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Here are some examples of what has improved:

• Arizona’s foster care population dropped 25 percent from an all-time high of 19,044
children in 2016 to fewer than 14,000 children in care today. AZ ranked number one in America
for safe foster care reduction.

• We had 16,200 backlogged investigations. We reduced that to 350 inactive cases

today. The legislative benchmark for backlog success is 1,000 or fewer cases.

• Investigator caseloads were on average 156 cases per specialist. Today it averages 14 cases
per specialist.

• It took an average of 41 hours to find a child a foster home after a removal. Today it
averages 8 hours.

• Our Child Abuse Hotline average on-hold times were over 12 minutes and 35 percent of
callers hung up without making their report. Today, call hold times average 31 seconds and
fewer than 3 percent of callers hang up.

• Investigative response time compliance was only 54 percent. It now exceeds 94 percent
month over month. All reports are fully investigated.

• Compliance for required joint investigations with law enforcement was only 53 percent.
Today we have 99 percent compliance jointly investigating criminal child abuse with police.

• The Office of Child Welfare Investigations had only 25 allocated staff to investigate criminal
abuse. Today there are over 120 allocated positions.

• More children exit care to permanency than enter care for protection. This has been
consistent since 2016.

• We reduced the use of shelters to house children by 78 percent.

• Turnover is below 30 percent, which is below the national average.