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3/14/2019 Reinforcement Estimates


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Reinforcement Estimates
Typical average weight of reinforcement (kg/m3) in concrete building elements. The below figures are for guideline only and may vary
for different projects.

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Concrete building element
( Weight of reinforcement in kg/m3
Bases 90-130
Checkout Beams (lightly loaded) 100-150
Beams 150-300
Knowledge Corner Capping beams 135
(/knowledge- Columns (lightly loaded) 110-200
corner.html) Columns 200-450
Ground beams 230-330
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Activation (/contact- Footings 70-100
me--activation.html) Pile Caps 110-150
Plate slabs 95-135
Rafts 115
Retaining walls 110-150
Ribbed floor slabs 80-120
Slabs – one way 75-125
Slabs – two way 67-135
Stairs 130-170
Tie beams 130-170
Transfer slabs 150
Walls – normal 70-100
Walls – wind 90-150
NOTE: For fully exposed elements add the following:
Beams +15%; Columns +15%; Walls +15%

Average values for typical concrete frames:

Heavy industrial = 130 kg/m3
Commercial = 100 kg/m3
Institutional = 90 kg/m3

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