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Imran sees better chance of peace

talks with India if Modi wins
Pak’s ‘Indian attack imminent’ outcry fails to elicit international concern
Islamabad: Pakistan Prime “Perhaps if the BJP ̶ a right‑
Minister Imran Khan has said he wing party ̶ wins, some kind of
thinks there may be a better settlement in Kashmir could be
chance of peace talks with India reached,” Khan told a group of
if his Indian counterpart, foreign journalists in an inter‑
Narendra Modi's party wins the view. This was despite the mas‑
general election beginning sive alienation that Muslims in
Thursday. Kashmir and Muslims, in general,
Khan said that if the opposition were facing in Modi's India, he
Congress party led group comes claimed. He said Modi, like Israeli Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah at the
to power, it might be too scared Prime Minister Benjamin release of their party's election manifesto at BJP headquarters
to seek a settlement with Netanyahu, was electioneering in New Delhi on April 8. (Photo courtesy Reuters)
Pakistan over Kashmir, fearing a Pakistan Prime Minister based on “fear and nationalist
Imran Khan. (Photo Twitter)

BJP's election
backlash from the right. Continued on page 4

Netanyahu, challenger both NYC declares measles emergency

claim victory in Israeli elections to curb spread in Brooklyn
Jerusalem: Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu's right‑wing
Likud party had a lead of less
than two per cent over the cen‑
New York: New York City on Tuesday ramped up the
battle against the spread of a measles outbreak in a
Brooklyn hot spot, declaring a public health emer‑
manifesto vows
gency and calling for mandatory vaccinations. Mayor
trist Blue and White coalition in
early results from Israel's general
e lect ions, of ficials said on
Bill de Blasio said the emergency covers four
Brooklyn ZIP codes, including most of Williamsburg
and Borough Park, which have seen more than 285
cases of the measles since October.
to strip Kashmir
With 18.3 per cent of the bal‑

of Article 370
"We cannot allow this dangerous disease to make a
New York Times
lots counted, Likud had 29.15 comeback here in New York City. We have to stop it
update says
per cent of the vote, compared now," de Blasio said at a news conference. "We have a
Prime Minister
with 25.27 per cent for Blue andBenjamin situation now where children are in danger. We have
W hite, the Central Electoral New Delhi: In its poll manifesto, mandate, hit by concerns over a
Netanyahu is to take this seriously," he added. The order mandates
Committee said. Both Netanyahu, the ruling Bharatiya Janata party shortage of jobs and weak farm
poised to form that all unimmunized children and adults living or
seeking a fifth term, and the (BJP) has vowed to abrog ate prices.
the next working in the area must receive vaccinations unless
leader of Blue and White, retired Article 370 that gave special rights The BJP manifesto pledged to
they can prove a medical exemption applies. Those
to Jammu and Kashmir, making a spend 100 trillion rupees ($1.44
Continued on page 4 despite tight race. who do not comply could be Continued on page 4
promise that provoked warnings trillion) on infrastructure in the
of a backlash in Kashmir. next five years to help create jobs
Harish Thakkar sworn “Nationalism is our inspiration, for the millions entering the work‑
economic development of the poor force each year.
in AIA‑NY President and backward sections our philos‑ Pollsters say the BJPʼs re‑elec‑
Harish Thakkar, associated for long ophy, and good governance our tion bid got a boost from recent
with the Association of Indians in mantra,” Prime Minister Narendra hostilities with arch‑rival Pakistan
America, was sworn in President of Modi said after releasing the elec‑ following Pulwama attack.
the New York chapter by Deputy tion manifesto at BJP headquar‑ The BJP has consistently advo‑
Consul General Shatrughna Sinha at ters in New Delhi, as supporters cated an end to Kashmirʼs special
a ceremony at the Indian Consulate chanted “Modi, Modi!” constitutional status (Article 370),
on April 5. AIA‑NY is known for its The Modi government is widely which prevents outsiders from
flagship event, the annual Deepavali expected to retain power after the buying property there, arguing
festival at the South Street Seaport.
general election that starts on that such laws have hindered its
(See story on page 5)
Thursday, though with a smaller Continued on page 4

FESTIVAL 2 EDUCATION 27 HUMOR 28 SPIRITUAL AWARENESS 30 excellence in journalism

16 April 13-19, 2019 FESTIVAL

aisakhi, the first day of
the Vaisakh month in the
Indian calendar which
falls on April 14, marks the
Punjabi new year. It welcomes
spring and in Punjab it is cele‑
brated as harvest festival of
abudnance. It also commemo‑
rates the formation of the Khalsa
under Guru Gobind Singh in
1699, which formalized Sikhism
as we know it today.
Yes, it was Vaisakhi day in
1699 when the Tenth Guru had
called for a big congregation in
Anandpur Sahib in Punjab.
Appearing at the massive gather‑
ing, Guru Gobind Singh bran‑
dished a naked sword and
repeatedly demanded a head.
After much trepidation, one by
one five brave men volunteered.
Each time he reappeared with a
bloody sword asking for another Marking the birth of the Khalsa, the annual Sikh Day
head. Finally he led the five out Parade is organized in New York City in April end with floats,
of the tent, alive and well and bands and martial arts display. The parade this time
celebrated them as the first five is slated for April 27.
ordained as the Khalsa. Then he influential to the Indian move‑ is taken out, not on
knelt and at his request they ini‑ ment against colonial rule. So it the exact Vaisakhi
tiated him as the sixth member has special significance for Day, but ona weekend
of the new Khalsa Brotherhood, Punjabis. towards the end of April. It is
True, Guru Nanak Dev founded Sikhism, but the way we know
which transcends caste and class. On Vaisakhi, gurdwaras are scheduled for April 27 this year.
Sikh religion today was formalized by Guru Gobind Singh
Incidentally, Vaisakhi was also decorated for kirtans. Sikhs visit For many Hindus, the festival is on Vaisakhi day in 1699 in a dramatic setting.
the day when the British empire and bathe in lakes or rivers their traditional new year, a har‑
officials committed the ghastly before visiting local gurdwaras. vest festival, an occasion to bathe known by various regional Bihuʼ celebrated in Assam, ʻNaba
Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Community fairs and nagar kir‑ in sacred rivers such as Ganges, names in India and has a sepa‑ Barshaʼ in West Bengal,
Amritsar on a peaceful gathering tan processions are held. In New Jhelum and Kaveri, and visit tem‑ rate set of rituals and traditions. ʻPuthanduʼ in Tamil Nadu and
of Hindus and Sikhs, an event York, a massive Sikh Day Parade ples. This festival in Hinduism is This day coincides with ʻRongali ʻPooram Vishuʼ in Kerala.

On Vaisakhi day in 1699 Guru Gobind Singh

formalized the Sikh religion as we know it today.

With best compliments from

Harpinder Singh ‘Bitta’ & Family TRISTATE COMMUNITY April 13-19, 2019 3

News18 holds a discussion in NJ on Indian elections

By Suchitra Srinivas acknowledged that regional politi‑
cal parties and their politics play a
Jersey City, NJ: In the run up to major role in designing national
the Indian election, eminent pan‑ politics. Even when the macro poli‑
elists from India participated in a cy is good it may not become the
lively discussion on the possible winning factor. Every regional
outcomes of the worldʼs largest party now wants seats in parlia‑
democratic process at the first of a ment and not like earlier time
series of ʻIndia Dialoguesʼ organ‑ when they saw an alliance with a
ized by the CNN‑News 18ʼs inter‑ national party a bargain to win
national team here on April 5 at local assembly elections.
Hyatt Regency, Exchange Place. On the coalition government sce‑
ʻIndia Dialoguesʼ is planned as a nario, Seshadri Chari observed that
platform to help NRIs stay con‑ there has to be comfortable major‑
nected with India by actively par‑ ity for the BJP or the Congress to
ticipating in conversations on ensure economic progress. In the
issues and developments that are event the seats are split among
Moderator Shreya Dhoundial, Lt. General Syed Ata Hasnain, BJP leader Seshadri Chari, more diverse regional parties the
shaping the country.
and Ajoy Bose participating in first of the ʻIndia Dialoguesʼ series
T he pane lists included BJP grand policies in the national
leader Seshadri Chari, the highly is unpredictable. All the speakers Atal Bihari Vajpayeeʼs economic sentiment is high following the interest may suffer.
decorated Indian Army Lt. General acknowledged that there was not plan appreciated by world econo‑ Pulwama attack, but the Indian Sandeep Chakravorty, the Consul
Syed Ata Hasnain and the political one particular factor like national‑ mists including Dr Manmohan voters keep changing their mind in General of India in New York, in
commentator Ajoy Bose and senior ism, economic agenda, leadership Singh, but BJP was ousted from unexpected direct ions, he his inaugural address clarified that
journalist Shreya Dhoundial was charisma or caste politics that can power in 2004. observed. the news of NRIs here being
the moderated. swing the vote this time. Lt. General Syed Ata Hasnain The election is definitely swing‑ allowed to vote is fake. They can
With worldʼs largest democracy In India, economy and develop‑ observed that charisma of leaders ing towards BJP, but the 2014 register online even when not
getting ready to cast its votes, the ment have not always won the is powerful enough to appeal to level of majority may elude Modi, being present in the constituency
key question in everyoneʼs mind is, vote, observed Seshadri Chari. He the Indian voters even if bread and observed Ajoy Bose. He added that but they cannot vote online. To
will Narendra Modi be able to referred to excellent IT growth butter issues remain unresolved. a second Modi wave can still be cast your vote, you have to be
secure a second term as PM? under Chandrababu Naiduʼs in Modiʼs charisma is unquestionable created by some last‑minute cam‑ present in the constituency. Take a
The underlying view of the dis‑ Andhra Pradesh that could not but charisma has not always gar‑ paign promise of wide appeal for break and visit India to cast your
cussion was that the Indian voter ensure is victory in 2004. So was nered majority votes. Nationalism the masses across the country. He vote, is the message.

Maryland judge blocks India highest recipient of remittances

Trump plan to add citizenship at $79 billion in 2018: World Bank
question to 2020 Census Washington: India retained its South Asia grew 12 per cent to
Washington: A federal judge in position as the world's top recipi‑ $131 billion in 2018, outpacing
Maryland ruled Friday against ent of remittances with its diaspo‑ the six per cent growth in 2017.
the governmentʼs addition of a ra sending a whopping $79 billion "T he upsurge was driven by
citizenship question to the 2020 back home in 2018, the World stronger economic conditions in
census. Bank said in a report on Monday. the United States and a pick‑up in
The ruling, by Judge George J. India was followed by China oil prices, which had a positive
Hazel of the U.S. District Court that new questions usually do, ($67 billion), Mexico ($36 billion), impact on outward remittances
for the District of Maryland in would lead to undercounts the Philippines ($34 billion), and from some GCC countries," it said.
Greenbelt, MD, found that the among immigrant communities Egypt ($29 billion), the global The Gulf Cooperation Council
government violated administra‑ and af fect federal funding, lender said. (GCC) is a regional inter‑govern‑
tive law. It is the third strike apportionment and redistricting. With this, India has retained its to significant declines in inflows mental political and economic bloc
against the Trump administra‑ They noted that the bureauʼs top spot on remittances, according from Saudi Arabia, its largest remit‑ of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar,
tion over the question and, like own analysis found that adding to the latest edition of the World tance source. In Bangladesh, remit‑ Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
the other two, w ill like ly be the question could jeopardize the Bank's migration and development tances showed a brisk uptick in However, the Bank in its report
appealed to the Supreme Court. accuracy of the survey. The gov‑ brief. 2018 (15 per cent). rued that the global average cost of
Commerce Secretary Wilbur ernment has said that it needs Over the last three years, India According to the report, remit‑ sending $200 remained high, at
Rossʼ March 2018 announce‑ the question to better enforce has registered a significant flow of tances to low‑and middle‑income around seven per cent in the first
ment of the question caused an the Voting Rights Act. remittances from $62.7 billion in countries reached a record high of quarter of 2019.
outcry among former Census Fridayʼs ruling comes as the 2016 to $65.3 billion 2017. $529 billion in 2018, an increase of Reducing remittance costs to
Bureau directors, statisticians, Supreme Court is set to take up "Remittances grew by more than 9.6 per cent over the previous three per cent by 2030 is a global
civil rights organizations and the question April 23. Federal 14 percent in India, where a flood‑ record high of $483 billion in target under Sustainable
Democratic lawmakers. judges in New York and ing disaster in Kerala likely boosted 2017. Global remittances, which Deve lopment Goal (SDG) 10.7.
Opponents said the late addi‑ California earlier this year the financial help that migrants include flows to high‑income coun‑ Remittance costs across many
tion, which did not undergo the ordered the government to stop sent to families," the bank said. tries, reached $689 billion in 2018, African corridors and small islands
years of planning and testing its plans to add it. In Pakistan, remittance growth up from $633 billion in 2017, it in the Pacific remain above 10 per
was moderate (seven per cent), due said. The Bank said, remittances to cent.
4 April 13-19, 2019 TURN PAGE

BJP's election manifesto vows said, “It has been made clear to Pakistan over Likud, and public television net‑
Clarification regarding to strip Kashmir of Article 370
Continued from page 1
that it cannot absolve itself of responsi‑
bility of a cross border terrorist attack in
work Kan said Gantz's advantage was 37‑

voting by NRIs integration with the rest of India. “In the

last five years, we have made all neces‑
India. No attempt at creating an alibi for
its complicity in such attacks will suc‑
Kan reports that several parties, such
as Education Minister Naftali Bennett's

he Indian Consulate in a statement has refuted sary ef forts to ensure peace in Jammu ceed. Pakistan needs to take credible and New Right, the far‑right Zehut and the
misleading information in some sections of the and Kashmir through decisive actions irreversible steps against terrorism oper‑ centrist Gesher, fell short of the 3.25 per
media, especially social media about the online vot‑ and a firm policy,” the manifesto said. ating from all territories under its con‑ cent minimum required to enter parlia‑
ing/voting in the Consulate or through proxy/mail by “We are committed to overcome all trol rather than making hysterical state‑ ment.
Overseas (NRI) Indian Voters in the forthcoming general obstacles in the way of development and ments to obfuscate the core issue ...” "We won! The Israeli public has had
election in India. provide adequate financial resources to On the issue of the downed Pakistani F‑ their say!" Blue and White said. "These
The Election Commission of India has clarified that no all the regions of the state.” 16 aircraft by the Indian Air Force, elections have a clear winner and a clear
such facility has been extended to NRIs. The current posi‑ The party also reiterated its long‑held sources confirmed that India had only loser. Netanyahu promised 40 seats and
tion with regard to voting by NRI voters in the general desire to abolish Kashmirʼs autonomous asked the US to verify end‑user agree‑ lost. The president can see the picture
election in India is reiterated as follows: status. BJP supporters have sought the ments with Pakistan on the use of F‑16s and should call on the winner to form
Under Section 20A of the Representation of People Act, removal, expressing anger at many against India. There is no request by the next government. There is no other
1950 and rules made thereunder, every citizen of India: Kashmirisʼ resistance to rule by India, India for the US to “count” the F‑16s with option!"
(a) whose name is not included in the electoral roll; (b) which, for three decades, has battled an Pakistan, a fact corroborated by the The prime minister, however, pro‑
who has not acquired the citizenship of any other coun‑ armed insurgency in the region also Pentagon telling journalists that they claimed a triumph for the right.
try; and (c) who is absenting from his place of ordinary claimed by Pakistan. “were not aware” of any such request. "The right‑wing bloc led by Likud won
residence in India owing to his employment, education or Repeal would bring widespread unrest, Indian sources however said according a clear victory. I thank the citizens of
otherwise outside India, is entitled to have his/her name Kashmiri political leaders warned. to their intelligence, Pakistan had asked Israel for your trust. I will start assem‑
registered in the electoral roll as “Overseas electors” in “Let them do it and it will pave the way US military personnel stationed at the bling a right‑wing government with our
the constituency in oneʼs place of residence in India as for our azadi,” Farooq Abdullah, presi‑ Sargodha air base (which houses some of natural partners this very evening,"
mentioned in oneʼs passport is located. The application dent of Kashmirʼs National Conference the F‑16s) to leave a day before the clash Netanyahu said on Twitter.
for this purpose can be filed in the prescribed form in per‑ party, told an election rally, referring to with India on Feb 27, and were only
son before the concerned Electoral Registration Officer or freedom for the region. “They are wrong. allowed back several weeks later. That NYC declares measles emer‑
sent by post or can be filed online on the website of Chief We will fight against it.” Mohammad confirmed for them that F‑16s were gency to curb spread in Brooklyn
Electoral Of ficer of the concerned state or website of Yousuf Tarigami, the leader of a left indeed used against India. Indian offi‑ Continued from page 1
Election Commission of India ( After get‑ party in Kashmir, warned of “disastrous cials remain confident on both the attack guilty of misdemeanor violations and
ting enrolled in the electoral roll, such person though will and unimaginable repercussions”. on the terror camp in Balakot as well as incur fines. Measles is a highly conta‑
not be issued Elector Photo Identity Card but can cast downing of an F‑16 belonging to the gious disease and can cause pneumonia,
oneʼs vote in India during Assembly or Parliamentary Imran sees better chance Pakistan air force. encephalitis (swelling of the brain) and
election at the respective polling station after showing of peace talks with India death.
his/her valid original Indian passport. However, provision if Modi wins Netanyahu, challenger both Tuesday's order follows another decree
for alternative options for voting for overseas Indian elec‑ Continued from page 1 claim victory in Israeli elections by the city's Health Department, issued a
tions is under consideration. feeling”. Meanwhile, the dramatic Continued from page 1 day earlier, that any yeshivas in
announcement by Pakistanʼs foreign Gen. Benny Gantz, claimed victory based Williamsburg that continue to defy the
minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi of on the first exit polls published after the mandatory exclusion of all unvaccinated
US LABELS IRAN'S ʻimminent Indian attackʼ has not elicited voting ended at 10.00 pm local time children will immediately be issued a vio‑
the kind of international concern Tuesday. lation and face fines and possible school
REVOLUTIONARY GUARDS Islamabad may have hoped for. He said While all of the exit polls except that of closures.
Channel 13 television ‑‑ which deemed In Williamsburg, the immunization rate
AS TERRORIST ORG over the weekend that India was plan‑
ning to attack Pakistan between April the race too close to call ‑‑ point to an is particularly low among the Hasidic
Washington: President Donald Trump on Monday 16‑20. But the Indian Ministry of advantage for Blue and White, the osten‑ and Orthodox Jewish communities, caus‑
announced the United States is designating Iran's elite External Affairs (MEA) has not heard of sible lead was so narrow that it remained ing the virus "to increase at an alarming
military force, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, any concern from the international com‑ unclear whether Gantz would be able to rate," according to the Health
a terrorist organization. munity, not even the Chinese govern‑ form a government, Efe reported. Department.
Trump said in a statement that the "unprecedented" ment. Describing Qureshiʼs statement as Blue and White was set to win 33 seats The vast majority of the city's cases are
move "recognizes the reality that Iran is not only a “irresponsible and preposterous”, MEA in the 120‑seat parliament, compared children under 18 years of age. In most
State Sponsor of Terrorism, but that the IRGC actively said, “India reserves the right to respond with 27 for Likud, according to i24 tele‑ cases, the patients were unvaccinated or
participates in, finances, and promotes terrorism as a firmly and decisively to any cross border vision. incompletely vaccinated. While no one
tool of statecraft. terrorist attack.” The poll cited by Channel 12 showed has died, a handful have been admitted
The strongly‑worded MEA statement Blue and White with a margin of 37‑33 to intensive care.

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Harish Thakkar takes over Humanitarian work important element

as President of AIA‑NY of India’s diplomacy: Amb. Shringla
New York: T he Association of New York: Humanitarian work is an
Indians in America (AIA), New York important element of Indiaʼs diplo‑
chapter installed its new Executive macy, although it is often overshad‑
Committee with Harish Thakkar as owed by its strategic and defence
president at the Indian Consulate aspects, according to Indiaʼs
here on April 5. Ambassador Harsh Vardhan
The oath taking ceremony was Shringla.
graced by Chief Guest Consul Humanitarian assistance plays an
General Sandeep Chakravorty, important role in Indiaʼs diplomatic
Deputy CG Shatrughna Sinha, Rep outreach to other countries, he said
Grace Meng, State Senator John Liu last Thursday here at a seminar on
and Air India Regional Manager, “India for Humanity”, held as part of
Bhuvana Rao besides Past the year‑long commemoration of
Presidents of AIA, community lead‑ Harish Thakkar has been associ‑
Mahatma Gandhiʼs 150th birth
ated with Association of Indians
ers and prominent guests from the anniversary. The seminar was cen‑
in America for the past 14 years
tristate area. Congresswoman Meng tered on the example of the ʻJaipur Ambassador Harsh Vardhan Shringla felicitating NYPD Captain
congratulated the new AIA team, sports events with Desi Next, AIAʼs Footʼ in promoting the humanitari‑ Stanley George at the event in the Indian Consulate in New York, as
and reiterated her support to the wing for young adults. an element of Indian diplomacy Consul General Sandeep Chakravorty looks on.
Indian community. John Liu pre‑ AIA has been doing kids Diwali through a collaboration of the “Jaipur Foot is the arm that India people around the world have bene‑
sented a proclamation to Harish ce lebration in Queens Public External Af fairs Ministry and an extended to my country to touch fited from the prostheses programs
Thakkar and promised to support Library for last 8 years. “Our vision NGO behind the prostheses. 500 people.” It has changed the since 1975, and 73 camps have
upcoming AIA events. is to expand this kids Diwali event The Jaipur Foot, which some have lives of those who came crawling or been held in 20 countries to help
AIA‑NY is known for its flagship in Nassau County too,” he said. called a “marvel of Gandhian engi‑ stumbling with canes to the camps people regain their mobility. During
event, the annual Deepavali festival AIA will also organize health neering” for their simplicity yet but walked out straight, he said. the year of Mahatma Gandhiʼs
at the South Street Seaport. In his related lectures and seminars in the ef fectiveness, were developed in Bangladesh Consul General Sadia 150th birth anniversary, Jaipur
acceptance speech, Harish Thakkar, community as the organization Jaipur by Bhagwan Mahaveer Faizunnesa said that the Jaipur Foot Foot will be holding 12 internation‑
pointed out that this is the biggest enjoys great support from physi‑ Viklang Sahayata Samiti, which con‑ organization is changing the lives of al camps, he added. Five of them
Diwali celebration outside India and cians of the AAPI community. tinues to finance their manufacture underprivileged people in her coun‑ have already been held in Nepal,
he wants to be “instrumental in Harish Thakkar has also been and distribution. try.Shringla said that India had Vietnam, Myanmar, Iraq and
bringing our community together associated with the BAPS Sanstha, a “Jaipur Foot extends Gandhiʼs flown plane‑loads of aid packages Malawi, and three are underway in
through AIA, and pass the legacy of spiritual, volunteer‑driven organiza‑ message of compassion,” Shringla and other supplies for families of Tanzania, Egypt and Senegal.
our culture and heritage for future tion dedicated to improving society said referring to the organizationʼs Rohingya refugees sheltering in Mahatma Gandhiʼs great‑great‑
generations”. through individual growth by fos‑ work of providing free prosthetic Bangladesh and was setting up a grandson Paritosh Prasad said that
Thakkar, who has been associated tering the Hindu ideals of faith, limbs to victims around the world. hospital for them. there was no better way of demon‑
with AIA for the past 14 years, unity, and selfless service. The New Diplomats from Bangladesh and He recalled that after the end of strating his lessons of compassion
thanked NY Senator John Liu for York Chapter of AIA was estab‑ Malawi acknowledged the Jaipur the Sri Lanka conflict, India had than the work of Jaipur Foot organi‑
agreeing to host an AIA Diwali lished in 1968 and is well known Footʼs humanitarian work in their sent teams to defuse and remove sation. Indiaʼs Consul‑General
event at Albany. for its social, cultural and educa‑ countries and elsewhere. mines planted there and held camps Sandeep Chakravorty said that
In his vision for AIA he talked of tional activities. It has been holding Malawiʼs Deputy Permanent for those who had lost their feet or Jaipur Foot “was Indiaʼs only inter‑
enhancing education based projects the Deepavali festival since 1987 Representative to the UN, Lot legs to be fitted with Jaipur Foot national brand” because it is geo‑
on AI (artificial intelligence) to help where the grand finale, watched by Dzonzi, said that while celebrating prostheses. graphically distributed so widely
young girls in the community as over a million people in the tristate Gandhi, “one of the greatest human The chairman of Jaipur Foot USA, and it brings together diplomacy
well as douing more cultural and area, is the live fireworks. beings”, it is fitting to recall that Prem Bhandari said that 1.8 million and philanthropy.

Photo show at UN for 2nd Dr. Datta conferred LI Business News

European Games in Minsk Healthcare Achievement Award
Oceanside, NY: Prominent nal and colorectal proce‑
surgical oncologist Rajiv dures; tracheal and
Ravi and Ranju Batra Datta, MD, was recently pre‑ esophageal surgeries.
receiving tickets for
sented Long Island Business A Castle‑Connolly New
the games from CEO
News Achievement in Health York Metro Area Top Doctor
2nd European Games
George Katulin, in the Care Award for his contribu‑ for 13 consecutive years, Dr.
presence of Belarus tions to ensure the we ll‑ Datta is actively involved in
Ambassador Valentin being of the Long Island numerous clinical trials that
Rybakov, Belarus community. are both federally and pri‑
Deputy Foreign Dr. Datta is chair of the vately funded.
Minister Andrei department of surgery and Under Dr. Dattaʼs leader‑
Dapkiunas, and medical director of the ship, the Gertrude & Louis
Under Secretary Gertrude & Louis Feil Cancer Feil Cancer Center has
General (Counter‑ Center at South Nassau evolved into one of the
Terrorism) Vladimir Communities Hospital. He Surgical oncologist Northeast corridorʼs pre‑
Voronkov. Rajiv Datta, MD
has the unusual distinction miere providers of compas‑
of holding three fellowships, as a fellow of sionate advanced cancer care. Treating
the prestigious International College of approximately 1,500 patients annually,
United Nations: CEO of Minsk European Games Belarus in East Europe, from June 21 to 30, Surgeons, the American College of the center is equipped with three of the
Organizing Committee George Katulin, in the 2019. Eminent Attorney Ravi Batra and Diwali Surgeons and the Royal College of most effective technologies used to treat
presence of Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus Stamp Project Chairperson Ranju Batra were Surgeons. and eradicate cancer: the Varian Novalis
Andrei Dapkiunas and UN Under Secretary presented tickets to attend the Opening His areas of expertise include cancers of Tx™, da Vinci® Surgical System and
General Vladimir Voronkov, opened a special Ceremony of the Games in Minsk. Present on the colon/rectum, endocrine system, Gamma Knife® Perfexion.
photo presentation at the UN headquarters in the occasion, among others, was India's breast and head and neck; soft tissue sar‑ Dr. Datta is a resident of Muttontown,
New York on April 3 in the run‑up to the 2nd Permanent Representative to the UN, coma and melanoma; upper gastrointesti‑ NY.
European Games to be held in Minsk, capital of Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin.
6 April 13-19, 2019 TRISTATE

NRIs exhorted to call ʻIt is important to engage

family and friends in with diverse population
India to vote BJP in our communityʼ
gent voices with maybe a different
An Interview with the perspective and contributing to
Town of Hempstead local politics as well as to events
Supervisor Hon. Laura like these here, today.
Shaker: Looks like you have a re‑
Gillen by Shaker election this year. I want to wish
Nelanuthala you luck in your race and I just
want to thank you for taking time to
Shaker Nelanuthala: Hello Laura. talk to the South Asian Times and
I'm a Contributing Editor to the for coming to this event.
South Asian times. The organizers Laura: Thank you, it is important
of SAAWA (South Asian American to engage with diverse population
Main speakers at the meeting called to ensure Narendra Modi Womenʼs Alliance), Prof. Subash in our community. We have an
returns as PM. Midha, Dr. Anila Midha and their Indian flag‑raising each year, and of
board members would like to thank many cultures that make up the
By SATimes Team couple of people privately and
you for providing the Merrick Golf Town of Hempstead. That's some‑
publicly as being non‑inclu‑
Course Club House for the 4th thing that was very important for
Hicksville NY: BJP supporters s i v e. A c a l l w a s m a d e f o r
Annual SAAWA Science Fair me to do as a Supervisor. I really
in Long Island held a meeting ensuring that BJP led NDA
Competition. What are your com‑ want to be focused on the strength
on April 6 to explain why front returns with a 400+ another from a private school work‑
ments about the competition that of diversity instead of just looking
Narendra Modi deserves a sec‑ majority in Lok Sabha with ing together on a project combining
concluded on March 31? to the favorite insiders, which is
ond term as PM and what 545 seats, which is in serious their interests and now both are
Town Supervisor Laura Gillen: what historically the Town of
Indian Americans can do to doubt because most opinion going to Harvard together ‑ what a
T his is an incredible event put Hempstead has been doing. We are
ensure that. polls are giving the incumbent great story!
together by the team! You can tell putting good Government initiatives
At the well‑attended meeting front a thin majority. That is Shaker: Absolutely. Next, can you
it's the culmination of hours of and I'm hoping it'll be a good
moderated by Jagdish Sewhani why Animesh Goenka warned comment on the contributions of
work put in by Anila and Subash November.
at Apna Ghar in Hicksville, the BJP supporters not to South Asians and particularly
and their dedication to inspiring the Shaker: We appreciate your pres‑
speakers pointed to Modi gov‑ become complacent like in Indian Americans in the Town of
young minds. Especially those that ence here and at Indiaʼs Republic
ernmentʼs record on national 2004 when India was shining Hempstead?
are interested in science is com‑ Day at the Town of Hempstead
security (actions taken against under Atal Bihari Vajpayee but Laura: We have a growing Indian
mendable. They are really doing which was covered by this newspa‑
Pakistan) and daring steps like that was not good enough to and South Asian community in the
amazing things here. It's such a per. Please be in touch with the
d e m o n e t i z a t i o n a n d G S T. win the election. Town of Hempstead. With the elec‑
great gathering of students not just community and let us know what
Development was mentioned So, the actionable point that tion of our state Senator Kevin
from one little geographic area, but we can do for you. Thanks Laura.
in the past 5 years but the emerged in the meeting was Thomas, the first Indian‑American
from all over Nassau County as well Shaker Nelanuthala is an IT &
staggering number of unem‑ that Indians living in America in the state senate, we really notice
as from different schools. For exam‑ Property Management (PM) con‑
ployed was skipped. Too much should call (also whatsapp, use that this community is politically
ple, I was very impressed to meet sultant and an editorial contributor
emphasis on the incumbent social media) to their near and engaged‑‑see their civic responsibil‑
two young ladies, who are from to the SA Times. He lives on Long
regime doing great for Hindus dear ones in India to vote and ities, which is amazing. So, it's real‑
completely dif ferent schools, one Island, New York. Please send any
and Hindutva was disliked by a support BJP. ly great to have these really intelli‑
from Plainview School District and comments to


Green Card, visa holders must carry 1st annual Summer School
document, or else be fined, jailed on Languages of Jainism
W at University of Toronto
hile most Green Card holders and ty days, or both.ʼ Another sub‑section of the
visa holders, like those on H‑1B, rule says: ʻNotwithstanding any other provi‑

L‑1, J or F‑1, H4 visa, and even sion of law, the Attorney General is author‑
those having work permits know itʼs imper‑ ized to require any alien to provide the he First Annual Summer School the history of late medieval India using
ative to carry that piece of document and alienʼs social security account number for on Languages of Jainism will these sources. The workshop will be led
related papers when traveling in and out of purposes of inclusion in any record of the take place at the University of by Steven M. Vose, the Bhagwan
the country, many may not know that itʼs alien maintained by the Attorney General or Toronto July 29‑August. It will focus on Mahavir Assistant Professor of Jain
also legally necessary to carry that piece of the Service.ʼ reading and contextualizing the pra‑ Studies and Director of the Jain Studies
evidence at all times within USA, or face the With a large‑scale immigration crack‑ bandha literature, a rich archive of Jain Prog ram at Florida Internat ional
risk of being fined or imprisoned, or even down on undocumented foreigners immi‑ histories, biographies, and stories com‑ University in Miami. Invited faculty
both. The USCIS rule says: ʻEvery alien, nent after President Trumpʼs new executive posed mainly in Sanskrit and Prakrit. include Shalin Jain and Sarah Pierce
eighteen years of age and over, shall at all orders, itʼs important for all documented These narratives often display a histori‑ Taylor.
times carry with him and have in his per‑ residents in the US to keep proof of their cal consciousness rarely seen in other There are no fees associated with
sonal possession any certificate of alien legal status in the country. genres of Sanskrit literature, making attending the workshop itself, and
registration or alien registration receipt And for those in the pipeline for a Green them essential resources for the social room and board will be provided gratis
card issued to him pursuant to subsection Card, a misdemeanor charge could have and religious history of the period. to a limited number of initial partici‑
(d). Any alien who fails to comply with the terrible repercussions when it comes to This yearʼs Summer School will sur‑ pants.
provisions of this subsection shall be guilty being adjudicated for legal permanent resi‑ vey the breadth of themes, figures and For registration details and additional
of a misdemeanor and shall upon convic‑ dent status. The same applies for Green places in the Jain prabandha literature informat ion or inquiries contact
tion for each offense be fined not to exceed Card holders who wish to become US and consider the historiographical chal‑ Luther Obrock (luther.obrock@utoron‑
$100 or be imprisoned not more than thir‑ citizen. lenges and potential rewards of writing NATIONAL COMMUNITY April 13-19, 2019 7

US' H‑1B visa reaches limit for 2020 within

days of new financial year
Washington, DC: The US Citizenship and This is the first season of H‑1B petitions increase the number of petitions for benefi‑
Immigration Services (USCIS) said it has after the USCIS announced enforcing new ciaries with a master's or higher degree
reached Congressionally‑mandated 65,000 rules for the most sought‑after US work from a US institution of higher education to
H‑1B visa cap for the fiscal year 2020, after visa applications for foreign professionals. be selected under the H‑1B numerical allo‑
it started receiving the applications for the The new rules give preferences to those cations.
most sought‑after work visa among foreign, who have completed their post‑graduation The USCIS says that the change will result
including Indian, professionals. The USCIS, degree course from any US educational in an estimated increase of up to 16 per
the federal agency mandated with task of institutions. cent (or 5,340 workers) in the number of
approving such applications, on Friday said This year the USCIS has suspended the selected petitions for H‑1B beneficiaries
"it has received a sufficient number of peti‑ The agency said it will reject and return electronic registration requirement for the with a master's degree or higher from a US
tions projected as needed to reach the con‑ visa fees for all unselected cap‑subject peti‑ fiscal year 2020 cap season to complete institution of higher education.
gressionally‑mandated 65,000 H‑1B visa tions that are not prohibited multiple fil‑ user testing and ensure the system and "These simple and smart changes are a
regular cap for fiscal year 2020." ings. It will continue to accept and process process are fully functional. positive benefit for employers, the foreign
The fiscal year begins October 1, 2019 petitions that are otherwise exempt from Under the new system, the USCIS first workers they seek to employ, and the
and the USCIS started receiving the visa the cap. selects H‑1B petitions submitted on behalf agency's adjudicators, helping the H‑1B
petitions from April 1. However, the agency Petitions filed for current H‑1B workers of all beneficiaries, including those that visa program work better," USCIS Director
did not reveal the number of petitions who have been counted previously against may be eligible for the advanced degree L Francis Cissna had said in a statement.
received by it in the first five days. the cap, and who still retain their cap num‑ exemption. "The US employers seeking to employ
The USCIS, said, it will next determine if it ber, are exempt from the FY 2020 H‑1B, Thereafter, the USCIS will select from the foreign workers with a US master's or high‑
has received a suf ficient number of peti‑ the USCIS said. remaining eligible petitions, a number pro‑ er degree will have a greater chance of
tions to meet the 20,000 H‑1B visa US It did not say if it would resort to comput‑ jected to reach the advanced degree exemp‑ selection in the H‑1B lottery in years of
advanced degree exemption, known as the erized draw of lots as was the case in the tion. Changing the order in which the excess demand for new H‑1B visas," Cissna
master's cap. last several years. USCIS counts these allocations will likely said. (PTI)

Indian journal publisher fined Kamala Harris'

$50 million for duping academics campaign raises
New York: An Indian journal publisher
and his companies have been fined over $
for consideration that they would charge
the authors significant publishing fees. $12m for 2020 bid
50 million in the US for making "decep‑ They also failed to allow authors to with‑
Washington, DC:
tive claims" to academics about the draw their articles from submission, mak‑
US Democratic
nature of their work and taking millions ing their research ineligible for publica‑
presidential can‑
of dollars from aspiring researchers and tion in other journals.
didate Senator
writers. Finally, the complaint alleged that to
Kamala Harris,
Srinubabu Gedela of Andhra Pradesh promote their scientific conferences, the
who is of Indian
and his companies OMICS Group Inc., defendants deceptively used the names of
and Jamaican
iMedPub LLC, Conference Series LLC, prominent researchers as conference pre‑
descent, has
have been ordered by the US District senters when in fact many of those
announced that
Court for the District of Nevada to pay the researchers had not agreed to participate
her campaign
amount to resolve the charges brought in the events.
raised $12 mil‑
against them by America's consumer pro‑ In November 2017, a federal court
lion in the first
tection agency ‑ Federal Trade granted a preliminary injunction request‑
quarter of 2019
Commission (FTC). ed by the FTC, temporarily halting the
from more than
"These publishing companies lied about deceptive practices of these academic
218,000 individual contributions.
their academic journals and took millions Srinubabu Gedela made "deceptive journal publishers.
Harris, who is seeking the Democratic presidential
of dollars from aspiring researchers and claims" to academics about the nature In the summary judgment decision, the
nomination, became the second major candidate to
writers," said Andrew Smith, Director of of their work and took millions of court found that "the defendants violated
announce her first‑quarter fundraising total after
the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection. dollars from aspiring researchers the FTC Act by making deceptive claims
South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg said he
We're pleased with the court's strong and writers. regarding their academic journals and sci‑
raised over $7 million in the first quarter, according to
order holding these companies and its been accepted by prominent academic entific conferences, and by failing to ade‑
CNN. "A nationwide network of hundreds of thousands
owner responsible for the damage they indexing services such as the National quately disclose their publishing fees".
of grassroots supporters has stepped up to lay the
caused," Smith said. Institute of Health (NIH)'s "PubMed The resulting final order prohibits
foundation for a winning campaign," Harris' campaign
The court issued the summary judg‑ Central". Srinubabu Gedela and his companies
manager Juan Rodriguez said in a statement on
ment order on March 29. In fact, the NIH had refused to index the from making misrepresentations regard‑
Monday cited by the Hill magazine.
In its 2016 complaint, the FTC alleged defendants' journals and demanded that ing their academic journals and confer‑
"This is a campaign powered by the people, focused
that "OMICS, iMedPub, Conference Series they cease representing that the defen‑ ences, including that specific persons are
on making healthcare a right, putting $500 a month in
and their owner Srinubabu Gedela adver‑ dants' journals were associated with editors of their journals or have agreed to
the pockets of working Americans, and giving every
tised hundreds of online academic jour‑ PubMed. participate in their conferences, that their
public school teacher in America a raise. We're excited
nals and international conferences for sci‑ An article in The New York Times quot‑ journals engage in peer review, that their
by the support we're already seeing."
entists and medical professionals, and ed Srinubabu Gedela's attorney Kishore journals are included in any academic
The campaign's announcement came after Sunday's
deceptively claimed that their journals Vattikoti as saying in an email response journal indexing service, or the extent to
Federal Election Commission quarterly fundraising
provided authors with rigorous peer to the court order that "It's quite surpris‑ which their journals are cited.
deadline. In a news release, Harris said she had
review and had editorial boards made up ing for us that court has passed an order It also requires that the defendants
received 218,000 individual contributions during the
of prominent academics". against defendants in this case without clearly and conspicuously disclose all
first quarter and 98 per cent of those contributions
In reality, many articles were published calling for a trial which is unjustifiable costs associated with submitting or pub‑
came in amounts smaller than $100.
with little to no peer review, and many and violation of natural justice." lishing articles in their journals.
Harris' aides said that more than 99 per cent of her
individuals represented to be editors had Vattikoti said the publisher would The order also requires the defendants
current donors can contribute again without hitting
not agreed to be affiliated with the jour‑ appeal, the report said. to obtain express written consent from
the limit. Harris did not disclose how much she has
nals, the FTC said in a statement. The FTC also alleged that Srinubabu any person the defendants represent to
spent during the first three months of the year, nor
The FTC further alleged that the defen‑ Gedela and his companies failed to prop‑ be associated with their academic jour‑
how much cash she has remaining in the bank for the
dants represented that their journals had erly tell authors who submitted papers nals or scientific conferences. (PTI)
long primary fight. (IANS)
8 April 13-19, 2019 NATIONAL

Indian‑origin actors creating Actor Prashantt Guptha goes from

fanboy to co‑star with screen icon
waves on American shows Mithun Chakraborty
New Delhi: From Kunal Nayyar to Lilly actress, comedian, writer and producer,
Singh and Mindy Kaling, many actors of Mindy played Kelly Kapoor in "The Office" New York: This young actor who
Indian origin are creating waves on sitcom from 2005 to 2013. Recognition has previously impressed in hit
American television shows. for her work on "The Office" include a films like Neerja and Issaq and
Here are some of them: Primetime Emmy Award nomination for recently cast in a Hollywood film
* Kunal Nayyar: He rose to fame as Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series in called A New Christmas, was
Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali or Raj on 2010. She gained wider attention for cre‑ born and raised in New York.
the show "The Big Bang Theory". Kunal, a ating, writing, producing and starring in Circa 1988, he recalls his first
British‑born Indian actor, was also seen in "The MindyProject" comedy series. concert experience wherein he
shows like "Prison Break" and "The Mindy * Aziz Ansari: The Indian‑American actor walked into a stadium full of
Project." is known for his role as Tom Haverford on screaming fans to watch his idol
* Kal Penn: The "Harold & Kumar" actor the series "Parks and Recreation", and as Mithun Chakraborty perform to
is known for portraying Dr. Lawrence creator and star of the Netflix series his chartbusters. It was around
Kutner on the television programme "Master of None". Ansari began his career the time Disco Dancer and a
"House." In 2016, he began playing Seth performing stand‑up comedy in New York stream of his re leases had
Wright in the political drama "Designated City in the mid‑2000s while attending become hits and he had become
Survivor" and later served as host of the New York University. In 2007, he created a dancing sensation. "Mithun da
game show "Superhuman." and starred in the MTV sketch comedy became a superstar with Disco
Dancer, and I the 6‑year‑old
"I first saw him perform at Madison Square Garden,"
* Hasan Minhaj: The Indian‑American show "Human Giant", which ran for two says Prashantt Guptha who will be seen in upcoming
comedian found global fame when he seasons. went to see him perform live at
'The Tashkent Files'
gave words to his story through the stage * Padma Lakshmi: Born in Chennai, Madison Square Garden in New
production turned comedy special Padma Lakshmi has been the host of the York, same place where Michael Jackson when after a particular scene, the legend
"Homecoming King". After doing some US cooking competition programme "Top had performed a few weeks earlier. I walked came up to him and showered praise in front
gigs, Hasan got his big break when he Chef" since season two in 2006, for which into a stadium of 20,000 people and he was of everyone. "That moment especially felt
became a part of "The Daily Show." Hasan she received an Emmy nomination in dancing to Krishna Dharti Pe Aaja Tu. I did‑ good because I got it all wrong the first time
recently received a backlash from netizens 2009 for Outstanding Reality Host. n't know then that 30 years later the around (laughs)."
over his stint on Netflix show "Patriot Act * Sendhil Ramamurthy: Born to Tamil moment would still be vivid in my head, and The Tashkent Files is a present‑day politi‑
with Hasan Minhaj" in which he took a dig parents, Sendhil is best known for his role I would do a movie with him," he says. cal investigation into the yet mysterious
at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. as geneticist Mohinder Suresh in the sci‑fi When asked about the experience, Prashantt death of India's 2nd Prime Minister, Lal
* Lilly Singh: Lilly Singh, Canadian born drama "Heroes". He has also been a part of reflects that working with 'dada' (as every‑ Bahadur Shastri. The stellar cast features
with Indian roots, is popular across the shows like "Grey's Anatomy", "Numb3rs", one fondly calls him) was great fun and deep stalwarts like Mithun Chakbraborty,
globe as Superwoman. She rose to fame "CSI: Miami", "Beauty & the Beast", "Family learning. About the icon he says, "He treated Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Tripathi, Mandira
with her YouTube channel. In 2017, she Guy" and "New Amsterdam." me with so much affection, never once made Bedi, Pallavi Joshi, Shweta Basu Prasad, and
was ranked 10th on the Forbes list of the * Punam Patel: The actress is set as a me feel like a new kid or nobody." directed by Vivek Agnihotri who himself is a
world's highest paid YouTube stars. On series regular opposite Kenan Thompson The conversations included politics, an very prominent political speaker, author and
the small screen, Lilly will be hosting a and Andy Garcia in single‑camera comedy area where the senior actor is passionate, as filmmaker.
new late night talk show for NBC titled "A pilot "The Kenan Show." She will reported‑ opposed to Prashantt self‑claiming his igno‑ Apart from this, Prashantt will soon be
Little Late with Lilly Singh." ly play Erica, Kenan's loyal friend and co‑ rance. Beyond that, they spoke about the seen in two shorts films, A bit of a loner and
* Mindy Kaling: An Indo‑American worker. (IANS) struggles of Mumbai, family, and Prashantt Girl in Amber and is currently shooting a
proudly remembers the first day of the shoot feature in the Jammu territory of India.

Animus Films to adapt Ashok Rajamani's

acclaimed memoir for big screen
By Vijay Gopalan the world around him. On his road back Animus Films is responsible for many
to life, Ashok has to relearn even the acclaimed motion pictures, released by
Los Angeles: Animus Films has optioned most basic of things, of piecing together studios such as Paramount Pictures and
rights to ʻThe Day My Brain Exploded: A a past, of reclaiming a life, of dealing IFC Films. Some of these movies include
True Storyʼ (Algonquin Books), the hit with the rage that results from such ʻThe Man Who Knew Infinityʼ (Dev Patel,
memoir by author Ashok Rajamani, with extreme brain injury, and of coping with Jeremy Irons) and ʻThe Wordsʼ (Bradley
plans to adapt it for the big screen. the societal prejudice inflicted on those Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Dennis Quaid).
One of the first Indian American mem‑ with handicaps. Said Ashok, “Animus is known for inde‑
oirs of its kind, ʻT he Day My Brain With humor and irreverence, Ashokʼs pendent, prestigious, groundbreaking
Exploded: A True Storyʼ tells, with dark memoir shows how the will to survive films. I am honored to have this amazing
comedy, the astounding tale of Ashokʼs can triumph even the most daunting production company bring my life story
survival and recovery from an unexpect‑ experiences, all while tackling issues to the big screen.
ed, near‑fatal brain hemorrhage at the such as racism, disability, illness, and the Nothing like eating popcorn in a dark
age of twenty‑five, a catastrophic event stigmas and perceptions surrounding theater while watching your brain
Ashok Rajamani which explodes not only his brain, but afflictions of the brain and mind. explode in technicolor.” DIASPORA April 13-19, 2019 9

UAE to issue equivalency for

all Indian degrees
Abu Dhabi: In a huge relief for many expats, Khaleej Times. Many Indians were caught in a
the UAE Ministry of Education has agreed to tight spot after their degree certificates were
issue equivalency for all Indian degrees that rejected for equivalency, and they had
match the set criteria, the Indian embassy approached the embassy seeking help.
here announced on Sunday. According to an embassy statement, Suri
Indian Ambassador to the United Arab called on the UAE Minister of Education,
Emirates Navdeep Singh Suri said the Hussain Al Hammadi, to resolve the issue.
Ministry has agreed to accept Indian academ‑ "I am happy that after substantive discus‑
ic and professional certificates after the sions with the ministry, the issue has been
embassy issued clarifications on the issue of resolved and equivalence will be provided to
the external and internal marks mentioned in all applicants who meet other re levant
mark lists. requirements. I must thank the minister for
"There was lack of clarity about the fact his support and understanding," said Suri.
that some of our universities issue both inter‑ "I am sure the decision by the ministry will
nal and external mark sheets as part of their come as a huge relief to many Indians who
degrees. These were not accepted by the UAE were struggling to get equivalence for their
side, leading to considerable dif ficulty for degrees," the Ambassador added.
those seeking jobs and even for some teach‑ UAE equivalency on Indian degrees is
ers already holding jobs," the envoy told mandatory for Indians to work in the UAE.

Indian High Commissioner in UK Mrs Ruchi Ghanashyam presenting Letter of

Credence to Queen Elizabeth in London, on March 27th.

Changes in UAE visa

to benefit Indian
expats' kin too
Abu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) stability of foreign workers and social cohe‑
has announced new visa guidelines as per sion, as well as attracting highly skilled
which family members of foreign citizens, workers while maintaining a healthy bal‑
including Indians, working in the country ance between professional and personal
will now be able to get an "expat visa" if the life," the statement added.
working relative fulfils an income criteria. The Cabinet decision, according to the
The UAE Cabinet on Sunday adopted a statement, called on relevant government
decision to amend provisions of the resolu‑ entities to conduct studies to assess and
tion on sponsoring of foreign workers to enhance the services provided to residents,
their families in the country, WAM news including aspects of education and health,
agency reported. and encourage the active participation of
According to a statement by the General their family member in the job market as an
Secretariat of the Cabinet, the amended pro‑ alternative to recruiting new workers from
visions now indicate "income" as a require‑ abroad, within the existing policies and reg‑
ment for sponsoring family members, as ulations.
opposed to the previously listed "profes‑ Minister of Human Resources and
sions" which allowed workers to sponsor Emiratisation Nasir Bin Thani Al Hamli said
their families. that the Cabinet amendments will undoubt‑
The amendment was in line with interna‑ edly strengthen family ties of workers,
tional developments and accordance with reflect positively on the labour market,
best practices, it said. boost productivity and support the national
"The decision aims at enhancing family economy. (IANS)
10 April 13-19, 2019 US AFFAIRS

Homeland Security chief ousted

amid immigration crisis
News Analysis about what Trump may do. down because of the economic impact on
by Arul Louis Democratic Party's Senate leader Chuck the US if the $616 billion annual trade
Schumer said: "When even the most radical with Mexico were stopped. He instead gave

irstjen Nielsen, the head of the US voices in the administration aren't radical Mexico a yearʼs deadline to deal with it or
Home land Security, has quit enough for President Trump, you know face high tariffs on automobile and certain
President Trump's cabinet amid an he's complete ly lost touch w ith the other imports.
upheaval at the highest echelons of the American people." Incidentally, the Nielsen was caught between Trump's
government and an immigration crisis at Homeland Security deputy secretary's job demand for stronger enforcement and
the country's southern border. is also vacant and Trump had to appoint Democrats' harsh criticism of her efforts.
Trump announced her resignation on Customs and Border Protect ion "I can say with confidence our homeland
Sunday after several months of tense rela‑ Commissioner Kevin McAleenan to be the is safer today than when I joined the
tions over her handling of immigration. acting secretary. administration," Nielsen said in her resig‑
Her departure had the hallmarks of a Despite criticism of Trump of being anti‑ nation letter. "We have implemented his‑
forced resignation given its suddenness immigrant and the US turning hostile to toric efforts to defend our borders, combat
and the simmering dif ferences between immigrants, thousands of people from illegal immigration, obstruct the inflow of
the two. Central America continue to come in ever drugs, and uphold our laws and values."
Last year, media reports said that Trump larger numbers in caravans and in smaller Nielson's policy last year to separate chil‑
had yelled at her for about half‑an‑hour at groups to demand asylum or the right to dren from their families to work around a
a cabinet meeting accusing her of failing to immigrate. Many of them are camped at court order against detaining children for
stop the tide of illegal immigration. the border, while others have crossed the more than 20 days, backfired as pictures of
Illegal immigration has risen to crisis lev‑ Kirstjen Nielsen quit as Secretary border illegally. A significant number of them taken from parents or guardians still
els with more than 100,000 people appre‑ of Homeland Security them are families with children. in detention flooded the media.
hended while crossing the border illegally Trump has not been able to come up with While other crucial immigration issues
in March ‑ five times the number stopped would reach 1 million this year. "We want a solution for the crisis. In the latest like the wait of more than years that most
in March 2017 ‑ after 75,000 were to go in a tougher direction", Trump said attempt, he threatened to shut down the applicants for legal immigration from India
stopped in February, according to the US on Friday indicating he wants a new level southern border completely if Mexico did face, or the legalization of those who were
government. Some estimates say that if of enforcement. That signal reinforced by not stop the flow of potential illegal immi‑ brought into the US as children await, the
that rate of illegal immigration continued it Nielsen's departure raised apprehensions grants coming through. But he backed border crisis has consumed all attention.

Obama warns Democrats Democrats will 'never' obtain

of a 'circular firing squad' Trump's tax returns: Mulvaney
Washington: Congressional sonal tax returns from the IRS, CNN political stunt." Trump's outside
Democrats will "never" obtain US reported. In a letter sent on counsel, William Consovoy of the
The former President Donald Trump's tax Wednesday to the IRS, Neal cites a law firm Consovoy McCarthy Park
President was
returns, acting White House chief little known IRS code in his request PLLC, argued in a statement Friday
speaking at a
of staf f Mick Mulvaney said on for six years of Trump's personal that the requests for Trump's tax
style event in Sunday. tax returns from 2013 to 2018. He information "are not consistent
Berlin. (Photo "Keep in mind, that's an issue that also requested the tax returns of with governing law, do not advance
courtesy was already litigated during the eight of Trump's business entities, a any proper legislative purpose, and
Reuters) election. Voters knew the President nod to escalating pressure from lib‑ threaten to interfere with the ordi‑
could have given over his tax erals in the caucus who have nary conduct of audits." House
returns, they knew that he didn't argued that Trump's personal Intelligence Committee Chairman
and they e lected him anyway. returns wouldn't sufficiently paint a Adam Schiff cast doubt Sunday on
Washington: In the run up to his overall ef fort and movement Which, of course, is what drives the picture of the President's financial the ability of Trump's legal team to
party selecting its presidential weakens," Obama said. Democrats crazy," Mulvaney told history. withhold his taxes, saying, "there is
candidate for 2020, former Obamaʼs warning comes as his Fox News on Sunday after House "The Democrats are demanding no legal ground for them here."
President Barack Obama warned party appears increasingly divid‑ Ways and Means Committee that the IRS turn over the docu‑ The President has said previously
Democrats about the dangers of ed between left‑wing politicians Chairman Richard Neal, a Democrat ments and that is not going to hap‑ that he would release his taxes but
rigid ideological dogmatism, such as New York Rep. from Massachusetts, formally pen and they know it," Mulvaney for an audit he has claimed to be
which can lead to a "circular fir‑ Alexandria Ocasio‑Cortez and requested six years of Trump's per‑ said, adding that the request "is a under for years.
ing squad". Obama was dis‑ Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders
cussing the importance of com‑ who espouse democratic social‑
promise in a functioning democ‑
racy at the town hall‑style forum
ism, and more mo derate
Demo crats advo cat ing more
Skyscrapers killing up to 1 bn birds a year in US
with "emerging European lead‑ incremental reforms. New York: At least 100 at least 250 dif ferent
ers" at an Obama Foundation That tension is also emerging million and maybe as species fly through the
event in Berlin on Saturday. in the race for the 2020 many as a billion birds Windy City's downtown
"One of the things I do worry Democratic presidential nomina‑ die each year in the US every fall and spring, the
about sometimes among pro‑ tion where voters will weigh when they collide with Guardian reported.
gressives in the United States is a whether to support figures call‑ buildings, especially They journey twice a
certain kind of rigidity where we ing for sweeping progressive glass‑covered or illumi‑ year, many thousands of
say, 'Ah, I'm sorry, this is how it's policies such as Medicare for All nated skyscrapers, miles, going north in the
gonna be.' And then we start and the Green New Deal, or more according to a new spring from Central and
sometimes creating what's called establishment Democratic fig‑ study. Chicago, with its said the study published by the South America, across the
a circular firing squad where you ures, such as Obama's former many glass superstructures that Cornell Lab of Ornithology that Great Lakes to Canada, and
start shoot ing at your allies running mate Joe Biden who, if spike into what is the busiest US ranked cities based on the dan‑ back south in the fall. T he
because one of them is straying he decides to run, might have avian airspace during migra‑ ger they pose to mig rat ing famous skyline of Manhattan is
from purity on the issues. And more appeal in the general elec‑ tion, is the most dangerous city birds. According to the study, another death trap for birds,
when that happens, typically the tion. for those feathered travelers, more than 5 million birds from especially those migrating. INDIA NEWS April 13-19, 2019 11

BJP's election themes:
National security, development
strong India), farmers. After los‑
the BJP's
"Sankalp Patra"
ing power
Madhya Pradesh,
Black money, jobs missing
sought to reach
Rajasthan and
Chhattisgarh last from BJP's 'jhansa patra'
out to all sec‑ year, the BJP has New Delhi: Tearing into the BJP's promises".
tions of people, been making extra election manifesto for the Lok "Today, 125 crore people of the
including the efforts to reach out Sabha polls, the Congress on country are demanding answers
farmers, small PM Narendra Modi addresses a to the farmers. Monday dubbed it a "jhansa patra" from Modiji on 125 promises made
OF DEMOCRACY s h o p k e e p e r s , public rally in Latur, Maharashtra T he manifesto (document of deceit) and said before coming to power. People
youth, women, on Tuesday. (Photo: IANS) said that when India important issues like jobs, GST, will not accept your 'jhansa patra'
New Delhi: The BJP's election mani‑ the middle class will celebrate the black money and demonetization anymore. It is now time to pack
festo released on Monday affirmed and the poor. 75th year of its Independence in are missing from the whole your bags and leave," he said at a
the party's stand on national securi‑ Reaching out to the poor, small 2022, the country would have ful‑ announcement exercise. press conference here.
ty, including the resolve to fight ter‑ farmers and small shopkeepers is filled 75 goals related to agriculture, Congress spokesperson Randeep "You promised two crore jobs
rorism. crucial for the BJP in view of the infrastructure, economy, governance Surjewala said the Bharatiya Janata every year, which translates to 10
It also mentioned the core ideolog‑ Congress' promise of providing and education, among others. Party (BJP) leaders ‑‑ including crore jobs in five years. In reality,
ical issues, announced new pension annual minimum income support of The 75 goals include the creation Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during these five years, number of
schemes to counter the Congress' Rs 72,000 to 20 per cent of the of 10,000 new farmer producer party President Amit Shah, and jobs have actually got reduced by
"Nyay" thrust, and spoke about poorest families in the country if it organisations, pension for small and ministers Arun Jaitley and Sushma 4.7 crore. And it's not something
meeting the aspirations of the peo‑ is voted to power. marginal farmers above 60 years, Swaraj ‑‑ did not speak even a sin‑ that I am saying, but what has been
ple in the next five years, reiterating The Congress on Sunday unveiled digitisation of land records, toilets in gle word on those issues.He said said by the government's own
that the Narendra Modi‑led govern‑ its campaign slogan ‑‑ "Ab Hoga every household, access to safe and the BJP should start packing as NSSO (National Sample Survey
ment had met the requirements in Nyay" (Now, there will be justice). potable drinking water, electrifica‑ people would reject its false prom‑ Organisation) data," he added.
the last five years. "Nyay" is incidentally the acronym tion of all railway tracks, establish‑ ises and throw the party out of The Congress leader added that
The manifesto set short‑term tar‑ of its minimum income guarantee ment of 1.5 lakh health centres and power, and that the party should while the BJP had promised to
gets to be achieved by 2022, while scheme ‑‑ Nyuntam Aay Yojana. improving Gross Domestic Product have issued a "maafinama" (apolo‑ bring back Rs 80 lakh crore in
Prime Minister Narendra Modi also In its manifesto, the Bharatiya (GDP) share from the manufacturing gy letter) instead of a "jhansa black money and deposit Rs 15
talked about laying the foundation Janata Party (BJP) said that it would sector. patra". lakh in each Indian's bank account,
for making India a developed coun‑ seek to double farmers' income by The manifesto also talked about Questioning the BJP‑led govern‑ "in reality, Lalit Modi, Nirav Modi,
try by 2047 when the country will 2022, invest Rs 1 lakh crore in high‑ the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, ment on its earlier promises made Mehul Choksi and Vijay Mallya
ce lebrate the centenary of its er education, ensure housing for all over which the party faces opposi‑ in the manifesto for the 2014 elec‑ looted Rs 1 lakh crore of the tax‑
Independence. and 100 per cent electrification in tion from almost all its allies in the tions, the Congress also released a payer's money and fled the country
The manifesto mentioned almost the next three years. It also prom‑ Northeast. It said the BJP would list of 125 questions on "broken right under Modi's nose".
all the issues associated with the ised to set up a National Traders enact the bill if it returns to power
party, including the construction of Commission. after the Lok Sabha elections. growth to build a "New India" and as examples of the government's
a grand Ram temple at Ayodhya, The party promised pension to the The party also reiterated its com‑ make it a $10 trillion economy by strong resolve against terrorism.
abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu small farmers and small shopkeep‑ mitment to the Triple Talaq Bill. 2032. "Our new policy and new doctrine
and Kashmir and the Uniform Civil ers and said that the PM‑KISAN Declaring its aim to make India The BJP leaders also highlighted of striking terror in its origin has
Code. scheme, which provides Rs 6,000 the third largest economy in the the 2016 cross‑border surgical received g lobal recognition,"
With the tagline "Sankalpit Bharat, annual assistance to the small world by 2030, the BJP said it strikes and the recent air strike in Finance Minister Arun Jailtey said at
Sashakt Bharat" (committed India, famers, will be extended to all the would promote investment‑driven Balakot by the Indian Air Force (IAF) the manifesto release function.

FB police came at my door

with proper identity:
Delhi user
New Delhi: A Delhi‑based user, who got a or reported earlier even at the global level as
shock of his life when a Facebook representa‑ several countries have gone through the elec‑
tive knocked at his door to verify if he is the tions with Facebook trying its best to curb
one who wrote a post with political content, misinformation.
said on Tuesday that the man arrived with a Legal experts have called for a tougher
proper company identity. action against Facebook for physically verify‑
"He came in civil clothes with a proper ing a user, which is unprecedented.
Facebook identity. He asked for my Aadhaar Physical verification of a user is gross viola‑
Card to verify my credentials for writing a tion and unwarranted under the ambit of the
mere post on the social networking platform Information Technology Act, 2000.
with political content," the distressed person Facebook can, at best, discontinue a Page,
told IANS. Group or delete the post, or remove the user
Facebook has been denying any such meas‑ from its platform in case of a violation of its
ure in place as India goes to polls on rules.
Thursday. We do not yet know if there are When it comes to those who wants to run
more such incidents as the country prepares political ads on Facebook, the company veri‑
for an intense election battle. fies residency of advertisers either by physi‑
The company said on Monday that it is cal verification (by sending someone to the
removing or blocking about one million abu‑ address provided) or by sending a code in the
sive accounts a day with the use of Artificial post. The same process can be applied for
Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) writing a post with political content is
tools. This kind of behavior has not been seen unheard of, even globally.
12 April 13-19, 2019 INDIA NEWS

NDA‑BJP in lead, marginal seats
to decide victory margin
Most voters satisfied with
performance of Modi
New Delhi: Around half of the voters surveyed by CVOTER‑IANS
OF DEMOCRACY continue to be very satisfied with the performance of Prime
Minister Narendra Modi. The poll tracker interviewed 12,050 vot‑
New Delhi: There are 167 marginal ers on April 4 and found that 50.95 per cent of them said they
seats that will decide the extent of were very satisfied with the performance of the Prime Minister
victory for the National Democratic while another 22.49 per cent said they were satisfied to some
Alliance (NDA) and the Bharatiya extent. There were 25.29 per cent voters who said they were not
Janata Party (BJP) as deductions happy with him at all. The satisfaction level with the Prime
from poll arithmetic show a distinct Minister remained high mostly after the air strikes on the terror
head start to the ruling dispensa‑ camp in Pakistan's Balakot whose momentum on the voters has
tion, indicating a second‑term for sustained despite a slight dip. The latest findings of the tracker
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, poll has come just three days ahead of the first phase of polling on
according to the number analysis April 11. The Prime Minister had the best approval rating of over
on the basis of data mined by 55 per cent on March 6, 7 and 8. But the sample size on those
CVOTER‑IANS. days was half of what it was on April 4. There has also been a mar‑
But a three per cent sw ing ginal rise in those who are not at all satisfied with the Prime
against the NDA will restrict its Minister from around 20 per cent in the first week to March to
tally to 210, marginally ahead of around 25 per cent in the first week of April.
Congress‑led United Progressive
Alliance's 182 with others getting Modi is able to generate a swing in away from the BJP will mean loss
151. the last days of the campaign like of 57 seats but +3 (plus 3) per cent
Another conclusion that can be seen in the various elections lead‑ swing will mean gain of 102. Going
drawn from the numbers is that a ing up to 2019, it may prove cata‑ by the last e lect ions, Prime
repeat of 2004, when the NDA lost strophic for the opposition as the Minister Modi's aggressive cam‑
the e lect ions despite being a A three per cent swing against the NDA will restrict its tally to 210 NDA can reclaim at least 102 seats paigning in the last few days can
favourite, is remote as the Congress seats, says the poll. where it was runner‑up last time. impact the BJP vote share by two to
is not as strong as it was 15 years The marginal seat dynamics will be five per cent.
ago with its vote share coming tion of 33,000 respondents. Out of from even a marginal swing which at play in Uttar Pradesh where 30 Even a one per cent sw ing
down from 28 per cent then to the 167 marginal seats, the NDA can result in a disproportionate seats are in this zone making it towards the NDA will take its tally
19.5 per cent now when it goes was in the lead on 57 and the oppo‑ increase in the number of seats. tough to predict if it will be advan‑ beyond 300 and three per cent
into the 2019 polls. The latest ver‑ sition dominated the remaining T he reverse holds true for the tage Mahagathbandhan. But it can swing away from it will lead to its
sion of the CVoter‑IANS poll tracker 110. The opposition tend to lose opposition as even a marginal work in favour of either of the com‑ tally coming down to 210. If there
2019, released on Monday, has a more because for every single NDA swing in its favour might not lead binations, leaving the field vast is no swing, the NDA will end up
cumulative sample size of 1,05,000 seat in the red zone, the opposition to substantial increase in their seat open. In the final six weeks of cam‑ with 267 with the UPA getting 142
since January 1 and a weekly addi‑ has two. The NDA stands to gain tally. If Prime Minister Narendra paign, a ‑3 (minus 3) per cent swing and others 134.

Will implement SC Ahead of elections, huge unaccounted

cash racket unearthed
order on VVPATs: EC New Delhi: On the second day of its
continued searches across Madhya
Pradesh, the Central Board of Direct
puter files and excel sheets seized
corroborate the findings, the
spokesperson added.
New Delhi: T he Election of 4,125 EVMs under the
Taxes (CBDT) on Monday detected a Acting on a tip‑off of large‑scale
Commission on Monday "one EVM per assembly
widespread and well‑organized collection, possession and move‑
said it would take all neces‑ segment" guideline. Now
racket of collection of unaccounted ment of unaccounted assets, the
sary steps to implement the it would have to count
cash, to the tune of Rs 281 crore, Delhi Directorate of Income Tax
Supreme Court's order to the VVPAT slips of
involving persons from dif ferent (Investigation) initiated search and
increase random matching 20,625 EVMs. T he
walks of life including business, pol‑ seizure actions on a group active in
of voter‑verified paper audit Election Commission had
itics and public service. NCR, Bhopal, Indore and Goa. More
trail ( VVPAT ) slips with earlier asked the Indian
Apart from cash, the Income Tax than 300 IT officials participated in
EVM results in five polling Stat ist ical Inst itute
of ficials have also recovered 252 the operation taking place at about
booths per assembly seg‑ regarding a reasonable
bottles of liquor, some arms and 52 locations in four states.
ment, instead of one. sample size for matching
tiger hides. "A part of cash ‑‑ Rs 20 T he searches in De lhi on the
"The Election Commission VVPAT slips to verify the
crore ‑‑ was also transferred recent‑ group of a close relative of the sen‑
of India shall make all out EVM results. The insti‑
ly to the headquarters of a major ior party functionary have further
ef forts to operationalize tute had responded that
political party in Delhi through led to seizure of incriminating evi‑
and implement the direc‑ a sample of 479 EVMs
hawala channel from the residence dence including cash book record‑
tions of Hon'ble Supreme results to ensure the g reatest would generate 99.99
of a senior functionary at Tughlak ing unaccounted transactions of Rs
Court with immediate ef fect," the degree of accuracy and satisfaction per cent accuracy in results.
Road, New De lhi," a CBDT 230 crore, siphoning of f money
poll panel's of ficial spokesperson in the election process. The court's T he opposit ion part ies had
spokesperson said in a statement. through bogus billing of more than
said. direction came on a plea by leaders demanded raising the number of
The statement, however, did not Rs 242 crore and evidence of pres‑
Earlier in the day, the Supreme of 21 opposition parties who want‑ EVM machines to 5.17 lakh.
identify the political party or its ence of more than 80 companies in
Court had directed the Election ed it to be hiked to 50 per cent of With the first phase of voting
"senior functionary". tax havens, the CBDT said.
Commission to increase random EVMs per assembly segment. starting on April 11, the court
Meticulous records of collection It is suspected that the seized
matching of VVPAT slips with elec‑ Presently, the Elect ion hoped this would satisfy both the
and disbursement of cash in the cash was meant to be used during
tronic vot ing machine (EVM) Commission matches VVPAT slips political parties and the voters.
form of hand‑written diaries, com‑ the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. INDIA NEWS April 13-19, 2019 13

Maoists kill BJP MLA, IMF cuts India GDP

growth forecast to 7.3%
4 more in Chhattisgarh New Delhi: The International 2018 WEO by 0.1 percentage
Monetary Fund (IMF) on point for 2019 and 0.2 per‑
Raipur: Maoists explo ded an
Tuesday pared Indiaʼs growth centage point for 2020, respec‑
improvised explosive device (IED)
forecast for 2019‑20 by 20 tively," IMF said in its latest
in Chhatt isg arh on Tuesday
basis points to 7.3% citing loss World Economic Outlook.
evening, killing BJP MLA Bhima
of momentum, following simi‑ When compared to its more
Mandavi, his driver and three per‑
lar action by the Asian recent update of the World
sonal security officers in a forest‑
D e ve l o p m e n t B a n k ( A D B ) Economic Outlook released in
ed part of Dantewada district, offi‑
and the Reserve Bank of India January, the downward revi‑
cials said.
(RBI). sion in Indiaʼs growth forecasts
The Maoists carried out "the
“In India, growth is projected is 20 basis point each in 2019‑
meticulously planned attack"
to pick up to 7.3% in 2019 and 20 and 2020‑21.
when Mandavi was hurrying to an
7.5% in 2020, supported by the Both the ADB and the RBI last
election meeting just before the
continued recovery of invest‑ week cut their 2019‑20 growth
close of election campaign at 5
ment and robust consumption projection for India to 7.2%
p.m. for the first phase of Lok
amid a more expansionary from the earlier 7.4%, blaming
Sabha battle starting on Thursday.
The site where Maoists exploded an improvised explosive device stance of monetary policy and rising risks to global economic
Director General of Police
(IED) killing BJP MLA Bhima Mandavi and 4 policemen, in some expected impetus from activity as well as weakening
Giridhar Naik said five people had
Chhattisgarh's Dantewada district. fiscal policy. domestic investment activity.
been killed and that only Baghel's
Nevertheless, reflecting the The Indian economy deceler‑
vehicle was targeted in the convoy Maoists. Mandavi was the lone 15 years of BJP rule.
recent revision to the national ated to a five‑quarter low of
of vehicles in Kuakonda area. Bharatiya Janata Party MLA from Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel
account statistics that indicated 6.6% in the December quarter,
Initially, another of ficer had Bastar region which accounts for canceled his election meetings
somewhat softer underlying w h i ch l ed t o t h e C e n t r a l
said that all the killed were securi‑ 12 Assembly seats. and rushed to his of fice for a
momentum, growth forecasts Statistics Of fice trimming its
ty personnel and were from the This was the first Maoist attack meeting with senior police and
have been revised downward 2018‑19 forecast to 7% from
District Reserve Group, a locally in Chhattisgarh after the Congress intelligence of ficers after the
compared with the October 7.2% estimated earlier.
raised force vested with battling took power in December, ending attack.


against Bishop Franco AIRWAYS ON 'MOUNTING RISK'
Mumbai: Brokerage firm interest, taxes, depreciation, EBITDAR shall witness a sharper
Edelweiss on Tuesday downgrad‑ amortization, and restructuring contraction due to operating
ed the Jet Airways stock from or rent costs (EBITDAR) forecast leverage; it would, therefore,
from 'hold' to 'reduce' owing to by 35 per cent for the current record another quarter of losses
the mounting risk on the finan‑ fiscal, and by 49 per cent for the exceeding Rs 10 billion."
cially troubled airline. financial year 2020‑2021. The downgrade comes at the
The report said that Jet may "We cont inue to assume a time when three‑fourth of Jet's
eventually lose 50 planes to swerve back to profit during original fleet has been grounded
lessors which would cut its fleet FY21E and a fair EV/EBITDAR of with consequent flight cancella‑
size down to 73 in the financial 7x. But given mounting risk, we tions.
year 2020‑2021. are cutting the TP by 22 per cent T he brokerage said: "While
The brokerage firm also cut to Rs 177 and downgrading the varying possibilities are emerg‑
Jet's target price(TP) by 22 per stock from 'HOLD' to 'REDUCE'," ing, including the hunt for a new
cent to Rs 177 and also the full Edelweiss said. buyer and a debt write‑off, Jet's
service carrier's earnings before "We believe JAL's (Jet Airways) viability has taken a hit."
Bishop Franco Mulakkal.

AgustaWestland case: ED
Kottayam ( Kerala): Kerala witnesses, which include the
Police on Tuesday submitted a Cardinal of the Syro‑Malabar
1,400‑page charge sheet Catholic Church, Mar George
ag ainst Bishop Franco Alencherry, three bishops, 11
Mulakkal. T he Bishop was
arrested for alleged sexually
abusing a nun between 2014
priests and several nuns.
The probe picked pace only
after Sister Anupama, along
opposes Sushen Gupta's bail
and 2016. The charge sheet with three other nuns, staged a New Delhi: The Enforcement Saxena, in his disclosure He was granted bail on med‑
was filed before the Magistrate public protest, which received D i r ec t o r a t e ( E D ) , h e r e o n statement submitted to the ED, ical grounds last week. The ED
Court in Pala, near here, where huge public support. Last Tuesday, opposed the bail plea r e ve a l ed t h a t I n t e r s t e l l a r did not oppose his bail appli‑
the trial will take place. The month, the nuns threatened to of Sushen Mohan Gupta, an Technologies, a company that cation.
charges include rape, unnatural launch another protest if the alleged middleman in the Rs received AgustaWestland kick‑ According to the ED, Saxena,
sex and keeping in forced cus‑ charge sheet was delayed. 3,600‑crore AgustaWestland b a c k s , w a s c o n t r o l l ed b y in connivance with Khaitan,
tody. Hearing the news of the sub‑ VVIP chopper deal case. Khaitan and Gupta. developed the global corpo‑
Mulakkal was arrested on mission of the charge sheet, Special Judge Arvind Kumar According to the statement, rate structure that laundered
September 21, 2018, on rape Anupama said they were happy said he would hear further Saxena also presented two money for payment to politi‑
charges after four nuns joined a with the development. "We feel arguments on the bail plea on diaries, some loose sheets, cians, bureaucrats and Indian
public protest in Kochi forcing we have got 50 per cent justice April 11. documents and a pen drive, all Air Force (IAF) of ficials to
the police to take action against and wish to thank the police G u p t a w a s a r r e s t ed o n related to Gupta. influence the contract for sup‑
the bishop. team, which we all know was M a r ch 2 6 , a d a y a f t e r t h e T he United Arab Emirates plying 12 VVIP choppers in
Mulakkal secured bail on under tremendous pressure." court allowed Rajiv Saxena, a (UAE) security agencies had f a vo r of A gu s t a We s t l a n d ,
October 16, 2018, but is no "We know only half of the job Dubai‑based businessman and picked up Saxena from his the Rome‑based he licopter
longer head of the diocese. is done, and hope the trial will alleged middleman in the deal, Dubai residence on January d e s i g n a n d m a n uf a c t u r i n g
The charge sheet names 83 start soon," she said. to turn approver. 30 and extradited him to India. company.
14 April 13-19, 2019 OP-ED

Will BJP listen to Advani's advice?

By Amulya Ganguli quence is behind the categoriza‑ ty. It is this aspect of India's per‑
tion of the BJP's critics as "anti‑ sona which Advani has stressed in

t would have been better if L.K. nationals". his latest blog where he has
Advani had given his excellent The label fits in with the party's emphasized that a political battle‑
advice to his party men about own macho nationalism whose pri‑ field does not envisage the annihi‑
their attitude towards other par‑ mary target at the moment is lation of the enemy. Instead, it is
ties before being denied a Lok Pakistan. Hence, the occasional more like the jousting on a field of
Sabha ticket. advice given to the "anti‑nationals" sports where today's victors can be
Now, it would appear that the to go to Pakistan. tomorrow's vanquished and vice
nonagenarian former Deputy Given the focus and the intensity versa.
Prime Minister was expressing his of the BJP's present world‑view, it If the BJP's first stint in power at
resentment by criticizing the party is doubtful if Advani's counsel for the centre did not see the party
for not choosing him as a candi‑ toning down the party's rhetoric engage in the kind of virulent con‑
date for yet another term in the will be heeded. frontation with the opposition as
Lok Sabha. Ironically, Advani himself was at present, the reason was the
Even then, the validity of his once a hardliner, having charioted presence of the amiable Vajpayee
advice remains unimpaired. But a rath in order to mobilize the at the helm.
will his party listen? Going by ini‑ opinion of Hindus for demolishing What has changed since then is,
Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with BJP senior party leader
tial reactions, there is no sign that what he called the "ocular provo‑ first, the assumption of power by a
LK Advani. (File Photo: IANS)
the BJP has accepted the central cation" of the Babri masjid. It was new set of saffron politicians who
point of his charge that political 2014, it has apparently interpret‑ have also gone hand‑in‑hand with in his presence in Ayodhya that are apparently less tolerant of dis‑
opponents are not anti‑nationals. ed its majority in the Lok Sabha the contention that its 2014 victo‑ the ancient mosque was brought sent than their predecessors.
Instead, at least one spokesper‑ and also that of the group by it, the ry marked the end of 1,200 years down by the kar sevaks on But, irrespective of whether it
son argued on TV that if the National Democratic Alliance, as a of the nation's subjugation by the December 6, 1992. can repeat its 2014 performance,
Congress sided with the "tukde‑ stamp of approval by the voters of Muslims and the British. That may have been a cathartic as an analyst has said, or fail to get
tukde gang" or those who want to the party's nationalist credentials, The BJP has also been insisting experience for him, for he gradual‑ a majority of its own, as some
break up the country, then it can a claim which automatically places that "nothing" had been achieved ly turned into a moderate a la Atal opinion polls have predicted, the
be called anti‑national. the losers in a less exalted catego‑ by its predecessors since 1947. Bihari Vajpayee and began to show BJP should pay heed to the advice
Ever since the BJP's victory in ry. The BJP's nationalist assertions It is obvious that such grandilo‑ his appreciation of India's diversi‑ of an elder statesman.

Congress manifesto a mirage not reality

By Jayanta Ghosal But the Pulwama attack and the
Balakot strike have changed the

ith elections, comes the entire milieu, the whole nation
t ime of compet it ive was captured by the national sen‑
populism and the latest timents and the BJP has success‑
Congress manifesto is no dif fer‑ fully used that nationalist senti‑
ent, crossing all previous bound‑ ment. Rahul Gandhi thought elec‑
aries. Rahul Gandhi wants to proj‑ tion agenda will be poverty, job‑
ect himself as Santa Claus for the lessness and the problem of farm‑
upcoming e lect ions, w ith an ers and Dalits. Instead 'ant i‑
assortment of promises for just Pakistan' sentiment is a major
about everyone. The larger aim: issue now. Especially in the Hindi‑
Rahul Gandhi wants to construct a heartland.
counter narrative of social justice With the manifesto, Rahul
to the Indian poor and the com‑ Gandhi is attempting to revive his
mon people of India, in contrast to old issue, an anti‑Modi campaign
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's based on social justice and socio‑
narrat ive of a strong Hindu economic issues of Indian voters.
nation. Basically the battle is now
The Congress manifesto says between the nationalist rhetoric
The Congress's major problem is that there is no mahagathbandhan ‑ of strong Hindutva and a stable
there should be a separate budget
no common minimum program, no joint action plan.
formers. Rahul Gandhi says that state under the leadership of
the NYAY scheme will be his pri‑ set the narrative for the upcoming ministers and argue that the main nation. Instead, Modi has put for‑ Narendra Modi versus justice for
ority and that it will file 22 lakh polls. But is that really the case? problem of our country is price ward the narrative of a 'strong the poor, the farmers and the
vacancies by March 2020. In My personal opinion is that even rise, inflation and corruption. In nation with a strong leader', with stressed middle classes. Why are
doing so, he is also selling dreams now, Rahul Gandhi and his assur‑ 2019, we are still combating the himself at its helm. they all against immigration of
without any practical way out. ances still don't have the same same problems and raising the During these e lect ions, the foreigners? W hy are they no
The signs of populism become kind of mass acceptance. same issues during elections. Congress and several regional longer liberal about the H‑1 visa?
abundantly clear when one looks The Congress held press confer‑ Rahul Gandhi has a major prob‑ parties have to come to an under‑ W hy are they not we lcoming
at the Congress manifesto that ences in 22 different places of the lem, that of the huge baggage that standing, a pre‑poll understanding international students like in the
promises 150 days of guaranteed country at the same time. But he comes with that is a product of and if that isn't the case, then past? The pressure on the conomy
work under the Mahatma Gandhi what is the impact and influence history and not his doing in any there can't be a post poll coalition. is a global phenomenon and the
National Rural Guarantee Act, as of that? Things have changed for way. The Gandhi family has ruled Rahul is also more active today Indian economy can't be isolated.
opposed to the previous 100. It Narendra Modi. It is a law of this country for several decades. than he was earlier. In 2014, the The Congress's major problem
adds that it will eliminate poverty nature that discontent of the peo‑ In the last five years, and even general media perception was is that there is no mahagathband‑
by 2030 through NYAY. ple will grow with time. No one before that, the BJP has estab‑ that Rahul Gandhi was a 'pappu'. han ‑ no common minimum pro‑
The head of the manifesto com‑ has clear political skies forever. lished a political narrative that This, he has largely been able to gram, no joint action plan. At this
mittee, P. Chidambaram Nehru, as the Prime Minister, used Nehru and Congress family's lega‑ change and now comes across a critical juncture of Indian politics,
announced that the manifesto will to write letters to all the chief cy is responsible for a weak poor more mature and active person. you need strong direction.

The views expressed in Op Eds are not necessarily those of The South Asian Times. LENS EYE April 13-19, 2019 15

Political leaders
are crisscrossing
the nation to
canvas for votes
Prime Minister
Narendra Modi
for the 2019 Lok
remains the
most popular
leader in India
Sabha election.
today. In many
BJP election Supporters of
rallies you can
find some
people wearing
the main parties
Modi face‑
masks. This
one has a few
in America are
men in the
front row even
adding their
wearing his
mite too.

Congress' Lok
Sabha candidate
from Mumbai
North, actress
accompanied by
her husband
Mohsin Akhtar
Mir, arrives to file
her nomination
papers for Lok
Sabha election
w ahead in Mumbai on
Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi during a roadsho April 8.
of 2019 Lok Sabha elections in Wayanad, Kerala on April 4

BJP chief Amit

Shah during
for the Lok Sabha
elections in Puri,
Odisha on April
9. Also seen BJP
Pradhan and
Sambit Patra.

to reach remote
Election officials carry Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) on a boat
stations from Majuli ‑ the world's largest river island, ahead of 2019 Lok
Sabha elections, in Assam's Majuli district on April 9. (Photos : IANS)

A section of the
participants in the
Shiv Shakti Maha Puja
and Yagna held at the
Shri Sanatan Mandir
in Parsippany, N.J.,
April 7, to pray for the
re‑election victory of
Indiaʼs Prime Minister
a Kumar taken
CPI's Lok Sabha candidate from Begusarai, student leader Kanhaiy Narendra Modi
tion for the Lok Sabha elections in
in a procession ahead of filing his nomina (Photo : Raja Bhatty)
Bihar's Begusarai on April 9.
16 April 13-19, 2019 BOLLYWOOD

We see compelling stories in India: 'Padosan' in IMDb's

'Avengers: Endgame' director top 100 Indian films,
Saira Banu happy
part from creating the in late 1990s to helming a
gigantic world of film "Avengers: Endgame"

superheroes, Joe which is breaking ticket pre‑
he 1968 film
Russo is also working on sales records, the brothers
"Padosan" has
bringing alive India‑set sto‑ have come a long way. Joe
entered the top 100
ries for Amazon Studios as describes themselves as
Indian Movie List of IMDb.
well as Netflix. The filmmaker "disruptors".
Veteran actress Saira Banu
says there are still many "We like to deconstruct
says the movie was offered
"compelling stories" rooted things... That's our general
to her early in her career
deep in the country's "amaz‑ disposition and it was inter‑
and she is glad that she
ing" culture waiting to be esting (to join the Marvel
could stand up to the "for‑
told. Cinematic Universe) because
midable" talent of her co‑
Telling stories has always we came in at a point where
been an integral part of we could start deconstruct‑
"I'm truly happy to learn
Indian culture, and Joe, one ing the Marvel universe.
that 'Padosan' figures in the
half of the Russo Brothers, "We deconstructed the
count of top 100 films of
feels the tradition has played 'Captain America' movie. We
India on IMDb," Saira said
an important role in cement‑ went a complete different
Director Joe Russo at the launch of in a statement.
ing the position of Indian film direction from the first film
Indian anthem of Directed by Jyoti
industry around the globe. with 'Captain America: The
ʻAvengers: Endgameʼ in Mumbai. Swaroop, the comedy film
"I think the Indian film Winter Soldier'. Then we
in the group interview. is about a simple man from
industry, outside of Hollywood, is deconstructed 'Captain America:
For Netflix, Russo Brothers a village who falls in love
the most vibrant filmmaking Civil War' by tearing them apart
have backed India‑set kidnap with his fashionable and
market in the world, and a cul‑ and then we deconstructed the
drama "Dhaka", which will mark very urban neighbor.
ture which values storytelling," whole universe by killing half of Actress Saira Banu was offered the
the directorial debut of Sam "'Padosan' came to me in
Joe told IANS. the superheroes in 'Avengers: movie early in her career.
Hargrave. the early stages of my
"We see an amazing culture Infinity War'.”
Based on a script by Joe, career when I was myself a character of Bindu is a reflection
with rich tradition, storytelling "Avengers: Endgame" is culmi‑
"Dhaka" is an action film in carefree, extremely happy and of my real personality at that
and compelling stories to tell nation of over 20 Marvel movies,
which Chris Hemsworth has to lively young woman full of the time.
here... Especially because the and wraps up 10 years of story‑
save a kidnapped Indian boy. joie de vivre that comes when "Needless to say I thoroughly
audience is very savvy. They telling. It is slated to release in
From facing financial struggle one's dreams come true. Much of enjoyed my work," the actress
understand stories on a very pro‑ India on April 26 in English,
to make their first film "Pieces" the vibrancy you can see in the said.
found level," the filmmaker said Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Modi biopic expected to 'Romeo Akbar Walter': A

release in 38 countries contrived espionage drama
By Troy Ribeiro REVIEW
irector Robbie Grewal
seems to have taken
William Shakespeare's
quote, "What's in a name?" literally.
This film, "Romeo Akbar Walter" is
the story of an Indian spy with
many names and identities.
Set in 1971 during the India‑
Pakistan war, the tale brings to the
fore how Romeo (John Abraham),
the son of a former agent, was
picked up, groomed and deputed to
work for the Indian intelligence
agency RAW.
John Abraham plays an Indian spy in
So, after his training, on his first
ʻRomeo Akbar Walterʼ.
outing to Kashmir as Akbar Malik,
he is asked to trail Isaq Afridi (Anil They are both striking in their respective
George), a powerful Pakistani arms dealer. performances. The premise of the film is
From thence how he penetrates into certainly loaded, but as tactful as the
Actor Vivek Oberoi dressed as PM Narendra Modi at the trailer launch of the biopic. Pakistan, forms the crux of the tale. story can sometimes be with the narrative
With a naturally stoic ease, John

and espionage knowledge, it never feels
roducer Anand Pandit says the We plan to release the film not just in the Abraham effectively portrays the forgot‑ that original.
team of "PM Narendra Modi" is country but in at least 38 countries," ten veteran, as an ultimate real‑life action Also, with cinematic liberties taken and
planning to release the film in 38 Pandit, one of the producers and distribu‑ hero, who lives with humble values, loves the nitty‑gritties missing, the film appears
countries, including the US, UK, Canada, tors of the biopic on Prime Minister his mother and whose only purpose in life contrived. There seem to be gaping plot
Australia and the UAE. Directed by Narendra Modi, said in a statement. is to serve his country. holes when Akbar transforms into Walter
Omung Kumar, the film narrates the "The film will release in 1700 screens In a slightly underwritten role, Mouni and penetrates into the Pakistani armed
story of Modi from his humble begin‑ in India and we plan to release it in about Roy plays John's love interest and she forces. How does he manage to get into
nings to becoming the Prime Minister of 600 screens overseas," he added. makes her presence felt despite being cast sensitive areas so easily?
India. The release date of "PM Narendra in a badly etched character. The story always feels to be in motion,
"PM Narendra Modi's life has great Modi" has been set for April 11, when the Sikander Kher as the Pakistani Colonel but the stakes appear low or missing and
interest not just among Indian audiences Lok Sabha elections begin, the makers Khan and Jackie Shroff as Shrikant, the that's what makes the viewing tedious.
but also cinema‑goers across the world. announced. head of RAW, do not overplay their part. The patriotic element is definitely forced. BOLLYWOOD April 13-19, 2019 17

Irrfan is back; starts shooting

for 'Angrezi Medium'
Ranveer Singh preps with
s Irrfan Khan, who
was away from the Kapil Dev for '83'
arclights following ctor Ranveer Singh is in
his neuroendocrine tumor the process of "becoming
diagnosis last year, is back the hurricane" under the
on the sets to shoot training of iconic cricketer Kapil
"Angrezi Medium". His wife Dev for the upcoming film "'83",
Sutapa Sikdar penned a a Bollywood entertainer on
message thanking everyone India's historical 1983 Cricket
for the wishes and prayers World Cup win. Ranveer had
for the acclaimed actor's tweeted a photograph of himself
speedy recovery. along with Kapil in Dharamsala.
Sutapa took to Facebook Sporting the Indian cricket
and wrote: "Longest year of team's blue jersey, the two can
our life ‑ Time was never be seen talking to each other in
measured with pain and the image. The cricketer seems
hope at the same time ever. to be giving some tips to the
While we take our baby "Gully Boy" actor.
steps back to work, to life, I Actor Ranveer Singh during shooting of upcoming film ʻ83ʼ.
Ranveer captioned the image:
am submerged in prayers, "Becoming the Hurricane. Kapil directed by Kabir Khan, and will final of the World Cup in 1983. It
wishes and faith from Dev. Legend. Journey begins... see Ranveer playing Kapil. tracks the coming‑of‑age of not
friends, relatives, strangers '83'." "'83" follows how, under cap‑ just a cricketing team but of a
and a connection with uni‑ Actor Irrfan Khan was lying
Presented by Reliance tain Kapil Dev, the Indian cricket young nation in the eyes of the
verse which gives us a small low for months following
neuroendocrine tumor Entertainment, "'83" is being team defeated West Indies in the world.
chance for the new start.
"It seems unbelievable...
Never ever did I realize the
meaning of the word unpre‑
for believing in your prayers." Director's job not Excited that
Celebrities like Swara Bhasker,
dictable so well. Never ever I
could feel people's wishes on my
Hansal Mehta, Guneet Monga
and Randeep Hooda among
an extracurricular Sara is working
bones, breath, heartbeat which
helped me to stay focused and
many others welcomed Irrfan.
In an emotional note posted on activity: Shefali with Imtiaz: Saif
kicking." his social media account, Irrfan
ational Award‑winning actress Shefali Shah ctor Saif Ali Khan says he is very excited
Sutapa, who is also a film pro‑ shared his thoughts on the
had written a love story a few years ago that his daughter and actress Sara Ali Khan
ducer, added: "For today, we go prayers, blessings and love he
and also wanted to don the director's hat is working with filmmaker Imtiaz Ali for the
back to work and the dance and received while he was fighting
for it. But she upcoming film "Love Aaj Kal 2". "It's a lovely movie
song of life continues. Thank you the ailment in London.
feels that a direc‑ and I'm very excited in particular that Sara is work‑
tor's job means a ing with Imtiaz Ali. I wish both the young stars ‑‑

Will Smith grooves lot of responsibili‑

ties and that it
Sara and Kartik Aaryan the best," Saif said in a
can't be done just There were reports that Saif, who was in the first

to 'Radha' on to "suffice your

need for an
instalment of "Love Aaj Kal", will be seen playing
the role of Kartik's father in the sequel.

'SOTY2' sets
extracurricular Saif said: "I'd honestly want to play every role
activity". provided it's interesting enough and if the time

Television shows, permitted it. Though Imtiaz was very kind to offer
ill Smith has ticked short films, fea‑ me a part in the sequel of 'Love Aaj Kal', I haven't
off Bollywood from ture films, theater signed the film contrary to the rumors."
his bucket list. In a and web series ‑
clip of his Facebook show the 'Satya' actress
"Bucket List", the 50‑year‑old has dabbled in dif‑
star met with several famous ferent mediums.
Bollywood actors like Tiger What about
Shroff, Ananya Pandey and Award‑winning actress Shefali
going behind the
Tara Sutaria as he prepared to Shah was last seen in web
camera? series 'Delhi Crime'.
film one of the industry's "Yes, I do want
famous dance sequences for a to. It would be for a film and I think I know what it
film here. He danced to "Radha is. But being a director is a lot of responsibility. I
teri chunari". can't just take off and say 'Oh! I feel like directing
"In my spiritual practice I'm today'. It is so many people's hard work on your
trying to be comfortable being shoulders. So you have to be sure of what you are
embarrassed, but I do not like doing out there. It can't be done just to suffice
being embarrassed," Smith said your need for an extra‑curricular activity," Shefali
in the video. told IANS.
As he greeted the actors on "Maybe the other way to look at it is that you
the set of the Karan Johar pro‑ have to take the plunge. If you don't, you might
duction "Student Of The Year never be able to do it," she added.
2", Smith said that while he felt Asked about the story, she shared: "There is a
nervous he managed to get "a
The latest episode of ʻBucket Listʼ script. It's a love story."
really good sense of what will showcase actor Will Smithʼs While she is yet to get on with the film, she is
makes Bollywood tick because experience in Bollywood. currently enjoying the success of her web series
it's what makes me tick". 'Delhi Crime', helmed by Indo‑Canadian filmmaker
"People go to the movies rience, an opportunity is pre‑ Richie Mehta.
because they want to have fun, sented where we can actually Shefali donned the uniform to play Vartika
they want to feel good. But learn something about life," Chaturvedi, based on Chhaya Sharma, former
then by opening themselves to said the "Independence Day" Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Delhi) who Actress Sara Ali Khan is working
this collective emotional expe‑ star. led a team to solve the Nirbhaya rape case. on ʻLove Aaj Kal 2ʼ.
18 April 13-19, 2019 TRAVEL

Summer Is Here,
Where Will You Be
The 5 best places in India to
take your kids to this summer
By Precious Kamei those who know what to look for.
Weather‑wise it is perfect for a summer

ith schools closed for the sum‑ break and kids will definitely love a
mer, it's time to take the kids refreshing view of the mighty
out for some fun. And when we Kanchenjunga. Sikkim state is hundred
say out, we mean somewhere far and fun. percent organic.
Here are five Indian destinations perfect Sounds healthy already, right? Add to
weather‑wise and are a great source of that clean mountain air, panoramic view
edu‑tainment. Who says you can't learn of Kanchenjunga from Tashi Viewpoint
whilst having fun? and Ganesh Tok, a visit to Nathu La, A cable car in Gangtok
Botanical Garden, Tsomgo Lake, Rumtek antiques). From Gangtok, it's easy to trav‑ neat and tiny state, traffic is not a hassle,
Gangtok, Sikkim Monastery, Enchey and Pemayangtse el to the rest of the state. A visit to in short, a safe and perfect place to take
monasteries (have a look at their priceless Ravangla is a must. Sikkim is also a very little children around.
The tiny state of Sikkim is a treasure, for

Shillong, Meghalaya Bhimtal, Uttarakhand

hillong is a destination you should have in your travel bucket list as a family. et them start young, this is true for every good thing a young one should come in
Perfect and kid‑friendly, this small city is full of life. While it can get a bit contact with. And with Bhimtal, it's all about natural beauty and butterflies, a lot
monotonous after you of them. A little bit of
are done with the usual hiking to calm the summer
around Shillong such as a madness down and then a
visit to the Golf Link (a natu‑ grand introduction to the
ral golf course), Shillong world of butterflies. Not too
Peak and Elephant Falls, one far away from the Bhimtal
always have the option to Lake is the Butterfly
visit the Mawlynnong Research Centre, home to
Village for the root bridges, the fourth largest butterfly
Cherrapunjee for its natural and moth reference collec‑
beauty and some cave tion in India. Bhimtal is
adventure or do the lesser‑ blessed with around 240
known‑‑drive up to Jowai species of butterfly. The
and back and have a picnic research center is originally
outdoors. The undisturbed a 150‑year‑old colonial bun‑
green rolling hillocks with a Living Root Bridge in Mawlynnong galow. You can stay at the The rare owl butterfly in Bhimtal
smattering of pine trees here bungalow if heritage and
and there are often ignored by tourists who visits Shillong just for the usual and the nature are what you are looking for; the tariff is ₹2500 per person with additional
most popular, not knowing the fact that these locations are perfect for a memorable ₹1000/person/day for Indian veg/non veg meals and ₹1500/person/day for European
picnic. Keeping Shillong as your base, you can even explore Barapani Lake. That's a meal. While you are here, you can have a look at local species like oak butterflies or the
beauty right there. rare ones like owl butterfly, peacock butterfly and snake butterfly. Better still, take the
children out to look for some butterflies and let them identify.
Ooty, Tamil Nadu

or young
ones, Ooty
can be all
about chocolates
and toy train rides.
Both are a big hit
with tourists of all
ages. During the
summer break no
one will want to
stay indoors in a
cool location, a hike
up the Doddabetta
Peak sounds just
Parasailing in Candolim, Goa the right thing to

do. The view of the
f cool climes aren't what you are looking for, then maybe some fun with sea, sand green valley below
and sun? Goa is perfect for kids, for they are sure to love some fun in the sand. is rewarding. If with
The shallow waters of Arambol and Palolem are safe for kids, Baga and Calangute Toy train is a must‑have experience
older children, a visit
perfect for some fun watersports. If you are done with beaches, you can even head to the Pykara Falls could be fun for your family. When in Ooty, there isn't much to do other
out to the Spice Village in Ponda. than be cool, relax and repeat. (Courtesy : Outlook Traveller) Photos: Shutterstock INDIA FEATURES April 13-19, 2019 19

Digital content renders Cinematograph Act obsolete

In a new trend now we have a line-up of streaming content providers, which majorly deliver
content that is morbid, gory, semi-pornographic, drugs and all those things that are repulsive to a
normal entertainment seeker and the family audience. Yet, they enjoy an open, unhindered run on
your small screens while the censor board makes all kinds of demands from a feature film producer.
By Vinod Mirani mob negates their certification and blocks a
How come the film film? Padmaavat, Manikarnika and so many

hen a fad invades India, it does so other examples.
in hordes. May it be mobile manu‑
facturers, car makers, and so on
‘PM Narendra Modi’ Coming back to streaming content and
films, how come the film, PM Narendra Modi,
and so forth. But, now, we have a line‑up of
streaming content providers. They enjoy an
(starring Vivek is denied even the courtesy of a screening for
the examining committee yet while the
open, unhindered run on your small screens.
Usually, the films with family entertainment,
Oberoi) is held up in streaming episodes on the same subject,
Modi, are already on people's mobiles? So,
RomComs or mildly plausible action films
work (Salman Khan types). The religious and
the run up to how is the CBFC and Censor Certificate rele‑
vant anymore when a biopic on a person is
saas bahu family themes have been hijacked
by TV channels. Now suddenly we are into
elections, while blocked indefinitely while the same subject
OTT platform, Modi: Journey Of A Common
this genre called nationalism/patriotism and
biopics. But, that market is flooded and all
‘Modi: Journey Of Man, produced by Eros Now, has already
started streaming?
future announcements for forthcoming films
seem to be on patriotism and biopics! The
A Common Man’ is There are voices that the OTT content
should come under CBFC certification. It is
thing is, those people who want to watch
these films, they are mainly available in cine‑
already streaming reported that at the CBFC, while the films
from big makers are cleared out of turn so
ma halls. These films would not be as much
fun on a smartphone/tablet screen, also
on people's mobiles? that they can meet their scheduled release
dates, makers of smaller films have to wait a
known as Over The Top (OTT). long time for that kind favor from the cen‑
The content providers seem to have decid‑ explicit sex scenes from porn films were for six seconds, not 15! Do this politically sors? In that case, suppose OTT content had
ed to capture the attention as well as the ini‑ added. They worked for a while but faded connected panel members really qualify to sit to pass through censors, what would be the
tial eyeballs through a nonconventional way; soon. in judgment over what the people should scene? Would it be the Amazon and Netflix
providing content which is not available on So, the issue is, while the Central Board of watch? That has been an eternal debate. that will get priority or a score of others who
cinema screens. That is to majorly deliver Film Certification (CBFC) makes all kinds of The CBFC does not work on precedents. apply? After all, big shots get priority!
content that is morbid, gory, semi porno‑ demands from a feature film producer before Does not matter that a number of films, Imagine the chaos that can follow. A 30‑
graphic, drugs and all those things that are his/her film is approved for public exhibition, Hollywood as well as Indian with lengthier minute episode can end up being chopped
repulsive to a normal entertainment seeker this morbid mobile OTT streaming goes kissing scenes, have been passed with UA off to 15 minutes and the second episode of
and the family audience. Now this is the con‑ unchecked! The CBFC, in fact, has become certificate! There is no consistency in policy. a series may appear weeks after the previous
tent designed for personal viewing with no the moral guardian of the Indian moviegoer; As is the wont of Indians, a seat of authority one!
one else watching over your shoulder! one to check on its ethics and morals! robs them of logic. It is a high to be able to Also, considering every other so‑called
The target viewer is the youth and the pur‑ Pahlaj Nihalani, the recent past Chairman judge others, especially when in an of ficial group or organization or a community can
pose is to change their taste and preferences. of the CBFC, asked to delete a kissing scene position. As a rule, this lot found fault with ignore CBFC clearance and block a film's
Indian, Spanish, Mexican, all the content that from a Bond film from some 15 seconds to every film presented for clearing. For exam‑ release, the Board means nothing. And, this
I scanned through had gore, sex, and all that six seconds. Isn't that ridiculous considering ple, the examining committee suggested 14 despite the highest court order ages back
as common as well as the dominant factors. that Nihalani in real life can't finish a sen‑ cuts to a children‑oriented film, Mr India, in that the CBFC is the ultimate authority on
While providing such content, there are also tence without adding a couple of BCs and 1980. I can quote numerous such examples. cinema content! Something needs to be set
some decent features but not enough yet. MCs no matter if women or kids are around! But, the issue is about parity. That is to say, right in the Cinematograph Act. To start with,
But, how long can this trend last? There Is it possible that a single panel member of while almost all other mediums are free of a the word Digital Content, should be made
was an era when Malayalam films with a lot the examining committee of CBFC, who watchdog, why are films censored? Why not part of the Act.
of titillation and suggestive sex were dubbed watches films to rate them, has never OTT content? Come to think of it, what does
in Hindi language and, for the interior audi‑ watched an illicit porn film? And, to think the 'power' that the CBFC panel members Vinod Mirani is a veteran film writer and
ence, interpolation was a regular practice as that these people think a film is kosher only and the Chairman amount to when a motely box office analyst

'Modi ‑ Journey Of A Common Man':

Idolizing but not propagandist
By Subhash K Jha Shukla, a Gujarati, digs deep into Modi's self‑philosophy.
Through lengthy debates and monologues, which can be tax‑

very thin line divides passion from propaganda. Films ing for the non‑believer, the series builds a convincing
about personages we admire, specially the living construction depicting the phenomenal rise to power of a
ones, tend to lose their focus and blur the lines of contemporary politician who defines a self‑built legacy.
objectivity as the maker is emotionally too close to the sub‑ Little incidents and forgotten anecdotes from the PM's past
ject to give us a comprehensive picture of both the glory and are resurrected with warmth and sincerity and authentic
flaws that constitute greatness. Gujarati locations help. These may not interest the average
In this Modi biopic, director Umesh Shukla and his writers web watcher who binge‑watches "Sacred Games". But "Modi:
Mihir Bhuta and Radhika Anand have attempted to give us a Journey Of a Common Man" has a certain sincerity in its
comprehensive, sincere and factual view of a life remarkably tone of narration. Even on the level of hagiography, this web
rich and mottled. This adherence to the straight and narrow series shows admirable restraint and a genuine faith in the
path tends to make the narrative somewhat sluggish and politics of a national leader who wants to change the face of
tedious. Indian politics.
20 April 13-19, 2019 BOOK EXCERPT

I was eager to make Soniaji country's

next PM: Lalu Prasad Yadav
HIGHS IN DELHI, power in 2004. I was the backbone of the
'common man' drive; after all, it was this sec‑
parties, including the RJD, as part of the gov‑

LOWS IN BIHAR tion of society, the aam aadmi, to whose

upliftment I had devoted my political career. DYNASTY

was determined to see the end of the BJP‑ Sonia ji had surprised not just her opponents,
led government at the Centre, because I but also many of those from within her party POLITICS: MUCH
with the seasoned manner in which she led
believed that both Bihar and the rest of
the country had suffered as a consequence of the Congress campaign, overcoming many MALIGNED
this party's rise. Central leaders, especially hurdles along the way, including her 'accept‑ With my three children, Misa, Tej Pratap
those belonging to Bihar, had been placing ability' and the language constraints. and Tejashwi, becoming active in politics, my
obstacle after obstacle in the smooth func‑ Obviously, she was best suited to replace opponents began to attack me for promoting
tioning of the state government under Rabri Vajpayee as prime minister. Not surprisingly, what they called dynasty politics. These are
Devi. Nationally, there was a sense that the the newly‑elected Congress MPs unanimous‑ baseless and uncalled‑for allegations. As par‑
oppressed classes as well as the minorities ly elected her their leader and pitched for her ents, we are supposed to help our children in
were getting a raw deal. Besides, the BJP had to be the new prime minister. But Sonia ji, in pursuing their passion. Usually, children are
become overconfident, and that had led to a dramatic manner, refused to accept the influenced by the atmosphere they are born
arrogance among many of its leaders. It was mantle. There has been much speculation and brought up in. I don't find anything
this mix of overconfidence and arrogance since then on why she let go of the opportu‑ wrong with the progeny of lawyers, doctors,
which led the BJP to launch the 'India nity. But whatever the reasons, she declined writers and professors adopting the vocation
Shining' campaign. The party was under the and suggested the name of Dr Manmohan of their parents. Rabri and I never interfered
illusion that its victory in the 2004 Lok leadership, and partners were unsure of their Singh ‑ a veteran economist with vast experi‑ with Misa when she was doing her MBBS
Sabha polls was a mere formality, and that continuance in the Congress camp, the RJD ence in governance‑as her prime ministerial course. We didn't interfere with Tejashwi's
Vajpayee was certain to return to power. I had emerged as the most credible ally of the choice. The Congress MPs were deflated, and passion for cricket. Tej Pratap is good at
was to play a crucial role in bringing the cur‑ Congress. The Congress‑RJD partnership was very reluctantly accepted Dr Singh's name. playing the flute, apart from working for the
tains down on the Vajpayee Government. ‑‑ and is ‑‑ based on a common ideology to Readers will recall the dramatic scenes that party. They are all adults, doing what they
It may be recalled that I had helmed a part‑ promote secularism and save the idea of were witnessed on the day when Sonia ji like. We, of course, supported and guided
nership between the RJD and the Congress. India, as enshrined in our Constitution. declined to become the prime minister. It is them when they showed an inclination
My popularity among the people of the state, Months after taking over as Congress presi‑ not that Congress leaders did not like Dr towards politics.
the tireless efforts of my party workers, the dent, Sonia Gandhi had successfully contest‑ Singh. They had high regard for him, and There are several instances in other par‑
work put in by my allies ‑‑ all combined to ed the Rae Bareli Lok Sabha seat from Uttar they hadn't forgotten the time when he, as ties, where leaders have promoted their chil‑
bear fruit. We pulled off a miraculous victory, Pradesh and debuted in Parliament. The con‑ the country's finance minister in Rao's gov‑ dren in politics. I find nothing wrong with it. I
winning 29 of the 40 Lok Sabha ernment, had turned around the econo‑ was a poor cowherd's son. I had not inherited
seats in truncated Bihar, after the my, bringing it back from the brink of politics from my family. I struggled hard to
creation of Jharkhand. The RJD collapse. However, they had fought the gain acceptance and recognition from the
alone secured 22 seats. Paswan's elections under Sonia Gandhi's leader‑ people. Some elections I won, others I lost.
LJP and the Congress won four ship and wanted her to lead the country. But I never cast aspersions on any of my
and three seats, respectively. The While Congress leaders were reconcil‑ political opponents for promoting their chil‑
BJP and the Janata Dal (United) ‑‑ ing to the situation, I was adamant. I had dren in politics, even when mine were young
the Samata Party had merged 22 MPs from the RJD, and believed that and not in politics. In fact, I joined student
with the JD(U) ‑‑ had to be content it would be a personal victory for me if politics well before I was married to Rabri
with just six and five seats, Sonia ji, against whom the NDA had used Devi. Misa was born when I was in jail in
respectively. disrespectful language besides conduct‑ 1975. I don't believe in the petty politics of
The poor show of the BJP‑led ing a malicious campaign against me, attacking my opponents simply because their
alliance in Bihar contributed were to become the prime minister. I sons and daughters are in politics. I don't
significantly to its overall low was in no mood to accept anyone other care if someone attacks me, for I know that
tally of seats nationwide, lead‑ than her. Sonia ji called me up first. my children, after attaining adulthood, have
ing to its exit from power. I had Excerpts from 'Gopalganj to Raisina: My Political Journeyʼ She insisted on my accepting Dr Singh chosen the vocation of their liking.
not only kept the RJD flag fly‑ (Rupa), by Lalu Prasad Yadav, former Indian railway as the prime minister. I refused. Then, Moreover, I have promoted hundreds of
ing high at a time when most minister and CM of Bihar. she came to my residence, accompanied youth ‑ particularly belonging to the
observers thought that the by Dr Singh, and sought to reason with oppressed and minority communities ‑ in pol‑
Vajpayee‑led BJP would triumph, but also stituency had sentimental value for her; it me. She even made Dr Singh request me itics.
facilitated the return of the Congress to had been represented by her mother‑in‑law to accept him as the prime minister. I was in More than 60 per cent of the 80 MLAs of
power after a gap of eight years ‑‑ its last and former prime minister, Indira Gandhi. a fix. On the one hand, I was hell‑bent on our party are new entrants to politics. I have
regime was that of P.V. Narasimha Rao's, Thereafter, in 1999, Sonia Gandhi became seeing her as the new prime minister. On the identified fresh political talent among the
whose tenure ended in 1996. the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok other hand, I could not turn down her weaker sections and have guided them. It is
Perhaps, even more than some Congress Sabha. She had criss‑crossed the country, request, more so because she had taken the not proper to name my peers, but I have
leaders, I was eager to make Sonia ji the campaigning on the theme of aam aadmi trouble to visit my residence along with Dr given tickets to the sons and daughters of
country's next prime minister. Over the (common man) to blunt the BJP's India Singh. I finally relented, and Manmohan many of my contemporaries to contest elec‑
years, the RJD's bonds with the Congress had Shining campaign. Despite her relative inex‑ Singh became the PM. Sonia ji took charge as tions. We cannot stop change. The new gen‑
strengthened. At a time when a section of perience in electoral politics, she played a chairperson of the Congress‑led United eration is better at connecting with the youth
senior Congress leaders was opposed to her leading role in the Congress's comeback to Progressive Alliance (UPA), which had many and getting to know their aspirations. SUBCONTINENT April 13-19, 2018 21

India planning to attack US disputes Indian claim

of hitting Pak's F‑16
us: Pakistan Minister Washington: India's
claim that one of its
Islamabad: India is planning to
attack Pakistan after staging a INDIA REJECTS pilots shot down a
Pakistani F‑16 fighter
"mishap" in Jammu and Kashmir
and this could happen between PAKISTAN'S jet in an aerial battle in
February "appears to be
April 16 and 20, Pakistan Foreign
Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi
ALLEGATION wrong" as US personnel
New Delhi: India rejected as "irre‑ counted Islamabad's F‑
sponsible and preposterous" 16s and found none
He urged the international com‑
Pakistan's statement that New missing, a US news
munity to reprimand India for what
De lhi will attack it again and publication has report‑
he said was its "irresponsible con‑ Pakistan had invited the US
accused Islamabad of trying to ed citing military of fi‑ to count its F‑16 planes.
duct", the Dawn reported.
whip up war hysteria in the cials.
Qureshi told the media in Multan
region. "India rejects the irrespon‑ Foreign Policy publi‑ media pieces of the AMRAAM
that Islamabad had "reliable intelli‑
sible and preposterous statement cation said in a report that two missile, fired by a Pakistani F‑
gence that India is devising a new
by the Foreign Minister of senior US defense of ficials 16, as an evidence.
plan" to attack Pakistan.
Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah with direct knowledge of the According to Foreign Policy,
"I am speaking responsibly, I hold Pakistan with a clear objective of
Mahmood Qureshi said he is situation said that "American one of the senior US defense
a position of responsibility, and I whipping up war hysteria in the
speaking ʻresponsiblyʼ.
reg ion," Raveesh Kumar, the personnel recently counted officials with direct knowledge
know the words I utter will be
His reference was to the February spokesperson of the Ministry of Islamabad's F‑16s and found of the situat ion said that
picked up by the international
14 suicide bombing in Pulwama in External Af fairs, said in a state‑ none missing". Pakistan invited Washington
media," he said.
Indian Kashmir that killed 40 ment. "T his public g immick The Indian government had to physically count its F‑16
"Preparations are being made (by
Central Reserve Police Force troop‑ appears to be a call to Pakistan‑ said that in a dog fight on planes after the incident as
India), and there are chances of
ers. The Pakistan‑based Jaish‑e‑ based terrorists to undertake ter‑ February 27 ‑‑ a day after it part of an end‑user agreement
another attack against Pakistan.
Mohammed (JeM) claimed respon‑ ror attack in India," he said. carried out strikes on a terror signed when the foreign mili‑
According to our information, the
sibility, triggering major tensions Pakistan has been advised to use training camp in Pakistan's tary sale was finalized.
action could be taken between April
between New Delhi and Islamabad. the established diplomatic chan‑ Balakot ‑‑ Indian Air Force The publication said a "US
"If it (action by India) happens, nels to "share actionable and cred‑ pilot Abhinandan Varthaman count of Pakistan's F‑16 fleet
"A new mishap could be staged in
you can imagine the impact of the ible intelligence" it has about ter‑ shot down an F‑16, one of the has found that all the jets are
Indian Kashmir, just like (the)
occurrence on the peace and stabili‑ ror attacks, he added. "India Pakistani Air Force jets that present and accounted for, a
Pulwama (attack). And its purpose
ty of the region," warned Qureshi. reserves the right to respond firm‑ tried to target Indian military direct contradiction to India's
will be to justify their (India's)
He said that Pakistan had briefed ly and decisively to cross‑border facilities. claim that it shot down one of
of fensive against Pakistan and to
the UN Security Council's P5 mem‑ terrorist attack," the spokesman The Indian Air Force had on the fig hter jets during a
increase diplomat ic pressure
bers over the issue. said. February 28 displayed to the February clash.
against Islamabad," he said.

MALDIVES RULING 19mn Bangladesh children

PARTY CELEBRATES at risk from climate change
Dhaka: An estimated

LANDSLIDE WIN 19.4 million children

in Bangladesh, includ‑
ing half a million from
Around 12
million of the
the Rohingya Muslim children live in
Male: The ruling party and around
minority, are exposed
in the Maldives cele‑ rivers.
to the most detrimen‑
brated a historic victo‑
tal and hazardous con‑
ry as preliminary
sequences of climate
results showed its
change, the Unicef
candidates secured a
landslide win in the
In a report released
parliamentary elec‑
in Dhaka, Geneva and
New York, Unicef said
According to the
more resources and
Elections Commission
innovative pro‑
figures, the Maldivian
grammes were urgent‑
Democratic Party won
ly needed to avert the
62 out of the 87 seats
danger that climate
in the People's Majlis,
change posed to poor
the archipelago
Bangladeshi children,
nation's legislature,
reports Efe news.
reports Efe News. In
"Climate change is
the previous parlia‑
deepening the environmental threat ing available data" and focus group Bangladesh and regularly burst
mentary elections
faced by families in Bangladesh's discussions. their banks.
held in 2009 and
poorest communities, leaving them Unicef found that Bangladesh's Another 4.5 million, including
2014, the MDP was President and Maldivian Democratic
unable to keep their children prop‑ flat topography, dense population almost half a million Rohingya
unable to secure more Party leader Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.
erly housed, fed, healthy and edu‑ and weak infrastructure make it refugee children living in fragile
than 26 seats.
cated," said Unicef Executive uniquely vulnerable to the powerful bamboo and plastic shelters, live in
This is the first time in the constitution of 2008.
Director Henrietta Fore, who visited and unpredictable meteorological coastal areas that are regularly
island nation's history that a Solih, who became President
Bangladesh last month. forces that climate change is exac‑ struck by powerful cyclones.
single party has secured such a after the election on September
The results of the report titled, "A erbating. Another three million children
majority in parliament since 23 last year as the candidate of
Gathering Storm: Climate Change Around 12 million of the worst‑ live further inland, where farming
the advent of multi‑party a four‑party coalition, wel‑
Clouds the Future of Children in affected children live in and around communities suffer increasing peri‑
democracy following the new comed the result.
Bangladesh", were based on "exist‑ rivers, which flow through ods of drought.
22 April 13-19, 2019 INTERNATIONAL

May warned of ouster if UK Will annex West Bank settlements

forced to fight Euro polls if re‑elected: Netanyahu
Tel Aviv: Israel Prime Minister
ritish Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu said he would
Theresa May is
extend the country's sovereignty over
being warned by her
parts of the West Bank if re‑elected in
rebel Cabinet MPs that they
the April 9 legislative polls, a major
will move to oust her within
policy shift that would stir Arab oppo‑
weeks if the UK is forced to
participate in the European
Netanyahu said that he was contem‑
elections next month and
plating moves that would upend
extend its European Union
decades of the nation's policy acknowl‑
(EU) membership beyond
edging that the lands it seized in the
1967 war would be part of a negotiat‑
The MPs from the ruling
ed settlement with the Palestinians, Efe
Conservative Party were
news reported. The Prime Minister's
believed to have become
apparent push to cement control over
increasingly angry at the
the West Bank comes in the wake of
prospect of voters being
victories in getting the US to acknowl‑
asked to go to the polls to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
edge Jerusalem as the country's capital
elect Members of European British PM Theresa May made a desperate has become more strident in
and its sovereignty over the Golan
Parliament (MEP) three appeal to MPs to back a deal. speaking about seized lands.
Heights seized from Syria in 1967 as
years after the Brexit refer‑
ple voted for slip through our fingers. I will Israeli territory. In recent weeks, government. "We are on the way; we are
endum, the Guardian reported. The warn‑
not stand for that. It is essential we deliver Netanyahu has become more strident in in discussions about it and other things...
ings came as the Prime Minister made a
speaking about lands seized, saying terri‑ Everyone understands the next term will
last desperate appeal to MPs to back a deal, what people voted for, and to do that we
need to get a deal over the line," she said. tory taken in a defensive war need not be be fateful," he said. Israeli sovereignty
saying there was an increasing danger
Following her appeal, Conservative MP returned. would ensure that Israeli civil law
Brexit would "slip though our fingers".
Nigel Evans said that if May failed to deliv‑ Earlier, an Israeli Channel 12 inter‑ applies in its settlements there, while
"Because Parliament has made clear it
er Brexit and all she could do was secure a viewer asked Netanyahu why, with the annexing them would claim the territory
will stop the UK leaving without a deal, we
long extension at an EU summit on April broad consensus of Israel's right wing outright.
now have a stark choice: leave the
10, she would face an overwhelming pres‑ over the sovereignty for the settlements, Israel already controls the West Bank
European Union with a deal or do not leave
sure to step down. he hadn't annexed or placed Israeli sov‑ militarily, allowing Palestinians a limited
at all.
The UK is due to leave the EU on April 12 ereignty over parts of the West Bank form of autonomy in a few densely popu‑
"The longer this takes, the greater the
and, as yet, no withdrawal deal has been during four years of leading a right‑wing lated pockets.
risk of the UK never leaving at all. It would
mean letting the Brexit that the British peo‑ approved by the House of Commons.

US to designate Iran's Revolutionary While Guterres tries to broker

Guards as terror organization peace, conflict escalates in Libya
United Nations: As Libya teetered on the brink recognized government the LNA is seeking to
of an all‑out civil war, UN Secretary‑General overthrow. According to some reports, Egypt
Antonio Guterres met rival leaders in an effort and the United Arab Emirates were said to be
to broker peace, but left the country with a backing Haftar.
"deep concern and a heavy heart", while a On a trip to the Middle East, Guterres visited
rebel offensive neared Tripoli. the war‑torn country to promote the UN‑
Hoping to stop the fighting, Guterres went to backed Libyan National Conference later this
Benghazi to meet Khalifa Haftar, the leader of year to bring about reconciliation when he
the rebel Libyan National Army (LNA), whose was caught up in the escalating conflict.
forces were reported to be advancing on the In the bloom of the Arab Spring that swept
capital. many leaders in the region from power, a civil
According to a transcript released by his war broke out in Libya in 2011.
office, he told reporters as he left Benghazi: "I Backed by the US under former President
leave Libya with a deep concern and a heavy Barack Obama and by the NATO, the rebel
heart. I still hope it will be possible to avoid a forces took Tripoli and dictator Muammar
Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was founded in April 1979. bloody confrontation in and around Tripoli." Gaddafi was overthrown and killed.
Earlier, Guterres met Prime Minister Fayez Although elections were held the next year
Washington: The US is expected to des‑ org anizat ion by Saudi Arabia and al‑Serraj, High Council President Khaled and a government was installed, chaos pre‑
ignate Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Bahrain. Mishri and other leaders of the internationally vailed and conflict returned by 2014.
Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign terror‑ A spokesperson for the White House
ist organization as early as next week, National Security Council declined to
according to an administration official. comment and the State Department did
The designation decision, formally not respond to a request for comment.
under the State Department's purview, Defense officials have told CNN that
is taking on heightened importance as US troops in Syria and Iraq often find
part of the White House's increasingly themselves operating in close proximity
aggressive strategy towards Iran, CNN to members of the IRGC.
quoted the official as saying. The development comes after Brian
The IRGC was founded in April 1979 Hook, the State Department's special
following the Iranian Revolution that representative for Iran, told the media
same year that involved the of the that "under the cover of the Syrian war,
monarch, Mohammad Reza Shah the IRGC is now trying to plant military
Pahlavi roots in Syria and establish a new Security forces on patrol in
A branch of Iran's Armed Forces, it strategic base to threaten Syria's neigh‑ Libyan capital, Tripoli.
has already been labeled as a terrorist bors such as Israel". BUSINESS April 13-19, 2019 23

India's economic growth 'too much' driven

by domestic demand: World Bank
Washington, DC: India's economic growth in with customers abroad. And so, it is that Asian countries.
recent years has been "too much" driven by mindset," the top World Bank of ficial said. "So, it's a lot of domestic issues also. It's not
domestic demand and its exports were about India, Timmer said, is exporting only 10 per just the trade policies. A lot of domestic issues
one third of its potential, a World Bank offi‑ cent of its GDP. that have to be addressed to unleash that
cial said, asserting that the next government "What they should have exported is 30 per potential that has not been utilized now in
needs to focus on export‑led growth. cent of the export of GDP, given all their char‑ exports. It's not one single issue that can
Praising attempts to liberalize markets acteristics. India is a big country, so normally solve, he said.
within India, Hans Timmer, World Bank Chief a big country doesn't export that much in per Responding to a question, Timmer said the
Economist for the South Asia Region said cent of their GDP because when you're small South Asian countries need to learn from
"that is what is needed to become more com‑ you're a lot more open. China. "The fact that China has been so com‑
petitive." "But even for India, 30 percent would have petitive for so long means that China did
"At the same time you've also seen in the been normal if you look at the experience of something right whereas South Asia didn't do
Praising attempts to liberalize markets
last couple of years that the current account other countries. It's only 10 per cent. So that's it right. There was a clear focus in China to
within India, Hans Timmer, World Bank
deficit widened ‑ an indication that increas‑ Chief Economist for the South Asia an enormous gap. And the gap is widening in have export‑led growth and to integrate into
ingly growth came from the non‑tradable sec‑ Region said "that is what is needed to the last couple of years, he told PTI. global markets. And you see a sharp increase
tor ‑‑ from the domestic sector, and that become more competitive." According to him, friction between India in productivity at all. This is not an explana‑
makes it difficult to export more, Timmer told and Pakistan is unhelpful to the trade and tion that we couldn't compete. Somehow, the
PTI in an interview. Responding to a question, the World Bank economic growth in the region. Chinese did it better than South Asia, he said.
The polling for first phase of seven‑phase official said the focus of the next government The lack of regional integration is not the The top bank official asserted that China is
parliamentary polls in the country is sched‑ should be on reducing the stimulus of domes‑ main course of the under performance in a "big opportunity" for South Asia.
uled to take place on April 11, with the last tic demand. exports. And that's often the assumption. The slowdown in China is not a cyclical
phase on May 19 and the results will be "That would be one. I think looking at trade When people look at South Asia, immediately slowdown. It's not because they don't demand
announced on May 23. liberalization on the import side ‑ that would the problem of very limited regional integra‑ anymore. They are slowing down because of
In the last five years, he said, India's overall be another to create more competition. I tion jumps up, he said. the supply side. They're running out of cheap
growth was "too much" driven by domestic would look at what people feel as an impedi‑ A latest report of the World bank on South labor in general because of their success.
demand, which resulted in double digit ment in the labor market. Is it difficult to go Asia, he said, asserts that the economic under They are no longer that competitive, and they
growth of imports, and four to five per cent to those new jobs? What about the startups of performance of South Asian countries is have now that policy that they want to rebal‑
growth in exports. young people do they feel restrictions or not? mainly because they are locked on fundamen‑ ance their economy much more towards
"In more recent months, that turned around he said, adding that it is also about female tal issues within the domestic economies that domestic services, less towards exports," he
somewhat. But the broader picture was that labor force participation. have prevented the countries to become said.
that's a minus, he said. "I think, the most important thing is the much more export‑led, like one sees in East That means that it has become easier to
The pluses were that we have seen the GST understanding that you need export‑led Asia. Trade liberalization, flexible labor mar‑ export to China which is very important,
trying to create more flexibility within the growth because that's where you increase kets skills, trying to address the big problem Timmer said. It has become easier to compete
country, so that it's easier to trade between productivity when you compete in interna‑ of the difference between the formal econo‑ with the Chinese. So for me China is, what is
states. That's what you need if you want to tional markets; that's where you gain knowl‑ my and the informal economy, he said are happening at the moment, is a big opportuni‑
trade also with foreign countries, he said. edge by interacting with competitors and some of his recommendations for the South ty for South Asia, he stressed.

Lupin recalls over Facebook, Instagram could be banned

12,000 cartons of birth in the UK for hosting terrorist content
control pills from US New York: Technology firms includ‑
ing Facebook, Instagram and
law over a voluntary code has been
highlighted by the terrorist attack
be able to ignore their responsibili‑
Twitter face “substantial” fines or a in New Zealand last month in which Search engines alongside online
New Delhi: Drug firm
UK ban under a new law if they 50 Muslims were killed while messaging services and file hosting
Lupin is recalling over
donʼt act swiftly enough to remove footage was live‑streamed online. In sites will also come under the remit
12,000 cartons of
content that encourages terrorism the UK, the case of 14‑year‑old of a new regulator. Annual reports
Fayosim tablets, used to
and child sexual exploitation and Molly Russell has also focused on what companies have done to
prevent pregnancy,
abuse. minds. According to her father, the remove and block harmful content
from the American mar‑
The companiesʼ directors could teenager killed herself in 2017 will be required and streaming sites
ket, as per a report of
also be held personally liable if ille‑ after viewing self‑harm and suicide aimed at children, such as Youtube
the US health regulator.
gal content is not taken down with‑ content online. “Put simply, the tech Kids, will be required to block
The reason for recall
in a short and pre‑determined time‑ companies have not done enough to harmful content such as violent
is "Failed
frame, the Home Of fice said. The protect their users and stop this imagery or porn.
exact level of fines will be examined shocking content from appearing in The move comes after Facebook
specifications: out‑of‑
during a 12 week consultation fol‑ the first place,” Home Secretary Chief Executive Of ficer Mark
specificat ion results
lowing the legislationʼs launch on Sajid Javid said in a statement Zuckerberg called March 30 for “a
observed in related substance test it added. The product was manu‑
Monday. The spread of fake news released by his of fice. “Our new more active role for governments
in Ethinyl Estradiol tablets USP factured by Lupin Ltd at its
and interference in elections will proposals will protect UK citizens and regulators.”
0.01mg at 12 month long term Pithampur facility in Mad hya
also be tackled. The need for a new and ensure tech firms will no longer (Source:
stability study," the Enforcement Pradesh.
Report of the United States Food The voluntary ongoing nation‑
and Drug Administration (USFDA)
wide recall is a class II recall, the
report by the regulator said. Carlos Ghosn's wife asks France to
Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc is As per the USFDA, a class II
recalling 12,464 cartons of the
Fayosim (levonorgestre l and
recall is initiated in a "situation in
which use of or exposure to a
'do more' for ex-Nissan boss: Report
ethinyl estradiol) tablets USP, (0.15 violative product may cause tem‑ New York: Carole Ghosn, wife of him", the Financial Times report‑ port and he's calling for assis‑
mg/0.02 mg, 0.15 mg/0.025 mg, porary or medically reversible former Nissan boss Carlos ed on Sunday. tance. As a French citizen, it
0.15 mg/0.03 mg) and ethinyl adverse health consequences or Ghosn, has flown to Paris to "I think the French government should be a right", she told the
estradiol tablets USP (0.01 mg) where the probability of serious appeal to the French government should do more for him. I don't FT in an interview before board‑
packaged in 1 extended‑cycle wal‑ adverse health consequences is to help her husband and said the think they've done enough. I ing her flight out of Japan late on
let of 91 tablets packed in a pouch, remote. (PTI) government "should do more for don't think he's had enough sup‑ Friday.
24 April 13-19, 2019 SPORTS

Kings XI ride Rahul, Agarwal 50s to beat Sunrisers

Mohali: Kings XI Punjab made all Rahul‑Agarwal show from just five runs away from the first
heavy weather of an easy run‑ there on, as the Karnataka pair three balls before Rahul hit a
chase but in the end rode stylish paced their innings to perfection magnificent straight drive for
half centuries from K.L. Rahul and played some delightful shots four to then score the winning
and Mayank Agarwal to edge‑ down the ground. While Rahul runs off a David Warner misfield
past Sunrisers Hyderabad by six brought up his fifty in 34 balls, as Punjab won with one ball to
w ickets in a thrilling Indian Agarwal took 40 deliveries to get spare, putting up 151/4 in 19.5
Premier League (IPL) encounter there. overs.
here on Monday. Agarwal ‑‑ who was dropped by Earlier, Warner struck an
Auditioning for a berth in the Yusuf Pathan on 40 ‑‑ holed out unbeaten half‑century but Punjab
World Cup squad, opener Rahul to Vijay Shankar at deep mid‑ bow lers put in a disciplined
remained not out at 71 of f 53 w icket of f Sandeep Sharma ef fort to restrict Sunrisers to
balls to notch up his third half‑ (2/21) in the 18th over. 150/4 after skipper R Ashwin
century of the season with the But just when it looked like the asked them to bat first.
help of seven fours and one six as damage had already been done, In‑form Warner brought up his
goo d friend Agarwal (55; 43 David Miller (1) and Mandeep third IPL fifty of the season as he
balls; 3x4; 3x6) matched him Singh (2) threw their wickets scored an unbeaten 70 (62 balls,
Kings XI Punjab's Mayank Agarwal celebrates his
with equal gusto. away to Sandeep in the same 4x6, 6x1), but it was an unchar‑
half century during the match against
Chasing a modest 151 for victo‑ Sunrisers Hyderabad, in Mohali. (Photo: Surjeet Yadav/IANS) over and Siddarth Kaul in the acterist ic kno ck where the
ry, the pair added 114 runs for 19th to leave the game on the destructive Australian left‑hander
the second wicket after the hosts Rashid Khan 1/20) de livery for a six, gett ing caug ht by edge with 11 runs needed in the struggled with timing as he car‑
lost Chris Gayle (16) early to a which the southpaw tried to hit Deepak Hooda at long on. It was final over. Mohammad Nabi gave ried his bat through the innings.

Ganguly writes to ombudsman, India selectors to pick

clears stand on conflict
New Delhi: Cricket Association of Bengal
(CAB) President and Delhi Capitals advi‑
WC squad on April 15
New Delhi: The national selectors led by M.S.K.
sor Sourav Ganguly has replied to the Prasad will meet on April 15 in Mumbai to pick
Board of Control for Cricket in India the squad for the 2019 World Cup in England,
(BCCI) ombudsman and ethics officer D.K. starting May 30. India are considered one of
Jain after the latter asked him to clear his the favorites going into this edition of the
stand on allegations of conflict of inter‑ World Cup. The cut‑off date is April 23 and the
est. selectors have been waiting to watch the per‑
Speaking to IANS, a senior BCCI official formance of some of the players in the ongoing
in the know of developments said that the Indian Premier League considering that the
former India skipper in his letter to the position of the number four batsman and the
ombudsman has made his position clear fourth fast bowler is still up for grabs.
and also clarified that he was not part of Speaking to IANS, a senior BCCI official said
any committee that was overseeing the that the selectors wanted to wait a bit before
organisation of the Indian Premiere finalizing the squad and the ongoing IPL held
League. "At present I do not hold any post them to take a look at some of the players who
whatsoever or howsoever in the BCCI. I are in the radar to fill a couple of spots.
am neither a member of the Apex Council "The selectors wanted to take it easy as they
of the BCCI nor an of fice bearer nor a had time till April 23 to send in the squad for
member of any of the Cricket Committees the World Cup. With the IPL on, it always helps
Sourav Ganguly.
const ituted by the BCCI under its to see how some of the boys are playing," the
Constitution. "I am also not connected Ganguly has said in his letter as per the official explained.
with the administration, management or of ficial. "Neither Red Chilies India team skipper Virat Kohli.
Vijay Shankar is another player who could be
running of the IPL by being a member of Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. nor its franchise looked at as an option considering that he has a Navdeep Saini has been very impressive in
any of the committees or other organisa‑ team viz. KKR has any relationship or link been looking to bat up in the order for the IPL for Royal Challengers Bangalore.
tional units set up by the BCCI in connec‑ with CAB. CAB has no stake or interest or Sunrisers Hyderabad in this IPL. Skipper Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri's
tion with the IPL. rights in KKR or in the company which The fourth pacer's slot is something that the input will definitely be asked for before a final
"Previously I had been a part of the owns it. CAB does not control, own, man‑ selectors will be sweating over as someone like decision is made.
BCCI Technical Committee; the IPL age, advice or administer either KKR or
Technical Committee and the IPL the company which owns it. During the
Governing Council. IPL seasons, CAB merely lets out the sta‑ Team Pld Won Lost Tied Pts
"I have resigned and/or withdrawn dium to the said franchise team against
myself from all the said Committees. I am payment of consideration," he has said. 1 KKR 4 1 0 8
not a part of any committee/council/enti‑ On the question of him going against
ty which has control or supervisory
power or powers of management or
administration of the IPL," Ganguly's let‑
the rules of conflict as per the BCCI con‑
stitution, Ganguly wrote: "T he spirit
behind the aforesaid philosophy is that no
Indian 2 CSK 4 1 0 8

3 KXI 4 2 0 8
ter read. As per the official, the current
DC advisor has also mentioned about the
fact that he is in no way connected to
one holding a particular post should (by
dint of occupying another post) be in a
position to influence any organizational
Premier 4 SRH 3 3 0 6
Kolkata Knight Riders.
"Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is a fran‑
chise cricket team owned by Red Chilies
unit/team under the aegis of the BCCI,
either to its benefit or to its prejudice”.
There were three complaints filed by
League 5 MIN 3 2 0 6

Entertainment Private Limited. This is a

company incorporated under the
Companies Act, 1956. I am neither a
cricket fans from West Bengal ‑‑ Bhaswati
Santua, Ranjit Seal and Abhijeet Standings 6 DCA 3 3 0 6

Mukherjee ‑‑ on how Ganguly as CAB 7 RJR 1 4 0 2

shareholder nor a director of the afore‑ chief can sit in Delhi Capitals dugout dur‑
said company. I have no stake whatsoever ing their match against KKR at the Eden
8 RCB 0 6 0 0
or howsoever in the said company," Gardens. BOOKS April 13-19, 2019 25

Shedding light on real problems facing the world

By Raveendra Nath makes a case for universal income. among mind, matter and con‑
‘Ravi’ Batra The idea that many experts advo‑ sciousness. Finally, the book turns
cate today is that everyone should to purely economic issues and poli‑

here is nothing artificial in be provided a Universal Basic cies. First, Navin Doshi examines
Ape k Mulayʼs new book Income (UBI) to fulfill their mini‑ the global economy and pinpoints
ʻEconomic Renaissance in mum needs. While the idea is basi‑ the basic reason for the worldʼs
the Age of Artificial Intelligence.ʼ cally sound, Matt Oppenheim cor‑ economic malaise. He complains
His inte lligence is real and it rectly points out that we should that the planet saves while America
shines forth in this volume, which make sure that UBI does not create spends, and this is the fundamental
is actually a collection of essays a culture of dependence if the problem behind several global
from experts in various fields. The recipients of the UBI simply “hang imbalances. Second, Apek Mulay,
book sheds light on real problems out” and do nothing useful. also the editor of this book, offers
facing the world in the areas of As AI becomes commonplace in some original economic ideas with
technology, the environment, law, the future, the global constitutions an innovative business model in
psychology and above all spirituali‑ Apek Mulay is a senior analyst, will have to change to ensure that the era of Artificial Intelligence to
ty. blogger, visionary, and macro‑ prog ress of AI does not harm solve the problem of poverty
economist and microeconomist human well‑being. This idea is ably around the world. He also exam‑
Once again Apek Mulay estab‑
in the US semiconductor industry. examined by Craig Runde. ines the Law of Social Cycle which
lishes his claim as an original
thinker and a prolific writer. In Intelligence (AI) will shape the future. Roar Bjonnes, on the other Science and Spirituality are nor‑ suggests that we are now in the
2018, he wrote about ʻNew future. How the upcoming hand, suggests that pollution is so mally considered to be poles apart. age of acqusitors in which acquisi‑
Macroeconomics,ʼ which was a blockchain technology interacts bad that green technologies alone Steven Richheimer neatly destroys tive mentaility rules society. This
remarkable analysis of g lobal with the global economy is exam‑ cannot save the environment. We this misconception in his essay, law suggests that only a revolution
poverty and the economy. This ined next. These technologies are all have to develop an environmen‑ “T he New Age of Science and can now end this age and bring
year he has come out with a motley relatively new and are likely to rev‑ tal‑friendly awareness to do the Spirituality.” Next Dr. about a new era of compassion and
collection of essays that offer pen‑ olutionize the financial services as job. Will AI bring about a collabo‑ Shambhushivananda further elabo‑ prosperity in which poverty disap‑
etrating insights in diverse areas. described by Shrikant Shete. rative or predatory ecosystem has rates on this idea. He has a Ph.D. in pears in America.
An article from Satinder Paul The book next turns to the envi‑ been explored by Stephen Willis? economics from the University of All in all, this book of essays is
Singh sets the stage for analyzing ronment. In ʻMonsters of our own These three papers are superb; Pennsylvania but has become an worth reading for its varied contri‑
the impact of what is known as the Makingʼ, Michael McAllum gives us they offer a deft analysis of current Avadhuta (monk) to pursue a high‑ butions envisioning Mr. Mulayʼs
internet of things (IoT) on the a glimpse of how poor planning of environmental problems and what er calling. He is amply qualified to vision about how Prog ressive
economy. This is followed by a various cities has ravaged the envi‑ needs to be done. write on “Meditat ion and Utilization Theory can solve the
piece from Srinivas Adiki on how ronment and what should be done At this point, the book turns to Consciousness.” His essay is most pressing economic issues
the invent ion of Art ificial to counter that destruction in the an entirely dif ferent area that remarkable as it establishes a link faced by mankind.

Book series on Indian
spiritual mastersʼ Uma Vasudev was a writer of
lessons for life rare immensity and sensitivity
ome to many spiritual tion. There is no 'one size fits
By Uma Nair the same time, she
was very friendly

and religious leaders, all' solution in life. But there
rudite and ele‑ with people.
India abounds in their are simple answers that have
gant, never However, it is true
precious teachings. Bringing been put together to guide
boastful, Uma that when she hated
their wisdom, usually in the every individual. That's what
Vasudev was more or disliked someone,
form of aphorisms, to guide Life Lessons is all about,"
than a mere author she would deal furi‑
people is a 10‑book series Krishna said. .
and columnist. She ously with them,"
called 'Life Lessons' with its The first book "The Light In
was a perfect personi‑ Uma Vasudev said.
first four featuring Moinuddin All Is One" will sum up the
fication of an individ‑ The book narrates
Chist i, Guru Nanak, Adi teachings Guru Nanak in his
ual who did not need Mrs Gandhi's life
Shankara and Lord Mahavira 550th birth anniversary year.
to put on an act ‑ her from 1917 to 1971.
coming out soon. It is translated and edited by
work spoke for itself. "The period where
Edited by Chennai‑based his‑ Navkirat Sodhi.
Her track record as a the biography ends
torian‑environmentalist The second book, "Live and
writer was impecca‑ was a crucial time
Nanditha Krishna, the series, Let Others Live", will house the
ble. in her career,"
published by Aleph Book core teachings of Mahavira ‑‑
Uma Vasudev was Vasudev states. The
Company, w ill be a simple the 24th Tirthankara of the
the first editor of the Prime Minister had
guide for those who may want Jains ‑‑ that show one how to
"India Today" maga‑ led the Congress to
a spiritual explanation or solu‑ lead a peaceful and fulfilling
zine. She was also victory in the gener‑
tion for the many conundrums life.
author of two bestselling biogra‑ tographs was remarkable for its al elections and
that life often poses. "T he "Be Present in Every
phies, both on Mrs Indira Gandhi. intellectual quality and richness later that year, the Indian Army
aphorisms in each book in this Moment", edited by Babli
I used to meet her at the home of of material. completed a decisive victory over
series are culled from their Parveen, will spell out Sufi
Khushwant Singh at Sujan Singh In "Two Faces of Indira Gandhi" the Pakistani Army in what was
essential teachings and pre‑ saint Moinuddin Chisti's key
Park in Delhi over cocktails and (1977) Uma analyzed the meta‑ then East Pakistan that led to the
sented in a simple and accessi‑ teachings of charity and com‑
there would be intricate, albeit morphosis of the most important creation of Bangladesh.
ble way," the publisher said. passion for the poor and help‑
humorous conversations on poli‑ woman in power in India, from a Umaʼs less known books are
"The world is changing and the less, and leading a pure life of
tics and the art of deception over leading international democrat "The Song of Anasuya", "Shreya
family support system is fading devotion to the Divine.
diplomatic cadences and innuen‑ to an emergent dictator. of Sonagarh", "Satish Gurjal:
away. We all know there have "You Are the Supreme Light"
does. Her smoky voice had a sex‑ She often reminisced about Where the Silence Speaks,
been great masters but who which w ill spotlig ht Adi
iness that was indeed appealing. ʻRevolution in Restraintʼ. "I used Paintings", to name a few.
has the time to read their writ‑ Shankara's cornucopia of com‑
In 1971 she wrote "Indira to travel with Indiraji and when‑ In her passing last month India
ings? mentaries on ancient Indian
Gandhi: Revolution in Restraint". ever she would get time, we has lost a writer and conversa‑
"Each guru teaches us lessons texts as well as original philo‑
This fascinating biography with would sit and chat for hours. She tionalist of immense realism as
appropriate to a specific situa‑ sophical works.
over 150 rare and exquisite pho‑ was a charismatic leader. But at well as rare distinction.
26 April 13-19, 2019 HEALTH

One in five deaths worldwide linked to poor diet: Study

New York: Eleven million deaths the recommended 21g ‑ and that economic inequality was a
in 2017 linked to poor diets high drank more than 10 times the factor in poor dietary choices in
in sugar, salt and processed meat, recommended amount of sugary many countries.
experts say. drinks. The report found that on aver‑
One in five deaths worldwide in Diets high in sugar, salt and bad age, reaching the "five‑a‑day" fruit
2017 were linked to people eat‑ fats are known risk factors for and vegetable servings advocated
ing poor diets high in sugar, salt heart disease, stroke, diabetes and by doctors cost just two percent
and processed meat that con‑ many types of cancer. of household income in rich
tributed to heart disease, cancer The global diet also included nations, but more than a half of
and diabetes, a global study has less than a quarter of the recom‑ household income in poorer ones.
found. The research, published in mended amount of whole grains ‑ "This study gives us good evi‑
the Lancet medical journal, found at 29g average intake a day com‑ dence of what to target to
that among 195 countries stud‑ pared with the recommended improve diets, and there fore
ied, the proportion of diet‑related 125g ‑ and almost double the rec‑ health, at the global and national
deaths was highest in Uzbekistan ommended amount of processed level," said Oyinlola Oyebode, an
and lowest in Israel. meat ‑ at around four grams aver‑ associate professor at Warwick
In a breakdown of diet‑related age intake a day compared with Medical School, who was not
deaths, the Global Burden of the two grams recommended. involved in the research.
Disease study found that of the
Consumption of healthier foods such as nuts and seeds, milk and whole In January, a consortium of "The lack of fruit, vegetables
grains was on average too low
11 million in 2017, almost 10 three dozen researchers called for and whole grains in diets across
million were from cardiovascular Chris Murray, director of the leading dietary risk factors are a dramatic shift in the way the the world are very important, but
diseases; around 913,000 from Institute for Health Metrics and high intake of sodium, or low world eats. the other dietary factor highlight‑
cancer; and almost 339,000 from Evaluation at the University of intake of healthy foods, such as The report said that the global ed by this study is the high intake
type 2 diabetes. Washington, which led the work, whole g rains, fruit, nuts and population must eat roughly half of sodium." Annual deaths related
Consumption of healthier foods said it "af firms what many have seeds, and vegetables." as much red meat and sugar and to diet have increased from eight
such as nuts and seeds, milk and thought for several years.” The study said that, in 2017, twice as many vegetables, fruits million in 1990, but the
whole grains was on average too "Poor diet is responsible for people ate only 12 percent of the and nuts in order to avert a researchers said this was largely
low, and people consumed too more deaths than any other risk recommended amount of nuts worldwide obesity epidemic and due to increases in population
many sugary drinks and too much factor in the world," he said. and seeds ‑ an average intake of avoid "catastrophic" climate and population aging.
processed meat and salt. "Our assessment suggests the three grams a day, compared with change. The authors also noted (source:

Washington raises Walking top choice of fitness enthusiasts in India

New Delhi: Walking, jogging, and
smoking age to 21 running surpasses yoga and gym
training as the top choices of most
in marathons
to curb addiction fitness enthusiasts in India, accord‑
ing to a new survey.
Zumba is also gaining promi‑
is a
San Francisco: Governor
trend among
nence as a fitness form especially female
Jay Inslee of among women, with 18 percent fitness
Washington has signed respondents enjoying it in 2019, up enthusiasts
a bill into law raising from 11 percent in 2017, showed
the state's smoking age the Reebok "Fit India Survey 2.0"
to 21 years, making it launched on the occasion of World activity ‑ running, jogging or walk‑ low FitScore of 5.73. With a
the ninth in the country Health Day. ing. For the study, over 2,200 men FitScore of 7.64, Mumbai was
to introduce such legis‑ Over half the respondents (53 and women, between the age group placed third.
lation, officials said. percent) confirmed that they have of 18‑35 years, were surveyed This year's survey revealed an
The new law, which at least five activities included in across nine cities in the country. increase in women undertaking
was signed on Friday, their fitness regime, with walking Among all, Kolkata scored the self‑defense activities, with 45 per‑
raised the legal mini‑ (84 percent), jogging (64 percent), highest "FitScore" ‑‑ a combination cent respondents including it as
mum age for tobacco running (63 percent), yoga (56 per‑ of a number of fitness activities part of their fitness regime.
purchases from 18 cent) and gym training (53 percent) participated in, the frequency of Strength workouts have also
years old to 21. It was emerging as the top choices. working out and nutritional aware‑ gained popularity among women in
passed in the Washington Ferguson, a strong advocate The results showed that millenni‑ ness ‑ of 9. While Kolkata is closely the last couple of years.
Senate on Wednesday and will of the bill, said the legislature als in the country are increasingly followed by De lhi‑NCR w ith a More than 50 percent of female
take effect on January 1, 2020. was "saving thousands of peo‑ opting towards a healthier lifestyle, FitScore of 7.99, Pune dropped respondents also claimed to have
"We know the risks associat‑ ple in Washington from a life‑ with 95 percent of respondents from number 1 position in 2017 to participated in a marathon, half‑
ed with tobacco and nicotine ... time of addiction and smoking‑ indulging in at least one fitness the eighth on this year's list with a marathon or a quarter marathon.
We know how much easier it is related illness through this
to prevent our children from bill."
becoming addicted in the first Hawaii was the first US state
place than to treat the addic‑ to raise the smoking age to 21
tion later in life, or even worse, when its Governor signed a bill
to treat the cancers and dis‑ in 2015 to ban the sale, pur‑
eases caused by these prod‑ chase or use of electronic ciga‑
ucts," Inslee said. rettes to those under the age of
The Governor signed the bill 21. Hawaii's law went into
in the presence of Washington effect on January 1, 2016.
Attorney General Bob Other US states that intro‑
Ferguson, dozens of students, duced similar laws include
legislators and local health California, Maine,
officials at the Fred Hutchinson Massachusetts, New Jersey,
Cancer Research Centre in Utah, Virginia and Oregon, in
Seattle, the largest city in the addition to the US Pacific terri‑
state, Xinhua news agency tory of Guam and the District
reported. of Columbia. IMMIGRATION April 13-19, 2019 27

H-3 Nonimmigrant Trainee or Special

Education Exchange Visitor Visa
By Dev Banad Viswanath, Esq. efited by the program; and/or have a lot of prior training and may be granted in a fiscal year. An
& Michael Phulwani, Esq. 4 Why this type of program is experience teaching children with H‑3 visa holder in a training pro‑
not available in the individualʼs for‑ physical, mental, or emotional dis‑ gram may be allowed to stay in the

n H‑3 visa is a work visa for eign home. abilities. A form I‑129 must also be U.S. for up to 2 years and an H‑3
foreign individuals who Similar to other H visas, the H‑3 filled out and included in an H‑3 visa holder in a special education
would like to come to the visa can not be applied for by a for‑ visa petition. program may be allowed to stay in
U.S. for a specific period of time to eign national themselves, the An H‑3 visa holder is not allowed the U.S for up to 18 months.
receive training or special educa‑ advance their understanding of organization where the training to work in the U.S, the only type of Spouses and children under the age
tion. If an individual comes to the children with special needs. Special will be held needs to petition for work that is allowed is practical of 21 may come with an H‑3 visa
U.S. to receive training they must needs may include physical needs, the foreign national to be granted work that is part of the course holder to the U.S. as an H‑4 nonim‑
enroll in a training program which mental challenges, or emotional an H‑3 visa. The organization is work of the training program. migrant. Spouses and children are
is not available to them in their challenges. required to send a petition to USCIS There are not many H‑3 special not allowed to work while under
home country. Some areas of train‑ In order to qualify for an H‑3 visa with a description of the training or education visas granted yearly, the H‑4 visa status but they are
ing can be in the fields of agricul‑ a foreign individual must receive an special education program, proof only 50 H‑3 special education visas allowed to attend school.
ture, commerce, communication, invitation from the training organi‑ that such program is offered at the
finance, or transportation. The indi‑ zation to attend their program. The organization, and supporting docu‑ Dev Banad Viswanath is the Principal Attorney of
vidual cannot receive a full academ‑ individual should provide USCIS ments as to why the applicant The Banad Law Offices PC in the United States,
ic degree while in the training pro‑ with a letter describing in detail the should be granted an H‑3 visa. and Banad Immigration in India for which
gram or receive any medical train‑ training organization and the pro‑ Supporting documents can include Attorney Michael Phulwani is also affiliated as Of
ing. An individualʼs purpose for gram they will be enrolled in. The information about an applicantʼs Counsel. With Offices in Manhattan, Queens,
attending a training program letter should include information educational background, employ‑ Bangalore, and Mumbai, the firm is able to assist
should be to obtain advanced skills such as: clients with all facets of the immigration process,
ment history, and if they had
which are not available in their 4 The syllabus of the program; including Employment Visas, Consular Visa
received any training in the past.
Assistance, Student Visas, Removal &
home country and then go back 4 The schedule of when lectures An applicant who would like to
Deportation, US Citizenship and Green Card
home and apply them. The training will be held, when, and if necessary, receive special education training
Applications based on Family or Employment.
should also help the individual how many hours of practical work must show that they are almost Dev B. Viswanath can be reached at
advance in their career. If an indi‑ will take place; done with a baccalaureate or high‑ and 718‑361‑5999.
vidual comes to the U.S. to receive 4 What benefits the organiza‑ er degree program in special edu‑ He will be in India from April 21 through
special education training they tion receives by providing that spe‑ cation, or has already received a May 10 and able to meet people for
must enroll in an academic or cific type of training; baccalaureate or higher degree personal consultations.
hands‑on program in order to 4 How the applicant will be ben‑ program in special education, or


Junior Year Checklist for College admissions

your list either require or recom‑ Your LinkedIn profile should be
By starting
early, you mend it, you can sign up and pre‑ your online portfolio that adds
can put pare for them in the spring and another dimension to your appli‑
together a summer. cat ion. You want to include
stronger A small number of colleges have videos, pictures, research papers,
application the policy that Subject Tests can and anything else that can help to
that might act as an alternative to standard‑ humanize you to the admissions
help you ized testing; they allow an appli‑ staff.
get into cant to submit Subject Test scores The second semester of your
your dream in lieu of ACT and SAT scores. junior year is an essential time for
college. FAFSA : Once you narrow down preparing for college. By starting
your college list, go to their web‑ early, you can put together a
By Kristen Moon
performed as well as you had programs that are of interest. sites to find out how much it costs stronger application that might

hoped the first two years of high Letter of Recommendations : Most per year to go there. Get to know help you get into your dream col‑
unior year is a turning point
school, it is not too late to change schools require you to submit at the Free Application for Federal lege.
for many families because it
that. An upward trend in grades is least one or two Letters of Student Aid (FAFSA). Even though
marks the year when college
something colleges like to see. Recommendations (LOR) from a you canʼt fill out the FAFSA until
planning activities begin to con‑
Standardized Tests : During the teacher or guidance counselor. October 1 of your senior year, you
sume your free time. It helps to go
beginning of the semester, look Additional letters can be written can start to gather the necessary
into your senior year with a plan,
up testing dates and locations for by a manager, a club leader, materials.
so start now to ensure that you
the SAT and or ACT. The tests are coach, or anyone you have formed The Summer After Your Junior
are not falling behind.
typically of fered about once a a close relationship with recently. Year : The summer should be your
Spring Of Your month during the school year. Begin to gather the material you time to get a headstart on your
Signing up for both can give you will give each person to help them application process. Check out the
Junior Year an advantage because you can write the best LOR possible. Common Application to see their
Meet With Your Counselor : Make decide which one highlights your SAT Subject Tests : Start to do se lection of essays and begin
sure you will complete all the req‑ strengths. more research about what they working on them as soon as possi‑
uisites for your diploma. Take full College Visits : Begin to narrow require for admission, such as SAT ble.
advantage of the classes of fered down your college selection and Subject Tests. There are four poli‑ Resume and LinkedIn : T he
by your high school and schedule schedule visits to your top choices cies reg arding Subject Tests: Common Application has a limited Kristen Moon is an
a rigorous course load. for the summer. Make sure those required, recommended, consid‑ character count for extracurricu‑ independent college
colleges fit the most important ered, and alternative. If it is finan‑ lar descriptions, therefore, your counselor and founder
Check on your class rank and qualifications to you ‑ size, loca‑ cially feasible for you to take the resume can be used to expand on of
your current GPA. If you havenʼt tion, cost, majors, or any special SAT Subject Tests, and schools on your accomplishments.
28 April 13-19, 2019 HUMOR

Humor with Melvin Durai

The fine art of making chapattis

ack in 2013, I was really side, white on the other, reflecting received a great compliment from
excited when I heard about his views on equal rights. “I turned my wife. “Wow,” she said one
the Rotimatic, a kitchen appli‑ the stove too high, but I quickly cor‑ evening. “Theyʼre almost edible.”
ance that can make one roti per rected it,” he said. His chapatti wasnʼt These days, I usually have a helper
minute. It sounded perfect for me, circular, but at least it was a geomet‑ when I make chapattis: my son,
because I can eat one roti per ric shape: a trapezoid. Rahul. Heʼs always eager to roll chap‑
minute. Pawan produced the best‑looking attis, unlike his two sisters. Even
I enjoy rotis (or chapattis, as I call chapatti, but it didnʼt taste quite with his help, I make chapattis only
them) more than rice. My wife, right. “My mistake was that I didnʼt once or twice a month. Thatʼs why Iʼd
Malathi, prefers rice. So guess what look carefully at the ingredients list,” love to get my hands on a Rotimatic,
we eat more often? Yes, rice. he said. “I think I added too much whenever itʼs available in stores.
We eat rice often not just because chili powder.” I tossed his chapatti to The Rotimatic, being produced by
Malathi prefers it, but also because Habib, Manish and Pawan – attempt‑ So I did what any smart man would Legacy, but she just gave me a nasty a California‑based company named
itʼs easy to cook. Just put it in a pot, ed to make chapattis from scratch. do: I got a hammer and hit it. I kept look and walked away. Zimplistic might be too pricey for
add water and boil. Most Indian men Raj, in particular, had to do a lot of hitting it until it became flat and Like these four men, my first me, but perhaps I can turn it into a
can cook rice, even without buying scratching. round. It turned out really well. I attempt at making chapattis didnʼt new career: roti‑supplier for my
the book “Rice‑Cooking for “My mistake was that I added too hope you liked it.” go well. I couldnʼt roll them properly entire city. Iʼve already taken pre‑
Dummies.” But not many men can much water to the flour,” he later His chapatti looked pretty good, and they were a little too crispy. But I orders from Raj, Habib, Manish and
make chapattis, as I proved recently said. “The dough was too sticky. but when I took a bite of it, it didnʼt give up: I kept trying, until I Pawan.
when I picked five men at random When I tried to roll it, it kept getting chipped of f my
and invited them to my kitchen to stuck to the wooden board. I had to front tooth. I gave
make a chapatti. One of the men
promptly walked out of the kitchen,
scratch it off so many times. I could‑
nʼt make it into a circle, but at least it
the rest to my
dog, Legacy, who Laughter is the Best Medicine
drove to the nearest Indian store and has a shape.” has been gnaw‑
returned with a bag of Desi brand It did have a shape: the shape of ing on it for the
“Ready‑to‑Cook Chapattis.” India. last month.
“Iʼve tried different brands, but this Habib did the opposite of Raj. He Manishʼs chap‑
one is the best,” he said, speaking added too little water to the flour. atti was a little
like a chapatti connoisseur. The “When I tried to roll it, it wouldnʼt go better, though it
other four men – letʼs call them Raj, anywhere,” he said. “It was too stiff. was black on one

New York Head Quarter
422‑S Broadway
NY 11801

516‑827‑1010 By Mahendra Shah

Mahendra Shah is an architect by education, entrepreneur by profession,
artist and humorist, cartoonist and writer by hobby. He has been recording
the plight of the immigrant Indians for the past many years in his
cartoons. Hailing from Gujarat, he lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ASTROLOGY April 13-19, 2019 29

Chandigarh, India: +91-172- 256 2832, 257 2874

By Dr Prem Kumar Sharma Delhi, India: +91-11- 2644 9898, 2648 9899;

APRIL 13‑19, 2019

Aries: Resuming your daily workouts Cancer: You will need to direct your Libra: Handsome profits can be Capricorn: A promising week for
will be a step in the right direction energies in thinking and doing posi‑ expected in a business. You may lovers is foretold. Someone may be
and help you in regaining total fitness. tive, if you want a happy state of have to judge things correctly in a following you closely regarding
A satisfying period is foreseen on the mind. There seems a significant improve‑ joint family situation to keep the domestic your performance, so donʼt relax. Condition
romantic front. Over confidence on the aca‑ ment in the condition of someone who is fabric intact. Things look up in your work of those who have undergone surgery will
demic front may be your undoing. Socially, unwell. A good investment scheme may sphere, as you take steps to make yourself improve quickly. An excellent investment
you will be able to impress those who are come your way. You can be in a contempla‑ more useful. You will draw your partner opportunity comes your way that will lead
the movers and shakers in your circle. On tive mood at work and may reflect upon the nearer by revving up your romance. you to financial security. You are likely to
the business front, you are on the verge of satisfaction you are deriving out of your Healthy alternatives promise to bring you get passes or invites for a much awaited
signing a big deal. present job. in the prime of your health. extravaganza, so rejoice!
Taurus: Attracting people from the Leo: You may be made to do extra Scorpio: Your suggestions on the pro‑ Aquarius: You will succeed in get‑
opposite gender is foretold, so hours at work, but will get to learn a fessional front may not count initial‑ ting your work recognised by the
rejoice as romance seems just round lot. Financial help will be forthcom‑ ly, but will matter at a later date. ones who matter. You manage to
the corner! Spouse proves a great support. ing for those seeking it. You may have to Those playing the stocks are likely to hit it save enough to organise a grand function
Good news awaits you on the financial abandon your idea, as it does not look practi‑ rich. Something you had started previously or an event. Purchase or development of
front, as chances of coming across big cal. A lifestyle change is possible for some, is likely to bring gains the coming week. A property is on the cards for some. Regular
money cannot be ruled out. Pursuing your just to live healthily. Your creativity and eye lot of pressure can be put on some for medication will negate the ef fect of a
academic dream becomes possible now. for detail is likely to prove a boon for your marriage. lifestyle disease for those suffering from it.
Help will be forthcoming for something you home. You may feel reluctant to attend a Bringing order to your life will keep you in You may need to spike your romance with
wanted done at home. social gathering and succeed in avoiding it. fine fettle on the health front. some excitement.
Gemini: Adding to your skills by Virgo: Donʼt have blind trust in Sagittarius: Those with a creative Pisces: You are likely to win this week
doing some course or attending some health products, they may not suit bent of mind can feel a bit frustrat‑ on the professional front by your orig‑
training is likely to enhance your you. You may become instrumental ed due to lack of recognit ion. inal ideas. Those seeking love need to
employability. Wise investments will find in solving someone elseʼs problems on the Wayside food may play havoc with your be at their impressive best! Monetary posi‑
your financial health improving. Something social front. Something promising is likely system, so desist. tion may take various swings, so donʼt under‑
that you have started on the side will to happen on the romantic front. You are Small, but regular, gains will keep your take anything involving money. Those in the
become profitable. Much love and harmony likely to create good openings on the job bank balance in a healthy state. Someone is creative fields will be hard put to find ready
can be expected on the domestic front. You front by sheer social networking. You will likely to express his or her love for you and buyers. Take adequate measures to counter
are likely to succeed in your to rejuvenate manage to continue with your winning place you on a pedestal! You maintain your the season while travelling. Some of you can
your love life. streak on the professional front. fitness level. risk your health by eating out.

April 13, 2019 canʼt trust. Businessmen will

Influenced by number 4 and the ANNUAL PREDICTIONS: FOR THOSE BORN IN THIS WEEK expand into new and more prof‑
planet Uranus, you are smart, itable ventures. Especially
confident, energetic, systematic, overseas w ill get to receive anxiety due to health of your par‑ practical, honest, disciplined, rewarding period for journalist,
reliable and a studious person. encouraging news from people ents cannot be ruled out. The methodical and authoritative per‑ doctors and marketing profes‑
Your efficiency and determina‑ abroad. Foreign transactions and months of January, March and son. You are helpful and sincere sionals. Spouse and children will
tion makes you achieve the maxi‑ travel seem likely later in the September will be significant. to your friends and enjoy enor‑ be supportive, but require your
mum and stay ahead of others. year. Unexpected losses are fore‑ mous respect in your group, but additional attention. Health of a
You always hold posit ion of seen through speculation, there‑ April 16, 2019 you need to check your tendency near one, possibly a young infant
immense importance and respon‑ fore invest wisely. Work pressure Influenced by number 7 and the to behave rigid, extravagant and may bring stress and tension.
sibility, but you need to control will take its toll on your health. planet Neptune, you are trustwor‑ jealous at times. Wedding bells for those eligible.
your tendency to behave stub‑ Eat properly and exercise to stay thy, af fectionate, creative, sensi‑ This is the perfect time to put in T he months of December,
born, jealous and vindictive at in perfect shape. Those who are tive and an emotional individual. maximum ef forts to reap long‑ February, April and September
times. in construction business, import You are a person who always term rewards. Your family mem‑ will prove to be significant.
The coming year brings won‑ /export or trading of garments wears a million‑dollar smile on bers will be supportive and assist
derful business opportunities for can expect a sudden rise in prof‑ your face, which makes it very you in making important deci‑ April 19, 2019
you. Finances improve through its. Pilg rimage towards the easy for you to make friends and sions. Pending jobs and projects Influenced by number 1 and the
g ains from investments and yearend seems likely. The months win favours. You are smart and will get completed to your satis‑ Sun, you are authoritative, confi‑
ancestral property. Long pending of December, April, May and talented, but you need to control faction. Your health will be nor‑ dent, determined, responsible and
legal disputes will finally be sort‑ August will prove to be very your tendency to behave stub‑ mal but health of a family mem‑ creative person. Your are very
ed out. Religious ceremonies and important. born, arrogant and extravagant at ber may become reason for stress attracted to your father who is
functions will be performed quite times. and anxiety. A distant journey generally your inspiration and
frequently. A sudden influence of April 15, 2019 This year new ventures and preferably overseas brings finan‑ best friend. You are highly decent
a person from the opposite sex Ruled by number 6 and the plans will improve your financial cial benefits and opportunity to and well mannered, but you need
will give a new and interesting planet Venus, you are energetic, status. Your investments will mul‑ meet eminent and influential peo‑ to curb your tendency to behave
twist to your life. Do not share smart, attractive, accommodating, t iply and y ie ld goo d profits. ple. T he month of November, careless and spendthrift at times.
your business secrets with col‑ diplomatic & highly practical per‑ Matrimonial alliance for some March, May and July will prove to This year you should concen‑
leagues or casual associates. son. Your great assets are your towards the end of the year, while be eventful. trate on your priorities and your
Avoid lending and borrowing charming personality and confi‑ others will find romance to keep e f forts w ill definite ly bring
money. The months of December, dence, but you need to check them going. Children will win lau‑ April 18, 2019 desired results. Past investments
February, June and August will your tendency to behave too out‑ rels and make you feel proud. Ruled by number 9 and the will fetch returns and long pend‑
prove to be highly productive. spoken and restless at times. Sportsmen, artists, scholars will planet Mars. You are intelligent, ing property disputes will settle
This year try to stay away from scale new heights in their profes‑ energetic, confident, enthusiastic amicably. Unexpected gifts and
April 14, 2019 business partnerships or any new sional career. Pending legal mat‑ and courageous person. You presents from near ones and
Ruled by number 5 and the joint ventures. Partnerships will ters will end satisfactorily, bring‑ make firm decisions and once you friends will keep you in high spir‑
planet Mercury, you are active, be very alluring but definitely not ing you mental relief. Chronic have taken a decision it lasts for‑ its. New plans and ventures will
intelligent, sensible, systematic recommended for the first six patients will need to take extra ever. You are strong and highly start on a positive note. Family
and highly courageous person. months. You need to be extra cau‑ care of their health. Meditation diplomatic person, but you need front will be pleasant as children
You have an excellent foresight, tious before making any financial and yoga will help immensely. to check your tendency to behave and spouse will provide you with
but you find it difficult to keep up commitments or signing new con‑ T he months of October, short tempered and vindictive at love and affection. Health seems
to the plans because of your ten‑ tracts. Benefits in cash and kind December, February and June times. fine but even then, it is recom‑
dency to behave casual, moody will accrue later in the year. New will prove highly significant. You will find many good invest‑ mended that you avoid overeat‑
and lazy at times. romance will develop through ment opportunities this year, so ing and alcohol. The months of
Your stars bring you fresh social activities. Relationship with April 17, 2019 be highly judicious in making October, Fe bruary, May and
opportunities for growth in your your spouse will be healthy and Influenced by number 8 and the your decisions. Donʼt share your August will prove to be highly
career. Those seeking to venture highly cordial. Some tension and planet Saturn. You are smart, ideas and plans with people you important.
30 April 13-19, 2019 SPIRITUAL AWARENESS

Immortality of the soul

The worldʼs main religions all and a spiritual plane known as
recognize the immortality of the Sach Khand or True Realm, from
soul. The descriptions in the where God emanates. The soul
scriptures of the soulʼs journey transmigrates through a series of
after life differ from religion to lives until it escapes the cycle.
religion, but one common thread Guru Nanak and the Sikh Gurus
runs throughout them: the soul also believed in the same journey
survives the death of the physical of the soul after physical life. The
body. Some people view this Buddhist Tibetan Book of the
By Sant Rajinder Singh aspect of religion that deals with Deed, describes the immortality
soulʼs immortality as a hopeful of the soul and its journey after
Ji Maharaj
wish, a fairy tale, or a pipe dream. death. Christian and Jewish mys‑

Atheists may not believe in the tics also speak of the soulʼs
he search to either or dis‑ immortality. In ancient Greece, to another. The soul returns to
soul or its immortality, agnostics immortality and regions beyond
prove the soulʼs immortal people believed that the soul of a life to work through its karmas, a
may be unsure, and skeptics may this world. These accounts of the
nature has been an ongo‑ dead person was ferried across collection of the thoughts, words,
question its validity, but all soulʼs immortality are not coinci‑
ing quest for humanity through the dark waters of the river Styx. and deeds it experienced in its
search for proof one way or the dental.
the ages. Evidence in support of The Greek philosophers Socrates current and previous lives.
other. There is a truth behind the rev‑
the soulʼs immortality has and Plato also believed in the Kabir Sahib of India gave a
How do various traditions elations of all the saints, mystics,
appeared in two forms: The first immortality of the soul. As detailed account of the various
describe the soulʼs immortality? prophets, and enlightened ones
consists of statements and Socrates told those around him planes of existence to which a
Ancient Egyptians believed that who have come through the ages.
accounts given by saints, before drinking the poison given soul goes after death. The three
after death the soul lived on in an The question now is whether
prophets, and mystics who to him by the authorities. lower regions include the physi‑
underworld region close to the there is any evidence that can be
claimed to have passed through “[When] I have drunk the poison I cal, astral, and casual regions that
earth. From this belief arose the confirmed today by modern
the gates of the Beyond in their shall remain with you no longer, are made of mixtures of matters
rituals of burying the dead with science to validate the findings of
mystic travels; the second con‑ but depart to a state of heavenly and consciousness and are sub‑
their worldly possessions in case the religious founders of the
sists of the accounts of people happiness…” Hindus also believe ject to dissolution; the higher
the dead needed them in the past.
who have gone through near‑ in the immortality of the soul, spiritual regions, which are eter‑
beyond. Some early African soci‑ (For more visit
death experiences. which transmigrates from one life nal, include the supercausal plane
eties also believed in the soul

By Sant Rajinder
Singh Ji Maharaj
Realizing we are never alone
any fee l each of us is
alone in the universe. We
wonder if there is a God, sun and the planets keep their there, loving us and protecting us.
and, if there is, how could God place in the solar system without In this age of science and ration‑
even know about us, given the bil‑ colliding into each other, we won‑ ality, few want to believe in God,
lions of people in the world. der at how that could happen. We as this Power cannot be seen with
In this age of science, we may see how out of all the planets, few the physical senses. Yet, God is
find it hard to believe in a power are habitable enough to support there. Saints and Masters who
such as God who could create all human life because they are either have found God tell us that if we
of us and love us. We feel that the too hot, too cold, or lack an atmos‑ truly want to believe in God, we
only love that is possible in the phere for breathing. We marvel at need to experience it for our‑
universe is what we know as the earth and how it is just the selves. Thus, they give us a way to
human beings, such as between right temperature to support life, prove Godʼs existence for our‑
parents and children, lovers and has just the right mix of elements selves. Once we do so, we will also
beloveds, spouses, or families. We for breathing, and just the right realize Godʼs love for us is like the
think that because we cannot see amount of land surface on which love of the parent for a child.
God with our physical eyes that to live, otherwise it would just be a How can we prove Godʼs exis‑
such a power could not really planet of water. at how plants provide food for brought us all into being. It is lov‑ tence and love for us? The way we
exist. Yet, we have mult iple We marve l at life itse lf, the people and animals, as well as ing and protective of the creation can do so is through meditation. If
instances that show love in this human body, animals, and plants, oxygen given off as waste for us to that sprouted into being from its we sit in silence and focus our
world, a love of which the recipi‑ and how they have been created breathe. The more scientists learn power of love. Just as parents attention within, we will find the
ent may not even be aware, that to survive generation after genera‑ about the workings of the uni‑ decide to bring a child into this manifestation of God in the form
still exists. tion for millions of years. We mar‑ verse, of physics, chemistry, biolo‑ world as an expression of their of the inner Light and Sound. We
We cannot see God at our physi‑ vel at the various systems in the gy, astronomy, and geology, the love and a desire to create of f‑ can travel on this source back to
cal level. We assume that because human body that allow us to eat, more they conclude that some spring, so did God bring all cre‑ God and merge in that divine
we cannot see the Lord, that there breathe, grow, reproduce, and super intelligent power must have ation into being out of love and Power. This inner journey through
is no God. However, God is there, repair themselves when injured. designed all this. the same desire to create. meditation will lead us to the real‑
and embracing us with love at all We wonder at the miracle of the Beyond the scientists, we have Godʼs love came into expression ization of God and the embracing
moments. Just because we are not human brain and how we take in scientists of the soul, or saints and and the result is the existence of love that God has for each of us.
aware of that love does not mean information, learn, plan, analyze, Masters, who have explored the all the realms of existence, this God is not far. God is within us.
it is not there. We do not know and create. inner workings of creation. They physical universe, human beings, God has protective arms around
that God has immeasurable love T he cycles of the earth are have been in touch with the non‑ animals, plants, and everything us.
for us. incredible with the water cycle to material aspect of life, the spirit or that is. God started alone and from Our soul is connected to God.
Yet, we are always wrapped in supply the planet and its inhabi‑ soul, through firsthand personal Godʼs love countless souls were Our problem is that we are not
Godʼs protective embrace. tants with a fresh supply of water experience. They have come in all created. It may seem like God can‑ aware of our soul, so we do not
How can we experience Godʼs for billions of years for drinking the ages, in all cultures and time not know all the souls God creat‑ realize God. Our first step is to
love and know for certain there is and washing. We wonder at the periods, and have all concluded ed, but God does, and loves and achieve self‑realization or knowl‑
a God? rock cycle in which rock is broken the same thing̶there is a Power protects each one. Similarly, we edge of our true self. Once we do
We may get a sense there is a down to form new soil or is built who created all that is, whether we may not know it, just as an infant so, we will find that we are one
God when we look at the wonders up to create land, hills, and moun‑ call it God or by any other name, is not aware that it exists because with God and will achieve God‑
of creation. When we see how the tains on which to live. We marvel and that Power is a loving one that of its parents, but that Power is realization. April 13-19, 2019

Kohl, kajal, and surma can

contain lead, which can
cause learning and behavior
problems in children,
miscarriage in pregnant
women, and infertility.
„ Wash your hands after
„ Keep away from children.
„ If you use kohl, kajal,
or surma, ask your doctor
for a blood lead test.


Call 311 or visit

for more information.
Bill de Blasio
Oxiris Barbot, MD
Commissioner April 13-19, 2019