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10 Questions: Are You Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic?

1. What was your favourite class in school?

a) Sport or an elective like cooking.
b) Music.
c) Art.
2. What do you like the most about the beach?
a) The feeling of sand beneath your toes, and the waves around your feet.
b) The sound of the waves and the birds in the air.
c) How peaceful and serene the ocean looks.
3. When you get into an argument, what is your first reaction?
a) Get emotional and physically heated.
b) Begin to use angry words to defend yourself, or fight for your position.
c) Look into the person’s eyes and give them the most intimidating, cold or angry look that you
can conjure.
4. To you, a good piece of news …
a) Feels great!
b) Sounds really brilliant!
c) Looks good!
5) You have a day off, in your spare time you prefer to …
a) Mingle with friends, dine out and stay close to loved ones.
b) Listen to music, or relax and listen to a book on CD, MP3 or tape.
c) Watch T.V, a movie, or go on a walk to be in nature.

6) You don’t understand what someone is trying to say, how would you express yourself to
a) ”This is hard for me to grasp”.
b) ”This is sounding strange to me, could you speak more slowly and clearly please?”
c) ”I don’t see what you mean … could you show me an example please?”
7) When you’re bored you …
a) Start moving about in an agitated way (e.g. drumming your fingers on the table, tapping your
feet, etc.)
b) Begin to talk to yourself.
c) Look around and try to find something interesting in the environment to distract you.
8) You’re beginning to get nervous about your speech tomorrow. You …
a) Start fidgeting and pacing.
b) Begin rehearsing what you will say, or begin drowning out the silence with your words, or
with music.
c) Stare into space imagining how you will look in your speech.
9) What would you find the most uncomfortable?
a) Your favourite clothes shrinking in the dryer. You have nothing else to wear that day, and you
have to wear bum-tight, restricted clothing for the entire day.
b) The sound of loud, offensive and incessant music played by your neighbours all day long while
your grandma is over.
c) Your mum going out to shop with you in a skin-tight leopard print dress, with six inch heels
and thick make-up.
10) You’re in a threatening situation. Your first reaction is to …
a) Prepare to fight hard.
b) Listen carefully, and prepare to scream or call out for help if necessary.
c) Look around for an escape.

If you got mostly A, you are mainly Kinesthetic. Kinesthetic people:
Focus on emotions and feelings.
Respond well to physical contact such as hugs.
Enjoy athletic activities over artistic or literary pursuits.
Learn in a “hands-on” way.
Use phrases like: ”I feel“, “I can grasp that”, “I can’t handle it!”
If you got mostly B, you are mainly an Auditory person. Auditory people:
Love listening to music, and learn well this way.
Are usually skilled with spoken languages.
Often speak to themselves.
Have trouble with maths and subjects like writing.
Use phrases like: “That sounds excellent!”, “Yeah – I hear you”, “That rings a bell”.
If you got mostly C, you are mainly a Visual person. Visual people:
Learn by seeing images.
Are usually well-groomed and appearance orientated.
Excel well in detail orientated jobs.
Become bored and easily distracted with their surroundings if someone isn’t speaking “their
Use phrases like: “I see what you mean”, “That looks horrible!”, “I love watching the birds”.