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Objectives: The students will,

1. Perform pieces in concert Bb, Eb, and F.

2. Understand how to count eighth note rests.
3. Perform dotted quarter note and dotted half note rhythms.
4. Use air to support longer phrases.

Procedures: The students will,

1. Unpack their instruments and briefly warm up on their own (MIB.10).
2. Sight read ​Madcap Mallet Mania​ beginning at measure 41 (MIB.4).
3. Listen to ​Madcap Mallet Mania.
4. Play at measure 41 again.
a. Address slurred notes vs. tongued notes (MIB.11).
b. Work on pick up to m. 49.
i. Clap rhythm (MIB.15).
ii. Verbalize rhythm
c. Rehearse dotted quarter rhythm in m. 49 (MIB.2).
5. Play m. 33 (WW) or m. 17 (brass) in Mvt. III of ​Mexican Folk Song Suite ​(MIB.4)​.
a. Work on holding out dotted half notes for full value (MIB.2).
b. Address ties across the bar lines.
6. IF TIME: Rehearse m. 9 of Mvt. II of ​Mexican Folk Song Suite​ (MIB.4)​.
a. Address dotted half note length (MIB.2).
b. Clap dotted quarter note rhythm (MIB.2).
i. Then play it on instruments.

Assessment: The students will,

1. Perform dotted rhythms.
2. Hold phrases for four bars.
3. Perform in small groups or as a full group.
4. Be called on to answer questions or will volunteer to answer when prompted.
5. Actively participate in the lesson.