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Name/Section:_______________________ 7 Eng: Functional Grammar Worksheet # 6


An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, adjective,
or another adverb.

 ADVERB OF MANNER answers the question ‘how’ or ‘in what manner’ an action takes place.
For example, We walked to the room quietly. He spoke politely.

 ADVERB OF TIME answers the question ‘when’ an action takes place. For example, I’d prefer
to leave early. Have you seen Ali today? I went to the park recently.
 ADVERB OF PLACE answers the question ‘where’ an action takes place. For example, There was
somebody standing nearby. Sit here and do your homework. Is that your scarf there?

 ADVERB OF DEGREE tells us about the intensity or degree of an action ,. For Example, It all
happened pretty quickly. I am extremely sorry for this. He is very happy. She was quite surprised.

 ADVERB OF FREQUENCY qualifies the meaning of a sentence by telling us how often or how
frequently something happens. For example, I usually have cereal for breakfast. I rarely swim in
the sea.

 ADVERB OF REASON/PURPOSE expresses the reason for an action. She thus opened the door
applying little visible force. He, therefore, does not want to talk to me.

 ADVERB OF OPINION expresses what the speaker believes to be true about a situation. He
will definitely reach the top. Possibly, he'll return the same day.

Adverb Casket

carefully, after, soon outside ,inside quite, almost,

easily, fast, already, then somewhere, extremely, too,
loudly, just, later there, here, very, fully,
quickly, well, now, while nowhere, terribly

Adverb of Manner Adverb of time Adverb of place Adverb of Degree

Adverb of Manner Adverb of Time Adverb of Place Adverb of Degree

always, never, so, since, hence, maybe, possibly,

often, rarely, , thus, therefore, actually, roughly
seldom, usually consequently typically, probably

Adverb of Frequency Adverb of Reason Adverb of Opinion

Adverb of Frequency Adverb of Reason Adverb of Opinion

Adverb Spot (Position of Adverbs)

Front position (Adverb of Time) Yesterday, I met him.
(Adverb of Place) There goes my bus! Up he ran, soon disappearing from view.
Name/Section:_______________________ 7 Eng: Functional Grammar Worksheet # 6

Mid position (Adverb of Frequency): We always meet for coffee on Saturday.

(Adverb of Manner) she quickly ate her dinner and ran out. I slowly walked to the town.
End position (Adverb of Manner): For some reason, his career progressed slowly.
(Adverb of time): The troops flew home yesterday.
(Adverb of Frequency): we don’t see them very often.
(Adverb of Place):They’re sitting at the table over there. There was a sudden burst of laughter from the
people who could see outside.

Adverbs of Opinion can come in the middle: He was in tears and obviously very upset. The
accident was clearly the car driver's fault.
These can also come at the beginning: Perhaps we can go out tonight.

Adverb of Reason: (Middle ) He, therefore does not want to talk to me.
( Beginning) Consequently, he refused to come.
Activity #1: Begin at the START , create a path to the FINISH by encircling the boxes that have adverbs.
START Adverb Chase
eagerly hourly never very
finally me plant courage
you perfectly peacefully cooking
they pencil late hence
open far inside consequently
rudely behind sheet nicely
Activity # 2: Fill in the blanks with suitable adverbs.
1. I __________________ visit my doctor’s clinic. 6. I will call you _____________________________________.
2. She is singing _________________________. 7. Ammar _____________________________ helps others.
3.They are______________ waiting for their friend. 8. Goldilocks ____________________ ate some porridge.
4. Someone is standing _________________________. 9. Sara could ___________________________pass the test.
5. I was hungry, ______________ I ate the pizza. 10. The event started_________________________________.
Activity #3: Rewrite the sentences using the adverbs given in brackets in the correct position.

1. They will arrive this evening. (perhaps) ______________________________________________________________

2. I left my room and ran. ( downstairs) ______________________________________________________________
3. I wonder what life is all about. (sometimes) ___________________________________________________________
4. That day we left the office . (early) ______________________________________________________________________
5. He held a meeting in the conference room. (therefore)________________________________________________
Activity # 4: Find and encircle the given adverbs in the word search as exemplified.

yesterday s w e l l y g r s s
well c a r e f u l l y u
carefully q t s l o w l y d d
quietly h u h d y p m o a d
however o e i e e a k l i e
slowly w l y e r x i d l n
suddenly e s a d t e l l y l
there v s h o r l y y y y
daily e u f u y i y s o l
r y e s t e r d a y