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All of us Senior High School Students of St.

University Philippines who took Research subject have one thing
on our minds, that this will be the hardest subject, the most
expensive, and the most time consuming. I’m so glad because our
Teacher Ms. Marionette Parallag give us so much time to conduct
our Study. We were in a vacant room, we were talking, having
fun, and going crazy, reading our research paper and I can feel
the beat of my heart though.
Most of us prefer taking photos rather than to review to
get rid of the nervousness, bad vibes, and just embrace the day.
In our study, there are lot of errors and we don’t know what to
do. So we decided to calm our self and edit it, finally we did
it next that we did after that is to print our research paper
for the Panelist. This day is not just a day for pre defense for
it also a epic day because we didn’t bring enough money for the
printing and the folder. So I and Kashmir run so fast just to
get money for the printing. Each up had its own thing, some were
still fixing their PowerPoint, some just arrived, and some
continued to take photos. Personally, we never really pressured
ourselves too much over this. For me the hardest part is
memorizing and understanding my part in our study although I
need to review it all because for me knowing your study without
understanding it is nonsense. So I must not read the PowerPoint
in front of the Panelist. We just wanted to feel excitement, the
nervousness of standing in front of the panelist, and put on a
show with our research study. During the Pre-defense it was like
reporting during normal class hours, however if you really see
through it was so much more than talking in front or reading our
presentation or the cards the we were holding . It was marvelous
moment were we are given an opportunity to showcase our
knowledge about our Research Study. Our Panelist give a lot of
suggestion about our study, to make our study more better, they
contextualize our study well, and also offer a valuable, more
reliable perspective to improve our study well, like our
respondents because we only have 30 respondents. 15 purposively
selective in Foreign Student and 15 randomly selected in
Filipino College Student. This Pre-defense was like a scream
that stimulate us, it didn't weaken us. It was a vigor, a
energy. “Difference between the Personal Values of Foreign and
Filipino SPUP College Student” This is our study that we chose
because in St. Paul University there are lot of students from
different places, and we want to cut the gap or barrier rather.
Group 7, the last but not the least. Being with John Lloyd
Lallaban, Leian Kate Reyes, Kashmir Barcelona, and Trisha Mae
Ramoran to the sleepless nights, hard-working, understanding,
and to the happiness being with the group was a blast To
actually finish this reflection, It was point in our lives that
we have survived. We know that we did a great job and it was
truly wonderful that one of the obstacles that we have to go
through is done. We can make it until the semester of our
research and to the next paper works that we will holding soon.
We have gain knowledge and more about our study and we will
assure to improve our study for the next Defense. My Group mate
I'm so glad that we finished our Pre-defense and also we are
ready for the next and more research paper to come. Now we can
sleep more than 7 hours with a smile in our face that finally we
did it. Our Pre defense is done