 978-1-61212-982-2; No. 622982

Storey’s Guide to Raising Storey’s Guide to Raising Storey’s Guide to Raising Storey’s Guide to Raising
Poultry, 4th Edition Turkeys, 3rd Edition Horses, 2nd Edition Ducks, 2nd Edition
glenn drowns don schrider heather smith thomas dave holderread
This invaluable resource contains Turkeys produce lean, delicious, and For everyone from experienced handlers
From choosing the right breed to butch-
essential information on selection, nutritious meat. This essential reference to first-time buyers, this complete guide
ering, this essential guide covers it all,
housing, breeding, hatching, feeding, covers breed selection, housing, feeding, to raising horses covers all aspects of
with an expanded breed section and
behavior, and health care. breeding, health care, and much more. keeping a horse fit and healthy.
helpful information on facilities, health
■■ 309,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 81,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 96,000 COPIES IN PRINT care, and marketing.
Paper; 464 pages; 6 x 9 Paper; 320 pages; 6 x 9 Paper; 528 pages; 6 x 9 ■■ 135,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Illustrations throughout Illustrations throughout Photographs and illustrations throughout
Paper; 368 pages; 6 x 9
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
Photographs and illustrations
ISBN 978-1-61212-000-3; No. 622000 ISBN 978-1-61212-149-9; No. 622149 ISBN 978-1-60342-471-4; No. 62471
Hardcover; Hardcover; $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-60342-692-3; No. 62692
ISBN 978-1-61212-150-5; No. 622150 ISBN 978-1-60342-472-1; No. 62472
Storey’s Guide to Training Horses, page 91


newly revised editions ensure the most trusted animal-husbandry series
continues to be the go-to reference for the next generation of farmers and homesteaders.



Storey’s Guide to Keeping Storey’s Guide to Raising Storey’s Guide to Raising

Honey Bees, 2nd Edition Dairy Goats, 5th Edition Chickens, 4th Edition
malcolm t. sanford jerry belanger gail damerow
& richard e. bonney & sara thomson bredesen This reliable reference for flock owners
From installing a colony and honey bee Dairy goat raisers will keep a healthy, brims with information on shelter, food,
health to managing productive hives, happy herd with this guide to housing, health care, eggs, chicks, meat, and
this go-to reference covers everything feeding, fencing, health, breeding, kid- recent research into chicken behavior
new and experienced beekeepers need ding, and milking. and communication.
to know. ■■ 330,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 419,000 COPIES IN PRINT
■■ 48,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 296 pages; 7 x 9¼ Paper; 424 pages; 7 x 9¼
Full-color Full-color
Paper; 224 pages; 7 x 9¼
$24.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £18.99 UK $24.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £18.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-932-7; No. 622932 ISBN 978-1-61212-930-3; No. 622930
$24.95 US / $34.95 CAD / £18.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-978-5; No. 622978 Hardcover; Hardcover;
$34.95 US / $48.95 CAD / UK: NA $34.95 US / $48.95 CAD / UK: NA
Hardcover; ISBN 978-1-61212-934-1; No. 622934
ISBN 978-1-61212-935-8; No. 622935
$34.95 US / $52.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-61212-983-9; No. 622983


Storey’s Guide to Raising Storey’s Guide to Raising

Miniature Livestock Meat Goats, 2nd Edition FLOOR DISPLAY
sue weaver maggie sayer
New and experienced farmers alike will The essential reference on raising, caring Storey’s Guide to Raising 12-copy floor display
appreciate these clear explanations of for, and marketing meat goats also offers (3 copies each of Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens,
the ins and outs of breeding, feeding, advice on starting or expanding a meat- Storey’s Guide to Raising Dairy Goats, Storey’s Guide to
housing, diet, nutrition, exercise, disease goat business. Raising Rabbits, and Storey’s Guide to Keeping Honey Bees)
prevention and treatment, and more. ■■ 71,000 COPIES IN PRINT $299.40 US
ISBN 978-1-63586-065-8; No. 626065
Paper; 464 pages; 6 x 9 Paper; 344 pages; 6 x 9
One-color with 16-page full-color insert Photographs and illustrations throughout
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-481-3; No. 62481 ISBN 978-1-60342-582-7; No. 62582
Hardcover; Hardcover;
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-60342-482-0; No. 62482 ISBN 978-1-60342-583-4; No. 62583


“Whether you are dreaming of keeping

chickens or already manage a flock of your
own, you will be inspired to take on one of
these projects — and your chickens will
thank you.”
— Amy Stewart, best-selling author of The Drunken

Chick Days Keep Chickens!

Hentopia jenna woginrich
photography by mars
barbara kilarski
frank hyman The author’s passion for
poultry shines through the
From the Vending Machine Feeder to the Refilling Rainwaterer, these innovative building projects Delightful photographs chron- detailed information in this
are designed to save time and money while keeping chickens safe, healthy, clean, and well icle the journey of three chick- handbook that is as practical
fed. Featuring easy-to-follow instructions and colorful photos, the 21 projects for the chicken ens as they grow from newly and encouraging as it is witty
yard range from creative doorways, nest boxes, fencing, and roosts to a predator-proof pen, a hatched chicks to adult hens and entertaining. Aspiring
“Chunnel” chicken run, and a sturdy but inexpensive coop made from wooden pallets. laying eggs. Following their chicken keepers everywhere
Paper; 208 pages; 8 x 10 progress from day to day and are invited to join the urban and
Full-color week to week, absolute beginners suburban chicken-farming boom
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK will learn everything they need and start enjoying the fresh-
ISBN 978-1-61212-994-5; No. 622994 to know about chicken behavior, est breakfast eggs available.
feeding, housing, hygiene, and ■■ 59,000 COPIES IN PRINT
health care.
Paper; 160 pages; 6 x 9
■■ 52,000 COPIES IN PRINT One-color with 16-page full-color insert
Paper; 128 pages; 7 x 9 $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
Full-color ISBN 978-1-58017-491-6; No. 67491
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-584-1; No. 62584

automatic pop door lets hens come and go “chunnel” provides predator protection


“For those seeking
“An authoritative reliable instruc-
“The ultimate Abdomen to Zygote tions on brooding
resource for raising reference to every- and hatching a
healthy chickens.” thing there is to know variety of fowl,
— GRIT about chickens.” the book is
— Booklist outstanding.”
— Library Journal

The Chicken Health The Chicken Encyclopedia Hatching & Brooding

Handbook, 2nd Edition From addled to zygote, chicken terminology is demystified Your Own Chicks
in this informative and entertaining illustrated reference.
In this full-color reference, chicken owners will find This authoritative guide explains how to hatch baby
Whether it’s the characteristics of droopy wing or the
in-depth information on nutrition, reproductive issues, chickens, ducklings, goslings, turkey poults, and guinea
translation of a chicken’s alarm call, here are answers
and diseases, along with detailed treatment and pre- keets, addressing everything from selecting a breed
to every chicken owner’s question and quandary.
vention protocols for every health problem that might and choosing the best incubator to ensuring sanitary
affect their flock. ■■ 68,000 COPIES IN PRINT conditions and feeding newborns in a brooder.
■■ 133,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 320 pages; 7 x 9¼ Paper; 240 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
Full-color Full-color
Paper; 496 pages; 7 x 9¼ $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
Full-color $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £17.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-561-2; No. 62561 ISBN 978-1-61212-014-0; No. 622014
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £16.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-013-3; No. 622013
$34.95 US / $52.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-61212-479-7; No. 622479




“The ultimate guide

to keeping all of
your ducks – make
Showing Poultry Storey’s Illustrated Poultry Breeds
that chickens – in
glenn drowns Guide to Poultry Breeds carol ekarius
a row.”
For poultry raisers who want carol ekarius Stunning photos highlight the
— Country Living
to show their best birds to For farmers and fanciers alike, beauty and unique attributes
others, this book offers all the here is the definitive guide of 104 poultry breeds. Each
guidance needed to be suc- to North American poultry, profile outlines the bird’s history,
cessful at exhibiting in county with more than 120 breeds physical characteristics, and
and state fairs and exposi- strutting their stuff. Laying common uses, with specially
tions, from selecting the best hens, heritage turkeys, exotic noted fun facts sprinkled How to Speak Chicken
breeds to proper diet, care, pheasants, and giant ostriches throughout.
and handling; cage training; For author Melissa Caughey, backyard chickens are like any
come to life with charming color ■■ 53,000 COPIES IN PRINT
and judging standards. favorite pet — fun to spend time with and fascinating to
photography, breed histories, Paper; 272 pages; 6 x 4¼ observe. Her hours spent among her birds have resulted in
Paper; 88 pages; 5 x 7 and thorough descriptions of Full-color this irresistible and educational guide, full of insights into
Illustrations throughout physical characteristics. $10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / £7.99 UK
how birds communicate, understand the world around them,
$8.95 US / $13.95 CAD / £5.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-692-0; No. 622692
ISBN 978-1-61212-529-9; No. 622529
■■ 79,000 COPIES IN PRINT and establish roles within the flock. Combining her observa-
Paper; 288 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ 8-copy counter display tions with scientific findings, interviews with other chicken
Full-color $87.60 US / $135.60 CAD enthusiasts, and colorful art, Caughey answers unexpected
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £17.99 UK ISBN 978-1-58017-704-7; No. 67704 questions such as Do chickens have names for each other? How
ISBN 978-1-58017-667-5; No. 67667 do their eyes work? and How do chickens learn?
■■ Silver Foreword INDIES Award
Paper; 144 pages; 6 x 8
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-911-2; No. 622911

“This colorful book

is bursting with
kids’ energy and
BEST enthusiasm while
SELLER delivering all the
basics in brief,
How to Build Chicken Coops Reinventing the easily digested
Animal Housing judy pangman Chicken Coop segments.”
carol ekarius Just like houses, chicken coops kevin mcelroy — Backyard Poultry
For the wide range of barnyard come in all sizes and styles. & matthew wolpe
animals living on small-scale Here are basic plans, elevation Backyard chickens meet con-
farms, here is a collection of drawings, and building ideas temporary design! These 14
for 45 original coops, from the complete building plans for
60 building plans for shelters
that meet each animal’s strictly practical to the fanciful. chicken coops range from the
A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens
needs. There are sheds, coops, An eight-page color section purely functional to the outra- Kids can learn practical tips on housing, food, and equip-
hutches, multipurpose barns, shows detailed photos of many geously fabulous. Some are ment before bringing home their first chicks. Egg-centric
windbreaks, and shade struc- of the featured coops. suitable for beginning builders, dishes and crafts offer hours of fun.
tures, plus designs for water- ■■ 137,000 COPIES IN PRINT and others are challenging ■■ For ages 8–12
ing systems, feeders, chutes, Paper; 176 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ enough for experts. All are ■■ AAAS/Subaru SB&F Hands-on Science Book Award
stanchions, and more. One-color with 8-page full-color insert accompanied by detailed con- ■■ Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family
■■ 79,000 COPIES IN PRINT $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK struction illustrations. ■■ 55,000 COPIES IN PRINT
ISBN 978-1-58017-627-9; No. 67627 ■■ 40,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Paper; 272 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ Paper with pull-out poster; Hardcover with pull-out poster;
Illustrations throughout Hardcover; Paper; 192 pages; 9 x 9½ 144 pages; 7½ x 9¾ $26.95 US / $39.95 CAD / UK: NA
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £14.99 UK $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA Full-color Full-color ISBN 978-1-61212-648-7; No. 622648
ISBN 978-1-58017-527-2; No. 67527 ISBN 978-1-58017-631-6; No. 67631 $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-980-1; No. 62980 ISBN 978-1-61212-418-6; No. 622418



“Through keen observa- “An excellent book on
tion, adaptive handling how to incorporate
techniques, and intuitive an understanding of
predictions of animal animal behavior to
behaviors and reactions, safely and calmly
the small farmer can handle livestock for
safely and compassion- profitability and
ately tend [livestock].” gratification.”
— Booklist — Small Farm Today

temple grandin, PhD, is the

Temple Grandin’s Guide to Humane Livestock Handling best-selling author of books on
Working with Farm Animals temple grandin with mark deesing
Temple Grandin’s explanations of how herd animals
Well-treated animals are healthier and calmer and animal behavior and humane
think and how to analyze their behavior will help small-
deliver higher yields of marketable meat. Temple
Grandin describes low-stress methods for handling
livestock handing. She consults
scale farmers and homesteaders managing a small
herd of 3 to 25 cattle or pigs, or 5 to 100 goats or sheep,
cattle and provides construction plans for humane on animal welfare to the fast-
chutes, corrals, and sorting pens. Her facility designs
become more effective at safely handling their livestock.
show farmers how to process meat safely, efficiently, food industry, and her life was
Paper; 192 pages; 7½ x 10
and humanely. the subject of an Emmy Award–
Paper; 240 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
$19.95 US / $27.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-744-6; No. 622744
Illustrations throughout winning HBO movie. Grandin
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £16.99 UK
Hardcover; ISBN 978-1-60342-028-0; No. 62028 is a professor of animal science
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-61212-760-6; No. 622760 at Colorado State University.

“A thorough book of
facts and practical
advice on coexisting
with troublesome
— Will Stolzenburg,
author of Heart of a
Lion and Where the
Wild Things Were
Farm Dogs The Backyard An Introduction to
janet vorwald dohner Homestead Guide to Heritage Breeds
After an accessible history of Raising Farm Animals d. phillip sponenberg, dvm,
The Encyclopedia of Animal Predators working dogs and an introduc- edited by gail damerow jeannette beranger
janet vorwald dohner tion to these intelligent and & alison martin of the
energetic breeds, 93 in-depth Anyone can raise chickens, livestock conservancy
In-depth profiles of more than 30 animal predators teach ducks, geese, turkeys, rabbits,
profiles highlight the tasks Readers learn why heritage
farmers, ranchers, and backyard-animal raisers how to prevent goats, sheep, cows, pigs, and
each dog is best suited for animals are a benefit to our
their livestock, poultry, and pets from becoming prey. Readers honey bees — even in cities
and describe its characteristics culture and how to select
learn to identify threatening species through tracks, scat, and and suburbs. This book covers
and temperament. This hand- appropriate species.
the type of damage they leave behind, while gaining an all the basics of feed, housing,
some and hardworking volume
understanding of how predatory mammals, birds, and reptiles health care, and much more. Paper; 240 pages; 7 x 10
promises all dog lovers a Full-color
think and behave, as well as how they attack and kill prey. This
fuller understanding of our ■■ 77,000 COPIES IN PRINT $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA
is an invaluable reference for everyone with a vested interest
canine friends. Paper; 360 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ ISBN 978-1-61212-125-3; No. 622125
in protecting their pets and livestock and a captivating read
Two-color with 8-page full-color fold- Hardcover;
for anyone spellbound by wild predators. Paper; 352 pages; 8 x 10
Full-color out insert $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper; 288 pages; 8 x 10 Hardcover; $26.95 US / $39.95 CAD / £18.99 UK $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £17.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-130-7; No. 622130
Full-color $34.95 US / $52.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-61212-592-3; No. 622592 ISBN 978-1-60342-969-6; No. 62969
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-705-7; No. 622705
ISBN 978-1-61212-699-9; No. 622699 Hardcover;
$36.95 US / $55.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-61212-600-5; No. 622600



The Backyard Cow The Backyard Sheep The Backyard Goat

Sue Weaver Sue Weaver Sue Weaver
With this insightful guidebook Whether keeping two sheep or For anyone who wants to keep
to bovine care, hobby farmers a dozen on a small plot of land, goats, this book covers the
and families will be able to this go-to reference offers essentials, from choosing the
select the most appropriate beginners guidance on breed right goats to health, housing,
breed, understand their selection, sheep health and feeding, milking, kidding, and
cow’s behavior, and provide safety, lambing, milking, and training them for harness work
adequate shelter, health care, ensuring production of beauti- or to serve as pack goats.
and daily maintenance. ful fleece and delicious dairy. ■■ 42,000 COPIES IN PRINT Storey’s Illustrated Breed Guide to
Paper; 240 pages; 7 x 9 Paper; 224 pages; 7 x 9
One-color with 16-page full-color insert One-color with 16-page full-color insert
Paper; 224 pages; 7 x 9
One-color with 16-page full-color insert
Sheep, Goats, Cattle, and Pigs
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA carol ekarius
ISBN 978-1-60342-997-9; No. 62997 ISBN 978-1-60342-967-2; No. 62967 ISBN 978-1-60342-790-6; No. 62790
Comprehensive, colorful, and captivating, this at-a-glance
reference covers 163 common and heritage North American
breeds of cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs, with brief breed his-
tories; information on unique quirks, qualities, and uses; and
conservation status.
Paper; 320 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ Hardcover with jacket;
Full-color $34.95 US / $52.95 CAD / UK: NA
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £16.99 UK ISBN 978-1-60342-037-2; No. 62037
ISBN 978-1-60342-036-5; No. 62036

Lincoln Longwool

The Donkey Homegrown Pork Storey’s Barn Guide

Companion sue weaver to Sheep
SUE WEAVER Pigs are an efficient and flavorful This book hangs on the wall to
Friendly, dependable donkeys choice for the backyard meat serve as a handy visual refer-
can pull carts, carry riders, producer, and this expert hand- ence. Graphic presentations
tote gear, and act as stable book outlines every aspect of guide farmers through every-
companions and livestock choosing, raising, understanding, thing from trimming hooves to
guardians. From foaling and and caring for a pig, as well as lambing. Also included are full-
first aid to grooming and pro- meat processing at the slaugh- color anatomical illustrations, a Ancient White Park Nubian
fessional showing, this guide terhouse or at home. lambing calendar, and a helpful
offers everything a donkey Paper; 256 pages; 7 x 9 record-keeping section.
owner needs. One-color with 8-page full-color insert Paper with concealed wire-o; 96 pages;
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: NA 12 x 9
Paper; 352 pages; 8 x 10
ISBN 978-1-61212-126-0; No. 622126 Full-color
One-color with 16-page full-color insert
$26.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £16.99 UK $29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-60342-038-9; No. 62038 ISBN 978-1-58017-849-5; No. 67849



“An authoritative
handbook on one of
the most exciting and
hopeful movements in
American agriculture
today — the return of
cattle to grass.”
— Michael Pollan, author Essential Guide Getting Started with The Family Cow
of The Omnivore’s
Dilemma to Calving Beef & Dairy Cattle Dirk van Loon
heather smith thomas heather smith thomas Keeping a single cow requires
just a little land and offers big
Healthy pregnancies, safe All the basics of cattle farm-
benefits. This book provides
Grass-Fed Cattle births, and thriving calves are
critical to every cattle-farming
ing are covered in this first-
time farmer’s guide to raising all the basics of keeping a
julius ruechel cow, from bovine history and
operation. Here is complete a family cow or a small herd
As more consumers discover the benefits of grass-fed beef — breeds to fencing, nutritional
coverage of what to expect at for milk or beef, from breed
sustainable, delicious, antibiotic-free — demand continues requirements, milking, using
every step of the calving pro- selection and health care to
to grow. For any farmer ­interested in entering this profitable manure, and more.
cess and how to keep calves feeding, calving, and bringing
specialty area, here is advice on herd selection, p ­ asture healthy through the first year products to market. ■■ 87,000 COPIES IN PRINT
management, ­­winter grazing, ­equipment, slaughter, labeling, of life. ■■ 37,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 272 pages; 6 x 9
marketing, and more. Paper; 336 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ Photographs and illustrations
Paper; 288 pages; 6 x 9
■■ 37,000 COPIES IN PRINT Photographs and illustrations One-color with 16-page full-color insert throughout
throughout $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £11.99 UK $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper; 384 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ ISBN 978-0-88266-066-0; No. 66066
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £22.99 UK ISBN 978-1-58017-596-8; No. 67596
Illustrations throughout
ISBN 978-1-58017-706-1; No. 67706
$27.95 US / $41.95 CAD / £20.99 UK Hardcover with jacket;
ISBN 978-1-58017-605-7; No. 67605 $26.95 US / $39.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-604-0; No. 67604

Your Puppy, Your Dog Your Rabbit Your Goats

Pat Storer Nancy Searle Gail Damerow
From choosing the right This definitive guide for chil- There are different goats for
puppy or dog and understand- dren age 8 and up covers the different folks, and for children
The Cattle Health Handbook ing dog behavior to learning essentials of rabbit owner- age 8 and up who are raising
how to train and keep a new ship, including choosing a goats — as pets or for milk or
heather smith thomas
pup healthy and happy, this breed, proper handling, food fiber — this book offers expert
For novice and experienced ranchers alike, this reliable medical friendly, encouraging guide to and shelter, healthcare basics, guidance on breed selection,
reference offers expert advice for providing the day-to-day dog ownership is perfect for and advice on breeding and feeding, housing, kidding, and
care cattle require, from preventive care to practical, plus children age 8 and up. showing. healthcare.
easy-to-execute solutions to treating common diseases, ■■ For ages 8–12 ■■ For ages 8–12 ■■ For ages 8–12
ailments, and injuries. ■■ 53,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 71,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Paper; 176 pages; 7 x 10
Paper; 384 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ Photographs and illustrations Paper; 160 pages; 7 x 10 Paper; 176 pages; 7 x 10
Illustrations throughout throughout Photographs and illustrations Photographs and illustrations
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £22.99 UK $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA throughout throughout
ISBN 978-1-60342-090-7; No. 62090 ISBN 978-0-88266-959-5; No. 66959 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-0-88266-767-6; No. 66767 ISBN 978-0-88266-825-3; No. 66825




The Comprehensive Photographic Guide to “For those who have
embraced the farm-
Humane Slaughtering and Butchering

to-table movement
and are ready to

take matters into
Storey Adam Danforth
their own hands,
this is required
Keeping Small-Scale Butchering Beef reading.”
Livestock Healthy Livestock Farming adam danforth — Publishers Weekly
N. Bruce Haynes, DVM Carol Ekarius Detailed photography shows
For livestock owners and A grass-based, organic approach exactly how to humanely slaugh-
farm workers alike, this to livestock management pro- ter and butcher cattle, from
comprehensive veterinary duces healthier animals, reduces creating the right preslaughter Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb,
reference helps prevent feed and healthcare costs, and conditions to making familiar Goat, and Pork
disease in horses, cattle, pigs, maximizes profit. This guide to cuts. Chapters on food safety, adam danforth
goats, and sheep through creating a prosperous small- freezing and packaging, and
tools and equipment round out Detailed photos show how to humanely slaughter and then
proper nutrition, housing, and scale livestock farm includes
this in-depth volume. butcher small livestock. This comprehensive guide covers food
care and includes information case studies of successful farm-
safety, packaging, tools, butchering methods, and preslaughter
on vaccines, disease testing, ers, planning tips, and more. Paper; 352 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
and drug treatments. ■■ 56,000 COPIES IN PRINT Full-color
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £19.99 UK ■■ James Beard Award
■■ 154,000 COPIES IN PRINT Paper; 224 pages; 8½ x 11 ISBN 978-1-61212-183-3; No. 622183 ■■ IACP Award
Paper; 352 pages; 6 x 9 Illustrations throughout
Photographs and illustrations $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
throughout ISBN 978-1-58017-162-5; No. 67162 $37.95 US / $56.95 CAD / UK: NA Paper; 456 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ Hardcover;
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-61212-189-5; No. 622189 Full-color $37.95 US / $56.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-435-0; No. 67435 $24.95 US / $41.95 CAD / £20.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-188-8; No. 622188
ISBN 978-1-61212-182-6; No. 622182

“For anyone who hunts,

farms, or buys large
quantities of meat,
this book is filled with
information on the
nearly lost skill of
Raising a Calf for Beef Tan Your Hide! The Mobile Poultry — Backwoods Home SELLER
Phyllis Hobson Phyllis Hobson Slaughterhouse
Raising a calf for food can fill Articles made from home- ali berlow
the freezer and save money. tanned leathers and furs are Step-by-step instructions for Basic Butchering of Livestock & Game
Beginners will find what they handsome and durable. With building a portable poultry pro- john j. mettler jr., dvm
need in this no-nonsense this step-by-step guide, readers cessing unit offer a manage- Detailed instructions and easy-to-follow illustrations demystify
guide to choosing a calf; pro- will learn to prepare skins and able solution to the shortage of slaughtering and butchering from start to finish. This classic
viding housing, nutrition, and use them to make belts, wallets, humane processing plants. The covers beef, veal, venison, pork, lamb, and poultry and includes
daily care; and butchering. holsters, pillows, vests, hats, book also explains USDA regu- 30 recipes.
124,000 COPIES IN PRINT mittens, and more.
lations and permits, provides a
Paper; 128 pages; 6 x 9
sanitation checklist, and offers
Illustrations throughout Paper; 144 pages; 6 x 9 tips and guidelines for strength- Paper; 208 pages; 6 x 9
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / UK: NA Illustrations throughout ening local food initiatives in Illustrations throughout
ISBN 978-0-88266-095-0; No. 66095 $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / UK: NA $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £13.99 UK
ISBN 978-0-88266-101-8; No. 66101 ISBN 978-0-88266-391-3; No. 66391
Paper; 144 pages; 6 x 9
Illustrations throughout
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-61212-129-1; No. 622129


“This is a beautiful, well-organized, and

comprehensive title. It will leave readers
with a richer understanding and deep “Find the solutions to all
respect for these dogs, their fascinating your kitten quandaries.”
history, and their relationship to farmers — Cat Fancy

and farm work throughout the ages.”

— Booklist

The Kitten Owner ’s Manual

arden moore
Raise a happy indoor cat with practical advice, presented in a
Farm Dogs fun question-and-answer format. From how to properly intro-
janet vorwald dohner duce a new kitten to a household and recipes for homemade
treats to socialization and litter box dos and don’ts, readers will
Following an accessible history of working dogs and an introduction to understanding these find strategies for raising a happy, healthy, well-adjusted cat
highly intelligent, independent, and energetic breeds, 93 in-depth profiles highlight the tasks from kittenhood. Hints and tips from leading veterinarians and
each dog is best suited for and describe its physical characteristics and temperament. This behaviorists are included, plus success stories from cat owners.
handsome and hardworking volume is sure to lead all dog lovers into a fuller understanding of ■■ 36,000 COPIES IN PRINT
our canine friends.
Paper; 208 pages; 6 x 9
Paper; 352 pages; 8 x 10 Hardcover; $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / UK: NA
Full-color $36.95 US / $55.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-58017-387-2; No. 67387
$26.95 US / $39.95 CAD / £18.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-600-5; No. 622600
ISBN 978-1-61212-592-3; No. 622592

“Filled with practical

information that will
help keep your dog fit,
lessen potential behav-
ioral problems, and give
the two of you a chance
to bond.”
— The Daily Sentinel

Canine Sports & Games

kristin mehus-roe
Here are 19 athletic activities to delight every dog and owner.
Each game, obedience competition, and test of instinctive
skill is described in full, with complete rules and information
on equipment, training, safety, related organizations, and
Paper; 256 pages; 7 x 9
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-60342-083-9; No. 62083




“Read this incredible

book and you’ll learn
new insights into the
canine world, prevent
Real Food for Cats Real Food for Dogs problems, and meet
patti delmonte arden moore your dogs on a richer,
illustrated by anne davis illustrated by anne davis
deeper level. Go fetch
Feline lovers looking for an occasional From Great Gravy Cookies to Marvelous
alternative to commercial cat food can Mutt Meatballs, these 50 nutritionally
this book!”
turn to these 50 nutritionally balanced, balanced, easy-to-prepare recipes offer — Marty Becker, host, The
vet-approved, no-fuss recipes— includ- dog owners who want the very best for Pet Doctor, PBS
ing recipes for special dietary needs from their canine companions a healthy, home-
food sensitivities to kidney disease. made occasional alternative to store-
■■ 47,000 COPIES IN PRINT bought food.
The Dog Behavior Answer Book
Paper; 128 pages; 6½ x 7½ ■■ 91,000 COPIES IN PRINT
arden moore
Two-color Paper; 128 pages; 6½ x 7½ foreword by john grogan
$10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / UK: NA Two-color
ISBN 978-1-58017-409-1; No. 67409 Real dogs’ behavioral issues inspired the questions addressed in
$10.95 US / $16.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-424-4; No. 67424
this friendly handbook with thorough explanations for everything
from how dogs know their owners are coming home to why some
dogs drink from the toilet bowl — and what to do about it.
Flexibind; 336 pages; 4½ x 6⅜
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-644-6; No. 67644

“Cat expert Arden

Moore explains the
mysteries behind cats’
thoughts and actions.”
— Pet Business

Dr. Kidd’s Guide to Herbal Dr. Kidd’s Guide to Herbal

Cat Care Dog Care
randy kidd, dvm, phd randy kidd, dvm, phd
Cats can benefit from gentle, chemical- Dog owners can approach routine pre- The Cat Behavior Answer Book
free treatment for both preventive care ventive care and immediate health arden moore
and acute health problems. This com- problems with all-natural herbal treat- foreword by nancy peterson, rvt
prehensive guide explains how, with ments. In-depth sections address spe-
instruction on choosing, making, and cific organs and systems, with at-a-glance This browsable Q&A handbook invites cat owners to better un-
administering herbal preparations. information on more than 40 herbs that derstand their companions. Practical advice and workable solu-
will help keep canines healthy. tions to common kitty conundrums help owners prevent
Paper; 208 pages; 6 x 9 destructive behavior and embrace the charming quirks.
Illustrations throughout Paper; 208 pages; 6 x 9
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
Illustrations throughout
ISBN 978-1-58017-188-5; No. 67188 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA Flexibind; 336 pages; 4½ x 6⅜
ISBN 978-1-58017-189-2; No. 67189 Two-color
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-58017-674-3; No. 67674




“This fascinating,
friendly book is Invaluable References for How
brimming with ideas,
illustrations, and to Live Successfully off the Land
— New York TImes For almost 10 years, the Backyard Homestead series has
taught anyone with just one-quarter acre of land or more
how to grow food, raise animals, improve their facilities,
The Backyard Homestead and enjoy the fruits of a productive, year-round family farm.
edited by carleen madigan From garden and barn to root cellar and kitchen, this series
Put that backyard to work! Just one-quarter acre can yield
1,400 eggs, 50 pounds of wheat, 60 pounds of fruit, 2,000 teaches homesteaders everything they need to know to
pounds of vegetables, 280 pounds of pork, and 75 pounds
of nuts. Plant, grow, harvest, cook, brew, keep animals, make create and manage a sustainable, self-reliant life.
cheese, preserve fruits and vegetables, gather eggs and
honey, make sausage, and much more — the how-to is all
here for the enterprising homesteader.
■■ 334,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Paper; 368 pages; 7 x 9
Two-color 5-copy counter display
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / UK: £14.99 $94.75 US / $144.75 CAD
ISBN 978-1-60342-138-6; No. 62138 ISBN 978-1-60342-683-1; No. 62683

“The perfect tool for

establishing and
maintaining a
productive, sustain-
able homestead and
— John Mesko, executive
director of the Midwest
Organic & Sustainable The Backyard The Backyard The Backyard
Education Service
(MOSES) Homestead Guide to Homestead Book Homestead Book of
Raising Farm Animals of Building Projects Kitchen Know-How
edited by gail damerow spike carlsen andrea chesman
The Backyard Homestead With just a little land, anyone With simple, step-by-step From milling flour to curing
Seasonal Planner can have plenty of poultry, instructions that even novices sausage, freezing or drying
ann larkin hansen livestock, and honey bees. This can use, this book of 76 projects vegetables to preserving fruits,
book covers everything from is the go-to resource for anyone this go-to handbook teaches
From midwinter soil preparation to early-summer haying, selecting breeds to feeding and building DIY functional struc- everything farm-fresh food
efficiently juggling a multitude of tasks is critical to a farm’s housing, animal health, and tures and essential pieces of enthusiasts need to know.
success. This is the essential companion for farmers looking producing delicious fresh milk, equipment for house and garden, Paper; 368 pages; 7 x 9
for expert advice on what to do and when to do it. Every cheese, honey, eggs, and meat. yard, and root cellar. Two-color
critical turn of the year features an at-a-glance to-do list, $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
along with tips and more in-depth discussion of key topics ISBN 978-1-61212-204-5; No. 622204
for the season. Paper; 360 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ Paper; 296 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
Two-color with 8-page full-color fold- Two-color with 8-page full-color insert
Paper with partially concealed wire-o; 208 pages; 7 x 9 out insert $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £17.99 UK 5-copy counter display
Two-color $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £17.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-085-0; No. 622085 $99.75 US / $149.75 CAD
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK ISBN 978-1-60342-969-6; No. 62969 ISBN 978-1-61212-637-1; No. 622637
ISBN 978-1-61212-697-5; No. 622697



“A producer must
have a healthy, fully
functioning soil
ecosystem. The
Farm is the blueprint
for achieving
successful results.”
Starting & Running Successful The Permaculture
— Gabe Brown, rancher,
Your Own Small Small-Scale Farming Promise regenerative pioneer
Farm Business karl schwenke jono neiger
sarah beth aubrey This inspiring handbook intro- Permaculture is an optimistic
After growing, raising, and duces the small-farm owner to approach connecting all the
the real potential and the difficult systems of human life. With
crafting artisanal products, small-
realities of making a full- or inspiring instructions, readers The Drought-Resilient Farm
scale farmers also have to market
part-time living from the land. learn 22 specific ways they dale strickler
and sell their items to whole-
salers, retailers, and consumers. ■■ 81,000 COPIES IN PRINT can adopt permaculture prin- Author Dale Strickler transformed his own drought-stricken
This business-savvy reference Paper; 144 pages; 8½ x 11
ciples — such as turning waste family farm in Kansas into a thriving, water-wise, and profit-
covers everything from financial Illustrations throughout into food, building smarter able enterprise, maximizing healthy cropland, pasture, and
plans and advertising budgets $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £10.99 UK homes, and stopping erosion — water supply. Now he introduces readers to the innovative
to website design and food- ISBN 978-0-88266-642-6; No. 66642 to help humans thrive and make methods he has used. Ranging from simple, short-term proj-
service wholesalers. the planet healthier. ects such as installing rain-collection ollas to long-term land-
Paper; 160 pages; 7 x 9 management planning, these strategies teach farmers how
Paper; 176 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
Photographs and illustrations Full-color to deliver and hold more water in the soil and help plants and
throughout $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / £12.99 UK livestock access it.
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-427-8; No. 622427
Paper; 200 pages; 7 x 9
ISBN 978-1-58017-697-2; No. 67697 Full-color
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £18.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-63586-002-3; No. 626002

“Volk pushes back

against the ‘get big
or get out’ narrative,
making a strong
case for how smaller
farms can, and do,
contribute to our
planet’s health and
The Organic Making Your The Woodland
— Huffington Post
Farming Manual Small Farm Profitable Homestead BEST
ann larkin hansen ron macher brett mcleod
Explaining the benefits of Whether readers are buying This innovative guide explains
farming organically, this compre- a new farm or jump-starting how to successfully use the
Compact Farms
hensive guide details everything an old one, this down-to-earth forest’s resources to grow josh volk
farmers need to know to grow, guide explains how to make a food, raise livestock, harvest Backyard homesteaders and small farmers will find everything
certify, and market organic pro- small farm reap big pay. Expert wood, and much more. they need to design a profitable farming enterprise on fewer
duce, grains, meat, and dairy. advice helps readers identify Paper; 240 pages; 8 x 10 than 5 acres. Farmer and author Josh Volk presents plans for 15
Paper; 448 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ the right products to focus on Two-color real farms that harness the area’s water supply, orientation, and
Photographs and illustrations and learn to process and pro- $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK geography to maximize productivity while minimizing struggles.
throughout mote them effectively. ISBN 978-1-61212-349-3; No. 622349 Profiles of well-known market farmers such as Eliot Coleman
$29.95 US / $44.95 CAD / £20.00 UK ■■ 57,000 COPIES IN PRINT and Jean-Martin Fortier show that farming on a small scale in any
ISBN 978-1-60342-479-0; No. 62479 region, in both urban and rural settings, can provide enough
Paper; 288 pages; 6 x 9
Photographs and illustrations income to turn the endeavor from hobby into career.
throughout ■■ 38,000 COPIES IN PRINT
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
Paper; 240 pages; 8 x 10
ISBN 978-1-58017-161-8; No. 67161
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-594-7; No. 622594


The Good Life Lab The Food Greenhorns

wendy jehanara tremayne Activist Handbook edited by zoë ida bradbury,
One couple ditches their careers ali berlow severine von tscharner
fleming & paula manalo
and high-pressure life in New Individuals can take dozens
York City to move to rural New These 50 original essays are by
of steps, large and small, to
100 Skills You’ll Need for the End of Mexico, where they make, invent, advance good-food community
visionaries who have eschewed
forage, and grow all they need. the comforts of desk jobs to
the World (as We Know It) Alongside their personal story
initiatives. These profiles of dig deep in the soil. Collectively,
ana maria spagna farmers, teachers, activists,
are tips and tutorials to guide the writers explore farming
cooks, and government agen-
What will we have to know how to do when the modern world readers in the discovery of a from a range of angles, address-
cies are packed with practical
is changed beyond recognition? These quirky illustrated inter- fulfilling new lifestyle that relies ing such topics as financing,
advice for anyone committed
pretations reflect the simplicity that so many yearn for in today’s on less money. machinery, and social change.
to making a difference in how
technology-driven existence. Paper; 320 pages; 6 x 8 and what we eat. Paper; 256 pages; 6 x 9
■■ Gold Nautilus Award Full-color Illustrations throughout
■■  ooks for a Better Life
B $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
$18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £12.99 UK Award Finalist
Paper; 224 pages; 5 x 7 8-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-60342-772-2; No. 62772
ISBN 978-1-61212-101-7; No. 622101
Full-color $119.60 US / $183.60 CAD Paper; 320 pages; 6 x 9
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-628-9; No. 622628 Illustrations throughout
ISBN 978-1-61212-456-8; No. 622456 4-copy counter display
$75.80 US / $115.80 CAD $17.95 US / $26.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-370-7; No. 622370 ISBN 978-1-61212-180-2; No. 622180


The “Have-More” Plan Storey’s Basic One-Woman Farm Made from Scratch Barnheart
ed & carolyn robinson Country Skills jenna woginrich jenna woginrich jenna woginrich
First published in 1943, this John & Martha Storey Beginning and ending in This hilarious and heartbreak- Readers will laugh out loud
back-to-the-land classic has For anyone seeking greater self- October — the conclusion of a ing story of the journey toward as they follow one woman’s
taught generations of home- sufficiency, more than 150 of successful growing season and self-sufficiency includes easy- lively quest to find a home for
steaders practical techniques Storey’s expert authors share the start of a long, reflective to-follow instructions for mak- herself and her livestock. This
for creating a productive life in their knowledge of gardening, winter — these seasonal writings ing one’s own clothes, learning inspiring memoir tells the story
the country, from finding land homesteading, building, ani- reveal the daily surprises and to play a musical instrument, of learning to farm by trial and
and barn-building to gardening mal husbandry, preserving, moments of pure grace that fill and much more. error while striving for a more
and raising livestock. and more. a farm year. ■■ Books for a Better Life Award authentic life.
■■ 529,000 COPIES IN PRINT ■■ 192,000 COPIES IN PRINT Hardcover with jacket; 208 pages; 6 x 7 Paper; 208 pages; 5½ x 8¼ Paper; 184 pages; 5½ x 8½
Paper; 72 pages; 9 x 12 Two-color Illustrations throughout $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £9.99 UK
Paper; 576 pages; 8½ x 11 ISBN 978-1-60342-795-1; No. 62795
Photographs and illustrations $16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA $12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / UK: NA
throughout ISBN 978-1-60342-718-0; No. 62718 ISBN 978-1-60342-532-2; No. 62532
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £17.99 UK
$9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-58017-202-8; No. 67202
ISBN 978-0-88266-024-0; No. 66024



The New Woodburner’s The Backyard A Landowner’s Guide to

Handbook Lumberjack Managing Your Woods BEST
stephen bushway frank philbrick ann larkin hansen, SELLER
Homeowners will keep their & stephen philbrick mike severson
In this complete wood-cutting & dennis l. waterman
space warm economically and
safely with this essential guide reference, Frank and Stephen This introductory resource The Blacksmith’s Craft
to heating with wood, covering Philbrick share their enthusiasm explains how to sustainably charles mcraven
topics from selecting the right for the pleasures and rigors of manage a wooded property,
In the early days of the American frontier, the blacksmith made
stove, installing a woodstove, bringing down trees, exploring from a few acres to a small
it all: horseshoes, kitchen implements, nails, and saw blades.
and pellet stove pros and cons subjects from choosing the commercial forest, with expert
In this expert guide to the traditional craft of blacksmithing,
to insulating and conserving perfect chainsaw to safely advice on assessing and improv-
simple, clear instructions and step-by-step photography show
energy at home. felling, bucking, splitting, ing tree health, ecosystem and
aspiring smiths how to build a forge using recycled materials,
and stacking wood. wildlife habitat development,
Paper; 168 pages; 6 x 9 make or acquire essential tools of the trade, and use techniques
harvesting timber, and more.
Illustrations throughout Paper; 176 pages; 8 x 9¼ such as hammering iron, tempering steel, and forge welding
$12.95 US / $19.95 CAD / UK: NA Full-color Paper; 304 pages; 6 x 9 to create items of lasting beauty and durability.
ISBN 978-0-88266-788-1; No. 66788 $18.95 US / $28.95 CAD / £14.99 UK Illustrations throughout
ISBN 978-1-58017-634-7; No. 67634
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-60342-800-2; No. 62800 Paper; 256 pages; 7 x 9
Photographs and illustrations
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £16.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-58017-593-7; No. 67593

“In our world of

solutions and
instant gratifica-
tion, I found
Xerces’s guide to be
refreshing and
Storey’s Guide to Storey’s Guide to Worms Eat My
filled with hope.”
Growing Organic Growing Organic Garbage, 35th
— The Oregonian
Orchard Fruits Vegetables & Herbs Anniversary Edition
danny l. barney for Market mary appelhof
From selecting the right site and keith stewart & joanne olszewski
cultivars to meeting organic This best-selling guide to the
Small-scale growers will find
standards, maintaining an invaluable information about practice of vermicomposting Farming with Native Beneficial Insects
orchard, getting fruits to market, (using worms to recycle food the xerces society
land, equipment, crop mix,
and managing the business, this waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer
growing techniques, soil fertil- Encouraging native beneficial insects helps control pests,
must-have reference covers for houseplants or gardens)
ity, pests, harvesting, storage, increase crop yield, and improve biodiversity. This comprehen-
everything fruit farmers need features up-to-date information
labor, debt, sales, accounting, sive guide shows how to recognize and protect these insects
to know. on the entire process, from build-
and much more. and their habitats.
Hardcover; 544 pages; 6 x 9
ing or purchasing a worm bin to
Hardcover; 560 pages; 6 x 9 maintaining the worms and Paper; 272 pages; 7 x 10
$34.95 US / $52.95 CAD / UK: NA
$34.95 US / $52.95 CAD / UK: NA harvesting the finished compost. Full-color
ISBN 978-1-60342-723-4; No. 62723
ISBN 978-1-61212-007-2; No. 622007 $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / UK: NA
Paper; 192 pages; 6 x 9 ISBN 978-1-61212-283-0; No. 622283
Illustrations throughout
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-947-1; No. 622947


instructions, regard-
less of whether you
want to keep
livestock in or wild
animals out.”
— Richard Banks,
editorial director of Maintaining Small- Electric Fencing Growing
Farm Equipment ann larkin hansen Christmas Trees
steve & ann larkin hansen Electric fencing is an essential patrick white & lewis hill
This practical guide to proper tool for successful rotational In this invaluable resource,
maintenance and performance grazing and the protection of landowners who want to grow
The Electric Fencing Handbook of minor repairs on mowers, livestock and plantings from
predators. Here, electric fenc-
and sell Christmas trees will
ann larkin hansen trimmers, ATVs, plows, discs, learn how to choose the best
planters, cultivators, balers, ing is explained in everyday site and tree species, prepare
Farmers, ranchers, beekeepers, and gardeners will learn how tractors, and more ensures terms, with information on how the soil, plant and nurture trees
to use electric fencing effectively to keep certain animals away that new and inexperienced to choose, install, and main- to market size, and generate
while preventing others from getting out. The three most farmers can keep equipment tain systems that best suit additional income with wreaths
popular kinds of electric fencing are covered, with descriptions that’s essential for small-farm farmers’ needs. and greens.
of when each kind should be used and how to incorporate it success running smoothly. Paper; 96 pages; 5 x 7 Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7
into rotational grazing. Illustrations throughout
Paper; 112 pages; 5 x 7 Illustrations throughout
Paper; 96 pages; 7 x 9 $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / £5.99 UK $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / £5.99 UK
Illustrations throughout
Full-color ISBN 978-1-61212-143-7; No. 622143 ISBN 978-1-61212-365-3; No. 622365
$9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / £5.99 UK
$14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / £10.99 UK ISBN 978-1-61212-527-5; No. 622527
ISBN 978-1-61212-891-7; No. 622891

Managing Manure Making Hay Finding Good Farmland The Beginner’s Guide to Wild Turkeys
mark kopecky ann larkin hansen ann larkin hansen Hunting Deer for Food john j. mettler jr., dvm
Using manure to replenish Making hay is a profitable Purchasing the perfect plot jackson landers With this expert guide,
soil is economical and easy! enterprise for farmers and for a new small-scale farming Jackson Landers covers every- hunters of all skill levels will
This book discusses the livestock owners with extra enterprise requires careful thing a first-time hunter needs discover the wild turkey’s
characteristics and nutrient land. This book details the five consideration of many elements. to know about how to fill the habitat and habits, including
content of various types of steps of haymaking, as well From where to look for good freezer with inexpensive, envi- feeding patterns and mating
manure and describes the as the equipment it requires, farmland to financing the pur- ronmentally friendly deer meat, rituals, and learn about the
practices necessary to store which types of grass make the chase and every step in between, from choosing the right rifle to best clothing and equipment
and spread manure safely best hay, and how to improve this book is the essential guide hunting deer effectively and for the hunt, plus how to
and effectively, including on a field. to making it happen. safely, field dressing, butchering, dress a turkey in the field.
organic farms. Paper; 96 pages; 5 x 7 Paper; 128 pages; 5 x 7 cooking venison, and more. Paper; 176 pages; 6 x 9
Paper; 112 pages; 5 x 7 Illustrations throughout Illustrations throughout Photographs and illustrations
Paper; 176 pages; 7 x 9
Illustrations throughout $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / £5.99 UK $9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA throughout
Illustrations throughout
$9.95 US / $14.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-61212-367-7; No. 622367 ISBN 978-1-61212-086-7; No. 622086 $14.95 US / $22.95 CAD / UK: NA
$16.95 US / $25.95 CAD / UK: NA
ISBN 978-1-61212-458-2; No. 622458 ISBN 978-1-60342-728-9; No. 62728 ISBN 978-1-58017-069-7; No. 67069



“Burdick and Schmidt

help anyone interested
in solar power do it
themselves — safely,
economically, and
— Dan Fink, instructor of
The Home The Water-Wise Home The Homeowner’s solar energy technology,
Ecotech Institute
Water Supply laura allen Energy Handbook
stu campbell Water is becoming increasingly paul scheckel
This comprehensive handbook precious around the world, yet Clear explanations of the fun-
offers homeowners down-to- the average American family damentals of solar, wind, and
earth, money-saving solutions uses approximately 400 gallons biofuel energy production help Install Your Own Solar Panels
to every water-related problem a day. This illustrated manual readers prepare their homes joseph burdick & philip schmidt
they have had or are likely to teaches homeowners how to for renewables. This book
lower their water bills, save water These user-friendly instructions and step-by-step photos can
have, including locating water features illustrated step-by- save homeowners thousands of dollars in solar panel installa-
on their property, as well as through conservation techniques step instructions for building
and systems, and create a water- tion costs. From assembling rooftop racking or building a
how to purify, store, and dis- energy-saving — and energy- ground-mount structure to setting up the electrical connections
tribute it throughout the home. wise landscape. It is filled with producing — equipment that
solutions and detailed illustrated and making a battery bank for off-grid systems, this detailed
■■ 62,000 COPIES IN PRINT can help homeowners reduce manual follows the same process professional contractors use.
instructions for projects, such their energy use or take their
Paper; 240 pages; 8½ x 11 as a roofwater catchment sys- Paper; 200 pages; 8 x 10
Photographs and illustrations home entirely off the grid.
tem, a composting toilet, and a Full-color
throughout Paper; 288 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
branched drain system. $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA Two-color ISBN 978-1-61212-825-2; No. 622825
ISBN 978-0-88266-324-1; No. 66324 ■■ Silver Nautilus Award $24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £14.99 UK
Paper; 256 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ ISBN 978-1-61212-016-4; No. 622016
Illustrations throughout
$24.95 US / $37.95 CAD / £16.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-169-7; No. 622169

“Practical guidance
for conserving and
efficiently using our
precious water.”
— Paula Kehoe, director
of water resources at
the San Francisco Public
Utilities Commission

What Color Is Your Hot Tubs, Saunas, The Outdoor Shower

Swimming Pool? & Steam Baths ethan fierro
alan e. sanderfoot alan e. sanderfoot Capturing the spirit and romance
of outdoor showers in dramatic
Greywater, Green Landscape
Homeowners will learn how to Now anyone can bring that laura allen
keep swimming pools sparkling pampering spa environment full-color photography, this
and beautiful with this pool into the home. Full-color photo- helpful how-to covers design Detailed instructions and step-by-step photographs guide
maintenance classic. It includes graphs show a range of designs and material elements for each readers through planning for and installing a variety of grey-
information on all the latest pool available for both indoor and shower, as well as basic plumb- water systems, including laundry-to-landscape, to capture and
technology and features expanded outdoor settings, while separate ing, structural requirements, and recycle wastewater from sinks, showers, and washing machines.
coverage of hot tubs and spas. sections address installation suggested building materials. Accessible to the average DIY homeowner and gardener, this
and environmental issues. Paper; 144 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ must-have manual teaches readers to estimate flow rate and
■■ 129,000 COPIES IN PRINT
Full-color pinpoint the areas or specific plants in their landscape that will
Paper; 208 pages; 8½ x 10⅞ Paper; 160 pages; 8½ x 10⅞
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / £13.99 UK reap the greatest benefit from redirected wastewater.
Photographs and illustrations Full-color
ISBN 978-1-58017-552-4; No. 67552
throughout $19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA Paper; 200 pages; 7 x 9
$19.95 US / $29.95 CAD / UK: NA ISBN 978-1-58017-549-4; No. 67549 Full-color
ISBN 978-1-58017-309-4; No. 67309 $16.95 US / $24.95 CAD / £12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-61212-839-9; No. 622839


“Packed with engaging

illustrations, gorgeous
photographs, precise
blueprints, and prag-
matic advice for anyone
working on their tiny
home dream.”
— The Minimalists Guerilla PlyDesign HomeMade
Furniture Design