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LEARNERS OF 21st Century

1. Learners of the 21st Century learn thru the use of technology and common learning tools. Due
to the advent of technology, learners use computers, tablets and the internet to receive, ask
questions, analyze them and make arguments, beliefs or decisions based on the information
they acquire online and by using these technological tools. The 21st century learners, however,
still use traditional learning materials such as books and magazines.
2. The argument that can be made into account the difference between the learners’ way of
learning and the traditional way of teaching by seasoned teacher is that nowadays learners
prefer using technology rather than face-to-face interactions.
3. Technology has made it possible for learners to gain access to a diverse and abundant amount of
information. Students can harness this, evaluate which ones are accurate and have significance,
and use it to address a certain issue.
4. The commuters can be an aid in the practice of the profession of teachers by using the
technology in preparing for materials that the 21st learners can connect with and which they
have interest to use.
5. Information technology can support the concept student-centered learning by focusing on the
way students best learn concepts. Today’s students learn more by using technology and if
teachers use this method the student can focus more, learn more and achieve more.
6. The guidelines in evaluating computer-based educational materials are as follows:
a) Make broad and deep understanding of technological resources
b) Think critically and creatively
c) Communicate and collaborates with others using technology
d) Create, evaluate and utilize technology for better learning
6. Considering the abovementioned guidelines, the teachers should choose only age-appropriate,
enticing and interesting technological materials that will capture the interests of the learners but
at the same time will help them learn more and achieve their learning goals.
7. Educational Technology plays a vital role in the education of the 21st Century learners. It helps
the teacher in shaping the minds of learners in order to adapt to the changes of technology and
the way of learning.
8. Educational Technology helps the teachers learn while they prepare for lessons. They can
ultimately use these ideas they learn while preparing for lessons in their day-to-day interactions
and in better dealing with children in the future.