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Abstract— This paper presents the development of a low cost passive high frequency tag antenna that is utilized

for an
inventory management radio frequency identification (rfid) system. The main material used in the study is the Magnetic
Copper Wire. There are four types of antenna that has been designed namely the multilayer circular, multilayer
rectangular, single layer circular and single layer rectangular tag antenna. Each type of antenna has some dimension and
parameter combinations that is varied in order to determine the most optimized design. The designs had undergone
simulation using the Computer Simulations Technology (CST) Studio Suite 2018. The chosen fabricated designs were
tested using RFID Reader and a Digital Oscilloscope. Analysis and comparison of actual results were done between the
chosen fabricated antennas in order to determine the most optimized designs of tag antenna. The chosen antennas were
integrated with an RFID chip to form an RFID tag. Those tags were then applied to an inventory management system.
Furthermore, cost analysis and comparison to the existing RFID tag were included in the study.
Index Terms—High Frequency, RFID, Electromagnetic Waves, Annealed Copper Wire, EMF