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**** FILED: BROWARD COUNTY, FL Brenda D. Forman, CLERK 1/19/2018 4:41:40 PM.**** 2210 THE COUNTY COURT IN AND FOR Wilcox, Kenneth D BROWARD COUNTY, FLORIDA WM 07/19/1971 DEFT NO SHOW // CC 17009672MU 10A. CAPIAS. BCCN 0628102 TO ALL AND SINGULAR THE SHERIFFS ARES ITQS ST2 RIA OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA, GREETING FeARE NO 5°9" 145 BRO BRO YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to take, Wilcox, Kenneth D 610 SW 133 Terr Ft Lauderdale FL 33339 if that person be found in your County, arrest and safely keep so that you may have that person’s body before the Judge of our said Court instanter to answer to the charge, filed by the State Attorney of Broward County, of 1 DUL-Enhanced 150000 2 Driving Under The Influence 500.00 and have you then and there this writ Witness, BRENDA D. FORMAN, Clerk or our satd ‘The Defendant 1s to be admutted bail as set by Court, at the Court House at Fort Lauderdale, aforesaid, the Courtin the sum of $ 200000 Dollars this 19 Jan 2018 RECEIVED THIS CAPIAS ON AND EXECUTED SAME ON BY ARRESTING THE WITHIN NAMED DEFENDANT AND HAVING HIM NOW BEFORE THE COURT ‘TOTAL SHERIFF'SFEES S. Deputy Shen