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Nama Penulis Negara/Alamat

NO Judul Problem Intervensi Compare Out Come

dan Tahun Juornal
1 The Official Student Nurses’ Attitu prevention the design of this study observations beliefs were found to
Journal Of NAND des Toward Dying overcoming uses according to be significantly lower
A International, inc Patients in Central Death Samples and previous research (p < .05) than those
Anatolia Procedures The developing towards
Patients in who reported to
population of the study death can vary
Central Anatolia consisted of the third from person to believe in a religion.
and fourth year person making the In addition, the
students who had prior situation more FATCOD mean
Dilek Arslan, RN,
practice feasible Likewise scores of the students
Msc experience with the average score with previous
Nazan Kilic different patient achieved in several experience
Akca, PhD, RN, groups in internal studies conducted
of caring for terminal
Nuray Simsek, clinics disease and in other countries is
surgery. more than 100 patients in clinics
PhD, RN,
according to the study (Dunn et al., 2005; were significantly
Pinar Zorba, RN,
of the Attitudes of Lange et al., 2008 ; higher (p < .05) than
Student Nurses on Rooda et al., 1999). those lacking such an
(2014) Death Patients in experience. The
Central Anatolia were FATCOD scores of
found to be
the students who
significantly lower (p
<.05) compared to wanted to provide care
those who reported for terminal patients in
believing in a religion. the clinics were
In addition, the significantly higher (p
FATCOD score is < .05) than those who
students with prior did not. No
experience treating statistically significant
terminal patients in the
difference was
clinic was significantly
higher (p <0.05) than observed in nursing
those who did not have students’ attitudes
such experience. toward the caring for
FATCOD scores of the dying (p > .05) in
students There were terms of gender, age,
no statistically previous living place,
significant differences
voluntary choice of
observed in nursing
student attitudes the profession, and
towards caring for facing death reality in
death (p> .05) in terms the close circle (death
of gender, age, of a significant other).
previous place of


Menurut penelitian Dilek Arslan, RN, Msc Nazan Kilic Akca, PhD, RN, Nuray Simsek, PhD, RN, Pinar Zorba, RN, Msc
(2014) dikemukakan bahwa secara signifikan lebih rendah (p <.05) dibandingkan dengan mereka yang dilaporkan meyakini suatu
agama. Selain itu, skor FATCOD adalah siswa dengan pengalaman sebelumnya merawat pasien terminal di klinik secara signifikan
lebih tinggi (p <0,05) daripada mereka yang tidak memiliki pengalaman seperti itu. Skor FATCOD dari siswa yang ingin
memberikan perawatan untuk pasien terminal secara signifikan lebih tinggi (p <0,05) daripada mereka yang tidak. Tidak ada
perbedaan yang signifikan secara statistik yang diamati dalam sikap siswa keperawatan terhadap kepedulian terhadap kematian (p>
.05) dalam hal jenis kelamin, usia, tempat tinggal sebelumnya pilihan profesi secara sukarela, dan menghadapi realitas kematian
dalam lingkaran dekat (kematian orang penting lainnya).