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1)primary organs (original digestive takes place in these organs)

eg:mouth pharynx esophagus stomach small intestine and large


mouth (also known as buccal or oral cavity);

mouth contains digestive juices


pharynx: its a wide muscular tube prensent behind the mouth

esophagus( known as food pipe or gullet): is an organ by

which food passes from pharynx to stomach

stomach:it is j shaped mauscular sac organ

small intestine:its function is to absorb nutrients and
minerals from food

large intestine:its function is to absorb water from

indigestible food matter

2)accessory organs(helps primary organgs in process of


eg:teeth tongue salivary glands pancreas liver and gall bladder

teeth : helps in break down of food

tongue: manipulates food for mastication and in the act of

salivary glands;saliva secreting glands present in mouth

pancreas:it sectreates hormone that helps in the break down of

liver:it secreates bile juice which help in digestion of food

gall bladder: pear shaped organ that stores bile juices
anus:last part of digestive tract helps in excreation of indigestible