L1 Contracts
Agreement n. a mutual arrangement, a contract Agree v. agreeable adj. Obligation n. obligatory adj. Provision Provider n. provision n. n. a measure taken beforehand, a stipulation

Specify v. to mention explicitly Specification v. specific adj.

L2 Marketing
Attract v. to draw by appeal Attraction n. attractive adj. Compare v. to examine similarities and differences Comparison n. Comparable adj. Consume v. to absorb, to use up Consumer n. consumable adj. Market v. the course of buying and selling a product, n. the demand for a product Marketing n. marketable adj.

L3 Warranties
Consider Consideration n. considerable Protect v Protection n. protective adj. Reputation n. the overall quality of character Reputable adj. Reputed adj. Require v. to deem necessary or essential Requirement n. requisite adj. v. to think about carefully

L4 Business planning
Demonstrate v. to show clearly and deliberately, to present by example Demonstration n. demonstrative adj. Develop v. to expand, progress, or improve

provision n. n. to provide with something needed Accommodation n. Select Selection n. Strategy Strategize n. a supplier Recur v. to record Register n. attendance n. Fail v. Reduction Development n. v. Evaluate Evaluation n. to produce something equal. to tell about a danger or problem L7 Office Technology Initiative Initiate v. developer n. Duplicate v. to fit. a plan of action L5 Conferences Accommodate v. to determine the value or impact of n. registration n. a lessening . v. warning adj. not to work correctly Failure n. strategic adj. fallible adj. evaluator n. Provider Provide v. v.http://luyenthianhvan. to go to.. to alert. selective adj. to choose from a group L6 computers Access v. recurring adj. not to succeed. accessible adj. Warn Warning n. initiation n. to gain entry Access n. to make identical Duplicate n. to obtain. to pay attention to Register v. an active role n. v. Attend Attendee n. duplication n. accommodating adj. a decrease . the first step. to occur again or repeatedly Recurrence n.

L9 Electronics Popularity Popularize v. Replace v. recorded and tracked Registration n. a sudden or momentous change in a situation Revolutionized v. or abilities needed for something qualified adj. a success Accomplish v. a. to strengthen. complicated adj. to present for consideration submittal n. to put back in a former place or position Replacement n. Qualifications Qualify v. v. n. the state of being widely admired. to look for errors Proofreader n. understand the importance of. L11 Job Advertising and Recruiting Accomplishment n. Recruit Recruitment n. to recognize. sought popular adj. support Reinforcement n. v. to attract people to join an organization of a cause recruiter n. requirements. something read or written Mention Reduce v. revolutionary adj. L8 Office Procedures Appreciate v. appreciated adj. n. reinforcing gerund Verbal Verbalize v. oral verbally adv. Storage Store v. practical adj. replaceable adj. . Proof v. Registered a. Revolution n. proofing gerund. registered adj. Practice n. Mention v. not easy to understand Complication n. Submit Submission n. Reinforce v. accomplished adj. an achievement. n.http://luyenthianhvan. reducible adj. mentionable adj. n. n. method of doing something Practice v. qualities. to refer to. to be thankful for Appreciation n. the safekeeping of goods or information L10 Correspondence Complicated a.

Pensions and Awards Achieve v. to reach a goal Achievement n. to donate. expert adj. to employ. Confidently adv. to talk for the purpose of reaching an agreement. Training Trainer n. compensatory adj. to pay. achiever n. to make up for. n. Contribute v. Confidence n. Constantly a. to show. Compensation n. v. Retire Retirement n. trainee n. retired adj. n. to offer for consideration Presentation n. negotiator n. to add to. to withdraw from a business or profession v. on a continual basis. a specialist Expertise n. reaching a goal successful adj. happening all the time Expert n. hiring gerund L12 Applying and Interviewing Apply Applicant n. to succeed . to say no Rejection n.http://luyenthianhvan. presentable adj. especially on prices or contracts L15 Promotions. to introduce. to give Contribution n. to stop working. a belief in one’s ability Confident adj. the advantages provided to a employee in addition to salary Compensate v. beneficial adj. . rejecting gerund Success Succeed v. to turn down. contributor n. to offer a job or position Reject v. Present v. L13 Hiring and Training Hire Hire n. Negotiate Negotiation n. the preparation or education for a specific job L14 Salaries and benefits Benefits Benefit v. n. v. to look for application n.

necessary for completion Inventory n. to perform tasks Function n. to make known promoter Dedication n. Exact L17 Ordering Supplies Diverse Diversify v. to finish completely Fulfilling gerund fulfillment n. a. Smoothly adv L18 Shipping Accurate a. quantity. to investigate systematically Exploration n. to increase the size. a condition or feeling of pleasurable ease. well-being. available Remember v. deliberately polite and agreeable in order to win favor Smooth out v. shipment n. a person or business that transports passengers or goods Catalog a. Integral a. to send Shipper n. to support. On hand a. exact. to enlarge Expansion n. Maintain v. to think of again Ship v. diversity n. Carrier n. Expand v. to sustain Maintainability n. a commitment to something Dedicate v. to make an itemized list of Fulfill v. volume. to continue. and contentment Comfortable adj. errorless Accuracy n. functional adj. to give less importance to Minimal adj. Comfortably adv. Dedicated adj. to give someone a better job. different. Smooth a. a list or itemized display. maintainable adj.http://luyenthianhvan. without difficulties. Minimum n. v. to reduce. or scope of. precise. goods in stock. Sufficient a. v. Promote Promotion n. accurately adv. an itemized record of these goods Minimize v. to transport. made up of distinct qualities Function v. to support. a. as much as is needed Supply v. to make available for use . Strict Strictness n. Explore v. exploratory adj. L16 Shopping Comfort n. strictly adv. Expanded adj.

to interrupt Disturbance n. to receive. v. carried out without delay. adj. to collect Accumulation n. imposing adj. to interfere with. to force upon others Imposition n. the recording and gathering of financial information for a company Accountant n. adjustable adj. to subtract Deductible n. to respond favorably Acceptance n. deduction n. the name of a person written by the person L22 Accounting Accounting n. reflector n. L20 Inventory Adjust v. to cause to correspond Adjustment n. . Reflect Reflection n. to take away from a total. accumulated adj. acceptable adj. automatically adv. prompt v. Disturb v. Mistake n. Operating independently Automation n. n. to approximate the amount or value of something. to form am opinion About something Estimation n. account n. Signature Sign n. a reminder or a cue Promptness n. Prompt adj being on time or punctual. restricted adj. Deduct v. n. a share in a distribution Restriction Restrict v. to gather. to given back a likeness L21 Banking Accept v. disturbingly adv. estimating gerund Impose v. to change in order to match or L19 Invoices Estimate v. a limitation n. Automatic adj. an error or a fault Mistaken v.http://luyenthianhvan. Accumulate v. to establish or apply as compulsory. v. Dividend n.

returnable adj. noncommittal adj. penal adj. Wished or longed for adj. Realistic Reality n. a list of probable expenses and income for a given period Budget v. wisely adv. L25 Financial Statements Desired Desire n. to compute Owe v.http://luyenthianhvan. to make ready Preparation n. beneficial L23 Investments Commitment n. translatable adj. able to offer advice based on experience Wisdom n. v. adj. a consequence Penalize v. preparatory adj. Profitable Profit v. investor n. L26 Property and department . Estimated. v. a punishment. to figure Budget n. realistic adj. calculator n. a promise Commit v. to put effort into something Investment n. L24 Taxes Calculate Calculation n. Wise adj. to put money into a business or activity with the hope of making more money. v. Return n. or predicted based or present data adj. Prepare v. n. adj. budgetary adj. Invest v. Projected Project n. the act or process of translating Translate v. Tending to or expressing an awareness of things as they really are Translation n. advantageous. To be obligated to pay Owner n. to have a debt. owing gerund Penalty n. Knowledgeable. the amount of money gained as profit Returns n.

perceptive adj. to disturb Disruption n. to move forward on something. something that should be done before other things Prioritize v. to interrupt. to look at closely. L29 Product Development Anxious adj. to decide on Option n.http://luyenthianhvan. anxiously adv. to take upon oneself. disruptive adj. Inspect v. Scrutinize v. the act pf working with someone Collaborate v. prior adj. From time to time Priority n. especially work or a project Progression n. something of importance. to believe to be true Assumed adj. . Opt v. Repel v. adj. periondic adj. Worried Anxiety n. an imperfection or flaw Defect n. to see Perception n. to examine carefully or officially Inspection n. Assumption n. Assumev. collaboration n. L27 Board Meetings and committees Conclude v. conclusive adj. to keep away. to notice. to become aware of. Progress n. inscrutable adj. Disrupt v. progressive adj. adv. to fight against Repellent Collaboration n. L28 Quality control Defect n. to come to a decision Conclusion n. v. optimal adj. Perceive v. a movement forward. to look at carefully and closely Scrutiny n. to stop. defective adj. Periodically Period n. to choose. inspector n.

a requirement Conditional adj.. Mix v. or make known in advance Prediction n.. v.. components.. indication n. or gives advice Guidance n.. to go up and down. Suggest v. to depend on Reliability n. to arouse an emotion Excitement n. or steps Completion n. Fluctuate Fluctuation n...... to state. to combine or blend into one mass.. Responsibly adv... n. Forget v.... n.. one who leads. to have confidence in. Indicate v.. directs. Condition n. L31 Selecting a Restaurant Guide n. L32 Eating out Complete adj.. guidable adj.. predictable adv. Condition v. forgettable adj. to change fluctuating gerund. apprehension n. exciting adj. a test or trial Experimentation n. Anxious about the future Apprehend v.. the state of something. experimental adj.. Responsibility n. reliable adj. Excite v. L 33 Ordering Lunch Common adj.. a combination Mixture n. frequent. to be unable to remember Forgetful adj. having all necessary or normal parts. suggestible Experiment v.. widespread.. to try out a new procedure or idea. completely adv. L30 Renting and Leasing Apprehensive adj. tell about.http://luyenthianhvan.. Rely v. task Responsible adj. usual . Predict v. to offer for consideration or action Suggestion n. mixable adj.

org/ In common n. Regulation n.. Generaladj. v... L34 Cooking as a career Apprentice n... generally adv. exhibiting refined. validation n.. ideally adv... professionally adv. existing as a perfect model Idealize v. to make noticeable or different] Distinguishable adj... impressionable adj. to give help or support to Assistance n. individually adv. by or for one person..... particular Individualize v. assistant n. to unite one thing with something else already in existence Incorporation n.. methodical adj. Method n.. tasteful beauty Elegance n... a procedure Methodology n. regulatory adj.. having legal efficacy or correctness Validate v. laws. or controls. Ideal adj.. special.. often favorably Impression n.. an occupation requiring considerable training and specialized study Professional adj... involving only the main feature rather than precise details Generalize v. L37 Airlines Distinguish v.. Valid adj... a public notification Announce v. elegantly adv.. a student worker in a chosen field Apprenticeship n. L35 Events Assist v. commonly Elegant adj. to affect strongly.. Individual adj.. announcer n. imaginary.http://luyenthianhvan.. incorporating gerund.. to control Regulate v... Impressv. L36 General Travel Announcement n...... Incorporate v. rules.. . Profession n. v..

. prompt adj. n... marked by high prices Expense n... Economical Economy n. to make longer.. operational adj... Remote Remoteness n. a functionally related group of elements L38 Trains Comprehensive adj.. or effort Expensive adj... comprehensively adv. or extent Substance n. quotable adj.. punctually adv.... remotely adv. a quotation Quotation n.. to validate Confirmation n. economize v. time. far removed L39 Hotels Confirmv... expectant adj. to happen at the same time Coincidence n. to have in mind . expensively adv.. Operate Operation n. covering broadly.. System n. value degree amount. substantially adv. Reservation n.http://luyenthianhvan. Punctual Punctuality n. inclusive Comprehensiveness n.. Expect v. L40 Car Rentals Coincide v.. considerable in importance.... inreserve n. v. the combination of circumstances at a given moment Substantial adj.......... Quote v. coincidentally adv.... Intend v. to perform a function adj.. to consider probable or reasonable Expectation n. to offer Prospective distinguishably adv.. adj. likely to become or be Situation n.. Extend v. intended to save money. to give exact information on. confirmed adj.

. uneasy or apprehensive Nervousness n.. favorably adv.... Tempt v. L43 Music Category n... Preference n.... L41 Movies Attain v. to maintain without interruption Continuation n. to give a public presentation of Performance n. an event or a series of events participated in or lived through v. Favorite adj. to be inviting or attractive to Temptation n... to achieve Attainment n.. to produce through artistic or imaginative effort Creation n. nervously adv.. someone or something liked over another or others Prefer v.... descriptive adj. .. a division in a system of classification. preferential adj. preferred Favorable adj.. creative adj.. a general class of ideas Categorize v. performer n.... to act before an audience.. a diverting performance or activity Entertain v. Performv. tempting adj. fundamental or essential constituent Experience n..http://luyenthianhvan. Create v. to go Intention n. Element n. categorical adj.. to come close to in appearance or quality.. Nervous adj... attainable adj. a way or means of reaching something Approachable adj... Description n. n. Entertainment n... entertaining adj. intent adj.. approach n. a representation in words or pictures Describe v. continual adj.... easily agitated or distressed. L42 Theater Approach v.. Continue v. Experienced adj...

.. to make a reply. to hinder Prevention n. recommendable adj.... to recognize a disease.. to concentrate on a particular activity Specialist n.. Specialize v.http://luyenthianhvan. thoroughly adv. Criticism Criticize v.. L45 Media Choose v.. especially of literary or other artistic works Respond v... n.. an evaluation. critic n. assessable adj. Prevent v.. or kept together n. studied... exhaustively complete Thoroughness n... to react Response n. subscribers n. Thorough Relaxation Relax v... n. L46 Doctor’s Office Assess v.. to present as worthy. .... the act of reacting or the state of being relaxed... to endorse Recommendation n. Investigative adj.. investigate v... refreshment of body or mind L44 Museums Collection Collect v... to receive a periodical regularly on order Subscription n. to analyze the nature of something Diagnosis n. specializing in uncovering and reporting hidden information Investigation n. to determine the value or rate of something Assessment n. Diagnose v. choosy adj. to select one thing over another Choice n. a group of objects or works to be seen. diagnostic adj. preventive Recommend v.. Subscribe v. specialized adj.. relaxed adj. collector n. responsive adj. to keep from happening....

identification n. Identify v. emphatic adj.. evidently adv. to seek advice or information of Consultation n. Irritate v..http://luyenthianhvan. suitably adv. designator L47 Dentist’s office Distraction n...... to bother Irritation n.. alternatively adv.. Habit n.. admission n..... Suitable Suit v. to indicate or specify Designation n. easy to reach Convenience n. .... to permit Allowance n... to permit to enter Admittance n.. the choice between two mutually exclusive possibilities Alternate v. to stress Emphasis n... habitually adv. L50 Pharmacy Consult v..... consultative adj. allowable adj. Emphasize v. Evident adj. to chafe or inflame. permission n... distracted adj... suited or favorable to one’s purpose. appropriate to a purpose or an occasion L49 Hospitals Admit v. to allow Permissible adj..... to let do or happen... a customary manner or practice Habitual adj.. the act of being turned away from the focus Distract v. obvious Evidence n. irritable adj.. Designate v. adj.. conveniently adv.. to ascertain the name or belongings of Identifiable adj. L48 Health Insurance Allow v. Convenient adj. Permit v.. Alternative n. easily seen or understood..

.. ... to discover or ascertain Detection n. Volunteer n. to perform as a volunteer Volunteerism n. detectable Detect v. one who performs a service without pay. v.http://luyenthianhvan.. voluntary adj.

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