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CITY OF MIAMI, FLORIDA INTER-OFFICE MEMORANDUM. TO: Honorable Mayor and Members DATE: April 9, 2019 of the City Commission SUBJECT: Ultra Music Festival 2019 Preliminary Recap Report Ultra Music Festival 2019 Preliminary Recap Report The following report provides an initial recap of the City's efforts related to this year's Ultra Music Festival, which was held for the first time at Virginia Key Beach Park and the adjacent Miami Marine Stadium site. A more detailed report will be provided once City departments have finalized their after-action reports and all post festival requirements are completed by Ultra. The annual festival, which has an estimated economic impact of $223 million (as of 2014, when the last study was completed), once again brought tens of thousands of visitors to Miami, supporting local hotels, restaurants and other small businesses. Given the new event site, the City’s pre-event planning and on-site operations were robust. City Staff, Police and Fire Rescue spearheaded an unprecedented multi-agency approach to planning, public safety operations and disaster contingency planning, with biweekly planning meetings that included the nearby Village of Key Biscayne, Miami- Dade County and several federal partners. A cross-section of City departments also helped ensure the event's successful execution and measures to minimize its' impact on Virginia Key and the broader community. DREAM, Parks & Recreation, Resilience & Public Works, Planning & Zoning, Code Compliance, Communications/Special Events and Building contributed substantially, with department representatives staffing the onsite unified command post throughout the weekend, alongside City public safety leaders and county and federal partner agency representatives While the City was prepared to meet its charge, Ultra had issues managing egress and transportation of departing festivalgoers on the first day of the event. This was largely due to not pre-positioning buses or organizing the associated queuing system ahead of time. Furthermore, while the City had oversite of the event site, it did not have jurisdiction over the Rickenbacker Causeway; Miami-Dade County approved Ultra’s Maintenance of Traffic Plan and oversaw causeway operations throughout the festival weekend. Following the initial transportation challenges, and with input from Miami PD and Fire Rescue and Miami-Dade County PD, event organizers quickly implemented changes ~ including a staggered exit on Saturday — that largely resolved the issue. Another concem was noise associated with the event: although Ultra stayed within the contractual sound limit of 110 decibels, residents in the City of Miami did experience low- level bass, particularly in coastal neighborhoods. On a positive note, Ultra organizers worked to ensure the event site was quickly cleared, allowing last weekend's Miami International Regatta to be held without issue. As Ultra breaks down its stages and other onsite infrastructure, the City is closely assessing the condition of both Virginia Key Beach Park and the adjacent Miami Marine Stadium sites to ensure the event operator has fully complied with the terms of their contract with the City. To assist in this process, the City developed a comprehensive matrix detailing the full range of contract requirements and is now reviewing them on a point-by-point basis. The City is confident that, when the event returns to Virginia Key next year, additional operational enhancements and resources can be implemented to further improve transportation and noise mitigation. Following are topline highlights of the City of Miami's efforts during the 2019 Ultra Music Festival. Full details follow in the report 281 EMT calls responded to onsite 37 arrests made 13 disturbance calls answered * 36 noise complaint calls handled Fire Rescue Department Miami Fire Rescue's capabilities were critical to overall emergency management during the festival. Protecting attendees and responders from all hazards is a substantial undertaking that required prevention, preparedness, and response. Miami Fire Rescue deployed 200 personnel over the course of the event, who responded to 281 EMT calls and two small fires during the three-day festival ‘+ Issues related to the mass egress occurred on day one; senior officials modified the maintenance-ofttransportation (MOT) plan for days two and three. Implementation of the MOT was successful, as large masses of people were removed from the island. * A small brush fire began near the event's main stage following a pyrotechnic display on the first day of the event. It was quickly contained. ‘* A subsequent brush fire began on day one and was successfully extinguished without delay. Neither fire resulted in civilian or firefighter injury, and property damage was minimal. * The Fire Marshall halted the use of pyrotechnics for the remainder of the festival. v Miami Police Department The MPD managed their public safety duties at the Ultra Music Fostival in a manner consistent with recognized principles, under challenging circumstances. 368 PD personnel participated in the effort, making 37 arrests and handling 13 disturbance calls. Effective collaboration with partner agencies was a major part of the department's successful incident response. + The event operational plan called for split MOT responsibility, with Miami PD designated to control the interior of the venue and Miami-Dade PD to manage traffic on the causeway. + At the conclusion of Friday's event, approximately 30K attendees departed the venue en masse and entered the causeway, severely impacting traffic ‘+ At the conclusion of day one, impacted agencies conducted a meeting, and a contingency plan was formulated to expedite shuttle transports and prevent pedestrians from obstructing the causeway, while implementing an egress counterflow to aid the flow of traffic. Dept. of Real Estate and Asset Management The Department of Real Estate and Asset Management ("DREAM") negotiated and prepared the Revocable License Agreement together with the Office of the City Attomey. It included a $2 million use fee and a $47,000 temporary use permit. As the department responsible for the management of City-owned real estate, DREAM worked to coordinate with the various departments in furtherance of the 2019 event. * The Unified Command Post at MAST Academy was successfully manned by the various City departments, as well as county, state and federal partner agencies. + Fencing and perimeter crowd control was well planned and appeared to be an effective means of minimizing damage and environmental impacts. * Adequate food and beverage vendors were observed, as lines for food and drink were minimal, * Water Stations were well equipped for speedy fill-up of containers by patrons. * Communications on the island were difficult due to poor cellular service. * Inclusion of an expanded pedestrian lane fo improvement. nit after the first day was a dramatic + Overall, the first year of the event proceeded relatively smoothly, considering the time constraints and the event organizer's unfamiliarity with the location