CV jonCates Assistant Professor Film, Video & New Media Department The School of the Art Institute of Chicago http

:// jcates AT saic DOT edu EDUCATION 2006 - present: Media Art Histories MA, Danube University (Krems, Austria) 1997: Studio Art BFA Illinois State University (Bloomington/Normal, United States) concentrations in: Video, Performance and Cinema Studies SELECTED EXHIBITIONS/EVENTS 2008: quitch, Artist's Residency (Linz, Austria) realtime audio video by Hacked Raven Input 2007: Art Institute of Chicago, Department of Contemporary Art in conjunction with Chicago Artist Month Experimental lecture/performance on Noise && New Media Art in Chicago NoD Gallery (Prauge, Czech Republic) Artists talk on IX, a collaborative Interactive Installation/Software Art project by H3X3N R4WB1T5 micro festival (Mexico City, Mexico) An international New Media Art exchange between Mexico City and Chicago-based artists Interactivos 2007 (Madrid, Spain) Exhibition of IX, a collaborative Interactive Installation/Software Art project by H3X3N OPENPPORT Conference (Chicago, United States) Experimental lecture/performance on Chicago Media Art Histories 2006: MusicAcoustica 2006 Festival (Beijing, China) Artists talk on likn, a collaborative Software Art project by criticalartware ISEA2006 (San Jose, United States) Exhibition of Hyperyarn, a collaborative Software Art project by criticalartware Hack the Knowledge Lab, Lancaster University (Lancaster, United Kingdom) Artists talk on BLIT:SCREEN, a collaborative Media Art Histories project by criticalartware 2005: Digital Memory Exhibition, The Zacheta National Gallery of Art (Warsaw, Poland) Exhibition of Old Skool Revolutionaries, a Media Art Histories documentary The Warsaw Electronic Arts Festival (Warsaw, Poland) Lecture on New Media Art, Realtime Audio Video, Media Art Histories, curriculum and pedagogy Share Share Widely: New Media Education, New York University (New York City, United States) Lecture on New Media Art, Media Art Histories, curriculum and pedagogy SELECTED WRITING PROJECTS 2007: From Diversion to Subversion: Games and Art in the 20th Century (pending) Contributer: �Art Mods, Art Institutions and the Artists that Destroy Them� essay on New Media Art made with Computer-based Game Engines

Leonardo Electronic Almanac, MIT Press (Boston, United States) Contributer: �A Prospect of The Dispersive Anatomies� a diary/essay/codework/remix of Dylan Thomas' short story �A Prospect of The Sea� Pass It On! DIY Exhibition Catalog (Chicago, United States) Contributer: �Hacking Open Together: New Media Art, Activism and Computer Counter Cultures� 2006: Mesh, Experimenta (Melbourne, Australia) Contributer: �A Proposal For A Meshwork of R4WB1T5 micro.Fests� SELECTED CURATORIAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL PROJECTS 2005 - present: R4WB1T5 micro festival (Mexico City, Knoxville, Chicago, etc.) 2006: Conversations at the Edge programs including: JODI, pioneers and New Media Artists [FRAY] New Media Conference and Series (Chicago, United States) with screenings/presentations by: Shuddhabrata Sengupta (Raqs Media Collective, Sarai Collective, Dehli, India) Dan Sandin (Director Emeritus, EVL; Professor Emeritus, School of Art & Design, University of Illinois Chicago) Calculations: Pioneers of Computer Animation program John Whitney's CATALOG Lillian Schwartz's ENIGM John Stehura's CIBERNETIK 5.3 Peter Foldes' HUNGER Charles Csuri's HUMMINGBIRD Ed Emshwiller's SUNSTONE Larry Cuba's CALCULATED MOVEMENTS Stan VanDerBeek's POEMFIELD NO. 5: FREE FALL John Whitney's PERMUTATIONS Eusebio Ba�uelos (Curator of Moving Image, Centro MultiMedia, Mexico City) Arc�ngel Constantini (Curator of New Media at Museum Tamayo, Mexico City) Annette Barbier (UNREAL-ESTATES and Interactive Arts and Media Department Columbia College) Ryan Griffis (The Temporary Travel Office, YOUgenics and The School of Art & Design, University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana) Mark Hansen (Professor in English Language & Literature, Cinema & Media Studies; University of Chicago) Lynn Marie Kirby (California College of the Arts) PILOT TV (Chicago) Rob Ray (DEADTECH and dorkbot Chicago) Lincoln Schatz (OPEN-NODE and The Upgrade! Chicago) Daniel Tucker (AREA Chicago). Scott Bartlett's OFF/ON Lynn Marie Kirby's Latent Light Excavations I LOVE PRESETS (Rob Ray, jon.satrom and Jason Soliday) COPY-IT-RIGHT, (Chicago, United States) Introducing the Phil Morton Memorial Research Archive

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