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APRIL 2019

A P R I L’ S M U S I N G S Rev. April Wegehaupt

Sunday If anyone is in Christ, he is a On Easter morning the testify that Easter morning
new creation; old things disciples saw Jesus' grave is God's triumph over
Worship have passed away; behold, clothes lying on the cold death. And ultimately,
Schedule all things have become new. slab still wrapped round Jesus promised, God will
— 2 Corinthians 5:17 and round the corpse. raise from the dead us
Only the corpse was gone, who believe in His Son.
9:00 am Rebirth can be a difficult much like an empty chrysa-
Worship concept to understand, lis deserted by a butterfly Join us this Easter as we
in the Sanctuary but the lovely little butterfly who has left to soar free. celebrate Life! And if you
offers a picture of what "He is risen as He said," an look closely Easter morn-
takes place when Christ ing, you might even see a
10:10 am comes into a human heart.
angel told the incredulous
butterfly alight on the lilies.
Sunday School The caterpillar’s metamor-
Time phosis provides a wonderful What do we Christians say Blessings,
illustration of a believer’s in the face of death? For Rev. April
spiritual transformation: some death is seen as an
11:00 am enemy, as an end all.
Contemporary Somehow, the miracle of Jesus' resurrection from
the butterfly never loses its the grave is God's proof to
Worship fascination for us. Perhaps us that death is not the
in Fellowship Hall because the butterfly is a end. The empty tomb and
(A light breakfast will be living parable of the promise Jesus' Spirit within us
served prior to the service.) of resurrection.

Making Disciples
the World
We uphold the United Methodist Church by our PRAYERS, PRESENCE, GIFTS, SERVICE & WITNESS
2019 Monthly 2019
Attendance for March 2019 $26,055
Budget Needs February Year--to-
Year to-Date
9:00 am 11:00 am Sunday Income $ 17,669 $ 35,245
Worship Worship School March 2019
Expenses _ 23,886 _ 46,214
3rd 82 50 57
3rd $10,491
10th $6,389
10th 62 68 66 17th $2,341
17th 78 36 41 24th n/a
24th 88 40 60 31st GIVE!
March Giving Net Income ($ 6,217) ($ 10,969)
31st BE HERE! BE HERE! BE HERE! to Date $19,221

Prayer Concerns:
Melissa & Timothy Myers
Kathy Klauman
(Brenda Rowe’s sister-in-law)
Paul Smith SUNDAY, APRIL 14TH: Palm Sunday. The Palm Sunday Egg Hunt will be held on
(brother of Peggy Myers) the church lawn at 10:00am.
Mike Sutcliffe
Nancy Castellucci
Sandra Stewart SUNDAY, APRIL 14TH—WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17TH: ACCL Holy Week Services will be
(sister of Judy Dillow)
Annabelle Alexander held at Otterbein UMC each evening at 7:00pm.
(granddaughter of Mary Patterson)
Sympathies to the family & THURSDAY, APRIL 18TH: A Maundy Thursday Seder Meal will be held at 6:00pm
friends of:
Kendall Follmer in the Fellowship Hall. Call ahead for reservations!

Serving in the Military:

Nathan Ruggles
(stationed at McConnell AFB, Wichita, KS)
Anthony Ruggles
(stationed at Kadena AFB, Okinawa, Japan)
Spc. Justin Lawrence
(stationed at Fort Bragg, NC)
Josh & Kenzli Underwood
Drey Barkman
SgtFC. Roger Myers
Jack Martin
BE REMOVED AFTER TWO WEEKS. PLEASE This year’s Lenten Offering will go toward the
@ 431-4240 OR E-MAIL Disaster Relief for the Nebraska area.

Palm Sunday Egg Hunt

“We live
and die;
Christ died
and lived!”
~ John Stott

Dear Lord,

Help me to relax about

insignificant details, be-
ginning tomorrow at
7:41:23 a.m. EST.
Help me to consider
people's feelings, even if
There’s a camp for everyone in grades K-12. Online registration available at most of them are hyper- for discounted prices. Early bird rates end April 1, 2019. sensitive.
The church offers a grant in order to make it possible for all FUMC members to attend. Help me to take respon-
However, the church will pay only the Early Bird price, and participants are responsible sibility for the conse-
for the remainder of the cost. Tuition costs varies between camps. The church grant quences of my actions,
offers a wonderful opportunity for kids to experience camp and grow in their knowledge even though they're usu-
of Christ. ally not my fault.
For more information, please contact Cindy Finley. Email: | Phone: 432.1394 Help me to not try to run
everything - but, if you
need some help, please
feel free to ask me.
Help me to be more laid
back, and help me to do
it exactly right.
Help me to take things
SAVE THE DATE! more seriously, especially
laughter, parties, and
Give me patience, and I
mean right now!
Help me not be a perfec-
tionist. (Did I spell that
Help me to finish every-
Ages: 3yrs thru 5th Grade thing I sta
Help me to keep my
(Potty Trained) (Completed)
mind on one thing ... oh,
look, a bird ... at a time.
Help me to do only what
I can, and trust you for
the rest. And would you

“Little” mind putting that in writ-

Keep me open to others'
Support Group ideas, misguided though
they may be.
(For mom’s with school age children.) Help me follow estab-
lished procedures. Hey,
Begins Meeting wait ... this is wrong ...
Help me slow down and-
Thursday, April 25 @ 6:00pm notrushthroughwhatido.
In the Parlor
Thank you, Lord.
IN OTHER NEWS..... Page 4


Mission Pennies Another Tuesday AGAPE—

AGAPE A Greek word
...for the month of Evening Meal for self-giving love. To My First United
April will be used to help Our Church & Society The Agape Fund is a Methodist Family,
kids going to Camp Committee will be serving ministry that allows the Thank you for your kind
Chippewa this summer. participant to give $5.00 words, phone calls, cards
the “Another Tuesday
or more, four times per and prayers. Dad is now
Gifts / Prizes Needed Evening Meal” at with mom and Jesus!
Otterbein on April 2. year. This money is used
The Church & Society to help a specific area Love You More
committee continues to Anyone willing to volun-
person or a family in Linda Arnett
need items for the month- teer their time or culinary
ly birthday / bingo party talents should contact need. If you would like to
held every 3rd Tuesday at Charlene Riley, either by be added to our partici- Dear First United
the Murray Hill Apart- email: pants list, please contact Methodist Church,
ments. A tub to collect the church office @ 431- I am honored to have
these items is located or phone 431-4560 office 4240 and talk to Ronda. been selected to receive
Participants are kept the Barb Keller and Church
downstairs in front of the 431-4023 home. Scholarship. Thank you for
elevator. secret and confidential.
your generosity which has
Alzheimer's Association allowed me to focus com-
Sunday, Mobile Food Pantry pletely on my school work
April 14 Breakfast Club WHEN:
and pursuing my life long
The Breakfast Club is a WHEN: aspiration
is Pantry Sunday. Friday, March 29
Don’t forget to bring your hometown support WHERE:
WHERE: Thank you again,
donation for the Food experience where Chanute Recreation Dylan Funk
Pantry with you! people gather in a Commission Gym
safe environment & 400 S. Highland
Challenge for support is provided TIME: 9am—11am Dear First United
Methodist Church,
April will be: in a round table way. WHO IS ELIGIBLE:
Thank you for selecting
Chanute FUMC Library Anyone in need of food
CANNED FRUITS assistance.
me to be a Barb Keller and
(Rm. 107) FUMC Scholarship recipient.
& VEGETABLES Amy Yeager, facilitator WHAT IS REQUIRED: These generous gifts will
(913) 831-3888 Guests sign in with help me to continue my
CASH IS ALSO their name, address and education and pursue my
1st Wednesdays number in household. dream of being a chemical
GREATLY at 9:00 a.m. (Limit one visit per household) engineer. I appreciate your
NEEDED! continue support in my
endeavors and am extreme-
ly grateful for this oppor-
Abbe Funk

Thank you to all our

volunteers who helped with
Awana this year. We had a
great year with 87 children
Thank you so much for
the generous gift card.
Janie VanHouden

Time for some

TODAY’S CONCERNS Spring Cleaning!
ROAD TRIP & LUNCH * Dust off your Bible
“I obey your precepts and your
statutes, for all my ways are
Today’s Concerns will be going to known to you” (Psalm
Devotions with Lawrence for shopping & lunch
on Tuesday, April 16.

* Vacuum up the
Dorothy Please sign up in the office if you
influences of the world
“Do not love the world or any-
plan on going. thing in the world. If anyone
Wednesdays loves the world, love for the
@ 9:00am The church van will leave at
Father is not in them” (1 John
Guest Home 8:30am. Bring an extra $5.00 to
* Shampoo away the
Estates help cover the cost of gas.
build-up of an unforgiv-
1202 S Plummer ing attitude
“Forgive us our sins, for we
Water Donations Requested also forgive everyone who sins
The Evangelism Committee will be collecting bottled against us” (Luke 11:4).
water to distribute at the upcoming Relay for Life Event
* Wax and buff your time
as a gift of “Living Water” from the FUMC congregation. in prayer
Please bring cases of bottled water to the church so “Then Jesus told his disciples
that they can be labeled prior to the event. a parable to show them that
they should always pray and
not give up” (Luke 18:1).
Fitness Opportunities Easter Lily Memorials * Reseal your faith
Monetary donations will be accepted in order to add
at Chanute FUMC your loved one’s name to the Easter Lily Memorial list. commitment to God
“Let us be sober, putting on
WALKERCIZE Please be sure to contact the church office with the faith and love as a breastplate,
Mondays & Wednesdays name of the loved one you wish to honor. and the hope of salvation as a
11:00 am Money collected is used to help purchase additional helmet”
Fellowship Hall (1 Thessalonians 5:8).
artificial plants as needed.
These flowers are a beautiful addition to the altar as * Polish your thought life
TAI CHI well as a symbol of remembrance. “For out of the heart come evil
Tuesdays & Thursdays thoughts—murder, adultery,
8:30am sexual immorality, theft, false
testimony, slander” (Matthew
Fellowship Hall

WORSHIP LEADERS * Clean up your motives

“He will bring to light what is
FOR APRIL hidden in darkness and will
expose the motives of the


Keith Wiltse
heart” (1 Corinthians 4:5).

* Rake up the brush and

April 14 Charlie VanHouden deadness from seasons
YOUTUBE! April 21 Charlie VanHouden “For if you live according to the
April 28 Kaci Eccles flesh, you will die; but if by the
Spirit you put to death the
misdeeds of the body, you will
live” (Romans 8:13).
FIRST UNITED First United Methodist Church U.S. Postage Paid
202 S. Lincoln Non-Profit Org.
CHURCH Chanute, KS 66720 66720
620.431.4240 Permit #13
CHANUTE, KANSAS 66720 Return Service Requested
Pastor: Rev. April Wegehaupt
Director of Young Ministries:
Cindy Finley

Secretary: Ronda Phillips
Office Hours: M—F, 8:00am—5:00pm

Treasurer: Linda Jones

Custodian: Kevin Shields

Music Director:
Paul Myers

Organist: Terri DeGeer


How to become a member.... Friday, April 5—

5—7: Youth attending Young Christian’s Weekend in Branson.
You are welcome to attend wor-
ship services, member or not. For Sunday, April 14: The Palm Sunday Egg Hunt will be held on the church lawn at
that matter, you can attend any 10:00am.
activity of the church and are
invited to do so. Becoming a
member is, in faith, saying you Sunday, April 14—
14—Wednesday, April 17: ACCL Holy Week Services will be held
want a deeper commitment to the
church. Our vows ask us to faith- each night at 7:00pm.
fully participate in the life of the
church with our prayers, our Thursday, April 18: A Maundy Thursday Seder Dinner will be held in Fellowship
presence, our gifts, our service Hall at 6:00pm.
and our witness.
We hope you will be a part of
the ministry of the First United Sunday, April 21: A Sunrise Easter Worship Service will be held at 7:00am in the
Methodist Church. If you would
like to become a member, please Fellowship Hall. Easter Worship Services will be held at 9:00am & 11:00am.
give us: Name(s), address, phone
number, e-mail address, anniver- Thursday, April 25: A Young Mother’s Support Group will begin at 6:00pm in the
saries, birthdays and if you are
already a member of some other Parlor.
church or not. If you are, we also
need the name of the church and,
give this to the pastor, or leave in MEETINGS OR EVENTS IN THE CHURCH BUILDING!
the church office.
(Be sure to check inside for more details on these events!)
April 2019
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 2 3 4 5 6
11:00 am Ministry of 8:30 am Tai Chi, FH 9:00 am Alzheimer’s 8:30 am Tai Chi, FH
5:00 pm Tuesday Association Breakfast
Caring, 103 Youth Traveling to
Meal @ Otterbein Club, 107
11:00 am Walkercize, (Chanute FUMC) Branson for Young
11:00 am Walkercize
FH 5:30 pm Lenten 6:00 pm Choir Christians Weeken
6:30 pm Quilt Guild, Bible Study, 107 6:00 pm Youth Bible April 5—7
FH 6:00 pm Cub Scout Study
Pack Mtg., FH
7:00 pm Trustees,

7 Communion 8 9 10 11 12 13
11:00 am Walkercize, 8:30 am Tai Chi, 107 11:00 am Walkercize, 8:30 am Tai Chi, FH
2:00 pm St. Cecelia FH 9:30 am Ladies 6:00 pm NCCC
Bible Study, 107 6:00 pm Choir International
5:00 pm Tuesday 6:00 pm Youth Bible
Study Student Dinner, FH
Meal @ Otterbein
(St. Pat’s)
5:30 pm Lenten
Bible Study, 107
7:00 pm Church
* See Sunday Worship Council, 107

14 Pantry Sunday 15 16 17 18 19 20
8:30 am Tai Chi, FH 11:00 am Walkercize, 8:30 am Tai Chi, FH
Pa Su day 11:00 am Walkercize,
FH 8:30 am Today’s FH
6:00 pm Seder
Concerns shopping 6:00 pm Choir
10:00 am Palm Sunday 7:00 pm Boomer Link Dinner, FH
in Lawrence 6:00 pm Youth Bible
Egg Hunt 7:00 pm ACCL Holy Study
6:00 pm Youth Group 5:30 pm Lenten
Week Services at 7:00 pm ACCL Holy
Bible Study, 107
7:00 pm ACCL Holy Otterbein UMC Week Services at
7:00 pm ACCL Holy
Week Services at Week Services at Otterbein UMC
Otterbein UMC Otterbein UMC
7:00 pm Church &
* See Sunday Worship Society, Murray Hill Apts.

22 23 24 25 26 27
21 Easter 11:00 am Walkercize, 8:30 am Tai Chi, FH 11:00 am Walkercize, 8:30 am Tai Chi, FH
FH 6:00 pm “Little”
FH 1:00 pm Newsletter
Crew, 107 11:00 am TFI Family Support Group,
7:00 am Sunrise 5:00 pm Tuesday Services Luncheon, Parlor
Worship, FH Meal @ Otterbein FH
9:00 am Easter (Otterbein Seekers) 6:00 pm Choir
Worship 6:00 pm Youth Bible
11:00 am Easter Study
Worship, FH

* See Sunday Worship


28 29 30
11:00 am Walkercize, 8:30 am Tai Chi, FH
6:00 pm Youth Group FH 1:00 pm Newsletter
Crew, 107 Sunday Worship Schedule:
5:00 pm Tuesday
Meal @ Otterbein 9:00 am 10:10 am 11:00 am
(Big Creek)
Combined Sunday School Contemporary
Worship Time Worship Time
(Sanctuary) (Fellowship Hall)
* See Sunday Worship
April 2019
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 2 3 4 5 6
Judges 13—15 Judges 16—18 Judges 19—21 Ruth 1—4 1 Samuel 1—3 1 Samuel 4—6
Luke 6:27—49 Luke 7:1—30 Luke 7:31—50 Luke 8:1—25 Luke 8:26—56 Luke 9:1—17

Ryan Jones Lynda Meisch Abbe Funk Mike Sutcliffe

Bo Small Linda Angleton
Peck Kam Wolf Dylan Funk Richard Haslett
Suzie Jones Mike Myers
7 Communion 8 9 10 11 12 13
1 Samuel 7—9 1 Samuel 10—12 1 Samuel 13—14 1 Samuel 15—16 1 Samuel 17—18 1 Samuel 19—21 1 Samuel 22—24
Luke 9:18—36 Luke 9:37—62 Luke 10:1—24 Luke 10:25—42 Luke 11:1—28 Luke 11:29—54 Luke 12:1—31

Andy Bailey
Bill Woodard Charlotte Wolf
Becce Brazil Jim Caldwell Jordan Hartman Lyle Bruenger Alta Spurrier
Lloyd Drybread Ken Ruggles
Sidney Haslett
Channing Miller

14 Pantry 15 16 17 18 19 20
2 Samuel 3—5 2 Samuel 9—11
Pa Su day 1 Samuel 27—29 1 Samuel 30—31
Luke 13:1—22 Luke 13:23—35
2 Samuel 1—2
Luke 14:1—24 Luke 14:25—35
2 Samuel 6—8
Luke 15:1—10 Luke 15:11—32

1 Samuel 25—26
Jenny Angleton Emily Elliott Ethan Ruggles
Luke 12:32—59 Matthew Carpenter Abby Liudahl Jett Harwood
Marilyn Henderson Dennis Osborn
Trevin Steele Jarynn Hockett
Lonnie Riley Sharon Stirewalt
Michelle Adams Hank Waggoner
Max Zimmerman

21 Easter 22 23 24 25 26 27
2 Samuel 14—15 2 Samuel 16—18 2 Samuel 19—20 2 Samuel 21—22 2 Samuel 23—24 1 Kings 1—2
2 Samuel 12—13 Luke 17:1—19 Luke 17:20—37 Luke 18:1—23 Luke 18:24—43 Luke 19:1—27 Luke 19:28—48
Luke 16
Cade Kimbrel Ryan Carter Sam Budreau Shelli Reed Andy Brazle Harvey Cottontale
Preston Fisher Daniel Marts Tamara Slane Brax Peter
Janea Lawrence Karla Myers
Darian Rubow
28 29 30
1 Kings 3—5 1 Kings 6—7 1 Kings 8—9
Please contact the office if
Luke 20:1—26 Luke 20:27—47 Luke 21:1—19 your Birthday has been
omitted or misreported.
Mike Chase Noah Kepley Eldon Barriger We don’t want to forget you!
Jim Scaletta John Rubow Jim Schoenberger 431-
Kody Spurrier Jesse Stutt