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08621340 SATB US $2.15 from WICKED / For Good ‘Music and Lyrics by STEPHEN SCHWARTZ Arranged by MAC HUFF ‘Avcilable for SATB, SAB and SSA Valley Chorus PO. Bsx 145 Athens, PA 18810 Stee p = HALeLEONARD? CORPORATION From WICKED For Good ForSATB® and Piano, | Performance Time: Approx. 4:30 | Arranged by ‘Music and Lyries by MAC HUFF STEPHEN SCHWARTZ, Gently with rubato (J = 68) E> EWAb co Bh BAR ABB Piano Solo p Trve heard it said that people come in = to our lives for a ne EvG oe - reason, bring-ing some-thing we must Iears; And we are ted 10 those. who Arma? af ae) as EWG Abmaj? Aig Sf ‘ye Nie So : uta 605 ote Ma 2 help us most to grow if we let them, and we help them in re-turn, cn? FA -Bhus——BUIAB Well,Idon’tknow if 1 be -lieve that's true;— But I knowI'm who I am today. be - o EWG Aba = Ab Ab) CG ce Dice Soprano - SS Like a com-et pulled fromor + bit, as it mp rae “ 0 FOR GOOD ~ SATB.