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Good morning to everyone, my name is Carlos and today I will talk about my final thesis.


To my final thesis, I chosed the topic twentieth; this is about one change that should be
remembered about the twentieth century, therefore I will talk about equality for women.


The women have been marginalized throughout history. Before most of them couldn´t have
education, work, money and they couldn´t take part in politics. They only could attend to their
husbands, their children and their houses. The men were ‘the kings of the world’


In 1789, during the French revolution, the women of Paris demanded for the first time the right to
vote for women, and then the French National Assembly affirms for first time the dignity of
women and the recognition of their rights and fundamental freedoms. After that, new feminist
movements were formed; one of the main was the Declaration of Seneca Falls in 1842. It is the
first collective document of American feminism.


when this century began a tragedy occurred One hundred and thirty women workers in a textile
factory in New York decided to go on strike to demand better working conditions. they were
locked into the factory but it caught fire and those women died. That happened in march eight in
1907, then that day is remembered as the international day of women.


In 1915, women from the U.S. and Europe gather in the Hague, this is a city in the Netherlands for
the first international congress of women, later known as the women’s international league for
peace and freedom. Also women in Russia went to strike, that movement was called ‘bread and
peace’. The strike helped to initiate the revolution that results in the overthrow of the imperial


The right to vote was a great achievement for women; these are the first countries where women
won their right to vote:

 1918, Canadian and Indian women could vote

 1920, American women could do it


In 1928 women compete for the first time in Olympic field events. Before that only men could
compete in this event.

In 1952, the UN stipulates that women have the right to vote in all elections, on equal terms with
men, without any discrimination and to hold public office. They also stipulate equal pay for
women and men.

In 1975, the UN names 1975 international women´s year and four years later, in 1979, this
organization adopts the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against


In Colombia, women have been violated even after their rights have been drafted in the
Colombian political constitution. The first movement in Colombia took place in 1920 when Betsabé
Espinal could make the first strike because women earned less money than men , she was a
peasant. Then in 1945 the constitution was reformed and recognizing the rights of the citizen for
women but they could not vote.

In 1955, Josefina Valencia was the first governor, that happened in Cauca, then she could be the
first minister of education.

In December 1 1957, women could vote for the first time


Now I want to talk about Marie Curie because I admire that woman, she was a great scientist at a
time when women were very discriminated, she was a very smart woman, She was a Polish and
naturalized French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity. She
was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize the first person and only woman to win twice, also the
only person to win a Nobel Prize in two different sciences.

She was a victim of discrimination on the part of men because she was a woman, she took illegal
classes because it was forbidden for women to go to university. She discovered polonium and