Chapter 13 Exam - IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software (Version 4.1) 1.

Which portable connection provides the user with the possibility of high-speed Internet connectivity? #cellular 2. Which standard does Bluetooth incorporate to reduce the chance of interference when multiple Bluetooth devices are present? #AFH 3. What wireless technology has a range limited to 3 feet (1 m) and cannot penetrate ceilings and walls? #infrared 4. Which wireless technology is a low-power, short-range technology that uses LEDs to transmit data and uses photodiodes to receive data? #infrared 5. Some keys on a laptop work intermittently. They sometimes type the letter and sometimes do not. What should a technician do to fix this problem? #Clean the keyboard. 6. A student unpacks a new laptop, attaches the AC adapter, and powers it up. However, the laptop power LED is off. What is the probable cause of the problem? #The AC adapter is not securely connected. 7. Refer to the exhibit. Which type of connection is being established between the PDA and the infrared keyboard? #line-of-sight 8. A technician is working on a laptop that has excessive hard drive activity. Which two actions can the technician take to resolve the problem? (Choose two.) #Delete files and programs on the hard drive. #Replace the laptop hard drive. 9. What are two steps a technician should take before repairing a laptop? (Choose two.) #Backup all data stored on the laptop. #Check the warranty to see if repairs must be done by an authorized service center. 10. A laptop that worked fine previously now fails to emit sound. A technician finds that the sound is still enabled through the control panel. What could be causing the problem? #The sound could have been disabled through a slide switch commonly located below the sound port.


Which two types of batteries should be completely discharged and then fully recharged to remove the charge memory? (Choose two. After the upgrade. The technician installs the hard drive in another laptop and it works there. A laptop that previously worked now fails to boot. Which operational benefit have the users noticed after the RAM increase? #The hard disk swap file is read less frequently. When a bootable DVD is inserted. The cursor fails to appear on the screen.) #Ni-Cad #NiMH 16. The fan turns.) #POST screen #System Properties dialog box 13. What is the probable cause of the problem? #The CD/DVD drive has failed.11a 19. Which Wi-fi standard uses the 5. 14.) #The hard drive was not connected properly. Which type of infrared network bounces the signal off ceilings and walls? #scatter 20. The design department recently doubled the RAM capacity in all of the laptops. A laptop fails to start after a new hard drive has been installed. the laptop users reported experiencing improved performance. Which two sources can be used to determine the amount of currently installed RAM on a computer? (Choose two. 18. #The BIOS does not recognize the new hard drive.11n 12. Which two types of ports can be used to attach an external hard drive to a laptop computer? (Choose two. the system still fails to boot even though it is set to boot from CD/DVD. 17.0 GHz frequency band? #802.11. Which wireless technology offers a maximum data rate of 540 Mbps? #802.) #USB #Firewire 2 . so power is applied and the power light is on. 15. What are two possible causes of this problem? (Choose two. Which attribute of a solid state drive would be an advantage when being used in a laptop? #Solid state drives reduce power usage.

Which two names are given to these versions? (Choose two.21. one with all the necessary manuals and drivers and one without. Which three laptop components should be cleaned during routine maintenance? (Choose three.11a 24.) #OEM #retail 22. Which type of encryption key should be enabled on WPA-compliant devices? #128-bit 28. Why should care be taken when charging and handling a laptop battery? #Laptop batteries can explode if mishandled or improperly charged. According to the printer technical specification. 3 . Which IEEE 802. laptop will only work on AC power.) #128 bit encryption #PIN authentication 27. Manufacturers often offer devices in two versions. What is the maximum distance that any device could be expected to successfully send print jobs? #33 ft (10 m) 25. 26.11 standard uses only 5 GHz technology? #802. Which three standard procedures must always be included in a preventive maintenance schedule? (Choose three.) #physical cleaning #hard drive maintenance #software updates 23.) #exterior case #cooling vents #keyboard 29. The accounting department has received a new laser printer. What should be done to fix the problem? #Replace the battery. Which two methods can be used to provide security for a Bluetooth connection? (Choose two. the printer complies with the Bluetooth Class 2 specification.

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