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Matt 1

Taylor Matt

English 1201-523

Professor Loudermilk

16 January 2019

Mental Health Treatment in Schools

Ever since I took a psychology class, I knew that psychology was something I was very

passionate about and interested in. Having an aunt who is a therapist, as well as having close

family members and friends affected by mental health problems, mental health awareness is

something that hits close to home. I have heard of too many teens who have committed suicide

due to mental health issues, and I think schools need to do something about this.

Just recently, a kid who was in one of my close friend’s classes committed suicide. He

was only a junior in high school, and he had so much to live for, but he did not feel like that. He

was struggling with his mental health and seeing a counselor. Things were finally looking up for

him, and his family thought he was doing better. However, one day he was acting different at

school. My friend said he was very quiet and had his head buried in his jacket all day. The

teacher noticed he was acting different and asked him what was wrong, but he said nothing was

wrong and they left it at that. That night, he went home and ended his life.

I am very passionate about mental health. I feel that it is extremely important, and it

should be cared for as our physical health is. I think mental health awareness is becoming more

common. However, I do not think it is addressed as thoroughly as it needs to be. I believe that

there is sometimes a stigma and people are ashamed to admit or get treatment for mental

illnesses. However, I believe schools should be doing their best effort to end the stigma and to
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raise awareness and treatment of mental illnesses. I know that schools are becoming more and

more aware and alert of mental illnesses in their students. I know that some schools are allowing

students to take mental health days, which I think is necessary. I also know that many colleges

will offer a certain number of free counseling sessions.

I need to know exactly what measures schools are taking to raise awareness for, diagnose,

and treat mental illnesses in their students. I would also love to know how effective these

measures are, and what methods of treatment could be better and more effective than the ones

already implemented in schools.