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School I.D. 121691 S.Y.2018-2019
S.Y. 2018-2019
Topic Action Target / Measure Timescale / Responsibility Actual result achieved /
Deadline Date
Energy To register with Eco-Schools To raise children’s awareness of Ongoing All staff and Children will have a greater
“Operation Energy”. the uses of electricity. children. understanding of the uses of
Litter To involve the children in School grounds to be litter-free. Ongoing All staff and A litter-free environment.
regular litter picks. children.

Waste To continue to recycle paper. To reduce amount of paper Ongoing All staff and Amount of paper used
purchased. children. reduced.
To introduce hand- sanitizers in
the classrooms. To reduce the number of paper All children and A reduction in the number of
towels used. Review orders of staff. towels purchased. Surplus
paper towels. revenue in school budget.

To recycle batteries.
To obtain a box from Ballymoney Ongoing Count and record number of
Joan to liaise with
BC to be placed in foyer and used batteries collected.
by staff and parents.

Re-using school uniform.

Begin in Joan and Martina.
Parents to donate used uniform for
Contact local primary schools. November Surplus of used uniform
parent and school use. Children.
Design poster to distribute to 2014 available for use in school. 1
Topic Action Target / Measure Timescale / Responsibility Actual result
Topic Action Target / Measure Timescale /
Deadline Responsibility Actual result
achieved / Date
Deadline achieved / Date
Waste Request recycled To use more recycled stationery in Ongoing Joan Stationery with a
Biodiversity Develop species
stationery for userecords
in To monitor and record species of
school. Spring term All staff and Records
higher produced by
with the children.
school. wildlife seen in school grounds. 2015 children children.
content used in
classroom and office.
Healthy Living To determine whether To purchase environmentally Ongoing Joan Environmentally-
our cleaning products products. friendly products
areenquire re. supporting
environmentally purchased where
To recycle baby wipes packets and
baby wipes packaging
friendly. November 2014 All staff, children Packets
raise money for charity.
recycling initiative. and parents. children’s awareness
Design promotional raised and money
material. To improve air quality for all staff and raised for charity.
Have green plants By Christmas All staff Green plants in all
Obtain ainwormery.
pots in the Declan classrooms.
Wormery in place and
classrooms. Before
To compost kitchen scraps and used by staff and
Christmas. Vegetables planted
reduce waste children.
Plant vegetables outside. Spring term All staff and and monitored.
To plant, care for and consume
Enquire about visit from To learn aboutvegetables.
waste management. children
easy-to-grow Children more aware
Council bin lorry
Spring term Joan/Martina of what happens to our

Water Place water butt in To save water by reusing rain water Spring term Declan Less piped water
school grounds for watering plants/window boxes used.

Transport Organise a “Walk to To highlight the benefits of walking to March 2015 All staff and Event organised.
School Day” in March school. Increase number of children children.
2015 walking to school. Reinforce road
safety message.
Prepared by:

Eco-Friendly Coordinator

Noted :

School Head