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Electrical utilities are suffering from huge losses due to power theft, inadequate usage
of energy, unpaid bills and distorted power quality etc. Many viable solutions are proposed
out of which smart energy metering, energy management system and smart home automation
are some that seems to be potent enough. These technologies are presently used by developed
countries. Under meter data acquisition system of Restructured Accelerated Power
Development and Reform program (R-APDRP) scheme in the year 2009-10, India plans to
develop Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). But no effort has been made to develop an
economic model for the customers which would play a key role in better acceptance of the
scheme. In this Project, a smart energy system for the residential customers is developed and
a smart switch board which can curtail the need to upgrade to smart appliances to make the
system more economic. Further, a Virtual Instrumentation has been developed which can be
operate in any computer to function as In Home Display (IHD) for Energy Management
System (EMS). So Smart Energy Meter measures the energy consumption at certain set
intervals and sends that information to the utility for monitoring, management and billing
purposes. Unlike the conventional energy meter which uses a rotating wheel for measuring
energy consumption, a smart meter deploys sensors for the measurement of voltage, current
and power quality. The microcontroller calculates the energy consumption. Active power,
voltage, load current and indicator for automatic tripping of load appliances are displayed in
the IHD. Thus, the Smart Energy Meter establishes a bidirectional communication between
the customer and utility. The main functional features of the Smart Energy Meter are:-

1. Reading the voltage, current and measuring the time difference between the current
and voltage waveform.
2. Transmitting the information to the utility and customer’s mobile phone using GSM.
3. Remote control of Energy Meter using GSM enabled mobile phone.
4. Automatic switching of home appliances for Energy Saving.