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Date 3rd April 2019 Day Wednesday

Subject English Attendance 29
Class 4 Browser Theme Values & People
Time 9:30 – 10:20 a.m Topic Random Act of Kindness

Content Standard Designing a card and writing a letter to express concern and
to comfort [1.2 (iii)]
Learning Objectives By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
i. Produce a simple informal letter to a person with
mental health
Skills/ Elements Speaking and Writing
HOTS i. Analysis
ii. Synthesis
Thinking Tools

Moral - Teamwork
values - Self – confident
- Able to form judgement
Teaching i. Coloured paper
aids/ ii. Brown mahjong paper with word matcher
Materials iii. Coloured origami paper

Resources/ i.
References topics

Assessmen i. Discussion
t tools ii. Informal Letter

Thinking i. Critical Thinking



1. Teacher greets the students

2. Students are asked to recall back on the format of
Set induction informal letter.
3. Teacher paste the format on the whiteboard and
students that were selected will come in front and
match correctly to the empty space.

1. Students are guided to a discussion regarding

mental health. 1 representative are to share
his/her experience regarding the topic.
Activity 1 2. Students are then given an in depth explanation
on mental health.
3. Teacher will list out 4 mental health types on the
board for the next activity.
a. Body image issues
b. Self – harm
c. Depression
d. anxiety

1. Students are given a small coloured note to list

Activity 2 out a random name, the ralationship to the
sender, one of the mental issues and 2 of its
2. Students are to write an encouragement letter to
a person with mental issues.
3. One they have done writing it down, all the
coloured notes will be shuffled and each will get
different situation.
1. Students are given 20 minutes to write a simple
informal letter.
Activity 3 2. After they have done with their letter, teacher will
present the students on how to do origami
1. Students are given a verbal feedback on their
Closure 2. Teacher ends the lesson.