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School Board Meeting

April 08, 2019

Revenue Summary

1 Last Year's Budget (FY 2019)

2 FY 2019 Adopted Budget $ 140,771,345

3 Additional FY 2020 Revenue

1. $400,000 Donations
2. $150,000 FRESH
4 Other Local Funds $ 750,912 3. $(82,198) Local Revenue Programs
4. $112,577 Community Engagement Program
5. $170,533 Other Grant Fund Transfers

1. $199,530 SOQ Programs

2. $400,786 Lottery Funds
5 State Revenue 2,526,926
3. $492,621 Regional SPED Program
4. $1,433,989 Other State Funding

1. $350,000 Title VI-B

6 Federal Revenue 400,000
2. $50,000 Title IV

1. $2,129,079 FY2020 BOS Plan

7 County Request 3,836,127 2. $407,048 FY 2019 Security Funds
3. $1,300,000 Additional Local
8 Subtotal: $ 7,513,965

9 Total FY 2020 Proposed Budget: $ 148,285,310 5.34% Increase Over Prior Year

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Revised Expenditure Summary
The centerpiece of the budget this year is addressing salary and compression issues within our
current pay scale model. The adopted FCPS1 budget will increase by $7.5 million next year (from
$140.8 to 148.3 million). Below is a summary of the $7.5 million increase:


Expenditure Reductions $ (3,104,977) The final budget document
Restricted Funds & Grants 2,581,455 will be posted on prior to
July 01, 2019:
Required Benefit Increases 779,649
Workforce Investment •
Teacher 2% + Market/Compression (teachers, counselors & librarians): 5,813,448
Licensed Professionals 2% (occupational therapists, physical therapists, 63,765
psychologists, social workers, speech & language pathologists):
Inst. Assist. 2% + Market/Compression: 179,303
Principals 2%: 52,449
Asst. Principals 2% + Market/Compression: 171,325
$500 for All Other Employees: 388,953
Instruction, Safety and Security 588,595
Total FY 2020 Increase: $ 7,513,965

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Revised Expenditure Summary
Teacher Market/Compression: In FY 2020, the teacher scale will be adjusted to move towards 92% of
the market presented by VASS. This includes – Albemarle, Culpeper, Frederick, Loudoun, Prince
William, Spotsylvania, Stafford, and Warren Counties. The charts below show how the market
adjustments address salary compression in the teacher scale.

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Other Changes
We love our people. The workforce compensation strategy extends beyond the salary adjustments
described in the previous bullets. There will also be revisions to policies:

o Individual and Family Sick Leave Bank: This coverage will allow employees to access sick
leave to care for a spouse, child or parent. The sick leave bank policy allows employees to
access sick leave for up to 55 days.

o Paid Time Off: Revision to sick and personal leave policies for 10 and 11-month certified staff.
For example, teachers are typically granted 10 sick days and three personal leave days each
year. Staff will have access to 13 days each year to be used for sick or personal leave based
on individual needs beginning with your SY19-20 accruals.

o Monetary Loyalty Appreciation: There will be financial recognition for years of service. No
more pins and watches. The amounts will depend on funding availability at the end of the
year and will require approval by the school board each year.

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Other Changes
Health Insurance Increase: For the past several years, employee premium rates have remained
stagnant. In FY 2020 (begins July 1, 2019), employees will see a 7.5% increase in premiums. The
increases range from $1.00 to $14.50 bi-weekly. Employees will see an 8.7% decrease in dental
premiums with the upcoming plan year.

Employees are encouraged to review all plan options in detail during the upcoming open enrollment
period to select the plan that works best for you. This is the one time per year that you can make
changes to your elections without a qualifying life event. The plan designs will remain the same.

Other Budget Increases: The remaining funds will be used to lease buses, hire required school
counselors, our contribution for Mountain Vista Governor’s School, and other required/restricted
costs such as health benefits, security officers, cash for the ESCO project to make facility
improvements in our school buildings, a regional special education program, etc.

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Summary of Expenditure Reductions
Description Other State Federal County Total FTE
FY 2020 Supplemental Increase: $ 750,912 $ 2,526,926 $ 400,000 $ 3,836,127 $ 7,513,965 -

Expenditure Reductions
Budget-Actual Salary Breakage (583,355) (583,355)
Minimal Class Size Increase (3.0 HS + 5.0 MS) (577,817) (577,817) (8.00)
Hiring Freeze (3.0 FTE) (221,444) (221,444)
Base Budget Reductions (27,224) (27,224)
Admin/Central Reductions (4.0 FTE) (424,211) (424,211) (4.00)
Temporary Cash CIP Reduction (2-Yr.) (400,000) (400,000)
Comp. Maintenance Plan Reduction (50,000) (50,000)
Base Budget Adjustments (Prog. Restructuring) (192,460) (192,460)
Health Plan -- Employee Cost (128,000) (128,000)
Utility Reduction for ESCO (Project Cash) (500,466) (500,466)
Subtotal: $ - $ - $ - $ (3,104,977) $ (3,104,977) (12.00)

*The original proposed budget included staffing rations based on the state SOQ requirements proposed by the governor. Because the final state budget
allows FCPS1 to meet these staffing rations without filling all the original positions. Any frozen positions will be filled if required to meet mandated levels.

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Future Considerations for Compensation:

 Achieve 100% market for all positions. Reviewing annually for variances.

 Implement policy and practice of providing an annual step and cost of

living adjustment for all staff. This will keep FCPS1 competitive in the

 Consider a retirement health care credit and other non-traditional

benefits that make FCPS1 a preferred place to work, live, and learn.

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FY 2020 Budget Calendar
Approval of compensation study
Superintendent’s Proposed
School Board (SB) Retreat (11/03)
Governor’s Budget (02/18)
• Staff presentations, school board
goals & strategic plan priorities. proposed budget School Board Debt CIP
• SB review school operational and (12/21) Adoption (TBD)
capital needs. BOS adopts and
SB ESCO Project County Administrator appropriates FY
• SB work Presents Proposed Budget 2020 budget, CIP,
SB Work Session (11/12) session (01/07) and CIP (02/21) and tax rates
One Team :: One Mission
• FY 2020 draft budget calendar. • Final IGA
• 10-Year enrollment projections School Board FY 2020 (03/21) #FCPS1KidsDeserveIt
project review
(Based on Sept. 30, 2018). and approval budget public hearing and
budget work session (02/25) School Board
Schools & Departments Adopts Final Budget
• Proposed 2-year needs for services (04/01)
and support in Nov of FY 2019.

Oct/2018 Dec/2018 Feb/2019 Apr/2019

Nov/2018 Jan/2019 Mar/201 Jul/2019
School Board Debt CIP Plan School Board approves New fiscal year
Budget Development Process
(TBD) FY 2020 budget (03/11) begins (07/01)
• Position control and base budget
• SB reviews and provides
adjustments. BOS budget work sessions
guidance on debt CIP Plan. FY 2020 Adopted
• Cost-benefit-risk analysis of (03/05, 03/07, 03,12)
• Joint liaison meeting and/or Budget published
budget needs.
work sessions with BOS. BOS budget public hearing online
• Resource allocations, market, and
• SB Debt CIP Plan Adoption. (03/12 @ 7pm Fauquier HS) (07/01)
benefits analysis.
• Alignment of strategic goals & Joint SB/BOS meeting (03/14)
VASS Compensation Study
instructional vision.
(01/18) BOS markup/markdown
• Prioritization of needs with
stakeholders. (03/19)
Finalization of Superintendent’s
• Development of proposed
Proposed Budget.
budget book and presentation.

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