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FilterGrade Help Files

Hey! Thanks so much for downloading the Free Film Photoshop Actions.

Here are some quick tips to get you started with the actions!

Getting Started:

Full tutorial with images for Installing Photoshop Actions —>

1. Open Photoshop and select File > Open.

2. Next, choose your photo and open it within Photoshop.
3. Now make sure the actions tab is open by going Window > Actions.
4. Within the Actions Tab, select the dropdown and click the "Load
Actions" text.
5. Next navigate to the download and select the actions file. It looks
something like this “free-film-photoshop-actions.atn"
6. Once this is opened your actions folder will appear in the actions
7. Open it up and begin using the actions by selecting each one and
clicking the play button on the bottom of the actions tab.
8. That is basically it! You did it, congratulations.

Added Information:

For best results, leave your image locked when you open it so that the
effects can be properly initiated.

• Included is a Play All action. This action will play all actions and hide
the layers. Each effect is created and grouped in an editable
format so you can adjust effects and customize them to your
• FilterGrade Photoshop Actions are stackable meaning you can play
1,2, 4, or 100 and they will all play on top of each other with ease.
• FilterGrade Photoshop Actions are made with layer masks meaning
you can erase or adjust the opacity with brush tools.
• Combine effects and adjust their opacity for completely unique
results and effects.
• Email photos edited with FilterGrade to and
you could be featured on our Facebook/Pinterest!

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