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Eastern York Middle School PTSO (EYMS PTSO)

BYLAWS: 2018-2019

The name of the organization shall be the Eastern Middle School P.T.S.O. (Parent, Teacher, Student, and
Organization) EYMS PTSO’s EIN #90-0422175


Section I. ​ The objectives of the organization are:
A. To promote the academic, social and emotional development of middle school students.
B. To build and support positive relations with the administration, teachers, staff, students, parents and
C. To raise funds for the betterment of the school, student body and educational program.

Section II.​ These objectives are promoted and accomplished by the regular communications of the PTSO
with all members of the school community and the sponsorship of student and faculty events.


Section I.​ Membership is open to any parent or advocate of a student at Eastern Middle School and any
member of the Eastern Middle School staff.

Section II.​ Dues for membership in the organization are not required; however, donations are gladly

Section III.​ The student body will be represented by any student present at PTSO meetings.


Section I.​ The officers of this organization shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer
– 1 year term, with a limit of two consecutive terms.

Section II.​ The President shall preside at all meetings of the PTSO, appoint all committees and work in an
advisory capacity to all committees.

Section III. ​ The Vice-President chairs the Winterfest Craft Show and assumes all duties of the President
when the President is absent, or as directed by the President.

Section IV.​ The Secretary keeps all non-financial PTSO records and the minutes of all meetings. A copy
of the minutes of each meeting will be forwarded to the Middle School Principal.

Section V. ​ The Treasurer shall receive all funds due the PTSO and deposit them with a bank designated by
the PTSO, and pay all bills as ordered by the elected officers. The Treasurer shall submit to the Middle
School Principal, a copy of the budget at the beginning of the year and a reconciliation report at the end of
the year. The PTSO banking account shall be audited once a year by an independent accountant.

Section VI. ​ Officers for the organization shall be nominated in March. The election of officers will occur
during the April meeting. During the month of May, the outgoing and incoming officers must have a
transitional meeting to discuss the Plan of Operations, By-Laws, Calendar, Budget and Committee Chair
positions for revisions and updates. At the final meeting of the school year in June, revisions will be

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presented for approval.

Section VII.​ The PTSO shall appoint a replacement for any officer who should resign before the
completion of their term. The officer appointed shall serve for the remainder of the term for the officer who

Section VIII.​ If, for any reason, the PTSO should dissolve, any remaining funds may not be used by or
given to any officer of the organization.


If an individual issues a check to EYMS PTSO that is returned by the bank for insufficient funds, they shall
be contacted by an officer of the PTSO and notified that the check was returned. The individual shall be
responsible to reimburse the PTSO for any and all fees that are incurred by the bank as a result of the
returned check, and shall immediately make payment by cash or money order for the funds that were due
plus fees.

If an individual issues two checks for payment to the EYMS PTSO that are returned by the bank for
insufficient funds, they shall no longer be permitted to pay the PTSO by check. The individual will be
notified by a PTSO officer that all future payments must be paid by cash or money order.

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