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(b) What are the three parts of a news story ? Name of the Candidate :
Explain the inverted pyramid style of news
12. (a) What are the skills that an interviewer should
learn and practice ? ( ENGLISH )
(b) Article is an integral part of a newspaper.- ( PAPER - IX )
13. (a) Point out the significance of proof-reading. ( Optional - II )
Illustrate and explain.
( Including Lateral Entry )
May ] [ Time : 3 Hours
(b) What are the psychological and sociological
strategies of advertising ? Maximum : 100 Marks
SECTION - A ( 5× 8 =40)
Write short notes on FIVE of
the following questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
1. (a) What are the major functions of newspapers?
(b) What are the various sources of news?
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2. (a) Write a note on the freedom of the press. (b) What are the features of computer aided
editing and printing of newspapers ?
(b) Explain the roles played by the sports
editors, art editors and copy tasters 8. (a) When would an advertisement become
respectively. effective ?

3. (a) Write a note on the heavy schedule of a (b) Write notes on Mural advertising.
newspaper editor.
SECTION - B ( 3×20 = 60)
(b) How do advertisements increase the value
Answer THREE of the following questions.
and the economy of the newspapers ?
All questions carry equal marks.
4. (a) Distinguish between hard news and soft news.
9. (a) Give an account of pioneering and popular
(b) How does a copy reach a sub-editor ? How newspapers in India.
should he handle it ?
5. (a) Explain the terms “nose for news.” Do you
(b) What is impartiality ? Are newspapers
think it is inborn or acquired ?
different from opinions ? Explain with a
(b) What do you understand by the term suitable example.
“contempt of court” ?
10. (a) Analyse the work profile of a news reporter.
6. (a) Write a note on ‘5Ws’ and one’H’.
(b) Explain the need for proof reading in the
(b) Discuss the role of the sub-editor.
11. (a) Explain the different types of feature writing.
7. (a) Describe page make up.

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