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NOVEMBER 2010 Issue 10

They will celebrate your abundant goodness and

joyfully sing of your righteousness. (Psalm 145:7)

Happy Thanksgiving Day

10210 Webb Chapel Road, Dallas, Texas 75229
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

We are going to celebrate thanksgiving day along with this great nation this
month. As we look back we have accumulated so many things which we are
proud of and we want to thank God for that.

Look at Abraham. What do you think it is? Would it be his prized manservant,
Eliezer? Would it be his flocks of sheep and goats, his herds of cattle and
camels? Would it be his army of fighting men that made him one of the great
men in the land of Canaan? Would it be his silver and gold? None of these are
Abram's most valuable possession.

Abram's most valuable possession is his covenant relationship with God. In that
covenant relationship God says three things: one, I shall be your God; two, you
shall be my people; and, three, I shall dwell in the midst of you. Within that
covenant relationship Abram gets to walk with God and to talk with God. Within
that covenant relationship Abram receives the promise of a son. Within that
covenant relationship Abram finds purpose in life and a reason for existence.
Within that covenant relationship lies Abram's glory, Abram's hope, and Abram's

Yet Abram did not always consider the covenant relationship with God to be the
most important thing in his life. There were times when other things or people
came first. I think of Abram's desperate attempt to father a child outside of the
covenant relationship by taking his wife's servant, Hagar, to bed. I think of
Abram in the court of Pharaoh, King of Egypt, placing physical safety over his
relationship with God. These incidents represents one of those low points in
Abram's relationship with God. You see, thirteen years – thirteen long years –
separate the events of Genesis 16 from the events of Genesis 17. There is no
record of God appearing to Abram during those thirteen years. Abram was now
ninety-nine years old, and his wife, Sarai, was not much younger. Abram and
Sarai have been wandering in Canaan for twenty-four years. For twenty-four
years they have been waiting for God's covenant promises to be realized; for
twenty-four years they have been waiting for a son, a child of the promise, to be
Within this setting God appears and confirms his covenant with Abram. God
says to Abram "I am God Almighty." Hebrew the name is "El-Shaddai." This
divine name appears forty-eight times in the Old Testament, most often in the
book of Job. He is God Almighty. When we are week and when we experience
failures, when we are inadequate, He comes to us to reassure us, I AM
ALMIGHTY, I CAN DO IT FOR YOU. And so let us offer our
thanks giving with gratitude to.

Have a blessed thanks giving day. God bless you.

George Joseph Achen.

Schedule of Sunday Worship Services
Readers and Readings Offertory Peace

7th Nov. Ordinary 22

Theme: All Saints Sunday

1st Lesson: Jer.31:31-34 George Kurien Jacob Davidson Joseph &

Psalm: 150 Nisha George & Amminikutty
Tessymol Joseph
2nd Lesson: Rev.7:2-18 Lisamma Jacob
Gospel: John 11:21-27

14th Nov. Ordinary 23Reformation Sunday

Theme : Celebration of God's
sovereignty,justice, and peace

1st Lesson: Jer.23:5-8 Viji George Samuel & Bill & Anju
Psalm: 109:21-31 Premson Kurien Julie Joseph Cherian
2nd Lesson: Phil.2:1-11 John Thomas
Gospel: Luke 10:21-24

21st Nov. Ordinary 24.

Theme: CSI United in Witness

1st Lesson: Ex.4:27-31 George Poyikail Sam & Thara George &
Psalm: 66 Ryan Tharian George Cissy Poyikayil
2nd Lesson: Rom.8:31-39 Jessy George
Gospel: Luke 9:1-6

28th Nov. Advent. Thanks Giving

1st Lesson: Joel 2:21-27 Jikku Johnson Bony Williams Lisha Jacob &
& Dylan Sherin Mathews
Psalm: 126 Trifeena James
2nd Lesson: 1Tim.2:1-7 Kevin Varghese
Gospel: Matt.6:25-33

1st Sunday - Church Committee Meeting at 12.30 PM

Regular 3rd Sunday - Bible Quiz from 12.00 - 12.30 PM
4th Sunday - Women’s Fellowship Bible Study
at 12.30 PM
Every Sunday 09.0 AM - 9.45 AM Sunday School
Every Friday 7.30 -9.00 PM Youth Fellowship Bible Study

20th Nov. Sat.Day - 4PM - 8.30 PM Choir Practice & Malayalam Class
13th Nov. Sat.Day 6 PM - 8.30 PM Choir Practice
HAPPY Ann appy

3 - Susy Joseph
3- Alvin John Samuel 2. Joseph & Amminikutty Joseph
6 - Viji George 6 Jacob Davidson & Tessymol Kurien
10 - Premson Kurien 8. Samuel & Julie Joseph
11- Ashlyn Joseph 10. Joseph John & Susy Joseph
14- George Poyikail 25. Sam & TharaGeorge
Who is Jesus to you?
To the ARTIST He is the One Altogether Prayer Meetings
Lovely. 6th Nov. Roshan Varkey
To the ARCHITECT He is the Chief Corner 27th Nov. George Poyikail
To the BAKER He is the Living Bread. .
To the BANKER He is the Hidden Treasure. To the PHILANTHROPIST He is
To the BIOLOGIST He is the Life. the Unspeakable Gift.
To the BUILDER He is the Sure Foundation. To the SCULPTOR He is the
To the CARPENTER He is the Door. Living Stone.
To the DOCTOR He is the Great Physician. To the SERVANT He is the Good
To the EDUCATOR He is the Great Teacher. Master.
To the ENGINEER He is the New and Living To the STATESMAN He is the
Way . Desire of All Nations.
To the FLORIST He is the Rose of Sharon and To the STUDENT He is the
the Lily of the Valley. Incarnate Truth.
To the GEOLOGIST He is the Rock of Ages. To the THEOLOGIAN He is the
To the HORTICULTURIST He is the True Author and Finisher of our Faith.
Vine. To the TOILER He is the Giver of
To the JUDGE He is the Righteous Judge, Rest.
Judge of All Men. To the SINNER He is the Lamb of
To the JEWELER He is the Pearl of Great God that taketh away the sins of the
Price. World.
To the LAWYER He is the Counselor, the To the CHRISTIAN He is the Son
Lawgiver, the Advocate. of the Living God, the Savior, the
To the NEWSPAPER He is the Good Tidings Redeemer and the Lord.
of Great Joy. and
To the OCULIST He is the Light of the Eyes. To me: HE IS EVERYTHING.

This issue is sponsored by:

Chris & Cyril Varughese
In loving memory of their grand father
Late Mr. T. A. Abraham, Thonduthara