Algorithm design – Flowcharts There are a number of ways to represent Algorithms in creating software and programs.

They are a series of steps which, when followed correctly will yield a specific results. Flowcharts are the pictorial way using symbols and a set of connecting lines and arrows.


A Terminator (begin or end)


A Subprogram (a minor program that forms part of the main program but which is developed separately


A Process Box (something has to be done)


A Decision (choice to be made)

The flow of control is shown by these connecting lines where the normal flow goes from top to bottom and left to right. Unless otherwise shown by arrowheads on the lines. (Eg. Going upwards)

Decisio n

An Input/ Output (receives and displays information for the user to access/use)
• •

There are a rules for flowcharts. These include:

There is only ever one way into a flochart structure and only one way out A single flowchart should fit on one page. If the flowchart doesn’t fit on one page, then subprograms should be used.

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