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First Aid Lesson Outline

All the Scoutwork* (homework) can be done out of the scout book. Scouts must have a first aid kit to
pass off and ready to teach a first-aid skill.

Day 1
• Introduction of the First Aid Merit Badge
• Requrements: 2c, 3a, 3b, & 3c
• CPR, AED, Stroke, Heart Attack and Choking

Scoutwork – Prepare first aid kit (2d), Fill in paperwork requirements: 1, 2a, 2b, 3e, 3f,
and 5a-j.

Day 2
• Review of day 1
• Requirements: 2a, 3b, 3e, 3f, 5a-j, 6a, & 6b
• Game will be played to review these requirements
• Bring First Aid Kit (Know what is in your kit, scouts will be questioned about it)
• Lifting and Moving skills

Scoutwork – Finish first aid kit (if scouts forgot it), finish all paperwork and have it ready to turn
in. Have skill ready to teach. You will need to bring the supplies to demonstrate you skill. Have
extra supplies ready for the other scouts to use to practice with.

Day 3
• Review of Day 2
• Requirements: 4a, 4b, & 7
• Bandaging, Splinting, and Teaching Another Scout
• Skills scouts will be teaching: choice of bandaging

Turn in all paperwork.

Sign blue cards

*If meritbadge workbooks are available, then scouts have to fill out requirements that were not taught in
class. Scouts must also complete the workbook as well if available.
If not available, then scoutwork is studying out of scout book for requirements that will be taught the next

Following page numbers are the sections in the First Aid Pamphlet.
Day 1
Introduction to First Aid – Pg. 7
Pass out handouts If Available

How to handle an Emergency – Pg 11

Check the scene
Call for help
Home, Wilderness, open water
Approach Safely
Provide Urgent Treatment
Protect from further injury
Treat every accident victim for shock
Make a thorough examination
Plan a course of action

CPR – pg 81-85(Revised for current practices)

Circulation – Check for pulse, 30 compressions if no pulse
5 cycles, then check for a pulse

Airway – Open by head tilt chin lift

Breathing – 1 breath every 5 seconds, pulse

2 breathe for every 30 compressions
Check for chest rises

Defibrillation – AED

Choking – Pg 88
Day 2
Triage – pg 15

Matching Game
Bee stings
Heatstroke, Hypothermia, frostbite
Convulsions, Seizures
Burns – 1st, 2nd, 3rd degrees
Abdominal pain
Dental emergencies
Bruises, strains, sprains, and muscle cramps

Lifting and Moving – pg 23

Single assists
Waling assist, ankle drag, shoulder (clothing drag)
Blanket drag, one person lift, firefighter carry, pack strap carry

Multiple assists
Two person walk assist, four handed seat, two handed seat
Chair carry, hammock carry

Poles, clothes, hammock carry

Head, Neck, and Back injuries – pg 48-49

First Aid Kits – pass off for those who brought them

Assign Skills to be taught

Day 3
Reducing risk – pg 9

Standard Precautions for bloodborne pathogens – pg 37

Bandaging – pg 35
Clean the wound
Direct pressure
Applying bandages

Splinting – pg 41
Bone – bone above and below
Joint – Joint above and below

Scout teach skills

First Aid Kit pass offs

Sign Blue Cards