The Complete Lover

by Neo © 2007

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents............................................................................................................................................1 Introduction...........................................................................................................................................................5 Overview of the Three Stages....................................................................................................14 Stage I Attraction...................................................................................................................................... 18 Stage I Phase I Initial Contact................................................................................................. 22 Pitfalls of Initial Contact..........................................................................................................25 Proper Mindset for the Initial Contact........................................................................33 Dress Guidelines for the Initial Contact......................................................................38 Exercises for Initial contact.....................................................................................................41 Perceptual Position Exercise..............................................................................................41 Powerful Questions Exercise............................................................................................42 Action Steps for Initial Contact.......................................................................................44 Stage I Phase II Conveying Value...........................................................................................48 First Impression .................................................................................................................................49 Body Language ............................................................................................................................50 Eye Contact...................................................................................................................................56 Voice.......................................................................................................................................................58 Be a Conscious Creator of Your Life..........................................................................59 The Creator Exercise.............................................................................................................. 61 Engage Her with Questions....................................................................................................62 Sharing Your Amazing Qualities.......................................................................................68 Share Your Passions....................................................................................................................76 Be an Exciting Man.......................................................................................................................79 The Art of Appreciation..........................................................................................................83 Social Proof..........................................................................................................................................85 Action Steps for Conveying Value...................................................................................89 Stage I Phase III Dynamic Tension..........................................................................................91

Consciously Creating Dynamic Tension......................................................................93 Grow into a Man Women Fight Over............................................................................95 Define What You Want in Women.................................................................................99 Creating Dynamic Tension with Finesse....................................................................102 Action Steps for Qualifying Women...........................................................................105 Stage II Connection.................................................................................................................................107 Stage II Phase I Building Comfort..........................................................................................110 Using Conversations to Build Comfort.........................................................................114 Know How to Listen........................................................................................................................119 Additional Elements of Great Conversations .........................................................121 Conversational Exercises.........................................................................................................126 Using Touch to Amplify Connection.............................................................................128 Action Steps for Building Comfort.................................................................................131 Stage II Phase II Deepening Connection........................................................................ 133 Creating the Bridge for Deepening Connection..................................................136 Deepening Connection through Play..............................................................................143 Become Comfortable with Silence...................................................................................145 Deepening Connection through Touch.........................................................................148 Finer Points in the Art of Touch......................................................................................151 System for Progressive Opening through Touch..............................................159 Action Steps for Deepening Connection ...................................................................170 Stage II Phase III Profound Intimacy..................................................................................172 Going as Deep as You Can.................................................................................................174 Exercises for Profound Intimacy................................................................................ 178 Make Her Feel Like a Goddess........................................................................................184 Exercises for Adoring Your Woman......................................................................185 Profound Intimacy through Sharing Vulnerabilities..............................................191 Profound Intimacy through Kissing................................................................................. 196 Action Steps for Profound Intimacy...........................................................................202 Stage III Communion............................................................................................................................205

Stage III Phase I Foreplay..........................................................................................................208 Key Points within Foreplay....................................................................................................213 Areas to Explore within Foreplay....................................................................................219 Exploring Her Face................................................................................................................220 Exploring Her Ears..................................................................................................................221 Exploring Her Neck...............................................................................................................223 Consciously Incorporating Touch as You Kiss Her..................................225 Using Touch to Arouse the Rest of the Body............................................ 227 Exploring Her Lower back............................................................................................... 229 Exploring Her Stomach....................................................................................................233 Exploring Her Legs..............................................................................................................235 Exploring Her Buttocks.....................................................................................................240 Exploring Her Breasts........................................................................................................242 Exploring Her Yoni.................................................................................................................248 Action Steps for Foreplay.................................................................................................253 Stage III Phase II Sexual Exploration.............................................................................254 Using Your Fingers.....................................................................................................................256 Stimulating Her Clitoris.............................................................................................................261 Exploring Her G-spot, Deep Spot, and Fornix.................................................268 Oral Pleasure..................................................................................................................................275 Ejaculatory Orgasms................................................................................................................280 The Fine Art of Making Love..........................................................................................283 Thrust Variations and Clitoris Access during Sex.......................................287 Exploring Sexual Positions...................................................................................................296 Pleasuring Her Anus...................................................................................................................301 Expand Your Primal Energy............................................................................................. 305 Exercises for Enhanced Love Making.......................................................................308 Action Steps for Sexual Exploration..........................................................................316 Stage III Phase III Communion..................................................................................................317 Moving Subtle Energy ................................................................................................................321

Breathing with Your Goddess..........................................................................................323 Completing the Communion Cycle................................................................................326 Action Steps for Communion.......................................................................................... 330 Final Words....................................................................................................................................... 331


Have you ever had that nervous feeling of tightening at the pit of your stomach, sometimes even frozen with fear not knowing how to approach a woman, woman, what to say on a date, when to go for the kiss, how to undress her, or what to do in bed? What if there is a step by step method that systematically leads you at your own pace from beginning to end in attracting, building deep connection, creating love, and pleasuring women! Well there is and you are in luck! This book you are about to read is exactly what I wanted and needed when I was praying to God that I wouldn’t die a virgin. I wanted to be with a girl so badly but had no clue where to even start. Every master was once a disaster. English was my second language when I came to the US at 10 years old, so just learning to communicate was a huge challenge. I was also extremely overweight and had three rolls of fat around my stomach that was so big that I couldn’t see my penis when I looked down. I got into fights all the time with kids who made fun of me until high school. I could not get any dates for the prom throughout my four years of high school. I remained a virgin and didn’t get any play at all through my four long college years. This was supposed be the wildest years of most people’s

technique.lives. there is a way. would bring me and various women the most dynamic interaction. etc. connection. communication. 200 people get together to explore their sensuality and sexuality. approach. I have intentionally gone out and talked to and approached 70+ women a 70+ week as a practice and experience of applying attraction strategies. but I minored in masturbation. 50. There were so many nights that I just got drunk and was hopelessly wondering whether I would ever get laid. I have practiced orgasmic meditation at the One Taste Retreat Center meditation where I was waking up at 5:00am in the morning to practice giving various 6 . I am part of a consciousness and sensual community and help throw play parties where 20. and fun. Not getting any play with women was definitely not out of a lack of desire. I have had open relationships with 4 women at a time while handling all the challenges that can arise from authentically communicating and having them know about each other and still having incredible sensual and sexual play. pleasure. body language. Fast forward to today. 100. I learned through experience and observation what kind of look. I majored in psychobiology. I wanted women so badly and had many women friends but just had no clue how to turn them into lovers or girlfriends. When there is a will.

yoga instructor. I am totally inspired to help men like you not just to get laid. emotionally. burlesque dancer. pressure. model for Budweiser. mentally. loving. getting off feels good. Yes. etc. Through my incredible pain and suffering of being a Virgin until I was 23. speed. I have dated some of the most incredible and beautiful women ranging from the captain of a university tri-athlete team. Through my incredible desire to master the area of relationships and women. location. spiritually that she does not even know is possible. connecting. They are incredible people who have added immensely to my life and the mutual appreciation for what we continue to bring to each other’s lives is immense. I have devoted myself to the art and science of attracting. I have given lovers over 30 orgasms in one love making session. etc. but believe me. and pleasuring women. I have worked hard to take myself to the level that I am at now with women and you will benefit by having me clearly delineate the crème de la 7 . go-go dancer. it is a far greater pleasure to have a woman completely surrender to you. and to know that you can you lead her to places physically. orgasms What I am the most proud of is that I am still great friends with most of my exes.different women clitoral orgasms while getting feedback on my timing. because sleeping with a woman is just the tip of the ice burg of what is possible in the art of sensuality and sexuality. but to become a complete lover. stripper.

I have worked hard to perfect myself physically. There is no limit to how great of a lover you can become. and never to be rejected by women again. and spiritually. I have realized that rejections and failure are part of the game and have enough rejections self confidence to know that only by risking more than other people are willing to risk and falling more times than others fall. sensual. and sexual realms you too can have with practice. techniques. mental. and have helped 8 . and principals that will turn you into a complete lover! from I started from scratch. and spin fire professionally with a troop and have performed in front of 40. life coaching. mentally. Everything I have learned you can learn too. Emotionally I am certified in hypnosis.crème practices. emotionally. and am a NeuroLinguistic Programming Master Practitioner and Trainer. and I am constantly pushing myself to the edge of what is possible. not by a long shot.000 people. connection. Through my desire to perfect myself. never to be looked down again. competed internationally in Ultimate and won the championship in Hong Kong against 6 other countries. I was not a natural with women. do you get a chance at gaining what you truly desire. Out of a desire to never be made fun of again. I have gained certain mastery in the physical. Now that I have accomplished a certain level of mastery in these realms. All the artistry and mastery that I have gained in the attraction. and spiritual realms that I will infuse into this materials to help accelerate your ability as an incredible lover. an Physically I have played four years of college football. emotional.

Christian summer camps. This is what I want for you. Huna in Hawaii. phobias. Native Maori traditions in New Zealand. etc. I have given seminar tours on human consciousness. 9 . I am constantly learning. and Catholicism in Italy.people resolve deep emotional trauma from rape. Spiritually I was raised in a Buddhist family. Seems like a tall order. and am passionate about accelerated learning techniques that can quickly help me and you embody and actualize the results that we desire. pleasure. and spiritually. I have taken all of my skills and experiences and applied myself to becoming a complete lover because I knew that I wouldn’t be completely happy even with all the money and accolades in the world. Quaker high school and have traveled the world extensively in exploring the truth behind religions from Buddhism in Tibet. who adored and love me. Mentally I was on MTV for doing math calculations faster than a calculator. Taoism in China. Hinduism in India. sexually. to become skilled in the Venusian arts of being an incredible lover so that you can love and pleasure the woman of your choice so deeply that you become a pathway for her to the divine. and bliss. weight loss. went to Catholic grade school. and sensuality and sexuality will be a life long exploration for me to take me and my lover or lovers to ever higher levels of play. and blew her mind with where I can take her sensually. but this is my intention and the path I would like to pave for you with this book. if I could not attract a woman or women whom I adored and loved. to smoking cessation.

The underlying primal attraction keys that they have discovered is absolutely dynamite and work incredibly in creating the initial attraction and leading them to the bedroom. I will give you the most effective “techniques” from the PUA community that you can customize for yourself so that you are not memorizing lines and on some level manipulating women to sleep with you. 7 days a week. Romance novel is to women what porn is to men. distill. This brings us to the connection stage. and unravel the mystery that are women. her worship you for the depth of the man who you embody and for the pleasure that you can draw out of her. For the attraction stage David DeAngelo and Mystery are my favorites. once they mature past the ego gratification of being able to sleep with women. refine. I think that for most men. and sexuality. have an incredible connection.000 in studying the PUA materials from many different leaders. There are many key influences that accelerated my learning in the various relationship stages you will be learning about.What you are reading has been built upon the shoulders of giants in the field of attraction strategies. To get her to absolutely 10 . To get to this level. This is an underground network of guys called the “Pick Up Artists” and the leaders of this field got to where they are by going out and picking up women 4 hours a day. sensuality. In order to elicit the most explosive pleasures out of women. I have incredible appreciation for the work that has been done before me and can best express my gratitude through continuing to research. you have to connect with her heart. want to be with an amazing woman/women who they can be totally authentic with. I spent over $3. for well over 2 years. most PUA materials will not suffice. have her embody. In my book.

authenticity. and not settling for any less than my full presence has presence. this art of being a complete lover takes desire. and intimacy. I have done my part in gathering and organizing the information in the most digestible and easily understandable way possible. my soul to soul community. knowing the level of depth that is possible. you have to know how to open her heart. and have practiced giving women orgasms at the One Taste Urban Retreat Center. and being called back when I check out. 100. which moves from foreplay to sexual exploration to communion a great starting inspiration was Mantek Chia. 50. taking all the learning and fine tuning with my lovers and girlfriends. As for the communion stage. and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. It is now your job to 11 . Having been with my community for over 7 years. been the crucible for the materials that you will be learning in the connection Stage. All of this combined with being in a sensual community that regularly hosts play regularly parties where 20. dedication. Like anything worth learning. These are the culmination of my experiences and jewels that you will be learning about in the communion stage. being met by the deepest care and love. You have to heart grow and genuinely be the man worthy of her trust and surrender.think you are a God in and out of bed. and my consciousness community where we gathered with the premise of interacting with truth. Some great influences that have helped me develop the fine distinctions within how to deeply connect with women are David Deida. and infusing the depth of spirituality into my love making. and no amount of “techniques” can get you there. practiced pink Tantra. I have viewed over 70 sexual education videos to discover the difference that makes the difference. and 200 people come together and explore sensuality and sexuality.

you will be transformed as a man. so if you apply yourself to the step by step growth skills into a complete lover. and practices. when you are able to incorporate the sensual and sexual energy and have the pure communion of the two of you dancing and merging with the divine. perhaps one of the most ecstatic experiences that I know in our human existence. but for practicing and mastering deep connection. In becoming a complete lover. It is about calling forth and drawing out of the divine in the feminine. you will know why I want to give you this gift because it is gift. because often times “pick-up” ends up in a win/lose situation where the woman gets hurt and somehow the woman feels like she is getting played or manipulated into bed. adoring. My intentions for this work is not to just teach men how to pick up women. powerfully attractive. guidelines. and deep adoration. In the end. deep intimacy. In the beginning there are going to be techniques. and a holistically loving man.decide to learn and take the actions necessary to have the success with women that you deserve. and all methods of brining you and your woman to the highest level of pleasure that both of you can experience. Being a complete lever is about having a complete model not just for pickup. 12 . Everything about attracting. as well as mastering the sexual techniques. Tantra. and pleasuring women are learnable and transferable skills. you are going to reap the incredible benefits of becoming a sensually skilled.

don't know what you don't know. incompetence where you know that you don't know. sensuality. adoration. learn. you start with unconscious incompetence which means that you incompetence. and sexuality. you begin to move to the stage of conscious competence. Like I have mentioned before. You then move up to conscious incompetence.Ultimately you will integrate the deepest aspects of attracting women by going beyond techniques and becoming the man who women are naturally drawn to. the complete lover is integrated into who you are and the artistry of your ability to adore and pleasure women naturally flows from you without needing to consciously think about it. and this is when you discover something that fascinates you. where you are able to consciously exercise competence the attraction. and you want to learn about. When you first begin to pace. and pleasuring techniques with increasing mastery. and fine distinctions. Then you move into unconscious competence where the being of competence. are going to be a lifelong pursuit for me because women are like 13 . the range and artistry of your unconscious competence also expands. Within this complete lover book you are learning to find distinctions to further hone your ability to attract. attraction. As you learn and put your learning into practice. adore. and pleasure women. because in increasing you understanding. The intention of this book is to give you the steps to allow you to go through the stages of learning at your own pace. Reaching unconscious competence does not mean that you stop practicing. connection. foundation. that you are curious about.

trust. I would recommend taking on the art from of being a complete lover as a long term journey because the rewards of eliciting the most juicy and luscious aspect of the feminine Goddess will continue to blow your mind along the way. I’ll say that if you feel a need to jump ahead to a certain section (usually the sexual exploration section) go ahead! Just know that the power of any sexual technique is limited by the woman. This is an art and a science. and feeling deeply chosen by you which are covered in the earlier sections. foundation of attraction and connection that you create with a woman. The degree she will open up and surrender to the pleasure that she chooses to experience with you will hinge on the foundation of passionate magnetic attraction. and the amazing part is that there are always higher levels that you can obtain. a mystery that will continue to unfold into infinite possibilities of exciting exploration. the Goddesses will thank you for it in the most pleasurable way imaginable! Overview of the Three Stages Before I go into the overview. and I will lay down the foundation for you so that you have a step by step path to follow in reaching your fullest potential as a lover. 14 . The level of your competence will grow and deepen if you practice the principles and exercises that I share with you on a consistent basis.the universe. Furthermore.

1. Connection. I have divided the relationship dance into 3 major stages.As you go through this book. Communion. 3. Taking action will integrate the learning into your body. there is no reason why she should interact with you. at some point you will have to approach and talk to her. you have to allow her to come 15 . There will be exercises that elicit and extract the story of the amazing person that is you. This means that you have to become clear about the value and gift you offer. There is power in applying the principles that I share with you. make sure you do the exercises and action steps under each of the 3 stages and 9 phases of the relationship dance. Initial Contact In order to connect with a woman. To do this. Attraction Stage II is Connection Stage III is Communion Under each stage are three phases that further delineate the step-by-step progression and distinctions within each stage. 2. Dynamic Tension This section is about creating an incredible magnetic attraction between you and your chosen woman. Make sure you take the time to do the exercises so that you can continue to grow and round out your capabilities as an incredible lover. Stage I is Attraction. Writing things down will help you accelerate your learning. This is the phase where you prepare yourself so that you can initiate contact with any woman with confidence and finesse. Reading will get you started in understanding the principles. Conveying Value Unless you can effectively add value to your desired woman. Stage I is Attraction The three attraction phases are: Attraction.

Stage II is Connection The three phases are: Connection. sharing experiences that you have had. and fulfills her. So first you find things that you have in common and begin to play on the same team and infuse these common interests with energy. The more connected and comfortable you feel with each other. 2. 1. In the dynamic tension phase. the easier it is to shed the façades. you have to get clear on your criteria on what you truly desire in a woman and have her qualify and prove herself worthy of being with the rare jewel of a man that you are developing into. fun. Deepening Connection The deeper the connection that you can make with you desired woman. You are feeling each other out. Building Comfort In this phase you are just getting to know each other. this will create the foundation for mutual passion that can be intensely pleasurable. you have given her ample reasons to feel incredible attraction toward you for the gifts you can bring into her life. and finding common ground and rapport with each other so that you have something to build on. Through the first two phases. pretense. satisfies. You will learn how to ask her powerful questions to find out the core of what inspires. and protection that will lead to her pleasurable opening later. and people who are like each other “like” each other. The two of you get to create dynamic tension by both desiring each other passionately. 16 .toward you as much as you move toward her. When you can genuine choose her for qualities that you desire and she chooses you for the qualities you embody. the more pleasurable and dynamic your sensuality and sexuality will be later. and excitement.

Stage III is Communion The three phases are: Communion. Foreplay This section will go over how to progressive lead your woman from kissing to the intricacies of exploring her secret erogenous zones and how to smoothly transition from one sensual area to another. and choose to adore and love each other through it all which sets the stage naturally for even deeper sensual and sexual exploration. passions. You will also find out each other’s idiosyncrasies. Every step of the way. and doubts. When you continue to build upon the foundation of trust and connection from earlier 17 . Profound Intimacy The word “intimacy” can be transposed into “in to me see”. pleasuring her clitoris. you will be able to progressively check her comfort level so that you will know how and when to explore sensitive areas such as her breasts and inner thighs. purpose that we all hold deep within. deep spot. When you achieve intimacy. Sexual Exploration You will learn the most essential aspects of using your fingers to give her mind-blowing orgasms. Combining this with the true care and adoration you have for her.3. grace. fears. shadows. 2. giving her oral pleasure. you will feel that her well being is as important as your own. exploring her G-spot. how to stimulate her clit while making love to her. and fornix as well as play with different sexual positions. and passion. You are seeing into the depth of each other past the idiosyncrasies and necessities of life into the dreams. 1. and practice sexual exercises for having more ejaculatory control. and you can have hours of juicy exploration moving from one erogenous zone to another with artistry.

interact. practicing all the distinctions here will allow you to draw out the most incredible pleasure out of your Goddess. and gifts would you be able to convey it in 30 seconds? 18 . With that. This might seem short. etc. and will read into everything about how you dress. You are creating your first impression. be curious to find out more. stand. and amazing experiences that you have ever experienced as well your successes.phases. This stage is where you will learn to create enough attraction and intrigue that she wants to know more about you. and rapture into your daily life and complete the circle of the relationship dance. or cut the interaction short. you get to take this level of joy. talents. The merging will bring you to a place of so much ecstasy that you both become portals for each other to the divine. talk. If you were to encapsulate the most fun. You will also merge more and more with your Goddess so that you get to feel every orgasm you draw out of her as well as knowing where to lead her next. Communion Here you will fine tune your sensitivity to subtle feelings and energies so that every touch becomes amazingly pleasurable and potent. bliss. exciting. and will either feel an attraction to you. 3. walk. Stage I Attraction The attraction stage is most pertinent from the time when you first approach a woman to about the first fifteen minutes of interaction. but most women are sensitive.

ancient. stimulation. fear based. that you can add to any woman’s life? Have you sat down and written woman’s life out the best parts about yourself? Do you think it would make a difference before you approached a woman if you knew exactly what you could offer a woman and exactly what to say? We all tend to judge a book by its cover if we knew nothing about the book. Superficiality is all we have got when we walk up to a woman who we have never met before. Artificial taboos to natural. so the attraction stage is about polishing and possible presenting yourself in the most appealing way possible so that you pique her interest.Do you have enough clarity about the value. If a belief system successfully convinced the human race to abstain from sex. and mixed messages that then manifest as sexual dysfunction such as rape. faster disease. molestation. Sex sells because it is one the most primal forces that has kept our species alive through the generations. confusion. and guilt inducing religious and human constructs that have been put upon sexuality. Before going further. deforestation. and mutilation. biological functioning is what creates the blocks. hierarchy of needs. divine created. attraction and sex is the first driving need and motivator. let’s examine some of the often unconscious aspects of attraction that taps into raw. and adventure stimulation. than any disease. The key is to reclaim the natural primal energy that is our birthright and energy harness this great reservoir of raw energy and be able to direct this 19 . and primal energy In Maslow's energy. Regardless of how many bizarre. then that belief would destroy the human species in one generation. the primal forces of attraction have continued to pull men and women together. or pollution.

Without the proper understanding. you cannot easily create the explosive attraction that you deserve with women. Women want someone who is an alpha male (fighter/protector). someone who is emotionally attached to her (connection). Over thousands of years. or mastery over one's primal energy. and someone who is willing to stick around to provide for and help raise your baby. someone who can fight off wild animals and other cavemen. neither of which are attractive to women. Out of all the 20 . The primal selection and attraction process are still at work with wisdom. women have continually refined their ability to choose men with these four main survival characteristics. you will learn fine distinctions that allow you to liberate the wild. and primal funneling animal within you while funneling this energy to adore women which will have them naturally flock to you you. Many men teeter between being afraid of owning their primal energy and being too overbearing with their libido. Throughout the attraction stage and the book. I will give these qualities to you in the order of importance. who would you pick as a caveman to increase your chances of survival? You would probably pick someone who is visually symmetrical which indicates genetic strength and health. someone who can procure the resources of food and shelter. application. Imagine if you were transported back to the time of cavemen and cavewoman. passionate. and someone who is good looking (health). If you were a cavewoman. someone who has money (resources). This gives us some hints to what modern women are still attracted to.

If the man is not emotionally connected to her. Many women still desire to be "taken" because an alpha male can take her while beta males hesitate. then he will not be there for her and she could die during childbirth. and take resources and territory away from another male. A man can also 21 . kill a male who is willing to stick around for a long time with the baby. However. Any time she has sex. and ask for permission. on a primal and biological level. or one bad judgment. because on a primal characteristic for and survival level. an alpha male can kill someone who is better looking. they would choose to have a “bad boy” who is deeply connected to them emotionally. Developmentally. This is why many women will choose to be with "bad boys" although many of them reap the emotional havoc from the lack of nurturing and commitment. a women’s emotionally sensitivity is especially heightened because she needs to have the almost psychic ability to sense whether a man is connected to her emotionally enough to stick around. if they could pick. check around. Emotional connection is more important than money or good looks on a level primal level because a baby with good health and genes can still die if the man leaves and she has no way to gather resources. she can get pregnant. or at the very least be stuck with taking care of and providing for the child by herself for the next 10+ years. the alpha male characteristic is usually the first one selected for.qualities selected for by women on a primal level. Many women stick around despite of abuse because their primal attraction mechanism for an alpha male has been ignited and they don’t even know “why” they feel so attracted or take the abuse. All this can result from one wrong decision.

have resources and choose not to “take care” of the woman if he is not emotionally invested. attraction 22 . but there are some people who you are just “hot” for right off the bat. Stage I Phase I Initial Contact One of the most frequent questions that guys ask is “how do I approach a woman?” or “what are some good pick up lines that I can use?” The underlying fear is usually “how do I nonchalantly walk up to a woman without making a complete fool out of my self?” Attraction is primal. most women have super antennae hard wired into their DNA for alpha male qualities and acuity for emotional connection that can judge whether most guys make the cut within the first 15 seconds. So regardless of whether you are rich or poor. mature alpha male solid and confident in knowing that you can handle yourself in any situation and develop the emotional depth. prepare. we will move on the first phase to help you begin to implement. good looking or plain. have a big penis or small. As a result of these intense evolutionary pressures. if you can master the art of becoming an emotionally male. Biologically. and refinement. connection. and grow the qualities that are naturally attractive to women. You can grow to like someone. you can light up a woman's primal attraction circuitry like a Christmas tree! Now that you know what qualities she is looking for.

you are also giving women the gift that they naturally want on the physical. emotional connection. In the animal kingdom. emotional. our desirability to women. Even though we now live in a "modern" society. resources. large antlers on stags. Second is emotional 23 . and utilize the beauty of being human to grow and transform ourselves. the more we can intentionally amplify that aspect of us turn up us. and health in that order. The more conscious we are of the underlying reasons for why we feel attracted to women or why women are naturally attracted to certain males. this is why brilliant colors in peacock feathers. and implementation of the principles I am about to introduce. the attraction in for the human male goes beyond mere physical appearance and is a learnable and transferable skill. by becoming the most attractive man you can be. Furthermore. large and elaborate nests in birds. mental. and spiritual level. Being a leader or alpha male is first because he can kill and take away the resources of any other male. these primal drives are still circulating within our genes and to overlook these drivers is to not fully utilize one of the most powerful sexually magnetic forces available to us. application. etc. you can grow attractive and integrate any attractive qualities into who you are. As I mentioned earlier the four primal factors of attraction that women filter for are being an alpha male. Unlike peacocks which are limited genetically to the size and brilliance of their feathers. are continually selected for and passed on to the next generation. With the proper a survival or genetic mechanism to bring the male and female genders of the human species together to create strong and healthy offsprings who are most likely to survive.

these dynamics are still very much the subconscious keys for attraction This is good news for you because attraction. Resources and health are then bonuses for survival. rejection If you were an alpha male. You just have to become a leader and be able connect and fulfill her emotionally to have more success with women than you ever dreamed possible. This is also where you have to grow into being a leader and an alpha male. possible With all this in mind. Within a small tribe. you might be beat up or even killed 24 . you are already exhibiting the primary attractive factor of being a dominant male. I will address one of the major blocks to making the initial contact. This is where most men get stopped. you don’t have to look great or have money to attract incredible women. Hence. your fear of approaching women is justified. you have to take the first step of going up and talking to her. In ancient times. would some fear of rejection stop you from going for the woman you want? Not likely.connection because without this. leave the woman with the baby. This is why the other three trumps the last one because what good is a good looking baby if it doesn’t survive? Although we live in the modern times. if you approached a tribal chief’s woman. think in terms of survival dynamics. if you simply go up to women and talk to them. I dynamics will take you through the thought process for looks which is last on the list. we lived in tribes of 30-100 people. If you have doubts about this order. the woman can be in survival danger if the man does not take care of their baby. In order to be with a woman. and have no resources to take care of the baby. If it makes you feel better. It is last because a man who is healthy or good looking can be killed by the tribal leader.

Practice makes perfect. Although we are far past those times this “safety mechanism” still remain with us that can hold us back. There will be many exercises to prepare and polish you for this so that you can walk up to a woman being as prepared and with as much finesse as possible. I will go over some pitfalls to watch out for. If you find yourself falling into any of these 25 . Start by just saying hello. Start now in growing yourself into a powerful man. Also. Over time you will feel the fearful emotion come up just before you initiate contact and perhaps call it excitement. One of the keys for growing ourselves in empowering ways is to feel the fear and go up to women anyways.” Know that you might get rejected and do it anyways. but with practice you can develop the habit of feeling the fear and going for it anyways. Feel secure enough about yourself that if a woman turns you down that it is her loss. We now live in a much more forgiving time with millions of people around us where you could walk up to 20 different women a day and not run into them again.” do it anyways. Pitfalls of Initial Contact Before I go over what to do to best prepare yourself.out of pure survival instincts. if you approached a female and she rejects you. Make this statement your new motto: “Feel the fear and “Feel anyways. Feel the fear and draw forth your courage to go for what you desire! Even the best of us are going to feel some fear in approaching women. she might tell the few other eligible women in the tribe and it’s over for you in terms of passing on your genes.

you can type in “war” and millions of web pages will come up. you can type in “love” and millions of web pages will come up as well.600 times in five years. Thoughts create patterns create habits create identity creates your life. That’s 7300 times a year. Similarly. Our minds are amazing. What does this have to do with approaching women? Everything. This means that if some of these pitfalls are part of your habits and identity. They will make a judgment about you in the first 3 seconds before hey you say anything just for time management. or you can spend the rest of life celebrating the amazing journey that is life. That’s 35. There is more danger in thinking that you are perfect and resisting change. 26 . Like search engines on the internet. then to have an open mind and being flexible in shifting oneself to align more with what works. Your underlying belief about yourself is what they will be first picking up. Women are extremely sensitive. It all comes down to consciously choosing the filters of your beliefs. It will find whatever evidence to support our beliefs and answers to questions that we ask ourselves consciously or unconsciously.pitfalls simply correct course. then they stemmed from consistent thought patterns that probably no longer serve you. So make up your mind to shift into patterns of thought that empower you and I will be giving you exercises throughout the book to assist you. Desirable women can be approached 20+ times a day. You can spend the rest of your life reading and experiencing the terrible things that happen in this world.

walking too fast. With practice you can turn your breaths. fast movements of most kinds. that you feel uncertain. She wants a man who has his stuff together. including the woman you are interested in. I will go over pitfalls in body language that you can correct as well as thought and behavior patterns that are natural indications of survival weakness that will reduce attraction and have her decide not interact with you. This practice will allow you to grow into someone who can choose to remain calm and clear in the center of a storm and develop the confidence in knowing that there is nothing you cannot handle. fiddling with your fingers. and that the woman you are interested in is above you or out of your league. Pitfall #1 Nervousness Nervousness can be indicated by speaking too fast. not being able to sit still.Since your body language will reflect subconscious beliefs held by you over time. etc. Nervousness indicates that on some level you feel unsettled within yourself. not someone she has to mother. then when a situation comes where she needs protection. unworthy. can protect her. Pitfall #2 Closed posture 27 . This is not to say that nervousness makes you a bad person. she's likely going to weed you out. If you're nervous. Most women do not want to be with a man who she can’t trust and count on. twitching. and can lead her. darting your eyes. When you express nervousness. are you going to hesitate in protecting her? Probably. nervousness into calmness with just a few deep breaths Practice noticing anytime you are reflexively nervous and allow yourself to become centered and grounded in those instances.

and lusciousness. juiciness.The second pitfall is having a closed posture. Make this a practice by taking 10 seconds to change reflecting possibilities. This occurs when you are hunched over. It also communicates that you are not going to be as much fun and playful. Anytime you realize that you are becoming closed off or contracted. Pitfall #3 Trying to Win Her Approval Pitfall three is trying to win her approval which can happen when you are buying things to get her approval and giving her compliments from a place supplication. and relax. but also in how you feel about yourself. There’s a fine line between buying things for her because that’s who you are.. and you will be amazed at the space that gets created for you mentally.. breathe deep. not only at how many more women find you attractive. so using money or compliments to fill the gaps hoping she will like you better. Most men will suffocate a woman because he is afraid that she 28 . of supplication Women feel cheapened by this. So. Another indication that you're putting her on a pedestal is when you are “trying” to cater to her every whim and being a yes-man to whatever she wants. consciously open yourself up more on the physical level. versus being uncertain about what you have to offer as a person. as if you can buy her into bed. your state whenever you are not reflecting your deeper possibilities and be prepared to be amazed. So open up. your hands or feet are crossed. play. then there's not a lot of incentive for her to choose to be with you. if she's going to interact with you and you're going to add some stiffness and rigidity to her life. and your body is over crossed your rigid. Women love excitement. Closed posture indicates some levels of tightness in your body and can also indicate some nervousness. and you love to adore her in that way. fun.

whatever you want". way Needing her to like you is a sure way to turn her off because it’s a sign that you do not have a strong sense of yourself and that she can knock you off your direction and purpose easily just with a little frown. that you are not playing on a level field. but now she has actually access the masculine aspect of herself in making the decision surrender. then you are trying too hard. Once again. who will be there for her. An incredible. is certain about his ability to create. You were trying to be “nice” and not risk making a wrong decision. women want an equal playmate who can meet her. So take her she trust opinions into account and then decide and lead her into amazing experiences. She will 29 . If you're trying to impress her with your money and accomplishments rather than just knowing what you have to offer. there’s a fine line where you know and love what you've accomplished and where you are insecure and need her approval for those accomplishments. who she can trust and have tons of fun with even if it is just for one night. and who she can trust. she then has to lead and make the decision. Women want a man who has his own direction. desirable woman does not want that. Unless they are really drunk or desperate. When you are supplicating to her whims and desires and saying "oh.will leave him otherwise. which turns off her feminine flow and surrender When you're putting the woman on the pedestal it also indicates that she's above you. Pitfall #4 Over-Proving Yourself A similar pitfall to seeking her approval is trying to prove yourself too much.

I like to brag sometimes. etc. imperfections. No woman is perfect either. being fat. The practice of being a complete lover is not just about picking up women. rather than owning our shadows solidly and sharing both your accomplishments and your idiosyncrasies with equal pride. or do you have enough maturity to acknowledge and accept what you can’t 30 . but most women if they are “strong” have a underlying desire to have a man who can “take her” who is “stronger” and can lead her to her feminine opening and surrender.then be running the relationship which is fine. The “shame” can be anything from being a bad lover. None of us are perfect. note iif you are bragging rather than f sharing. and simmer within yourself in the process will be a crucible where you are transformed into a man who women are naturally attracted to. no friends. so how your handle your own imperfections is going to show her how you will handle her imperfections. Once again. Sometimes. it is overdoing it to hide some underlying insecurity that you have to watch out for. As you talk with your woman. sharing. The attractiveness that you develop. hone. Are you going to make a mountain out of a mole hill. it is ultimately a transformation of you into the highest vision of who you can be. having no money. as extreme examples. Pitfall #5 Being Defensive shortBeing defensive and uncomfortable about your short-comings iis another s selfindicator of low self-worth. Be the man who clearly knows his worth and share your greatness through your being. this is a fine distinction. it is much easier to wear our successes on the surface hoping to draw attention away from what we fear the woman will reject us for. We all have things about us that can use a little improvement.

This communicates that the external has little effect on your value on yourself. and you say. This is where a woman gives you a compliment. I'm not that great. "Oh no. If you can be humorous with your short-comings. confidence. If you cannot value 31 . It is really about how you relate to yourself. that is extremely sexy. Yes. It is not whether challenges will come up in life and in how you relate with women. and levity. and most woman will choose that confidence over external things.change. You ability to use humor indicates that as stand challenges come up. Pitfall #6 Putting Yourself Down Another pitfall that indicates low self-esteem or low self-confidence is putting yourself down or looking down excessively. that comfort is very sexy for a woman. and give your best shot in systematic strengthening your weakness that is within your power to transform. no." False modesty is not sexy. The humor shows that if the two of you are going to have a relationship that lasts for a longer period of time. If you cannot own your great qualities. it is in how you handle yourself in the face of those challenges that indicates your desirability and your attractiveness to women. no. It is the man who can be a solid rock during the storms whom a woman can trust and relax into. it’s great to have nice things and to have everything in place. Most women will filter women for “boyfriend material” right off the bat even if she just wants a one night stand at the time. If you can be confident in yourself with little money. then you probably do not put much worth in yourself. you will be able to handle them with grace. but life has its ups and downs.

you will realize that almost all of our seemingly “negative” perceptions. and actually want to have amazing people around you so that you get inspired to grow even more. the life. and the passion that she. You can actually help raise people to their highest potential without feeling like they would somehow take away from your own brilliance. but the average was 50. then why should she spend time with you? When you put yourself down you also communicate that you do not have enough faith in yourself and that you probably don't go for what you truly want. would want? Pitfall #7 Putting Other People Down Another pitfall similar to the previous pitfall is putting other people down. you feel much better than if the average was 95.yourself. This can range from being angry and closed off to people to protect ourselves from being hurt. as a desirable. incredible goddess. why should she value you? If she cannot value you. judgments. How are you going to cocreate the vision. Similarly. where you are at or what you have to offer This is similar to grading on a curve where if only got 60 out of 100 on a test. Many people then develop the habit of spending their time nitpicking on what’s wrong with 32 . to overeating or smoking to comfort ourselves and take us out of the harsh reality that may be our lives. Usually. the need to lower other people in order to feel better need selfabout yourself is a sign of low self-esteem. putting other people down is one quick way to feel better about offer. If you check within yourself. You are solid enough in knowing your own worth. and actions are patterns that have “served” us in the past on some level. Someone really solid in who he is does not need to do that.

there will always be inherent risks in her saying no or even rejecting you.other people rather than focusing their energy on how they can elevate themselves. themselves. emotionally. developing qualities that you can be proud of. we will continue to fine tune your body 33 . In the case of approaching a woman. Then. and spiritually. and avoiding the pitfalls that I have mentioned. approaching lovely women becomes more of a fun interactive game. Allow other people’s greatness to inspire you to higher levels of possibility and actualization within yourself. where you know that you can enrich her day whether anything comes of the interaction or day not. women are extremely sensitive to what you have going on physically. you will be well on your way to becoming a man who is naturally attractive to women. even before you open your mouth. Mindset Proper Mindset for the Initial Contact Now that you have gotten to know some of the pitfalls during initial contact and how to transform them. being certain about your worth. Like the other non-empowering coping mechanisms. raise Instead yourself to a higher standard. Instead of lowering other people. mentally. As you approach a woman. By strengthening yourself. it is time for an upgrade if you want to attract the quality of women you deserve. she can feel your presence. I will share with you a few great mindsets to have to get you even better prepared. As you can tell from all the possible pitfalls. Later on.

your innocence. you know what you can offer her in enriching her life.postures to convey confidence. your travel experiences. your physical power. at the forefront of your consciousness. and value. what fun you would be able to offer a woman. your technology wizardry. because you are a prize. your musical talent. your fun-loving nature. Write down what gift. your playfulness. so that as you approach any woman. your ability to communicate. it would be her loss. etc. I mean what you have going on in your mind. your wisdom. You need to have your best qualities at the tip of your tongue. more knowing of her femininity. Knowing that you can do that for her will allow you to go up to women with a whole new different air about you. your presence. You have to convey the fact that if she chooses not to interact with you. One of the first ways to prepare yourself is to know your gift. Aim for the result that every woman who you choose to interact with will on some level become more open. your creativity. your humor. dominance. By inner preparation. and where you draw out her most incredible qualities regardless of whether anything becomes of your interaction. For right now. we're going to go over the inner preparation to move you closer and closer to developing into your higher possibilities as a man. If she chooses to be with you. presence. 34 . what talent. what experiences will you be able to lead her into? These “gifts” can range from your brilliance. your skills at massage.

and use it to help women open more to their feminine divine. it's actually ok to have those thoughts because that's the primal aspect of a man who wants to pass on his genes with an amazing.Know exactly what's unique about you that you can offer a woman that would enliven and enrich her life. So master the primal energy within you to be open able to create art out of it. feminine. It could be the silliness and adventures you can take her on. and you deserve to be with a woman who is naturally enthralled by what you have to offer. the main thought that's running through his head is “how can I get her into bed”. nurturing woman. it is much easier to find a woman who can truly receive your gifts. Once you are clear about what your gifts are. and women will pick that up. It's natural. what are the things that you have developed through your life that you can offer women? Look deep. Ask yourself. In our society nowadays. Write down what you are comfortable with. to have sex be the only driver for you interacting with a woman will not work as well as having a more multi-dimensional approach. Everyone has something to offer. then you have high aspirations for yourself. 35 . beautiful. Often times when a man approaches a woman. If you are reading this book. It could be your humor. It can even be your mastery of video games. Yet. It could be the way that you can touch her and love her. Your gifts are unique to you. and have gotten the premise that I have outlined for you for achieving the level of sensual and sexual mastery that you are capable of. flowing. so much of the time we are thinking about what we can get for ourselves.

When I say identity. Yes. What are the projections that you want her to perceive within you. because women will pick it up before you even open your mouth. your accomplishments. in the beginning this might feel like a stretch if you have not practiced this level of self-empowerment. Develop the knowing that you deserve the woman that you are about to approach. You will grow to like and love yourself. Write down some of the past adventures that you have had that reveal amazing things about your personality Write down amazing things that personality. How do you do this? Begin by writing down your gifts. and your fabulous experiences. Know that you're a catch. Write down all the reasons why you deserve to be with the most amazing women in the world. Recall acts of generosity that you have demonstrated. Know that you are unique and really take the time to write down the amazing aspects of who you are. which then makes it much easier for women to like and love you. There is something about the writing process that makes the experiences clearer. All of us have had these moments. generosity your friends and family have said about you. and more easily accessible. You can be an adventurous courageous 36 .One of the main reasons in knowing your gifts is to know your worth. more real. I mean create a role for yourself. Who do you want to be? You can be a passionate exciting lover and grow into that identity. Most women do not want to be with a man who doesn't feel like he deserves her unless she has some serious self-worth issues or if she wants to be “invulnerable” with the man she chooses to relate with. Be clear about the identity you choose to grow into.

You can be a wild creative entrepreneur. there is a way. and gifts. Writing this down will give you a clear target of knowing where you are heading. you cannot hit it. The intricacies and distinctions of how you get to give your gift to women will grow in a ways that will continue to surprise you. Whatever it is. presence. if you do not know where your target is. “That’s impossible”. 37 . So you see. mastery. your worth. You can be anything you truly desire if you take the time and persistence to grow into it. Allow yourself the pleasure along the way of refining your capabilities. Allow yourself the time to develop these qualities. given one condition. The wise man calmly said. write out the identity you choose and the traits associated with that identity. Be clear about your gift. and the role that you choose to grow into. You will see quick results as you begin to hone and practice these characteristics. The Olympic archer tells the old man. and talent.warrior. even if you have the most incredible skill. What’s the condition? That he blind-fold the archer and turns him around so that he has no idea where the target is. I bet you that I can take almost anybody off the streets and have him shoot better than you. The key is to be clear about the target of who you choose to grow into as a lover and the traits that you want to develop. There's a story where a wise man goes up to an Olympic archer and says to the archer. because these are the targets and goals that you will progressively grow into.

a prize. and gifts that you have so you begin the journey of knowing that you are worthy of whatever amazing Goddess who you initiate contact with. man and lover. 3. This will come across as you walk up to her even without saying a word. They know that they have amazing gifts to offer and are a catch and prize. Dress Guidelines for the Initial Contact Another aspect in the preparation of meeting women is the seemingly superficial topic of how you dress. do the exercise and write down all the amazing qualities. They think that it’s the woman’s loss if she isn’t interested. well groomed. Ah. being well dressed. 2. and being well dressed. To recap.Do not just passively read all this. engaging in regular exercises that enliven you. They know that they are unique and have the identity of an incredible lover. You can also feel your best by eating foods that nourish you. here are the top three beliefs/internal process of men who are successful in their initial contact with women: 1. A topic sometimes shunned by men as being gay or a waste of time is the edge that you use to your advantage. One of the ways to feel your your best is to look your best. Part of the preparation for approaching women is feeling your best. by being clean. You can look your best. and knowing the gifts that you have to offer women. talents. Most 38 . yes. experiences.

you are shaved or have your beard trimmed. go woman ask the cutest girl you can find on the street to help you find a new wardrobe in exchange for dinner (Yes. 39 . Women really do pick up on the little things. If you are clean. She will read all this from how you dress? Absolutely. Go ask any of your women friends. and that your hair is combed and designed in a way that speaks who you do not dress well or have great fashion sense according to women’s standards. and I am assuming that you are because you have taken the time to read this book. If you are an intelligent man. The logic for most women is that how you do anything is how you do everything. if you have an appreciation of colors. One of the best ways to get a new wardrobe is to ask one of your sexy women friends to take you shopping. Furthermore. Women love to be helpful and love to shop. then you are more likely to be organized in your life. you might just want to choose this option anyways and go get five different outfits with five different women). then you are more likely to take the time and do the little things in the bedroom that will give her exquisite pleasure. and you are more likely to be an interesting man to be with. shapes. If you don’t know who you are and what you want to convey. Make sure you are clean. and fashions. and will usually have more of an eye than you do at first. then applying your intelligence to master the distinctions in how you dress will open doors with with women more than you know. then take the time to clarify that first. then you are going to have enough of your life together to pay attention to how you dress. Your male friends will be asking you for fashion tips once you are surrounded by sexy Goddesses. If you have style. If you do not have even one woman friend (unlikely). Applying some time to master this arena will help you stand out with women.

and good tone and color to it. Being well dressed does not have to mean that you are being formal. simply complex. adding some flare is better. colorfully understated. a button. creativity. 40 . softly angular. adventure. if you haven't noticed. and intrigue. Pick clothing and pants that have special texture or design. Women love shoes. colorfully understated etc. A pair of jeans with flames in the back pocket can reveal your bad boy or passionate side. so pick clothing that are formally exotic. they are also going to notice your shoes. Go and buy a pair of nice shoes that have distinctive shape. Dress in a way that speaks grounded sophistication. The point is to “stand out” without being weird.Some basic rules to that I can give you are no white socks with dark shoes. genius is being able to hold two opposite concepts in one thought. Like Leonardo Divinci said. unique styling. Wear interesting accessories which could be a ring. a necklace. even a tie that subtly draws attention. but have a tribal or spiritual awareness. These are the little things that make women notice you and be intrigued that you could one of those rare men who can take the time to appreciate the nuances of beauty and style in yourself and in her. Well dressed can be “casual” with flare. Sharp and clean clothing and pants are a good start. It’s a fine line. Match belt and shoe colors. A t-shirt that has a Gold Celtic symbol stitched on it can convey that you are simple. Many people dress the status quo and often times it reflects their unimaginative and average life-style. If they notice their own shoes. Your shoes might match the colors in your shirt or pants. 20 pairs of shoes for a woman is a low average.

and having a great outfit gives you yet another edge in creating the amazing and dynamic tension that is the foundation of any juicy and pleasurable interaction. Perceptual Position Exercise Pretend that you are an actor and act as if you are James Bond. Tom Cruise. Don Juan.When you are well dressed. This is not an excuse for you to just wait for them to come up to you and not initiate contact with them. women who are attracted to you will have an excuse to open up conversation with you just by complementing you on your clothing or accessories. they are usually interested in you. Do the following exercises to fine tune and instill the qualities and beliefs that will help you become a naturally attractive man. Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine yourself as this person. How does he hold himself? How does he see things? How does he breathe? What does he feel? What thoughts go through his head? How does he eat? How does he sit? What would he say? How does he think? How does he walk? 41 . If they complement you. You want to stack the cards in your favor as much as you can. Exercises for Initial contact Always take the time to do the exercises that I share with you because they will accelerate and deepen your learning as well as help you integrate the qualities of a complete lover. or some character who exemplifies the most attractive man or lover you would like to emulate.

talking. stand up and embody this character. feeling. Get in the habit of asking yourself powerful questions that draw out your best qualities. Practicing this exercise will give you a barometer for the qualities. Write down your answers to the following questions so that you get a sense of what powerful questions are and begin creating more on your on. I would read them once in the morning and once in the evening for at least 5 days out of the week just to begin to ingrain these qualities in your mind. 42 . accomplishments. Do this for at least 5 minutes a day for 5 days this week so that your body acclimatizes to becoming this character. This is a powerful exercise. thought patterns.Now. etc. memorize them so that they will really be at the forefront of your mind. think. Powerful Questions Exercise If you have not begun to write down all your incredible gifts. The more see you get in character. walk. and see. experiences. the more your body begins to get a real sense of how it would be to become this man. here’s another chance. Get a journal or at the very least a couple pieces of paper and keep what you have written close by. and qualities. Create powerful questions of your own throughout the day on a journal that you keep around. thinking. and seeing as he would talk. Formulate these questions in a way that elicit your best qualities and ask them to your woman. If possible. Take the time to do it and you will reap the amazing rewards of becoming a man with the qualities women are naturally drawn to. In the first week. Pretend until it feels like you are getting this character. body postures. feel. walking. to begin growing into. Fake it till you make it.

passions. Do it now.1. What incredible experiences or gifts can I share with any woman? 6. Would you go to a job interview with you hair disheveled. Yes. Most people don’t get what they want in life because they actions don’t take the necessary actions to achieve their goals. What are some things that are unique about me? 3. and amazing experiences that I have had? 4. Take the time to write down the answers. and direction in life? 7. What inspires me and what arenas am I learning and growing into? Do this exercise. with stinky breath. Take the time to memorize your top answers. What are my hobbies. What are my most notable successes and accomplishments? 5. How can I make daily life even more magical for myself and others? 10. adventurous. poise. What can I create in serving the world? 8. and polish that will attract the women you desire. or are you going to do it now? Take the time right now and do this exercise. this might take you up to half an hour. What fun amazing resources do I have in enriching a woman’s life? 9. 43 . Are you going to choose to do it later like most people who then never get to it. Doing a little preparation is going to go a long way in giving you the assurance. What are the most incredible. What are my best qualities? 2. and in your stained t-shirt? That’s how many men come across when they walk up to a woman.

The number one part of the practice of initial contact is to start talking to women everywhere.You need to have the answers to the 10 questions at the tip of your tongue and mind. Action Steps for Initial Contact Now comes the fun part! This is what you have been waiting for. If you desire to actually meet a woman. just make eye contact and say hello and smile. The answers will have you realize the incredible person you are and carry yourself with more confidence so that you are ready for any “chance” meetings with incredible women. You don’t have to start 44 . It's not that hard but it will get you over the fear that will come up in saying hello to a stranger. Do it now. Review the answers at least 5 days out of the first week. where the rubber meets the road! I have given you all the concepts. And now it is time to accelerate your learning by actually hello! going up to women and saying hello! You do not meet women just by finding them attractive and lusting after them. The action is the part that counts. you have to get up the courage and say hello to her. Memorize them. and exercises that will prepare you to be your best self in meeting women. Everything that I have shared with you is to prepare you for this. In the beginning. Write down the answers. inner preparations. and your mastery of the initial contact phase will hinge on how much you dedicate yourself to the practice of actually walking up to women and saying hello.

That’s 10 a day for 5 days out of the week. Plus. Go out there and make eye contact with at least 20 women you have never met before within the next 24 hours. Over the next week make eye contact with at least 100 women holding your gaze steady. Just reading this book is not this. You won’t believe how easy it is even after the first week and you will look back and wonder what you’ve been so afraid of this whole time. Do it. I am starting you off easy so that all you need to do is to first make eye contact. It’s a simple exercise. That’s the only way you are going to get good at this. Don’t try to pick them up or do anything fancy. Any excuse. If you are serious about being great with women. you have to take action. 45 . Just say hello. Feel that discomfort and do it anyways. or fear that comes up right now is normal. But you are not growing to be a normal guy. I can feel some of you squirming in your seats right now. going to cut it. Make sure that when you make eye contact you hold your gaze steady and just look into her left eye so you are not shifting your eyes back and forth. Say “hello” to at least 50 women. I’m not even telling you to talk to them yet. say “hello” out loud to 10 of them. and make sure that make she is the first one to look away. but it will get you and your body entrained and familiar with saying hello to strangers. Smile. you are growing to be an extraordinary man who does what it takes to get what you want. commit now to doing this. This is huge.conversations at first. just practice saying hello. these “hello” Out of these 20 women who you make eye contact with. discomfort.

Have you gotten a piece of paper and written this down? If you haven’t. and you can feel free to do it at your own pace. choose to be great with women.If you haven’t committed to doing this yet. you will have to push yourself to explore edges that you are not initially comfortable with. Take out a piece of paper or your journal and write on it. Everything I have given you on the map is the shortest and most direct route that I know. or you might as well stop reading because in becoming a complete lover. necessary to apply this knowledge. and follow through. You and I both know that you got 46 . as long as you do it. Get a piece of paper and write this. do it now. but most women will not be fooled for long. roadmap This book is only a roadmap to the destination of being an amazing lover. “I will make eye contact with 20 women a day. Yes. My vision for you is to become a man who can adore and serve women into their natural their become feminine flowing pleasure so deeply. and say hello to 10 of them for 5 days this week because I week women. you will have the quality problem of having too many amazing women want to be with you. If you choose to do the exercises and take the actions in this book. you have to get in the car and start driving.” Put this where you will read this when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. commit to it. You never get somewhere just by reading a map. do it now. Once you have developed these characteristics. Do this right now. then you might as well go read a novel or go watch some TV to entertain yourself. If you are not going to take the actions you knowledge. you will grow to be a man who is naturally attractive to women. right now. that you become a true gift for any woman. If you want quick gimmicks then this is not the book for you. Quick gimmicks might work temporarily.

Don’t be like the guys who will continue to suck at approaching women because they won’t take the actions necessary to improve themselves. There are no excuses. Do it. and saying hello to 20 of them for 5 days this week. you have to take action. double the number of women you make eye contact with so that you are making eye contact with 40 women a day. Do it. Notice the effect that you have on women when you do this. Remember. go to Denny’s and say hello to 10 women there. The more your practice. the faster you learn. Take action. If you want tangible results. I am not asking you to do anything that I haven’t done. Convey the amazing person you are just through your body language and the “hello”. are you going to do what it takes to get what you want? want? For those who want to accelerate your learning process.this book so that you can be incredible with women. 47 . They will pick up the fact that you know yourself better than most men. Do it. have the answers from the powerful questions exercise at the forefront of your mind and hold yourself in a way that embodies your best qualities and successes as you say hello to women. If you get off work at 11:00pm. the only question now is. As you get comfortable. Say hello to 10 women a day for 5 days this week. Tell them that it’s an assignment from a nutty coach that you have.

Why do you want to convey value? Why do you want to demonstrate verbally and non-verbally that you have something to offer? Because unless you can add value.Stage I Phase II Conveying Value Put yourself in a desirable woman’s shoes. They don’t care if you are intelligent. and pleasure to a woman’s life. This is why in the “Initial contact” phase you need to have 48 . have dreams. and have bad breath? Exciting isn’t it! Given these prospects. wouldn’t you develop some time management tools? Wouldn’t you develop some ultra sensitive antennae for separating the wheat from the chaff? Yes you would! Now back to the issue at hand. Ok. imagine what it would feel like to be hit on constantly by men whom you have no interest talking to. What if some of those men who just wanted you for sex are old. a stranger who she doesn’t know from squat. fun. excitement. have visions. you might not be used to the high heels and G-string underwear at first. depth. dirty. overweight. etc. Every phase that I am going over is built upon the phase that came before. have an incredible personality. but seriously. she has very little reason to interact with you. Now imagine if you knew that 90% of those approaching you just wanted to use your body for sex.

In this phase. and beautiful women get hit on all the time. into an intriguing question etc. and entertainment than she is currently experiencing in her life! First Impression After you initiate contact with a woman. every day. and getting hit on 10-20 times a day is really not that outlandish when they are out and about. and that she would be missing out if she chooses not to interact with you. Incredible. then that would be half an hour out of her time. you will begin to craft a way to tie your best qualities into into question. experiences. As a time management tool. high status. strippers. and the conversation was short. You are 49 . amazing. If she engaged in conversation with 15 men a day. then you might also develop some time management tools otherwise you would get nothing done. into a game. depth. you want to quickly convey that you have value. so that you can open her to being receptive to you because you are bringing in more energy. bartenders. she can appear to be cold or bitchy. go-go dancers. I've dated some incredibly beautiful women who were models. crafting. your gift as a person can shine through. and successes and have them at the forefront of your mind to be clear about what you have to offer. and refining how you express the brilliance of who you are so that in the briefest moment. but if you are approached by 10 or 20 strangers a day when you are out and about who just want you for sex. That's a lot of time. talents. fun.prepared your best qualities. say 2 minutes. This is why you need to be honing. etc. together into a story.

dominant. gentler side. alpha male. and then later was able to tap into his softer. who knows what he wants. you body language already speaks reams about who you are. dominant male.developing the quality where you can make her laugh. bring more consciousness. and caress her with tenderness and adoration. You might ask yourself. One of the most important aspects in creating a great first impression is to create the context of strength. If you came across as a weak. in control. and bring more insight into her life. how do I create the context of strength? Strength comes across in all of you being. Even as you are walking up to her. Often times. in the thoughtfulness of the questions that you ask her. without speaking a single word. so this is where we are going to begin fine tuning and amplify your natural attraction capabilities. women will ‘intuitively” sense the kind of 50 . bring more fun. she would melt in your hands. do you think that a woman can really trust those later qualities? On the other hand. if you came across as a solid. To make sure that you don’t get eliminated right away without even getting a chance. let’s prepare you in the powerful art of body language so that you become an intriguing man her. to her even as you walk up to her. and in the spoken experiences that you share with her. even if nothing “becomes” of your interaction. Body Language The subtle aspects of your body language can have a woman decide whether she will engage with you or not. in the unspoken body language of every move you make. nonself-confident male. bring more joy. and then later demonstrated some qualities of a desirable. Body postures can speak so much more than words.

if you are a bit tense. present. A lot of this “intuition” stems from the subconscious reading of your body language. sexy movie stars. confident. and connected man will give you the edge that can keep your woman fascinated in what you have to offer. A side benefit of working on your body language is that the proper body language will help you grow into the qualities that you want to embody. Hard to feel sad when you body says happy isn’t it? More likely than not. dominant. Seriously. you will find it challenging to feel the opposite of what your body portrays. try it. compiled by keen observers around the world. and a smile on your face. There is an interesting principle of the body mind connection where if you are in a good state like joy. but you put yourself into an open and relaxed posture while breathing deeply and having a smile on your face. The way we hold our bodies affect us more than we think. and have been tested by myself in eliciting the most positive responses from women. your will soon begin to experience a more peaceful and enjoyable state of being. The body postures that I am going over have been written about in best selling books. Try feeling sad with your arms up to the sky. laughter. 51 . These keys are modeled after natural leaders. Knowing what body qualities convey your value as an attractive. This is one of the reasons why reading someone’s face and body is often more accurate than listening to his or her words.person you are and trust that more than what you say to her. and happiness. a sparkle in your eye. you body will naturally express that state in having an open and relaxed posture. Conversely. and unconscious patterns of thinking are held in our bodies bodies that can be transformed as we work on our body language.

then feel free to go back to your previous state. bad ass martial artists. for at least one week. embodying the proper body person. Promise yourself to do this for the sake of attracting the caliber of women you deserve. unhappy. multi-millionaires. If you take 15 seconds to shift your body position every time a negative reactionary feeling begins to surface. As an exercise. you get to consciously transform your emotions and direct them in a way that would serve to open a woman to her divine femininity. you will notice 52 . happy. angry. Be a man who can remain powerfully grounded and centered regardless of the challenges that he has to face. clear. and notice your body posture. By practicing the body postures that make the most impact in becoming a naturally desirable male. happy etc. These body postures have their basis in our neurology and communicate one’s desirability as soon as you walk into a room. Do this exercise every time a disempowering emotion or body posture emerges. Women are not attracted to men whose state is dictated by his external circumstances. Furthermore. worried. Overtime. If it “doesn’t work” after 15 seconds. you will begin to make the body mind connection of what it feels like to be that man. postures can help you become that magnetically attractive person. sad. be aware of anytime you are feeling nervous. women naturally find attractive. one that makes you feel peaceful. knowing that you body dictates at least 80% of how you feel. Just take 15s. unsettled. grounded. Take just 15 seconds to consciously shift your body posture to joyful. etc. and men who attractive. Instead.multientertainers. joyful. you begin the journey of self-mastery where your emotions no longer rule you out of habitual patterns developed over a life-time.

be on your way to self-mastery. one of the components is deliberate slowness. the more you seem to “own” the place. then go out by yourself to 53 . When you are communicating confidence. practice in front of a mirror or even video yourself so that you can hone the skill. the slower you move. be still and move your head slowly as you are breathe checking everybody out. and the more comfort you communicate with your body language. and alpha qualities in your body language.a huge difference within a week. breathe deep. and stillness. Some will get a drink as soon as possible so they have something to “do”. prominence. In the beginning of learning body postures that are still unfamiliar to you. the more “comfort” you will exhibit. As you look around in the room whether you are sitting or standing. When you enter a room. darting their eyes around to see if they can “find” some people they know or scope out the scene. and become a natural woman magnet. When you do this you are communicating that you are so solid and grounded within yourself that nothing can stir or perturb you. If you are used to even having the crutch of going out with friends to feel comfortable and like you belong. components steadiness. you can come across in a way that automatically begins to attract her and generate sparks without her knowing why. This way when you come up to a woman who you choose to interact with. Make minor adjustments and look at and feel into the differences. Others will play with their hands nervously. Take the time to test out different positions and postures and practice holding the ones that create the most potent effect. Most people when they enter a new place will “busy” themselves by shifting nervously.

and are such an interesting person that anywhere you go can be an adventure. you want to take up a lot of space with your body and your movements. As you continue your practice of moving slowly and deliberately. and you are breathing deeply so your chest is open. and anyone you meet can benefit from your interaction. there’s nothing to do and nowhere to be except here. Make reservations to nice restaurants and relish the experience of dining by yourself. Be present and enjoy the new places as much as humanly possible. Visit posh hotels and just chill out in the lounge. Go to a club that you have never been before and act as if you are hanging out in your living room. your hips are swinging freely and there’s even a slight swagger. If you are walking. your shoulders are back. Your shoulders are back walking tall and proud. This means your feet and legs are wide apart. 54 .practice feeling comfortable. As you go to random new places. now. Relax your entire body and move as little as possible while you look around. Yes. Check out the room leisurely while breathing deep like you are a multimillionaire considering buying the place and taking in what this place has to offer. like yourself. you will be surprised at the pace and progress you will be making. Be still. It’s walking with confidence without the need to show off. are an confident in yourself. practice moving slowly and deliberately deliberately. If you continue to practice everything that I share with you in this book. and your arms swing naturally. your arms are open and extending outward. it may seem arrogant or a stretch right now. The mentality to develop here is that you know yourself. but this is the person who you are developing into and who women are naturally attracted to.

you are leading with you body. take 15 seconds to adjust into a more expanded position. feel. Even without communicating. These may seem simple. breathing deeply. and breathe the way the sexiest man alive would think. So. notice when you are getting tense or making yourself smaller by folding your arms or crossing your legs. you use big sweeping movements or high impact movements. Be still. sit. For now. stand. see. move. breathe deep. 55 . feel. impact. you move with power. Practice these until they become a part of you. Notice when you are breathing shallow and take slow deep breaths. move deliberately. and authority. Think. position ioning Consciously change your positioning to make your self as relaxed and take up as much space as possible. clear. but they are potent. when you move. When you notice these constrictions. Commit to taking 5 minutes a day for 5 days this week to embody the sexiest man alive. you are still. be still. and take essential up space because these are the most essential aspects in beginning to grow yourself as a naturally attractive man. move.When you are still. Additional and more subtle aspects of body language will be gone over throughout the rest of the book. keep open postures. and precise with knowing what you want and who you are. When you are sitting or standing. When you gesture with your arms. see. then do this exercise now. If you haven’t done the exercise from the initial contact phase of acting as if you are the sexiest and most attractive man alive. You will begin to notice the difference your body positioning makes in your mental states throughout the day. and be present. Be directive. stand. and taking up space. focus on moving deliberately. You are being the person that other people want to be. breathe deeply.

the deeper the women believe it as “real”. and breathe. When you engage and look into someone’s eyes. Hold your gaze still. you will naturally be much more attractive to women. Practice makes perfect.sit. open. and relaxation communicates all the right things. Be present when you look at someone. When you begin to master body language. You will begin to get a sense and grow into this level of potent body language. As a side benefit. Take 15 seconds to adjust your body posture every time you notice constriction or negative feelings and practice the major components of attractive body language of being expansive. relaxed. Practice in front of a mirror and every where you go. deliberate and powerful in your movement. instead of darting your eyes back and forth. taking up space. business. slowness. This might feel awkward in the beginning. you will command more respect with your friends. family. There might be some tension that naturally occurs 56 . practice having the other person look away before you do. stillness. are standing or sitting etc. especially with men. still and slow when you standing sitting. They might not even “know” why they are attracted to you which is even better because the more unconscious the primal body attraction responses. look into just one of their eyes. Eye Contact As an extension of your body language. Remember. and develop a healthier psychological confidence and worth. As you talk. the way you make eye contact with a woman can increase your attraction to each other dramatically or decrease the attraction when done improperly.

if you are not feeling confident. if you are not feeling worthy. if she’s not really interested in you. then the tendency is to look away. Practice eye gazing with everyone. A woman is unlikely going to choose a man who is not strong enough to choose and claim her. So practice and develop the strength necessary to hold a powerfully steady and present gaze in growing yourself to be a man worthy of the most incredible women. she’s going to be avoiding your eyes in the first place. For a woman. you will begin to curb your tendency to be scattered. have Any tendency or desire that you have to look away with a woman will usually stem from your inability to “contain” the potent sensual and sexual energy that is there in the moment. If she is looking at you. then a fight is about to happen to assert the dominance level. Your ability to be still and present can come through in the length and that depth that you can hold a gaze.because on a primal level the person who holds the gaze longer is more dominant. if you are feeling embarrassed. then you can just say that you thought he was a friend. A woman wants to be claimed and if you are not feeling full in your ability to claim her. As you develop your ability to hold a steady gaze. You can even practice in the mirror for a minute a day to accelerate your ability to be powerfully present in your gaze. if a guy asks you what you are looking at. and nervous. make sure you hold the gaze and that she looks away first because it creates all the right sexual tension. unsettled. then a smile will usually diffuse the tension. Sometimes you might feel your eyes twitch because there is too much energy to contain or you might not be used to being so present in the moment. Adding a sly smile with a woman as you gaze eyes with her will 57 . Breathe deep and relax as you hold a steady gaze. and if two people are having a staring contest. If you are gazing for more than 5 seconds.

you want the tone to be resonant. systematically Becoming a complete lover is about systematically growing into the most 58 . potent.. If you are breathing shallowly. range. your new “voice” will become your natural voice. Voice Another important addition to your body language and steady eye gazing is to fine tune your voice. you may have developed habits of speaking with shallow breaths and high pitch due to a lack of confidence of speaking your truth. Speak clearly. These qualities will come through in your voice and women will pick these subtle cues up and feel uneasy around you or not attracted by you. As you speak. The intention here is to work with the voice that you have and amplify its depth. allow the pitch to be a little lower. When you speak. Your voice can change with practice. and projection. but with time. Through time. The qualities of a “sexy” voice that you want to integrate are resonant. In the beginning. Notice if you are speaking only from your throat rather than from the fullness of your belly. speed. you will need to be conscious of its change. power. Allow your breath to infuse the words you speak. and projection of how you speak. take note of the pitch. you are flirting with her. not fully expressing yourself because of your uncertainty. correct this by breathing deeply through your belly. So play and have fun with this and make it a part of who you her are.add a juicy dynamic where you are not just claiming her. clarity. and increase the range of voice so that it creates dynamic emphasis and musical contrast. and clear. deep. or being afraid that speaking your mind or taking a stand will bring conflict or attack by others.

This means letting go of old patterns that no longer serve you. and voice. Have fun with all of this. and voice. grounded ease. softens. gets shallow. and replacing them with new ones that empower you to embody the best you can be. certainty. Remember the archer story from earlier? I am giving you a clear target to hit. Say your name in different ways for 5 minutes a day until you land on the most sexy and potent expression. your voice. Practice in the car. Most people live life by default. you will notice your self changing to embody more attractive qualities as your voice changes. Practice your body language. Just like the body postures. you are beginning to live your life by design. and the benefits will reveal themselves as women notice your transformation.marvelous possibility of you. they simply do not even know where to start. and power into certainty. All it takes is some practice. eye gaze. and make minor adjustments. Infuse the qualities of depth. we want to continue to fine tune how you can outwardly express your value to a woman. The amazing thing about life is that regardless of who you are. I am showing you the path. Be a Conscious Creator of Your Life Now that we have worked on the foundational subtle communication of your body language. coughs. you have gotten to demonstrate and go through the gamut of experiences from fear to 59 . You are growing into a richer aspect of yourself. Practice in the mirror. etc. Most men do not lack the desire to improve themselves. to now the task is up to you to walk it. Listen and notice when your voice cracks. eye contact.

you are so confident in who you are and your capabilities that you can powerfully direct your reality even when it is not initially going your way. Put another way. depression. pain. joy. bliss. The gamut of emotions and experiences are all useful in different situations.courage. you can from this point on for the sake of attracting the quality of woman that you desire. I am by no means a proponent of being a Pollyanna. anger. from anger to peace. from pain to bliss. and success. from depression to joy. start to consciously choose the place on the experiential scale you would like to powerfully reside. Part of deep masculinity is the ability to contain and embrace all of our shadows and darkness and transform it into directed conscious power that serves everyone to empower us and everyone around us. 60 . Regardless of where you are on the scale of polar emotions and experiences. and failure. how can you be a pillar of support for a woman’s emotions which on average is twice as potent as a man’s emotions? One of the ways to convey high value to women is to have the mindset that there is absolutely nothing that can happen in the world that you cannot handle with grace. or courage. The key is to be able to direct the amount of time that you spend with the shadow emotions and experiences rather than have them direct you out of habit or past patterning. from failure to success. The main experience that you have in life depends on where you hold your attention and whether it is more of a habit for you to access the memories of fear. If you can’t consciously handling your emotions. peace.

“I am the creator of my reality”. breathing deeper. playing some basketball. to the way you smile. 61 .You are the creator of your reality. take action to make it so. etc. Repeat this phrase 10 times. The action might be as simple as making your bed. reality. having your room clean. write down one thing that you can do today that would take you closer to this statement. complimenting yourself. You are the creator of your reality. to the way you communicate. to the way you dress. Do this at least three times a week so that you are reminding yourself to take consistent action to embody the statement that “I am the creator of my reality”. creating a mastermind group. Any part of your reality that isn’t exactly as you would custom design it. The change does not have to be monumental. eating more vegetables. to the way you move. It is the consistent improvement allow stacked up over time that will allow you to become and grow into the full possibility of who you can be. You are the creator of your reality. The Creator Exercise Look into your own eyes in the mirror for at least 2 minutes and say out loud. After two minutes. You have to own this belief through every cell in your body and allow it to flow through every aspect of you from the way you stand. working out. writing out a business plan. etc.

so what brought you here?”. If you are in a book store in the self-help section. and deep thoughts out of your woman. and are consciously creating your life. fun. voice. or “who do you know here” if you are at a party. As you practice. I am going to introduce the fine art of engaging your woman by asking questions. When you first walk up to a woman. say “hello” and begin engaging her in a conversation. get yourself to ask the woman a question to begin the connection. it can turn complete strangers into someone who feels like a close friend in matters of minutes. personality. Questions are one of the best ways to bridge the abyss of not knowing someone and beginning to tap into their mind. It can be as mundane as “what’s up. Everything that we have gone over is to prepare you to walk up to a woman. what have you read that you can recommend?” If you are in a clothing store. and thoughts. Whenever possible. you can ask. after making eye contact with a woman. How you lead and art.Engage Her with Questions Now that you have been preparing with the most magnetic body language. ask her “I am always looking for great input on awesome self-help books. one of the easiest ways to engage her is to ask her a question. When navigated properly. direct the conversation with your questions is an art. eye gaze. What better way to fine tune and practice this art than to have amazing conversations with lovely women! In the beginning. 62 . creative. your questions should be framed questions within the context of where you are so that the questions make sense. you will get more and more distinctions on how to artfully direct the flow of thoughts in a conversation to elicit the most exquisite.

what do you think about this shirt?” If you are in a grocery store. you can start “controversial” going for more “controversial” questions that can really amplify the fun. looks. I want to try a new flavor. There 63 .” The questions that you direct at women can also be about anything interesting about her or her clothing and accessories. what do you find most attractive in a man. If you still feel the butterflies in your stomach and can't get out a question. From the previous exercise where you are making eye contact with 20 women a day for 5 days a week and saying “hello” to 10. Put this on your schedule. Walk up to random women and start conversations just to get yourself comfortable with this art. and intriguing and just be relaxed about it.“You look like you have great fashion sense. Come up with something original. where did you get that?” Once you are comfortable starting random conversations. “I’m feeling adventurous today. money. your social life. what’s your favorite cereal. like “Hey.” You get the idea. for a radiant woman like you. If you have been doing your previous practice you should be getting used to saying hello to random strangers by now. how long does it actually take to make your hair look like that?” or “Great necklace. start a conversation with 3 of them. Not only will you begin to get better with talking with women. Commit to it and do it. If she has obviously spent time in curling her hair. Practice makes perfect. Start a conversation. Just understanding this concept will not make you good at this art. just say hi and walk away. or personality if you could only pick one. Ask anything. “I have always been curious. and perhaps work will also improve as you begin to master the art of conversation. you can say. you can say. funny.

you will become friends with rejection. 3. Know that it’s going to happen sometime. The first couple of times you have to just decide to do it. and the first step in interacting with a woman is to initiate contact with her and say something or ask a question. count 1. Whatever method you used back then. because at least you know you are in the game. Some people always stand on the side line and then complain about not winning the game. and there’s no better time than the present to master these skills. 2. Turn this into a rule. 2. and that out of all the women you will ever ask. is from out of town.will always be another woman who you can start a conversation with. She might have a boyfriend. use that method now. it’s the same exact feeling. I can still get butterflies today when I am about to go up to a woman who I feel a strong attraction to. Remember the first couple of times you were jumping off a diving board at a pool? Yeah. at least one of them will say “no” to you. practice makes perfect! A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. and go up to her. Get in the game. you will naturally begin to flow more. and that if a woman says no. The playful game of meeting new women and the art of conversation will be a skill that will be useful for life. You know that you are strong enough as a man 64 . 3. 1. Remember. Give yourself three seconds. Within this practice. that’s good. Don’t think for too long. and go. As you practice. After awhile it’s all fun and games and you can dive head first and perhaps even do flips. As much as you practice. Become comfortable with not always getting what you want. just got a traffic ticket and is in a bad mood. there is a 99% chance that you might ask a woman for her number. etc. Just feel the excitement and count.

is that your favorite color? Interesting purse. Great eye shadow. here are three formulas for generating a conversation opener. and time management cold front. protection. can you legally cover less of your beautiful legs with a skirt? Do you always concentrate this hard when you decide what to get? Hey that’s a killer frown you’ve got going. Adopt this attitude and it will come through as you walk up to women. any secrets you’d like to share? about something. For those of you who like formulas. wanna hit my arm just to feel better? Note: the tease works best with women who are seemingly unapproachable. and is a fun.and certain enough about who you are that any external rejection won’t faze you for long. you can feel more prepared. Ask their opinion about something. 2. What’s your favorite sauce/drink/food here? What’s the best book you’ve read in the last month? 65 . Write down the customized questions that fit your personality ahead of time and memorize them so that in the heat of the moment. if you were to take me shoe shopping where would you go? You have great energy. Compliment a woman on something followed by a question. Just be comfortable and confident in who you are in knowing that nothing external can disturb the calmness and the love you have for who you are or who you are becoming. followed 1. light way to jolt them out of their mood. Tease them about something. 3. Wow. is it European? Cool shoes.

This way you will have at least 9 openers that are at the tip of your tongue anytime you meet an interesting woman. make.Do you have any movies that you would recommend? Write down 3 to 5 openers for each of the three formulas. When you ask a chunk up question you are asking her “what does this mean to you?” “What fulfills you about that?”. Memorize them. and grace within these two activities. This is what I mean. peace. and happiness. you can follow up with a question that delves deeper into her train of thought and what’s important to her. chunk down. pushing your physical limit. color. interior. Here are 3 basic chunking levels that your follow up questions can stem from. asking questions that chunk up allows you to focus on the fact that both of you love being active. If she loves ballroom dancing and you love basketball. You can chunk up. power. rim style. 66 . These are awesome questions to ask because it gets her to share more to the “core” of who she is and gets at higher and higher levels of what emotionally brings her joy. model. For any of the possible responses that she gives you. excitement. Write it down in a way that is something that you can see yourself saying. love. If she says she likes cars you would ask what year. “What’s important to you about that?” The up questions move her from the topic at hand to her higher level motivators reasoning and motivators. focuses answers Down questions focuses her answers into more specifics. safety. or chunk across. excitement. You can ask these up questions to find commonality within any topic and it will bring a sense that the two of you share things in common.

and across. Take the time to practice asking questions that move the direction of the conversation up. This is where you find out that she likes garden burgers with lettuce.automatic/stick. This level of questioning lets you know the specifics of what she likes. In the beginning this might feel overly conscious. If she loves shopping for shoes. There is also the side benefit that the more 67 . there are questions that chunk across which keeps the focus of the conversation at the same level. you can ask her what other artists she enjoys. but over time. There is something amazing about getting exactly what you want. but no mayonnaise or pickles. you would ask her what other books she likes to read. With the skill of asking questions. you can have hours of conversation just by asking her the proper questions so you never have to worry about running out of things to say. These questions expand the current preference and allow the “level” of conversations to stay the same while expanding what you know about her on any topic. Finally. you can ask what else she loves shopping for. There is sometimes more passion. as well as tension that can occur when she gets specific about her experiences and preferences. excitement. These questions ground her more into the “reality” of what she actually prefers and can help you find out the details of what she prefers. you will be able to ask questions that serve your woman in the moment to open and reveal her most delicious feminine self. and these want questions help you find out each other’s specific preference. If she likes to read travel books. After awhile. If she likes Britney Spears. etc. ketchup. you will begin to grasp the art of directing the conversation toward the energy that you want to create with her just by the level of questions that you are asking. onions. down. tomato.

do the exercises from the previous phases and write down your most amazing experiences. and here is where you not only get to share your preferences. and gifts within your responses and create the context of strength with her and convey incredible value. I am now going to help you fine tune and add to the answers that you have already written down so that you can access and relate the 68 . you want to be sharing about yourself as well so that she can grow to feel even more attraction towards you. voice. You could just ask her questions the whole time. Prepare these stories so that they are at the forefront of your mind because first impressions are brief and you really want to bring forth your best if you want to relate and be with the women you desire. but weave stories of your strengths. she will most likely ask about your preferences as well. you are ready to share some aspects of the amazing person that is you.she talks. but just to keep it in balance. Asking her great questions will also make it much easier for her to feel attracted to you because you care enough about her to ask the depth of questions that has her reveal herself to you. When she answers your questions. the more you will be finding out about her as a person which will naturally lead to her opening up to you. Sharing Your Amazing Qualities Now that you are embodying the most powerful body language. eye contact. If you still haven’t done so. and have engaged her with amazing questions. and gifts. experiences. qualities.

and exciting adventures with. accolades. adventure so having these stories at the tip of your tongue will allow you to share the most attractive aspect of yourself and be someone who she wants to play and interact with. 69 . amazing. and joyful. Here are some key areas to flush out and write down in detail in helping you convey the amazing person you are and the amazing qualities that you can add to her life: 1 Peak Experiences Write down five peak experiences that you've had in your life. or any peak experiences that you are genuinely excited about. exhilarated. It might be where you climbed to the top of a mountain. and stories where you overcame challenges. and discipline to achieve something that you can you be proud of. 2 Great accomplishments Write down five of your greatest accomplishments. Some of these might have crossovers with your peak experiences. These can be awards. competitions that you've won. and when I say peak experiences I mean experiences where you were excited. you become in her mind. focus. When you share these experiences in the appropriate moments. passion. someone who she can choose to have fun. where you dove in the ocean and saw a stingray. but go ahead and write down new ones. Write down these experiences so that they're at the forefront of your mind because women love excitement. Recall experiences which are so memorable that they make for incredible stories for you to tell. and adventure.appropriate experiences as they come up. Write them down. where you won a race. situations where you had to take time. leading a project where you successfully navigated the obstacles.

you are taking her mind on a journey. so when you convey stories that expand her experience of the mundane. Practice being able to tell these stories with drama and flare that can engage and intrigue a woman. In the moment of you telling the stories. Travel does not have to be abroad. emotionally. Travel expands the mind. If it's abroad or international. etc. building. presentation. still write them down. yet you looked at the obstacle and challenged straight in the eyes and overcame them because of who you are. culture. know that you are extraordinary. banal. 70 . Remember stories where you overcome challenges physically. definitely write those down. art. décor. and learn to grow more and more into your higher aspects. of the banal she can be engaged.As you remember more of these experiences. people. You are taking her to a place which she may not have experienced before. etc. If it's just outside your home town. Write down where you were ecstatic to explore and discover something new. of the regular. 3 Travel Write down five places that you've traveled to. tables. and why you love them. Women do not like to be bored. the parts and areas that you love the most. serving outfits. it can be a nifty little restaurant off the beaten path that had particularly interesting themes. mentally. and spiritually that was hard for you to handle. foods. Describe the amazing places that you were so excited to visit and how you were enthralled by the people. Describe these situations with as much detail as possible. and have these at the forefront of your mind because these are the personalities and character that on some level define who you are today. Write about the places that you find the most interesting.

masculine. and follow through with what he desires. taken capable care of by a capable man who can create. Design the way you would share these stories with women so that you are growing into a story teller and develop your ability to speak with grace. 4 Leadership Write down stories where you demonstrated the desirable qualities of being a leader. write these experiences down with as much detail as you can. and dominant qualities and where you were responsible for creating something. and then live up to it. They demonstrate the fact that you can take the initiative to lead others to manifest a vision. The point is to use the stories to remind yourself where you have gone. you can lead her on wild adventures where she gets to totally let go into the experience because she can trust your direction. what you have done. that she is protected. dominant. The point is not to just tell great stories and then sit by the sidelines. and eloquence while weaving magical tales that turn the mundane into the extraordinary. Leadership is extremely sexy and attractive to women because women want to feel like she is with a leader of men. so give yourself the advantage of showing her your potential. and the extraordinary into the fantastic. Out of the incredible foundation of solidity. manifest. Use poetry. These stories show her that you have the potential for leading and creating amazing experiences with her.Once again. Share where you lead others and everyone had a great result and a great time. Women love potential. in charge. elegance. use metaphors. and in control. Tell stories where you demonstrate these desirable. and put as much emotional content as you can as you describe your experiences. and to continue to 71 . alpha. Feelings are what engages women and pulls them into your story.

5 Expertise and Mastery Write down 5 things that you are good at. and that time and dedication is a possible sign to women that you can take the same time and dedication to adore her. Jobs. facts. It is the energy. consciousness. skills. Almost any skill takes time to develop. then flaunt your expertise in the way where you portray yourself as an artist designing portals into the world where everybody can connect through your vision in a way that helps people with a service that provides a true value. and issues into magnificent stories that she can relate to. having mastery. emotions. you can transform dry topics. If you are earning money doing anything right now. Tell related stories that show her your expertise and remember to convey your expertise in a way that elicits her emotions. and skills that you have developed. You get to create the opportunity of having your woman witness you as you stretch to fulfill and continue to grow into the best aspects of your self. hobbies that you have pursued for awhile. because another great way to convey value is being an authority.expand into your greatness. It is sexy for women to see a man who knows what he is doing. and hobbies are never what they seem. and passion that you infuse into those things 72 . any skill that makes you an expert demonstrates and has you stand out as a great choice among men. focus. If you're a computer expert and perhaps are designing web pages. When her emotions are aroused. and discipline to develop and refine yourself in some way to elevate you above the crowd. Furthermore. you are an expert more than most in that field. or being an expert in some field or some endeavor. Show yourself as a man who has put in the time.

Wisdom sometimes comes from having gone down enough wrong paths to know which one to choose before falling into another ditch. Demonstrate that you can use your creativity and imagination to not only resolve problems. but you allowed yourself to live closer to the higher wisdom and was able to transform your emotions in an empowering way for everyone involved. Reflect upon the place that allowed you call this forth and grow these aspects in yourself even more while sharing these stories with your woman. Tell her stories where you resolved tense situations peacefully through your presence and leadership. By learning to filter for the exceptional aspects of your skills. These are instances where you have enough foresight to choose the higher path even though it might not be the most automatic or easy path. Remember instances where normal people would have reacted negatively. Show how your quick thinking was able to create a holistic solution. you get to then grow to embody that remarkable quality. from seeing past people’s reactions and protection mechanism into their need their for love and care. Maturity comes from longer term thinking where you choose harmony over being right. We have all had instances where we were proud of ourselves in how we handled a situation with wisdom and maturity. Learn to become a masterful weaver of stories that turns the mundane into the extraordinary which will then allow you to turn any will you experience into magic with your woman. It is also the level of energy that elevates you to the top of any field. Where other people may have gotten out of hand or out of control and you were able to handle your emotions in a way that was powerful and and constructive.that make them what they are. 6 Wisdom and Maturity Write down instances where you have embodied wisdom and maturity. but to add flare and adventure to the most normal circumstances. 73 .

You will be surprise to see how many of these qualities you already have in the extraordinary moments in your life. the fact that you have written them down will begin to have this awareness come across in your body language in knowing that you have great qualities and gifts to offer her. and watch the sparks fly. discipline. taking a stand. In fact. playful. trustworthy. Share the stories when they are appropriate. masculine.I will now recap and expand upon the core desirable qualities that you want to infuse throughout your stories. refined. great playful. grounded. tenderness. Embody these stories in how you “be” with her. and share with your woman. and qualities you want to continue to grow into. confidence. even if you don’t tell your stories. caring. your actions. stable. having an opinion. builder. passion. actions. you are just not looking hard enough. By being aware of these qualities that are already within you. through stories her. you get to consciously expand these qualities so that these extraordinary moments become more and more prevalent in your daily life. imaginative. fun. communicator. adventurous. brilliant. These include being a leader. Most of us are really tough on ourselves and don’t give ourselves enough credit for the fun and amazing things that we have done and experienced. The intention of writing down and sharing these stories is to push them to the forefront of your consciousness. follow through. intellectual. 74 . sensitive. good at delegating. One of the questions that I get from men is. strength. being a protector. Don’t try to fit them all in and turn it into a bragging session of telling her how great you are. and where you know yourself and your direction. embody. creative. “what if I am not that great and don’t have a gift?” Usually. Share these stories with your woman in appropriate places.

and with the confidence of knowing the amazing adventures that you can continue to create with her. more peace. you will naturally exude the confidence. more perspective. then go sky diving. Remember to smile and be easy as you share your amazing stories with her. With all the amazing things that you now remember already having done in your life. As you begin to go for things that naturally expand your sense of self. your ability to relax under pressure. you still have plenty of time to do everything that you want to do. more passion. then that ability speaks reams about your confidence. and the fact that you are exciting to be with. then 75 . If you can be playful within that tension. more joy. If you can bring more exuberance. more consciousness. and you want to. This self limitation is a turn off for women while belief in yourself and a sense of adventure is a turn on. Create a life that she wants to hop aboard on. In almost any situation where there is attraction between a man and a woman. and more fun to her. If you haven't gone sky diving before.Regardless of what age you are. especially from a stranger. Go learn a martial art. there is a dynamic tension that both people can feel. you can now amplify the value you have even more by being playful with her. your way of thinking and being in life. It is our self limitation that prevents us from experiencing most things that we desire to experience. and she can pick up any nervousness and tension that you have which isn’t energy that she wants to be around. more life. the inspiration. Go learn how to paint. and the air of being someone who she would want to be with. the fun. Go mountain climbing and rock climbing. Go scuba diving. more wisdom. more experience. Most women are very sensitive.

and hobbies with her. A mediocre sentence for your highest vision and reason would be. which allows me to have a reference point to the extent that I can explore and live my life in this reality.she'll have plenty of reasons to interact with you. then she will be instinctually attracted and drawn to you. I love to play video games because I get to embody the fantastic characters in their dexterity. courage. or have an interest in. A much better sentence would be. and sharing these aspects of you in a powerful way can continue to amplify the attraction that she already feels for you. 76 . interests. inspired. What gets you naturally excited is a part of who you are. creativity. Let’s take an example that may not initially be looked highly upon by women. inspiration. Take your answers and write one sentence about the highest vision and reason for what you love about it. and sense of adventure. Write down the top 3 things that you are passionate. If you have qualities where you can help her grow. We are all growth seeking beings who desire to embody ever greater aspects of ourselves. I like to play video games because it’s fun and I am not doing much with my life right now so it’s a good distraction and escape. Let’s say one of the things you absolutely love is playing video games. strength. strategic thinking. Share Your Passions Along the same lines of sharing your amazing qualities is sharing your passion.

Do it. If you like strategy games. Your passion then gets to grow larger than what it was initially. Write it like you are designing a commercial that millions will see on TV and why they too should be playing video games. Here is the formula: 77 . Your natural passion becomes an extension of who you are in the world. then turn your life into the game and sit down and strategically plan out how you can manifest one of your dreams step by step on a 1 to 5 year basis. Formulate your sentence about your top three passions. really dig hard for the highest possible reason. live into the highest reason that you have found and actually implement it into your your life. From this point. then go learn or improve your skills daily in that sport and at least spend a quarter of the time you play the video games in improving your actual game. If you like combat games then go take a martial arts class and increase your strength and agility. video games can be sexy. Once you have done this we can transform your passion and interest into a way to approach and initiate conversation with the women you are interested in. For that matter. and fun to your life and to a woman. anything infused with the proper consciousness can be sexy. If you like sports games. Why do this? You are creating a link between something that you are link naturally passionate about into something that can add value. and how even your Grandmother should be playing. learning. excitement.Yes. When done correctly.

1. Name your passion 2. State your highest reason highest 3. Ask a question. Consider this a fourth way to add to the 3 others ways to initiate a conversation with women by asking her questions. You would be doing this in context to the situation. Continuing from the video game example, you would only mention video games if you are at The Game Stop or Blockbuster renting a game and she is also checking out the games. You can say, “You know, I love to play video games because being the fantastic characters inspire me add the qualities of courage, wit, and dexterity to my life. What do you like most about games?” Now formulate your own. Do it in a way that hooks the woman with an intriguing topic. Turn your passions, interests, or hobbies into question form that can include topics like sensuality, sexuality, spirituality, gossip, men/women dynamics, relationships, romance, art, technology, travel, sports, health, food, dancing, architecture, investment, computers, entertainment, music, art, comics, etc. Craft this into your customized opening line when you walk up to a woman. Once again, do this in context. If you are in a grocery store, talk about your love of food and ask her what she loves. If you are at a video store talk about your favorite movie and ask her what she kind of movies she likes. If you are at a club, talk about why you love dancing and what inspires her about it. Formulating your own opening line, just as you did in the questions section is going to come off much more powerfully because it is a genuine interest of yours. Using set lines can work, but nothing is as enticing as you being

yourself in the most polished, intriguing, and potent way possible. You will also be more congruent because you are actually interested in the things your like! Do this. Take your time in crafting your passions, interests, and hobbies into a way to approach women. It will be worth every second that you spend on it!

Be an Exciting Man
Now that we have gone over body posture, eye contact, voice, conscious creation, questions, sharing your strengths, and sharing your passions, we will add to this palette of attractive qualities the fun, playfulness, and excitement that will be the icing on the cake. Women do want to be with dominant, alpha male, and bad boys because it can pull them out of their sometimes boring, mundane, or perhaps even harsh reality where they have tons of school assignment, have to take care of necessities of life, or have to work 9 to 5 in a job they do for the money to survive and not out of their love of it. When they are not within their daily grind and reality, they want someone fun, adventurous, and exciting to play with. She does not just want a warrior and someone who can protect and provide for her. With the foundational qualities in place, she really wants co-create tons of fun and pleasure with you. Learn to turn mundane situation into something that is extraordinary, adventurous, and fun even if only in perspective. If you can do this, you are well on your way to having incredible juicy interactions with her. If you

can make her laugh, and remember the delight that can be life, then she will definitely want to play more with you. Learn to use your imagination, creativity, and ability to exaggerate. If you are in a grocery store and you're in the cereal aisle, imagine what it would be like to eat 10 bowls of cereals while watching a movie, or mixing Fruit Loops, Coco Puffs, and Grapenuts in one bowl, or what it would be like to lay Cheerios over each other’s bodies and eat it off each other for Sunday Brunch, etc. Ask her if she has ever had Captain Crunch licked off her belly and if she would like to try. Use your creativity and imagination and put the two of you in situations exciting, that would be fun and exciting even if you are just talking about it. Be funny and creative in a way that takes both of out of the seemingly ordinary reality into the realm of magic that can be right around the corner. Even in a grocery store, you could race up and down the aisles, see what faces you can carve into an apple, have a fight with broomsticks, tickle each other with lettuce, and create fun games that you two can play. Women love to laugh and be entertained. So be an entertainer. Being with a woman, once again, is a science and an art. Appreciate her as a flowing, divine goddess and you get to have the opportunity of drawing out her most amazing, luscious, and juicy aspects while co-creating incredible adventures with her. Another aspect of creating fun and laughter is in combining seemingly unrelated elements together in an interesting combination. This includes putting people and circumstances together that are awkward, taboo, or

strange. An easy way to use this is to combine sensuality and sexuality with almost any object and circumstance. Since sexuality can still be a bit sexuality repressed and taboo in our society, combing it with “normal” objects, places, and circumstances will usually create great humor. This serves a secondary purpose of infusing delicious aspects of sensuality into your interactions. Don’t go overboard initially with overt sexual innuendos. Rather, focus on playful sensual aspects such as licking, touching, and kissing. For example, ask her if she has ever had strawberry juice licked off the back of her knees, what it would be like to be massaged with a fur coat, or if she has ever kissed while submerged in a pool before. Another part of creating scandalously gleeful experiences with her is to tease her. Tease her like she's already an old friend or your little sister. If she was your little sister, what would you say to her? Say those things without holding back. Be comfortable with her. Once again, one of the things that turn women off is if you put her on a pedestal, where you don't feel like you deserve her, or that you need to do something and pay for everything in order to earn her affection. her. Play with her like you deserve her Women want to be met and they want a playmate and a warrior who can protect and provide for her. So be both. If she doesn’t like to be dirty, pretend to wipe some sauce on her clothes. If she is ticklish, tickle her. If she takes an hour to get ready, next time have her give you a massage for every minute she makes you wait. Tease, don’t criticize, use her idiosyncrasies to create even more fun and play between you. Being an exciting man also means that you can be spontaneous Recently, spontaneous. me and my lover was at a resort that had an amazing pool with a huge

sun bathing area that had sand imported from the beach. It was late at night and we both got buck naked and swam, played, and danced with each other in the pool. This created the basis for an extra juicy night of love making. Why be spontaneous and create excitement? Because women are emotional creatures. If you can stimulate her emotions, whether it's on a good or a bad level, she will become excited, and excitement allows her juices, literally, to flow. This is why women love soap opera and drama. On some level, the up and downs and unexpected situations make her feel alive, it makes her go through the range of her emotions. Surprise her in ways that delight her. Be flexible and have the objective be creating the most fun possible with her which might mean letting go of dogma, set plans, and preconceived notions and rules. Have your woman associate amazing emotions with you. Tell and elicit stories from her that are fun and exciting. Practice ways where you can elicit positive emotions out of your friends and family. Learn how to lead women out of emotional lows into peace, then laughter, then joy. Become emotions, comfortable with the range of your own emotions so that when you are with a woman who you truly enjoy, you get to serve her with your emotional mastery. Women will be able to sense this ability in you as you talk to them. A rare man who is in touch with his emotions and can share this delicious aspect with a woman is much harder to find than a beautiful woman, and women will become super attracted to you for this level of emotional mastery. Learn some skills that naturally contain elements of surprise, fun, and excitement. Go to a magic shop and have them show you great street

magic and buy the ones that you are the most impressed with. Go up to women and tell them that you are just getting into magic and if they would like to see a trick. Almost everyone loves to be jolted out of the mundane into the fantastic and magical realms. Learn how to make some simple balloon animals. Learn how to do origami out of paper bills. Stop women and show them tricks as a way to break the ice. Part of being an exciting man is to be someone who can lead and teach her on some level physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Thumb wrestle her and win. Get a hold a few mildly challenging mind bender games and see if she can solve them. Lead her in games where you are slightly better. This doesn’t mean to avoid all things that she is good at or to pick women who are weak, klutzy, and dumb. You are just demonstrating initially that you are a strong, powerful, intelligent, and stimulating person to be with. Be original, be fun, be spontaneous, be exciting, and women will adore you for it.

The Art of Appreciation
With the foundation of being a powerful, solid, and grounded man, the woman ability to appreciate and enjoy your woman is huge in amplifying her attraction to you. The ability to appreciate allows you “have” a lot without necessarily “having” a lot. A man who has a million dollar house without appreciating it might be focused on the large mortgage and that becomes the experience he is having. Conversely, a “poor” man who lives in a village and fishes, hangs out with his friends, and has fun with his children while loving his simple life is having the experience of joy and laughter.


This will come in handy as you dine with your woman because most women read into everything. Every woman has her great points and her faults. sensitivity to body sensations is a cultivated 84 . Just as you learned to play sports. This is a practice and a skill that can be cultivated. One simple way to begin developing this natural ability is to learn to appreciate food. or in the way you walk. I have emphasized slow. Slow down as you eat and really allow yourself to enjoy the texture.The ability to appreciate can be translated in taking your time to magnify what you love about your woman. grounded. Take your time and notice what you appreciate about a food. so this is an easy way for most people to hone this skill of appreciation which you will later transfer to your woman. Many women equate how you experience food and how you move your body with how good you are in bed. It is through appreciation that you get to draw out the amazing aspects of her. Learn to slow down because if you are hurried it hints at the fact that you are scrambling and do not have your stuff together. By developing the habit of appreciation. Take your time to chew. and deliberate movement as attractive qualities whether in your body posture. Appreciate food. and the flavor that the food brings you. Learn to slow down and savor your food. enjoy So enjoy your food for the sake of being better in bed. Show her you sensitivity through how you take in the nuances in your food. the aroma. in your mannerism. so you can turn her on just by the way you savor your food. You probably love food already. you can turn a mundane experience into a rich experience. slow. and art. Now I am going to help you polish your social skills to help you convey even more value when you are talking 85 . your job. your skills. and take 1 minute daily to look for what is life. emotionally. trees. and create magnetic attraction. convey incredible value. the internet. From food. We will visit the art of appreciation often throughout the book. Practice this art as often as you can. great in your life. your family. For now take time to look for what is incredible about your life and your woman and expand the beauty that is already there as much as possible. music. and if you are to become a complete lover then appreciation starting with food becomes an essential skill to grow. expand your appreciation to include everything around you appreciation including your living space. Then use this skill to look for things to appreciate in your woman. you cell phone. and spiritually? Get specific. This skill will be useful for all the stages and phases of the relationship dance and can be the glue that bonds you and your woman together. your car. the sky. Social Proof You have now been well prepared to walk up to women. mentally. movies. Ask yourself what you like about your woman physically. What features on her face do you love the most? What about her personality is incredibly sexy? How is she intelligent in subtle ways? The ability to appreciate her can be used to draw out and expand the most incredible qualities in your woman and turn you into a pillar of amazing reflection for her. your friends. your entertainment center.

to a woman. exciting. He is outgoing. Anytime someone has a name tag on their shirt. you want to stack the odds in your favor. If you have gone to any stores. and exciting aspects of your woman. find out something special about them. Find out what they like and dislike about their job. then you are already elevating your social status in introducing her to new arenas. where you know people. Grow the quality of being social in yourself. take the time to introduce yourself. call them by name. An exciting man is social and meets people and connects with them everywhere he goes. and the same skill will be used to draw out the most fun. makes friends easily. unique. This is an extension of being an exciting man. cafes. One way to do this in the beginning is to go to places that you are familiar with. or even better. You can naturally be more relaxed and have the feel of the cool guy there. practice your skills of asking them questions to know them better and become friends with the people who serve you. If you know people who you can introduce your woman to. Expand their great qualities. You can brighten people’s days just by doing this. friendly. 86 . Even if only the cashier knows you by name at a coffee shop. People like to be acknowledged and feel special rather than being just a cog in the wheel. As you practice being and exuding the most brilliant aspect of yourself. it elevates your status because it shows that you are social enough to create rapport with people and for them to remember you. demonstrating to new possibilities. and they still do not know you by name. and entertaining. and demonstrating that you are the social hub. and restaurants for awhile. Why is this? Because there is a natural confidence that comes when a place is familiar to you and the people know you and like you.

then expand out where you can have this same feeling. This is true especially for women who are normally social creatures. you are bound to find women you are attracted to. Then.There is a fine line in going to familiar places in the beginning to boost your confidence versus relying on familiar places. This is especially important because the women who you are attracted to might not always be hanging around your old stomping grounds. You will introduce people to each other and become a social hub. Practice being the social hub. It is a quality that will add to your attractive traits and will make it easier to meet and attract women. 87 . and you are serving to expand their social circles just by merging two groups who previously wouldn’t have met each other. Your social circles will grow. being. Then. In furthering your skill in this arena. This way you can create social proof anywhere you go. Many women will become extremely attracted to you just from the fact that you are a social hub who gets her to meet new and interesting people. Use this as a confidence developer in approaching women. first go up to a group she is not in and be social. introduce her to new groups you just met. exciting. meet two new groups of people and introduce them to each other. approach the group that she is in and be social while not giving her any special attention. This is a skill worthy of practice. and interesting people. and relaxed confidence wherever you go. Everyone loves meeting new. Practice being social and expand your sphere of comfort. People are usually shy about meeting people outside of their group. At this point. introduce the two groups together. meet new groups of people wherever you go. When you meet new people and groups of people everywhere. In fact. If you see a woman you are interested in.

Practice this art by being social with people everywhere you go. flirt. Celebrate what? Celebrate the fact that you have the balls to celebrate for no good reason. Go a step further and take a woman who you just met and introduce her to all the people who you just met and create social proof. you have no chance with her. and her eyes were locked onto mine and wouldn’t budge. After you have mingled a bit. and outgoing person. have fun. Go for a second round of clinking glasses with everyone and this time introduce yourself and meet people. Her relationship with her social group is much more important than a stranger. and begin a great conversation with her. but if she is interested enough in you she won’t budge. ask her some questions about herself. Now introduce people who you just met to other people you have just met. social. Her friends might often try to “protect” her by pulling her suppose away. get something to drink and clink glasses with everyone in the bar to celebrate. If you are at a bar. Everybody loves a celebration and a fun. which is what they are suppose to do to show care. she will feel incredible attraction towards you. it will seem normal since you have been social with everyone else to be curious about her as well. You will grow to become a social hub which will elevate your status in women’s 88 . If you create a good enough conversation and convey enough value through everything we have talked about.If her group doesn’t like you. This is the level of attraction that you want to create. I have had this happen several times where we were having such great conversation and connection that her friends left or her friends would be actually pulling on her arm to go. This is the art of developing social decorum and of creating progressive comfort that is smooth rather than jolting.

eyes. and as you grow yourself into a true gift of a man. People and women then look to you to connect them to each other and you will slowly grow into a leader in social interactions which is extremely extremely desirable to women. and meeting incredible women will be easy for you. then at least go back and do just 1 exercise right now. Once again. you will become a social hub for amazing people. Being social has a snowball effect. 89 . then there must be something really special about you. then there are probably good reasons for women to like you. Action Steps for Conveying Value You have been given many of exercises in this phase to prepare yourself fully. you will be far ahead of someone who just read the book without taking any action. Taking actio is. If you think “I’ll do it later”. Being social will grow to be a part of who you are. Go back through all the writing assignments and visualization exercise to gain the maximum benefit out of presenting and growing into your most marvelous self. Having a lot of great new perspective is not going to get you the women you want. The underlying reasons for why social proof can generate a lot of instantaneous attraction is the fact that if lots of people find you to be likeable. If sexy and amazing women who are usually picky about who they hang out with are being social with you. If you haven’t done them yet. Later usually means never. this book iis only as s valuable as the time you put in practicing and implementing the principles. If you didn’t read the book and just did all action the exercises and took all the action steps in each phase. then take the time to do them now.

000. you are ready to further accelerate your learning by going up to real women in the real world. Initially. a walk on the beach. You have already been given the assignment of making eye contact with 20 women a day. or a chocolate extravaganza?” 90 . This is important because most of the time.Start now to commit to growing into a man who women are naturally attracted to. That man is a man of action. you are going to add on approaching approaching days 2 new groups of people each of the 5 days that you are doing the previous exercises and start a conversation. Now for the conveying value phase. a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve what he desires. you can just make up a question. be in a group of people rather than being alone. “Do you think women prefer guys with lots of money and are ok in bed or with not much money but are incredible in bed?”. or how much would you do it for?”. I hereby give you the “official” assignment of questions surveying people with thought provoking questions like. as you walk up to a group. or “Would you have a child and raise him or her from a man who pays you $100. and engaging 3 of them in conversation for 5 days a week. a massage. If you don’t have anything. Be that man. a candlelit dinner. Once you have done all the internal preparation and exercises. the woman you will end up feeling really attracted to will alone. Women are social creatures and it is more likely that a high caliber woman will have many friends and a large social circle so it is key to be comfortable talking with her group and then with her. saying hello to 10 of them. or “What do you think is more romantic for a date.

having a conversation with 3 of them. Just commit to doing it. saying “hello” to 10 of them. make it happen. Tension Stage I Phase III Dynamic Tension The classic ideal between a man and a woman is to mutually fall head over heels in love with each other! One of the most painful scenarios is to have one side much more in love with the other.You can frame these questions by saying that you are in the process of learning about the essence of how women think and what fulfills women and would love to get actual opinions to help you in the process. and you will soon get to enjoy the amazing improvements in how women interact with you. Since this is an “official” assignment. and talking to 2 new groups of people for 5 days this week. go wild with it. Put it on your calendar and do it. use the exercises in this phase to ask them powerful questions. Even in the brief initial meeting. ask as many people and women as you can. Once again. happen. Practice makes perfect. and at the very least approach 2 new groups a day for 5 days this week. Ask these questions to men as well just to get their perspective. intrigue them. actions you take are what really count if you are serious about improving your skills with meeting and attracting women. you will be making eye contact with 20 women a day. you can set the ground work for creating the tension and attraction that comes from a dance that allows for progressive building of 91 . Use all the tools you have learned to talk with them for as long as you can. The calendar it. Write this assignment down. With the women you are engaging in conversations. Have fun with it. and convey incredible value through stories. and have fun.

Many times during dating.attraction by giving each other the space and opportunity to choose to come toward each other. then even if one person isn’t stoking the fire in the moment. What happens when only one person chases? The other person usually runs away. the other person can be infusing energy into the relationship and vice versa. or marriage the sexual tension will go flaccid because it is a one way dynamic and the man is no longer infusing the same passion as he did initially. how to allow her to come towards you as you move toward her so that you can create a tiering effect of your attractions toward each other. How would you like it if you adore your woman so much that you are always inspired to take her out having fun. romantic. he sets up the dynamic that she has a greater value while he is trying to “win her over” at all cost. You can have incredible value or little value depending on how you frame the interactions between two people. over time if the woman is always the one with the higher value she will simply leave and find another guy who is of greater value. When only one person. If the relationship was set up in the beginning where both people were fervent toward each other. relationship. and sensuous 92 . In this section you will learn how to consciously dial up and draw out any feelings of attraction that your woman feels for you. Although this might be flattering in the beginning. usually the man. The ideal model for the dynamic tension phase is to have both the man and the tension woman consciously infused dynamic tension into the relationship. This implies that he has a lesser value and needs to “prove himself”. The interesting thing is that there is no “inherent” value to anyone. is “chasing” after the other.

to spray. On the other extreme. Consciously Creating Dynamic Tension How do you masterfully create dynamic tension with your woman? One of the most core components in creating dynamic tension is to allow the woman to come toward you in demonstrating her attraction for you. to high pressure blast and be able to water direct the water of dynamic tension and attraction precisely. If you think about a water hose. intelligent. holding back and not giving your all would be like turning the water down until there is only a trickle. and nurturing woman is so passionate about you that she loves going down on you every chance she has even while you are driving and worships you as a God amongst men? This incredible sensual and sexual tension becomes possible when the woman feels the same passion towards you as you toward her. or drown out the plants they are suppose to nurture. In giving your all in playing with your woman while challenging her to show up as someone worthy of being your playmate. Some men make the mistake of “holding back” rather than “consciously creating tension” with the concept of equal passion.adventurous with her while your sexy. some men will have no control of their passion and get the water where it isn’t suppose to go. you are going to drive her attraction for you right through the roof. This towards dynamic can be consciously set up during the dynamic tension phase of the relationship dance and revitalized during any relationship regardless of how long it lasts. If 93 . What you want to do is to consciously creating tension where you turn the water all the way up while having a multi-setting nozzle where you can easily switch from mist.

We value being chosen after a stringent selection process where we feel “special”. the question that comes up for her isn’t “should I continue to interact with this guy?” It becomes. The dynamic tension phase follows the principle that we usually value things that we have to work a bit harder for. you would have to pass through a series of rigorous selection processes. This allows the space for her to demonstrate her incredible 94 .you have created the proper amount of enticing appeal during the initial contact and conveying value phases. and once you are accepted. “should I pay this much money to go to this school?” This is the same mentality that you want to create with a woman who you are attracted to. then allowing the woman to now “chase you” a bit will turn the attraction way up because you now have two people simultaneously stoking the fires of passion. The dynamic tension gets created when she feels like you are such an incredible man who knows what he wants that she wants to prove herself herself to be worthy of being with you. not everyone can get into Harvard University. When navigated properly. what can I do to make sure that I am with him?” him?” Once you have created enough value and reasons for her to choose being with you. By being accepted into Harvard. This is why in the initial contact and conveying value phase you want to steer away from bragging or overly seeking her approval rather than just knowing and conveying your high value. you feel like you have just been given an incredible stamp of approval and few people ask. For example. incredible “He’s such an incredible catch. knowing exactly what qualities you desire in a woman would allow you to qualify her and genuinely compliment her when she exhibits these qualities.

create conscious 95 . then having a clear selection process is important in having women worthy of playing with you complete the attraction circle by meeting your criteria for the qualities you desire. the more you are likely to “smother” “smother” her with your attraction if you are not consciously creating tension. you were looking for beyond her initial beauty she will feel justified in choosing you more fully because you are a high quality man with clear standards who appreciates the subtle qualities that she has developed. There can be a tendency to keep on generating more and more attraction by continuing to “prove” yourself to her. you are consciously creating tension to spice up how you relate to each other. unsure of yourself. Keep in mind throughout that you are not holding back and turning the water into a trickle. Not only will she feel more attraction towards you from having you choose her more fervently AFTER she exhibits the qualities choose beauty. you attracted woman. Once this dynamic tension is created. The more you feel attracted to a woman. This is where the attraction begins to decrease because now you are overextending yourself and sub-communicating that you are lacking confidence. If in these moments you can take a deep breath.attraction for you and start “chasing” you in this phase of dynamic tension. and uncertain of your worth in being with her. Grow into a Man Women Fight Over When you develop yourself into a man who can be a true gift to almost any woman. you can then choose her more and more fully to stoke the ambers of desire into a conflagration of passion for each other. dynamic tension.

96 . If you feel the need to grasp and be needy. graciou ious. and be incredibly passionate and devour his woman with love when that is called for. Since women love reading into things. Practice as you gradually increase your capacity to be able to feel more and more in your body and be able to control and funnel that energy with grace and ease. and demanding situations. won’t set that they can never live up to. you can always attract another woman equally as beautiful. and caring. then they won’t want to set themselves up for the fall. challenging. It’s a rare man who can stay cool. Know that she would be every bit as lucky to have you as you would be to have her. and solid as a rock under the most rigorous. brilliant. how you handle anything is how you handle everything. consciously take a deep breath and remember the amazing man that you are. Within this phase you are increasing your ability to handle incredible emotions amounts of emotions and energy in your body. the resulting tension and attraction will be explosive. and that if for some reason the relating does not work out. One of the mind sets to take on especially when you feel extremely attracted to someone is one of knowing that you are a gift to this woman. gracious. then consciously increase the tension and allowing her to come towards you. joyful. Note that if you just suppress or push down the attraction.tension and allow yourself to lean back and have her come towards you. then that decreases the tension and the attraction becomes distorted. The key is to let yourself feel the attraction fully. grounded. If you have the blinders for women who you falsely project perfection upon women to.

and ravish her with your adoration. wife beater 2. immature. conservative.presence. depressed. Lots of energy/emotions with lots of control . nice guy 3.. the complete lover Having practiced increasing your energy and directing it. In the same breath. Before we move on.nerd. boy 4. you can then “test” her to see whether she is “qualified” to be with you.jock. You are a man who knows that he touch can handle any and all of the range of emotions that a woman can throw at him and have it dissolve like a rock being thrown into the ocean. you are in touch with your emotional power and can express the greatest joy and love in adoring and appreciating your woman. jerk. and comfortable in his body.Renaissance man. Juan. I want to give you a reference point of the four major categories that most men fit into in terms of energy/emotions and the ability to funnel these energies: 1. Lots of energy/emotions with no control . Little energy/emotions with lots of control . Don man. stiff. You are that vast. You are becoming a man who is powerful in his presence. ungrounded. 97 . Little energy/emotions with little control – depressed. knowing that you can give her the gift of your incredible masculinity. being able to celebrate her range of emotions. sensitive in his touch.

value. Women love that! A really desirable woman does not want a needy and clingy man. She does not want to be a man’s entire world. who has direction. What does that say about you. 98 . and who can show her things beyond her present perspectives. gets on What if you can have incredible women fight over who gets to even go on a date with you? This is the feeling that you want to be creating around you. and intrigue communicates the fact that you adore her but you don’t need her. and how would you speak to someone if incredible women have to qualify themselves to be with you? Again. You will naturally develop the skills to smoothly create dynamic tension with women and amplify the attraction and pleasure between you. you are beginning to take the steps necessary in becoming the man who can attract the quality of woman who you deserve. in the beginning there might be a gap between where you are and where you desire to be. and not to gain her approval. It is in the closing of this gap step by step in growing yourself as a man and in expanding the gifts that you can bring to any woman that the full integration of this phase occurs. Allowing her to come to you after creating the foundation for attraction. By doing the exercises and action steps you are slowly becoming the man who is naturally attractive to women. think about Harvard. Yes.000 a year. This is the energy you intend to create in the dynamic tension phase. She wants a man who can add to her life. You choose to give her your all because of who you are approval. you are going to see if this incredibly desirable woman qualifies to be with you. Just by reading this book. how would you hold yourself.Yes. People fight to qualify themselves to PAY THEM well almost $40.

presence. interests. Yes. Get clear about what would really fulfill you in a woman. her personality. Write down what you love in women. some of these 99 . Sure. You can genuinely approve and choose a woman who can have the privilege of your company. This way woman. or settle for a woman just because you're desperate for sex. Write down and get clear about what would make you ecstatic to have in would a woman.. and her qualities as well as her physical beauty. you will naturally come across as being selective. traits that will make your soul soar and your heart sing.Women Define What You Want in Women One of the really important steps in the successful navigation of the dynamic tension phase is knowing what you want in a woman. you won't just settle for any woman. When the right woman comes along and she is genuinely “qualified” and meets the criteria that you desire. women. Write down the personalities that are truly attractive and woman necessary for you. connectedness. and qualities that would make you truly happy. Once you have your criteria. When you are this clear. Be as specific as you can. Once you've developed the qualities of being an amazing man. so write down all the physical qualities that you find absolutely irresistible along with the personality. looks can be really important to you. the attraction will be amplified even more because she will be justified in being chosen for the deeper beauty of her essence. and qualities that would make up a woman who you can be absolutely crazy about. and love would only be natural. be clear and decide whether or not you want to interact with a woman depending on her qualities. being selective about women who deserve to have your level of consciousness.

Do this exercise. but don’t stop there. Personality and ways of being 3. a great dancer. preferences 5. and sexual preferences 6. Take out a piece of paper or your journal and do it now. creative. Read these qualities once in the morning and once at night for at least 5 days this week. 100 . Take the time to do it. then you’ll settle for anything. Women will smell this quality about you and you won’t get the time of day with high quality women who are selective about the men they choose. and religion Take the time to do this exercise. loves sex. Core beliefs. Hobbies. intelligent. spirituality. There is no time like the present. flowing. do you want a woman who is caring. No excuses just do it. or quirky? Take a piece of paper and write out qualities that you want in women under these major categories: 1. living. artistic. Looks and physical characteristics 2. Dig deeper. Talents and type of intelligence living. Be the man who takes the necessary actions to get what he wants. Food. reflexively kind. and career 4. to This exercise is very important. If you have never considered some of the qualities that you want in a woman. interests. nurturing. Friends and family attributes 7. deeper really thinks about your needs.qualities can include her breast shape and size.

Have you done it yet. Once you know what you want. When she feels like there are good reasons that you choose to be with her then she can also choose to be with you more fully. You are developing yourself as a complete lover. but who also has the sensitivity to appreciate the subtle qualities in women. you have the opportunity to validate her and reward her for exhibiting traits that you genuinely love and she will feel legitimate in being with you. and in control. If a woman thinks that you just want to sleep with her for her looks. it will make her attraction too one sided. she will usually not allow you to go any further with her. By completing the cycle of attraction in creating dynamic tension and getting clear about what characteristics fulfill you. as a truly desirable male. or are you just moving on? At the very least write down the answer to one of the categories of what you want in a woman. So hone the fine art of creating dynamic tension with her in playing playing full on and building sizzling attraction for each other. Be clear about what you desire in a woman in terms of her personality. If you continue to amplify her attraction toward you without you showing genuine qualified attraction for her. she might have to turn off. Alright. Take the time to just sit back and check her out and make sure that you validate her for the places where you find her amazing. dominant. as a rare jewel of a man who has the qualities not only to be alpha. Just out of protection. I will assume that you have taken some form of action. Make sure that you convey to her “why” 101 . attractive. women will feel that you are attracted to her looks along with something deeper. and attributes so that as she can show up with these qualities. and juicy. characteristics. not only will she feel cheapened.

and the way she responds to your questions. When done properly. Ask her questions where she has to show you some depth of her thinking experience. what would you create for the world? What are your favorite hobbies and what inspires you about them? What do your friends love about you? What would you say is the best part of your personality? What is something amazing about you that only people close to you know? 102 . and experience. one of first ways to see whether the woman you are with have these qualities is to ask her questions to get a glimpse at her are attracted to her and letting her know specific reasons you choose to be with her. she will feel seen for her deeper core and cherish you for being the precious man who understands and few appreciate her for the profound qualities that few others notice. For example: What dreams and aspirations do you have? If you won the lottery and you can’t donate the money. Creating Dynamic Tension with Finesse Now that you have written down a specific list of qualities that you desire in a woman.

then she is demonstrating attraction to you. When you review the list of qualities that you want in a woman day and night. It is important for you to be clear and specific about what you desire in a woman so that when she exhibits the qualities that you love. The fact that you even notice these qualities about her will have her feel qualified to be with you and for there to be genuine reasons for why you are attracted to her. If she is qualifying herself to you. depth. Tell her that you wrote out a list of what you want in a woman and that she meets so many of the criteria you love and she will feel authentically validated for the person that she has developed into which will amplify the attraction between you manifold. and thoughtfulness. then compliment her on her insight. This will create tension and her innate mechanism of wanting to prove herself will kick in. it will be easy for you to be exited when she shows you some of these qualities. fascinated. let her know in no uncertain terms.Do you think you chose your parents before you were born? If you had all the time and money in the world what would you learn? If you could have one superpower what would it be? If she gives a lame answer then ask “is that it?” with a sly smile that challenges her. you have legitimate reasons to validate her for having lived up to what you expect from a woman worthy of your caliber. 103 . If you are intrigued. or impressed with her. because if she doesn’t like you why would she need to prove herself to you? If she gives you an answer that shows some substance.

and you seem like you might be one of these women. she probably had to cultivate over time within herself. so tell me about the most incredible adventure that you have had. in this phase. This is bold and has to be done with some finesse. you want her to rise up to the challenge so that you can praise and admire her. When she feels like you see her deeply. Women also want to feel like a guy likes 104 . Any great qualities that she has.” If there are signs of resistance. Unlike the previous phase where you might want to beat her at thumb wrestling or stomp her with a mind bender to convey your value. You can also “qualify” your woman by challenging her to be. she will feel a bond with you which will have her open up to you even more. the point here is to amplify her attraction toward you by having her succeed in qualifying herself and have specific reasons why you choose to be with her. then you probably haven’t created enough attraction or conveyed enough value and you need to go back to work on the first two phases of the attraction stage.Another great way to “qualify” women is to state what you love in a woman and ask her for examples of how she embodies this quality. or solve something. know Women love to know that they are beautiful so tell her she is stunning and gorgeous whenever you can. then she is beginning to qualify herself to you and you are cocreating some delicious dynamic tension. If she plays along. do. “I love women who are adventurous and willing to take risks so that we can create exciting experiences together. she doesn’t qualify if she “fails” your challenges. An example would be. The point here isn’t to prove that you are superior. Remember. There is nothing more rewarding than to be seen for what we have consciously worked for. say. Be ready and watch the sparks fly.

then you are making eye contact with 20 women. and that on some level you are doing the qualifying and she is pursuing. When they begin to qualify themselves to you. By having her qualify herself. otherwise. create as much dynamic tension as you can by asking her questions that would take a deeper 105 . gifts. and starting conversations with 3 of them as well as talking to 2 new groups of people for 5 days this week. You also sub-communicate that you have been taking careful notes. you communicate that you like her for much more than just her looks. saying “hello” to 10 of them. and telling her the details and subtleties of thing you like about her. “testing” her. demonstrate your humor. When you have built up the level of attraction and she is really intrigued by you. This creates all the right dynamics in completing the circle of attraction.them for who they are not based on just looks. giving her small challenges. why would they bother? Secondly. For the women who you engage in conversation. and value and implement all the conversations skills that I have gone over including asking her powerful questions and directing the level of the conversation. first they rationalize that they must really like you. insight. Action Steps for Qualifying Women If you are doing the assignments as I have outlined. skills. you stand out from all the other men as someone who can finally meet her equally and who she can be proud to be with. Creating dynamic tension with women properly will blow their minds because they are so used to having men prostrate themselves and do anything for their attention.

and she has demonstrated some of the qualities that you desire. “Wow. and she can feel free to say yes or no. If you encounter women who you are genuinely attracted to. Get their number. then getting her number is easy. and complimenting her when she exhibits incredible qualities that you love. Practice makes perfect. Just say. you really intrigue me. have a conversation. 106 . If you have paved the way and have created the proper level of attraction with her. you will feel like a pro and be getting dates as easily as riding a bike after you learned how. asking for her number can be as simple as getting up the courage to just ask for it. Just do it. and I would love to hang out with you more. If you are having conversations with 3 women a day for 5 days this week. ask for her number or take her to a café where you can sit and connect further. then out of 15 women. you walk up to her. you will probably find at least 1-3 1of them attractive. “what’s you number?” You could say “can I have your number?” but it would be asking for her “permission” and slightly weakens the sexual tension. Hang out with them. You have successfully navigated through the first level of the attraction stage and it is now time to take action to move your attraction into the stage of connection. After a couple weeks of this. You claim what you want. Yes. challenge her slightly. Commit to doing this and just do it. and get her number.thought process to answer. Have it become automatic that every time you see a woman who you are genuinely attracted to. Practice the words “what’s you number?” in the mirror 50 times before you go out if necessary.

Raw. focus on the practice of creating as much attraction and dynamic tension as possible and the numbers will come naturally. Write this down on your calendar. For now. If this is a woman you are seeing for the first time. Practice makes perfect. then on average over the next 7 hours which might span 2 or 3 dates the two of you will decide to either take it to the next sensual or sexual level or to part as friends. passionate. primal passionate. For a new woman. The connection stage is the filling in of the details that resulted from that initial attraction. This stage is where you are building the foundation for how you relate with your woman. Go get’em! Stage II Connection The connection stage is the longest cycle in the relationship dance. 107 . Follow through with your commitment. Get comfortable with the idea of rejection. Do it because moving past your fears is one of the best ways to grow as an amazing man. The attraction stage gives you both an idea of whether there is even anything that is so compelling that you have to explore with each other. the initial level of the attraction stage averages about 15 minutes to successfully navigate. you will be getting their numbers 90% of the times you ask.Commit to asking for 11-3 numbers this week. not necessarily get their numbers. attraction is fast. Have asking be the exercise. and instinctual. Do it even if every cell in your body is against the idea. With time and improving skill. Commit to doing this. and don’t worry about the result. Notice I said ask for.

If you are already in a relationship. and depth to it. knowledge. and draw out amazing qualities from your woman that you never knew were there. solid. connection. the attraction. if you 108 . you start at amplifying attraction again. it is almost impossible to build a big house on it. These are the pillars that will have your relationship continue to grow. and stable foundation you can create your mansion of rapturous pleasure. So chill out. If the foundation you create is small. By having a huge. ecstatic. feel each other out. mastery. then take the connection even deeper. only transitioning through it so that the next time you come back to it. your relationship. find the common ground that you are building with one another.Remember. how sassy. The depth that you create in the connection stage is inextricably linked to amount the amount of sensual. I will go over the connection stage as if it is your first date and give you all the foundations necessary to successfully navigate through this stage. you bring even more of your insight. blossom. and have the sexual exploration and communion be even more explosive. and deepen with each other. and how mind blowing her sensual and sexual experience is with you. and communion stages are circular. Once again. You are never “done” with a stage. This means that once you have “completed” one round. It is a circle that spirals upward in bringing you and your woman the most mind blowing experiences with each other. and orgasmic potential in your woman. sexual. It constitutes at least 75% to how wild. how passionate. and pleasurable. read even more closely to see what aspects of the connection stage foundations you have not yet built into relationship. In the connection stage you will have lots of time to get to know her. wisdom.

and visions as well as her fears. I will be giving you fine distinctions all along the way to help you become confident in leading her at the pace and depth that she is comfortable with. further develop your skills in the fine art of conversations. hopes. and shadows. You will also learn how to ask powerful questions that delve into the depth of you and your woman’s aspirations. deepen not take the time to build comfort. As you go through the phases of the connection stage you begin to conversations. and in leading her progressive in sensual and sexual pleasure. in adoring her in ways that most women hunger for. being able to infuse humor into your conversations. and profound intimacy. then you are likely to just become friends. then you are not skillfully navigating the phases of the connection stage of building comfort. This is also the most important stage to develop if you want 109 . This includes being a great story teller. hurts. You will be learning and practicing the art of touch which is probably one of the most important skills to acquire in gauging the level of comfort in your woman. deepening connection. and create profound intimacy. if you are going too fast and aggressive or too slow and timid. While leading her into deeper levels of sensual exploration. and using your imagination to create new realms together with your woman. passions. This stage can feel like a stretch for many men in the skills that you will be developing including being vulnerable and walking the path as a warrior of the heart. The successful navigation of the phases of the connection stage will have you create a deep bond with your woman that will be the foundation for your sensual and sexual explorations in the communion stage. inspirations. dreams.

and driving in golf. When we feel like there is a common link tying us together. Some of you might still be hesitant to fully delve into this stage because it might seem foreign or uncomfortable for you. we feel closer. There is nothing like having something that two people are both really excited by and generating energy together toward a common end. The connection stage is as essential in drawing out the most exquisite basketball. more together. You cannot only go for touchdowns in football and win without developing a solid running and short passing game. To make some sports analogy. Comfort Stage II Phase I Building Comfort We like people who are like ourselves. If you want to give your woman the most mind-blowing to mindmultiple orgasms later. Take as much time as necessary in practicing and playing within this stage because connection is the cog in the wheel of your growing ability as a lover. the connection stage would be like dribbling and passing in basketball. and more connected. The 110 . You cannot just shoot the ball and have a great team. As soon as you put people on a team where they have a common goal to work toward many differences fall away. backhand in tennis. You cannot have a good golf game using only the putter without mastering the other grow yourself as an amazing lover and tap into the pleasure potential of your woman. You cannot win in tennis just counting on Aces on your serves all the time without developing a precise forehand and backhand stroke. this is the stage you have to master. pleasure out of your woman as dribbling in basketball. running in football.

By flushing out these nuances of what you love you will find out the finer points of each other’s minds and consciousness. begin to ask deeper questions so that you can build a more core foundation upon these commonalities. messages. If you want to find commonality in seemingly different interests. music. Share stories that illustrate why you love what you love and how these experiences make up who you are today. When you find a common interest like this. Go into things as much details as you can about the things you love and why you love them and ask her to do the same. A great place to start in building comfort with each other is to find out shared interests such as movies. and extremely pleasurable sensual and sexual connections are based that you build in finding commonality will be the pillars through which deep connection. art. etc. intimacy. and what movies and topic you would direct. There is a dichotomy where both finding commonality as well as having varying interests can bring two people closer together and create dynamic range in a relationship. “opposites attract” or “we are meant to be because we have so much in common”. style. ask her why she is passionate about that interest and what she feels and experiences by participating in what interests her. experiences. You can talk about the actor. These questions will begin to allow you to find common feelings that tie seemingly unrelated interests like rock climbing and salsa dancing together and build upon the feelings that exhilarate the two of you. and be able to co-create amazing worlds together. sports. Some of you may ask. 111 . dancing. what’s more true. theater. genre. etc. Take the example of movies. realizations.

etc.In this lovely world of paradox that we live in I will give you a deeper insight into the truth behind both of these statements as you build comfort with each other. An example of opposites attract might be a muscular athletic jock and a petite feminine woman. Another example might be male vs. In order to reach the top of one’s field they probably share the similar personalities of persistence. perseverance. These people with seemingly opposite skills. we create a bridge between “opposites attract” and have it easily cross over into commonality. realize. Now I will give you some examples of some possible thoughts that can contain both “opposites attract” and “we have so much in common”. By seeing the link between the seeming opposites. An example would be the fact that orange and blue are complimentary opposites. or create the thought that is large enough to contain the seemingly opposites thoughts.” The way to fully apply within thought this statement is to find. vision. By finding the commonality within any differences. To give another example. The spice generated from the differences than gets to be used to form a shared foundation. and they are both “colors” which would be the category that unites and contains both. females where both are “people”. and careers are both people who are at the “top of their field”. their body shapes are very different. and the other might be a CEO of a large company. Yes. one person might be an Olympic Gold medalist. “The key to genius is being able to hold two opposite thoughts within one single thought. any friction and energy from the differences can be used to create a vibrant dynamic energy that is then channeled into building a 112 . talents. willpower. yet what they share in common is that their bodies are the epitome of what would be stereotypically desirable in their gender.. Leonardo Divinci said. determination.

the more opposite people are. It’s the process of the positive ions flowing toward the negative that energy is generated. As you create and building intense energies while flow. and the more energy or attraction can be generated. flow. of attraction while creating channels and bridges for them to flow. This is an art and a science. then this can be like the different poles of the battery working as one unit.share. Just like the batteries. The key then is to develop the skill and art of doing both. if both people are skilled at finding commonality opposites or in bridging their seeming opposites. A full charged battery has the positive and negative ions at opposite ends. you will become deeply bonded with your woman within this dynamic dance. Use the differences to charge up the attraction and create dynamic passion while using the commonality to build the foundation of trust. However. It can be likened to a battery. and build with one another. Only when the bridge is built and the energy is allowed buil to flow does their potential become useful energy. The more seemingly opposite two people are. and a common goal to funnel all that energy toward. When the gaps are not properly bridged.. and pleasure can be generated. It can be easy to find similarities or differences. it can generate a lot of friction or arguments. It is simply the filter that we use to look at something. the more there is to learn from each other. share. the more possible attraction they can have because of the huge gap that can be bridged. passion. 113 . ease. foundation together where the two people can support. and incredible juice. These opposite ions are only potential energy. the more knowledge they have to exchange with each other.

vacations. On average. etc. media. celebration. incredible. food. As a general rule. it's about music. sensuality. humor. topics that interest women are things that can generate some form of emotions. Who you are in the present has been developed over the years through the influence of your parents. Become a complete lover because it is who you choose to be. but you can always expand and skills. Yes. society. The potential of who you get to be when you claim your power. celebrity gossip. but grow for the sake of growing. gadgets. get stuck in a job. and experiences and integrate them into the ever evolving you. interests. friends. enjoyment. and explore the richness of the world will astonish 114 . The essence of who you are might be the same. it would serve you to become well versed in topics that interest women. Some of these topics might include fashion. it’s about beauty. it’s about drama. travel. it's about the people. fun. they are less interested about accomplishment. incorporate skills. and focus. To begin. Why can’t I just be my self? What am I going to get? What is she going to do for me? What if I do all this and get nothing? Is this worth the trouble? Etc. It is in the premature closure of who you get to become and what life has to offer you that people grow old. and amazing women magnetically drawn to you. This is too much work. and lose the luster for life early on. and experiences. open your mind. Some of you guys might be saying at this point. it's about energy. and play. For women. competition. art. there will be side benefits of having gorgeous.Conversations Using Conversations to Build Comfort One of the most important elements in building bridges in understating each other better is being a great conversationalist.

style. Perhaps you have never checked out magazines on fashion. People who are unsure of themselves or where they are going can often criticize and judge others to procrastinate about directing their own lives. Get to this level of self-knowing. Become that man and have fun experiencing the richness what the world has to offer. 115 . Perhaps you have never gone to a health food store and smelled all the essential oils that are available. If you still absolutely need an “excuse” to explore these “feminine” topics. Perhaps you didn’t know what kind of manicure and pedicure accoutrements are to women Put yourself in a woman’s shoes and explore what you would be interested in. then say that you are in the process of mastering all aspects of the skills in pleasuring women. because nothing anybody thinks or says about you has any true bearing on who you are. bath salts. It takes a confident and solid man to explore outside his comfort zone. Grasp how women think so that you can be the rare man who can actually give them what they want. Continue to expand your knowledge on topics that interest women. If you are afraid of being called “gay” for doing all of this. Perhaps you haven’t taken the time to appreciate flowers in a flower shop. what kind of candles. rose pedals. If you were a woman and wanted to take a bath. would you use? Perhaps you have never read a romance novel and became curious to why this genre sells better than every other topic combined.. and art. incense. You are already developing your awareness of sensuality by reading this book. then examine where your self-worth and self-confidence is not yet as solid as it can be. etc.

Although it felt weird in the beginning. On top of putting yourself in a woman’s shoes and exploring all the possible topics that can generate more sensual pleasures for her. cared for. and loved. they really loved each other and wanted to give each other the best. and sharing the intricate 116 . and expand your experiences experiences in general. The woman would always make the man chicken soup because she wanted to give him the best. They had many big fights about how the other one didn’t care about them until they figured out that all they had to do was to give the other what “they” wanted.I will share a story with you about chicken soup and tomato soup to further illustrate the point. Give her what she actually desires and watch her blossom into her feminine flow and bless you with the fullness of her passion. cared for. go traveling. and really liked each other. Find out what “chicken soup” is for women in general and especially for especially the woman who you are dating. Being a great conversationalist is about the balance of drawing out the most intriguing and core aspects of your woman. pick up a new hobby. love. In fact. and the man would always make the woman tomato soup because he wanted to give her the best. So these two people got together. and loved. the woman who liked chicken soup made tomato soup for the man and the man who liked tomato soup made chicken soup for the woman and they felt really cared for. understood. There was a man who grew up on his mother’s tomato soup. adored. and loved. There was a woman who grew up on her mother’s chicken soup and every time she had chicken soup she would feel really comforted. and every time he had tomato soup he would feel really comforted. and juiciness. Neither of them was happy because they weren’t getting the soups that made them feel cared for and loved.

and feelings so that you get to spice up her experience of your stories. As you share your experiences and tell stories. the comfort building phase is the time to do it. details of your experiences what makes you alive. She doesn't want to be with a boring man. details. Once you learn the art of making any topic juicy. you can talk about usually “dry topics” and make it interesting to women. adventure. and the women will love it! Talk about that time when you got a massage from three different people. danger. then women can get into these topics with you. Write down your top ten if not twenty incredible 117 . How would you embellish the stories of your experiences and make your topic interesting? Pretend you are an actor. excitement. that Write down things that interest you and add the zing. and the core of who you are. how it awakened every single cell in your body. In the attraction stage. Be poetic about it. and explore topics that generate excitement and emotions. be dramatic. danger. amplify the emotion. Remember. So if you can talk about computers. and color as if you are a novelist.experiences. and sports with these criteria in mind. Women love to be led on a journey. unveil the hidden realms of the mind. You cannot simply be a protective alpha male and keep a woman’s interest. thrill. joy. through real experience. you wrote down some of your best qualities and most interesting experiences you've had. and how much you were enjoying it. challenge. joy. most women love anything with emotional content. hunting. relates to people. If you haven’t had a chance to share it with her. and how much your body felt opened after that experience and how much more sensitive you were to everything around you. challenge. and with global relevance. She wants to be entertained and talk about interesting subjects. or through a story. drama.

A pregnant moment of silence as you look deeply into her eyes and draw out the ending to your story can sometimes add much more drama and emotions. and just fill in the amazing details. you want to lead her into actual experiences where you are having these amplified sensual moments. includes travel and sightseeing for the eyes. flowers and essential oils for the nose. massage. These stories are exciting because they carry with them the possibility that the two of you will share in similar experiences together. light. music for the ears. Have these amazing experiences at the forefront of your consciousness so that you can share and express these experiences with bravado. This then further foreshadows how much sensual amplification you will bring to her in bed in and will have her curious to find out. yummy. Being dramatic does not mean that you have to jump up and down as you share with your woman. and pleasurable stories to engage her further. and fabrics. Practice this art of 118 .experiences. unexpected adventures. These experiences might be as simple as going to a restaurant with live music. and body sensations for touch. and bringing attention and appreciation to what you have around you. This five senses. Get to a point where you can practice making mundane things carry great emotional content. Women love everything that stimulates the five senses. soft. incredible food. food for taste. As much as you can. You can also lean forward and whisper sensuous. elicits senses. Tell your stories and share in a way that elicits all the senses. where you can talk about a cup on the table and add all kinds of interesting perspectives and meaning. experiences of sex out in the open. sensual body experiences perhaps sexy experiences.

119 . If you run out of stories and experiences to share for the moment. You can then lead her deeper into the sensual exploration or continue to deepen the level of conversation. Part of being able to amplify your attraction with a woman is in knowing what to compliment her on by listen between the lines to the core values that matter to her. women can get what fulfills them on a deep level which is the feeling of connection. phase. or holding her. The important part is not about the topic but topic. massaging. connect. just pause and look deeply into her eyes before gently touching. to relax. bonding that occurs in that connection and sharing. This is why many women can talk about random things for hours. The conversations and hanging out by itself creates a level of intimacy. Through great conversations. but rather about knowing how to listen. the most essential part is to just relax. I will continue to give you the details of how to do this every step of the way. women feel the satisfaction of the connection. and the sharing. By sharing topics that elicit one’s connection.creating something out of nothing. share. rather about the process of sharing one’s thoughts around the topic. share. and connect. How Know How to Listen Talking is a major part of the connection stage and one of the most important parts about being a great conversationalist ironically isn’t about talking. the excitement of living vicariously through other people’s experience. In the comfort building phase. core value and draws out one’s deeper feelings. of putting perceptual filters on a situation that changes the meaning of the situation completely.

the part of the shopping experience that she loves the most might be the process of discovery. then listen for the answer.You get to llisten for the meaning behind what she says. excitement. encouragement. It is in finding out the specific “path” that leads her to these higher level emotions that really matters. and pleasure. Find out what's isten truly important to her and give the attention. ways of combining fabric. but through the proper questions and listening. joy. of finding and appreciating all the brilliance people have in creating artistic design. fun. or “What is it about purses that really get you excited?”. you get to understand what truly fulfills her at the core about the shopping experience. you can ask her “What is it about shopping that you love?”. inspiration. talking with her friends while having a joined experience. You can continue to get the “deeper” reasons why something satisfies her and be able to help create experiences with her that may take on many different forms but share the common element of fulfilling her at a deeper level. and the synthesis of amazing patterns. love. play. support. as well as sharing and discovering 120 . For another woman. You might be talking about something as superficial as shopping. Finding Finding out the core of what fulfills her is easier than you think. it might be about the social aspect of being around so many people. For example. success. Listen for the higher level emotions that she communicates including communicates security. For example. protection. Just ask. because then you can help create more of these paths while doing anything with her. Listen for and elicit the details of how the specific experience of “shopping” leads her to these higher level emotions. happiness. and direction that would fulfill her on levels that she may not even be aware of.

Amplify these aspects of her through your careful listening and you will become an anchor for what draws forth her most juicy. Through the process of deep listening and having the intention of serving your woman through discovering her core values. where she has a specific idea about exactly what she wants and she goes and hunts it down in twenty stores until she finds it. things together. radiant. Additional Elements of Great Conversations As you learn to have great conversations with her here are a few points that will allow you to continue to deepen your connection with her. the fulfilling part about shopping might be about manifesting. you will begin to find out preferences. As you develop your mastery as an amazing lover. her desires. If you can do this. The deeper core fulfillment almost never comes from the thing itself but rather from what she associates with the experience and the reflection and expression of herself that she gets from that experience. and what makes makes her feel incredible. beautiful. 121 . There can be hundreds of reasons why a woman likes to shop. her preferences. experience. and then use your brilliance to help create more of these situations for her so that she lights up with pleasure. what draws out her liveliness. and there is a sense of accomplishment in the process. and flowing self. For yet another woman. These reasons are what you are listening for because they are the “buttons” to her fulfillment. you will be with an incredible woman who will bless you with the fullness of her radiance in relationship and in sensual and sexual explorations. be a detective and listen for the things that truly matter to your woman. Most men listen for things as they are.

If you cannot fully receive the gift of her appreciation. It is so important to be able to receive her appreciation and adoration as the incredible man that you are developing into. Sometimes men and women appreciate different qualities within themselves and others. practice just saying “thank you” with a smile. “Perhaps I was wrong about the fact that he has this quality since apparently he doesn’t think he has this quality”. she might think. then she cannot give you that incredible gift. Whenever she gives you a compliment. Don't push off compliments and be coy and shy. This shows that you know yourself. but underneath there is a lot of insecurities and weakness?” The subtleties of how you take a and compliment and your presence can communicate so much to a woman. 2 Receive Her Feminine Gifts. Just breathe the compliment in and integrate that appreciation into your body. Her Gifts ifts. that you are a great catch. It is easy for men to appreciate qualities in male friends such 122 . and it would be like you turning down what she is trying to give you. This though pattern could lead to thoughts like. Do this without the need to compliment her back. If you don’t receive it fully. if not being able to lead her in her growth on all levels. a great man. “What else is just a polished mask that he is putting on that is fooling me. That's a sign of lacking self-confidence. 1 Appreciate Her when She Gives You a Compliment. Not being able to own great qualities within you can deter her from fully surrendering to you as a divine masculine. and a man deserving of a Goddess like her.Compliment. Just this point alone might turn her off to you because any incredible woman would want to be with a man who is at least her equal.

etc. or when she's late because her met a friend and was caught up in the moment. unwavering. 3 Continue to Create Dynamic Tension 123 . she is actually exuding and exhibiting her feminine radiance. spontaneity. focused. Sometimes. surrender. goal oriented. once again have her feel very seen. is appreciated by a man who understands and who doesn't make her wrong for her natural qualities. Many are aching to be able to relax into her feminine qualities with a man solid enough who she can trust. emotions. dependable. Countless women have developed the masculine qualities where she can do projects and follow through with tasks in order to survive in our society. when they are able to laugh in the moment. This will. juiciness. If you looked at her through the masculine perspective of precision. her on her feminine gifts. being decisive. etc. understand. receive and compliment gifts. It may take some practice to learn to appreciate the feminine gifts of pure flow. feel like the thing that is natural to her. laughter. when they're able to carry the energy of a party just by who they are and by the way that they flutter around. Learn how to look for. her femininity. Numerous women have lost sight of the incredible attractiveness of the feminine energy that they exude when they surrender. You as an incredible man who understands this need within her can be the oasis that draws out the juiciness that is within her. then you will have missed the beauty and aliveness that she was expressing in the moment. her In what can otherwise be a harsh and dry world she will adore and love you for being the sanctuary for her feminine gifts in more ways than one. when she changes her mind. sharp.

If you allow yourself to lean back a bit and in proper moments lean forward when you truly feel that pulsating energy inspire you in a part of her personality and in something she did or said. If you are overly eager all the time. this might convey that the relationship is not on equal footing and that you need to overcompensate to be with her. When the energy builds and part of the conversation genuinely excites you. Consciously infuse this principle into your conversations. if you are low energy and relaxed all the time. When you're constantly leaning forward and energetically pushing yourself towards her because you're so attracted. Talk about things that make you feel peaceful and then throw in stories of adventure and excitement that gets your blood boiling. and engage her and touch her in a passionate. On the other hand.Even though the main aspect of the connection stage is to build a foundation of comfort and trust. 124 . go ahead and lean forward. From this level of dynamic contrast. and adoring manner. Be balanced and draw forth both relaxation genuine excitement and relaxation when it’s appropriate. On a deeper level. then the contrast will make the interaction that much more potent. there's no dynamic contrast. confident. you can relax in each other’s arms during an intimate moment and then escalate it into a conflagration of sensual fire that consumes you both. your ability to express yourself fully will create the space for her to express all of her various sides as well. it would still serve you to continue to create the mutual choosing that you learned about in the dynamic tension phase of the attraction stage. she might feel like you are boring. use big gestures with your hands.

Give her the gift of seeing her as a piece of art and see the skill. nuances of beauty. Study fashion just a bit so that you at least know how to give women the compliment that they deserve and that they have taken the time to polish. appreciate. You are learning to appreciate the artwork called women. a woman is a work of art with so many subtleties just waiting for you to shine light upon. they would really appreciate it if you saw the subtle things that they did. she may have spent three hours to buy a matching top to her purse and then another two days to find a matching skirt or pair of pants to match those. etc. In fact. etc. skill. when she fully enjoys the simple things in life. Similarly. that she has born been born with and have cultivated. When you get clear about the qualities you want in a woman. preference. when she is generous with her smile with a passing stranger.Things 4 Compliment Her on the Subtle Things Show her that you're paying attention. things Notice these things and let her know that you are aware of them and how you. It might be easiest to notice the external things at first. Take note when she is kind to a homeless person on the street. If an artist spent a good amount of time on a piece of art. it becomes even easier to notice them as 125 . and draw out. Start there. incredible these subtle qualities are to you. flow. Then fine tune your perception to notice the subtle beauty of her personality. that they took the time to create. It could be little things like what she wore today and how her outfit matches. when she touches you tenderly to reduce the tension in your body. personality. when she plays with a child.

Play 5 Introduce Humor and Play ways Women love to play. Play games in conversation and in creating your experiences with her. poetry. Be funny. extraordinary imagination. and imagination are then incredible additions like beautiful hues of highlights on the painting of who you are. sensitivity. With the context of your masculine solidity. Take life lightly while maintaining strength. presence. gentleness. that plays with words. the humor. so one of the ways into a woman's heart is to make her laugh. Conversational Exercises Here are some exercises for flexing your mind so that you can use the expanded thinking for the principles that I mentioned earlier. Much of the 126 . Read up on books of humor. that understates. make fun of things. dominance.she exhibits them. and leadership. Have her as your playmate and an opportunity to have more fun playing and laughing in ways that you would both find really enjoyable. compassion. The reflection of you perceiving these qualities within her will amplify these qualities even more and draw out the Goddess within her. Make sculptures out of your food. the context of your strength. Tell stories in a way that's imaginative. Share something that the two of you seldom experience. Create something extraordinary out of thin air with your imagination. Have random contests like who can eat the string beans on your plate slower while looking into the other person's eyes without blinking. that shows what kind of silly combinations you could make in your mind. that exaggerates. creativity. and that shows what funny experiences you can link together.

art of conversation begins with changing perceptual filters that generate distinctions. two shirts. in the mall. contrast. as you walk about. Anthropomorphize the objects again and make them come alive and imagine what the “kids” of these two objects would look like. 3. painting and martial arts. energy. 2. Anthropomorphize the objects and pretend that they are alive. 1. and express if it took on a life of its own. two birds. feel like. Three Exercise Three Pick out a few people on the street. Name at least three things that are different about the two similar objects. List three ways the two objects can “learn” from each other that would improve and expand their current form. 127 . 1. Imagine what qualities or special abilities can be added to each object that would make it even more interesting. and attraction as well as ones that create a bridge or channel for all that energy to flow through. Name at least three things that relate the two objects to each other. two bowls. Two Exercise Two Find two seemly unrelated objects like airplane and miniskirt. friction. etc. 3. and behave like. Exercise One. be. trees and jackhammer. List three things that the objects would have. etc. do. in the store. 2. Find two similar objects like two chairs.

Make up a short story based on what your notice about their job. fun. Many men have no idea how to bridge and 128 . hat. hobbies. walk. wallet. interests. 2. shoes. 2. way of sitting. and awesome about her.1. and of course. hair. watch. quirks. 3. Notice things about their clothing. Do these exercises at least 3 times a week in the beginning and you will notice your mind gaining flexibility. friends. etc. Notice subtle things about their stance. amazing. life. extraordinary. and facial expressions. Four Exercise Four Pick a few random objects around you 1. extraordinary. sex life. purse. fun. Name a few aspects about what’s beautiful. 3. etc. and imagination as well as the ability to appreciate which can then be readily applied to juice up any conversation that you have with people. Repeat the same process with a random person that you pick out and then with your woman naming what’s beautiful. personality. and awesome about the object. amazing. creativity. Think about the process it took to create that object to have it be in front of you right now. your amazing woman! to Using Touch to Amplify Connection Touch is perhaps one of the most underrated and important aspects of the relationship dance.

to deeper sensual and sexual exploration. Most women love displays of affection. If you touch her a lot early on. touch her early on because this indicates that you are comfortable with physical contact. Having the confidence in knowing how to lead your woman smoothly every step of the way is probably one of the reasons you got this book. then she will get tons more affection and attention from you. even after months or perhaps even years in relationship. This would be in stark contrast to many couples who might be sitting formally.smoothly transition from dinner. touch is one of the best ways to lead her and gauge her level of comfort every step of the way. you can then smoothly lead her into incredibly sensuous kisses and so on. By progressively leading her to a point where she relaxes into the pleasures of you stroking her hair. As you meet her. and not tensing up or leaning away. This is only a small glimpse into the power of learning the language of touch because when you become fluent in this language. she will show you her level of comfort if you are sensitive enough to listen with all your senses. she will tell you every step of the 129 . her for sex. it indicates to her that if the two of you will attention do get more intimate. if you stroke her hair and she is leaning into your touch. then she is letting you know that she likes the way to touch her hair. talking to each other at dinner and not touching each other much except during sex. to kissing. Well. For example. Touch her early on to show that you are different than other men. Every step of the way. Show her that you can touch her in a way that adores her rather than groping sex. Most women who are comfortable with you stroking her hair are also comfortable with you kissing her. relaxing into your touch. having a conversation.

Touch her like if you are stroking the pedals of a rose. Be present. dominant. is funny. was insensitive. Touch her with care and with love. Be sensitive. There's a fine line between being an alpha male. then stop touching her. touch her to reward her for being funny. she will tell you when you are going too far and what feels good. playful. and anytime where she is exhibiting a character that you genuinely enjoy and love.way the level of sensual and sexual exploration that she is ready for you to lead her on. refined passion. Touch her because you know that your touch will bring both of you pleasure. grounded. Touch her to give her a gift and show her that you care. or you touched her in a way that was not pleasurable. She needs to know that you know how to cherish her before she can trust you to passionately take her. Once again. touch her more. Touch her because you want to touch her. or that you agree with. too fast. and calibrate her reactions to being touched by you. If she leans into you. pretend that if you touch her too hard you risk damaging the tender flower that is her. caring. and taking what you want versus co-creating a dynamic with your woman where she willingly surrenders surrenders to you sensitive power. What I mean is that if you touch her and she's pulling away. longer. Especially in the beginning. with more depth. You don’t need to “ask for permission”. 130 . and really appreciate her for opening up to you. but through respectful touch. and in your body as you touch her. etc. into the touch. She's not ready for that “intimate” of a connection yet. too rough. you. You can begin to create rapport by gently touching her when she says something that genuinely intrigues you. and wise dominance. Touch her as if you are speaking poetry to her skin and where you are appreciating the masterpiece artwork that is her.

pressure. Touch women that you are on a date with and notice the way they respond to your touch. Touch your friends. even if it means just putting your hand on their shoulder for a second. Steps Action Steps for Building Comfort Continuing with the action steps from previous sections. you are making eye contact with 20 women a day. Get familiar and comfortable with touching and practice as much as possible. Begin touching everyone. In the next section of deepening connection. saying hello to 10 of them and starting 131 . Start putting conscious attention on your ability to touch for 5 minutes a day 5 days a week. Ask your women friends whether they would like a massage from you just so you can get their feedback. You will learn step by step how you can give a woman exactly what she is ready for in the moment. Notice how you touch everything. in a way that 90% of other men haven’t taken the time to learn. and location. and for your understanding of your own and other people's bodies. I will go over a system where you can lead your woman step by step to experience the sensual opening that she desires with you through touch. How do you start learning this language and practicing this art? You begin by touching your own hand and feeling the difference in various strokes.Learn to speak the language of touch and you will be able to communicate to her in a way that she dreams about. Go to a fabric store and touch various fabrics and feel the delicate differences. Take a class where you can get certified in massage and it will benefit you immensely in the pleasure that you can bring to women who you choose to interact with.

etc. 2. say hello to. There are 4 simple components to this new action step as you engage simple with a woman and begin conversing with her. you will be at ease. Either way. and start conversations with. Sample questions include: “Why are you interested in that?” “What does that mean to you?” “What does that give you?” 132 . 1.a conversation with 3 of them as well as speaking to 2 new groups for 5 days a week. interests. Two is to practice the action steps with women who you find semiattractive and just do it for the sake of practice so that when you do meet the women who you find extremely attractive. You are also asking for the numbers of the women who you find attractive. Ask her questions about the 3 areas of interests from part 1 and discover the deeper driver of why she likes having these experiences. health. If out of all the women you started conversations with. do it. smooth. food. you didn’t find any who inspired you or you were deeply attracted to. music. you have completed the first cycle of the attraction stage and are moving into the connection stage. Find 3 things that you have in common in hobbies. jobs. One is to go out to different places and double the amount of women you make eye contact with. and flowing with your conversations skills. Once you get their number or move them to a café to chat more. sports. then you have two options.

details. drama that will engage her thoroughly. This action step is simple. This is because that in this stage women alphaare filtering 80% for your qualities of being primal. and inspires your woman and building a foundation upon these core values. Practice makes perfect. Touch her gently at least once when she says. fulfills. but potent. we have contraception in this modern age. Practice with at least 3 women this week and see how long you can stretch out the conversation. dominant. Do it. In the attraction stage. we wanted to present the most polished. Now that the attraction has been generated. and refined you to generate the initial attraction. 4. we are now going even further in discovering what Continue asking these questions until you get to a core value that fulfills her about the experience. and embodies something that you like. Do it. exquisite. Yes. and yet the 133 . Stage II Phase II Deepening Connection In deepening your connection with each other. come up with your own and personalize these questions. alpha-male. 3. In the process. Do it. she switches her filters to 80% whether you can connect with her emotionally because on a biological basis this is whether you would stick around if you had a “baby” or if you had sex. does. and having good survival skills. emotions. Share with her at least 1 amazing experience that you have had and practice being an amazing story teller and add all the colors.

you will need to be decent in this section. you will know that it is hard to go back to superficial sex. amounts of passion and love in your sexual connection. core values. dreams. and values. With all that said. if you have ever experienced the difference in pleasure between having sex with someone you are only kind of into. there are still certain levels of emotional connection that needs to be achieved for her to feel open to you. Even if what you want is just a “one night stands”. there are still moments where I think with my cock and think short term because biologically. if you want to make love and have her worship you as the best lover she has ever had who mind absolutely blows her mind on every level. if you begin to master this phase.wisdom passed down through our evolution is still in our genes. So whether or not you are really going to have kids with your woman you is not the point. Either way. fulfillment which can turn a woman on like Niagara Falls. The deepening of the connection of inner values. If you just want to get laid. Yes. you will need to master this phase as the foundation for the rest of the phases. Yet. as a man. spreading my seed is still a driver. aspirations. we are now moving from the incredible presentation of the outer self to the revelation of the depth of our inner selves. and passions are what will bond us to the other person and set the stage for incredibly pleasurable sensual and sexual exploration. 134 . Falls. the question is whether you can connect with her on a deep enough level that she chooses to have the primal opening and exquisite bliss of making love with you. you will be transformed as a man who will naturally be more attractive to women because you will become fluent in speaking the language of emotions. versus having both of you feel so lucky in being with each other and having massive connection.

The topics that you talk about can be vast and varied and include politics. One of the ways to begin to deepen your connection in this phase is by talking about things that matter to you and ask questions that delve into the depth of your woman’s consciousness. When you feel comfortable enough to reveal this part of yourself to her. weather. travel. we have begun to develop your skills in the fine art of conversation. the level of comfort and intimacy will be massively accelerated. 135 . this will be the spice that really amplifies your connection. architecture. you are reaching into the nooks of the mind that few people explore with each other. the bonding that is created is incredibly intimate. theater. The woman who you are with has not been by your side through all of your life experiences. food. We have begun this sharing process where you are sharing stories with each other while finding common interests to build upon. Any get topic can be a gateway to that essence that you get to discover. The important part is that you truly connect deeply and intimately with your woman and begin to know her inner recesses. health. art. etc. restaurants.In the building comfort phase of the connection stage. If the foundation of attraction and commonality is strong enough. In this phase. If you can begin to breach into these arenas. fashion. video games. computers. sports. The only way that she gets a glimpse into your life and gets to know you to a deeper level is through the few selected stories out of the thousands of experiences that you have had. Discuss any topic that you are passionate about and feel free to venture into arenas that you may initially be a little bit uncomfortable about sharing with your woman.

Creating the Bridge for Deepening Connection
After you have built enough comfort with each other, you get to take the outer expression of interests like sports, TV shows, hobbies, dancing, music, food etc. and find out the linking core principals and underlying reasons of why these things bring your woman joy, passion, and inspiration. inspiration. I will now give you more specifics and distinctions to help you draw out and reveal the gifts that each of you hold. When you get to the deeper core drivers of what fulfills you and your woman, you will find out what ties the two of you together and she will feel seen by you for the deeper reasons of what makes her feel alive. From this point, it will be much easier for her to open up to you sensually and sexually because she will feel the deepening of your care and bond so that you will be less likely to be selfish and hurt her or be insensitive. Once again, this goes back to the primal understandings that I delineated earlier because when a woman chooses to have sex with a man, she was at risk of bearing a child that she may have to take care of for years by her self if the man left. In this case, she might have no support or protection and the child might die. That's a pretty big decision. Out of survival, women have developed a keen sense for emotional bonding. This is why intimacy is so important to women and why her trust and opening to you increases the sensual and sexual pleasure that the two of you get to cocreate together. With all these powerful reasons to become intimate with a woman, it is your conversational skills, ability to be present, and a desire to draw out

and serve her most brilliant self that will ultimately bring you the massive pleasure that the two of you can experience with each other. Here are some ways to build the bridge and continue to deepen the connection to your woman just in your conversations: Ex iting Stories 1 Share Exciting Stories As you find common interests with each other you will find topics that naturally lead into stories related to your interests that can reveal the fun, exciting, and exquisite man that you are. Take all the exercises that you have done in the attraction stage and begin to tell these stories with these pizzazz. pizzazz. Share the fun and exciting experiences that you have created for yourself with your woman. Remember to be sensitive and not ramble on and on. The key in deepening connection with her is for her to feel like you know her on a deeper level, so whenever you get a chance, let her pipe in, and if she isn’t being talkative, then ask her questions that have her share with you similar experiences that she has had. Reveal Are 2 Reveal a Fuller Picture of Who You Are Expand your story to include ones that are not purely exciting and adventurous, but has content where you met up with some challenge and was able to overcome it or get a lesson out of it. She will seldom judge you on the experience itself, but rather get to know you through the choices you make after having those experiences and how you have grown from those experiences. What you do with your challenging experiences is more of a statement of who you are as a man than the experience itself, and to trust her in sharing these experiences will begin to create a deep bond. Let her know the qualities, the personalities, the traits, and the resources that it took in order for you to overcome these challenges. Most women

love to fantasize about the future even if she only wants to experience pleasure for one night. There is always the thought, “what if he could be the one?” Any long term relating will meet up with trials and tribulations handle so by letting her know that you can handle yourself in the face of challenges will have her open up to you even more.. more When you share on a deeper level, most women will reciprocate by sharing something with you. As you share it is like the peeling of an onion, layer by layer, where you allow yourselves to be seen for your core, to be seen for the possibilities of bright, incredible, and powerful moments that you have embodied as well as living through some of the darker moments. When it is all peeled away, then the clothes, which are facades of our personalities, too, can be peeled away in an easy and comfortable way. Stories 3 Use Humor in Your Stories Tell stories where you might have been a bit embarrassed in the experience, but in hindsight these became precious moments that you can laugh at. We all make mistakes and have short-comings, and being able to laugh at these instances and share them shows the amount of comfort and acceptance that you have in yourself and sub-communicates the level which you can be comfortable with your woman’s quirks and idiosyncrasies quirks idiosyncrasies. Choose to share stories that are funny. These could be stories you have heard, things you have seen, or actually experiences that you have had. Having a filter for how life is humorous shows your woman that you have a lighter side. When she gets to share laughter with you it allows her to relax into you more because of your ability to transform “serious” or “embarrassing” “embarrassing” moments with grace.


Questions 4 Ask Powerful Questions As part of the art of conversation, you get to develop the skill of asking questions that lead to deeper revelations of your woman. It might be as simple as asking the question “why”. For example, if she likes to dance, instead of just saying, “Cool” you can ask her “why do you like dancing?” There are many ways to frame this “why” that can pinpoint the more specific aspects about her core happiness. You can ask, “What is about dancing that makes you happy?”, “What fulfills you about dancing?”, “What inspires you about dancing?”, “What is important to you about dancing?”, “What part of yourself do you get to express through dancing?”, “What enlivens you about dancing”, “What is your favorite part about dancing”, etc. You can apply any of these questions to anything that she says. In fact, you might want to take the time to memorize these question forms or down write down your own versions. Overtime and with practice, they will begin to just flow out of you. Also, don’t stop at one question, once she gives you an answer, whenever possible, go deeper. Ask “What else is important to you, fulfills you, inspires you about dancing?” You can use any combinations of these question forms to go deeper with whatever answers she gives you. Just by asking these powerful questions, you can have hours of meaningful conversation and go to depths that she might not have revealed to other men just because you knew how to direct the conversation past the levels. superficial levels. Listen carefully to the answers that she gives you. These are the answer to her heart, to what satisfies her, to what fulfills her. It doesn’t even matter what the subject is, it could be seemingly about shopping, dancing,

traveling, food, family, etc. The core energy of what fulfills her is what you are listening for, and this is what you want to draw out of her and reflect back to her. If you can do this well, you will become a delicious source that draws out her most amazing, beautiful, and wonderful aspects as well as be an anchor for her in feeling deeply satisfied and feeling fulfilled. Dreams Visions 5 Share Your Dreams and Visions Sometimes, we get too caught up in the daily grind, perhaps in our 9:00 to 5:00 work. Perhaps the challenges that life has thrown your way have gotten you so off kilter that you have forgotten what your dreams and visions are. It has been said that without a dream, people perish. Begin to dream, get clear about what your dreams and visions are again because this is what makes life worth living, and as you become clearer about what truly inspires you, you get to share, and co-create these visions with your woman. Your dreams and visions are the things that inspire, motivate, and create the juice in your life. Women are attracted to men who are going places, who have an adventurous soul, a passion for life, and who can lead her to encounters that she has never experienced before. Share your dreams hers and visions with her and ask about hers even if they seem ridiculous. Remember childhood aspirations and take the time to write them down and allow them to take on more solid form through the process. Take the time to write out a three month, six month, year, perhaps even two or five year plan on how it would be possible to achieve this vision and begin to take immediate action even if that action is as small as doing a one word internet search on what you are creating.

Yes, there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path, and yet, when you know that the path is at least possible on paper, there is an opening that happens within you. Where previously the dream may seem fantastical, it now becomes possible. When you have this dream and vision about who you are, what you get to contribute, what your gifts are as a man, and share this with your woman, the two of you can share the discovery process together. There is incredible power here because when you can be the man to support her in her vision and she can be the woman to support you in your vision, then even if you do not become sexual lovers you could become an incredible pillar and friend for each other. Whatever dynamic you want to create with a woman, whether for a night, whether she is a lover, whether she is a girlfriend, or she becomes your wife, this level of co-creation and visioning will bring more pleasure to the both of you. Furthermore, when you allow yourself to play full out and give your all because you are someone who chooses to give all of your gifts, then you step toward the path of being complete lover. From here, you can adore and worship a woman into her Goddess self and draw forth the divine feminine from any woman and be a true gift. So elicit the dreams and visions out of your woman, and help her elicit specific actionable and measurable steps for her dreams. Both of you will feel a rush of energy because the dream is now on its way to reality if you simply take small consistent steps along the way. This will do more than you know in bonding the two of you together because partaking in the pure creation process will allow energy to flow through your bodies which can be a huge “turn on” for her.


you can initially tell her about instances where you have been there for your past girlfriends or lovers and have seen them through the tough times. and to be loved. When she feels that she can throw any emotion at you and you would still hold and love her through it. when she is in her full femininity. One of the skills you get to develop and hone is the ability to be able to let her emotions flow through you rather than resist it. to be understood. can be Kali which is the Goddess of destruction. You are developing the ability to be able to feel into and perhaps even appreciate her range of emotions as they wash over you while you are present and still like the center of a cyclone. To strengthen your self worth so that even when she is seemingly directing her anger at you to not take it personally and to listen deeper to her emotional communication which is usually asking to be seen. then the part of her that is the Goddess of feminine flow and beauty will also come out to play. If you can't handle her darker side. To convey this ability effectively. then she can truly open up and surrender to you to greater and greater degrees. You learn to contain her energy without putting up a wall and you can just listen to what she is saying. and wild emotional side. she will not feel comfortable in fully expressing her sensual and sexual sides.Emotions 6 Convey to a Woman That You Can Handle Her Emotions A woman. The sensual and sexual pleasure that the two of you experience will be in direct her. listening for the call for love that she is communicating. When you can handle the explosive. to be held. proportions to your ability to contain all aspects of her. Share aspects where even though it 142 . uncontrolled.

was hard. have incredible amounts of fun in the process. smile. to introduce some humor and play so that you can lighten the situation. Use words to draw out. remember. opening. Remember that these are the through same raw energies that she is allowing to flow through her body which will make your love making so much more passionate. Even if you are only beginning to relate. and create the most incredibly stimulating. and juicy. there can be moments where the connection gets a bit intense or even a bit uncomfortable. It is possible to deepen as far as the two of you are willing to go. through Deepening Connection through Play As you deepen your connection. and appreciate the fact that she feels safe enough with you to let this side of her come out. and exciting discoveries that is each other. There is a fine line between deepening your connection and getting too serious thinking about the future when all she might want is to have some fun with you. and kindle your curiosity and 143 . the level of growth both of you got to have through the experience. and through it experience deep bonds which will bring you both incredible sensual and sexual pleasures later. there might be moments where she shares a vulnerable emotion or reveals some raw energy. When this happens. exciting. Implement these 6 distinctions as you have conversations with your woman and become a connoisseur in the art of dialogue. What is even more effective in conveying your ability to contain her emotions is to show her. reveal. It is in those moments where you get to breathe deep into those emotions.

The fun and play that you create with your woman will allow the process of discovery of each other to be that much more delectable. tease her. Many women see themselves as similar to cats. She will want to eat you up and won’t be able to keep her hands off you. body. it is more potent when you deepen and share with no agenda other than the pleasure of the deepening and through it naturally discover how much you enjoy each other’s company. Create ways to say I like you that are subtle. and circuitous and make it as flirty as possible. Yet. exploration of emotions. and spontaneity with your woman which will create the spaciousness for an even more profound connection. and 144 . or put yourself in situations where the two of you are in compromising positions. When you dangle a feather in front of it and wiggle it. Women love flirting.desire for each other. This is especially true if you have established a great foundation of attraction and connection. if it grabs it. Write down ways that you can do this and experiment with it. emotions. Remember to bring in lightness. imagination. and spirit then you are boring and she can quickly lose interest. Dangle that dynamic feather of physical play. indirect. it will do back flips to get to that feather. mind. have the boldness to be spontaneous with her. Women love to be teased. and the feather is on the ground and no longer moving. Ask interesting questions. Women can be metaphorically similar to cats where if you are not offering movements in movements spirit. You can wink at her. Be yourself and play in the midst of all the unveiling to each other. then it's not interested anymore. Imagine a cat. In fact. and spiritual truths and observe the energy and attraction between you escalate to incredible heights. smile at her in a naughty way. creative imagination. Create random games with each other.

as another to be wildly passionate. the more you can put yourself and her at ease. It is powerful not only to be lively and passionate all the time. as for another to share with vulnerability. but also to not have to prove yourself and “entertain” her all the time. The effect of judgments deepening your understanding of each other. with this nothingness. This level of bonding creates an emotional glue that binds the two of you and further creates an amazing foundation for your sensual and sexual play. not jumping around and putting up a front so 145 . then you will be fulfilling the full range that satiates your woman’s desires.invent magical realms that co-exist with our own and pretend to live by totally different set of rules. as another man to sit still. In between the deep sharing and fun play. there might be a space where there is nothing to say and you are both caught in a moment of seeming blankness. Silence Become Comfortable with Silence The deepening connection phase is about embracing the range within yourself and your woman. The two of you can just be yourselves. and just look into a woman’s eyes. The more comfortable you are with silence. If you can move smoothly between the dynamics of stillness and movement. creating interesting experiences together. She will follow your lead if you are comfortable enough in yourself and confident enough to play out your fantasies without being afraid of her or other’s judgments. be silent. languid love and passionate fire. Many people will rush to fill this silence rather than enjoy its empty magnificence. It can be as much of a stretch for one man to be playful. peppered with humor and play can be absolutely magic.

you have already strength created the context of strength which makes this gentleness that much more profound. your core. In these moments where you drop into the deliciousness of the moment. and delicious. You can lean your head into hers and pull her head slightly into yours which then contains her in your protective physical space. In these moments. you can just lay there open with each other and feel the deepening trust and deepening connection between the two of you. and her face. you can start to be able to create the right connection and feeling of affection and love that you both desire. When you are in silence. Make sure you continue to grow your strength. sensuous. your ability to take her. While you're holding her. one of the things that you can do is to pull her into you and just hold her. Another delicious possibility in the moment of silence is to create a sense of timelessness with her and just breathe slowly and look deeply into her 146 . you can stroke her hair gently and caress her ear lobes while being silent. If you have navigated through the previous phases successfully.that the other will like you. If you do it properly. Your strength will make your tenderness that much more potent because you are funneling your vast amounts of energy into nurturing her. and your ability to be centered and serene in the midst of chaos. you can introduce the tenderness that she so craves. her neck. your divine masculine qualities. It feels tender. Close your eyes and enjoy the sensation of just holding her and gently stroking her ears. You can do this slowly where you put your arms around her and slowly move her so that she becomes nestled into you. Women love to have their face lovingly stroked.

When the silence occurs. you will have reached an amazing level of trust and comfort. When you can capture the stillness of the moment even briefly. it would be a great practice for you to just be in the moment. and rush through the busy thoughts in their mind. When you can be with someone in a room for an hour. You can create these moments intentionally with her so that you capture the charge of the silence and bring attention to the moment. 147 . and feeling connected and blissful. Help her create the sense of timelessness and relax into you while holding her to you and creating a bubble of your own time and space. Too often people rush through the day. how much money you need to make. You accepted other. prove. rush through their time with each other. will set the foundation for incredibly luscious love making and create the basis for dynamic contrast when you slowly escalate the energy upward and take her passionately. just being with each other. There then exists an almost intangible. If you have a mind that tends to go every which way and is wondering whether she likes you. This is one of the deepest comforts that you can create with someone. You can amplify the depth of the moment skillfully through your touch. etc. what foods you should eat. through your presence. and through your own stillness. You can lead her into relaxing into the moment of silence and allow the silence to expand. through how you hold her. You have accepted each other. feel the silence. you create a portal into a realm where your fullness gets to co-create with her full feminine flow and initiate what will feel like magic together. saying nothing. and notice and appreciate everything around you. There is nothing to prove. expand that silence and lead her into its depth. indescribable sense of serenity that making. through your being. through how you look at her. relaxed. through how you breathe.eyes.

Touch is one of the most essential gifts that you can give a woman so we are going to continue to expand upon the distinctions that you have gained in giving this gift to your woman. If your mind absolutely needs something to focus on. it also dies. When a human baby is not touched for extended amount of time. Women not wanting to be perceived as “sluts” or “easy” will often times put up barriers and both genders lose out on getting the intimate touch and connection that we need. there has been walls built around the physical touch. and “What makes you absolutely ecstatic about being with her?” Asking these questions will allow your mind to bring your attention to being fully present with her. even when given food. If the monkey was just given a “surrogate mother” that was a doll. Yet. There have been scientific studies where baby monkeys when deprived of the presence of a mother. Deepening Connection through Touch I have gone over touch briefly in the comfort building phase and gave you some exercises to begin to practice this fine art. through our societal code of conduct. then focus on appreciating the fact that you're with this Goddess and direct your mind Goddess with inquiries such why you are enjoying being her with her so much. “What amazing qualities does she have?”. “What do you find most beautiful about her”. and from that place it is much easier to bring your fullness to the seeming silence of the moment and fill it with all of your being. it will still hold onto it for dear life and have better chances of survival. will die. 148 . Ask yourself questions like.on. Human touch and connection is essential for life itself.

If men only knew how much women hungered for level tender touch. most men would dedicate themselves to master the art. and the level of sensual pleasure multiresult. This is totally understandable. woman who surrenders and trusts us completely but most will just settle for any sex if that’s all they think they can get. Touching each other has been made the unspoken taboo in our society because it somehow breaks the social decorum of keeping to ourselves and keeping us “safe” within our shells. What we really want is to be utterly worshiped as a God by gorgeous and amazing surrenders completely. adoration. When the sexual tension of “not getting any” builds up. and love that they deserve while peering out of their shells to see whether it is safe. honor. just getting laid for most men will not fulfill them. how much she can open up. Most single men are not getting the sex they want. Sex is one of the most pleasurable experiences in life and most men who want to make lots of money have the attraction of women as one of the primary reasons for making that money. touch deprivation keeps getting perpetuated. Once this barrier is broken then innuendoes of sex pervade the interaction. so the objective of getting laid can be at the forefront of their mind. As a result.We all have some forms of protective shells that we have put. or taken. seduced. On a deeper level however. men will settle for groping just to release that tension of contact. Most men do not know to touch. the art and finesse of touch is often lost in the translation. 149 . There are so many women who are deeply yearning for the touch. Furthermore. or draw out the feminine divine properly. so this stalemate of perpetuated. the sensual and sexual education for men come mostly from porn which promotes “sport sex” as a standard which easily depicts women as objects to be had. pleasure and multi-orgasmic bliss that can result.

First. because otherwise you would be faking it and doing both of you a disservice. you will both enjoy the experience that much more. 150 . by practicing the art of touch and the principles of connection. The ironic thing is. Shoot for growing into such a divine man that women will worship you. but to funnel all the energy. you are worthy of being with women who you can be proud to be with. and who really makes you happy. How do you touch a woman to adore her. From here. get clear about whether you truly like this woman enough to play at this level. and desire that you have for her into the potency of a soft glide of your fingers across her back. you can find out faster whether the two of you are truly compatible or not. bring pleasure to you both. As you become more and more the embodiment of a complete lover.Being worshiped by a woman might seem far. far away if a man is not even getting laid. deepen the connection. By playing full on. the possibility of blowing her away with the pleasure you can can bring her increases exponentially. and set the foundation for mind blowing sex? Learning the art of touch begins with knowing that touch conveys the level you of trust and connection that you are developing with her. who you truly adore. even if the interaction turns out to be a one night union. passion. decide to choose her fully and moment. Even if you are not sure in the moment. have the energy of giving your all in the moment this way. making love with incredible women will be a delicious reality faster than you think. The key is not to tone yourself down. not only will you get to make love with women much faster.

As you touch her. 151 . this way of being will quickly reveal and amplify the dichotomies. because she deserves to be with a man who would adore her naturally and you deserve to be with a woman who you are really into. you get to accelerate the connection between the two of you and find out the unfolding pleasures waiting for you to discover. Through touch. practice. you will no longer be groping her. you know she will have been served by that luscious energy while she has been with you. Furthermore. the shadows. and incorporate the finer points in the art of touch. you probably shouldn't be with this woman. when you decide and choose to be with a woman fully. you are growing into being comfortable in the knowing that your touch is a gift to her. nor touching her with only sexual innuendos. the ebb and flow. and incompatibilities. Finer Points in the Art of Touch I will now go over some of the mindsets and distinctions to have as you begin to understand. taking from her as you touch her. Once you understand the distinctions in touch.By choosing her fully. You are going to begin touching her in a way that is naturally pleasurable for you because you enjoy the sensations that it brings you all the while knowing that she is receiving incredible pleasures as well. the compatibilities. you can truly give her the gift of touch and adoration so that even if it doesn’t work out. 1 Touch Her as a Gift You Enjoy Giving If you don't feel like touching her.

the rhythm of your touch. Be intentional in your touch. you can be rough with a dog. softly. If you have ever played video games for hours. It will come to you consistently and you can use lots of pressure and forceful play in petting it. the busy day. Go slower than you think you can go.2 Stroke Her as You would a Cat How would you stroke a cat without it running away? Stereotypically. When you touch or stroke your woman. it will bolt or even scratch you. woman. the sense of timelessness can linger with her if you touch her with presence. Even if it wants to be stroked by you. Be languid and relish the ways you touch her. and the stress and tension of life into a realm of timeless pleasure. Also notice the speed of your touch. Use this metaphor for a woman. If you approach it too directly it will run away. She will naturally open and be drawn toward you in co-creating more pleasure with you. If you start too rough. it might be circuitous about it. and with no sudden movements. Be sensuous and have touching her become a new hobby for you. Feel into what parts of her is relaxing into you and whether to use broad or short strokes. and how to use your body as part of the touch. and passion as she is “purring” into your touch. pressure. gently. 3 Touch Her as if You have All the Time in the World Even if the touch is brief. softly. you can turn her into the ultimate game with new hidden realms and levels to discover all the time. A cat’s different. approach slowly. If you can use your touch to lead her out of her mind. you can explore just the tip of her forefinger with 152 . Be tender and careful at first and you can always increase the speed. then you will become a haven for her. With this mindset.

When she feels a bit stressed. pull her toward you and hold her. most women are hungry for touch. give her a massage. bed so touch her with the care. she might perceive an ulterior motive. Touch her as often as you can in as many ways as you can. or she might just be super sensitive. so if you learn the finer points of how to give her what she desires so deeply. circle her lower back gently to arouse her. touch her as a reward. massage the nape of her neck and circle up to her ears. You might be doing it too roughly. When she exhibits an amazing quality. Don’t force it. 153 . Touch her and connect with her through touch as breathing. If she tenses at your touch. You get the idea. you will become an amazing gift for her and she will give back to you in more ways than one. adoration. much 4 Touch Her as much as You Can When she says something funny. sit next to her and stroke her hair to add to the pleasure and sensations from the food. slowly unfolding every petal of her essence into eternity. If you are having dinner. if it is as natural as breathing. If you are watching a movie together. She will feel the sensuousness of your touch and be curious to find out how much more deeply and pleasurably you can touch her as she opens to you. Touch her to show her how you would lavish her body all night.sensation your fingers and enjoy that ecstatic sensation for half an hour. just back off. Use your sensory acuity to gauge whether she is comfortable with you touch. When she is tense. If you are standing at the checkout counter. and tenderness as if you are already lovers. The way you touch her will convey to her what kind of a lover you are in bed. This deepens and accelerates your level of intimacy considerably. This is the level of timelessness that you will be growing into. Get creative. touch her as a way to connect.

the more creative you can be with your touch. the more “technical” positions aspects of touch will become the “art” of touch. positions. Practice and experiment with your woman or different women every chance you’ve got. I met one of my amazing ex-girlfriends while I was getting certified in Swedish massage. the more your touch will flow as you touch her. the better you will be able to feel into where and how she wants to touched and where she wants to be lead. etc. speed. Even if she is not around. etc. The more you practice. yourself. friends. Take a massage class to learn various strokes and various systems of touch. cats. mastering the art of touch.5 Practice Makes Perfect As I mentioned earlier. The more you practice. touch your woman as much as possible. fabric. She can also be under a lot of stress because of the need to apply her 154 . She will love the attention. practice increasing your skills by touching anything you can get your hands on. furniture. If you learn massage. 6 Use Your Touch to Bring Her Back to Her Feminine In the modern day. there can be a lot going on in a woman’s mind. the female to male ratio will be way in your favor. The more you practice. and you are already getting naked together. fingers. dogs. location. Experiment touching your woman with different strokes. you will be rewarded for the rest of your life especially with a woman who will recognize the rare gem of a man you are who can be so strong in his presence and so skilled in drawing out her feminine essence through touch. not only will you be mastering the fine art of touch. There are tons of advertising that focuses on telling her where she isn’t enough. The more you practice. If you put the time into your life. pressure.

radiance. There are erogenous zones that exist in the most unexpected places and you are the treasure hunter who gets to unveil these treasures as you touch her. 7 Find Out Her Sensitive Spots Every woman is a universe onto herself. so she might feel cranky and eat. and experience pleasure with you. So the question in the forefront of your mind should be “how can I allow her to open even more to the incredibly radiant. Every woman is different in terms of where she is particularly sensitive in her body. shop. The gift you can be giving to your woman through touch is that you can be bringing her back into her body pleasurably. It might be the inside of her forearm that sends shivers up her spine. drink. She will then be magnetically drawn to be with you. You then become an anchor for her to remember her feminine radiance. or go to the movies just to escape that unpleasant sensation. luscious. it is not pleasurable to be in her body. Relaxing into your touch can help the stresses from her day melt away. It might be when you gently 155 .masculine skills of making it happen in this world rather than just flowing in her feminine essence. Touch her often and in many different places. You will be a solid rock that she gets to lean on. and divine feminine that she is through my touch?” The proper touch is an incredible gift for women because it allows her to sink back into her body in a pleasurable way. It might be gently stroking the side of her knees that makes her hot. You will become an oasis for her to relax into her feminine divine. play with you. Her stress can be like butter melting under the sunshine of your touch. and she will appreciate and open up to you in amazing ways including the ecstasy that the two of you will co-create during love making. When she feels pressure and stress.

and ultimately anywhere on the body where she might not usually get a lot of attention. individual fingers. Some of the main areas to explore are: sides of the neck. there is a slight change in her expression where she wants to soak in the moment more. your body against hers. outer thighs. speeds and play with deep kneading. Experiment with varying pressures. or in a pattern. hands. your face and lips as a tool for 156 . arms. As you discover different areas. Make love as much as you can with your touch. all over the head. two hands. one hand. Glide past her skin with broad and short strokes tracing with just the tips of your fingers or with the fullness of your hands. moans. explore various types of strokes. Be an explorer and find her secret code and then give her that pleasurable combination through your touch. 8 Be Creative in How You Touch Her Be creative in the areas you take time to explore and touch in your woman. a slight tremor. inner thighs. Do not make this sexual. eye flutters. It might be touching the backside of her earlobes that she gasps. stomach. cheeks. and moans. the lower back. vertically. calves. armpit. Begin by noticing where and how you touch her that brings perhaps a smile. each toe. shallower or heavier breathing. horizontally. blushing. Usually when you come upon a sensitive spot or a great way to touch her. back of the neck. elbow. Go in circles. butt. rhythmic movements. Pay attention and explore that spot and amplify the sensation of pleasure in that part of her body. Penetrate her with your touch instead of with your penis. but make it extremely sensual. feet.brush past the side of her neck that she swoons. where the forearm connects to the biceps.

etc. and be creative with your hands as they dance on her skin. fashion. broken hearts. and who risk all for the sake of love.touch. there is a common theme of amazing men and women coming together who express their hearts fully. spirituality. they barely equal the sales of romance novels. There is a deep desire within women to be romanced. dramas of love. If you usual sit across from each other at dinner. etc. 9 Romance Her with Your Touch Almost half of all books sold in the US are romance novels. Express your passion for her thorough your touch. emotional risks. computers. passion. Within these novels the premises are timelessness. Play it up. Risk your heart through your touch. your woman so take the time and have fun cherishing and adoring her body in all the possible ways imaginable. Touch her as if you are an amazing lover waiting to sweep her off her feet. That means if you combine all the subjects from psychology. automotives. sensuous exploration. fiction. love through extraordinary circumstances. be dramatic within the range of gentle caresses to passionate claiming through your touch and be the romantic hero who she so desires. Within all of these. who love deeply. business. Show her your sensitivity through your touch. who delve into the hidden realms of pleasure. then perhaps you might want to sit next to her since you are 157 . Hold her and create a protective bubble where the rest of the world does not exist for a moment. There are infinite variations on how you get to explore the vast universe that is woman. 10 Touch Her as if You are Already Lovers If you assume that both of you are already lovers. Enchant her with the way you draw her out with your touch. the energy that you bring will be totally different. incredible settings.

Would it make a difference if you said “I adore you” in your mind while touching her? Of course it would. giving you all to women isn’t about what they are going to give back to you. 11 Touch Her as if She Means the World to You This is the next step beyond touching her as if you are already lovers. anything you possess. When you are sitting with your lover all the formalities are gone. Remember.already lovers and you want to adore her with your touch. you will know that you have served to draw out her feminine divine a little more just because the two of you interacted. “how would I touch her without saying a word that shows her that I absolutely adore her?” With this mindset. Ask yourself the question. but with time. how would you touch her? How would you touch someone who you would risk your life to protect? Feel into all 158 . your house. Playing as if you are already lovers will make think. the transference of energy through your touch will be palpable. the dynamic a reality much faster than you think so why not give both of you the scrumptious gift of already deeply enjoying the pleasure of being with each other and make love with your touch. It might feel like a stretch in the beginning. you just want to be close and shower them with your attention. How would you touch her if you chose her 100%? If this is the woman you cherished beyond almost anything in your life. and you will naturally give more of yourself when relating with women. your car. Even if nothing comes of it. These are all mindsets that you can practice to increase the potency of your touch. it will become more and more natural to who you are. it is about a statement of who you are. your money.

and loving her on every level. wimp. “I choose to protect you with my life” as you touch her.of these questions and transfer the feeling into your touch. whole body is burning to connect with you but she will feel the impact of you choosing. and the rewards will be more than you can imagine. and drawing out her feminine divine. The perfect balance of leading her at just the right pace that she is comfortable with is the fine art that you are about to learn. then I wouldn’t be surprised if she quickly picked up your agenda and became tense or 159 . Use this system as a way to serve her open to the most delicious pleasure possible. Your woman’s body is an amazing gauge that will tell you whether you are overstepping a boundary or whether she wants to be lead into deeper explorations. adoring her. adoring. She won’t know why her won’ n’t you. Say in your head. System for Progressive Opening through Touch Now that you have gotten some advanced mindsets and distinctions on touch. If you have the mentality of honoring her. jerk. asshole) or too slowly (timid. your woman is going to melt. I am going to share with you one of the most powerful ways to use touch to gauge her comfort level with you from your very first meeting to exploring sensually and sexually. nice guy) with his woman. Give this to her as a gift without expecting anything in return. If you use this system just as a way to get her in bed. then you will notice her opening to your touch naturally. Most men either move too quickly (aggressive. If you can do this.

just take a deep breath. Almost no woman would object to a gentle and light touch for 1 second on her shoulder. all the levels that I am about to introduce as you lead her with your touch are reference points. any forceful pushing will only make her close more. it is possible to seemingly “skip” levels. when she shares something amazing. This can happen as soon as you meet her. chill out. In those moments. so continue to build the juicy and deep connection between you and use touch to deepen that connection and to serve her open to her pleasure potential. and bring both of you incredible sensual delights. With this said. Do this when you are getting her attention. So go slow and enjoy her company while using touch to gauge. pull back. There is no hurry to get anywhere. and take the time to look into her eyes. With practice. when she exhibits a quality that you appreciate. She will only open as far as she can trust you. but in the beginning. then you are probably putting your agenda of getting laid ahead of the focus of serving her open to her potential of feminine flow. and bring yourself back to being present. play with going from one level progressively to the next to get a sense of the natural flow that this creates. lead. if you are getting impatient or frustrated. At any point. etc. Most men are not aware of these levels so they do not transition smoothly between one to the next and women might feel a “move” to be too fast or too sudden rather than having it feel natural. when she says something funny. The 160 . your woman’s body will be reflecting back to you the level of trust and connection the two of co-created.uncomfortable with your touch. Level 1 Touch Her for 1 Second This is where you get to initiate your contact with her. you have co-created. appreciate her in any way you can. Every step of the way. If she is not ready to open.

If fact. It shows her that you want to get closer to her. Talk and just have great conversations without touching her again for awhile. the next time you touch her. and her body will tell you whether she is ready or not. leave your hand on her for just a bit longer. Seconds Level 3 Touch Her for 3 Seconds After she is comfortable with you leaving your hand on her for 2 seconds. Don’t push for this too fast. Back off if she is at all uncomfortable. comfort. then you are on your way to creating great intimacy with her. back. knees. trust. There are no hard rules in touching. This is not a race. Use your sensory acuity to calibrate her level of comfort. backing up. arms. Her Level 4 Touch Her for 5 seconds 5 seconds can seem like a long time depending on your level of ease with each other by this point.shoulder. crossing her arms. if you rush. linger for 1 second longer. it will backfire on you because she won’t be able to trust that you will honor her feeling and level of comfort later on. but I would encourage that she gets comfortable with you 161 . Once again. or closing in any way. Two seconds of touch can seem like an eternity for “strangers” so makes sure you are establishing enough rapport. Seconds Level 2 Touch Her for 2 Seconds After you initiate touching her. frowning. it is a natural way to increase intimacy and connection with each other through touch. comfort. There is no rush to get from one level to another. If you can leave your hand on her for 3 seconds without her tensing up. even though there is only a 1 second difference. take you time. and sometimes lower back and upper leg can be starting points for this. and connection.

I like you and would like to get closer to you. be especially mindful of her body language. legs if you are sitting. If you want an alternative way to smoothly transition to holding her hands. there is only a progressive celebration of increasing intimacy and connection. and if she lets you. progress through the next three levels. or 3 seconds at 10 different times before you leave your hand on her for this long. have fun with this. Your heart might be pounding. Relish this moment. Touch is such a connection accelerator that she might be taken by surprise by how much she feels connected to you and there might be a slight recoil before going deeper. she is saying yes. If she lets you touch the back of her hand for this long. and you are essentially asking her. There is no end goal. Once again. Her Level 6 Leave Your Hand on Her This is where you leave your hand on her for more than 10 seconds.touching her for 1. or the back of her hand. Good places to leave your hand on her are on her shoulders. If she shows any signs of discomfort and tension. then you can probably hold her hands. It feels amazing to be able to bridge the space between the two of you with touch. be mindful and honor where she is at and keep in mind that you are here to serve her open to the delicious flowing Goddess within her. Also. Level Seconds Level 5 Touch Her for 10 Seconds If she feels comfortable with you leaving your hand on her for 10 seconds. At this point. then you should back off a bit. she 162 . This is definitely no accident that you hand is on her. 2. make it light and playful. By this point you will have created enough rapport with her for her to feel comfortable with you in her space. She likes you enough and trusts you enough to let you touch her consistently. then she officially likes you.

she will usually feel comfortable with you giving her a massage. leave your hand on her shoulders and see if she can relax into your hands being there. This level of touch will accelerate the depth that you have already cocreated with her and will add an amazing layer of deliciousness to your connection. when the time is right. and there can be a lot of heat and passion generated just from this. and deep sharing that the two of you are engaging in. Either way. it might be helpful for you to think of this as an adoring caress rather than a massage.might be blushing. If she is comfortable with your hands on her shoulders. you can start with offering a woman a massage and the timeframe for previous levels can be shortened because she will already be comfortable with you touch. especially if she is already comfortable with you leaving your hand on her. Sometimes. You can also just ask her whether she would like a massage. Keep your intention on helping her relax into your touch. then begin moving your fingers slowly and gently massage the Trapezius muscles between her neck and shoulders. The intention is to help her relax and feel good in her body and to do so without any sexual innuendo. although I have found that an “impromptu” massage that just “happens” usually creates a more sensually charged dynamic. Start as if you are stroking a feather or the pedals on a flower. Receive pleasure by knowing 163 . because you can always increase the pressure and speed later. powerful questions. Move slower and lighter than you think in the beginning. Shoulders Level 7 Massage Her Shoulders If she feels comfortable with you leaving your hand on her. Initially. Most men err on the side of going too fast and too hard when giving a massage. Incorporate this level of touching into your conversations.

using your forearm. Play with massaging her Trapezius muscles between your thumb opposed to your forefingers and middle finger. Perhaps one hand can still be massaging her shoulders while the other hand glides slowly to nuzzle her neck between your thumb and the rest of your fingers. go slower and lighter beginning. than you think in the beginning. Gently and slowly “squeeze” the nape of her neck moving from the base where the neck connects to the shoulders up to where her neck meets her hair. or even moans because it feels so good. begin softly and apply more pressure when she fully relaxes into your touch. You are trying to help her relax and feel the pleasure of being in her body. just the thumb. When she feels this good. she will automatically feel more open toward you and any deepening conversation will have even more impact. holding and putting pressure on a tense point. Once again. Take your time indulging in giving her these great sensations. Neck Level 8 Massage Her Neck The neck is a really sensitive and sensuous location for a woman. stroking with the forefinger and middle finger. gasps. when you reach the neck.that you are creating an incredible experience for her. Often. 164 . I would encourage you to take a course or at least get a book on massage and begin to familiarize yourself with the art of touch. You can also use just your knuckles. or any creative techniques that you can learn or create. Remember. not give her more pain. Practice transitioning smoothly between caressing and massaging her shoulders and moving seamlessly to her neck. and you feelings are the cause of these delightful feelings. and feel the increasing connection and intimacy that results. your woman might let out soft sighs.

openness. and relaxation that is usually reserved for more intimate encounters. you can simply pull her into you and hold her. you can begin to gently massage down her shoulders to her biceps and forearms. moving ever so slowly and tenderly as you hold her close to you. You can move from the forearms and give the wrist area some attention. many properly. Take your time and linger at this level of touch intimacy for as long as you want. to an orgasm so be generous with your attention to her hands. Imagine that you have all the time in the world and that you are admiring one of the most amazing pieces of art and that you get to give this living art the most exquisite pleasure you can muster. women consider a hand massage and a foot massage right up there next orgasm. she will have reached a certain level of trust. you can move onto the palms of the hand using circular motions with your thumb as well as up and down strokes to caress her hands. When done properly.Level 9 Massage Her Hands Hands When you have taken the time to massage her shoulders and neck and she is thoroughly enjoying the process. When the timing is right. Most women are very sensitive at the wrists and this is an erogenous zone that often does not receive much attention. pulling. After a neck and shoulder massage. Hands Level 10 Holding Her Hands 165 . You can also massage each finger individually spiraling upward. and caressing each finger before returning to the palms of the hand. Honor and appreciate her for the fact that she has chosen to open this far with you and use this energy to continue to amplify the pleasure that you can lead her into. From the wrist.

and powerful conversations. Rather. If you are still sitting apart from her. feel into and lead her into the natural balance and depth of touch. take a moment to stop the movements and hold her hand in yours and breathe into the sensation of the contrast of the movement of massage to the stillness and the charged moment within the stillness of holding her hands. just hold her hands gently and let the realization that the two of you are intimate enough to be holding holding hands sink in. the emotional and conversational depth can naturally deepen. emotions.This transition is really natural when you have spent say the last five to ten minutes massaging her hands. have fun. move her and hold her close to you while holding her hand. or anything that celebrates the moment. You can soak in the silence of the moment. As you finish massing her hands. bring her head to lean on your shoulders. Do not become overly focused on any one arena. they are simply useful reference points that can help you navigate through the mystery that appears to be women. Play. and conversations. and enjoy. Relax your grip. The levels of touch do not “exist” in reality. 166 . emotions. Sometimes letting go of her hands to massage her some more before taking her hands again adds to the potency of the moment. You are essentially already holding her hands when you are massaging them. This is a delicious moment that should be cherished. look deeply into her eyes. Head Hair Level 11 Caressing Her Head and Hair In the deepening connection phase you are deepening through touch. Each level includes the one before it so transition smoothly back to earlier levels to create the most melodious symphony with your touch. Once you have reached the physical deepening of holding each other’s hands. You have all the time in the world to relish the eternity of this moment.

A woman’s head is another erogenous zone that can be used to elicit so much pleasure. Transitioning between the shoulder. Many of these areas will be gone over again in the foreplay section as you incorporate them into sensual and sexual play. watching a movie. When the moment is right. driving in the car. head. walking down the street. you can contrast the light strokes with a gentle pull at the roots of her hair before returning to the head massage. practice makes perfect and I doubt your woman is going to complain as you fine tune this art. you can venture into more intimate areas of touch. Familiarize yourself with these areas as much as possible and turn the technical aspect of touch into the art 167 . massage. and then to her head perhaps gliding past the top of her ears and using jelly fish tentacles like strokes to massage her head. From the shoulders. you can move from the head massage to gently tracing the shape of her outer ears to caressing her inner ears as well as exploring her ear lobes and underneath her ears. After you can hold her hands. you can transition to the neck. Many times a woman will roll her eyes back in bliss when head given the proper head massage. and caress her tenderly when the moment seems right. or even while dancing. and hair can lead to hours of sensual enjoyment of each other while you are having dinner. As you massage her head. let go occasionally and continue to touch. Once again. neck. you can caress her hair tenderly. taking your time to enjoy the texture and softness of her hair. The ear is another erogenous zone for a woman and deserves enough time for proper exploration. Her Ears Face Level 13 Caressing Her Ears and Face Once your woman has fully opened into your incredible touch up to this point.Once the two of you feel comfortable holding each other’s hands.

of touch and a part of who you are in your ability to co-create as much pleasure as possible with your woman. By the time she is comfortable with you exploring her ears, she will probably be putty in your hands. She probably can’t remember the last time a man was so skilled in leading her into relaxing into such exquisite pleasure. Just when she doesn’t think it can get any better, you can gently move from her ears to gliding the back of your hands across her forehead and face before switching to use the soft pads of your fingers to stroke her cheeks. Pause to just hold her cheeks tenderly before perhaps moving your fingers to trace her lips. Level 14 The Kiss In most cases, if a woman lets you stroke her head, hair, and ears, she is willing to let you kiss her. If she enjoys your touch as you stroke her ears and face, then she usually can’t wait to kiss you to deepen the connection. Trace her forehead and face gently with your fingers, and then pause to hold her face lightly in your hands. This is the prefect moment to look deeply into her eyes and move your lips toward hers. Listen to her body language with all of your being and see if she is tensing up, moving away, frowning, or closed off in any way versus, blushing, smiling, opening, and closing her eyes in the preciousness of the moment as your lips meet. As you hold her face gently in your hand, move toward her lips 90% and allow her to meet you for the last 10%. If she does not come forward, then pause for 2 seconds to increase the sensual tension before you meet her lips the rest of the way. If you have touched her with finesse, she will really want to kiss you, so do both of you a favor and kiss her.

I will go over the kiss in even more details in the profound intimacy phase as well as the rest of the touch progression that leads to more sexual exploration in the foreplay section. The same amount of care will be shown when you progressively lead her at her comfort level to exploring more sensual and sexual areas that can bring both of you incredible pleasure. In the meantime, have fun with the levels of touch that I have laid out for you. Go over these in your head and play with them with you date. If you are already in a relationship, surprise your lover, girlfriend, or wife with and your newfound ability to touch them in ways and places that they have secretly yearned for and they will thoroughly appreciate, adore, and want to tear your clothes off for it. Remember, the levels are only reference points. They are like training wheels on your bike that can help you learn to successfully lead your woman to the sensual opening that she desires. If you use these levels too much as a technique, then you will turn the interaction with your woman into something mechanical rather than organic. The levels are filters that will help you to see if you are moving too fast or too slow, whether your woman is ready to be lead to a more intimate area of touch, and to smoothly transition your touch with artistry. Keep the intention of serving her open to her most delicious feminine flow. This means that if it feels amazing to just hold her hands for the next 3 hours, then that’s what you should do and enjoy the time that you share together. relationship, This is only the beginning. The longer you are in relationship, the deeper the touch can go. The levels I have mentioned can be an amazing way to keep the connection alive and passionate. In fact, even if you have already made love, you can use the levels as transitional reference points that

“warm her up” in a smoother and more sensual way than she has ever experienced. Touch her as often as you can to continue to ignite the juicy fire between the two of you. The more your woman feels adored, the more she will want to please you and the more open and blissful your sensual and sexual explorations can be.

Action Steps for Deepening Connection
Aren’t you excited? It’s time again for action! This is where the rubber meets the road and you get to apply everything that you have learned so far in this phase. Here is a review for all the actions that you have been instructed to take. 1. You are making eye contact with 20 women a day, saying hello to 10 of them and starting a conversation with 3 of them as well as talking with 2 new groups of people for 5 days a week. That’s 15 women a week who you are talking to. If you want to get better at being a complete lover even more quickly, talk to 30 women a week. I’m not asking you to do anything that I haven’t done, so decide to do it and just do it. 2. You are asking for the numbers of the women that you find attractive. If the connection is great, then you can see if they are free in the moment to hang out more. 3. Whichever way you move into the connection stage with her whether on a later date or in the moment, you found 3 things you have in common, asked questions to deepen your understanding of her


interests, shared an experience with the mastery of a story teller, and touched her at least once. 4. Now, share even more exciting stories as well as your visions and dreams with her and ask her powerful questions like “what fulfills you?”, “what inspires you?”, “what’s important to you?”, “what do you get to express by doing this?”, etc. Also share experiences that were challenges that you have overcome. 5. Using all the distinctions that you have gained in the art of touch, lead her through the 14 “levels” of touch and kiss her. Yes, practice makes perfect in touching and in kissing your woman, and if you have kept the intention of honoring and drawing out her feminine divine, then both of you are going to have a great time. Keep in mind that this whole book and all its exercises are to be used in genuinely getting to know your friends, family, date, girlfriend, and wife at a deeper level, not as a manipulation to get women into bed quickly. If you have no interest in getting to know a woman, then you are doing yourself and the woman and huge disservice in just trying to get her into bed because even if you do, you will feel empty and unfulfilled. It would be like winning a prize you didn’t really want, like winning a Geo Metro when you really wanted to win the Ferrari. interest Find a woman who you feel real attraction and have genuine interest in. If you are starting conversations with at least 15 women a week, you will easily find a woman who you are really attracted to. If you ever get stuck in your house just “thinking” about mastering this material, then get out, walk around, and go start a conversation with random women. It will get

your juices flowing and prime the pump for practicing every aspect of your growing abilities as a complete lover. Remember, practice makes perfect so go out there and just do it! Makes sure you are playful and have tons of fun leading women into delicious and sensual touches and kisses that will blow their mind.

Stage Stage II Phase III Profound Intimacy
Intimacy is also known as “In to Me See”. At the highest level of intimacy, the woman you are with would feel so seen by you, so adored by you, have so much trust in you, that she can completely surrender to you knowing would that wherever you lead her would be in her highest interest and that she is completely safe with you. If you have co-created this level of intimacy with a woman, do you think you have to “manipulate” her into having sex with you? This statement wouldn’t even be a reality in how the two of you are relating with each other. This level of connection would naturally flow into incredibly pleasurable love making because it would be an expansion of how you already feel for each other. In Stage III Communion you will learn proven, effective, and detailed techniques on various aspects on how to pleasure women. Yet, without the intimacy, power of intimacy it would like having an infant play a Stradivarius Violin or an old lady driving 50 miles an hour on the freeway in a Lamborghini with no refinement and power behind the most amazing tools of expression. To say that the profound intimacy phase is an important section would be an understatement.


Remember, there are more romance novels sold in the US and Canada than alll other books combined.. Not money, not sex, not fashion, not home al combined and garden, not gossip, not computers, not cars, not health, not business but ROMANCE ROMANCE. Did I make this clear enough yet? Romance is passion, adoration, adventure, intimacy, and love with a “real” man. We just hit upon one of the most important keys to intimacy. You have the opportunity to become man, the “real” man, the divine masculine who women desire. Intimacy is not just about lovy dovy, soft cozy, melt into each other energy. It is about being a man of such integrity, strength, courage, passion, purpose, and truth that you can penetrate the deepest part of her essence with your heart. To get to be the romantic hero in romance novels, you get to train to have more skills, intelligence, courage, integrity, passion, spontaneity, imagination, power, focus, flow, and groundedness than most men, and at the same time have more sensitivity, emotional wisdom, and love than even your average woman. Becoming a romantic hero is a worthy challenge for you who intend on becoming an amazing lover and the journey is more pleasurable and rewarding than almost any other physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual discipline and practice that you can take on. What’s at the end? There is no “end”. If you gave Picasso, Rodin, Dali, Leonardo Divinci and any other great artists 50 or 100 more years to live, do you think their art would continue to evolve? The same is true with the art of being a lover, it can be a life-long journey of discovery. life173

We portray to others how we think we would be best perceived. we interact with each other on the surface with our social masks. Whose art is better. Dali. Picasso. at having women feel adored and loved by you and drawing forth her most divine feminine. and loved. The better you get at creating intimacy. and make refinements toward the grandest vision of himself. Once you reach a level of mastery. the quality of the art is a flowing expression of your consciousness and there is no absolute best art. A part of the ocean that is so deep that perhaps no humans have ever ventured into it can be viewed as profound depth. or Leonardo Divinci? They are all at the master level. accepted. Then. We do not usually venture into the deeper depths where the hidden layers of ourselves lay unseen and undiscovered. even the simplest sensual or sexual expression will take on the most impactful and beautiful form. the more power each of your other practices will take on. but the artist himself will continue to grow. and yet one is not objectively better than the other. evolve. liked.Here is another interesting question to ask yourself. Most of the time. 174 . even the simplest approach will capture a woman’s full attention. Rodin. discover. the Romance is the fuel that will power the rest of your practice and evolvement as a lover. When you infuse intimacy into everything you are learning. Going as Deep as You Can How do you know when something is deep? What is a depth that is so awe inspiring that it becomes profound? A lake that is deep means that it goes down a long way.

passionate. Some of these patterns serve us while others are outdated habits that dis-empower us. Many of us haven’t taken the time to consciously review habitual our habitual ways of being and design ones that truly serve our way of being in the world. Depth is allowing someone to delve deep into our consciousness. Emotional depth is when we someone trust someone enough to share our iinner sanctum with them. rather than as an excuse to withdraw ourselves out of fear. This is not to say that you can mechanically design yourself into an infallible being. work related decorum.On the surface. fulfilled. and these patterns can have us go on automatic when we begin to interact with people. into the essence that makes us joyful. etc. Sometimes. It is taking a closer look at automated mechanisms that may have developed out of certain key events acknowledging the challenges within that event. or that you can eradicate all past traumatic events with a magic wand. and enthusiastic about being alive. So what is depth? Depth is when we trust someone enough that we can reveal to them the “whole” of ourselves including the less glorified instances where we were not being our best. and use those events as reminders of our strength of living powerfully through challenges. Deep nner sharing is the revealing of our inner world that few people know or see as opposed to skimming the surface because we are so busy surviving and rushing along in this world. learned social norms. we are not even conscious of this part of us when the business of every day life takes over and our surface mask programs kick in and we are “satisfied” with the temporary 175 . We have developed certain habits and patterns of protection. into our core. we wear our social masks because sometimes we think it is easier to simply play our role.

you also get to share some of the most feared. shameful. etc. If you haven’t taken the time to know yourself and what fulfills you in your you core. 176 . what makes you feel alive. Your willingness to discover a greater meaning and depth in your life will allow you to give the same gift to your woman. then it is time to have this exploration. what you want to contribute to the world. Ironically. Why do you want to deepen your connection with the woman who you choose to be with? Because any pleasure that the two of you experience with each other later on sensually and sexually are in direct proportions to other another’s the degree that the two of you allow each other into one another’s core. versus a woman who thinks you are a God amongst men and wants to surrender completely to you. and perhaps painful experiences that you have gone through so that the two of you become like open books to each other. choosing to play fully with each other even knowing each other’s shortcomings. gifts what your gifts are. and all of us have a deep desire to interact and be walking along a path that carries more potency and meaning than the daily grind and the occasional week long vacation just to get away from it all. alcohol.escape into food. in truly being able to do that. When navigated properly. The difference in pleasure is directly related to how deeply you feel you can share with the other and can be the difference between a woman who chooses to have sex with you because she is really drunk and she just wants to get off. the profound intimacy phase will allow you to have a partner who you get to explore with and have an adventure in finding the joyful meaning of being alive with each other. or television where for a few moments we don’t have to “worry” about our survival.

If you give your all in creating the most profound level of depth with a woman.Here are some questions that can quickly reveal the depth you are at with each other. I am not telling you to blindly trust a woman even though there may be signals that she hasn’t matured enough in her wisdom to earn that trust. hurts. it is the people willing to fall. Some are just afraid that if they give their all and still “fail” then it will “mean” that they are not loveable. and separations. hold on a second there” you might say! That’s some serious stuff that you’re throwing out. but as in life. Many people hold back and expect full results. It takes a man who is strong in body. “On a scale from 1 to 10 how much would you trust her with your money and vise versa?” “On a scale from 1 to 10 can she trust you with her life? Would you die to protect her?” “On a scale from 1 to 10 how clearly do you know your purpose and your woman’s purpose in the world?” “Woah. In the game of love. and allow you to move toward the higher levels if you so choose. the quality of women you can attract will astonish you. 177 . there will be pitfalls. Going deep is about exploring and seeing all there is. “What if I am not enough”. “What if they use me”. If you play football. nurturing the deepest fears and hurts and transforming them to support one another in your highest possibilities. mind. and spirit to play this game. willing to have things not work out who get the most chances in ultimately getting what they desire. “What if she wants me just for my money”. heart. “What if I give my all and it’s still not enough”. willing to fail. “What if I get hurt”. expect to fall once or twice. Others will go through the “what ifs” in their mind. and then setting your intention to play full on. Many people try half assed and then complain about not getting what they want.

yet it is infinitely more achievable if you just make the effort. If you are honest with yourself when you ask yourself the questions about the level that the two of you are connecting. Once you grow yourself to this standard of passion.Women are hungry for a man who is willing to play on this level. and she does the same. then you can have a clear measure about the level of depth and intimacy that the two of you are co-creating together and figure out ways to deepen with one another. Just know that even at a level 7 or 8 on the scales for the depth of your connection can result in some of the best sex that she has probably ever had. you allow her deeper into more layers of you. To get to level 10 on these questions might take awhile. presence and depth. There then is a foundation of trust created between the two of you that will allow her to open and surrender to you for greater and greater pleasure to be experienced. and soul. This model will serve you well in having a clear measuring stick to the level that you can play at. but see this as an inspirational model like being as good as Michael Jordan in Basketball or Tiger Woods in golf. you rarely end up with your hands in the mud. and you become comfortable showing her your shadows. solidity. depth. your idiosyncrasies. your insecurities. mind. And when you reach for the stars. heart. As you deepen the connection with a woman. there will be few competition and the odds are far in your favor for connecting with extraordinary women in body. Exercises for Profound Intimacy 178 .

angry. Exercise 1 Uncover Your Shadows 1. and strength. afraid. or mentally. then you are being ruled by external circumstances rather than tapping into your potential power. Write down 3 situations where you were nervous. many failures and tribulations achieve that wealth. 2. but somehow still found courage to pull through. emotionally. 3. 179 . or anxious. Would you be more inspired by some character that is already wealthy and skilled who stays that way or someone who through nearly impossible odds. Write down 3 situations that was embarrassing. Notice how I have framed these exercises in a way that assumes that you have acknowledged some gift that you have received out of these challenging experiences. skills. but now you can laugh at. Think about what would inspire you in a movie.Here are some exercises that will help you begin to dive deeper into your own experiences and psyche and share and explore these deeper territories with your woman. One of the main reasons why people hesitate to share the things that we may feel vulnerable about is that we are afraid that we may be rejected for these things. or fearful when you think about an event in the past. but were strong enough to survive. resilience. If you still feel depressed. and triumphs despite overwhelming challenges? We are all inspired by the possible beauty. Write down 3 instances where you suffered or experienced pain physically.

and interact with people using these masks. and more mature and be able to share these with your woman. Even if a woman can love you for the mask. your schoolmates.strength. Some 180 . it’s like muscles that atrophy when unused in a cast. So if you still haven’t gotten over blaming your parents. and amazing women into your life because they recognize what it takes to claim your power in the face of the challenges that we all face in our lives. However. If we constantly hide our short coming. under masks. find out how it has made you stronger. It’s like a wound that we constantly keep under wraps without changing the dressing or letting it breathe. If you need more incentive. The concept that most people don’t think about is the fact that if our short comings are the deal breaker. wiser. do it for growing into the man who naturally attract swarms of beautiful. she can never love you for the you underneath because you haven’t given her a chance to. which gives you an easy out for not taking the actions necessary to live the life you desire. Another piece of the puzzle is the fact that if we are not growing then we are dying. etc. and resilience of the human spirit because we all know that we also have that possibility within us. intelligent. and the “rejection” is going to happen sooner or later. what you are creating in your life in the present. then it’s going to come out with time. Most people keep these “shortcomings” or painful experiences hidden under wraps. your circumstances. then now is the time you chose to let go of blaming and take full responsibility for present. your environment. Acknowledge your challenges. in most cases that short coming can bring the relationship to another level when our woman stays or loves us despite of it.

You can give yourself some ways to actively let them “breathe” and let these shortcomings. 2. vibrant. Ask yourself are there people with the same challenges but who don’t feel bad about them? For example. etc. fear.people will go through their whole lives keeping the mask on. or hurts begin to transform into your ally that you can draw strength from. here are some more exercises to “prepare” these short comings to share with your woman. challenges. ask yourself the question. and challenges. Exercise Two Transforming Your Shadows 1. and never taking the risk for being loved for all of themselves because they have not developed the confidence and self-worth to love themselves enough to risk their heart. 3. One at a time. This could be embarrassment. shortcomings. Write down your top three painful experiences. are there people who are bald who are comfortable or even proud of their baldness and use it to their advantage? Are there men who are short and don’t feel like it’s a problem and still have beautiful and amazing girlfriends? Are there people who were born poor and created incredible wealth for themselves? Are there people who were physically weak who became incredibly healthy. “what is the core reason behind why I am afraid to share these with my woman”. anger. rejection. Since taking off your mask might still be a foreign practice for you. and strong? Are there people who grew up in circumstances that most people would view as unbearable who become a model for what’s possible? 181 . guilt.

Once you have gotten enough charge off what used to be your challenges. Realize the reasons why you can be comfortable with what used to be a challenge and ask yourself if you are ready to let your old associations go? Ask yourself when you would be ready to let go of the old associations? And if the answer is “now”. Do this for 1 minute minimum and at the same time think about why you. These are all examples of subtle ways that wounds that have not been fully vented can fester. Walk as them. you can frame and design a way of sharing this with your woman that empowers her to make the choice to love you through these experiences and qualities. he actually feels unworthy of her. 6. or feels like she doesn’t choose him enough and will “cheat” on him if given the chance. move as they would move. Repeat this process as often as necessary and for any challenges or experiences that might carry a good amount of charge for you. I have seen men with beautiful women who are so on edge about “keeping” her that he will get into a fight to prove himself at the slightest provocation. breathe as them. in this person’s body are comfortable with these “challenges” or qualities. 5.4. 7. 182 . Act as if you are these people who are already comfortable with their challenges. There will be one final exercise to help you let go of any past experiences that still controls you and puts you in reaction. just decide to let it go and take on the new empowering perspective. say something that they would say. At the deeper level.

Whatever emotional baggage you carry whether it is fear. Use lots of emotions! Really get into it! Time yourself and do this for a minute. just let go of the button so that she can push the same spot and nothing gets activated. It just might not feel like it in the moment of your buttons being pushed. or lack of self-worth can be amplified in your interaction with women. activated then she will go find another more subtle button. Pretend that the “you” with the button. uselessness. challenge. doubt. 183 . and wackiness of your present perspective in the empty chair. shortcoming. I am giving you some tools in letting go of your “buttons” while allowing yourself to remain present. Instead of activating your less mature side and pushing back. You should actually be thankful for this incredible tool for accelerated spiritual growth because ultimately most men do want to grow and embody their most exquisite and powerful self. Exercise Three Button Deactivation 1. immaturity. 2. and disempowering reaction is sitting in an empty chair. It will give you much more time and energy to direct your power toward eliciting the most incredible and luscious pleasure out of your woman rather than defending against the pushing of invisible buttons. They usually smell it out and will put their finger right on it and “test” whether you are a “real” man. Convince the “you” in the chair why feeling so sensitive about the issue is silly and why it could actually be a strength! Pretend that you are on a debate team and you get to use all your wits to convince yourself the absurdity. anger.

then you can know that you are not with each other for the superficial masks and roles. and other insecurities that you have. Write down your top three convincing reasons and take it on. disempowering reactions. pains strengths and weaknesses. where you choose to be with each other even knowing each other's greatest hopes and fears. joys and pains. it is no longer “activated”. What’s more. you are setting up a foundation of extreme trust. how rich. When you can trust each other enough to reveal the full range of your being. Most men mistakenly think that it’s about how handsome. and how accomplished they are that somehow create deep attraction and intimacy when at the core feel. Make Her Feel Like a Goddess One of the key components in having a woman feel intimate with you is for her to feel completely safe and adored by you.3. it might be those shared shadows that allow you to trust each other even more. If you are able to courageously explore these more uncomfortable realms. This creates the most incredible ability for the two of you to give and receive each others gifts with abandon and will show through dramatically in love making and in the ecstatic pleasure that you experience. it’s really about how you make a woman feel. Repeat as necessary and for any other energy sapping feelings. You are choosing each other knowing each other’s beauty and imperfections. 184 . 4. Feel into the opposite perspective of your “buttons” which will loosen your attachment and automatic reactions so that next time the same spot is pushed.

You would be able to see the beauty and divine feminine that is within her and slowly draw that part of her out to dance. FEEL Not just throwing her down on the bed and fucking her brains out kind of feel. depressed sed. If you can learn the skill of being such a man for her. You can make her feel like a Goddess when she was feeling anxious. your presence. angry. it is a skill because you are learning how to navigate her emotions first from a place acceptance. Rather. mental. your ability to be like the ocean where she can throw the biggest. and spiritual levels that are extraordinary. and taking her upwards to realms of rapture and ecstasy. and you would simply allow it to disappear into your vastness of your being. The kind where if she is having a bad day. and level of being. Exercises for Adoring Your Woman 185 . most intense boulders of emotions at you. frustrated. energy. the amount of sensual and sexual pleasure that you can experience with her is almost infinite. I call the ability to transform a woman’s emotions a skill because it is not about shutting off your emotions and pretending that you are a wall while she sometimes throws her emotional “stuff” at you. You create a safe container for her where she can simply vent. When things are good. and somehow. emotional. depressed etc. it’s the way you make her FEEL. afraid. and then you are able to love her through the turbulent weather just by holding her. or through questions that can allow her to elevate her own perspectives.Yes. of thorough understanding and acceptance. you can amplify that goodness into greatness and take her on adventures on the physical.

3. and have a slight smile and imagine that whatever she is saying has no meaning. 186 . and love and give them what they are calling for. Notice if your body tenses up and take a deep breath. adore. understanding. relax. It allows you to not take things personally. calling you names. and pleasurable feminine flow out of women. do the same thing the next time your woman or anyone in your life. are in a bad mood. relax. frustrations. and venting at you. your parents. When you are by yourself and in a solid grounded state. Repeat this imagined process several times. a client. etc. Just take a deep breath. and reinterpret what they are saying as a call for acceptance. As I said earlier in the book. and celebrate your woman in making her feel like a Goddess: Exercise 1 Emotional Translation 1. but everyone in your life. 2.Here are some exercises for you to begin to learn how to master your ability to contain. your boss. and actually go beyond the surface words into people’s deeper fears. understanding. Notice how this exercise does not just include your woman. pushes you away. becoming a complete lover isn’t only about the mastery of your ability to pleasure women. Now. or are being mean. guide. have a slight smile. it is about your total transformation as a man into the divine masculine who naturally draws out the attraction. and desires. and love. surrender. pretend that a woman is screaming at you. and all the words are masking the call for acceptance.

etc. 3. then you have experienced what it feels like to infuse those uplifting emotions into it. Really get into this and have as much of a full body experience as possible. This practice allows you to exercise your muscle of excitement. and it is a muscle. You need to strengthen your muscles for appreciation first because it is in the moments where your woman is a seeming monster or bitch that you most need to exercise this muscle.An important aspect of drawing out the sexiest parts and amplifying them in your woman is through the process of adoring her. or love for something or someone. inspiration. Allow yourself to fully experience and amplify what that feels like. and love. a puppy. 2. a person. The following is an exercise to have you practice this art. and adoration. notice the details and come up with reasons why you are feeling these amazing feelings about these ordinary objects which will amplify the appreciation even more because you are linking your logical mind with these incredible feelings. inspiration. If you felt even a slight increase in your appreciation of that ordinary object. and adoring of this object as possible. Now look for an ordinary object in the room and transfer this feeling to this object and feel as excited. And if you can’t appreciate things that are “neutral” or when she is just in a “normal” state. inspiration. This can be a new car. inspired. Exercise 2 Adoration 1. If you can. then you don’t stand a chance of appreciating her when her moods hit. 187 . adoration. Recall one time where you felt the most incredible excitement.

and depth. need to fix it right away. and meaning. When you are ready. or married to. Practice makes perfect. The difference in the richness of your life and in how women are going to think you are a gift from God will be your reward if you continue this practice. skill. dating. You are practicing choosing the conscious emotions that you are infusing your life with. The difference in the quality of your life and your service to women will be priceless once you master this craft. light. The real test comes when she is in a funky mood and when you can adore her through her funk. Your emotions of adoration and love will grow to be stronger than her funky moods and transform that emotion into raw energy which can be funneled into some amazingly passionate love making. events. or run away. in a relationship with. Consciousness Exercise 3 Use Questions to Direct Your Consciousness The questions that we ask our selves dictate the answers that we get. she will be able to pick up your new found emotional maturity. 188 . What we experience has always been a reflection of our consciousness. You will soon notice that regular objects can take on more aliveness. Take notice how even if you said nothing. If you type in “war” on Google you will find millions of pages on that subject.Practice this with 3 objects. or people for 5 days this week. You will become strong enough to not take her emotions personally. Practice this with people in your lives or with strangers in the street. practice this with women you are interested in. If you type in “pleasure” on Google you will also find millions of pages on that subject.

Why is she so adorable? 10. Why is it so fun to share experiences with her? Write at least 3 answers for each of these questions so that you have these in the forefront of your mind. What do I appreciate about her? 3. here are some amazing questions to ask yourself: 1. Practice asking these questions in your mind with anyone and everyone you meet. How can I serve to bring out her best? 8. Come up with questions on your own that will further allow you to bring out the feminine divine in your woman! When you are in the presence of your woman. What is amazing about her? 2. In creating the most deeply connected and intimate ambiance with a woman. Just perceiving these aspects in her will begin to hold her in a container where she can naturally return to her feminine flowing self. and look for how they manifest in others. What aspects of her personality do I love? 6. What is sexy about her? 5. What is beautiful about her? 4. How is she extraordinary? 7. especially in moments where she is not in her greatest mood. Why do I feel great when I am around her? 11. ask these questions in your mind and find the answers. Simply hold the answers in your mind when you come up with them others. You don’t have to tell her the answers. How can I enjoy her even more? 9. This exercise along with the 189 .The questions that we ask ourselves consciously or unconsciously in our mind when we are with a woman will draw out those aspects of her.

Start with a minute and move up to 3 minutes. there will be moments of silence. and powerful. 5 minutes. Begin to learn to feel into this level of depth. slowly. or your mind 190 . Sometimes you will begin to fall spontaneously into these experiences of having a deep eye connection. Pick one of these instances that feel especially potent. and allow you to bring yourselves fully into being present. full. create the frame where you get to play with your woman in this arena. breathe deeply. 10 minutes. can take you out of your heads. but allow yourself to expand into holding this intensity. In the beginning you might feel your eyes or parts of your body twitching from not being able to contain all the energy in this depth. or longer. There is nothing like gazing into the windows of each other’s soul for you to feel an inexplicable bond forming. Take your time in really looking deeply into each other’s soul. and deeply while saying to her. Breathe gently. “Can I just look into your eyes for a minute?” She will most likely say yes. Gazing into a woman’s eyes is also an amazing lead in for a kiss which will be thoroughly explored later. Feel the silence. breathe slowly. Exercise 4 Eye Gazing As you have deeper conversations with your woman. and look into her left eye so that you can maintain a steady focus. Asking to look into her eyes creates a frame which allows for both of you to sink into the experience. If this doesn’t happen. relax.first one will add incredible power to how you can relate and lay down the foundation of intimacy with women. This practice can feel extremely intense after 5 minutes.

then walk up to someone in the street and tell them that your coach (me) gave you the assignment to look into someone’s eyes for a minute and write down the experience. Most women would jump at the opportunity to do this. find a friend to practice this with. just rest in the potent connection that is occurring. Just relax. If it is not with a woman you are interested in. So you can just say. associate. acquaintance. presence coach. Practice this with someone at least 3 times this week. life coach. You can even use this as a conversational starter if you chose. or whatever you feel like referring to me as) gave me the assignment of looking into someone’s eyes for 1 minute and write down my experience. friend. “Excuse me. my coach (Tantra coach. This is an incredible practice and meditation where you can be with another person and totally surrender into the connection. Yes this is an “official” assignment that I am giving you right now. I would like you to practice with a woman who you have already developed amazing rapport and comfort with to really deepen your connection. you don’t have to prove anything. Have fun in this practice and enjoy the resulting pleasure. Vulnerabilities Profound Intimacy through Sharing Vulnerabilities 191 . sensuality coach. would you be willing to do me a favor and practice with me?” In most cases. spirituality coach. intimacy coach. your eyes do not have to bug out.could be thinking all kinds of thoughts. If you “can’t find” someone.

and perfection of who she is. “Who are some people or instances you would like to forgive?”. it would would be best if you lead in revealing your answers first so that you are leading the heart opening. and sharing while she gets the courage by following your example. “What would you like to improve or strengthen in your life?”. there is no turning back. Yes. “What do you perceive as a shortcoming that you are strengthening?”. vulnerability. For most of these “harder” questions. you always have the choice to keep it more superficial. Do venture into this arena when you feel like the two of you are ready because life is probably not all roses for either of you. but once you have experienced the difference in her responses to you in connection and in the pleasures of love making with the proper level of deep emotional sharing. hopes. strength. and understanding each other’s “hidden” imperfections can turn them into perfections that allow the two of you to have an even deeper trust of how you can relate to and support each other through the hard spots that are bound to arise with any amount of time.After you have adored your woman through the four different exercises and have drawn out the beauty. a genuine liking of each other. etc. reveal fears show Asking the questions that reveal our dreams and fears show the deeper core of what matters to us. and a foundation of loving and adoring each other’s strengths because premature delving into each other’s shadows each can weaken your relating while with the proper context of strength will add potency to your relating. You can take you time in asking the “harder” questions. In knowing what truly matters to the other 192 . dreams. you can ask her questions such as “What is something you are afraid you won’t be loved or accepted for?”. There is no hurry to delve this deeply until the two of you have built up enough attraction.

knowing that even if they disapprove and the two of you are not for each other. self knowing and emotional lead. and external expectations which might have been engrained in your being. What if you are courageous enough to ask these questions? What if you are confident enough in yourself that you can reveal all of yourself to another. You are. that another Goddess will be waiting for the opportunity to interact with a rare man solid enough to take the time to know himself warrior and is a warrior of the heart. in a sense. getting past the parental. Sharing your vulnerabilities will vulnerabilities shields allow you to begin to get past the façade and shields of protection and sanctum. visions. questions before asking her because when she can trust your emotional depth. and seeming shortcomings. Perceiving sensual and sexual explorations with your woman as a deepening of the emotional connection that will give you a glimpse of what most women love sex for.person. Ask yourself the harder questions first and take the time to do some soul searching and write the answers down. Sometimes you will surprise yourself with how much you like your dreams. you get a quick sense of whether the two of you can truly help each other build your visions and dreams as well as fulfill each other to the core. Sex is usually the rare moment where she gets to connect deeply with a man and where he opens up a bit more than 193 . societal. get you closer to her innermost sanctum. The dance between you then takes on a much more intricate level of revealing what’s possible between the two of you. Make sure that you do take the time to explore these her. then she can more easily trust your sensual lead which is really just a deeper level of emotional connection that can expand the pleasure of her emotional opening.

Come up with questions that you feel can reveal hidden aspects of you that you don’t even know yet. you dream day. The thickness of the armor depends on the “pain” that we are trying to 194 . and dark places because it takes a different kind courage to peer inward. your hidden pleasures. who your ideal woman is.usual to her. If you can amplify this knowledge and give her what fulfills her emotionally in the depth of connection you generate with her. As you explore these deeper topics. Being whole in knowing your light and and transforming your shadows will lead you to own your power in a way that world. disappointments. the woman you choose will see that you the have taken the time to know yourself which gives her more reasons to be you. When you garner the courage to look in those places. what hidden buttons gets easily pushed. can truly serve your woman and the world. deep. with you because the two you can explore arenas that she won’t be able to explore with other men. When you ask these levels of questions. Figure out your fears. what angers you. then she will get to fully let go in her wild passions and fiery abandon during your sexual connection. what you would stand up for. what you overcompensate for. We've all gotten hurt since we were little. and dreams not yet realized. A lot of people do not know themselves in those secret. through relationships. what you are doing is that you are gently leading one another out of each other’s shells. what you cover you insecurities with. etc. your woman will find you extremely sexy. and become familiar enough with them where you get to harness and direct this energy. We all have protective mechanisms that we have developed consciously or unconsciously.

Take the lead and let her in a bit and then she can have the choice to let you in a bit. It’s as if someone accidentally and lightly brushed against an open wound and you yelp in pain and feel a need to hurt them back when you have kept that wound “open” by not letting it breathe for a long time. both of you will grow to another level. nobody can hurt you because who you are at the core is pure conscious divine essence. this whole section might seem like a waste of time. cultivating. nurture. From the average man's perspective. What the average man doesn’t realize is that the fastest way to making love with a first.. you get to know that ultimately. Through this process. being an open book and celebrating the fact that you have an amazing woman to help you strengthen and grow in a delicious way.avoid. life. Ultimately. It starts with opening with yourself. and loving yourself through those more vulnerable places. and heart. This can be an enlivening experience and provide hours of interesting conversations as you find out about each other. Yet. to truly connect with each other. it's usually those places that you have not fully healed being revealed to you. woman is to make love with her heart first Ironically. when you become an 195 . but you who is growing into an amazing lover has a different perspective. love. we have to let these shells down sometime. and support each other. By letting your vulnerabilities breathe and owning these shadowy places and by allowing your woman to understand and support you in growing. because all he wants to do is to get laid. money. you are deepening to a level where you can trust each other with your possessions. When you feel hurt or attacked.

The path to the heart is the shortest path to making incredible love. With the understanding that a woman’s heart is the key to making incredible love with her. you can put the woman in such bliss and ecstasy that she worships you and can completely surrender to you. I am actually giving you the short cut for getting laid. A woman’s emotional sensitivity is so tied up to her primal sense of survival that the more she can trust you the more she can open up. adore. At the core. and the more pleasure both of you can experience. then this level of pleasure basically won’t happen because a woman's pleasure is so tied up to her being being emotionally connected to you. but because it is so direct.extraordinary man. you are naturally much more attractive to women. Know that. and be as holistic as possible in the way you relate to women. Some women even consider kissing more intimate than sex. Women are super sensitive. respect. You may have to travel a bit slower on this path. This might seem far out of reach when the need to just have sex has not been satiated. If you have not connected to her heart properly. when you honor. through Profound Intimacy through Kissing Kissing is one of the most intimate activities that you can engage in with a woman. and they will sense your depth and how you can fulfill them in ways that other men aren’t even aware of. but to be such an amazing lover that he absolutely blows the woman’s mind as the best experience she has ever had. it will still be faster than you racing down other paths. every man’s deep desire is not just to have sex. A woman reads so much into everything and the first kiss could be the 196 .

then you will be able to feel into her desire to magnetically pull you toward her. After you have created depth. If you have been feeling into her as you touch her. her face moving towards you slightly. shortening licking lips. head. In the deepening connection phase. softening of her eyes. hair. a few fine distinctions within the kiss that I would like to share with you so that you can get fully prepare and practice the principles to blow her mind with the kiss. ears. her breath shortening a bit. Read the signs. or perhaps that you will become “friends”. There are however. her looking at your lips. but don’t hesitate for too long. licking her own lips etc.deciding factor of whether she'll continue to play with you. look for signs that she is ready to kiss you. gasping or moaning at your touch. it only takes a second to create that 197 . Through the proper transitions. Many women fantasize about the perfect first kiss and may judge a man harshly if he is not “up to par”. intimacy. If you have developed the proper depth of connection with your woman. Once you have reached the level where she is melting with your touch and you have gently stroked her face from her forehead to her cheeks. and care for a woman it is really natural to deepen that intimacy through kissing. to connect with you. this is not likely going to happen because you will have set up all the right emotional opening to really create an amazing kiss. you can move from each level progressively all the while tantalizing her with the way you stroke her neck. and face. I went over the systematic way to use touch to lead and gauge your woman’s level of comfort every step of the way. Some of these signs include a flushing and blushing in the cheeks.

take the initiative and begin to slowly into move your face toward hers while looking into her eyes. or move her face towards you. she will close her eyes. 198 . If she is ready to kiss you. If this occurs. you are now kissing her. If she isn’t meeting you that for that last 10% of the distance. so we will give love the way we want to receive love and she will kiss you the way she wants to be kissed. she will simply turn her face or move her head slightly away from you. The key is then to model her kiss. One of the easiest ways to find out is to simply pay attention. Move slowly. This means to kiss her exactly how she is kissing you because her lips will be telling you her ideal kiss.moment special moment for a kiss. This creates the amazing dynamic where she is “choosing” to kiss you. Go in 90% and allow her to meet you that remaining 10%. Your lips have met. you can either back off or just continue your motion towards her and either kiss her on the cheeks or turn your head and nuzzle her head in yours while holding her close to you to create an intimate moment. This is a great last minute “check” to see if she is ready to kiss you. When you are stroking her face and your eyes connect and the moment feels right. especially in the physical realm. So how can you find out what that ideal kiss is without asking her? There is a way. smile. as you slowly move toward her. and if she is not ready. I mentioned earlier that almost every woman has a fantasy and ideal of how she wants to be kissed. People usually project outward that which we most want. just hold still for a second and experience the delicious sensual tension building and the magnetic forces of attraction amplify until your lips meet.

she will feel safe. You know how she kisses. comfort. and usually she has probably rehearsed this over and over in her head. Secondly. people who are like each other “like” each other. She has a fantasy in her head of how her ideal lover will kiss her. and on a subconscious level become bonded to you. There's the single top lip. or if she is pushing her lips into yours. You are mirroring back to her exactly how she consciously or unconsciously derives pleasure from kissing. and with that you can become her ideal lover through your kiss. She has probably rehearsed how she wants to be kissed in her mind so much that she embodies that kiss. By modeling simply modeling how she kisses you. 199 . You know how she likes to be kissed. Notice how she is positioning her lips in terms of whether her lips are how barely touching yours. There’s the single bottom lip.Why is modeling her kiss so potent? One of the first reasons is that she does not consider herself a bad kisser so whatever she is doing must be awesome. really pay attention to the pressure that she's putting on your lips. Just feel into her lips and reflect the same back to her. There are four major configurations. and when you kiss her just the way that she kisses you it is as if you have been lovers for ages. Listen to her lips with your whole body and all of your senses as you kiss her. where both of your lips are on her bottom lip. By kissing her in a way that is surprisingly familiar to her. you are more than likely coming close to that ideal in her head. and connection with each other. the kiss will continue to deepen the pleasure of connection between the two of you. If you have already connected deeply with her and have built the foundation of intimacy. When your lips touch. Notice the configuration of her lips. where both of your lips are on one of her top lip.

Most women like to take kissing slowly. you can be lightly stroking her hair. Allow her to start dancing with you. where your tongues are dancing with each other. You seldom want to just thrust your tongue into her mouth. then begin to dance with the tip of her tongue before engaging with her deeper. Throughout the modeling process. Continue to model her kiss for as long as possible. where the two of your lips are together and touching. This is a great way to test to see whether she wants to join you in the tongue dance. As a rule. then start slowly. Allow her to llead slightly. so that you become essentially like two people with one lip. Mirror also the time that she takes in touching the lips together and separating with your lips. Pretend it’s a mirroring exercise and you are mirroring exactly what she's doing. If you really enjoy introducing your tongue into the kiss. or gently caressing her face to add the incredibly delicious moment. Keep your tongue soft and after a bit of exploration.There's the double lip. holding her head tenderly. you 200 . you can then venture to lead her with you kiss to deepen the passion and exploration. exploring each other. There's the open mouth kiss. ead tongue. hold off on the tongue initially. slowly and unless she is thrusting her tongue into your mouth. you can trace her upper or lower lip gently with your tongue. do not take the initiative until you have at least been modeling her kiss for a minute. where both lips are further apart and perhaps your heads are slightly tilted. If her tongue with comes out to meets yours. Once you have modeled her kiss for some time. The last one often leads into the French kiss. Once you have engaged her tongue. You want to listen and feel and merge into this dance between the two of you. especially with something as intrusive as the tongue and just put it at the entrance of her mouth near her lips.

This is absolutely dynamite. Enjoy this kiss. I just want to devour you”. because you are creating the energy of pure love while mirroring exactly the way she desires to be kissed and more. This is what will allow her to sometimes swoon and have her knees buckle a little bit during the kiss. 201 . and adoration you have for her and she will feel these transferred through the kiss which makes it so much hotter.can pull back occasionally to introduce some contrast and perhaps model her kiss some more before leading her into a passionate kiss once again. incredible. desire. or “You are such an incredible woman”. magnificent gift that is the kiss and delve into the many nuances and allow it to bring you both incredible pleasures. There are several ways for you to amplify the deliciousness of the kiss. “I absolutely love kissing you”. and you’ll know what I mean. or “You are so yummy. Move your hands in rhythm with the kiss and alternate between various pressures and strokes. etc. One of the ways is to say things in your head or out loud like. Try it. Stroke her face gently as you separate briefly before lightly engaging her lips again. After enough modeling. Caress the back of her head with both hands as you kiss her or move your hands down her back and press her chest against yours or move her lower back into your pelvis depending on what effect you like to co-create with her. To further amplify the deliciousness of the kiss. These statements when said in your head or out loud will amplify the feelings of passion. change the way you kiss her to generate a sizzling combination of pleasure with her. you can more fully that incorporate all the finesse of touch that I have shared with you earlier as you kiss her.

Perhaps pause to share some intimate stories and cuddling before going back in to kiss her again. is to be real 202 . and then take a moment to breathe and just look at her. stroke her. so juicy. Take hours to just make out with each other. the patience.Allow yourself to take two steps forward and one step back. Savor every moment of the kiss with her and have this naturally lead you to deeper sensual and sexual exploration which we will begin to cover in the next stage. Any compliment that her you give her will help draw out her feminine energy. The basis of profound intimacy is the degree that you are choosing to be with your woman. and its troughs where you can peak in energy. Kissing can be so intimate. Action Steps for Profound Intimacy It is time again to integrate everything that you have learned in this phase and put it into action. and enchanting about her. The first step then. It is an amazing way to continue to create the profound intimacy that you have with your woman. Pretend that you are back in high school and that this is one of the most exciting discoveries you have made in life. because women thrive on adoration and love. and so delightful. and the spaciousness to truly enjoy your the work of art that is your kiss. and tell her one thing that you find beautiful. amazing. truly Allow yourself the time. so that you're building the energy gradually. Let her know that she is an incredible kisser and that you really appreciate connecting with her in such a delicious way. Be like the wave that has its crests crests troughs. You do not have to move forward and amplify the energy all the time.

how much are you choosing her? On a scale from 1 to 10. how much do you trust her? On a scale from 1 to 10. can be the best sex she has ever had. how much would you risk your life to protect her? Once you have clarity about your current level you can then consciously level. push these levels further as you interact with your woman.with yourself about how much you are inspired to give your all with the woman you are with. You might also discover that this might not be a woman who you can fully choose. even a level 7 or 8 on the intimacy scale when consciously amplified. at which point you have the choice of letting her go. Like I said before. Ask yourself these questions: On a scale from 1 to 10 how close is she to your ideal? On a scale from 1 to 10. Don’t underestimate the power of being totally authentic and clear about what you are creating with your woman. then give your all to the process because the profound intimacy will be directly correlated to the amount of pleasure that she can experience with you. If you feel like there is the potential for you to choose her even deeper and give even more of yourself. or to consciously acknowledge that you want to create a lighter lover relationship with her and give your all within that space in creating pleasure together. 203 .

afraid. or by embodying the opposite of your current limiting belief and integrating that perspective in your body. whenever she is caught in an emotional storm. and “What do I 204 . share these more vulnerable experiences and patterns with your woman with the frame of how you can now celebrate them or are in the process of transforming them. hurt. “How is she extraordinary?”. From here. but who easily overcome them. “How can I serve to bring out her best?”. etc. do them now and find 3 past experiences or triggering patterns and begin to transform them by finding counterexamples of people who have had the same challenges. then you can continue to deepen your connection through sharing your vulnerabilities in an empowering way. nervous. and you will be the grounded pillar to adore her in creating profound intimacy. then you will have found instances in your past or present patterns where you can be triggered in being anxious. you can deepen your connection with your woman considerably. If you have done the exercises in this phase. worrisome. Ask her to share in the same way and create the safe space where she can reveal herself more fully. direct your mind with adoring questions like. When you share with vulnerability. embarrassed.Once you have gotten clear about the level you are choosing her. If you haven’t done the exercises. see it as a call for love and let go of any judgments or taking her outbursts personally. Then. Through doing the exercises you will begin to transform these patterns and find the gifts or develop the courage to face your challenges and choose your power in transcending disempowering emotions and beliefs. and just hold and love her for where she is. In a similar vein. defensive.

love about her?”. vulnerability. connection. During this stage. and face while continuing to add to the marvelous art of kissing her. Stage III Communion We are now at the final stage in the relationship dance. At the higher levels of love-making. depth. friction. you have to re-ignite your masculine fire so that you bring the fullness of your passion and desire to serve her open even deeper. and magnetic attraction. In the second stage. lead her in long and deep eye gazes and then relish her as you kiss her. where you are building tension. Out of the depths of intimacy and connection. Model her kiss to give her the reflection of how she loves to be kissed for awhile before leading her in exploring the variety of kisses that I have gone over in this phase. Use your touch to stroke her hair. The first stage of attraction is masculine in nature. Take your time and enjoy the continuous building of your profound intimacy while enjoying the pleasures of making out with each other for a seeming eternity. the communion stage. flow. fire. you also 205 . you are co-creating more feminine energy of comfort. connection. and love. With all these foundations in place. Shower and infuse her with your adoration and tell her what you find amazing about her. head. you want to bring the most brilliant part of your masculine passion and feminine flow into this culminating dance. Now we're entering the third stage communion and it is a combination of both masculine and feminine energies.

In this stage. You You are stoking the steady fires of passion until it becomes a rapture. universal consciousness. you can incorporate more of your masculine energy and pull her and direct her more firmly into you as you kiss her and touch her. igniting her desires with every desires touch. smoothly. and gracefully as you can. The way you touch her. You are leading her by feeling into the desire and passion that you have for her and that she has for you. This stage is like boiling water. Go into the areas that you notice special sensitivities and amplify these areas to bring her even more pleasure. the way you hold her. In the connection stage. and into the pure energy that you are circulating through each other. and she will become more and more aroused and excited. your touch should be gentle like caressing the pedals of a flower. Now you have set the foundation for deep trust and intimacy. The steady heat that you apply slowly boils her desires until both of you are overflowing with so much passion for each other that you both as water vapors fly off and merge with the greater whole. 206 . tremors. the way you begin to move toward more heat and passion will draw out moans. you can imagine having fire at the tips of your finger. and extra sensitivities in various areas of her body. and the ultimate intention is to experience the ecstatic pleasure that naturally results from the union of both of your aspects.incorporate feminine merging. You get to hone your ability and continue to increase the amount of energy you call forth and be able to funnel it as gently. divine aspects merging into God. The water does not boil instantaneously. conflagration that consumes you both in rapture.

Kiss her to continually reestablish the depth of connection that you have which is the foundation for her profound pleasure.One of the main ways to move into the heat of passion from the depth of intimacy is with your kiss. When you hold her it can be with the utmost strength but it’s like cradling an egg where she is under the protection of your incredible masculine solidity. You can turn up the heat more by creating potent pauses and by lightly brushing her lips with yours while building the anticipation. Throughout this phase. and powerful man who can take them. dominant. sometimes less is more. temper All the while you temper all of this energy by having more and more finesse and mastery over you power and be able to funnel this energy to 207 . practice the seeming paradox and the dichotomy of gentle strength. You want to continue to up your masculine primal energy to increase your presence. and directed wildness. This communion stage is about the masterful combination of the most refined and powerful aspect of your masculine and feminine energies. Throughout this phase from foreplay to sexual exploration to communion. and power. When it comes to kissing. You have already started a steady fire with your kiss and now you get to gently and slowly turn up the heat. Keep in mind that most women on a primal level want to make love with an alpha male. strength. When you touch her. tender passion. the kiss is the consistent lubrication that helps you move smoothly and glide ever deeper into sensual and sexual pleasures with each other. That means that you get to embody the strong. she will actually lead in turning up the fire. Many times. and use that foundation to build amazing mansions and castles of delight. it’s as if you have the force of a nuclear bomb at your fingertips funneled as a slow potent stroke across her face.

There is no endpoint in your journey as a her heart. techniques are simply stepping stones to lover mastering the art of being a complete lover where there is no longer any technique but just a natural ability to be so in tune with your Goddess that you know exactly how to bring forth her most exquisite. In the process of sharing. The art of love will be a life long pursuit for me and I have the privilege of sharing with you what I have discovered so far. The playful and pleasurable bridge into the sexual realm is often know as foreplay where 208 . blissful. and framework because these are the “unseen” energies that will add exponential power to any “technique”. and to merge with her into the divine. mindset. feminine. and ecstatic pleasure. I have emphasized the underlying philosophy. connection. and technical aspects on how to pleasure your woman beyond her wildest dreams throughout this stage. the next level of exploration that will continue to deepen your bonding is expanding into sensual and sexual play. In the end. Have fun in practicing everything in this stage. I have learned so much more and refined my abilities as a lover to a greater level. to claim her to the core of her soul. exercises. sensual touch. you will become the most astounding gift for any woman. Stage III Phase I Foreplay After co-creating and exploring the depth of intimacy. and kissing. and may your be pleasantly surprised at how much pleasure you and your woman get to experience. By continuously growing yourself in these seemingly dichotomous ways. There will be tons of distinctions. to draw out her feminine divine.

sperm when she has an orgasm. but it does mean that you get to be forthcoming about how you choose to relate with her. and we have been monogamous for the past year. I am still friends with the three other 209 . A woman has more orgasms when she emotionally chooses and trusts a man enough to father her child. she will trust you more than if you try to hide the fact. Because of this. A man can biologically deposit his sperm and leave while a woman becomes pregnant with a child in a moment’s passion. and whether he is trustable and dependable. When you are transitioning into foreplay with a woman. In light of this knowledge. All this is so that she can open up to you for the right reasons and she can experience mind-blowing multiple orgasms and you can enjoy satisfaction starry-eyes the satisfaction when she looks at you with starry-eyes and tells you that you are absolutely incredible. If you share with a woman that you are dating several women. women have fine tuned their emotional sensors to intuitively feel into whether a man will stay around. you can see why I continually emphasize the importance of the connection stage and to embody a man who women can naturally trust. This is not to say that you have to stay around to father every woman’s child. I was seeing four women and all of them knew about each other. because biologically she retains more orgasm. realize that on a primal biological level this can be a “serious” decision for a woman. whether his character is sound. The same primal intuitive mechanism allows women to have deeper orgasms orgasms when she trusts a man. A year continue to build up the energy and passion that leads to sexual union and beyond. I am still with one of them who is my luscious girlfriend.

I am sharing this aspect of my life so that you can understand that you can be a total open book and have as much sensual and sexual fun if you. I absolutely cherish the pleasurable interactions that we have had. With all this said. I just had lunch with one of them and had another over for a dinner party last week. This is natural because they are picking up your growing ability to blow their mind with the physical. emotional. and spiritual gifts that you would bring them. mental. and relationships for the rest of your life.women. As you grow and embody the principles that I am sharing with you throughout the book. 210 . The best way that you can appreciate her for perceiving and trusting the divine masculine with you is to choose her 100% and push the envelop of the degree that you open your heart to her. and appreciate them as amazing and fun people that I enjoy in my life. honor the aspects of your woman that has chosen to explore the amazingly beautiful realm of foreplay with you. In fact. When you do this. the sensual play that you are about to engage in will take on completely different dimensions. the energy can be absolutely amazing in the passion of the moment. you are going to notice women magnetically drawn toward you and who you are continually evolving into. I still get tempting offers for fun rendezvous although they are not suitable within the current agreement of my relationship. lovers. and the gifts that you get to bring to their enrich their lives will create amazing friendships. When the two of you know that you both just want to have fun. The honesty and the respect that you set as the foundation of how you relate with women. that is what fulfills you.

depth. what location. mold. Keep in mind the principle of two steps forward one step back to build dynamic tension within your play. and through your heart. then you get to continually ratchet up the feelings even more. break. Repeat and explore ways to continually amplify her responses through your touch. Practice and develop your ability to pay pay close attention to her responses. In the same situation. through your breath. a kiss. it will begin to diminish a bit with time. the sensation. 211 . and play with lusciously dynamic sensual energy. if you back off just a tiny bit and then reintroduce that sensation. location her pleasure. desires. This taps into the principle of fractionation where after a break. you can then assume that a women’s whole body is an erogenous zone that you get to take you time in exploring. and responses first.One of the main keys that connect incredible lovers throughout the ages is that they put their lover's pleasure before theirs. incredible lovers tap into the part of you that knows that you are an amazing lover who leads her at the pace that she is comfortable with. and stoke her fire through your communication. and pleasure can be amplified when reapplied. you set yourself up for much broader levels of pleasure than you may have known before. through verbal appreciation. as intense as the sensation is. through adoring mental frameworks. Just as if you continue to amplify a sensation. and through your love. and notice what pressure. whether that sensation is in the form a touch.. and what ways you are touching her that elicits the greatest pleasure. Instead of needing and pushing to have sex right away which often stems from a fear that you won’t get any. With this mentality. through your touch. When you can train yourself to put your Goddess' needs. as you continue to honor. or a thrust. direct. through opening your heart.

allow yourself to move and undulate through the waves of sensations and play with the various arenas that I will go over in the detail. Within this dynamic. I will be going over the gradual steps of escalating foreplay so that you can be confident in knowing exactly where to go next while honoring her comfort level in the moment. At this point. Take your time and expand the level and depth of your connection through sensual play so both of you can feel into eternity. Create the space where you are two souls coming together in this divine play. When you feel this intimate. tell where one begins and the other ends. ears. curiosity. and enjoy the potent moments of exploration.Know that most women are slow to heat up. be patient. passion. and depth through your eyes. As your kisses becomes more passionate. and sensuality and sexuality can amplify the connection that women want most. During the foreplay phase. your woman will likely want you to take the lead because social decorum still might dictate that if she is too forward. Use your kisses as smooth transitions and a gauge. Connection and love is what most women desire in the first place. so honor this fact. what would serve you would serve her. Allow yourself to together dissolve into the experience of merging together until it becomes hard to ends. the sexual union will only be natural because you are already feeling like you are one with each other. she might be called easy or a whore. you become the sailboat and she is the wind and you are sailboat steering and directing the boat all the while utilizing her energetic swells to 212 . Explore her neck. and face with light kisses and enjoy taking her in with all your senses including how she smells and tastes. Allow for moments to gaze into each other’s eyes and pause to peer through the windows windows of her soul while communicating your desire. and what would serve her would serve you.

and passionate realm of foreplay. I will go over some additional key points to keep in mind as you practice the art of foreplay with your woman. Remember the principle of two steps forward one step back so that you get to continually ratcheting up the desire. It is not about toning this energy down. woman Remember the principle of serving your woman as we move through the phases of communion since the tendency to think with your cock will probably get stronger. because sometimes the energy gets so serious that the passionate fire will get squelched a bit or her feminine flow might be stopped by the intensity of what is happening between the two of you. 1 Stay Playful As the heat gets turned on. and she will get to trust you more and more as you delve deeper and deeper into this beautifully dreamy. one of the most important things is to introduce play. passion. but rather funneling this passion for your woman to serves her open to her greatest pleasures. Key Points within Foreplay An overarching theme throughout the book has been to steer away from the mentality of what you can get from her as well as the goal orientation of getting her into bed while placing an emphasis on what you can give and how you can honor and serve your woman. Honor the Goddess aspect in her all the way through. arousal.move you forward in this dynamic interplay. pleasurable. and pleasure 213 . With this in mind and before I go into the distinctions and major parts the body to explore and how to smoothly transition between each.

while the latter is a conscious directing of the energy. Check in the mirror. If you do this properly. bring her back. Practice saying I want you with your gaze. forward There is a fine line between diffusing the energy because it is getting too intense and playfully transforming the energy to another level. and if she looks away. the amount of opening and orgasmic pleasure will increase exponentially later on. Be creative in your play. Lead her into eye gazing. Tease her and tickle her. The former is because you do not think you can contain the energy. Use your eyes to convey messages that will continue to lead her into her feminine divine. These moments of silence and of pure being will serve to increase the depth and connection that you have established with each other. how would you tell yourself that “I love you” with your eyes? How would you look at someone if you were completely certain that in this moment that there is no other place in the world that 214 . 2 Use Your Eyes to Create Magic Your eyes are the windows to your soul and there is so much that your soul has to offer your woman. or how you found out about masturbation. Gaze into her eyes in a way that tells her that you desire aze her with all of your being. All of this transforms any tension into flow and will allow the fire and passion between the two of you to grow to incredible levels of pleasure. Take brief pauses and simply look into her eyes deeply. Tell fun stories about your first kiss. Introduce whipped cream and foods to your sensual both of you while using play as the fun pull back before springing forward to more juicy explorations. Make up games like tracing the alphabet with your tongue on her belly button. Gaze into her eyes and lead her into the depth that you want to create with her.

play. then back off. Emotionally. Tell her how good she smells and how much that makes you want her. You can arouse her mentally through words 215 . Being able to communicate your turn on is an amazing skill to have. Emotions 3 Arouse Her Emotions A woman’s physical opening and pleasure is inextricably tied to her emotions. Once again. and this level of physical transmission of energy and emotional communication can blow her mind. The more intimate you are with your woman and the more love there is flowing between the two of you. the more she will naturally open to you and tap into this reservoir of emotional energy that will fuel her endless ecstatic pleasure. How would you look at someone if you would risk your life for them? How would you look at someone if you feel utterly inspired by them? Convey all of this through your eyes. tease. If you want to arouse her. your energy. Everything that you can convey with your eyes you can also convey your physically through your touch in a way that tells her that you trust. your presence. your words. You can do this through your gaze. and choose her absolutely in this moment which will arouse her emotions through connection and love. you can convey your passion for her by feeling the emotion you want her to experience and just holding her close. your touch. One of the most effective ways to arouse a woman is through deep connection and love. arouse her emotions. Women are extremely sensitive. You can also communicate your emotions through words and tell her how incredible she feels against you. and tickle her a little bit before turning the heat back on and gift her with your divine gaze. desire. and your emotions. Convey the fact that you want to take her. maintain the would rather be.

Find out what her fantasies are. Words also can place attention in places that she is not even aware of and open doorways to exquisite feelings that she has not explored. During sexual exploration. Train yourself to be expressive and appreciate your woman. do. If you feel really connected with her. Appreciation also opens your woman up to receive your desire for her. tell her about it and appreciate how she has helped create well and it is one of the most incredible tools to serve your Goddess open to the divine. appreciation is one of the most incredible skills that you can develop. and sensuous. Tell her in the moment the pleasure that you feel in holding her. Find out what truly fulfills her. woman to feel truly desired so convey this is any way possible and she will be aroused by your passion for her. appreciation expands the juicy energy that is already there so that you can both experience more pleasure. where you feel that. beautiful. Tell her about a part of her personality that is 216 . and say to amplify that. because it amplifies the experience you are co-creating and funnels the focus of the experience into the pleasure you are leading her into. If you think any part of her body is just so sexy. Her 4 Appreciate Her As I mentioned in earlier sections. Find out what an ideal lover is to her and what to be. and make sounds of your pleasure. what shapes. It is so important for a desired. Tell her what curves. Sometimes we are trained to hold back in this society because it keeps us “safe” but unfulfilled in our shells. then tell her in detail what you love. Share any luscious emotions that you feel in the moment. and about the smoothness of the skin and parts of her body that really turn you on. See her as a work of art.

Use your appreciation to magnify the bliss that the two of you are sharing together. 217 . Furthermore. and ecstatic that it is only natural that she makes you a very happy man. Create the spaciousness to explore her for hours without the need to achieve anything. one of the principles that many great lovers have in common especially when it is the first time connecting sexually is to give the woman 11-3 orgasms before entering her. prove yourself. Use your appreciation to blossom her like a flower ready to open. that first orgasm might take 20 minutes or more. blissful. she is hot! Take your time to simmer in the heat between the two of you. Allow yourself to relish in the sense of being infinite with her and the pleasure of just kissing and touching her for naturally beautiful to you. create some more tension until her fire consumes both of you. but once she is hot. but long compared to what? A football game takes 2+ hours so 20 minutes for the first quarter should be considered extremely short. Even then. and get anywhere. Be genuine in your appreciation. 5 Take Your Time Have you ever heard of any woman complain that there was too much foreplay? There’s my point. This might takes some practice because men are usually more impatient than women to engage in the sex act. Depending on the woman. Her body will naturally lead you further along the sensual and sexual exploration path when she can’t contain her fire and passion for you anymore. In the sexual exploration phase. Many men would consider 20 minutes before her first orgasm a long time. Most women take awhile to warm up. Use your appreciation to move her past her insecurities and open up to her feminine flow. once she has had a few orgasms she will be so open.

pretend that you guys are back in high school. If you have built the proper foundation during the connection stage. The explosive energy that comes from trusting you this much while having you show up to support her in her fantasies can be immensely pleasurable. Getting a Lego set. 6 Share Your Fantasies Your Fantasies Find out what your woman’s fantasies are. Remember that Christmas toy that you really wanted and you actually got? That’s what fulfilling her fantasies can feel like for her. dress up in interesting roles. There might be some edges that you are uncomfortable with initially. She might want to make love in nature. Transformers. then enough trust should have been established for you to venture into this amazing arena. or a water gun might seem silly now. but in the moment it was better than an orgasm. Continue to develop yourself as a man who can love her through any and all of her fantasies. have fun exploring her in every possible way. have you talk dirty to her. See her fantasies as gifts that you can give her. You get to be the pillar of love that allows her to explore these hidden realms. My point is to take your time. but don’t ever make her wrong or judge her for her fantasies. This is a pretty intimate level of sharing because there might be some fantasies that she may or may not feel like you can accept. and learn to turn on the heat steadily and be the most exquisite lover she has ever had.but I am getting ahead of myself. tie her 218 . Share “small” fantasies with each other first and make it happen. Give your woman what she wants and view her fantasies as opportunities for you to serve her in exploring hidden realms of what she needs.

or how you have had a crush on her since the first day of pre-season. and you will co-create countless fun. we left off at co-creating the most mindblowing and delicious kiss with her and this is where we will begin. techniques. so if she wants to be a college cheerleader and you the Quarterback. play. Create her fantasy realm. jumping from one technique to another or one position to another will usually turn a woman off because it will general miss the essence of what fulfills women which is deep connection and love. explore. In fact. Remember. you can continue to apply all the distinctions that I will be sharing with you here and make the sexual experience that much more colorful. In the profound intimacy phase. I am going to share with you each of the areas in detail so that you can take the proper time to explore these with your woman. I will go over transitions. you can lead her into her fantasy just through your words. and mindsets to have as you explore each arena within foreplay. Areas to Explore within Foreplay We are now going to get into the details of what areas to explore within the foreplay phase. Later on. when the two of you decide to make love. and open doors with each other. you can be an actor and tell her how distracted you were when you saw her on the sidelines. pleasurable. and exciting experiences to delight all your senses. Passionate fire will arouse her and deep love will satisfy her to the core. slap her ass during love making etc. Remember that love and connection is what deeply fulfills women as you 219 . etc.up. Becoming Becoming an amazing lover is not about having more techniques than anyone else.

See how smoothly you can transition and dance from one area to the next while creating the most exquisite painting of pleasure with your palette of touch. you can now incorporate your lips as part of your touch. When you are kissing.go through each of the areas of exploration in foreplay so that you get to infuse these energies all along the way. explore what graceful symphonic music you can create with all the areas that I will be going over with you. words. Making out hours for hours is a part of foreplay so just take you time and enjoy. emotions. this will add to the potency of any touch. During the kiss. Now we will expand the way you kiss her and expand your kisses to include the rest of her face. Here is the core question you can ask your self. you are already engaging her face. so our explorations will start here. and words. You can be kissing her while exploring any and all of the areas that we will going over. You can enjoy kissing many 220 . I went over the variations of how the two of your lips and tongue can intertwine. In fact. Exploring Her Face In the profound intimacy phase of the connection stage we went over the marvelous variations in kissing and in modeling her kiss to bring both of you the most exquisite experience possible. “is this exploration bringing me closer to my woman emotionally or taking me further away?” With the intent of creating ever deeper emotional opening within your woman. As you touch her tenderly with your fingers. Kissing will be a foundational part of foreplay as you expand your sensual explorations with each other.

etc. Experiment with transitions where you kiss her lips while gently touching the back of her head and then kiss her eyelids before using your nose to nuzzle against her before beginning to kiss her again. eyelashes. You can then look deeply into her eyes and kiss her again. In fact.. Take you time and just enjoy. As you kiss her cheeks gently. chin Kissing and touching any of these areas can be an expression of your affections for her. it is an erogenous zone that can really get the juices flowing for your woman. Since you are already kissing her and drawing forth pleasure from various parts of her face. Allow yourself to take in the full pleasure of kissing each other and breathe into the delightful sensations as you gently nuzzle her face with your own before pulling her closer to you as you stroke the sides of her cheeks lightly with your fingertips. nose. chin.cheeks. forehead. eyebrows. Since 221 . areas on her face from her cheeks. Exploring Her Ears The ears are a super sensitive area on a woman. eyelid. The tenderness and the energy of love can be transferred through your lips and touch to show her the degree that you choose her and desire her. you can move a bit further back and begin to explore her ears with your lips. exploring her ears is a natural part of that expanded exploration. You can begin by kissing earlobes her earlobes and perhaps even introduce a little tongue if you feel like she is comfortable as you lick her earlobes and suck on them a bit. You can explore each other for hours just through the kiss while exploring and transitioning between various aspects of the face. temple.

You can even gently bit them or pull on them before you lick them again and let them go. just be present and notice her responses and lessen the ones she doesn’t like and amplify the ones she likes. You are using the ears as one of the many channels to do this. use your fingers to explore the other ear. When done properly. she will be melting in your arms while you explore her ears and soft moans and sighs will be escaping her mouth involuntarily. go on to explore the edges of her ears and also behind the ear. Kissing and its extended explorations are some of the most pleasurable ways to connect with your woman as well as taking a 222 . Play with the contours on the top of the ear as well. When you return to kissing her lips from her ears. You can nibble on her ear lobes softly and then take them inside your mouth while making circles with your tongue. So continue to kiss. the energy and pleasure will be that much more enhanced. and use your teeth gently on all parts of her ears.women read into everything. You're drawing out the feminine flow within your Goddess. Just be sensitive to your woman’s responses because you are serving her in opening to as much pleasure as possible and every woman is different. Some women absolutely love to have you explore the inner parts of their ear with your tongue while others don’t like it as much. Don’t present assume anything. lick. Then. You can be making out this way for the bulk of a sunny afternoon or a sultry evening so take the time to relish in the experience. While your mouth is playing with one of her ears. Nowadays in our society. here is your perfect opportunity to show her what you would do with her clit with your mouth as you tease her earlobes. nibble. we can get so busy that time is not set aside for these amazing experiences. Remember your intention of serving her and the benefit that you will reap will be enormous.

. and the variations in French kissing and dancing with your tongues so that you are creating art out of your erotic interplay. women who allow you to explore her neck are on some level exposing and trusting you with one of the most sensitive parts of her body. When animals are hunting. you should have created enough trust and connection for her to trust you to elicit all the pleasure out of exploring her neck. If you have gotten this far. outer ear. etc. behind the ear. Similarly. body. let’s move down a litter further to include the neck. stroking her hair. kissing her lips. Smelling each other activates the usually unconscious 223 . remember the variations of taking her upper lip versus lower lip into your mouth. to let you explore her neck takes a lot of trust and intimacy. they will go for the neck for the kill. face. Exploring Her Neck Now that we have explored all aspects of the head. As you make out with her. Take a deep breath in and smell her at her neck. As you explore all the curves in the inner ear. for example. On a primal level. That's where the jugular vein is. dogs or wolves will show their neck when they are submitting to another.pause to talk about things that have deeper meanings for us. and ears while kissing. In the animal realm. Kissing the neck can add so much to the foreplay dynamic because it is such a sensitive and erogenous zone for most women. and kissing her face. you can smoothly transition to her neck. kissing with a more open mouth. Smelling is a very primal way to connect. kissing with both lips. Honor her trust and approach gently and tenderly at first before exploring with more passion. nibbling her ears.

attraction of pheromones that can generate incredible passion with one other. The timing is either not right yet. gasping. and if she shows any signs of being too ticklish. as well as kissing the area near her collar bone and alternate between kissing. running your nose down and smelling her all over. ing. When you do this properly. The act of indulging in her smell is such a this. A lot of women will go crazy when you take the time to smell her. Accentuate the aspect of smell as you kiss her neck and you will add a lot of delicious dynamics that will help you continually build up fervent passion for each other. tell her and take in another long deep breath of her essence. you can begin kissing her along the sides of her neck. If you like the way she smells. Make sure she is fully comfortable with you exploring her neck. or you may be being too rough. licking. smelling. powerful activator that many women will want to jump you right after this. or the area is super sensitive and needs to be approached even more slowly and with more tenderness. or being a bit tense. She will let you know that she enjoys the sensations by neck gasping sighing moaning ing. then back off. retracting her neck. opening her neck up to you. you will feel heat emanating from her neck. Also. and touching to find out her most preferred location and the way she likes to be explored. or moaning at the delight of this new sensation of your soft lips on her tender neck. Take you time. When the moment is right. sighing. move all around her neck. putting your nose close to her neck and taking a nice long breath in. nibbling. include the region where her neck connects to the shoulder blade as well as the area right next to the Adam’s apple and discover what she enjoys the most. As you explore her neck. After you explore the sides of her neck with your lips. 224 . you can begin by nuzzling various parts of the neck with you nose. closing her eyes.

You can alternate between kissing. where she sighs a bit.Remember. nose. and where her breathing changes. face. Find areas that you have yet to explore like underneath her chin. Give her the gift of amplifying these spots because these are some of the key points in helping draw out her feminine flow and pleasure. Pay attention to the attention sensitive spots on her neck where she gets most titillated. alternate between kissing her lips. you can use your mouth to create a bit of suction and perhaps use your teeth to nibble ever so slightly on her neck. every woman is different in her sensitivity and in the areas her that turns her on the most. Once again. and lips before returning once again to the neck. where she shudders a bit. Consciously Incorporating Touch as You Kiss Her 225 . If you haven’t done so already. and also the back of the neck. hair. When you feel like she is opening more and more to your explorations of her neck. so be an explorer and treasure hunter for her most pleasure spots. smelling. Relish and enjoy the energy of simply adoring her. around the Adam's apple. licking. face. and face in a full dance with her neck. and using your lips. Do this as gently and tenderly as you can at first and calibrate her responses and whether she enjoys the sensation or not. tongue. you can use your tongue to lick over the most sensitive regions on her neck and both enjoy the spine tingling sensations that generates. ears. and nuzzling the various areas of her neck all the while stroking her head.

It can activate so much amazing sensations in the body and can open up energy channels that would be previously untapped. nose. Take your time as you massage all areas of her scalp. You can also hold the back of her head with both hands while kissing her lips and from there massage the back of her head and neck. Explore the kinds of touch she is most receptive to and vary the rhythm. to deepen intimacy during foreplay. almost like a jellyfish as it moves its tentacles in and out. you can support her head from the other side with your hands so that she feels held while kissing. Overload her senses while giving her multiple sensations including kissing her while exploring her neck with your tongue while caressing her head and neck with your hands. and to increase the level of pleasure in sensual and sexual play. You can then use your fingers to lightly stroke and massage and caress her. Head massages should become a regular part of your interactions with your woman as a way to connect. pressure.Consciously incorporate touch while you are kissing her lips. and location that bring her the most pleasure. cheek. and neck can add a whole new dimension to the level of interconnectedness and pleasure that you can experience with your woman. Try tracing over the back of her neck lightly with your fingers. ears. amplify that pleasure so that both of you get to have an even more juicy experience. Once you have discovered her specific pattern of pleasure. As you are kissing her lips and transition smoothly to her neck and ears. This can really send electric shocks down her body. You want to do this slowly and sensuously as if you are caressing and appreciating a priceless piece of sculpture. lifting up gently through her spinal column while you are kissing her. 226 .

to the back of neck. Remember also to use long strokes to caress her hair or perhaps even pull gently at the base of her hair while you incorporate all the touches and kissing. but when you punctuate the solo violin with the entire symphony of instruments you add so much more dimensions. cheeks. and harmonics that make the sound and sensual experience that much richer.Use your fingers to gently trace over her face. contrast. to the bottom of her jaws. to the ears while kissing her lips. lips. forehead. If you truly enjoy and develop a way to find pleasure in 227 . You can also trace the shapes of her ears including the back. Create your own symphony of pleasure with her. inside. Using Touch to Arouse the Rest of the Body As you are practicing the smooth transition between kissing her and touching her face and neck area. to the head. eyebrows. Incorporate kissing her ears and nibbling on her earlobes while kissing and perhaps gently licking her neck and any of the possible delightful combinations at your leisure. chin. Pretend you are the master composer or conductor coordinating instruments in an orchestra to create the most incredible symphony of pleasurable sounds. to the scalp. This can be incredibly sensuous especially if you are transitioning smoothly with your kisses. and neck as if you are stroking a feather or petals of a rose or flower. remember to take you time and really enjoy the process. Experiment with different combinations as you touch all around her face from her cheeks. to her neck. Rather than having just a solo violinist play which can be amazing. and topside of the ears using the thumb or forefinger and middle fingers to slowly glide downward.

this level of intimate foreplay. and love that this beautiful aspect of your Goddess deserves. and vagina or yoni. inner thigh. butt. These signals include 228 . legs. stomach. when your woman feels this level of honoring from you. Giving you a roadmap to the areas to explore and ways to explore them will allow you to more easily discover the fine intricacies that can elicit the most exquisite pleasure for both you and your woman. but rather useful guidelines to be aware of so that you are making sure that she is comfortable and relaxing into your touch before moving onto a perhaps more “charged” area. breasts. I am going to give you an order through which to explore the rest of her body because there are natural progressions to where most women feel most comfortable in opening up to you. Perceiving the vagina as sacred and divine will allow you to cherish it with the adoration. These are not hard and fast rules. I will go over some distinctions on each of these areas as you explore her lower back. attention. then you are going to accelerate your process in reaching certain mastery as a lover. Now we are going to begin to explore the rest of the body and integrate them into our foreplay so that you can tap into the amazing and sometimes hidden erogenous zones that can powerfully increase her pleasure. I will mainly refer to the vagina as the yoni from now on because in the Tantric tradition it is a Sanskrit word that translates as “divine passage” or “sacred temple”. you will naturally draw out the most divine feminine aspect of her and she will then blow you away with the amount of pleasure that you can co-create together. Furthermore. Remember as you touch her that you can calibrate whether she is whether her comfortable with you touching the various areas in her body by seeing and feeling whether she can relax into your touch.

she will reveal to you the exact way to take her to her most open pleasurable. Let her be your guide to her ultimate pleasure. Always pay attention to how she is reacting to your touch. listen. ear. care. sighs. She will pick it up and get more turned on without fully “understanding” why other than she must be really attracted to you and that what the two are of you are co-creating together in this foreplay dance is absolutely magical. If she tenses up or starts to show signs of discomfort of any kind. Now we are going to continue to explore the rest of her body and incorporate more and more sensations. remember to incorporate and practice everything you have learned in the connection stage and deepen the level of intimacy and emotional connection you have with your woman. her. you are serving her by opening up her neurology to receive more and more openness and pleasure in her body. or hold her close to you. care. gasping. and feel with enough sensory acuity.closing her eyes. leaning into your touch. parting of her lips. While you are touching her body. heavier breathing patterns. adoration and love that you have for her. smiling. then back off the touching and look into her eyes. smile and laugh. If you look. This will intensify her experience of your touch because you are communicating these subtle energies and infusing these delightful and deepening qualities through you touch. This will ultimately 229 . Touch her with the intention of showing her the level of your attraction. Exploring Her Lower back You have been learning about kissing and caressing her face. etc. attraction. If you can overload her senses with pleasure. and neck. and rapturous bliss possible. kiss her gently on the forehead.

and location around the lower back. or your whole hand. while the two of you are just eating. Touch her back while you're kissing her. It is traditionally associated with the first chakra of survival. and it's the support and the base of the whole spine and the whole body. various fingers.allow her to open up to the vibration of the divine as you take her to higher and higher levels of bliss. When you are able to stroke her lower back in a way that conveys your caring and adoration for her as you are kissing her or as you're nuzzling her cheeks. Also. tension is stored here. clockwise and counterclockwise. and a lot of women will hold tension here. Use your thumb. or hanging out watching a movie on the couch. and there will be energy blockages in the lower back which then subsequently won’t allow the fullness of her sensual and sexual energy to flow. stress. Pay attention to the various responses that you get as you touch the various parts of her 230 . A few gentle strokes at her lower back can allow any tension and blocked energy to release just a bit and help her relax and begin to open her body. it will help her to continue to open up to you. Experiment with circular motions of small circles and big circles. Play with the various amounts of pressure. touch. Explore the sides of the back near the waist all the way to the bottom of her back near the top of her buttocks. The lower back is one of the more neglected areas in the human body. use horizontal or vertical strokes as well as tracing patterns around her lower back. and then back up her spine. Many times. We will now begin to explore the lower back and how it can continue to increase the amount of pleasure that you get to bring to your woman. when women are under stress.

but going close to this spot can build up her arousal. or shiver. If she can relax and trust you while you get close to this taboo spot. you will be helping your woman relax into the divine Goddess that is inside her. sigh. Try super light touches over her lower back. moan. If you discover a really sensitive zone for her around her lower back. One of the keys to being a great lover is to really pay attention to her responses. The muscles there are more sensitive than you think. Pay attention to the stroke. you will have discovered a key to her arousal that you can use to continually serve her open to her pleasure potential. Later in the sexual exploration section. and close to her “anus” there is a building of sexual tension. 231 . Her relaxation is the foundation through which she gets to open and surrender into your masculinity. The anus is a highly charged “taboo” spot and I would not touch her there in foreplay. Whether it is spoken or not. the type of light touch that will have her aching for you to touch her deeper.lower back. One of the key points of the lower back is where the tail bone resides. and location that elicits the most sensuous response from her whether it’s a gasp. then you have just created even more intimacy with her. sensitive strokes on her lower back. close to her buttocks. when you get close to where the cheeks of her butt meet. Relaxation is also linked to the level that she can trust you which is then linked to how much she can open up to you in having incredible orgasms. You can start practicing this type of light. and touching her lightly there can make the sensations even more amplified. Having her lower back stroked is a sensation that can have her totally melt in your hands. we will talk about how touching the clit lightly can have the same amplifying effect. By giving loving and nurturing energy to the lower back. pressure.

nothing left but to surrender into the pleasure because of the moment because we trust them so much. nothing left to be afraid of. and personality that you really love.. enjoy. ears. All of us on some level all seek the ultimate union of this Shiva/Shakti. explore all aspects of kissing and touching her face. On top of touching her lower back. and neck. Take regular breaks from the building of the physical kinesthetic tension and arousal that naturally occurs when we are touching each other so that the next time you melt her with your touch it is that much more delicious. One way you can take a break as I mentioned earlier is to just hold your hand at her lower back for awhile. nuzzling your nose into her neck. You can even take a break by looking deeply into her eyes. By circling her lower back. and help this sexual/spiritual energy rise from the base of her spine. It can be really soothing for a woman 232 .Just the anticipation of the possibility that you could touch her there can arouse her to no end. end Another aspect of coming close to spots that are “taboo” is that we all want to be so comfortable with our lover that there is nothing left to hide. This once again taps into the concept of fractionation where the energy gets more intense as you take two steps forward and one step back. all the while supporting and keeping your hand still at her lower back. divine male/female energy in discovering our orgasmic potential in this level of total opening with one another. you will also continue to slowly turn on the heat of her kundalini. and then back off. You can intentionally come really close to her butt. body. and appreciate. head. kissing her gently. Take your time to connect with her by complementing her on an aspect of her presence.

it is now time to explore her stomach as part of the sensual play. reproductive. This allows her to be more and more in her feminine self and temporarily let go of her need to rely on herself and on the masculine capabilities she has developed in order to survive in the world. When you can act as her spine in supporting her. melting away the need to suck in. It is an amazingly sensitive spot on her body that can help her further relax into you and arouse her. A woman’s stomach is another area that is perhaps one of the more neglected regions in the sensual dance. ears. It is one of her most feminine aspects and yet so often judged harshly or stringently so that she shuts off one of the most feminine aspects of herself from fully flowing. relaxing her lower back. head. The stomach is the nurturing. Her Exploring Her Stomach Once you have incorporated touching her lower back into your repertoire of foreplay. This once again tells her kinesthetically that she can relax into you and use your support as part of her spine. hair. and combine that with the powerful sensual pleasures from kissing and exploring her face. Transitioning from her lower back to her stomach can be a natural lower move that goes from one erogenous zone to another. and lead her to feel accepted just the way she 233 . and delicious erotic energy that are available to you. and neck. the need to be “perfect” on the body just feel the support of your hands on her lower back. it will catapult both of you incredible amounts into tapping incredible amounts of juicy. passionate. and creative part of a woman that sometimes holds so much judgment and tension. Many women are uncomfortable with the social image of her stomach so if you can lead her to be comfortable while you explore the curves of her stomach.

then stop. and gently stroke her stomach in a jelly fish tentacle like motion moving back and forth. is then you are well on your way to co-creating an amazing alliance with her in loving herself fully. Once she feels receptive. Experiment also with horizontal. When you have your hands rested at her lower back. softly. circular strokes. First just rest your hands on the side of her stomach and gauge her reaction as you transition to lightly touching her stomach. Do this with as much intention of caring for her. and various patterns. This part of her body carries so much creative potential that it can actually create life itself. but also emotionally. or kiss her. When she is relaxing more into you again. 234 . When her own feelings of attraction. she can dissolve the dam of judgments and tensions that may have been built up in her stomach and begin to allow herself to flow her energy more fully. in small circles. you can slowly. You can play with transitions from circular strokes to short strokes and broad strokes. and openness expands because of how you are leading her. you can gracefully glide your hands to the front side of her body. hold her hands. Like the lower back. play with different timing of speed as well as pressure all the timing while gauging her reactions so that she is getting the maximum relaxation and pleasure out of your touch. and spiritually. or in larger circles. you can rest your hands on her stomach and wait until she relaxes. nurturing her. vertical. mentally. Through your caring touch. or perhaps glide your hands back to her lower back. If she tightens up. You can experiment with different ways of touching her stomach by moving back and forth. she will be able perceive you as an anchor to her most divine feminine self and open to you not only physically. or reach up to stroke her hair a bit. and adoring her.

neck. This level of loving touch will increase the bonding. I have shown you how to move progressively from areas that she is comfortable with you touching. once again incorporate everything that we have gone over from stroking her lower back to exploring her head. etc. you will be able 235 . Exploring Her Legs Throughout this book.. lips. Grow into your ability to stroke her stomach and her lower back in a way that it becomes second nature to you so that you not only do this foreplay. hair. connection. In this way. your foreplay. By making small. so that you are creating a symphony of sensations that move her steadily toward opening to having the most ecstatic pleasure with you. you can gauge every step of the way the level of trust and ease that she has with you. You can also knead her stomach a bit in a loving manor. with almost imperceptible advances in her comfort level. but whenever you are out and about with your woman. to areas that she is still relaxing into. ears. As you get more and more familiar with the system of reading her body language and mastering the art of sensual communication. you can lead her steadily in her opening all the while respecting the pace that she is comfortable with. and not risk over stepping her boundaries because her body will give you signals to back off or to move forward.Take your time and use the tips of your fingers to move ever so slowly across her stomach. face. and intimacy between the two of you immensely and serve you both in opening to each other sensually and sexually later on. When you become familiar with stroking her stomach.

You are demonstrating that you are sensitive enough to read every aspect of her body language and that you care about her enough to take her only as far as she is willing to go in the moment and at the pace that she wants to go at. She wants to feel good about herself before. 236 . Remember to check in with yourself the level that you are choosing to play with this woman. so what you are showing her through the way you touch her is that she can feel good and even proud about waking you. and your congruence and skill can take her to levels of sensual and sexual pleasure that she didn’t even think was possible. Most women absolutely love sensuality and sexuality. you are showing her that you are capable of leading her slowly open to her most delicious pleasure in a way that honors her every step of the continually lead her open to the divine feminine potential that she has. I have emphasized creating the most masterful way to lead your woman in her continuing sensual opening because we are now about to explore her thighs and getting closer to the sexual play arena of foreplay. She already knows that sensuality and sexuality feels amazingly good. and after her sensual and sexual exploration with you. Can you choose her fully? Are you able to give her your best? Are you leading her into something that you would both celebrate? Pause and address any spots that you are not fully comfortable with or may seem misleading. By reading and responding to her body properly. They are simply waiting for a man who can take her and lead her strongly yet sensitively toward the opening and pleasure that she wants to experience. After you have gotten her comfortable with you nurturing and adoring her stomach. during. Do this with a level of clarity so that you can truly serve her. up next to a man like you.

and that you like her so much that giving her pleasure would bring you immense joy. you can transition gracefully from the stomach and move your hands to trace the outer region of her upper legs and then slowly back to the stomach in a single smooth stroke. Once again. You can gauge whether your woman is comfortable with you now stroking her thighs by whether she stays relaxed and open to you as you slowly and lightly go over the outer parts of her thighs or whether she tenses and crosses her legs. do not come any closer than two inches to touching her vagina or yoni otherwise you are probably moving too fast. You can always pause and just leave your hands on her thighs while savoring the incredible sensations of kissing her lips and continuing to explore her head. and neck. 237 . and pleasure to include her thighs. when in doubt. move slower and softer than you think. As you lead her to beautifully erogenous areas like her thighs. deliberately and consciously lead her in a way that shows her that you care about her. you can slowly transition from her outer thighs to her inner thighs. When you are tenderly stroking your woman’s stomach. ears. At this point. transition smoothly from touching her stomach and lower back to her outer thighs. trust. you get to show her what an incredible lover you would be if she chooses to open up to you on that level. have her well being in mind. Before then. With all of this in mind. Take the time to continue to explore and deepen everything we have gone over. hair. face. Once both of you have gotten comfortable with you resting and stroking her outer can now expand that level of comfort.

there will naturally be a tendency to be moved tendency forward at a faster pace driven by your passion and have the desire to just tear her clothes off and throw her down and have your way with her. and varying patterns at alternating speeds and rhythms. shoulders. vertical. and also massage her feet. or move in slow circular motion before moving back out to her outer thighs and transitioning to her stomach. your palm. explore different strokes. hair. speeds. short. and face. knuckles. the orgasmic potential within her. This will keep you from being inner thigh focused. lower back. slow down as you get closer to her yoni and let her anticipate you touching her there and build up the fire of anticipation level by level until she is burning for anticipation you. as well as using. appreciate her. Apply 238 . forearm. horizontal. Play with using your individual fingers. you can lay your hands there. the heel of your hand. and ears as well as taking time to look into her eyes. upper back. When you are gliding your hands around her inner thighs. her calves. and patterns. and will continue to create amazingly delicious foreplay as you explore her lips. you can also move down to her knees. You can even have the intention of showing her how you would touch her yoni by the way you are touching her thighs and she will feel that thought! As you get to her inner thighs. circular. opposing fingers. face. The sexual fire and tension that builds between the two of you will consume you in the most delicious ways possible and amplify and build her. neck. Allow yourself to feel that passion and funnel all that energy into how you touch her. and perhaps deepening your level of conversation while continuing to nurture her with your touch. From her thighs. the inside of her knees. For all of theses areas. head. locations.As the sexual heat builds. long.

Experiment also with just using the forefinger or middle finger. and touch mastery that you will have with her when you make love to her. Use circular motions to go up and down her feet as well as long broad strokes to cover the length of her feet. If you can give her an amazing foot massage. many women will feel much more loved than if you cherish and adore her breasts which are “easy” to love. she will absolutely melt and worship you for it. arousal. take a break from kissing her and just massage her feet for a bit. 239 . This level of fantasy. sensitivity. Use your thumb to gently knead into the arches of her feet. so if you can cherish and adore her feet. and build up will make the love making so hot that you will be surprised at the wild woman that arises from inside her. As you move down to caress her legs and feet. The attention and time that you spend on her feet as well as the rest of her legs will give her a preview of the level of attention. The foot can traditionally be considered dirty or smelly. Incorporate massaging her ankles as part of the foot massage and use similar techniques as you would massage her neck using the thumb opposed to the other fingers. Use a similar technique to when you were massaging her hands in the deepening connection phase. Take the time to focus on each individual toe and gently massage each one.these variations for every area on her body that you are choosing to explore so that you can discover the most exquisite combinations to bring out her most extraordinary pleasure. Perhaps pull on each toe slightly with your fingers and also glide your fingers through the spaces between each toe. make This will have her fantasizing about making love with you all the while engaging in foreplay with you. Women absolutely love foot massages.

These are the areas that you will be exploring by making long broad strokes from the thighs and lower back and extending your touch into the buttocks area. Alternatively. take your time. Exploring Her Buttocks Once your woman is comfortable with you touching her all along her legs. Transition from her feet to her thighs and linger a bit longer at her inner thighs to continue stoking the fire of sexual possibilities before incorporating the symphony of areas that we have covered so far. to her butt. You are having so much fun exploring her and coaxing the sensual Goddess inside her out to play that you can easily do this for hours. After both of you are enjoying the exploration of these border areas of her butt. and her thighs. you are in no hurry to get anywhere. to the underside of her thighs while kissing her at the same time. her feet. you can begin to glide your hands past her buttocks in a smooth transitional motion from her lower back. you should approach in a more circuitous way in the beginning. there is an area on the lower back that then turns into the butt. Since you are entering an area that is moving you toward the sexual arena. 240 . You can start by gently exploring the region to the side of the upper thigh that turns into the butt.Remember. Move slowly and gently but deliberately and gauge her response to you touching the tops of her buttocks before moving to more sensitive curves toward the lower part of her buttocks. you can now begin to explore the sensuous regions of her butt.

Now back to the beautiful work of art that is her buttocks. trying too hard.During the beginning of your explorations. do not grab or grope her butt because it would usually be too sudden of a move for her and detract from the sensual touching and trust that you have built up so far. or tracing various shapes with your hands. If she is comfortable. progressively move progressively to lower areas of her butt while exploring various ways of touching them including using just your fingers. then you may have just ruined your chances of exploring the marvelous sexual realms with her. you can buttocks. After you have mastered these transitions. I am leading you in way that has you learn the “fundamentals” of how to transition smoothly between the various erogenous zones on her body. you can give her a massage on her buttocks by slowly pressing into the deeper muscle areas with your thumbs and giving the butt the gentle loving attention that it craves as opposed to the objectifying grasping that often occurs. using your full palm. Contrast the massage with gentle and almost imperceptible gliding over various regions of the butt. or forcing yourself on her while you grab her ass. to pressing her up against a wall and passionate holding her ass and pressing her body against yours. You can come dangerously close to touching her yoni from the back side before 241 . making circular motions. When she is comfortable with you exploring the upper section of her buttocks. it is possible to “jump” levels and perhaps move fervently from kissing her. then she will love your dominance. I am going over each step of the foreplay that gives you a solid basis in the fundamentals and the smoothest transitions from one erotic area to another so that with practice you can transcend these fundamentals and make art out of it. Remember. If you do this smoothly and the attraction and connection is already well established. If you are clumsy.

As you explore the breasts keep in mind that during foreplay. transition smoothly from the butt to her lower back. 242 . ears. gauge her comfort level. Take your time. One of the qualities that distinguish a more refined lover from a more immature lover is the attribute of being able to harness the passion and pure animalistic energy and unleash it at the proper moment with grace. so just enjoy the process and relish the vast pleasures that are in store for you in playing sensually with each other and have her amazing butt be an additional treat along the way. and legs while continuing to explore kissing her using your lips and caressing her with you hands to discover new combinations of drawing pleasure out of her face. Once again. and neck. the more build up the better.gliding back out again. Exploring Her Breasts We are now entering an arena of deep intimate foreplay so even more care and sensitivity needs to be taken to ensure that you have the proper transitions that flow seamlessly as we cross over to the ever deeper opening and exploration of both of your sensual and sexual possibilities. and the more the arousal the better. head. Have fun teasing and playing with her in this most amazing area of her body. the longer the tease the the better. She might not be comfortable with you touching her inner thighs or buttocks until hours after you first kiss. stomach. the less direct the better. and conscious power. It is the similar to the refined control of a dimmer switch versus an on/off switch. finesse. hair. and take breaks to look into her eyes or have amazing conversations.

you can begin to incorporate circling the center of her chest or brushing past the top of her breasts while kissing her. thighs. If you are simply brushing past. 243 . I will share with you how to approach this level of intimacy like a dimmer switch. she may or may not be comfortable with you fully exploring that area yet. yet. There are several ways of circuitously approaching the breast in a way that allows you to cross over to this new territory of sensual exploration in a smooth manner. do not yet linger on her nipples because as you first brush almost imperceptibly pass her nipples. even if she is not initially comfortable. and lips while touching her back. This is a loving way of touching her heart while kissing her and being more intimate and connected with her. As we approach the breasts. and legs. which can be an especially sensitive region on a woman. stomach. you want to progressively turn on more light just like a dimmer switch.As you cross over to more erogenous territories. lower back. The first is that as you kiss her neck. ear. the difference from one second to the next is almost imperceptible. there is nothing to resist because your hand is no longer on her breasts. face. Moving around her breasts allows her to get use to having parts of your body near her breasts and when she feels comfortable and can relax into you while you explore the periphery of her breasts then you can venture into lightly brushing past her nipples with the back of your hand or forearm as you lift your hands. This is the effect that you are trying to emulate as you progressive turn on the light of pleasure inside your Goddess. Brush or glide your hands lightly over the top of her breasts and then hold her or pull her close to you by having your forearm across her breasts while you kiss her. At this point. If you took two minutes to move the light from being off to fully on.

you can lightly brush past the lower part of her breasts before circling back down to her stomach. lower back. in fact. it is probably better to have a wry smile to let her know that it was intentional. Remember to continue exploring various ways to kiss her while you are doing this and perhaps just resting your hands on her stomach for a bit. You don’t need to play it off. if you just brushed past her nipples. From the stomach. As you are lovingly and gently circling her stomach with your fingers. thighs. you can lightly glide your fingers across her breasts and nipples on your way to massaging her neck and stroking her hair. You can do this with the back of your hand first before brushing her lower breasts with your fingers and then coming back down to caress her stomach. or tighten up. and 244 . her body will let you know. she will know that on some level you did it intentionally. looks at you with a sparkle in her eyes. Women are very sensitive. her When her body gives you the signal that she enjoys how your brush past her breasts or is relaxed with your lead. If she smiles. Take you time to kiss her all over and to massage and stroke her body with your hands. then she likes the fact that you are leading her into this territory. have a slight frown. put distance between the two of you. She will squirm uncomfortably. and stomach. back. then you can continue to build up the anticipation for the next time you might brush past her breasts or nipples again. Build up the anticipation and wait a bit until you approach her breasts again. or moans. If she is not comfortable with you touching her breasts and nipples. Explore her sensually by touching her neck. you can breasts approach the lower part of her breasts from her stomach. This time. legs. sighs.This is a great way to get her used to you “touching” her breasts and nipples.

Circle both her breasts and trace various patterns with your fingers pausing occasionally to nibble on her neck. Smoothly move from cupping her breasts to lightly circling her nipples with the tips of your fingers back to gently cupping her breasts all the while kissing and caressing her so that you entire attention is not just on her breasts. and stroking her to add to the incredible sensations. but not knowing when or if you are going to go there. to stroke her thighs. You have now moved onto the next level of sensual exploration when she comfortably relaxes into you exploring her breasts. rolling her eyes upward.caressing her head while kissing her. Even though both of you might be 245 . Glide past her breasts and nipples several more times with ample time in between to sensually explore kissing and caressing her all over. or moaning lightly when you brush past her nipples. Remember to move softly and gently at first and do not squeeze her breasts until the passion has built up to a level that would warrant that. From this point. When you desire feel that her desire has boiled to a certain level which can be revealed within a range of responses from having her breath shorten. then you can cup her breasts with your hands while continuing to kiss and stroke her. Take your time to enjoy this new level of intimacy where she trusts you enough to explore this level of bodily pleasure with you. Initially just glide past her breasts and nipples and do not linger there so that she can just get used to having your hands or fingers barely touching her breasts while eagerly awaiting you to touch her breasts more directly. or to look deeply into her eyes and connect. to massage her head. you can use your fingers or the center of your palm to go slowly back and forth over the tips of her nipples while kissing. massaging.

When you feel like she is really turned on. you can peel her bra back slightly to release her nipples from underneath and exploring them with your hands and fingers gently while continuing to kiss her and stroke her body all over. At this stage. Once she is fully comfortable with you contacting her bare skin as you continue to make out and explore foreplay with her. tender. just kiss all along the side. enjoy the tease. First. Going back down. you can peel back her bra a bit from the top or the bottom and incorporate your mouth in stimulating her nipple area. Once again. Kiss the areola area and then come back out and even go back up to kiss her lips. and bare skin connecting with your fingers.turned on right now. You can continue to increase the level of intimacy that you have created thus far by reaching past or under her clothes in stroking her back. enjoy the build up. and bottom of the breasts. lower back and stomach and both enjoy the sensation of feeling her soft. depending on her level of comfort. You can approach the bottom of her breasts from having touched her bare stomach before stimulating her nipples over her bra with your hands and fingers. you can move slowly to exploring her breasts over her bra. you can lick the areola area lightly with your tongue before backing off a bit to explore the other areas of her 246 . So leave her clothes on while you continue to explore this amazing new frontier. take you time to continue to explore kissing her and touching her in various ways and take two steps forward one step back as you steadily ratchet up the level of arousal with her. you might not want to remove her clothes yet to caress her breasts because many women feel like she is committing to having sex with you once you start taking her clothes off. top. enjoy the exploration. do not be in a hurry to move to the next level. Gauging her response.

and gently biting her nipples while continuing to stroke the rest of her body. Pay attention to her next. stretching. When you feel into her and she is really getting into the passion of the moment. ears. When you have a pair of luscious breasts in front of you. and neck while exploring all parts of her body with your hands. breathing her in and telling her what you love about her breasts. Once she is really getting into having you pleasure her breasts you can unhook her bra and continue to explore her breasts with more abandon while smelling her. Women love compliments and thrive when you give them from a genuine place. Remember to tease her as much as you can. face. Take your time and really enjoy this level of intimacy where she trusts you enough to let you explore her breasts in all ways. responses to see where she desires to be lead next and use your fingers to play with her other breast while using your mouth to stimulate her nipples. it is easy to find what’s marvelous about them and verbally express it to amplify the pleasure that your Goddess is already having. gently sucking. She will probably be gasping and moaning from the incredible sensations of you stimulating her breasts and from the anticipation of you sensations contacting her nipples with your tongue. then you can take her shirt off to have unobstructed access to her full upper body while continuing to create the symphony of sensations incorporating everything that we have talked about thus far. Remember to come back to just kissing her lips. Once you have kissed and licked her areola several times and gauged her body response to be primed for even more pleasure then explore licking.body. Have fun continuing to delve into the depths of 247 . Women love to be teased and will worship you as someone who can take your time to elicit her maximum pleasure.

As you continue to explore. Glide seamlessly from her outer thighs to her inner thighs. As you open into each new erogenous area in her body. Approach from the stomach and circle outward to the knees and then come back along the inner parts of her thighs. neck. don’t be in a rush to get to her yoni because any rush would take away from all the care. distinctions. thighs. calves. ears. remember to be patient. come back across the lower part of her stomach around the top line of her pubic 248 . shoulders. hair. stomach.adding her breasts to your possibilities of foreplay and enjoy giving her the maximum pleasure through timeless. buttocks. you can now give a bit more attention to her thighs to gauge her comfort level as you come closer to her yoni. Now that you have gotten her to a place where she is enjoying you pleasuring her breasts along with her head. patience. and blissful exploration of each other. back. legs. and richness. lower back. and feet. delicious. juicy. add it to the symphony of sensory pleasures that you have already created so that you get to co-create sensations that have increasing amounts of depth. Exploring Exploring Her Yoni As we move toward the next level of intimacy in beginning to explore her yoni. with Circle slowly up her inner thighs and trace the bikini line languidly with your fingers. and time that you have taken so far in drawing out her feminine flow. use your creativity and imagination to feel into what combinations would give her the most pleasure. After you have reached the top of her bikini line. Now that you have entered a territory where your Goddess is comfortable with you exploring her breasts.

and shaking. tracing the very inner parts where her buttocks meets her inner thighs. Glide slowly across these sensitive areas and then back out to the rest of her thighs. as you get closer. moans louder. continue to read her body language to see whether she desires to be lead further into the sexual exploration. As you continue to explore her thighs and buttocks. you can circle closer and closer to the edge of her yoni. the of Remember to keep the mind set of having all the time in the world. massage her all over. look deeply into her eyes. Note her responses which should Note become become more and more intensified with heavy breathing. but not quite touching the yoni yet. slight shaking. and otherwise gives a positive response rather than tensing up. moaning. If she arches her back. Many Build the anticipation and come ever closer to contacting her yoni before taking a step back to just kiss her. As you get closer and closer to her yoni. and perhaps share some intimate conversation before exploring her body sensually again. then you will know that she is 249 . You have no where to get to except right here being with your woman. Circle back and once again just brush lightly against her yoni with the tips of your fingers. if she is ready. Each progressive opening is a deepening and opening in your connecting with each other and a natural amplification of the pleasure that you get to experience with each other. she will even thrust her hips into your hands. building up her anticipation. You can then circle to her lower back to her buttocks and explore the lower curve of her buttocks and get close to her yoni from the back side. Make sure you are getting her to this level of excitement and arousal before you gently brush your fingers lightly across her yoni over her clothes and then back out to explore the other areas of her body.

or leave your hands still and relax while continuing to play and make out with her. important aspects of being a masterful lover. shoulder. If she tightens up or clamps your hand down with her thighs. 250 . neck. or looking into your eyes. You want to be moving at just the right pace to elicit the most exquisite responses out of her. more. face. you can begin to slowly and gently stroke directly across her yoni with your fingers over her pants or skirt. Either way. and come back. Remember the fact that she desires pleasure just as much as you do. then she is not quite ready to go further. Explore varying strokes including short. and circling at varying speeds and pressures over her yoni while continuing to kiss and stroke her all over. If she is wearing pants. she just wants to know that you are the powerful yet sensitive man who she can trust to lead her there. horizontal. If she allows you to leave your hand there while moaning. If she is pushing against your hand or moaning into your touch then her body is expressing that she is ready for more. because being present and paying attention is one of the most present lover. Continue to gauge her responses. narrow. you can reach under her pants or unbutton it to explore further. still go back outward toward her thighs. breast. smiling. stomach. Make several more direct contacts with her yoni and build up her responses before leaving your hands cupping her yoni for a bit while leaving reaching up to kiss her. vertical. long.ready for more. Take your hand away. broad. From this point. then you know that she is beginning to be comfortable with you incorporating that area for amplifying your connection with each other and for both of your pleasures. You can then proceed to explore her yoni underneath her pants or skirt but still over her panties.

As you explore how she most like to be touched on her yoni. location. Since we are entering a new territory with her yoni. speed. and kiss her lips with artistry. 251 . and take your time to continue to build arousal and explore her in a way that brings out new sensations of delight for her. there can almost never be too much foreplay. If you are going to explore her clit over her panties. and rhythm remember to continue to incorporate everything else that we have gone over in foreplay. gauge whether she is comfortable with this new level of sensual exploration where you get to pleasure her by masterfully stroking and caressing her yoni across the thin layer of fabric of her panties. Even though you are now contacting her yoni over her panties. pay attention to her bare inner thighs that you now get to savor. expand your touch and kisses to include all parts of her body. always go lighter and slower than you think. sensitive and gentle. For most women. err on the side of being more gentle. Honor her for trusting and choosing to play with you this far. Also. you will know when she is getting to a fever pitch from the way you are masterfully touching her yoni over her panties. then definitely go super light at first. with the various strokes. As a rule. Once again. Take your time to stroke ever so gently across where her butt ends and her thighs begin right next to her yoni.Once again. slowly Most women warm up slowly even after a lot of foreplay. massage her head. Stroke her hair. lightly nibble on her ear lobes. do not become overly yoni centered. Notice how during every section I have lead you to make the smallest step advance possible so that you can gauge every step of the way how comfortable she is with the level of physical intimacy that you are exploring. If you are feeling into her arousal.

Now that we have gotten to her bare yoni. and her level of pleasure will continue to escalate upward as her passions for you increase exponentially. but with your entire body so that you can lead her in a way that she fantasizes about being lead. Once she is getting to the level where she is comfortable with you touching her bare yoni with your hands. Lightly stroke upward following the crevice where her two yoni lips meet before coming up to stroke her tummy gently and then come back down. When you feel her overflowing with passion. it would create some sizzling excitement to just rest your hands there without moving and have both of you feel her heat and moistness down there. In fact. Remember to let her body tell you whether she is ready. and tenderly reach underneath her panties to explore her bare yoni. she is letting you into an extremely intimate and sacred territory. Feel into her pleasure. In the meantime. we are moving out of the foreplay phase into the sexual exploration phase which we will cover thoroughly in the next section. Gauge her on her readiness. not with your penis. Gently stroke the pubic hair that she has around the yoni lips. slowly. not your readiness. Move even slower and gentler initially when you first contact her bare yoni to feel into the moment. tease. you can then gently. so adore her for showing you this much trust and funnel your primal energy and powerful presence into drawing out even more of her feminine possibilities.up. relish the amazing pleasures that you are co-creating with your Goddess and use your imagination to implement foreplay into as much of “regular” life as 252 . Take in the difference between the skin of her inner thighs and the skin of her yoni. and build up so tease her for longer than you think.

vertical. take everything you have learned throughout the book and apply the principles of honoring. having a meal. Action Steps for Foreplay From now on. experiment with the transitions I have lead you through as well as the different strokes. smoothness. sleep. walking in the park. Even if you have been with your woman. or wife for awhile. and drink foreplay because you can use a small look. a gesture. and loving your woman. and locations while delighting her with your new awareness. delicious.. etc. speeds. Experiment with varying speeds. adoring. Continue to kiss and make out with your Goddess while stroking and caressing her with varying strokes from short. and potent moment of sensual delight. If you want to become masterful at the art of being an amazing lover. narrow. Practice does make perfect so just take your time to explore everything that I have gone over in the foreplay phase. pressures. and locations that elicit the most exquisite responses from your woman. eat. and tracing various patterns. circling. girlfriend. 253 . Infuse the mindset of relishing and cherishing your Goddess into everything you practice and slowly integrate the technical aspects of your practice into who you are and turn it into the art of being an amazing lover. and subtleties of touch. rhythms. eat and a touch to turn any seeming mundane time that you are sharing with her into a charged. horizontal.possible when you are hanging out with her. broad. connecting. lover. long.

neck. buttocks. ears. add it as you would add a color to your palette. magnificence. 254 .Move progressively and slowly incorporate areas of comfort into the foreplay from her head. For every new area that you explore. Exploration Stage III Phase II Sexual Exploration This is the phase that many of you have been waiting for! You have every reason to love sex because it is probably one of the most pleasurable experiences in human existence. legs. inner thighs. Sex can also be one of the most beautiful expressions and culminations of passion and love. then sexual exploration would be a natural deepening of the level of connection that you already have with your woman. Have fun discovering the unique pleasure code and hidden erogenous zones for your Goddess. hair. and divine feminine that you are drawing out of your Goddess. and use it to create subtle hues that accentuate the beauty. Use your sensual acuity to calibrate whether she is fully comfortable with you exploring and bringing her pleasure in one area before moving onto a more “intimate” region. Give your Goddess the gift of the most blissful foreplay that she has ever experienced. Weave the areas of exploration into a symphony of pleasure with the artistry of a master conductor. Use the principles of two steps forward one step back to gradually ratchet up the level of sensual and sexual pleasure. Take your time. lower back. breast. and yoni. Amplify her erotic responses by applying your new discoveries. stomach. shoulders. back. If you have practiced all the principles of growing into a complete lover up to this point.

taking her passionately. I could write another book just on sexual exploration. how long they last. They just want to have sex with the “right” man. accessing her clit during love making. and Kiegel exercises for ejaculation ejaculation control.Women love sex. being a complete lover means growing yourself in all arenas. You will learn the techniques 255 . dominant. solid. gentle. and positioning which results in less than spectacular sex by most women’s standards. expanding your primal energy in passionately. so developing great technique is also a part of your training. stimulating her clitoris. and grounded. ejaculation awareness. most Most men have it backwards and focus most of their energy on techniques. thrust variations. I am going to teach you difference. You are growing yourself to be such a man. sexual positions. That said. awareness. the difference that makes the difference. Women hunger for men who are passionate. Yes. finding her G-spot. The 25% that is left are techniques. oral pleasure. we will be going over all the details and distinctions in using your fingers to pleasure her. the techniques are going to be super charged with the intimate energy that will drive your woman insane with pleasure. stroking her fornix. caring. and loving. as well as sensitive. For this phase. exploring her vaginal vaginal Gchannel. The energy that you bring and the level of connection that you develop with you woman will comprise 75% of the pleasure and orgasmic potential that you can co-create with her. eliciting ejaculatory orgasms. present. but instead of inundating you with massive data and techniques. probing her deep spot. As long as you remember to focus most of your intention and energy on deepening your connection with your woman.

it will take time to master the techniques in this section so have fun continuously growing yourself to ever higher levels of sensual and sexual mastery. Regardless of how long you can last during sexual union. Using Your Fingers One of the best technical skills to develop as a lover beyond your ability to connect on an emotional level is your ability to bring a woman to orgasmic pleasure just with your fingers. Once again. and to give as much pleasure as their women satiated. focus and give women what’s most important to them. desire. your fingers can always bring her to the orgasmic bliss that she desires which can alleviate some performance anxiety. What turns them on most is the heart connection that you generate with her. women are buying massive quantities of romance novels. Thousands of men were asked the question. This heavy responsibility than has generated the dynamic where men who are secretly afraid of the fact that they can’t fulfill or satiate a woman will start 256 . the adoration and love that you shower on them. Once the technical aspect of sexual exploration becomes a part of you. can handle until they are fully satiated. This reveals how much men want to be men. not porn.that have the most leverage in drawing out exquisite pleasure out of your woman. last as long as they desire. Like anything. to feel their “power” to men. It is interesting to note that how long the man lasts puts a lot of responsibility on the man. Practice these techniques so that you can integrate them and turn them into art. “what is your main concern on the topic of sexuality?” The number one concern is how long they last in bed.

and it would serve you to once again shift the focus from yourself. to drawing out the most incredible pleasures out of your woman. your fingers are always hard. most men have the core desire to give their woman so much worships pleasure that she absolutely worships his love making skills. Well. why am I going over how long you last in bed in the section on pleasuring her with your fingers. so you could be taking Viagra. which one would you choose? Once the primal need to have sex is being met. The amazing thing is that you’ll last longer in the process of making this focal point shift. unconnected sex or rapid fire sport sex is considered the worst kind of sex for women. Lasting long in bed is simply a means to an end. “Your fingers are always hard”. Most men. lasting longer can help you continue to draw out and co-create the most ecstatic multi-orgasmic potential in your woman. and she can still think that you are terrible in bed. the more you can satisfy your woman. when they are focused on their ability to “perform” often miss out on this obvious fact. Your fingers will outlast your penis 257 . You might be asking yourself. Don’t take my word for it. pumping away for hours. Let me ask you a question. Yes. There will be exercises later in the sexual exploration phase to help you develop your ability to last longer. Furthermore. For many men. go ask your women friends about this. remember this phrase well. If you had to choose between lasting really long and having your woman think you’re still bad in bed or lasting a decent amount of time and having your woman think that you are a God in bed.calling women whores who love sex “too much”. the focus should be turned from how long “you” last to how much pleasure “she” receives. Yes. there is also the mistaken concept that the longer you last. but once again.

Whenever possible. take your time to explore her yoni as if you have all the time in the world. Especially if this is your first time moving past the erotic zones and touching her bare yoni. just remember that you always have your fingers with you. Just as you did during foreplay. We will now thoroughly explore the plethora of ways that you can pleasure her yoni after you have reached this level of physical intimacy to unleash the pleasure potential from your Goddess. we will begin to go over the details of how to most effective implement this gift. Now that I have reminded you of the fact that you always have the incredible orgasm inducing tool called your fingers. With your hand rested on her yoni. Foreplay does not end. Through foreplay. we have gotten to a place where you are resting your hands comfortably on her bare yoni. face. In fact. once you give a woman 2-3 orgasms just with your fingers. ears. so if ever you are a bit anxious about how you will be in bed.any day. you’ll already a better lover than most men she has been with. continue to stroke her all over her body as well as take time to kiss her lips. neck. to caressing her head. you can begin to gently trace small circles over her yoni lips with your fingers. take the time to give her 1 to 3 258 . and all over her body while you explore her yoni. lower back. In the previous phase we went into the smooth transition and the step by step progression of kissing. breasts. ears. legs. neck. breasts. Remember as you go through the sexual exploration phase that you are still incorporating everything that you have learned in the foreplay phase. hair. but rather gets amplified in the sexual exploration section as the two phases blend into each other. stomach. and yoni.

If creating the most exquisite experience with her drawing multiple pleand drawing forth multiple-orgasms from her isn’t an epic event to you yet. her first 1-3 orgasms should be viewed as the first quarter of a football or basketball game especially if it is your first time connecting on this level with her. This mentality will show through in the way you be with her and the attention and sensitivity that you have in drawing out her pleasure potential which in turn will allow her to relax and open even more into you which will expand her orgasmic potential. it is considerably shorter. Many men might think that this is a long time which is “true” compared to how fast most men can cum. This line inner and all along the bottom of her inner thighs are really sensitive. Gently stroking these areas can get her juices flowing so that as you contact her yoni directly. she will be primed for even more pleasure. or even any professional sporting events. Know that her first orgasm might take 20 or 30 minutes. However. In fact. Continue to tease her by coming in to stimulate her yoni directly. then it might serve you to treat it as one. 259 . Just because you have reached the level where she is open and taking pleasure from having you touch her bare yoni doesn’t mean that you have to only keep your fingers there.orgasms with your fingers so that she is well pleasured before you move co-create ahead to co-create sexual union with her. This will keep your mind on her pleasure and prevent you from moving too hastily toward the “goal” of sexual intercourse. compared to most epic events like the Olympics. a concert. and then going out to the bikini line.

If the lips are still folded inward take your time to coax them open. Once again. feeling used like a blow up doll. take 260 . begin slowly and gently stroking the area right beside the labia majora or the outer lips of the yoni. when they like you enough won’t tell men that they are going too fast or too rough so as to not create a rift or even injure the man’s ego for not “knowing what he is doing”. or like you are reenacting a scene from porn. so be that man who can give her this new experience. Take the circuitous and scenic route to her yoni and clit. and touching it with dry fingers might feel too rough for a woman. With enough teasing and attention to her thighs. Most women. You will have all the time iin the world when she is truly primed and ready n for you to unleash your wild passionate roaring animal in pounding her fast. and becoming every step of the way. Doing this right off the bat is what most women complain about. you can practice the powerful sensitivity that will give your Goddess levels of pleasure that she has never experienced before. In fact. she will want that part of you to come out and completely overtake her. you are becoming a refined lover. As you begin to spread the lips a bit. hard and fast. Many women have not had the experience of having a man take the time to massage just her outer labial lips between his fingers. Thrusting your fingers right inside her yoni is also too sudden when she is not turned on enough to be well lubed for that kind of stimulation. Treat the lips like petals of a flower and delicately move along the center line to help the blossom bloom. I can’t really repeat enough the concept of going slower and lighter than you think at first.Stimulating the clitoris right off might not be wise since the clitoris is so sensitive.

The clit at this point. Statically. less than 1/3 of women report being able to have an orgasm during sexual intercourse. so go ahead and use the slick juices to stimulate the clitoris underneath the hood with super light and slow strokes. This is because most men do not stimulate her 261 . vaginal Many women cannot have an orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone. After a bit of massage. and is likely to be well hidden under the hood. Stimulating Her Clitoris Now that you have gotten her excited enough to begin to use her juices to coat her clitoris. then use her juices to stroke just the inner lips. Spread the juices to the outer lips again and continue to massage the labia lips. and middle finger and go in small circular motion from the top of the lips to the bottom of the lips. forefinger. Be gentle. It might be too soon to peel back the hood to stimulate the clitoris directly. her inner lips will be more exposed and the entrance to her yoni will be much more lubed up. varying the rhythm a bit and using gentle pulling motion to tease the lips open even more while giving a different sensation for your Goddess. applying slight pressure. Go slow and repeat the same motion for the other side of the lips. When her juices are flowing. perhaps using small circular motion or a back and forth motion with the forefinger and middle finger. I will go over some distinctions on how to touch her clit. you can run a finger up the midline and begin to coax some juices forth from her yoni. In between these gentle caresses. You can tease with a finger at the entrance of her yoni. you can take some of her juices and move it up to stimulate her clitoris.each side of the lips between your thumb. go slow. still may not be engorged. and most women’s juices will come out to meet your fingers.

This is similar to the fact that as you were first learning to drive. By mastering this section and learning the fine distinctions on stimulating her clitoris with your fingers. but eventually. orgasms Keep in mind that orgasms are not the end goal as you keep a broader vision of what you are creating with your Goddess. Once the “techniques” of foreplay and sexual exploration become a part of you. you can incorporate all these techniques while you are making love to her so that you can be more skilled at making her have mind blowing orgasms during love making than probably 90% of the men out there who do not consistently stimulate her clitoris during intercourse. Later in the positioning section. and perhaps working the clutch and stick shift. it becomes a part of your muscle memory. I will share with you how you can access her clit with your fingers as you are fingers position. even by consciously grinding his hips in a way that gets at the clitoris more. With that said. know that although the technical aspect will enhance your ability to give her pleasure.clitoris while having intercourse. any master uses the techniques to get past the techniques into the art of a craft. the bulk of her orgasmic potential lies in the depth of your connection. you had to focus on driving. Ultimately. The multiple orgasms then are a natural result of both of your bodies opening to each other with more and more profundity and flow. As I am talking about giving her orgasms. that’s get back into the distinctions so that you can fine tune your skills and 262 . Initially. and within how much you can open her heart. that it is only a stepping stone. making love with her in almost any position which alone will probably double her orgasmic potential. as you practice you might need to have a certain focus on the technique and her orgasm.

gauge her responses and check in with her if necessary. speed. shapes. ages. to slight involuntary twitches of the muscles in the vaginal area. The orgasmic meditation is an expanded method derived from various clitoral focused pleasure techniques. and insensitivity of the touch. I began to become more and more sensitive to the minute responses that each varying stroke would bring. mastery on the type of strokes. slight size changes and engorgement of the 263 . because you can always increase the speed and pressure when she is turned on enough. pressure. and location that elicit forth the most exquisite pleasure for the women. I would wake up at 5:30am and go practice with a variety of women of all different colors. In any case. The sessions are timed in 15 minute increments where the women’s objective are to get ever more sensitive to their clitoral sensations while opening into the possibility of hour long orgasms while the men are practicing the awareness and strokes. color shifts in the engorgement tone of the clitoris and labia. and sizes. In some instances. direct touch in the beginning might be too much stimulation for a woman. but this is usually due to the pressure. Most men pretend that the clit is like his penis and simply go too hard or too fast. After some consistent practice and great feedback from individual women after each of the practices. so follow the rule for going slower and lighter than you think. roughness. For this practice which started at 7:00 am. Go really lightly on the clitoris especially in the beginning and make sure there is some lubrication either from your saliva or from her juices. I have accelerated my distinctions in clitoral stimulation from practicing the orgasmic meditation at the One Taste Urban Retreat Center in San Francisco. Some of the intricacies range from the tones of her moans.capabilities in exploring her clitoris.

or wife. the difference in strokes when stimulating the clitoris over the hood. which quadrant of the clitoris is the most sensitive. her eyes will get really big as if she has just won the lottery. hood versus under the hood when to apply more pressure versus backing off to elicit the greatest response. the direction that the finger approaches the clitoris and the variety of sensations that generates. strokes that bring a woman up versus bringing a woman down. there are no definitive rules on what works the best with everyone. Setting aside this time will 264 . You can ask her. there are some tendencies that I will go over that will get you on a head start in being able to find the pleasure code specific to your woman. With all the women I have practiced with.clitoris. and gauging muscle responses on the labia. or toes for rhythm. clitoris lube and the difference it makes for the woman. I mention all the above things so that you too can begin to notice the minute changes with your lover. you know. Practice makes perfect. what do you think?” Any woman in her right mind would say YES! In fact. so do co-create a time with your woman to discover together the finer distinctions in how to pleasure her. pressure. and speed changes. thighs. the speed. the various parts of the finger and the varying responses and sensations they can give. girlfriend. I would love to just take half an hour to pleasure you and to get your feedback on ways to bring you even more ecstasy. girlfriend. “Hey sweetness. and pressure changes that need to occur when a woman nears orgasm. tempo. Whether or not you choose to have an orgasmic meditation practice with your lover. She will have won the lottery in being with a man who desires to know her on all levels including the finer aspects of her orgasmic potential that few men take the time to fully discover. or wife. I would still highly recommend setting aside time to just pleasure her clitoris so that you get better and better in tune with her responses.

Ground her energy in the beginning of the experience by just holding her hand. You will then use your left forefinger as the main pleasure tool for her clitoris. Your thumb will serve to ground her during the entire session because your woman can get so high during a session that a solid grounding is necessary to complete the circuit. A light stroke will usually bring your woman up energetically where she is building up the 265 . Put your right leg underneath both of her legs while your left leg is over her stomach. slightly. clockwise. putting your hands on her heart. or counterclockwise stroke. If you do decide to co-create an orgasmic meditation practice.also add to the level of intimacy between the two of you because she will feel like you care enough to actually want to know how to pleasure her better. then I will go over some of the structural aspects of the practice so that you can get started on improving your clitoral pleasure mastery right away. After you have sufficiently lubricated her yoni and clitoris. and then slowly putting it over her entire yoni especially over the clitoral region. place the thumb of your right hand at the entrance of her yoni and push downward downward slightly. Start with a feather touch that moves about 1 millimeter every second so that your Goddess is getting used to your touch. Have your Put your woman lie down face up. When both of you feel like you are present for the experience you can begin to put some lubrication on your left hand warming it a bit if necessary by rubbing your fingers together. The basic stroke is just a forward and back stroke over the clitoris although you can experiment with a horizontal. You can peel back her clitoral hood slightly with just the left thumb. or looking deeply into her eyes. or with the left thumb and middle finger together while the forefinger accesses the clitoris.

Most of the time. experiment with your woman to see what she prefers. You are building your sensitivity to every aspect of pleasuring her clitoris. the 1 o’clock position has been found in general to be the most sensitive zone. Also. Although the clitoris can seem small. left and right. find out what is the most sensitive spot for your woman. but don’t take my word for it. to have the underside of their clitoris stimulated so you can curl your fingers a bit inward to get to that spot. You can play with super light touches moving extremely slowly. play with the various directions of approach by coming from above. her thighs. the pad of your finger. Try coordinating the strokes of your finger to her breath. curb this tendency initially and go as light as possible while varying the speeds and directions of your strokes. 266 . below. or to the slight pulses of her yoni. to her moans. location on the clitoris can make a huge difference for a woman. to her heart beat which can be seen sometimes pulsing through the vein in the yoni. Yes. If you put a clock face on the clitoris. and then speed up the pace while keeping your touch extremely light. There might be a tendency to put more pressure curb as you go faster. the sides of your finger.potential arousal and energy for her orgasm. and even the nail or back of the fingers. Experiment also with the very tip of your finger. The orgasm occurs when orgasm all the built up energy is releases via a down stroke which is a stroke with releases speed. more pressure and speed. Some women from my practice want such light strokes that just my finger contacting the clitoris and lifting up slightly so that the “friction” between the lube and my forefinger is enough stimulation to bring her to incredibly high sensations. Then you will return to building up more energy again with light up strokes to for her next orgasmic release. that’s how “light” you can go. I have found that some women really like stimulated.

maintain your focus on her clitoris and notice all the minute details that might be occurring including slight color shifts in her skin tone around her regions public regions as well as her inner and outer labia. Some times. Think of yourself as a surfer with your fingers and master every aspect of her oceanic orgasmic wave. you can become more and more at one with what she is feeling so that you will know exactly how fast. Once you have had ample practice with isolating the distinctions on pleasuring her clitoris with your forefinger. just the speed. It is easy to get caught up in the 267 . hand then. If you can be almost as skillful in bringing her the most exquisite pleasure with the pinky in your left hand as your forefinger in your right hand. how light. Only practicing the technical aspect of a clitoral orgasmic meditation is incredible if you can keep the grander vision of drawing out feminine divine in mind. you can close your eyes and feel into where to take her next to expand her pleasure. When her moans get louder. wave and realize that every little change and shift can make a huge difference. you can play with pleasuring pleasuring her with all your other fingers on both hands as well as changing positions so that now your left leg is under her legs and your rights leg is over her stomach. Yes. although some women don’t want the pressure to increase. Ride the waves of ecstasy and pleasure with her from peak to valley and back again. you will have reached a certain level of mastery. there will be color changes if you pay attention. When you hear her moans or responses expand. you can try to put a bit more pressure on her clit. quicken your touch to match it. and at what locations to move next to bring her to ever greater levels of ecstasy. Having mastery over all your fingers in both hands will be really useful when you are making love with her and can dexterously access her clit from any position. If you become sensitive enough.

Your Goddess will be utterly amazed at the amount of mind-blowing pleasure that you can draw out of her. and Fornix spot. so I would not put more than one 268 . Later on I will go over how you can access her clitoris from almost any love making positions which will then integrate clitoral your knowledge of clitoral stimulation into the grander pleasure of making love to her entire being. the isolated explorations. Spot. we are going to incorporate dipping your fingers inside her yoni for an amazing addition to drawing out her pleasure potential. Now that we have gone over some of the fine distinctions in pleasuring and stimulating her clitoris.technical aspects of clitoral stimulation and forget that deep orgasmic potential is still accounted for mainly by the depth of connection that you have with your woman. Expand the knowledge that you have gained in pleasuring her clitoris into the flow of foreplay. you want to lead her progressively. and love making iin a way that is n seamless yet applying all the distinctions that you have gained through explorations. sexual exploration. Deep Spot. As you are stimulating her clit. Exploring Her G-spot. you can slowly put some pressure at the entrance of her yoni and gently slide one of your fingers in. Master the technical aspect of clitoral stimulation so that you can transcend it and transform it into an additional shade of color that you get to add to the amazing work of art that is your woman. you can now begin alternating between gliding up and down and circling the entrance of her yoni and using the juices to lubricate and lightly tease her clit. When her juices are flowing. As always. Continue feeling into her for the pace and location that she wants you to spend more time on as you glide up and down the length of her vagina up to her clit.

and this connection will allow her to open more and more to you. rhythm that gives your Goddess the maximum pleasure. into her eyes. back and forth. movements of stroking. Make her yearn for more. the more you will be connected to her. left. remember that the more you feel into her. finger in initially. Let your finger slide in an inch and then pull it back out. and take your time to savor every sensation from your fingers and the reactions that she has while your are exploring her in such an intimate way. Start by slowly world. so start small. Use these new discoveries to continue to amplify her level of pleasure. circling. Throughout all this. and fine tune until you discover the technique and the discover gives pleasure. exploring her vaginal walls as if it is the 8th wonder of the world which it is. pushing. Furthermore. I will go further into some distinction within her vaginal walls and the pleasure zones that can be explored. Do not start pumping her with your fingers right away. increasing the speed. moving slower. but with practice. less pressure. various down. and gentle. suck on her breasts etc. it is always amazing to take the time to look breasts. While we are on the topic of using fingers to pleasure her yoni. up. explore her neck. for more sensations. the 269 . bringing even more juices to lube up her lips and perhaps go back up and circle her clit a bit more. Let there be room for expansion.initially. all the techniques will flow together and increase the sensual and sexual ecstasy that she experiences. pushing twisting etc. and right within her vaginal canal as well as various finger of stroking. light. kiss her. While you are inside. curling. In the beginning this might feel like multi-tasking. backward ward. While exploring her in such an intimate way. explore all six directions of forward. backward. Once you find a particularly sensitive spot. you can experiment more with that spot by apply more pressure.

so take your time to circle this area. and expand that knowing to that all other fingers in both hands. so take the time to become dexterous with the fingers you can most sensitively feel and stimulate her G-spot with. Also use your left versus right hands so that you can access her G-spot in whatever position necessary with whatever fingers are available. and touch that is most appropriate for your unique woman that will drive her wild. and apply some increasing pressure to the roof area of her yoni channels. In fact. The exact location is different for every woman so take your time to get a feel for this super sensitive area. Some women are capable of having G-spot orgasms which feel completely different from clitoral orgasms. sometimes having your pinky inside her might be the key to tapping her orgasmic potential. Women love variety. location. rhythm. In exploring the G-spot. 270 . and the feel of different fingers inside her might be a necessary component to drive her wild. alternate Gmotions between the hooking motions similar to when you motion someone to “come G. Remember that build up is extremely important for women. Explore using various individual fingers or two fingers (middle and forefinger or ring and middle finger). you can be more precise with the use of the time frame. This is an area 2-3 inches inside her yoni 2that can feel a bit rough or have ripples on the roof of her vaginal channel. As you get to know her body more.area. stroke it back and forth.more you feel into her. the more you will get to exponentially amplify what already brings her pleasure. here” and circular motions around the G-spot area. one of the incredible spots to spend some time on is the G-spot. build up. As you explore the inside of her yoni.

this will drive her absolutely insane and can lead to a G-spot orgasm. so make sure you keep connected with your Goddess. and this is when you can give her the powerful pressure and speed she desires on her G-spot. you can apply a bit more pressure to the roof of her channel and G-spot as well as speed up the motion of your fingers inside. When the pump of her arousal has been primed. and when you have the proper amount of build up and speed. and even ask her to give your feedback about what fingers. in order to give her a G-spot orgasm. which hand. how many fingers. Gauge and notice what kind of motion and 271 . She will appreciate the fact that you care enough about her opinions to ask and are confident enough in your skills to not just plow ahead. more stimulation will fuel her passion. As your woman’s responses continue to build and her juices are flowing inside. You can sometimes press up to 2 inches up into the roof where the G-spot is. what motions. and what locations feel the best to her. you have to keep up a certain level of pressure and speed for several minutes. Remember to take your time to slowly work your woman into a fervor. but are constantly seeking to expand the range of pleasure that you can give her. Continue exploring the various patterns and rhythms while being around the area of her G-spot. what rhythms. the practice of using less dexterous fingers or hands might feel awkward and overly conscious. In contrast to her clitoris which cannot necessary take as much pressure or direct contact before it becomes overly sensitive just as the hood of your penis can. Make it a fun coexploration.In the beginning.

Then. if her responses continue to build as you stimulate her G-spot. although the actual location would be 3-4 more inches inside her vaginal channel and contacting her cervix. so do not get attached to unique. Every woman is built differently and some women may not respond much to G-spot stimulation. do her the favor of continuing to amplify the pressure and motion even if your arms are becoming really sore. girlfriend. Rather. go the extra distance and serve her into her expanded pleasure and ecstasy. While you are exploring your woman’s G-spot. but may respond wildly to deep spot stimulation. Like I mentioned earlier. 272 . I would recommend you focus on giving her 1 or 2 clitoral orgasms and get her body to open up for the incredible ecstatic energy to flow.with what fingers will give you the most leverage in keeping this amount of stimulation going when she is ready. I had a lover who can most easily have an orgasm from deep spot stimulation along with her clitoris and she felt like her deep spot was her G-spot. I would refrain from even going for giving her a G-spot orgasm because of the intensity and build up that it takes. pay attention to her responses in the present. as a tease. In the beginning. a particular way of pleasuring her that may have “worked” with a former wife. wife etc. every woman is unique. If you are only beginning to explore the inside of her yoni. Backing off when she is ready to explode is incredible if it is intentionally crafted tease. and your arms are just tired. but if she is primed. because even the same woman may change in terms of what brings forth her most expansive pleasure as you continue to skillfully open her into territories she has never explored before. you can also alternate in exploring her “deep spot” which begins to stimulate her to the depth of her cervix. lover.

Some women absolutely love the unique sensations of actually having a finger going to an area so rarely explored. try putting some pressure on the roof or floor of this region as well as the rounded tip of the cervix and gauge the response from your woman. and depending on the woman. and tease the deep recesses near her cervix to expand your woman into the pleasure that she desires. Exploring the roof or floor of this deep region with your fingers can drive some women absolutely wild. you can also feel the slight split of the cervix where the sperm would enter to impregnate the woman. While in this deep region. The region of her cervix is the deep spot that can create some absolutely explosive and mind blowing pleasure for her. Once again. At this point. you might even be able to curl the tip of your fingers behind the cervix depending on her positioning. Around the cervix. Usually.In exploring her deep spot. She might want you to keep going for awhile in this manor. circle. you will usually contact a place where you can feel the slightly rounded shape of the cervix. go as far into her yoni channel as you can. At the deep center. If you reach in deep enough. you can also explore the fornix region which are the channels on either side of her cervix. reach as deeply as possible and probe. two tunnels also known as the fornix split off into the left and the right. Go all the way back perhaps even a tiny bit past her cervix into to right or left side. For some women you can feel where this region corners and you can press or hook your fingers deep inside these deep 273 . try turning up the speed and pressure in this region. this is reserved when your woman has built up a certain level of turn on and she is already fully in the energy of passionate exploration. so keep up the pace that elicits the greatest pleasure from her. If she is really enjoying it.

The effect I have experienced is that these two left and right regions of the fornix can give her a vaginal orgasm just like Gthe G-spot can. The result of continuous practice will be that you will have more distinctions. As you gain the ability to pleasure her in all the various ways that we have gone over. more conscious awareness. This way. This ability to perform completely different skill sets and tasks with either hand is what will make you the exquisite lover who she will worship. this might feel awkward because you might be going extremely light in a circular motion over the clitoris while applying heavy pressure in a back and froth motion to the G-spot. integrate the clitoral stimulation that you have learned previously for a symphony of sensations that will drive your Goddess insane with pleasure. or circular strokes to give your woman exquisite pleasures that she never knew was possible. Now that you have gotten many distinctions in exploring the inside of her love channels. Take your time and explore this region and use back and forth. more dexterity. In the beginning. continue to practice with fingers or hands that feel awkward in certain positions until it is as proficient as the dominant finger or hand. You can begin to use the hand that is not exploring you gained the inside of her yoni and apply all the mastery that you have gained in stimulating the clitoris. tapping. horizontal. Co-create a space with your partner where you can have set Cotimes times for just practicing and exploring and other times where you are connection flowing in the art and connection of your love making. you will get to progressively improve your erotic mastery while not losing the spontaneity that can make love making so delightful.left and right channels. more sensitivity and better technical sensual skills than most men in the world who do not 274 .

open your heart. and love women into a flowing Goddess and she will consider you in the category as one of the most amazing lovers in the world. beautiful. practice. otherwise. This will benefit you for the rest of your life. so take the time to practice. skills adore. perhaps blissful sensations beyond what they thought was possible. then you can add to the palate of sensual experience by giving her oral pleasure. Assure her words through words and body language that you would absolutely enjoy the experience of giving her oral pleasure. This is why it is especially important to establish the connection and trust with your woman so that she can fully let go into the infinitely pleasurable experience of having you go down on her. ntimate intercourse. don’t even go there. and turn the skills that you have learned into an art that becomes a part of who you are as a lover and use this art to open your lover and draw out the depth of her feminine divine. continuing to hone your ability to connect. For many women. This means that they have to really trust you in order to fully relax into having you pleasure them in this way.. The psychological possibility of psychological largely judgment and rejection may loom as largely as a women’s body image. Create the intimate space where she feels adored by you because this is the foundation through which her enjoyment and ability to have the most extensive. practice tice.put conscious attention on progressively improving their sensual and sexual skills. practice. oral sex can be even more iintimate than women. Then. sexual intercourse. Oral Pleasure Once you are able to skillfully give women incredible pleasures with your fingers. and passionate pleasure stems from. One of the reasons for this is that women do not know whether you are going to fully enjoy the taste and smell of her yoni. 275 .

G-spot. you have already progressively gotten her to enjoy your skills in pleasuring her just with your fingers over her clit and inside her vaginal channels. and kissing her all over. excited to be with.Women are so sensitive that it is always best to do things from a place of genuine enjoyment. and fornix. You might be kissing her passionately on the lips while moving gracefully to her cheeks. she gets to feel even better about herself because you naturally show her the aspect of herself that is adorable. caressing. her exude from every pore of your being. otherwise you are shortchanging both of you from the grandest gift of ecstatic sensual bliss that you can both experience. Before giving your woman oral pleasure. ears. You deserve to be with a Goddess who you are really into. From here. enjoyment. It goes without saying then to choose a woman who you are genuinely enjoyment. deep spot. and linger a bit at the neck while continuing to pleasure her yoni with your fingers. You may have already co-created some delicious orgasms with her. so have confidence in your self and go for and choose women who are worthy of the caliber of man you are growing into. This way she gets to have the incredible reflection of the Goddess who she is and for you to draw out her feminine divine. As you explore her clit and the inner recesses of her yoni. and adoration of being. she will already be in the flow of pleasure that she will be up for almost anything that you lead her into. you should continue to practice everything that we have gone over in the foreplay section including touching. every time she is with you. 276 . so that your excitement. From this foundation.

At this and point she is usually beside herself with pleasure and really sinking into the coincredible experience that the two of you are co-creating together. From here you can trace downward to her stomach with your tongue or lips. Continue this for as long as you can enjoy these marvelous sensations and don’t forget about the other breast. Take the time to just breathe some hot breath on her yoni and kiss all around the outer periphery of her yoni as well as her inner thighs. and if she is moaning and gasping as you explore her inner thighs with your mouth. You are sucking on her incredible nipples slightly while using the tip of your tongue to continue to circle it. you would have communicated on a body level that you would like to taste her delicious yoni by exploring the regions around it with your tongue and lips. perhaps pausing at her belly button and explore that with your tongue a bit all the while continuing to pleasure her yoni with your fingers. Remember to build up the energy and anticipation as much as possible because her burning desire for your mouth on her yoni will only make the experience that much more luscious for her when it occurs. By now. 277 . kissing near the bikini line before going along the inner thighs to her knees and then heading back up and kissing around the bikini area and doing the same on the other leg. you can glide down with your mouth to circle her areola with your tongue for a bit before licking the tip of her nipples several times and alternate between doing this and taking the whole nipple between your lips and inside your mouth. You can then continue downward to the outer regions of her thighs. then you know that she is anticipating and desiring that initial contact of your mouth with her yoni and clitoris.From there. She will knows that you are intending to give her oral pleasure. Take your time and have her anticipation build with or without your fingers already inside her.

Kiss her lower lips gently a couple of times before going outward to her inner thighs to tease her some more.When you feel like you have properly built up the experience. Many women don’t have their yoni kissed just like their mouth. bottom. From here. After some exploration. As you are licking her yoni lips. right. you can be gently stroking her thighs or reaching upward and gliding the tip of your fingers over her nipples. front. You will almost certainly hear her gasp from this new sensation. you can gently part her lips with your tongue and go up and down the length of her labia up to her clitoris and back down again. you can also turn your head so that your lips are parallel to her yoni lips. These additional stimulations can add so much to a woman’s experience as long as it does not detract from what you are already doing to pleasure her and your presence in connecting with her. This way you can begin to kiss her yoni lips as if you are making out with her by taking just one side of her labia between both of your lips and licking or pulling it slightly and then switching to the other yoni lip just as if you are kissing the upper and lower lips of her mouth. if your hands are free. While you are doing this. left. and underneath. Just remember that the clitoris 278 . You can apply everything that you have learned about pleasuring her clitoris with fingers your fingers and replace the fingers with you tongue. you can peel back the hood of her clitoris for even more direct stimulation. Begin by lightly and slowly licking the bottom of the clitoris and gradually exploring the various sides of the clitoris from the top. so take you time to “make out” with her nether lips and connection. ntimate From there you can begin to slowly guide your tongue up the crevice between the lips until it meets with the bottom of the clitoris. then go ahead and make that initial kiss or lick on her yoni lips. create that iintimate sense of connection.

At this point. From licking her clitoris. before heading up to explore her clitoris some more. Remember that this can be really intense for the woman. to take the top of her clitoris underneath your upper lips. While you are stimulating her labia and clitoris with your lips and tongue. Imagine the clitoris as being the head of your penis. deep spot. G-spot. gums while supporting the underside with your tongue. You can also move the clit from the inside of the teeth to the outside of the teeth with your tongue or with a rapid sucking and spitting motion. like having your feet tickled. and fornix stimulated along with having her inner and outer lips and clitoris pleasured clitoris 279 . most women love the simultaneous sensation of having a finger or two inside her. Another Another way to apply more pressure that many women absolutely love is underneath teeth. Combining your fingers and tongue give your woman the best inner Gof all worlds of having her inner walls. you can apply quick pressure back and forth with your tongue against her clit. you can go back and forth from exploring her lips and putting the tip of your tongue inside her vaginal channel. so do not go too fast in the beginning although the tongue is soft and wet enough to give you more leeway. so apply it only when she is ready for this kind of stimulation and many times it can carry her over the top to an incredibly rapturous orgasm. and too much of the wrong stimulation could feel intensely awkward. or tongue. you can also put more pressure on the clitoris by putting it between your lips and stimulate it with a sucking motion.can be super sensitive especially when the hood has been lifted. When her responses from your stimulating her clitoris is getting more and more pronounced. With the support of the solid backdrop of your teeth. upper teeth. so gauge her responses and adjust accordingly. you can increase the speed at which you are licking.

by your tongue. Skillfully combing the two, varying the speed, tempo, location, rhythm, and pressure in the various locations can drive your woman completely wild with desire and pleasure. You can also reverse the traditional roles of mouth on clitoris and fingers inside her and stimulate her clitoris with your fingers while probing the inside of her yoni with your tongue. Another possibility is to stimulate her love channels with one hand, her clit with the other hand, while also licking her labia and her clit. Your woman will absolutely love all the attention, combinations, and incredible sensations that you are creatively drawing out of her, and she will worship you for the skills, presence, and rapture that you continue to lead her into.

Ejaculatory Orgasms
Once you have gotten your Goddess worked up either through giving her 1 or 2 clitoral orgasms, masterfully stimulating her G-spot, deep spot, and fornix, or a combination of all of these pleasurable explorations, you may begin to feel the G-spot fill up a bit with fluids and bulge out the slightest bit on the roof. Some women, at this point are capable of the “ejaculatory orgasm” or Amrita. Many men will try to make this a goal because like a male ejaculation, it gives them an “absolute knowing” that she had an explosive orgasm. deep connection Remember to make your deep connection to her and eliciting her feminine divine your goal, not any external checkpoint, even orgasms. This will allow you to be present in the moment and be in your body feeling into her pleasure flow rather than being in your head trying to “accomplish her pleasure”. Practicing this principle will paradoxically give her bigger, better, and deeper orgasms.


To reach the level of Amrita requires a deep level of opening, surrender, letting go, and trust in your woman. Me and my current girlfriend did not get to this level of connection until we have explored each other sensually and sexually for two months even though I already knew how to technically elicit an ejaculatory orgasm. Many times, I will feel her fluids fill and Gspot bulge knowing that the ejaculatory orgasm could be right around the corner, but she will actually tell me that that would be too deep and that she is not quite ready for that intensity. Once again, for most women, her pleasure and orgasms are emotionally based and she may consciously or unconsciously be holding back her orgasms because she does not want to be so open, surrender to, and be anchored to you yet until she is sure that she can fully trust your care and adoration for her. Due to the level of intimacy necessary, I would not try for Amrita the first time you make love because there are simply too many factors, and other. you are still jjust getting to know each other. Furthermore, when the ust Amrita is ready to be released, it might feel like peeing for the woman, as the fluid does come out of the urethra but originates from the female Chemical prostate also known as the Skenes or Paraurethral glands. Chemical analysis has also shown that Amrita has a high composition of glucose phosphatase (sugar) and the enzyme prostatic acid phosphatase which is a major component in male semen without the sperm which urine does not contain. You may have to psychologically create a space safe enough for your woman to totally let go and trust you enough to feel that you would not judge her for this kind of explosive orgasm, or knowing that this kind of orgasm can even occur. When you feel that your woman is primed, which

means that she has had at least 1 or 2 orgasms, her G-spot has a slight Gthe bulge, or she is getting wet enough that as you stimulate the roof of her Gvaginal channel and G-spot there are slight sloshing sounds of fluids inside, building up inside then you can increase the speed and pressure on her Gspot. Once again, feel into what type of position, motion, and specific fingers would give you the most leverage in the power and speed necessary to elicit an ejaculatory orgasm from her. The motions necessary to co-create Amrita with her may be a fast side ways motion, circular motion, or an up and down motion. When you feel her juices building up, really press into the roof where you are almost helping her to squeeze the fluids that have build up in her G-spot or GSkenes Skenes gland out through pressure and speed. This might take longer than you think, especially the first time, so prepare to have your arms be tired. You may even have to switch hands to really stimulate her to have this level of expanded orgasm. When your woman does have Amrita spew forth, it is an amazing experience. It might be so intense, so opening, and so different than any other other orgasmic experience that she has had that she will curl up into a fetal position from the amount of release and openness that she just experience experienced. It is best to be really gentle and loving with her at this point and hold her close while gently kissing her face and neck while telling her how amazing she is. She has trusted you to open up this much, so nurture and adore her and take the time to honor the experience that has just occurred. Do not rush back into sensual and sexual exploration until delved the two of you have fully delved into the depth of the experience. Any further exploration will then continue to build on the ecstasy and bliss from this experience and connection.

The Fine Art of Making Love
After you have given your woman 1-3 orgasms with your fingers, lips, and tongue, and perhaps even an ejaculatory orgasm, she might be so turned on and absolutely demand to have you inside her. When you have built her arousal, opening, and surrender to this degree, then we are entering the incredible territory of sexual intercourse, the combining of Ying and Yang, love making, and the merging of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. We are now within the realms of possibly one of the most realms pleasurable experiences in human existence. Most men learn the “art” of sexual intercourse through porn, the most readily available form of “sexual education”. In most porn, the emphasis is not on the deep and intimate soul connection that occurs within the fine art of love making, but rather on visual feasts and exaggerations like bigger breast, bigger penises, harder, faster, stronger sport sex, and acrobatic positions. It is no wonder that so many women complain about the quality of sex, because the “standard” that most men measure exact themselves by are the exact measures that constitute “bad sex” for most women. There is a definitely a time and place for hard and fast sex. In fact, in the proper context of adoration, intimacy, and love, that primal energy of pleasure passionate sex will expand your woman’s pleasure exponentially. Yet, without the context of sensuality, depth, and connection which are the qualities that fulfill most women, the sport sex turns what could be a spiritual experience of communion with each other into just another physical experience that could even turn into a chore or obligation.

If you have followed the guidelines for taking your time to turn her on, using your newly acquired distinctions in foreplay, in pleasuring her with your touch, fingers, tongue, lips, and mouth, and if you have already cocreated a few orgasms with your Goddess, then the transition to making love with her can be a natural amplification of the adoration, passion, and other. love that you already feel for each other. When she is within the energy of orgasmic bliss, then usually she will be open and relaxed enough to continue deepening the level of intimacy that the two of you have already established. There are still instances where she might feel hesitant in moving toward the amplification of your bodies together merging together because on a biological level, this is a huge decision that could get her to carry your baby. She may feel like she still has to determine whether you are truly the person who she can trust to care for her enough on a biological level to “stick around” and protect her, and provide for her, and on a primal biological level to co-create life together. It is a huge task to ask for her to know the depth of your character from the perhaps relatively brief amount of time that she has known you, so even if it takes a bit more time for her to feel grounded in the decision to make love with you with all of herself, give her the spaciousness to choose you with all of her being. Then, when the moment comes and she is congruent in her opening, her pleasure and orgasmic potential are going to be that much more amplified because there are fewer emotional and mental blocks of fear, worry, and doubt about her decision to totally merge with you.


From this place of honoring her, adoring her, and loving her, you can lead her gently to sexual union and see if she is comfortable in co-creating this next level of intimacy and pleasure with you. From giving her some incredible pleasures already, slowly shift your position so that you get on top of her as you continue to kiss, touch, caress, and lick her all over. Take your time, and when in doubt, give her another mind blowing orgasm with your fingers before positioning yourself in a way where your hips are right on top of hers. From here, look deeply into her eyes, and move in a way where your penis is right on top of her pubic hair. This sub-communicates that you are ready to make love with her and you can usually tell whether she is ready to move to this next level by the response that she has to this position shift. If she giggles, pupil dilates, sighs, moans slightly, pulls you even closer toward her, and any of the opening responses, then you know that she is ready. If she tightens, has a look of still trying to figure out whether she is ready for love making yet, turns her head away a bit, or any of the closing responses, then back off and take the time to just stroke her face, kiss her lips and cheeks gently, massage her and let go completely of the need to make love with her. This will relax the situation so that she can take her time to feel into whether she desires to make love with you tonight or wait for another day. There are women who are not looking for a “relationship” and perhaps don’t even want to be emotionally engaged in the sexual experience. They are usually experiencing some stress in their lives and sex can be a great stress relief and bring some quick pleasures to their lives. Just like most men are happy just to get laid in the beginning, women can be happy settling for the pleasure of sex, but almost all women if they could choose,

and then granting her the space to respond. women who just want sex are also afraid of risking her heart because she has been disappointed or hurt many times. This way of approaching and bridging the sexuality gap is especially applicable in these modern times when the first time is 286 . because she still desires to “be taken” and at the same time be respected in her choice in having this deep experience with you. it would be incredible to make love with you”. Even for women who “just want sex” giving her the spaciousness to fully choose to have sex with you will turn her on much more because you are on not needy or clingy. Notice that you are asking her indirectly for her full co-creation in the love making experience. connection. Making the claim and statement is more powerful than asking for her “permission” to make love to her. You as an amazing man trained in the fine art of being a lover can help relax her shield of protection and serve her in a holistic opening that would blow her mind in terms of the level of pleasure she can experience. and may be a final “test” to see whether you are a solid enough man for her to co-create this level of pleasure with. cowith When you feel into her and her body opens and sub-communicates her desire to make love with you. The way you respond to a woman when she is “not ready yet” will tell her a ton about your personality.would have a deeply fulfilling experience of incredible intimacy. then communicate to her in a way that expresses your desire for her by saying “You feel so good. Many times. This then results in a holding back of her fullness which has a direct effect on the level of sensual and sexual pleasure that she can experience. You are making a claim on your desire for her.. and love.

take you time. which would make it pretty awkward if you start to go for your condom and put it on and she tells you that she is not ready. she will either guide you in with your hands or you can part her lips gently with your fingers and place yourself gently at the entrance to her yoni. we will explore the finer points and distinctions within love making and while continuing to focus on her heart opening which will all combine to create the most explosive sensual ride together. If she is not fully juiced up. Remember to look into her eyes deeply and hold her close to you as you consummate this level of communion so that the resulting dance can be that much more delicious. just leave the head of your penis at not her entrance and her juices should begin to flow naturally. Once again. Inch your way inward slowly until you are fully inside the warmth of her yoni. she should be well pleasured with your fingers. sure if you want to disappoint her immensely in the kind of lover she thought you could be given everything else you have learned up until now. so take the time so savor every sensation along the journey. you have gotten this far in your connection. Now that you are here. The final verbal check allows you to bridge into the deepest level of connection gracefully. and the entrance to her yoni should be well lubricated with her juices. Take your time to move ever so slowly in entering her a bit before pulling back slightly and then going in a bit deeper.usually with a condom. In the next section. As you prepare to enter her slowly. Access Thrust Variations and Clitoris Access during Sex 287 . do you just pump away and maybe switch positions a couple of times? Well. Once you get to the point where you are getting to the level of sexual union with her.

The varied sensations of having her yoni deeply penetrated contrasted with having her clit stimulated will also amplify both sensations and continue to overload her senses with incredible pleasure. she is going to have so much more expansive pleasure and orgasms than if you did not put any attention on her clit at all. Combined with the proper connection. If you spend 25 percent of the time during sexual intercourse with your fingers simultaneously pleasuring her clit. As you are just beginning to foray into the territory of making love with your woman. This does not mean that sexual intercourse is not pleasurable for women. one of the ways you as an amazing lover can facilitate her orgasmic pleasure is by stimulating her clit while making love. One of the most impactful aspects of love making that most men miss out on is the fact that you can access your Goddess’ clitoris with your fingers while being in sexual union with her. and you will understand why many women are frustrated at their inability to have an orgasm during intercourse. kissing her gently on her neck. it’s just that to take a woman to her full explosive pleasure potential. you woman should seize the opportunity to stimulate her clit during intercourse which is something that most men do not consciously make the effort to do. 288 . take the time to relish the incredible sensations of merging incredible with her deeply before incorporating the added stimulation of pleasuring her clitoris right away. Take this statistic and combine it with the fact that most women’s clit does not get stimulated directly during sexual intercourse. or stroking her hair while being inside her. In fact. languish in the sensations of just making love with her while looking deeply into her eyes.Over 2/3 of women can only have an orgasm from clitoral stimulation.

“Most men have sex as a doing. faster. and rougher because these usually elicits a does more exaggerated response but does not necessarily equate to a more pleasurable experience for most women. “being” will coget you to the “goal” of blowing her mind with pleasure usually much faster than “doing” which can break the connection which is the foundational source of her pleasure potential. The “being” mentality comes from enjoying the sensual and sexual experience so much that there is no “goal”. no place to go. can actually create more pleasure for women even if she is not giving an exaggerated response in the moment.” Most men are so focused on how they are performing that they forget to fully sink into the moment and enjoy the precious experience with their woman. animalistic. This generates a tendency to go bigger. The inexperienced men gauge how he is doing by the “response” that the woman is having. he can achieve the “goal” of giving her an orgasm and then he will have a “reason” to feel good about himself or brag to his friends about the stud that he is.My girlfriend has said to me. Ironically. The “doing” mentality arise from trying one technique after another as if women are mechanical things and that if a man can just press the right buttons. 289 . your Goddess will erupt with the force of a live volcano into the most ecstatic pleasures possible. and lighter. and raw sex. when sex. From this place of ultra sensitivity. except being fully present in the moment cherishing the co-created moments of bliss with your Goddess. place nothing to accomplish. softer. and you “Most make love as a being. no where to be. when you contrast these potent moments with passionate. A more refined and experienced lover knows that slower.

If her clit is not well lubricated. With this foundation and context of profound intimacy. and pace that flows with her natural rhythm. it is to give you the distinctions and frames of reference to ultimately transcend the techniques so you can focus on the most important aspect of connecting even deeper with your Goddess. from behind. and use love making to deepen the incredible connection that you have co-created with her all this way. Remember that whenever I go into technical aspects of pleasure. Take the time necessary to practice the technical aspects so that you can use them as tools and varies brushes to put just the right touch on your artwork of pleasure. 290 . you can reach her clitoris with your hand while in any of the three you major positions of man on top. Breathe fully into the connection and feel the pleasure throughout your whole body. kiss her as much as you. As for the technical aspect of accessing your Goddess’ clit during love making. you can access her clit with your left or right hand inserted between both of your stomachs. of their subsequent variations. woman on top. and almost all variations. timing. middle. or forefinger. From here. Explore the various length. From the man on top position. Practicing this one distinction alone can double the amount of pleasure and orgasms that your woman experiences because you are adding a dimension that may not be fully explored otherwise through normal intercourse. Take an eternity to be as close to her as you can. you can simultaneously be moving in and out of her while independently stroking her clit with your thumb.Make love with her as if each one of your strokes is a deep and long kiss caressing her yoni. adding your dexterity of pleasuring her clit during love making can take her rapture up another level.

use some saliva or lubrication from her yoni. You can harness all the experience that you have gained in the isolated practice of stimulating her clitoris and apply it here. horizontal. you give one stroke to the clitoris. I love this way of accessing the clit because it does not put a hand between your bodies and can therefore feel like her clit is magically being stimulated as you make love to her. Remember. counterclockwise. clockwise. and location variations for unlocking her clitoral pleasure code is still up to you to discover. There is also the huge added dimension that you are connected to her yoni now with your penis so the key is to make it feel like 291 . but the vertical. the tendency is to put too much pressure on the clitoris too soon or to go too fast. As you are moving in and out of her. go lighter and slower than you think in the beginning. Play and experiment with the varying rhythms and ratios of thrusts to clitoral strokes as well as the speed and pressure with which you pleasure her clitoris. what you may be used to in stimulating her can be reversed. otherwise. Due to the hand positing. Since there is already pressure from having your hand between your bodies. The second major way to access her clit from the man on top position is top to reach around her legs and access her clit with your left or right hand from underneath. tempo. at a speed that is in rhythm with your strokes. Just this one simple addition to your love making repertoire is going make a huge difference in fully eliciting her pleasure potential. you can couple the movement with feather light touches to her clitoris. especially with the clitoris. the added stimulation can feel too rough and harsh rather than pleasurable. or in a 2 to 1 ratio where every two times you go in and out of her yoni.

The second option naturally uses the pressure of her option being on top of you and the sliding generates the friction on her clitoris in a marvelous way. You may need to grab her hips and help create more downward pressure and to speed up the sliding back and forth enough for her to have delicious orgasms. If accessing her clitoris in the moment would be too awkward and hinder your connection with her. she can be moving on and off your penis in a vertical motion. In the case of the woman on top position where she is sitting or kneeling on top of you. Minute shifts in positioning and how you apply pressure to your woman’s body can create very different sensations while you are inside her. This way of applying the right pressure to 292 . You can also turn your hand slightly so the fingers are pointing upward toward her yoni and accessing her clitoris with your forefinger or middle finger. then let go of the technique and take the moment to connect. Remember.the clitoral stimulation is an added bonus rather than the main event of your delicious sexual connection. your connection to your Goddess is more important and trumps any possible techniques in the moment. The woman on top position is also the position where you can most easily stimulate her clit without the use of your fingers by the proper positioning and movement of her body. For the woman on top position. Experiment between the two main ways of accessing her clitoris from the man on top position and feel into what works the best for both of you remembering that the connection between you is more important than any techniques and positioning. The other option is for you to slide her back and forth in a horizontal motion. you can most easily access her clitoris and with your hand resting against her stomach and using your thumb to stimulate her clitoris.

this is one of the best positions for using your fingers to access her clit because you have the use of the full dexterity of your hand and fingers to enhance each thrust into her. Use your other hand to continue to pay attention to location. You can also rake your fingers lightly across the side of her body as well as tracing patterns over her buttocks and lower back while you are making love with her from behind to generate the most exquisite pleasure and contrast of deep penetration with feather light touches. pressure. the combination of her having the depth of penetration with the dexterous stimulation of her clitoris can be absolutely exquisite for her. take the time to hold her close to you from behind. Since one of your hands might be occupied with stimulating her clitoris from being behind her. vertical. you may have to learn to balance properly with your other hand and lean forward slightly in order to utilize the full force of penetrating her from behind while playing with all the possible clitoral stimulation combinations. If you are leaning forward already. Not only does this position allow for deep penetration of her yoni since your penis can contact her deep spot and cervix. counterclockwise) as you are pleasuring her clitoris. and stroke variations (horizontal. clockwise.her clitoris has generated multiple orgasms for many of my lovers so have fun playing with this movement until you have fine tuned it to elicit explosive pleasure out of your woman. The last major body positioning in love making is to enter her from behind. speed. Wrap your hands around her breasts and stimulate her nipples while you lean in to kiss her lips from the side or nibble on her neck from behind. If you are 293 . direction of approach. By wrapping your arms around her body.

You can choose the beats you would like to match.used to using your right hand in stimulating her clitoris while making love to her from behind. every woman is different and her unique pleasure code is there waiting for you to discover.. Gaining the mastery of being able to precisely move your hips in all these ways will take some practice. and any of the angles possible on a circle. Play with short. they are much more likely going to be able to feel into the rhythm of a woman. stroking. right. timing. Experiment with various fingers in teasing. Instead of body coming in straight every time. In fact. and tempo. left. rhythm. As you are pleasuring her clit with your fingers. This is also why many women will equate great dancers with great lovers. also strengthen your dexterity while using your left hand. and pleasuring her clit. This means that you can have a short gentle stroke versus a short powerful stroke. for example. you can also create some variations with the thrusts that you are using to enter her. This level of control 294 . You can also use rhythmic strokes that match the beats of the music that might be playing in the background. because if someone is able to gracefully more and powerfully move to the beats of music. Turn love making into a piece of music you are composing with your Goddess. you can shift her body or your body and thrust in from above. you can thrust inward with a circular motion going in clockwise and pulling out counterclockwise and vise versa. below. Play also with the angles that you are entering her yoni. and long strokes combined with variations of power. Remember. medium. speed. you can use long strokes to match the bass and short and medium strokes to fill in with a ratio of perhaps 4 short strokes to 1 long stroke.

you can consistent contact her deep spot and cervix Gversus her G-spot and consciously direct the luscious sensations that you cowant to co-create with your Goddess. With the angles. and with either hand will give you the flow necessary to create the most mind-blowing pleasures with your woman that will take her to realms of ecstasy that she never knew before. you can use how you position your hands on her waist. Speaking of varying the angles that you enter her yoni. so take the time to practice the technical aspects of hip movements in order to incorporate it into the art of your love making. quality thrusts ratio. you can have your hands underneath her butt and lift her so that you shift the angles of where your penis contacts inside her yoni.and mastery will benefit you for the rest of your life in your ability to take your woman to ecstasy. butt. and quality of your thrusts along with your ability to pleasure her clit from any position. to move your Goddess in the way that expands her maximum pleasure. etc. rhythm. in the “missionary position” in moments where you are not pleasuring her clit. legs. with any fingers. proper angles. ability Combing your ability to vary and direct the angles. As you transition from one position to another integrate your fingers and thrust variations so that they become part of flow the love making rather than odd additions. force. length. hips. The smooth integration of all aspects of the sexual union will allow you to tap into her pleasure code and blow her mind over and over again. For example. then you can focus on what’s most important in eliciting incredible the most incredible orgasmic and pleasure potential from her in the 295 . When you have achieved this level of proficiency with the technical aspect of pleasuring her.

and transition between them within the artistry of a sexual 296 . and merging that you co-create with her. Remember. Exploring Sexual Positions One of the most important things to remember during sexual union is to keep the depth of connection alive throughout the experience.coenergy. you are gaining mastery over the technical aspects of pleasuring her so that you can completely let go of the techniques and flow with the art and magic of the moment and be able to connect with her on levels which will allow her to delve into the deepest opening into her pleasure potential. Instead of going over all the possible positions in sex. connection that is the foundation not the other way around. exciting. If you can keep this principle in mind. embody them. Sometimes. the variety of positions and techniques will indeed embellish the sensual and sexual experience in the most fun. On top of all the thrust variations and stimulating her clitoris during love making. positioning and techniques do matter. Yes. connection. one of the main ways to spice up the sexual interaction between you and your woman with the proper connection as a foundation is to make shifts in sexual positions. but as garnish to the foundation. switch one might get caught up in continuing to switch between different positions superficiality just for variety or compensating for the superficiality of the sexual experience. Most women crave to love and be loved from the core of their being and express this depth through the sexual union. and delicious way possible. I am going to give you the main positions and the positions structures underlying structures that allow you to know how to create amazing variations within these main positions so that you can “memorize” them.

6 body variations. extended. face toward. Memorize these 3 sexual positions. and 6 leg positions. vertically (standing or inverted). facing your right side. During love making. Combine the 3 major sexual positions (man on top. woman on top. straight. right. woman on top. horizontal. and flexed at the knees). and 6 leg positions (together. vertical. All the other positions will be slight shifts from these three main positions. with 6 directional variations (face up. vertical. and bent). being straight. apart. and facing away from each other. face right. and flexed at the knees. and from behind. Take a moment to go over these in your mind right now and realize the simplicity of the concept. you can make a shift in the body plane and change your sexual positioning. face away). face left. horizontally. vertical. facing your left side. There are 6 ways to change the direction of your body relative to each other including facing up. The three major positions that will serve as the pillar for your love making are man on top. facing down. horizontal. horizontal. extended. facing toward each other. and you have hundreds of possible combinations. Be creative and take 1 variation from each and see what sexual position you can come up with. From any position that you and your woman are in. and you’ll have the flexibility and positioning wizardry as if you have the sexual positing aspects of the Kama Sutra infused in your body. or being bent at an angle which includes sitting or being on your knees. simply making one shift can totally change the dynamic and sensations that you 297 . face down.virtuoso. right side. from behind) with the 6 body variations (left. apart. There are 6 body positions which include being positioned on the left side. 6 directional variations. There are also 6 main leg positions including being together.

If she is flexible enough. From the man on top “missionary” position. Still from the missionary position with the left or right body variation. If you are standing you can enter her by positioning her at the edge of the bed. When you are face to face with her. her legs can be spread enough to hook your neck from the left or right side position. degrees (with the legs together you could move them over your left or right shoulders. You can also use your strength to lift her so that she is “sitting” on you while you are standing and you can lean her against a wall while having passionate sex with her. I am going to give you some examples of the variations that can be implemented from the 3 basic love making positions. Let’s return again to the man on top “missionary” position and explore some possible variations just with her legs. or they can be bent while straddling your body. This would give you both a totally different sensation as you enter her from the side. you can also be on your knees. Her legs at this point can be together or spread apart so that one of your legs is between hers. her legs can be extended horizontally. From the knees bent variation.are co-creating together and add to the amazing spice that is already there. her knees can be bent with the legs together on her chest. Her legs can also be spread where one of them is kept up vertically with your hands. you can shift her to lie on her left or right side. or you can be standing (vertical). Still as a variation of the “missionary position” You can even invert her so her head is toward you feet while using the 298 . or extended back toward herself (if she is that flexible) together or apart. extended upward at 90 horizontally. with the legs apart they can straddle your shoulders).

and they will serve you in coming up with fun ways to explore each other. and bent). Everything that we have gone over so far are simply slight variations upon the man on top position. from the 3 major sexual positions (man on top. right. As a review again. 299 . extended. Once again. face down. With your Goddess on top of you.directional variations to face her toward you or away from you for some additional acrobatics fun. and 6 leg positions (together. straight. and interesting combinations to your love making. horizontal. face away). horizontal. you will relationships be much more in touch with spatial relationships between you and your lover’s bodies. Remember. she can be lying horizontally face to face with you. from behind). Memorize these. vertical. Once you memorize these minor shifts. experiences. 6 directional variations (face up. face left side. She can then turn her face up and you can move your pelvis toward each other in the horizontal plane. Now let’s take the woman on top position and apply some of the angular and positional shifts so you get some more ideas. You can shift your bodies so that she is still horizontal. apart. This will allow you to explore in the moment changes that can add different sensations. and flexed at the knees). you can apply 6 body variations (left. face toward. do not get too caught up in changing positions. having deep connection in just one position for an hour is usually much more conducive in drawing out her pleasure potential than changing between 20 positions superficially. horizontal. The ability to come up with new positions will definitely add some spice once a certain foundation of intimacy has been built. vertical. face right side. but turn her 180 degrees so her head is opposite yours with her face down. woman on top.

Just remember the 3 main positions. As you are taking her from behind. or even be above your shoulder while the other one is kneeling. One of her legs could be pointed forward while the other one is kneeling. 6 body variations. facing to back. and love between the two of you as you explore the positional variations. I want to emphasize. curled around your waist. sitting with her legs to the side of her. the foundational aspect of connection. you can both be lying down horizontally with you directly behind her. mind blowing.She can also then move from there to where she is sitting on top of you. She can be kneeling or you can both be standing as you take her from behind. 6 directional variations. the left. once again. If you turn her body to the left or right. You could also lift both of her legs up and have her support herself with her hands while taking her from behind. The depth and intimacy between the two of you are what’s going to give her the most amazing. kneeling and straddling you (play with the angles by leaning toward you vs. adoration. or she can be standing (vertical) if you are lying on a workout bench. one of her legs could be pointed backwards toward you. and 6 leg positions and be like an improvisational jazz piano player in inventing masterpieces of sensual flow in creative positioning. or facing away from you where you would be seeing her back. Conversely. Let’s take the third major sexual position of taking her from behind and once again apply some of these variation principles to give you some positioning ideas. she can be facing toward you. 300 . away from you). and multi-orgasmic pleasure on top of your mastery of sexual positioning. The variations that I have gone over are a small fraction of all the positions that are possible. she can be sitting with her legs toward you together or apart. facing to the right. As she is sitting on you. From here. you would be taking her from behind with her lying sideways.

The variations will provide you with the juicy. Because the anus is an extra delicate region that can be torn without the proper care. the exploration of this delicate region can turn into rough anal sex that serves the male sense of conquering while the woman may or may not feel completely respected in the process. Not all women are served in the exploration of this region so take the time 301 . Just the fact that it is on some level prohibited can pique one’s curiosity. Otherwise. delicious. Pleasuring Her Anus The anus can be a “taboo” region in many people’s minds.Varying positions will add shades and color to the incredible painting of making delicious love with your partner. Goddess Keep the intention of serving your Goddess in the forefront of you mind. meal experience You would not go to a fancy restaurant just to eat the garnish would you? There are hundreds of positions that you can get into with the few variations that I have shared with you. The level of connection that you have with your woman is the main dish while the technical aspects of pleasure and positioning are the garnish and spices that can enhance the experience. and luscious variety for adding zing and interesting flavors to your connection so master these details and continue to draw out and expand your Goddess’ most incredible divine feminine bliss potential. Most people have a fascination for all things forbidden. This curiosity when fully acknowledged can lead into incredibly delicious explorations that consciously and gently progress both of you at a comfortable pace. all the sensitivity that I have mentioned throughout the book needs to be doubled in fully accessing the potential pleasure in this region.

middle Use your middle of forefinger to gently glide the juices from the periphery of her yoni to her anus. Be 302 . For some women. gliding. One of the main keys in beginning to foray into this region is making sure there is enough find out and delicately test whether she would experience more pleasure through her anus before moving on. and incorporating this region can be extremely pleasurable especially when you are already in the midst of your passionate love making. Also remember. You can access her anus from almost any sexual positions. and rhythm. circling. You can experiment with different strokes of back and forth. then you can venture to take some of the excess juices and spread it to her anal region. orgasms. speed. then stop and don’t go there for awhile. the comfort around the exploration of her anus will stop at gliding past it to for an additional sensation during love making. This is a good check. When her juices are pouring out of her yoni from the orgasmic pleasures that you have elicited from your incredible love making. Similar to ejaculatory orgasms. your There are certain depths of trust and connection that is necessary for the full blossoming of the pleasure potential of the anus. you probably wouldn’t want to explore the anus if it is the first time that you are making love with your Goddess. because if she is not over flowing with juices from the pleasure that you are co-creating together. you should not insert the finger that you have used to pleasure her anus back into her yoni due to the possibility of contamination. and tapping while playing with various pressures. then it is definitely not time yet to explore this region. If she is moving her anus away from your fingers as you are trying to pleasure her in this way.

then you can use minute circular motions to press into her anus a tiny bit more. Once she is fully comfortable with you gliding past her anus and even writhing. Once you have pressed in past your finger nail. Take more time than necessary. moaning. The combined sensations of your fingers in her anus while making passionate love to her can drive your woman absolutely insane.especially sensitive to her responses to this region and go even slower and lighter than usual. 303 . Go slower than you think. You can take “breaks” between her orgasms and pull your finger out to give her sensitive anus a rest before exploring further. you can explore curling your finger in various directions and exploring various areas along the anal walls. you can then play with applying some pressure at the entrance to her anus and her sphincter muscles while gauging her responses. Take the two step forward one step back approach while you are initially playing with the anal region. come back out and just glide around the surface of the anus for awhile. Once more you have nudged past her sphincter past your first knuckle and she is really enjoying the added sensations. you can actually use you finger to press against your penis and “move” your penis in directing it more precisely toward her G-spot or deep spot. As you probe deeper with you finger. or gasping at the new added sensations. Incorporate this exploration as you are making love with her to create amazing sensations and amplify the pleasures that are already incredibly exquisite. If her pleasurable responses continue to intensify with this. You can also access her GGspot directly by pressing upward from the anal walls and pleasuring her G-spot as if you had your fingers inside her yoni. while alternating with the deep penetration with your penis.

then Goddesses who like anal sex will love this as an additional spice to your sensual and sexual explorations. Cherish your Goddess for allowing you to pleasure her in this way. If it does. Go slower and gentler than usual especially in the beginning. enter her anus ever so slowly and gently and with plenty of lubrication. Ask yourself whether the anal sex would bring the two of you closer together. Remember. stimulate her clitoris simultaneously so that she is experiencing the exquisite pleasures on both ends. so gauge your woman’s responses and ask and honor her desires around it.Many women do not necessarily prefer to have anal sex. Apply all the possible distinctions that you have gained within thrust variations to feel into the most exquisite combination for your Goddess. 304 . Women who love anal sex usually have her G-spot positioned in a way that it is easily accessed through anal sex and can actually have a G-spot orgasm through the anus. cherish. most women love sex because of its deepening effect on the ability for you to adore. As with you fingers. create a deeper emotional bond. You are delving into a sensitive area that takes a lot of trust for her to open up into. Anal sex often times move away from the intimacy and more toward the primal sexuality which is incredible when you have a solid enough foundation of deep connection. Once again. and increase the level of intimacy with your woman as a foundation. Whenever possible. but with even more care and with her full consent. and love her. anal sex is probably not something to explore if it is the first couple of times making love with your Goddess.

develop. So what do you do with the remaining 75%? For the remaining time. you can focus on how to create the most intimate. once you have reached the level of sensitivity and heart mastery where you can easily feel into her. qualities continuously. then she can relax and trust you.and this expanded level of trust can further deepen your connection and thereby bring both of you to even greater rapturous pleasures. etc. masculine. The dynamic contrast that brings you back to cave man times where you just grab her hair and had your way with her tempered by your refined sensitivity in relishing everything about her is what is going to drive her absolutely wild. and grow your primal. and primal sex. passionate. passionate. alpha. fiery. and adoring ways to make love to her contrasted by periods of raw. connected. you can then feel free to expand your raw primal passion since you will know how to channel the massive amounts of energy in taking her into realms of wild and passionate sexual abandon. Expand Your Primal Energy Being able to pleasure her clitoris simultaneously as you make love to her should take up about 25% of your love making time. and pull back when needed. In fact. 305 . move passionately forward when called for. dominant. be able to gauge her comfort level. then your next level of development as a lover is to hone. With that trust. Up to now I have placed a lot of emphasis on teaching you how to sensitively lead a woman into her opening. This is because once you have you these fine distinctions and your woman feels your mastery over your energy.

The gangs now competed and battled each other with dance. The combination of extreme power and extreme control became the essence of the masters of this dance form. They had to be big enough to put their differences aside and get together to find an alternative to the massive amounts of tension. If you had no power or energy in the dance. and sophistication. The gang leaders. Even if you are a NFL Quarterback. unstable. and violent energies that sometimes naturally result from growing up in the ghetto. This energy transformation is how break dancing came into being. and energy to push the art form of being a lover to its full potential. channeling the massive amounts of energy they have into the art. friction. and violence channeled into destruction. being true leaders who actually care for their brothers. you looked impotent and wimpy. I have emphasized the refinement aspect of being a complete lover throughout the book because most men do not have the distinctions to channel their raw energy into adoring and loving their woman. passion. once you have mastered the refinement aspect you will want to continue to amplify your masculine energy because this will give your refinement and exquisite contrast pleasure. you would fall on your ass and look goofy. you now want to progressively add more and more power. If you had too much power and no control. refinement.Developing and growing these powerful sexual energies and channeling them into pleasuring your woman is a bit like how break dancing evolved into being. and beauty that is this dance form. The large gangs in New York were killing each other left and right with so much anger. contrast that will absolutely drive your woman insane with pleasure. then it wimpy. hatred. ultimately did not want the killings to continue. 306 . power. With control.

She can be 200 pounds. do some push ups. and the part of you that is a warrior willing to put it all on the line. etc. Yes. Develop the power to lift your woman up and carry her around. then start. you have now earned the right to be a caveman and to tap into that primal energy. just start. the better. Learn to call upon the wellspring of energy available to you to make life exciting and adventurous for you and your woman. punch your pillows. play competitive sports. she will feel more feminine. and as refined as possible and now I am telling to act like a caveman. Do something. Keep your mind open to learning about new ways to improve both your refinement and your 307 . anything. This will keep you continuously in balance as you as amplify both capabilities. then walk around the block. You ability as a lover can continue to develop flavor like a fine wine over time. Yoga is great for the refinement of your energy. Lift weights. take up a martial art. as gentle. If even these seem like too much of a stretch. but probably not for cultivating your primal passion where you can hurl a table across the room. etc. Develop a killer mentality where you can “destroy” anyone trying to harm your woman. This might seem funny to you now that I have spend most of the book telling to be as sensitive. Keep in mind that the point is to push and run massive amounts of energy through your body. jump up and down.One of the best ways to amplify your masculine energy is to get physical. do something. but if you can carry her around. If you are not involved regularly in a form of physical exercise. The more your preferred form of physical exertion makes you grunt and tap into your primal energy. Continue to be mindful of your distinctions and sensitivity as you develop your primal energy. to call forth the part of you that can break through anything out of sheer desire and determination. The sky is the limit.

out of thousands of guys interviewed. it is no wonder that so many women remain unfulfilled sex and unsatisfied with the caliber of love making from men. and the variety that is involved. Exercises for Enhanced Love Making As I have mentioned earlier. but to only focus on techniques can easily lead to a guy to prowess. Make sure that the focus of drawing out the Goddess and feminine divine within her is still highlighted rather than a way to make yourself feel worthy. The latter desire is understandable considering that most men’s education about making love comes from porn where great sex is often measured by the size of the penis. it can be great to make love with her for as long as you and her desires. but only from a man who cares about her and who also has the emotional range of being able to honor and cherish the subtle aspects of her being. the main concern around love making in most men’s minds is how long they can last in bed. Vigorous sport sex might be just what she desires.primal energy. the vigor of the sport sex session. As you develop your primal energy. and experience how much you get to continue to offer your woman and surprise her with the amount of pleasure that you can draw out of her. fluffing his ego trying to prove his prowess. the stamina of the porn stars. The depth of emotional connection will remain the single most important factor for the makings of amazing sex for woman. Having proper technical mastery and the primal energy to make passionate love to her is also significant. Since criteria for porn are what most women would consider the makings of really bad sex. This is the opposite of what 308 .

Then 95 to 50. Why settle for just one mode of pleasuring her when you can give her everything? As a complete lover. I will now go over exercises that will improve your ability to control when you ejaculate. This is followed by going up to 90 and coming back down to 50. love. The foundation in being able to ejaculate control when you ejaculate is awareness.. how close you are to the point of no return while masturbating or making love. along with the technical mastery and primal passion is the combination that is going to drive her absolutely wild. Then. Note on a scale from 0 ejaculation. “How do you gain this awareness?” You can practice this awareness through masturbation or have a conversation with you lover and begin to implement the following practice while making love with her. The more precise you know how close you are to ejaculation and have the control to know when and how to back off. the more you will be able to last for as long as you like. You begin with the arousal scale. go up to a level 70 and come back down to 50. thinking about someone or something that turns you off. Finally 99 to 50.most women value in feeling adored and feeling seen beyond the physical and for the depth of love that is generated between the two of you. You might be anxiously asking. 80 to 50. and connection. to 100. The you ability to give her the adoration. Just having the patience and control to allow yourself to come back down to 50 from 99 will begin to 309 . and the ability to last long after you have satiated your woman can be developed with practice. 100 being ejaculation.. Next. Pleasure yourself or make love until you reach a level 60 and come back down to a level 50 either through taking a break. or any other creative ways you can come up with in getting yourself back to a level 50 which is half way to ejaculation. you might as well develop yourself in all fronts.

G-spot. or pleasuring her clit. G-spot. This is followed by going up to 95 and coming back down to 60. Then. Remember. entering her again.” It might take you 5 or even 10 minutes to get back to a level 50 from the heat of love making. you move the baseline from 60 up from to 70 and repeat the whole process. up to 90 and come back down to 60. tell her how amazingly beautiful she is. opportunity to practice all aspects of oral pleasure.give you the reference point of what it takes to back off during actual love making. now you are going up to 70 and coming back down to 60. but smoothly transitioning in and out of intercourse will add incredible spice to your love making while allowing you to last a lot longer. and then 99. After this. including accessing her clitoris. From 310 . “your fingers are always hard. Finally up going up to 99 and coming back down to 60. or even pull out and pleasure her with your fingers or mouth. For example. Know that a 10 minute detour will only add to the overall energy of your love making and that when you enter her again it can be that much more delicious if you just gave her another orgasm via oral pleasure. After that go up to 80 and come back down to 60. finger pleasure. deep spot. to 80. to 95. and fornix before again. After each round you progressively move the baseline from 70. how incredible she feels. The dynamic interplay and variation of changing not only the positions that you get into during intercourse. The second part of the exercise in awareness is to move the baseline up from 50 to 60. to 90. share some great qualities that you appreciate about her. What you can do as you come down to 50 while you are making love with your Goddess is to stop and remain inside her while looking her deeply in the eyes. You can take this pleasure.

this will probably be one of the more pleasurable practices that you can engage in. practice makes perfect. 10. 80. This is not to say that you should not give yourself the pleasure of having a quick release when you have had a hard day. If while you are masturbating. 5. you body gets trained to orgasm in 3. Set it up so that it becomes something that you look forward to. you will have a lot more control during the second masturbation session. Like I shared earlier. or to just give yourself that quick pleasure. scale. Play your favorite music. Plus. Like anything worth learning. then that same training will likely show up in your lovemaking as your body involuntarily heads over the point of no return just out of the groove that you have created in your masturbation practice. Realize that even as Michael Jordan made it into the NBA. 70. 90. As you move the baseline up. once you have ejaculated once. it is much easier to have this practice because the tension that is built up has already been released so that once you can get yourself hard again. perhaps even more than before.there. he continued to practice. or 15 minutes. and make it an experience that will benefit you for the rest of your life. I would last 5 to 10 minutes because my body was used to me hiding and having to masturbate 311 . 95. In fact. when I first started making love. the refraction period will shorten which will increase the possibility of going over the point of no return. then the road to that level of mastery takes practice. have your favorite drink around to enjoy during your refraction period. your masturbation self love session might an last for over an hour which most men do not usually take the time to enjoy. By practicing the arousal scale. If you have the desire to become great at anything. and 99 again. if you can. watch your favorite porn. repeat the cycle again and move the baseline back down to 50 before moving it to 60.

watching TV. standing in line. in a business meeting. then you should begin to practice by stopping your pee in midstream 7 times every time you go to the bathroom for at least the first week. The exercises muscle. The formula is simple. After you have gained awareness of your scale. You can do this while driving. If you have never gotten in touch with these muscles before. then you can practice strengthening your PC muscles anywhere.and get a quick release. and doing virtually anything. Today. you will notice a difference during your love making in being able to last longer and in having more control by strengthening this muscle. flexing your PC muscles will strengthen your ejaculation control. Kiegel exercises are used in strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle. making love for an hour or two is average and if I can get myself to this point. on a date. Once you have a clear sense of where these muscles are located. so start your practice and begin to gain awareness and control over over your ejaculation. The easiest way to get in touch with your PC muscles is to stop your pee in midstream while going to the bathroom. eating. I would recommend practicing at least 3 times a week where you would do 100 quick squeezes of your PC muscles. Within a week or two. spasms involuntarily during orgasm. Like anything new. you can now physically increase your ability to last longer through the Kiegel exercises. Just as working out strengthens the muscles in your body. You should also practice doing 10 longer clenching and releasing of your PC muscles that lasts from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. but it will get easier with time and as your PC muscles strengthen. 312 . this will seem challenging at first. The same muscle that you would use to stop your pee is the muscle that you can use to gain more control over your ejaculatory responses. or PC muscles which can help you gain control over the muscles that usually orgasm. you can too.

I have only personally achieved this once or twice so there are still more fun practices in stored for me. you can flex and hold your PC muscles and they can hold off your ejaculation. and 313 . Sometimes. it might take you a shorter amount of time to get hard again to resume your scale practice or to continue making love. The perineum is roughly located in the same location as your PC muscle and technically between the pubic symphysis and the coccyx. this can create the phenomenon of having an orgasm while having physically holding back your sperm. Once you are getting close to the point of no return. When the arousal. press the perineum hard.Incorporate the Kiegel exercises into your arousal scales during masturbation or love making. As you are continuing to practice the scales exercise and Kiegel exercises. First you have to find your perineum. you can actually have an orgasm without ejaculating sperm because your PC muscles are holding the sperm back while you are still having your full orgasmic responses. It is roughly between your balls and your anus anus. other times if you are already too far over the edge. A final exercise that you can do in maintaining more control over ejaculation is a Tantric exercise that circulates the massive amount of sexual energy built up in your penis. you will be able to find the point precisely and be able to hold back your sperm with some consistency even if you have an orgasm. One of the side benefit of this is that although you will probably still go soft. Once your PC muscles get strong enough. there might be times when you go over the point of no return. this alone can help you maintain your balance on the edge. With practice. There is an interim exercise that will help you feel into how you can have an orgasm without ejaculating. At this point. passion.

Squeeze your PC muscle and intentionally send the energy up your spine and into your head. This creates a cosmic loop between the two of you which 314 . you will also be circulating the sexual energy up your spine and into your pineal gland which will awaken your third eye as well as your spiritual connection to the divine. you will begin to feel energy moving through your body as real as if someone was touching you gently. Once you have moved the energy up to your head. you Overtime. Overtime. Direct your intention to sending the sexual energy that has been gathered in your penis or balls up your spine. you can touch your head to hers and send the energy back down her spine and then have her send the energy back into your penis and lower back. A secondary benefit to circulating the immense amount of sexual energy is that you will begin to get a sense of what a whole body orgasm feels like because the whole sexual energy will no longer be localized to your penis. By circulating the energy and moving it so that it is it now distributed throughout your body. The more you level builds to an overflowing level. With practice and developing your awareness. The same muscle that you use to squeeze and stop your pee and have more orgasm control can now be used to send electrical pulses through your body. the more you will clear the channel for the energy to travel up your spine. you will be able to build up even more energy in your penis before the energy overflows. As you use your attention or intention to direct the sexual energy up your spine. you will be learning the subtleties of moving energy. There is a saying in Huna Shamanism. “Energy flows where attention goes”. A third benefit is that with the exercise that I will be showing you. Try this now. if you are making love with you Goddess. then your body naturally has the ejaculatory response. but gets to open up the pleasurable sensations throughout your body. will feel subtle pulses of energy go into your head as you do this.

In the communion phase. Do an additional 10 medium squeezes that lasts 35 seconds at least 3 times a week and feel the energy go up your spine into your head. The three main exercises that I have gone over might seem simple. yes. there can be an energetic release when you ejaculate. and whatever muscles consistently you train consistently will get stronger. Furthermore. you are building up sexual muscles. In some Taoist and Tantric traditions. Take the time to do these exercises. you are supposed to completely withhold your sperm. You will be handsomely rewarded by being able to last long past your lover’s point of satiation. I can go for as long as my lover desires to play. This means that she wants to feel my sperm inside her and I can usually ejaculate within 3 minutes of her desire to “have my gift”. From experience. When practicing with a partner. I have found that absolutes on on 315 . Add the energy squeezing exercise to your practice of the arousal scale and Kiegel exercise. I will go further into the Tantric looping of your energy. Just like working out.. you will be able to see light and colors from being infused with so much energy. pull the energy up your spine and have her practice taking that energy and pulling in down her spine and funneling it back to you through your penis and creating a closed circuit. many times. especially the Kiegel exercise whenever you have a spare moment and you remember them.can increase the level of energy and pleasure between you manifold. but I have found that my body readily regenerates and rejuvenates. she will tell me “I am so satisfied. I have gotten to the point where 90% of the time. Then at some point. In fact. I want your gift”. but you will notice a difference in your sexual control within the first week or two.

follow that. Whatever the answer is to this question. be patient. deep spot. experience and enjoying all possible outcomes. Follow your bliss. and location that elicit the most blissful pleasure out of your Goddess. Keep in mind as your practice all the materials in this phase to continue deepening your connection with your Goddess to amplify the technical aspects of sexual exploration to iits maximum effect. speed. 316 . So take the time. The more important question you get to ask yourself would be does it bring your woman and you more joy and pleasure for you to ejaculate. From only being able to last 5 to 10 minutes and not knowing how to properly lead a woman to her pleasure potential to where I am now took a lot of development and practice. Stimulate her clitoris. Begin by mastering your ability to draw out 1 to 3 orgasms out of your Goddess just with your fingers. G-spot. any topic is not in balance. pressure. as well as explore her vaginal channels. and before you know it. or sustainable because they set you up to lose and turns the focus to the “rule” rather than being present to the possible outcomes. have fun. and it will allow your energy to flow in your body and be more connected to the divine through it. Action Steps for Sexual Exploration We have gone over a lot of material in this section. and fornix with your fingers. Whatever I have Whatever achieved. Experiment with varying strokes. you can too. I absolutely know this. you will be amazing yourself and your woman with the amount of pleasure and bliss that is available to both of you. holistic.holistic. Keep you eye on the goal of ts integrating the techniques so that they become the art of love making.

Add spice to your love making by adding the 6 body variations. 6 directional variations.Once you become good at giving incredible pleasure and giving your Goddess multiple orgasms just with your forefinger in your right hand. include all your other fingers in both hands just like you would in practicing the scales on the piano. Practice the ejaculatory awareness and Kiegel exercises so that you can last as long as you would like to bring rapturous ecstasy to your Goddess. When she is so well pleasured. so aroused. Stage III Phase III Communion 317 . you can naturally lead her into even deeper connection of sexual union. then you will have reached a certain level of mastery that will allow you to flow that much smoother in creating symphonic orgasmic music with your Goddess. and grow yourself in becoming one of the most incredible lovers you can possibly be. Access her clit 25% of the time as you make love with her and incorporate thrust variations as well as unleashing your primal energy in taking her into realms of pleasure that she didn’t even believe was possible. incorporate oral pleasure into the mix for even more possibilities for mind-blowing pleasure. and so blissed out from the depth of your connection. Have fun with all of this. adoration. From here. and 6 leg positions to the 3 main sexual positions. When your pinky on your left hand is just as adept as your forefinger in your right hand in pleasuring your Goddess. and love as well as your seamless execution of incredible techniques.

then she is going to be experiencing so much mind-blowing pleasure that she will look at you with incredulous eyes wondering what angel sent you from the heavens to give her this gift of ecstasy! From here. The level of communion is a total merging with your Goddess. heart. speed. This allows you to pleasure her even more masterfully because you are feeling into what next movement. You are able desires to telegraph her deepest desires and pleasures because the sensations will begin to arise in your body and guide you naturally as to where to go next. In the beginning this may seem far out. gaining refined control over channeling the wildest passion into the technical softest touch. and rhythm would bring her the maximum amount of bliss and rapture. but with the proper intention you will become more and more aware of the subtle energies that occur during love making. pressure. flowing from one technical distinction to another seamlessly. You can take your sensitivity to a whole new level which translates into the degree that you can draw forth your Goddess’ maximum feminine flow through all the stages and phases of the 318 . It is about subtle energy awareness through which you can feel into what she is experiencing in her body.If you practice everything that we have gone over in how to connect deeply with a woman who you fully choose and to masterfully draw out her most exquisite sensual and sexual potential. in having mastered the artistry of amplifying your primal energy. You are dissolving the apparent physical dissolving boundary and allowing yourself to experience your Goddess so deeply that leads it leads to your ability to experience the pleasures that you give her as your own. and connecting to the depth of her heart you are now ready to move to the subtle level of communion which will take your capabilities as an incredible lover up yet another level.

because in communion. This goes back to choosing to play with goes your scale. then you probably would not necessarily want to explore the level of communion with this person. and the possibility of her returning the same level of love. Any new awareness that you gain will allow you to pinpoint and amplify her ecstasy. you can then begin the process of communing with her further. worship. merging with her energy would serve to enlarge and enliven you and who you grow to become in the world. So you might be asking. and adoration to you can inspire both of you to become much more than who you can be alone. you are merging with her so much that her energies become a part of you. then it probably wouldn’t serve you or her to truly commune with her. If there are reservations about her. “Where do you even begin to move toward communion?” The first question that I would like to ask you is.relationship dance. Choose someone who can inspire you to stretch beyond what you would normally give and be as a person and to the world. Give yourself this gift and choose a woman worthy gift of the incredible lover you are developing into! After you have gotten to a place where you are consciously choosing your woman to the highest level. if you do not have a desire to go deeper with your 319 . Then. would you like yourself better as a person? If the answer is no. the level that you can give of yourself. women who you feel are at least an 8 out of 10 on your scale. some of you might still ask why you would want to merge with her. Once again. Choose someone who draws forth your passion for her and for life. At this juncture. This way. “Do you “Do energy? like her and adore her enough to want to merge with her energy?” Another way to phrase it is that if you were to take on her qualities.

etc. with each other that you would serve each other better as friends. you might also decide together that although you may not be relationship or marriage material for each other that it would serve both of you to be lovers. then finding out that the two of you are not compatible sooner will actually be good for you even if means the end of the form of relating that you currently have. there are probably underlying issues where you have reservations about her. rapture. You might discover when you amplify your energy friends. Out of the clarity of this knowing. Yes. This can range from the way she looks. satisfaction. to not sharing enough interests.woman. fulfillment. but if you are choosing to play at the level of communion. Sometimes. Through this process. to feeling restricted by her. only by the depth of connection and merging can you truly know whether you are a fit for each other. The process of communion actually magnifies the depth and degree of fulfillment. The process of communion can also accelerate both of your knowing whether the two of you would serve each other in growing to your biggest and brightest potential. and wild passionate abandon that only result from a deep choosing of each other and blasting through issues and reservations about each other. With this clarity. to whether you would have great kids. there will be no false hopes or pretenses pretenses of “happily ever after”. love. the level that you will 320 . communion will allow you to experience pleasure. joy. relationship with your woman. and joy that you are experiencing out of your woman. some people might be ok with settling in a mediocre relationship that they stay in for years out of comfort. to her personality. By having a solid foundation and really adoring each other.

As you can see. One of my past lovers. when we first began to explore sexually with each other would ask me “Oh my God. not any skill that you learn can enhance all aspects through all the stages. connection. one of the intentions of communion is to accelerate the clarity and full alignment toward the brightest possibility of who you get to grow into through your relating with your Goddess. and communion stages are circular and not linear. the pleasure potential for both of you will multiplied manifold. In fact. the energy of pure ecstasy will then become available to you. and using each other as a portal to the divine. and as your sensitivity increases and you are able to direct energy to create and elicit subtle pleasures out of your woman. Moving Subtle Energy Since energy is subtle. Just know that in opening this door with your Goddess. what was that. since the attraction. Whatever we focus on consistently will expand in our awareness. opening to each other. sometimes it may be more difficult to gauge your progress in gaining energetic sensitivity. what are you doing!?” We would have our clothes on. she will point it out to you. and by moving energy she felt like I was already inside her. Whether or not you want this or are ready for this is up to you. once again be multiplied manifold. 321 . You can apply your new sensitivity within the realms of your sensual and sexual exploration as well as in your daily able to relate and pleasure each other will expand exponentially and this new structure might serve in both of your growth in the present. When you play on this level of choosing each other. so have patience.

smell. your fingers and feel what it feels like there Move the energy of her orgasm to your heart and feel it there. At this point. and pleasure. Instead of simply moving the expanding energy up your spine. expanding their sense of sensual and spiritual pleasure as well as dissolving the boundaries between the physical and the none physical. In just practicing this. Flow her orgasms to your belly button and experience that sensation. When you are merged enough with your lover. leaving them in a state of incredible bliss. intense. you can move this energy and expand it to your entire body. Allow this level of energetic sensitivity to propagate through every touch. and beautiful that it will feel like a whole body orgasm. you will be able to feel it through all parts of your body.Recall the exercise in the last section where you are moving the energy that has been built up in your groin up your spine into your head. you will begin to experience a pleasure so deep. Draw her orgasms to the tips of there. As you move the incredible sexual energy up your spine and into your head and then circulating this energy with your lover. and then circulating this energy into your lover’s head and have her move it back down and back into your sex center. you will be building up so much energy that it will be overflowing. and sensation. relaxation. some of my lovers have experienced an incredible amount of white or rainbow colored head. feel it expanding outward from your spine to your whole body including the tips of your fingers and toes. you will be able to feel every orgasm and quiver that she has as if you are having that sensation yourself. This will then magnify and exponentially expand every pleasure that you 322 . sound. lights filling their head. With the energy expansion from your spine. As you do this and feel into the multi-orgasmic bliss of your partner.

and many other spiritual traditions. Hawaiian Shamanism which I practice. By reaching higher levels of awareness in energy and co-creating deeper levels of communion. Within Huna. you read correctly. synchronicity. and rapport that will allow you to feel into the co-creation that is the merging and combination of the two of you. you come ever closer to your highest pleasure potential. In Hawaii. This is the starting place of communion 323 .co-create with your Goddess. Being able to feel and understand the highest intention within any disagreements that result from different interpretations of what would be best for the group allows for a cooperative solution that would serve the highest intention for the group. the Kahunas. Similarly. bond. the breath is one of the most important aspects in connecting with the spirit within you and the elements around you. chiefs. Breathing with Your Goddess Another potent way to increase your awareness of energy and subtle sensations is by breathing together with your Goddess. Yes. They synchronized with each other for that amount of time so that their decision will come from a place of deep understanding that we are all one sharing and co-creating the best decision for the tribe. and shamans would sit together and breathe together for 6 hours before having a conversation about making a decision. you create a commonality. elders. when there were any important decisions to be made within a tribe. when you begin to breathe in sync with your Goddess breathe intentionally. they would breathe together for 6 hours.

Even if you are not making love with a Goddess yet. adoration. peace. so take the time to co-create this with her. Wanting the best for her the becomes the same as wanting the best for yourself. The communion that results will holographically be reflected into all other aspects of how you relate with her. Tell her the story about the Kahunas and ask to breathe with her for 5 minutes and look deeply into her eyes during that time. Another breath related exercise that will expand your awareness of subtle sensations and enhance your communion with your Goddess is to breathe breathe with your whole body. love. “Would you like to breathe together for 5 “Would breathe minutes before we make love so that we can experience each other more deeply?” No Goddess in her right mind would refuse such a delicious request. Do this exercise with your Goddess and lead her in creating more depth in your love making. Next. It does not take 6 hours to begin this process. This will naturally deepen the level of your breathing.where the edges of you and her dissolve. loving her becomes loving yourself. Instead of only breathing through your mouth. 5 minutes of breathing together will be an incredible start and you will begin to notice an expansion of your awareness and your ability to feel into her. Ask her. you can ask to breathe with your date to feel her more. and bliss that you are capable of giving to yourself as a gift. imagine taking in air and sensations with every inch of your skin as well as exhaling through every inch of your skin. In fact. Breathing through your skin works especially well when you are naked with your lover and you can really begin to sense the subtle respirations that 324 . first imagine breathing from your stomach and your diaphragm. and serving her becomes serving yourself. She becomes yourself a divine mirror for the level of joy.

and consciousness?” 325 . With this level of skin breathing and energy awareness. love. and be even more in sync with my Goddess?” “How can I use her as a divine mirror in how much I can give of my love. touch. adoration. Along with all theses exercises. occur through your skin. you will also be able to commune with your Goddess more and more by breathing her in with your skin. Ask yourself these core questions: questions: “What would allow me to feel into her even more?” “What would allow me to breathe. and in drawing out our pleasure potential?” “How can I merge even more into her and ultimate into the flow of divine energy all around us?” “What mindset and level of presence would I need to embody to feel into her even deeper?” “How can I choose her with every cell in my body so that she gets to experience the fullness of my power. speak. and sensing the subtle air currents around you which will naturally allow any touch and body to body contact to be magnified and the pleasure to be enjoyed that much more. Feel into your pores opening. and you open your whole body up to taking in the nourishment all around you. receiving. and luscious connection with your Goddess will infuse this co-creation of communion into all your subsequent interactions. the mental mindset and intention of creating the most intimate.

bliss. know that any sensations and feelings regardless of how and where it originates still have a resulting biological and neurological basis. Completing the Communion Cycle In achieving higher and higher states of pleasure. This means that as you amplify your ability to experience pleasure and sense subtleties. if these sensations are not integrated into your everyday life. and more neurochemicals are created. we need to ground these new skills. more synapses are being created. then the gap between these states may have you wanting to “escape” rather than grounding these incredible realms of pleasure. connection. Once you have expanded your ability to experience this much pleasure. together. being fired off for you to have those sensations in your body. How do you do this? First. and your life becomes linked together ther. Your body has so much wisdom waiting for you to tap and it’s waiting to give you and your Goddess rapturous pleasure you have not even conceived of. Rather than feel the contrast of “harsh reality” compared to the refined pleasures of making love with your lover and merging with her and the divine. and ecstasy. sensitivity. In completing the circle in the communion stage and phase. you can 326 . your lover. you can begin to shape your life so that your daily experience pleasure res becomes ever closer to the pleasures of making love. and wisdom into “reality” so that we can to give our gifts of newfound opening.Ask these questions and allow yourself to feel into the answers instead of thinking the answers into being. This will allow you to link the spiritual connection with your physical life so that the pleasure pleasure of pure connection with the divine. and wisdom to the world.

and a sense of helpless that actually resulted from you giving your power away. or holding onto more painful. suffering. One can be homeless. are simply focusing and “remembering” more happy things than sad or painful things as a pattern of thinking. but our experience of the real memory can be as real as if was happening right now. People who are happy. and one can be an inspirational speaker who exemplifies the beauty. interpreting. and power of the human spirit. can end up with totally different lives. you will begin to salivate. Similarly. They are simply filters that serve you in creating who you know to be your highest possibility. anything that we “remember” exist” does not “exist” in reality in the present moment. The external circumstances remain the same whether you to use those circumstances to grow or shackle you. destitute. fearful.translate and call forth these sensations with practice to any situations in life. This is the power that you have in consciously directing your thoughts. while unhappy people are focusing. Humans are incredibly equipped with our minds so that if you simply imagine eating a really sour lemon. Yet. Neither the empowering nor the disempowering interpretations are “true”. In this final phase of communion the two of you are building your references for the most ecstatic sensations and possibilities of pleasure. and worrisome memories more of the time. if the event was pleasurable you will experience pleasure. you can experience emotional discomfort. or to chain you in self-imposed limitations that can create pain. when you “remember” an event from the past in your mind. grace. if the event was painful. 327 . and blame his circumstances for his being depressed. “remembering”. This is where two people who were in the identical concentration camps lives.

delicious. Imagine what it would be like if you just had the most incredible sex in your life and right afterward. how would you be with your Goddess if you both just had the most incredible sex of your life? Everything in your surrounding and in surrounding interactions your interactions would be phenomenal. In fact. you can begin to tap the power of your mind and call forth that same level of energy throughout the day. remember 328 . how would you greet the hostess. when you are about to focus on or remember a situation that dis-empowers you from creating what you truly desire. When you are full of pleasure. the most exquisite. and peace. ease. The restaurant could be a hole in the wall rustic shack yet everything is going to have a shine to it. and serve the world. the service might be slow. vivid enough with the proper intensity can get you to a similar “after glow”. give. With this conscious remembering of pleasure. Now. Communion with you lover shows you what’s possible in accessing the full pleasure of connecting with the divine through her. how would you talk with the waiters. When you are about to back away from going for your dreams. and pleasurable experiences that you have had and allow that to brighten your day. Practice remembering at least 3 times a day for 3 days this week. Remember these incredible moments of pleasure especially when you are in a situation where you are facing challenges. the food might be weird. You are being reborn and reminded of the possible bliss and rapture that you can experience in your body. it is easy to create what you want. simply remembering an especially amazing and pleasurable experience glow”. How would you walk in. you are going to celebrate with your Goddess at a restaurant.You also act as mirrors and portals to the divine for each other. how would the food taste. but you would probably be having tons of fun from the afterglow of your experience.

and it naturally feeds into the attraction stage again as you become more and more attractive to women and the world because of the increasing amount that you have to offer. This is the completion of the circle in the communion stage. You will then be able to help them draw out their most brilliant and magnificent possibilities. and this is the level of energy you can bring to the world and to any of your experiences. Add color to whatever you are doing by giving yourself the juicy gift of remembering the pleasures that you have had. you will be surprised at the other instances of pleasure that create that you will create and draw into your life. you will grow beyond what you think is possible. The pleasure that you experience in the bedroom is then no longer contained in the bedroom. The side 329 . When you have trained your mind to think in this pattern. sensual artistry. As you develop your conscious sensitivity. The more pleasure you experience. Through it all. make mental notes pleasure thr notes of the amount of pleasure that you are able to run through your throughout body. People and Goddesses will be drawn to you because they will sense your connection to the divine and the ecstasy running through your body because you are tapped in. technical finesse. and remember this feeling often throughout your day. Relationships are Relatio probably one of the most accelerated spiritual learning tools available so challengin hallenging don’t be surprised if challenging circumstances arise which call for every ounce of your ability to remember the love and grace you can embody. When you are in the depth of communion and love making. and sexual mastery you will grow as a person. This level of bliss is your birthright.what bliss feels like and what’s possible when you were merged with your lover and the divine. the more serve you can use this energy to create the reality you desire and to serve the world with your gifts.

any pleasure that you cocreate with her will be your pleasure. In putting this phase of communion in action. you first want to be particularly clear about how fully you are choosing to be with your Goddess. and any leading that you do will be out of an almost telepathic ability to move both of you toward incredible levels of pleasure. mind. When you merge with her energy to this level. presence. any orgasms that she has you will be experienced in your body. and choosing of your Goddess closer and closer to a level 10 at this point. In fact.benefit of evolving into your highest possibilities as a man is that of cocreating the most mind-blowing pleasures and orgasms for you and your Goddess which is reason enough to continue to expand into your mastery of this sensual art! Communion Action Steps for Communion Congratulations on coming this far along the journey on becoming an incredible lover with me. it loops you back to the beginning so that you can go through the attraction stage with even more power. you enter into a realm where you merge with her fully with your body. You have navigated through the last phase of the relationship dance. and soul. From a place total choosing of your Goddess. and grace with your Goddess and everyone in your life. desire. heart. Although this is the last phase. 330 . it is not the end. Remember the scales from 1-10 that I emphasized in the profound intimacy phase? You want to be pushing your level of passion. Goddess.

You will become a more conscious creator of your life and bring more pleasure to everyone and everything around you as you live up to your higher purpose in life. It is important to then ground this level of ecstasy into your daily life so that this bliss does not become an isolated occurrence just in the bedroom. Final Words 331 . Remember the height of pleasure when you interact with people in your lives. you circulate the wealth of sexual energy from your penis up your spine. May you be pleasantly surprised at the amount of pleasure you experience along this marvelous journey. Your evolvement as a complete lover then becomes a gift to women and the world. but your both experience whole body orgasms and allow waves after waves of ecstasy to wash over you. higher and more profound levels of pleasure than you thought were possible. into your pineal gland. into her pineal gland. Remember this level of joy as you go for your dreams. With practice. You create the space to breathe in sync with your Goddess as you spread the rapturous energy all throughout your body so that the pleasure is no longer localized around either of your sexual organs. When you can properly direct the ever increasing sensual and sexual pleasures into your daily life. Remember this state of being when you meet with challenges and surmount them. and have it loop back into your first chakra. down her spine.As you become more and more aware of subtle energy. you will experience shifts in every aspect of your being. you will experience.

and the journey of becoming a complete lover and mastering the sensual and sexual art of pleasure can help us remember our potential and implement that remembrance into our daily lives. and the parents consented." Sometimes we forget the brilliance from which we came. went out of the room while leaving the baby monitor on. The little girl got close to her baby brother and whispered. adventurous. but her mother said. The parents agreed. The little girl asked to talk to her baby brother alone. "Would you tell me about God. “Not right now. of truth. and the mother told the little girl that she will have to wait until her brother is born. May you have the most incredible. fun. of light and of peace that When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me We Are One Namaste 332 . wait till we get home. and were really curious as they watched from the monitor. the little girl asked to talk to him again.” After getting home. I am forgetting. the little girl asked to talk to him again. and may you and your lover embody the most incredible possibilities of brilliance. joyful. loving. and ecstasy! I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells I honor the place in you which is of love. In the hospital. after her brother was born.I will end this book with a story about a little girl who asked to talk to her brother while her mother was pregnant. and pleasurable journey through all of this. but stayed in the room. divinity.

Neo 333 .

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