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Designers Group 3ls a systems

approach to lighting. The
comprehensive collectlon of
lighting components that lollow
enable the Designer to select
and cornbine the e ements which
compose the lighting scheme
best suited lo his project.

Caver: Trifid Nebula in Sagiltarius,

Cou.lesy ol Hale Observaiories.

This brochure is one ol several decorative

lighling co ect ons by Lightoler See the
for all you r decoralive and archilectura
ighting rcqu remenls.

We reseNe lhe righl to change

details ol deslgn, mateaals and
finish n anyway lhat willnol
aller insta led appearance or
reduce function and perlormance.

Copyrghl 1978 by Lightolier lncorporaled



Lytebox and Recessed Lytetiles
Fluorescent Lytet es
Banfer Lytet es
10I l
@ Surface Lytet es and Aacessorles 12-19
lmage Lytetiies 17 .28 29


lncandescent Lylestrps 22-23
I Fluorescent Lytestreams 24-25

q f;-+
e, i



(| TdTderLe'll L lLt.s 26-27
.lQ-; F uorescent Fixtures 26-27


lmage Chande iers 28-29
Modular Lyteslructure 30-33
Carniva 34 35

Lytetube 38 39
Pendafts 4A 45
Pendant Spreader Systems 46-47

v t
*{ffi -4


i-e v

ti,'a-a '
;trt::::. ;1.,,J : : r,:.i ..


Lyteti les@... sparkl ing, versatile, mood setting. A great
rl crealive tool for the Designer who seeks innovative
ways with close{o-ceiling light. From single squares
of brightness, they can turn a whole ceiling into a
firmament of twinkling light. Designers can choose
from a versatile selection of lamps and accessories to
make the Lytetile installations complement the site.
Lyletiles can solve practical problems.. . beautilu lly.
Using blank tiles as spacers, light intensity can be
controlled without interrupting the flow of the design.
Lytetiles can act as directional paths in hotels and
malls, add airy space to halls and closed in areas. ln
cluslers, they highlight entrance or registration desk
with contemporary sparkle.
New exciting Lyteboxes give the Designer a whole
new dimension to work with. lnfinity. Each s-sided
Lytebox is a universe unto itself...catching light,
color and motion f rom below and tossing it f rom side
to side...a ceiling of images that appear and vanish in
a twinkling... a kaleidoscope of ever-changing, ever-
moving fragments ol Iight.
tlgr '!!eq q!9r't!y!eti!9"
For use w th slandard exposed or concea ed gr d i nverted T )
ce ling suspens on systems Use as a spacer or to create rght
40923 Po shed ch rome 24",24'x', h. No a mps.
ref eclor

Calculite,' Lytetile
For use w th slandard erposed or concealed gr d ( nverted T )
ce I ng suspension systems See st ng on page #48 lor ao.npal b e
Ca cul 1e un ts Calcu te slpp ied !,i rlh U L rsted luncton box
lor lhrough branch circurl w r ng Photographed w th #7760
i. 40924 Po shed chrome 24" x24" xl,/a "h Lamp dependent
relector uoon Ca cu te
se ected.

For wrlh standaid
use exposec] or con.iecr
gucr (,nueiled
cer ng suspension syslems See ng on page #48 lor compatible
Ca cul te un ts Ca cu ite suppl ed w th U L |sted luncl on box
for lhrough branch c rcu 1 wir ng Photographed w lh #7054 A1
40939 Olf wh te lexlwed 23'i.6" x23'.$" x6%"h.Lamp
f n sh on a umnum. dependent
slm lar to many upon Ca cu 1e
acousl c ce ing I e se ected
40923 patlerns.

For use w th standard exposed or concea ed gr d (lnverled T )
ae ng suspens on systems. Greenl e d connector suppl ed on
electi f ed unils for through w r ng.
40945 Po shedchiorne 23%"x23%"x5%"h No amps.
40946 Polrshedchtome 231/a ' x.233/a ' x5 rl "h 1 x T00Wrrax
rel ectors. 11/z" o.a.fl 60W G25 or
G40 recom.

40947 Po shed cfrrome 233/4 x233/4"x51/4"h 4 x T 00W max.,

relleclors 7 /?'a ahr. 60wG250r
G40 recom.

,a e ,f"' e
Ar9 A2r G40
tt G!0 Gr3 F30 PAFT3E
GrsZ G2s R,10

cea, eo sied ceai cer' cea'

ae smore snse Smde

, a..



,l '0

4 *J

\ \.:.

\ \ \
\\ \
\ \
.) \
\ \
Graphics as lightl The clean pure lines of fluoresceni
tubes pose against the sparkle of Lytetiles to double
the irnage...double the light. There are new shapes in
fluorescents... oval moons that become full in the
mirror above circular graphics and sing le and double-
mount bars. There is Lytestream, tubes mounted at a
45'angle on almost invisible black stands that make
them seem to float in space. Allare new generation
fluorescents with incandescent color and soft even light.
Designers will choose fluorescent Lytetiles for pure
workability. Lytestream set on an angle can point lhe
Ia way down corridors, across open spaces. Mounted
side by side, they highlight a check-in or service area
wilh stripes of light. Set at divergent angles or spaced
out with blank tiles, they give the Designer new freedom.
7 High elficiency fluorescents are energy savers, use a
I third to a lifth as much energy as incandescents for
the same amount of light and last 10 to 25 times
longer. Now, as costs become a major factor in
planning, these innovative and elegant fluorescents
are increasingly specified by Designers and architects.
wtug !e!!!!99!fi49rylic Dif luser
Opl ona aacessory Supp ied w th rela n ng clps
40315 For use o.r 40300 10305 4031 0 2,s.:, x19i,6 19
and 40992
40316 For use on 40301 40306, 4031 1 2te., x25:,:, a
and 40991
Surlace Mounled Blank Lytetile!
Can be mounled on wal or ce lng and serves as a wrreway
Connector for tandem mounl ng supp ed. Use as a spacer or 10
creale ght patterns
40914 Po shed chrorre 24't24'x13/a'n No amps
Recess Mounted Blq4 LJte!!!e
For use w tfr slandard exposed or concea ed gr d ( nverted T )
40914 ce ng suspens on systems Use as a spacer or 10 create ght
(40923 recessed version) pallerns

r\ 40923 Po shed chrome


Lyletile Recess Kit

24 x24 x|/a'h

Cons sts ol (4) rnounl ng c ps and a meta cover p ate

No lamps

Compal b e w th slandard exposed or concea ed I nverted T )

ce rng suspens on systems.
40927 Perm ts recessed mounl rg ol 40990, 40991 and 40992

Can be mounled on wdl or ce rng Connector for tandem
mount ng supp ed
40990 Polshed chtom.. 24"x.24'x43/."1. 1x32W(l2 da )
ref ector while afd 1x40W(16
lrans ucenl acry ic dra.)T10C rc fe.
d fluser Raprd Slart LPF
Lytestream Lytelile
Cun Oe rnornteC on *a lor ce fg Confector 10. tafdem
Tr2 rnounl ng supp ed Can be used w th optrofa acry c d lfusers
(Iil*",,,, Cor wh re
40991 Poished chrome 24'x.24'x41i h lx20W(24"9l
rei ector and socket TT 2 Tr gger
*"lr;"*-*' Siarr
covers PF
'wa m wlr,le i lorescenl amps a.e olten orelerred over coo wh le I Lrorescenl
because rhey pro!de a coor qua lylhalcoseyapproachesthalof 40992 Po shed chrome 24" t24'x41f i 2x1
-fl2 5W(18' g )
ncandescenland can creale a warm nv lng ambence A so Coo Whrte iamps
when Lrsed al ow eves of !mnalon(forexampe.loconseNeenergyrn
refeclor and socket Tr gger
c rcu aion areas) tend 10 prodLrce a b eak. un nvrl ng amb ence coveTs starl LPF.

t-t(iFtT()t-t l= I?
'r \
To Order: Specily ihe Lytetjes according to f nish requ red and BANNER LYTETILES
the appropriate nurnber of flag kits to complete your design A modular fantasy where the Designer commands the
conflguralions. performance. Fabric squares like medieval banners
frame and square off the Lytetile mirrors...are
multiplied in shifting shapes in the reflecting sur{ace
above. A single lamp sends shadows and light
through the jabric weave. . . softly diffused. Mounted
in series, the effect of Banner Lytetiles is
architectural, contemporary, innovative.
The Designer has great latitude in his use of the
Banner Lytetiles. Each banner hooks onto the edge ol
the Lytetile. The connector for tandem mounting
automatically spaces adjacent Lytetiles to accepl
banners when gang-mounted. The banners are
weighted with steel rods and are available in a choice
of lengths. Lamps can vary from clear to white for a
Consists ofr
(9) 40911 chrome Lyleti es change of mood. Specify matte white tiles, while
(6) 40706 wh te inen lamps and oatmeal linen banners and the eflect is
24 pcs. 32" tonq
warm and nalural. With mirror chrome tiles, white
linen banners and clear lamps, the effect is misty and
Banner Lytetiles are an exciting choice for
restaurants, lobbies...and retail stores where a
contemporary mood and lresh design are part of the
Basic Lyletile@
Can be mounled on ce ling on y wher used w th banner
accessor es Connector lor tandem mounting supp ed.
Conslsts of: 40700 Senr'goss whte. 24"x24"
1 x l00Wmax..
{9) 40700 wh te Lytet les G lamp recom.
(4)40701 r.ral. Llnen
16 pcs , 16" ong
40911 Po shed chrome 24" x.24" x33/t" h. I x l00W max.,
(r 140703 nat. lLnen
rel ector G arnp recom
4 pcs., 32 long
oatmeal Linen Banner Accessories
Heav ly textured oatmea co ored, I ame relardant processed
natural linen. (4) banners supp ed wlth r grd supports and clips
40701 For use on 40700, 4091 1 and 23% "w xl6'h
olher Lytet es
40702 For use on 40700. 4091 1 and 231A"w x24'h.
olher Lytet es.
40703 For use on 40700, 4091 1 and 233/a" w x32" h
other Lytet les

Cons sts ofl

White Linen Banner Accessories
(9)40911 chrome Lytet ies fame retardanl processed
Fine y texlured. b eached wh te,
(3)40704 wh te iinen natLrra nen (4)banners supplied w th rig d supporls and clps.
12 pcs., 16" ong
(2)40705 while inen 40704 For use on 40700, 40911 and 233/a"w x16"h
8 pcs., 24 long other Lytelres
(1)40706 white lnen
4 pcs , 32 ong
40705 For use on 40700 40911 and 233/q"w.x24"h.
olher Lytet es.
40706 For use on 40700 4091T and 23% "w.x32"h.
olher Lytet les.

^ F. .a /\
tt It
Ar9 A21 Gr 8,/? G25 G40 G40 G48
Cea, Fo shed Cea, Crea,

Ae Smoke sm*e

Consisls ol:
(16)40700 white Li4eli es
(7)40i'01 nal rnen
28 pcs. 16" ong
(3)40703nat rnen

l-t(iFtTot-ll=l? 11
Basic Lyletile'"'
Can be mounled on wa or cer ng Connector for landem
mounl rg supp ed
40700 Sernr qosswhtle 24 t21 \3,'h 1x l00Wmax
G iarrp reconl
4091 1 Polrsheci chrome 24 x24" x3'i h T x I 00W max
releclor G amP recom.
4Q912 Polrshed chrorne 24"x24 x31r"h 4 x 60W max.,
relector G anP recom
40913 Po rshed chronre 24"x24"x31s'h I x 60Wmax.,
rel eclor G amP recom

Sudace Mounted Blank Lyletile

Can be mounted on wal or ceil ng and serves as a wtteway.
Coffector lor tandem mount ng supp ied. Use as a spacer or
to creale lght patterns.
40914 Po lshed chrome 24'x24'x13/''h No amps
rel ector

Lylelile Accessories
For use rr th 40700, 40911 or 40912. (4) individua un ls
40911 supp ed
40917 Bronze glass. 9'dra .x7"h 60W n]ax per unil
G lamp recom
40918 Ceargass I % "sq..x7 'h 60W niax per unit
w th po ished G amp recom.
brass trlrn
40919 Po shed and 8% sq.x7"h 60W max per unlt.
sat n brass G lamp recom

ref ectors

lgcess !!9gq!e! B!s!k Ly!!!!!e

For use w th standard exposed or concealed gr d (nverted T )
ce ng suspension systems. Use as a spaceT or to creale
ighl palterns.

40923 Pol shed chrorfe 24" x24"
No lar.tps.
ref ector

For use with standard exposed oI concea ed grid (inverled 'T )
ce lrng slspens on systems See ist ng on page #48 for
compat ble Ca cu te un ts Ca culite suppl ed w th U.L. listed
lunction box Ior through branch c rcuit wiring. Photographed
w th #7760.
40924 Po shed ch rome 24 x24 x'/a h. Lampdependent
ref ector. upon Ca cul le
se ecled.
40923 Lytetile Recess Kit
(40914 surface version)
Consists ol (4) mount ng cl ps afd a meta cover p ate.
Compatib e with slafdard exposed or concea ed (inverted T' )
ceil ng suspension systems
Permits recessed rfount ng of 40700, 4091 1 , 40912, 40913
and 409T 4

I 6995 Power Saver/Lamp Lite Exlender

200W max (surlace mounled) Feduces power lo 60%
and ghl oulpulto 40ol" oi ra1ed. Lamp le s
I' tlO limes Sp€ciiy one un t p€r 2m wa s

11 EE
e € I
Fl a ^/
". It
tt 643 F30 PAF38
Ar9 A2r Gl8v, G25 G40 G40 840
Cea, Po,shd Cr4, CLea'
s!.r spor SJtr
Ee Smok Smde Smo&. S@

t_t(it-tT()t-il=t? !f* 13



{- €li:il. -ii


i 11
Capella Lytetile"
Ca,r !e rncunlcc or r./a or ce fo Llof Nealor 1c' lanCcrl
rlloLln: nq SI,PC r--C
0 Po 5h.d ch'orl. 24 t24" t2:,'" h I r I lfli/f mar

$'lFa2l ca 42r pc shed
a fod zed s ver bo''^r oT
brass rci r--cio r Ll il mP
Candle Lyletile
Conreclor lor lafdem moLrnt ng s!pp ed
40920 Po slred cl'rome 2,1'r24'rs"h 25 x 7W max
rei ector u/ th cande abra So
Do shed brass a ear recon'
Hemisphere Lytetile
lloncea ed Tors ont te spr ng h ngcs pcim 1d lfuser assemb y 10
be p! ed co[,n irom any s de w th on y'nocri p pressL]re
Aslrembry 'e:na fs sale y sLlsoend-.d on h ngcs for 'ast siife
c eatf nE or re amp fg coffector ior landenl rnoui-i nq supp ec
40925 Po shed cirronre 24 t2.1 tl t,'.'l l rl illr\
!./ th wh le acry c Al ! r./h te r,.cOitl
o lluscr
40926 Po shed c'rronr-. 24 x2,1 x6.. h ,1i 40 \,'v llr.r )i
w th v"'h te acry c A19 !"rh t r--]l
d I tscrs
Lytetile Recess Kit
Co.s sls ol (.11 moL.11 n.l c ps a.C a nr-ota cover p at-.
Co.npnt t-r e'"! th slandafd cxDostd cr cofce:L ed 1 |verteo T l
ce nq s!sp-.ns on syslems
40927 Perm 1::!nl fg ot,109i0 lOg2ii
:1u92:r ,1U926. 40928 anc 40929

Cascade Lytetile
Col.raclor Ior tandem mor,r1 nq s!pp cd
40928 Po shcd c.rome 24" t.21't',A'lt 4 x iill\ty' nr.rr
r-.1ecior !^"' itl A1-q a e;r
'rdrop pattern
crvsla cy foers
Crystal lvl irage Lytetile
(ioIreclor lcr :itnderr rnoufl tc sLrppled

.tUl 40929 Fo sne.l chrorne 24 r,24'tf1.':"I ! r 25W rrar

40910 ri-f -Dclor ,r'/ th c ear cance abra 55
c rlrsla rods a ear recom

6995 Power Saver/Lamp Life Extender

200\'l ma! rs!ri..e ToLrrleol F.dLr.-.s Dc!",er lo 6!%
a.d qlrl .uloLl rc 4!'. oi raled Lamp le s
.xlefded 5 r0l Tres So.c l! ofe Lr. I per 2C0 walls

16 al :]]r Grti - A ! ,'.:11

r-t(tr-rT()r-r r= r?
40797 (chrome version) '

40798 (brass version)



t{ GI


*# *# *#
t"")k #.* #+
*# *#
TF"!T #" .*'
*'#' *# *'ts
#"x #.)r #+
Marquee Lytetilel
Can ce rnounled on wa or ce ng Corfeclor lor l!ndem
mo! nl ng supp ed
40796 Po shed b,ass 12 t12 \1'.1"1' gx 7..:!l max
ref -"c1or S'i a eat recont
40797 Polsned chrorre 12'\12't1 '.1"h ! x 7r.': try' irar
rcf cctor Sl I c e?-r recorn
40798 Po shed brass 16 i16 xi r..:''h l6 x 7:2yy' max
ref l-"c1or 51l ! ear recon
40799 Po sred chrom!- 16 116 11 :,.r'h l6rl.'r\'^'/max
rel ector Sll c ear .ecom
Surlace Mounted Blank Lytetile
Can be molnted on wa I or ce ng ard serves as a r! rer/ay
Conn-.c1o. Ior landem nrount,fg SUDpied USc aS a :pacer cr :o
create iqhl patterns
40914 Po sned chrome 21 \24" 11t,'a h No ai|ps.
rel eclor

Marquee Lytetile
Can be moLrnted of u/a or ce ng Cofneclor ior laadem
moLrnt nE supp eo
40915 Potisned ch romc 24 t24'x11.'' f 25 x 7 rW mar
relector Sll c ear reconr
40916 Po shed brass 24' \24 \', 3ti 'f 25 t f .'r\ll .rlet.
reiector Sll c ear recom
Lytetile Recess Kit
Cons sls ol (4) mo,-rft ng a ps and a rneta cover p ate
Compal b e vr lh slandard exposed or concea ed (lnver1ed T )
ce lng SUSPens on systems
40916 40927 Perm ts reaessed moLrnl ng ol .10914. 4091 5.
40916 and 40942.
lmage Lyletile
Conneclor for tandem nroLrnt ng supp ed
40942 Po shed ch rome 24 t24 x12"1, 12 x 40W rnax
relector w tl-r cande abra
polshed chrome 25\rVSlTcear
and sat n brass leconl
llght nq e ements

6995 Power Saver/Lamp Lile Extender

200w mai lsurlace mo!iled) RedLrces Dower io 60%
and lgit ouipul lo 40'/o o1 rated Lanrp ie s
€xienoed 5-l0l nres Spec jy one lnll per 200 wails

sa ai s| s| Gr6,


@@@ @@@
@@@ @oo
@@@ @@@
Eggcrate Lyletjlq::
Confeclor for landerr mounl ng supple-cl Wfen Lnoem irlolrnt-.rl
to lorm 2x2 Lrn ls oT more max rium \r"'ailaqe ral nq rs 15W per

40784 Bronze acry c T 7'x]7 x5ri h 9 x 25W max.

w th po rshed cande abra Gl6 I.i
chrome relectoT. c/ear recom
40785 Bronze acry c 22 x22" x5'i'h 16x15Wrnax.
w th polshed cande abra. G16,2
chronre rei ector c eaT TecQllt

Etched lce Cube Lyletile

Conneclor 10r tandem .nountinq supp ed
40932 Pollshedbrass I1r,', xlIh"x5'h 4x25Wrlax.
rel ector !\/ lh ctear. cande abra G16 %
nternaily etched wh 1e recorn
crysla blocks
40934 Po shed brass 161r"x161.2 \5 n 9 x 25W.nax
Tef eclor r\r th a]ear. candelabra Gl6 1
nterna y etched while recom
crysla lr ocks
40938 Pollshed brass 211.'? x2i l, x5"i T 6 x 15W max.

rel ectoT wrlh c cande abra G16 /:
nternaly elched wh te recom
crysia blocks

lce Cube Lytetile

Connector ior tandem mo!nt ng supp ied

I 40935 Po ished chrome I I r/, 'x1T 1, 'x5 h 4x25Wmax.

reiector wrlh c eaT cande abra. Gl6 /,
seeded crystal cleaT recom
b ocks
El I
40936 Po shed chrome 16r,,"x161,,'x5'h I x 25W rnax
J* rel eclor w th c ear eandelabra, G16 l:
seeded crysla c ear recom
b ocks
40937 Po shedchrome 211,,:'x211/r"x5'h I6 i I5W.irax
reflector w th c ear. candelabra, Gl6 %
seeded crysla clear recom.
b ocks

6995 Power Saver/Lamp Lile Extender

200W max (s!rlace mo!nied) Feduces power lo 60%
and ghl olrpul ro 4C9/" of :aled Larnp 'le s
erlended tl0lmes Soec ly one unrlp€r 200 walls I ! r'," x t'

S1r Gi6r: 325

. .-ltl
i i
ri ,t't'i,


From the Lytetile collection of standard
elements, Designers can create art forms
with light... curtains of pendants,
I , ;'- * _-,. . .*;i!r,:]'".1.
, twinkling starlights, glittering facets, the
architectural planes of banner assemblies
r :. , - and more...alone or in combination...
all selected to delight the eye!
Lytetiles working as problem solvers can
lift low ceilings to infinity, form
direciional patterns that delineate
corridors or mark pathways, highlight
arch itectural forms and operation
areas...and capture colo[ light and
motion from the areas below to add an
ambience of excitement.
Foretail slores. thealres. lounges.
term inals, hotels, showrooms,
restaurants and malls... any public space
where the drama ol light can lift an interior
out of the ordinary a{ moderate cost,
Lytetiles are the Designer's first choice.
,r11 r.t
. ,J
'.) "'t
u! il
t lu ..

.t 'I1.
:...J *')
.tl lD,
.v tl'
, ,r/
). {J'

i ll

I '' j,:

j+' 1




ll,)--r '.laF
.l'1.!.:r ^f .8 *
u\._- {9"'
8 ,''

ooo ooo ooo

o o o o o o
o o o o o o
o o o o o o
o o o o o o
o o o o o o
o o o o o o

o o o o o o
o o o o o o
o o o o o o
o o o o o o
o o o o o o
o o o o o o
ooo ooo ooo

Bold, beautilul bars of light in poljshed or antique
brass, mirror chrome or gloss white can be used in
many a bright and decorative way to frame, accenl
() and delineate space. Hang them vertically,
horizontally or at an angle...across ceilings, down
walls, anywhere a line of light should be functional
and dramatic, too. The choice of lamps adds slill
another dimension.
Wherever they're specif ied, in lobby, powder room,
showroom, restaurant or retail slore, Lytestrips and
Lytepoints add contemporary elegance.
Lytepoint I

a Can be rnoLrnted on
wa or cet ng
2' d a ./.21h"h.
w th4 % "d a.canopy
2'd a .x2)s"h.
I x 60W max.,
G amp recorn
T x 60W max
'W- biass w th4% 'dia canopy G lamp recom
40847 Po shed 2'dia x2k h. 1 x 60W max
40818 chrome w th4 % 'dia canopy G amp recom
Can be mounled on wall or ce ng KO on each enO torltrrougn
!!rr nq.
40891 Oxrd zed 24" " x2r^"prc) 3 r 60W max.
brass ^41/r G amp recorn
40892 o^d zed 32" x4'/2" x2|/a 'prcl 4 x 60W max.,
brass G lamp recom
40893 oxid zed 48" t41/2" x21,/a " pta) 6 x 60W max
40820 brass G lamp recom

(l 3x60Wmax.
G oss whrt-" 24" \4t/2" x2j/a ' ptol.
G amp recom
,- 40896 Gloss wh te 32'x412" prcl 4 x 60W max..

x21/a "

G lamp recom
40897 G oss wh te 48' x41/2" x21,/a " prc| 6 x 60W max
G amp reconl
40901 Polshed 24" x4j/r" x21/a 'pto) 3 x 60W max
chrome G amp recom
40902 40902 Po ished 32" x4'/?" x2la " prcj 4 x 60W max
chiome G amp recom
40847 40903 Po shed 48' x41/2 " x2la " pt o) 6x60Wmax,
chrome G lamp recom

40905 Po shed 24 x41/2 x21/a" etol 3 x 60W max

brass G amp recom
40906 Po/rshed 48"x41/?" x2|/a"prc) 6 x 60W max
brass G amp recom
40908 Polished 32" x41/,', x21,/a 'pto) 4 x 60W rnax .
brass G amp recom
LyteSlrip Connector
Can be used for L T. X near conneJlioni
40894 Ox d zed brass 4% sq.:s"prol
40898 Gloss white 4 Sq ',s prot.
40904 Po shed chrome 4 ? Sq 's Prol
40907 Polshed brass 4r, sq .l;" pto)
----r:- -.

ea ,. "j tr 6995 Power Saver/Lamp Lile

200W-d../. jj" F^o paora
dt rgl_r oLlp- ro 40"b or '..a . dr p
. - /
,a\ _a

(|'" F i ,.--a r. ri p rp/ I'v!,eLr.or'. r^d|

40894 Grari G25 G40 G40

5 ver
40898 Smde Sm.*e Smore Aow,


r-r('t-tT()t-ll=t? 23



t 6)., .-

40306 with 40316



40302 "l

These elegant fluorescent fixtures have architectural
simplicity... the hallmark of contemporary interior
design. Slim, shallow canopies in satin chrome, warm-
toned oxidized brass or pure white support bare lamps
whose ends are capped in tubes of polished chrome,
polished brass or white. Black mounting posts visually
40303 disappear. Optional acrylic diffusing shields for ihe
lamps can be used to mute the light
Designers will specify these handsome fixtures for
nichJs and narrow places, above couniers and mirrors,
alono corrioors and under overhangs in 'nany places
wheri tneir strong lines ano rich simp'lcity become
part of the decorative theme
The energy-saving features of fluorescents are
irnportant considerations in any specif ication
Fluorescent lamps use a third to a fifth as much
energy as incandescent lamps, give as much light and
last i0 to 25 times longer. For the cost'conscious
Designer. these quality features will become the
Trar ns tay o'his design Portlolio.
Can be mounled on wall or ce ng. Connector lor landein
mounting suppl ed. K O for sw tch Optiona d ffusers

rl I Sal n chrome wllh pollshed chrome sockel covers

40300 21,,,'r4"r4'""h I x 15WT12 TriggerStart LPF
40301 l
2f.,5 r.4 /.4's 1 x 20W Tl 2 Trjgqer Slarl LPF
40302 39.16 x4 x4r! h I x 30w TT 2. Rap d slart LPF
40303 51 ',6'x4 x4r,'h 1 x 40w T12 Rap d slart LPF
Ox drzed brass w th po lshed brass socket covers
40305 2t:" x,.1 x4d tr T x l5WT12 TrggerStarl LPF
40306 21',6'\4 t41"'l 1 x 20W T12 Tr gger Starl LPF

40307 39:r6"x4 x4rs'h I x 30W T12. BapdStartLPF

40308 5l5j6'x4'x4rs h 1x40WT12 RaP d Start LPF

Sern g oss wh te.

40310 2i ',6 x4, r4r" h Tx T 2. Tr gger Start LPF

40311 27'. t4', h 1 x 20WT12 Trigger Slarl LPF

40312 39',6"x4 x,1,! n 1 x 30W T12 BapdStarlLPF
40313 515j 14 x4rs'h 1x40WTT2. Fapld Star\ LPF

White Translucent Acrylic Dilluser

OPo1d d e o ooPo" '.n:- o
I 2,-, x19.,,'g
40315 For lse on 40300 ,,^i

40305 40310 and 40992

"tlt25 ,;'
40316 For use on 40301
40306 4031 I and 40991
40317 For use or 40302, 2.t,,,11t37 ,,'t,e
40307 and 40312
40318 For use on 40303 2r,, ,,,", r49.,e" !
40308 and ,10313


'Wnm Nh le i,Lroresce.l arnps are ollen prelerred oler Coo !'/r'r le I Jorisce'l
E b-..arse lhev orolde a coor qLra lY ln3l c ose ! aorro..l_'s lhal or
im .,""re a vrarm i.vrl n! anro -E'ce A ro coo /\1h r' ampi
"ii"J".*""1 ov/ -"
whe.lsedal evesor !mrtrto.(lor.ia.rpE lo.orrs€ r'a _ofe'!i I
40301 with 40316 c rc! al or areas) te.d lo prcdlce a b ea( !'r n! I fli amD erce




40300 with 40315

(see pg. 25 lor details)

W] E


6740 6742 6741
Crystal cages, cosmic spheres and globes hug
the ceiling or wall.. . seem to grow out of the surface
itself. Minirnal projection depths make this imporlant
group of fixtures ideal for low ceiling areas or for wall
gt mounting use. Designers will f nd them invaluable for
design continuity and as a decorative elernent that plays
curved surfaces against linear planes.
For economy-minded designers, there are Circline
conternporary fluorescent wall fixlures. Fluorescent
light sources are higher in efficiency than incandescent,
grq ' produce the same amount of light using a third to a fifth
as much energy. They are aiso easier to maintain

because they have a longer lite, generally more than 10
tirnes and up to 25 times that ot incandescent.
Lytepoint ll
Can be mounled on wa lor ce lng
6500 Po ished chrome 21/, da t37:i: l I x l00 W max..
41/r"dia canopy G larnp recom

Lumilrame Fluorescenl
6564 Charcoa gray 8 wxg%"gx57, prol I t20wT9
ouler jrame and C rc lne, PIe_
malle while heal. LPF
6565 Charcoal brown I w xgz g x5 /, prol 1 x 20W Tg
ouler lrame and C rc ne Pre
be ge lnner irame heal LPF

Kite Bracket
Wh le lrans ucenl acry c d lilser,
6735 Po shed I2'sq i4%"prol I x 22W Tg
chrome s de C rc ine. Bapd
panels Slarl. LPF

6736 or d zed 12 sA \A'/r"pta) I x 22W Tg

brass s de Circl ne Rap d
pane s SIATI LPF

Dual.Quad Bracket
Wh le lrans ucenl acry rc d fluser-
6740 Po shed 10r, sq x4 prol 1 x 22\N I9
chrome cenler C rc ne Rap d
panel Starl LPF
6741 Ox d zed loi- sq 4pol I r22WT9
brass center Crrc ine. Fap d
pane. SIaTI LPF
6742 oak veneer l0% sq x4 proJ 1 t.22W T9
center pane CrrcL ne. Fap d
Slart, LPF

Primed Paintable Metal lnsert Accessory

40828 " P""ono-10oI ",oo\4
6743 Pr med rneta 21; \1A1/,'h

Bubble Surlace Fixture

40800 Seedyceargass 8 da xlO h I xT5Wrnax
sphere w lh Po shecj Al9'learrecom
chrome dela ls

Lytepoinl I

Can be moLrfled on wa or ce lng
40818 Po shed 2 d a.x2's h 1 x fiow max
l 1
brass r'th4% d a canopy G amp recom
40820 Anr que 2 da x2'6 h 1 x 60W max.
brass wllr4lr"dra canopy G arnp recom
40847 Polshed 2' d a .\2:.'lt 1r60Wmax.
chTome wrlh4',i d a canopy G lamp recom

Facet Surtace Fixlure

40828 Cleargass panes lOr/r"dia xlT h I x l00W max
wth po shed brass 40w A19 G2s
cage and poLshed or T10 c ear recom
chromesockel covea

G litler Surlace Fixture

6736 6735
40837 Smokegasssphere 8da,xloh I x75Wmax,
w lh po sl'red chrome A19 c ear recom
deta s 27
See page 48 lor "Lamp Selectol'
! ^{-.


l, l;
;r *'-l

An archilectural wonderland ... the qeometry of
reflected lightl lmage modules are mirror-chrome
panels with polished brass sides and faceted angle-
strips t!'rat bounce light and motion from surface to
surface. The elfect is alive, vibrant, kinetic.
lmage close-lo-ceiling modules can fill an entire
ceiling with unending reJlections or form meandering
patterns spaced out with blank Lytetiles. There are
dramatic chandeliers- e legant I and 21-lig hl
constructions and giant 39-li9hl multi"tiered mirror
Creative Designers can build stunning mountains of
light by combining chandelier units o{ different sizes
on a single stem. An ingenious new connector
mechanically and electrically locks units together.
Breathtaking in wide stairwells, high-ceiling lobbies
and atriu ms.
lmage Hex Tile
Conneclor for landem rnounling supp ed
Po shed 14"w x113/a"h. 3 x 40W max.,
chrome candelabra, SI T

relleclor c ear recom

wilh po shed
chrorne and
satin brass
llght ng

Blank Hex Tile

Use as a spacer or to creale liqhl patterns Connector for landem
mount ng suppled.
Po shed 14"w x23/a"h. No lamps.
lmage Chandelier

48585 Polshed 21" d1a. x161/2"h. I x 40W rnax.

chrome and 68"o a.h1 cande abra, Gl6 7,
sat n brass. c ear recom.

48586 Po ished 33"d a x161/,'h. 21 x 25W rnax.,

chrome and cande abra G16 %
sat n brass. c eal Tecom.

48587 Polished 5A" d a.,x2A'/2" h. 39 x 25W max.

chrorfe and 821/r" o a hl candelabra, S11
satin brass. c ear Tecom

lmage Chandelier Conneclor Kil

48590 Permits mecfianica t erlng ol lmage chande iers.

Order (1) connector kit for each add t onal

lmage Chandelier Suspension Kit

48591 Permits electrica connecl on when t er ng lrnage

chande iers Order (1) suspension kit lor each
multlple lier arrangemeni

6995 Power Saver/Lamp Lile Extender

200W max. (surface mounled) Feduces power lo 60%
and gh1 oulpu1 lo 407d ol raled Lamp lile ls s6 srr Gl6r,
exlended t101mes Specily one !n lper 200 watls

48585 and 48586 wilh

48590/48591 Kits l-r(tr-rTot-il=l? 29


t) ;
Complete Lyteslruclure fixture consists ol basic structure, lighting
elements and suspension syslem. See pages 32.33 lor details.

aneler nruclirre shovJr wlh (8)

C RCLILAB 40950 22" d Susp€nsiof delais ior mounling stems above ce ing
40977 ghlnq eemenls Tota dameler s 40% Larips are pLane For use ony on suspefded ce lngs Tern nales n
a sma esculcheon pale Conneclonslooulelbrrx
ooncealed with n celn!

22" dam€ler skuctlre shown wlh 18) wlh
fi C RCULAB 40350
40982 ghlfg e emefls and 40965 mounlfq kl Tola
Surlace suspension delars l0r Insla alrons
above cei ng .
verl cal slems
n0 access

d ameler s 41

--El -
i1 ,t

al it
clBcuLAR 40951 44 dEmerer srruclurc shown wlh {16) SLrdace susp€nsnn delars 10r rnslz alrons vrh no access
40978 rghtng eemenls and 40969 nounln! k I Tola abole celfq anq ed slems
diameler s 57' La.nps arl] G40 smoke

L \EdR 40954 80 o1q , o. i url ox r'l r0r 40979 5.i. up"l o-ced 'or r(ra'd0- od(os,
qh inq eemenle and 40967 mounlnq ht Toralw dllr e above celin!. ^
consisls 0i {2)po shed chrorne canopes
15%" Lamps are C25 clear

WALL 40958 moduarback WALL 40958 moduar back L ghling eemenl conneclron delars
pal€ shown wlh (1) pate shown wth (l)40971
Lghtrng Tola
eerunt ghlfg ejemefl Tolal
proteclon s 9% proieclon s 8% 31
MODULAR LYTESTRUCTURE A complete fixture f rorn th s series consists of a bas c frame or slructure e.g circular or
near, and ghting elements. To order spec fy the frame and appropr ate number ol desired ghting e ements by cata og
number A so specify appropriate mount ng kit as required

Circular Linear Modular

3/t' Wall
_ r++= Backplate
r 481/t"
T {l4r.'
40953 40958

. 44" 40950
. 16"
- 2',
- ' l= rr

40951 40954

Circular Slructure Linear Structure

()ee Frq. 1,2,3 page ijl / ro sr.pel-tor lro.]'l aoove ce.l g (See Flg. 4, page #31.) For suspens on lrom above ce ing plane.
pjd^e (4) 48 moJ^tng \le-s sLoo eo Stems ca'l b^ eds lv (2) 48" mountina slerns supp ed For surface suspens on, use kjl
shorlened n lhe f eld uslng on y a saw. Extension kit ava ab e 40967 can be eas ly shortened n the lie d uslng on y a
(see 40968). For surface suspension, use kit 40965 or 40969 lor saw Extens on k t ava lab e (see 40968). For surlace suspension
22" dia. lixlure and k t 40966 or 40969 for 44" dia. f xture. use kil 40967. For mechan cal in- ne connection of two or rnole
40950 Polished 22" dta. x2" h lor (B) 2 circuits, f xtures use k t 40957.
chrome. lighting elements: 720 watts max. 40953 Pollshed 48%" x3/a" x2" h 2 circuils,
total dla. of comp ete Per c rcuit. chrome. for (6) lghling e ements, 720 watts max.
varies from
f xtu re totalw dlh of per c rcu t.
35" io 4l " depending complete f xtu re
upon ght ng e ement var es lrom 1374 " to
se ected. 19% " dependlng
upon ight ng element
40951 Po shed 44" dta x2' n.lor 4 c rcu ts, se ected
chrome (l6) I ghting elements; 720 watts max.
tota dia ol complete per clrcu t. 40954 Polshed B0% " x 3/a" x2" h. 2 clrcuits,
fixlure varies frorn chrome. for (10) ghtlng elements; 720 walts max.
57" to 63" depending tota wldth ol per circuit.
upon llghting element compiete f x1u re
selected varles lrom 13% " lo
19%' depending
Circular Surlace Mounting Kit (Vertical 9tejn!) upof ghling e ement
(See Fig. 2 page #31.)Consisls ol (4) po ished chrorne surlace selected.
ferru es cross sterns and matchlng cafopy.
Linear Conneclor Kil
40965 For surlace mounting ol 40950.
Precis on fitt ng ma nta ns integr ty of I ghling e emenl spac n9,
40966 For surface mount ng of 40957 I6" on centers
40957 For attaching two or more linear structures in- ne
Circular S!rface Mounting Ki! 14!glg! t!grn!) mechanica ly.
(See Fig. 3, page #31 .) Consists ol (1) po ished chrome canopy
measurlng 7" dia x 3/a' h. and (8) po shed chrome swive s. Linear Surface Mounting Kit
Stems are supplled with f xlure. (See Fig 4, page #31 .) Cons sts ol (2) po shed chrome canopies
40969 For surface mounl ng of 40950 or 40951. wilh sw vels.
40967 For surface rnounting ol 40953 or 40954

Stem Extension Kil

Po ished chrome fir sh. (2) stems and coup ngs supp ed.
516" dla x 48" g
40968 For use wilh 48"
slems supp ied with
{ xiure

Modular Wall Backplale

40958 Po shed 41/z' x 413i6" x1/2" Dependent

chrome. proi. add prolection upon llght ng
For use wilh ol e ement chosen element
(l) ghtng lortotal dimensons. seected
e ement.
Nlodular Lighting Elements
4097'l Po shed 5'da.\12"hN8'/," a). 2 x 75W max.,
chrome and 419. H20 or
brass. sat n 830 recorn
ch tome arm

40975 Po shed 5%"d a.xlO"li x8t': prol 1 x 100W rrrax.,

chrorne and 40W G25 a ear
c ear g ass. recom
salin ch rome

40976 Polished 7"d a xl0 h xBli "prol I x 100W ..raN .

brass and 40W G25 clear
clear glass TECQM
sat n chrome 40975
40977 Po shed 7,,dia.xj 3,",,h x9 ri Up ghl 1x
chrome and 75W max.
bronze g ass, 25W T10
satin cfirome recom
Do!4i n ght Tx
50W max., Al I
or R20 50W
R20 recom

40978 Po shed 21/2" d a x43/a l.^61/2"pto) 2 x 40W rnax

chrome, G40 recom
satin ah rome

40979 Dot, red ,1 q,l0t,/tpa) 2x40Wmax,

chrorl]e and G25 c ear
clear acry c, recom.
satin ch rome

40976 40977
40982 Polished 7"dla.x6% "h x9r/i "proj. I x 100W max..
chrome A19 or R20
sphere w lh recom
matte b ack
step baff e
salln chrorI]e

40984 C ear glass, 7"dn)<91/2" pto) 1xT00Wmax.,

sat n chrome 40w G25
arm Tecom

l\ ' / \
ora G4o G4o
tt G43
S !e'
smee Sn.k Bo*

40978 40979 i

ln aparttent complexes and single home developments, architects
and Desi'g'reri specifiers are discovenng lhat the crealive impacl of
well designed lighlrnq not oniy aesthetrcalry enhances, but can
increase Broperty or renla va ues. whi,e making a space mo(q workable."
For this apartmenl unit ln a high-flse burrotng. as weli as in the

;;ft iiir;il " '-'"

public spaQes, the Designer can employ an exciting varidty of ways
io u"" rshi io r"" oi j"i ;,;i ;i '
Millor-tile ceilings expand space and multi,ply righr.
Energy-saving fluorescents in a new design configurat/o.l are
elegant and functional. Unobrrusive strips and brackels combine
purity of line With soft illumination.
I t
The Design'erian create warm pools of light with.ery$tal and l:

incande$cent bources where people wait or gatherl , /and :can pl

across wide .. 1:. i:

Glilter and points of light softly detine a dining are; dr entry w ij:/".::,'..i
while linear sources perform specitic tasks. The Designer can

gd EE
+A r: -r.

't- ,{ ,j




The Designer's fluorescentl Lytetubes transcend the
functional to become an element of pure design. Here
form follows light as the s ender line of the lamp tube
is repeated in a finely crafted outer cylinder that is
lr elegant in its pure simpliciiy.
Energy-saving fluorescent Lytetubes wi I be specified
for both interior deslgn and to fill task and general
llghting requirements. They re a stunning light source
hanging low over work areas, f oating ln space,
mounied vertical y or horizontal y on walls, lrned along
corridors or stepped veftically down stairwell walls.
Designers will create their own arl torms in ight by
clusterjng Lytetubes on different levels...even
oppos ng form an assemblage, a scu ptural
fantasy in space. An exciting choice for retail stores,
ga ler es. lobbies, restaurants or showrooms where
light and design rnust be combined in wide open
lMountlng hardware suitable for lndividual or tandem
installations in continuous runs supplied. 360' rotation
perm ts qreat flexibi ity for iightlng objects in
tl horizonial or vertica planes.
A curved striated acry ic diffuser is available to snap
over the lamp, echoing the cy indrical form and
softening the light source in eye-level insta lations
(order separate y).

Cable Suspended Lytetube

1,,1o!f1 ng hardware sLr lair e for ndivrdLra or landem nsla ral on
slppied 36!' rolai on per.n ls greal f ex b
n conlnuous rLrns ly
for ghtngoblecls nhorzofla or!'erlca panes 60 cabc
errgll- 90 whilc v nv cord supp ed for 64 r; !rnrl 1 I 2 ,,^/hrle
v ny cord slpp ed for I I2 r; !n I

4'1925 Porshed 3r.r d.r16l.r oa illl. I r 40W T12.

A UN] NUITI Fap d S:art.HPF
41926 Po slr-"d li, dax{i4r,i oa qlr I r 40W T12
Fap d Starl.HPF
41927 Br q:t :j i rla 16lr.? ca olh I x 40W Tl2,
qapd S:art HPF
41930 Po shed 3. darll21ca glh 2 r 40vr' T12.
a Lrm nLtTlt Fap d Siarl.HPF
41931 Po isrcd :i .,; darll22 oa qlh 2 x ,10Vr'Tl2.
b'ass qap c Siart HPF
41932 Br ght 31darrl2'. oa gllr 2x40WTr2
u/h te qap d Siart. HPF

Stem Suspended Lytetube

Caf be molnled on ce ng or wa I9" ong x r- d am-ol-cr sat .
a um nLrrn slems ard ,1 2 d a.reler annop es supp ed ['loJnlng
hardware s! 1ab e for ndlv dLra or larderr nsla al on ln
cont nuoJs rrns sL,pp ed 360' ro1al o'l perm ts greal llex b ty icr
ghl ng obl-.cts n ho zonla or verlca p ares
41935 Poshed 'jr1 aarfl4! oallh 1x40vr'T12
a LlTn Rapdstarl HPF
41936 Po shed 3:,i dax64r; oa lltli I x1.0!VTl2
brass Fap d Slart HPF
41937 erght 3.. da1641,. oa qlf ' x/0V,/Tl2
vrh te Bao c Slart HFF
41940 Po shed 3r', caxll2r,! oala:lt- 2t4ArllI'2
il Lrm fum Fapdstarl HPF
41941 Poished 3,r dax r2,.: oa lrrr 2xaOWTr2
brass. Bapid Slart HP:

I 41942 Brghl
wh te
3.,;' Carll2, o! ilr. 2!4CWTl2

Lyletube Lens Accessory

BaP d Starl. HPF

Oplona Extr!ced c ear acry c P'ov des pr srnai a qht ccflrc

41945 Useil)ensfof641i L.rn i :' : car13 !
Use 12) ensesfor 1121; rr',
See page 48 tor "Lamp Selectof' 2(l

Pendants enchant spacel As glowing moons, spheres
of chrome and brass, hemispheres of color and crystal
glass, slim polished tubes, glittering facets and
whimsical shapes, they float and hover-high, low,
alone. in groups-an airy art form in open space.
Designers use pendants as task lights, highlights and
art forms. They are versatile...can be instantly adapted
to variations in ceiling height and spatial dimensions
allowing a finely balanced use of space. Grouped in
clusters, at varying heights, spaced with a variety of
spreader systems (see page 47) or spotted as accent
groups across wide areas, pendants allow the Designer
to create mobiles of lig ht that add excitement and
drama to interior design.

Cryslal Dome Pendant

40470 Po rshed 9t1 da xl2 l.r I x 100W max.,
brass wilfl 90"o a ht A19 or G25
c ear rrbb,od clear recom
g ass
' |,t Cased Glass Pendanls
ll 40560 opa g ass 12'dat113/a'h 1 x 100W max ,

54 oaht Al9 G25 or

G40 while

F 40561 Deep red 12 d a x11la'h l xT00Wrnax

outer g ass 54"o a hl A19. G25 or
w th trans G40 wh te
ucent opal recom.
inle rior.

40562 Deep brown 12'd a x]1 % h 1xT00Wmax.

outer g ass 54'o a hl 419. G25 or
w th lrans G40 whlte
ucenl opa reaom
nleT or

40563 Deep green 12'dax113/""h I x 100W max.,

outer g ass 54 oahl Al9, G25 or
wilh trans- G40 wh te
ucent opa recorn
nter or

Facet ll Pendanl
40878 Po sfied l4"d a x16r'h 1 x 100W max.,
brass wilh 72"o a hl G25 or G40
c ear g ass c ear recom
t:i 40879 Po shed 1B"d a x20"h l x l00W rnax
Ii1, brass wilh 72"o a ht G25 or G40
clear g ass clear recom

6995 Power Saver/Lamp Life Exlender

300W m.r (pendanl) aed!ccs powcr lo60% and
ghl oulpLrl ro 411L oi raied Lamp le s exlended
5 10 I m-"s So-.ofy one !n I per 300 walls 1 r 1/, r 1/,'

. e
Al9 Glat: G25

r-r('Frr()t-t t= I? 41



' ,f,
F* Sr.ibLrle Fendant
{&t :
):,i t
:ir--aal!' a -..:ri q a,.!s :,p ru -. i'r th po :hr-'ii a:'a r: iili:i :.
t€I - ;1 liril';f 'lai;
i *;I 40EC1 a ar ir.rlit , I .i" a ,r I I
E: if'! rl i:lr i]far'-l
{t iri$
:.1 4CE0? l.l ar ii,,2., lr .,:!r 11 I tl:.1"1 ri'iii
A,)- rt"r'l
' '!:1f
4{J603 -:: irii r.I'i r.rri-l !,:i I ';: irlirir^rai.!.
{[ A2l c..a '.aom
;r 406S4 '.1 dil )rll .IrTir!.t : 1:l5il rr:ti
A2I ii 't:ir ra. art l
Spheroid Pendani
'liI 40814 '. rii ed tr . d r r3 lr r.aE !. I .,. I l-'.',' rl a/
b'dfr:i /\ l:r !f Fri rialr' l

408.17 Fu ,rl'-'N ! . d: r:l ri r.aa a :: -: I r ll, l\r,r rJ .li

chrarle !11,..IirIrr.irr.l

"G" Lamp Nl clder Pendant

40821 P. sn,r.l 2 : r.'ral'lr r'i.1 .,;, ,. I:IlLllrtrfili
i l, at I l.' i:,r1, fr i l-: ,', r , :r

Glitter Pendani
:imar(a i l!s iplr!re ,'"'1 I po l:hac al'rorlle :
.r lir:lr,| r;ii.
Al !l a -t:ir rafrrl
4083E lil d:,i !': : 'r i''.1 !, ri i r ll:r lv! r' lr
Af i ir,i rL:llll I

40840 2 Li i. : r'l : r r.7.1 il ir lrl I . :r.r,'!i'

.1:j'l c e:lr

40841 1.1 .l:trli-. ; t!./(l an'rl l r 'ailili rrnr

I lt i:il rr( (rrj

6995 Power Saver/Lamp Life Exiendei
'titrtL.r .r.,' rr" nr'r . i' it. i.r.., r..,r.1,, .r L. r rl


rLl r,
! arrr ar!..ri:!


r- [(b8-HT(] l-E t= l? 43


iL, 5556
Dome Pendanl
4421 Polished 15% "dia.x1 1 "h.x54 ' 1 x 1 50W max.,
brass. G40 white recom,
4425 Polished 15% "dia.x1 1 "h.x54"o.a.hl 1 x 150W max..
chrome. G40 white recom.

Pot Pendant
Enamel finished shade wilh perforated diffuser at top' white silk-
screened glass diffuser at bottom. 3-way switch
5538 white 15" dla.x9l/," h.x52'o.a.hl 3 x 75W max.,
5539 Orange 15" dia.x1'/r"h x52'o a hl 3 x 75W max.,
enamel. 419
5540 Blue 15" d\a.x81/, " i.x52" o.a.hl 3 x 75W max.,
enamel. A19
5551 Brown 1 s"dia.x8 7, " h.x52" o a ht 3 x 75W max.,

Flair Pendant
5556 White. 14"dia.xB % "h.x54" 1 x 150W max.,
A21 or G40
white recom'
5557 Vermilion. 14" dta.x81/4" <54'oahl 1 x 150W max.,
A2l or G40
white recom.
5558 vetlow. 14'dia.x8 % "h.x54' 1 x 1 50W max.,
A21 or G40
white recom,
5559 Brown. 14'dia.x8% "h.x54"o a ht 1 x 150W max.,
A21 or G40
white recom.

Facet I Pendanl
Clear qlass panels with polished brass cage and polished chrome
sockel cover.
40829 rcVr" dla.x113/a" h.x14" o.a ",l. 1 x 100W max.,
419, 40w G25,
G40 or T10
clear recom
40830 12" dta.x1 4" h.x7 4" o.a.hL 1 i 100w max.,
A19, 40W G25,
G40 or T10
clear recom.
40831'15"dla.x17"h.x74" 1 x 100W max.,
A19, 40w G25,
G40 or T10
cleaT recom,

Opal Pendanl
Opa qlass wlth white details.
40832 B" dia.x91/r " 11./'7 2' o.a.ll. 1 x 100W max.,
A19 white lecom.
40835 1o'dia.x1 1 "h.x72" 1 x 150W max.,
A21 white recom.
40836 12"dia.x13"h.x72'o a ht. 1 x 150W max.,
A21 white recom.
40842 1 4'dla.x1 5'h.x72" o.a.hl. 1 x 150W max.,
A21 white recorn
4093s Lyteclusler Pendant
Clear olass sple'e with lamp h-sk a'ld sle'r in ri'ro'chrome
frnish.-Swrvel^]our'teo slen.,s' diameler x 48' org, mirror-
chrome finish, supp ied. Slems can be easily shortenedln the
field usinq only a saw. Extension kit available (see #40887)
40886 Clear glass lB"dia.xlB%'h.x6B"o 8 x 25W max,
and G25 clear
ohrome. reoom,

40887 Mirror- chrome. )s'dra x48"lg.

See pagq 48 lor "Lamp Selecto/'
-.-:_t--/ A

zA \t-- 40861
Cornposiiions in spacel Pendant spreaders let the
Designer turn pendant installations into custom-look
assemblies with whirls of light. ascending spirals,
random paiterns and subtle variations in hejght.
Modu ar spreader tiles can be close-mounted to create
a forest of light forms or spaced out and surrounded by
bLank Lytetiles to pose stunning mobiles of light
aqainst mirrored infinity. Lytespan tracks, ceiling disks,
canopy ferrules and cord adapters al1 give the Deslgner
the freedom to hang for maxiTnum visual effect.
Modular Pendant Spreader
Supp ed vr'LiTr lro e:r and p ugs for Ltp to 19) pendafls {-offeclor
for tanderf mounl ng suPP ed
40859 Po shed chromc refector 24' \24 /.1 '/i l1

w th chrome p Lrqs

40861 l/atte u/n te w th )4" x24' t13.'.' l)

\,!lr 1e p LrqS

Surlace Mounled B lank Lytetile"

Caf be moLlnled on vJa or cer fg and servcs as a !t/ rewav
Confector lof tafdem mo!nt nq slpp ed Usc as a spaccr or 10
creale qh1 palterns #4li92ll s lhe iecesscd vers on
40866 40914 Po shed chrome ref cctor 24" x24 \1:,i )

Lytetile Recess Kit

,& 65
Cong sts ol (4) moL]lrl fq c ps and a meta covl--r p ale
Compal b e w th slafdard exposed or cofcea ed ( nverted T )

ce Lng sLrspensron syslems

40927 Perm ts recessed mounl nll oi 40859 '1UB6l and 409I 4

Ceiling Disc
40866 Matte vrh le I1"da r r./r" h suppledwthbiind
knockoL.rl: for 2 3ol 6pefdanls
4647 4651 40867 Maile whilc 20"da rlr./:'h supo ed\\'1rb nd
knockoLrls for 3 4.6 or l2 pe.idants

Canopy Ferrule Kit

Peim ts slralght lre. rad a or random patlerns ol ght Pendant
cord ieeds throu!lh terrLl es allaches 1o cenlral carlopy
4647 Bone wh le canopy and i2) ferru es 6',6 d a (2) 1

4651 Bone wh te canopy arrd (3) ierrules 6'.. da. (3) t

4653 Bone !4/h te canopy and (6)ferru es 6r,d da. (6) l.

Cord Adapter Kit

Perm ts aord mounled pcndanls to be sLlspended lrom any
4671 ce ng locatior des red uslng baseboard out et No cel ng ou1 el
requrred Sw tch and ce ng accessor es supp ed
4671 te 20 cordse1

[4a11e Wh

Lytespan' Pendant AdaPter

Permits anv corcl mounted pendant to be easiy atlached at any

r ooo
po nt along the e ectrlled Lytespan track
7599 Nlaile Wh te I ora 2 r'n


r-!(i!-lT()l-l l= 12 47
Numb€r Page Number Page Number Page Number Page RECOM M EN DED CALCU LITES
4421 45 407A2 40895 23 40958 32
4425 45 40703 40896 23 40965 32 FOR USE WITH LYTETILES
4647 47 4A704 40897 23 40966 32 FOR CON,]PLETE CALCULITE DETA LS
465T 47 40705 40898 23 40967 32 RE FEF TO BROCHURE #27037
4653 47 40706 40901 23 40968 32
4611 41 4A784 l9 40902 23 40969 32 FOR USE
5538 45 40785 t9 40903 23 40971 33 WITH
5539 45 40796 17 40904 23 40975 33 LUN/ NAIRE 40924
5540 45 4A797 17 40905 23 40976 33
5551 45 40798 17 40906 23 40977 33 Open Ref ector and 7054
Open El pso dal 7054.A1
5556 45 40799 17 40907 23 40978 33 Down ghts (A Lamp) 7054.42
5557 45 40800 27 40908 23 40979 33 7054.A8
5558 45 40801 43 40910 15 44982 33
Open ReIlec1or 7059
5 559 45 40802 43 4091 1 11 13 40984 33
6500 27 40803 43 44912 13 40990 9 Downllghl (A La 7059.A1
6564 27 40804 43 4091 3 13 40991 I E lipso da Refleclor 7784
6565 27 40814 43 44914 9, 13, 44992 I Down rghl (Genera 7784-41
67 35 27 40817 43 11 47 41925 39 Sery ce Lamp) 7784.42
6736 27 40818 23 27 44915 11 41926 39 77A4-AA
67 4A 27 40820 23.27 44916 11 41927 39
E ipsoida Rel ector 7084
6741 27 40821 43 40917 13 4r 930 39 Down ght (Tungsten 7084.A1
6742 27 4AB2B 27 44918 13 4t 931 39 Ha ogef Lamp) 7084.42
6743 27 4A829 45 4091 9 13 41932 39 7084.A8
6995 r 3. 15 40830 45 40920 15 41935 39
Mull Groove. 7760
41 936
Baf f le
I 7. r 9, 2r , 29. 40831 45 40923 5. 9. 13 39
41 .43 40832 45 40924 5, 13 41937 39
7599 47 40835 45 40925 15 41944 39 Opef Relleclor 7705
40300 25 40836 45 44926 r 5 41941 39 Down ighl (PAR & 7705.41
40301 25 40837 27 44921 9. 13. 41942 39 R 7705.42
44342 25 40838 43 15. 17 . 47 41945 39
Cofe Aperture 77AO
40303 25 40839 43 40928 15 48585 29 Down qht
40305 25 40840 43 40929 l5 48586 29 Adjustab e Accent 7771
40306 25 40841 43 44932 19 48587 29 Lighl 7771.40
40307 25 44442 45 40934 t9 48590 29 7771.41
40308 25 44847 23 21 44935 19 49591 29 7771.42
40310 25 40856 35 40936 19
4031 1 25 40857 35 40937 t9 Adjuslab e Accefl 7047
44312 25 4OB5B 35 40938 T9 Liqhl (Low Vollaqe) 7047,40
40313 25 40859 47 40939 5 7047-41
40315 9.25 40861 47 40940 29 7047.42
40316 9, 25 40866 47 44941 Wa Washer/ 7029
40317 25 40867 47 44942 .17 Downlqht 7029.4'l
40318 25 4OB7 B 4l 40945 5 7030
44474 41 40879 4l 40946 5 7030-Al
40560 41 40886 45 44947 5 7031
40561 41 4OBB7 45 40950 32 703t.Al
44562 41 40891 23 40951 32
40563 41 40892 23 40953 32 Mu tl-Groove. Wa I 7774
40740 1 1 13 40893 23 40954 32 Washer
44701 1T 40894 23 40957 32 'Lrs Par.,p.r N. 3 a,rar r 72

f=,|! F: {r-}
s6 c7 srr s|
l=3 F:

Ar9 A2l Gr6 ! Gr8.: G2s G,lr

G4C G{a
! r ! ,1-=!
820 F3C ?AR38

T9lTr0 Tr2
C,ea' C,ea aeai ae., Cear
Sp.r Spnl oe !:e ae whre DeureCo wh re


{ 6995 Power Saver/Lamp Lite Extender

200w max (surlace mounred) Feduces rnwer lo 60% 'war.n wirle luorescenl are oiien
and Qhl outpul 1o 40% ol raled Lamo le s pr-olered over Coo Wfrle I loresceni
ii extended Specily one Lrn I per 2m wats 1 t.1h' x th" becaLrse lhey provde a color qla ly that
'10lmes crosery approacnes liral or incandescenl
and c;n creale a warrn nvtngambence
A so Coo Wh le amps !!hen Lrsed a1 ow
€lels 01 Lrm nairon (,or eramp e 1o cDnserue
er€rqy c rc! al on areas) tend 10 produce
e beak un n! 1.9 ambence

Some projecls cal for the ndividuallty the
impa. a-d p psl ge o cLslom rghlir g
lo .r y.,p p,.
o lo la,o
Ove d.l de.,gncon(trOlS..
-a -]ood d10 0.1| o' thltng.
to fit the spec al needs ol a part cular space.
Uti zlng the services of our Custom
D v sion the profess onal can design creatlve
adaptations and rearlangements oi exist ng
Lightolier Des gners Group cornponents in
new finlshes, new propo(ions,
new coffigurations or comb nalions.

L ghto ier's Custom Division has earned its
reputation for sk ll in desiqn and singularly
discr minating standard of qua ty crafts-
-rar sl^ p I'ro rdre rals ne C-sto-n Dtvt- o^
s your re able serv ce lor Personal,
complete and prompl design service.