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Prototyping Workshop Equipment

Following the list of tools and equipment for mechanical prototyping workshop. With these tools we can
develop and produce many items used in metal working, wood working, construction, interior decoration,
automotive, electronic, medical, printing, packaging, HVAC and other special industries.

1. CNC Laser cutting machine

2. CNC wood router
3. 3D printer
4. Mini Milling and drilling machine
5. Mini lath machine
6. Tool grinder
7. Hand tools:
i) Hand grinder
ii) Hand drill
iii) Drill driver
iv) Circular saw
v) Hand nibbler
8. Measuring and testing tools:
i) Digital Height gauge
ii) Digital Vernier clapper
iii) Digital micrometer
iv) Granite surface plate
v) Angle plate
9. Work Bench and tools:
i) Work bench
ii) Vise
iii) Hand tap set
iv) Drill bit set
v) Hacksaw
vi) Ellen key set
vii) Spanner set
viii) Screw driver set
ix) Grip plier
x) Plier
xi) Cutter plier
xii) Hammer
xiii) Metal Scissors
xiv) Radius gauge
10. Stationery kit
11. Computer and accessories
i) Laptop
ii) Printer
iii) Table
iv) Chair
v) File cabinet

The cost of above equipment is approximately Rs. 2million

Amjad Pervaz
Cell: 0322 2710019