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The modern world has failed to notice that there has been a vast breakdown in the field of Art,
Literature, Music and other traditional hobbies. Science and technology, on the other hand, is progressing at a furious
speed. The love and taste for art, music and literature has declined. People do not enjoy reading, writing, singing,
drawing etc much as before and are mostly indulged at online gaming, selfies and updates on social networking.
When we were kids, we would reply “I love singing, dancing, reading, writing, cooking, drawing and playing football”,
if some elderly person had asked us about our hobbies. But, in today’s world, we hardly find people who make such
questions, about what is our hobbies or what do we enjoy doing in our free hours. Watching TV, chatting with people
and playing online games is the most common hobby that the present generation would reply, all relating to social
media and technology.

Is Modernization or technology to be blamed for this effect? Most people would blame technology and
modernization, but it has rather provided every upgrade to pursue those hobbies to a greater extent. If we consider
any field of work, technology has made our works easier. It has even improved communication where people with
same ideas and taste can share their ideas and give progressive products. We even find tutorials and tips as such on
everything to make our works easier or guide our interest. And therefore, it would not be a right thing to blame
technology in hampering our interest and hobbies. People out there are making so much good use of it. If technology
is not responsible, whom shall we blame?

According to me, the culprit points to the very visions of our society, our elders and parents. The concept of
schooling and work the present society provide hampers the interest and hobbies of the children. The present society
does not promote the ideals and concept of “following one’s own interest” but rather pressure the children with
formal educations. Materialism seems to be the appropriate term here. Does the society give importance to “having
hobbies”? The society has just two questions 1. How far is he/she Qualified? And 2. Where would he /she work?
Rather than what interest does the child have or what is he/she good at and molding them so, maximum material
gain seems to be the priority. Such philosophies have great negative effect on molding the mind of the child or
individual. A child’s mind is but a “tabula rasa” (empty/clean slate) on which his/her upbringing imprints what he/she

To conclude, All great authors, inventors, players etc in the past had great interest and hobbies which made
them achieve their goals, so maybe we should all take a step back and go out for a walk or something; Play in the rain,
visit the neighborhood, try a new recipe for cooking, weave a basket, play a sport, paint something or maybe read a
book or bible; and learn to find joy in the simple things of life. All these small activities can help us sharpen our mind,
mould our Talents, have a little relief and joy from the stressful everyday monotonous cycle.